The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
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VOL. XXXI—N0: ; <%! / «•?• • Dtilf Newt .BlytlMTlU*. «uH«r MlMlsslppl Valley Le»dw Blytli«vlli« H«r»W NOHTHKAgj' ARKANBAB AND BOUTHBAOT tUUMOUKI RVI1,I,10, ARKANSAS, NEWS HOME EDITION CTJTFl Locomotive Overturned D I HI.L by Snow Pile at St. Paul ST. 1'AUt,, Minn.. Doc. 4 UJP)-- Thii : engineer awl fireman pfl nil Inbound Qrrat, Western; ' lral " frcl " ' f* M ft .train from Chicago were Tnliiret) [' Hi- (seriously (winy .[when Urn 'ioroih^ hUM|li«rSlriick|ra'sHriw pile nn<i ow.- UlIU turned. •'<•.:' , .'."•"' Affidavits' Quote : University Officials as Calling Long Dictator. BATON ROUGE. La:, Dec. 4, (UP)—Ousted members 1 -pf Louisiana State university's'.student, publication today in signed affidavits blamed. Sena tor Huey P. .Long for ihe' "gag" rule controversy that has been raging .on the' campus. The affidavits purported to "tell the whole story" and placed the censorship Tight on the shoulders Of the Louisiana Kirjgfish. Additional affidavits were also released by two of the expelled Journalism students,, David Mc- Oulre, New' Orleans, and Stanley Shlosman, Marshalltown, Iowa The Reveille staff members who signed Die affidavits were J. H Cutrer. who served as editor, Cai Abraham, and Carl Corbin, assistant 'editors. •!•-.• - .": _• "Glvft the Lie to Huey" The affidavits, according (o Me- The wreck occurred us Ills (rain, arriving nil hour late, entered: Ihe . iho impact with the snow spread ths rails. One car of (lie elgli-,- car trnin also overturned but no passengers were Injured. ARE FORCED DOWN! uiimiig an nour laie, entered ine/i . . union Depot yards. The force of Administration Consider- ilu, Uixvnr.1 ,,,EIK .1,., . . -->v^»i.,*vn., in^ Outright Gifts to Stimulate Construction. Christmas Savers | Will Receive $7,000 Ajiproxiinniely $7000 In ClirM- inns savings cho(K will he mailed .onl by Hie. Funnels Bank .ind 'Ti-iist ComiMii) on Driembei'*IO I>\splUr the t'ai t thnt no Interest wns paid•• UiK jrni on Chrisln^n savings, because (if u 1 ruling Sunder the new National Dunking 1 Jaw, Die Christmas ilub In BlythcytnV increased 25 per cent over, (hut of 183:i. B. A. ... Lynch, nrcsidenli'pf Ulis bank, In nnnounchiB the' total. Western Union Executive Admits.Possible Benefits From Merger. . WASHINGTON,• Dec. 4 <UP)The 'Western Union Telegraph company will not actively oppose any legislative proposals lo permit, merging of telegraph companies, J. c. Willeve'r, vice-president of the company, m .. •""•"-•» '" »ic-|irejii 01 live company. re; were made "to give the lie I federal ,' commimicnllom ' ' • »" b"«c tilt; in; Huey Long's 'statement and .v ,*\5 cerlaln university officials Sfwi^H ReVelUe ' L ' S ' "-'student publication, was not censored" Charges are made hi the affidavits that university officials told the sudents "these are; abnormal askinB that «o .- a r ' J «™* Monroe Smith, ^president of the had Mold .them that ''^-Virtually the dic- university, , '-ua tator, of .the university. ' Can't Expect -. fs Cutrer,-. in his statement, said Smith "stated that he .^•" •? ^enatorlahd Jeopardize '•18? : ^^-^ fi J***»ito-w*>* w#,out that he wou d^nre'me.'rnv * . ,my destroy the school- of Jour . ,000 students "be' • : by •Abraham •:thatV.r*ari- ; Jam'es ' F Broussard, chairman of .'the ' - .- *• • r. ; "«'*»wjjiuji ui - : uie t&cul~ tjf,cqmnilttee; on stiidenfpublica- tions,;>!d :the,students.'aiirSig'one conference - -. that. '.'(Louisiaiia^ : W as under ly dic_tatprsh!p,,aiid we told the sion today.' Wlllever, told the commission'his company never hart urged any such legislation nor had it opposed such proposals. He tblil the commission, however, that- in event permissive legislation were recommended lo congress safeguards should be included io protect ! all public Interests. . The telegraph industry probably would expand faster and more completely under a unified system he said. . , V'All thought and attention would be devoted to development of:;new .business,'!. .Wlllever \ said' i'rathir Vthart.--to- rttentipn.-'bf ; ex- istini.biisjiiess ia -the 'face/of *-coin- pellfion as /at i present ."*"''";''.'"." He said, a unified system iwpuld tend to halt (. abuses' of • leased irregular 'iele- -,-,- .. He, described "Irregular- .telegraph operations", as service, ofTered;- by ; .the --American Telephone, and .Telegraph company through';leasing.'.of wires" to private .'Organizations; for slon 'of,- : private messages: - •_; WAS1TINOTON, nee. 4. (UP) Plnns to pour $5,000,000,000 liilor building of homes as soon as con- [ gressional action can he obtained' was reported under consideration 'n administration circles today. One plan muter consideration would grant a.20 per cent subsidy to home builders or those wishing to repair their buildings. Sixty-four per cent of the money would be furnished by banks, the loans to be underwritten by the federal housing administration, ami the remaining 10 per cent l).v the builders. Under this plan It was estimated that a person with n lot stnlnl Hint , 101; started now foi clubs 1915 limy Down In Mid-Pacific and only in cash would 'be , able 16 build n house costlnn; at $5,000. ' . wire services .ami graph operations. .. --• r -:'-••-•'«,* U.A uiai,l^t LS UUUer- "•"•""-, Hiwivciiy yi a [SITS ' way this. week. A similar pro-1 son ' livi "8 in the 1200 block un gram,.has : been completed in the Hollj ' s'^et. were destroyed by Psceola dMrlct. : -.', ; fire-about Si.TO: o'cltick this aftev- /,"The.-testlng-Js r ;c6mpu]sory and n ° o11 - - ' ' '• -•','.': : ' cattle owners are urged to have ' Ab <>iit'.an hour . earlier riremcii press clause. . Cheap Advertislnr t \nNNEAPOLIS, Dec:: 4 ! (UP)_ Commenting on' Huey Long's recent difficulties with students at ' State,- ' the- 'Minnesota Dally - today '. said edi- Lpulslann university ~u,.j LU v m ^. S mu eai- toriaily 'that "few publicity stunts have been so cheap as tlie Kng- fisher's meddling in the - internal affairs of a university." ——.—-—»— Iowa College Paper Denounces Censorship IOWA CITY, Iowa, Dec. 4 (OP) —In an editorial denouncing censorship of the college press .it Louisiana state university the Daily lowan of the University of Iowa' .said today: "The collegiate press, published by students in institutions where the principle of American freedom U supposed to be taught, is too often subject io tiie worst kind of autocratic censorship. The priss of the nation should take up Ihe fight not only for the students of Louisiana state but for the col- JP*e press wherever censorship prevails." Will Local Conditions LITTtE:RbCK—General revision of wage's; paid 'both skilled aiid unskilled r workers-'on 'FERA projects .In'-Arkansas : to . make them conform to • j seiales effe'qtlve ' in communities; Whefe"the work Is being done, will be ' effected as soon as 1.^ possible Floyd Sharp state executive.-.secretary'of the FERA, said yesterday following''a meeting-of the'st.iie wsge scale board yesterday. Since the CWA program was abandoned March 31, skilled workers have been paid from 60 cents to $1 an hour, according to 20j)f>s and unskilled workers, a minimum of 30 cents per hour: Mr. Sharp said that, committees would be set up in each county lo determine the -wage scale for that locality. The committees will be composed of the FERA county administrator, a representative of business and a representative oi labor. Their recommendations win be subject, to approval-by the state board. ILL GftlTLnESTI Supervising Veterinarian Announces Schedule for Next Week. A schedule for the testing of cattle for tuberculosis , in the Chickasawba district of the county next week has been announced by R, o. Porter, supervising" veterinarian .in charge of the'test, program" in this county. ""-'-"> ! "'"••'ing in the eastern part of ilckasawba district Ls imdeV PROTESTS .TEflfi ROTES Would Hurt Arkansas, State Corporation Commission Contends. I ' : i. , LITTLE ROCK, Dec.. 4. (UP) — Protest against proposed raU rates from Texas ports will be made ..By T. E. -Wood, rate clerk of the "Arkansas corporation, at- a -hearinc npcpjuber C before the Texas railway commission at Houston, t It was announced today. ' " ;• Wood ex pec U to lenve tonight'o tomorrow for Texas. i The -Houston- Chamber of Com- nerce -has usked reduction in In- ira-xlale. rates from Texas norls o' points, within the state. The Texr.s Cottonseed Crushers association nko asked .practically the same reductions fr.»n . the same ports. • .- f Wood said the rates riot only would nffect Arkansas, .Texas, and Mississippi, but would- be detfi- mentas to Arkansas-Texas traffic F(re Destroys Garage^ :1 and Car This Alleraofri A ; garage and an old model automobile, property ot a MrsV Wil- Pemiscpt Grand Jury Hears Many Witnesses OAini'l HEfiSvilZr, Mo, Dm . ) rllu> I'ciniK-ot coinilj in nml Jun f ihmnelod .>.Mt>idny to ImrMigittp Jlti 1 kllllnjfnf lloinci FVui-ll ami ollipi illsordtis ilmt limited (lie '•- 8 prncml election, np- nlirnd or H Nearly' SO wllnr-qr', have nl- 'ixly nnnrarcd iieftiiv the ]ui-j and suuMornaa have boon Issued for ill least 25 more. Miuiy of (he witness.™ hiire 'en from iho .soiilh end of the county \thun oli'ction day titw- >.-«o uic uiBcti io navel ••",""" :.<». "um yuuier iireiiicii : af;the assembly places I w " c cn '! ed out when hot' lor n ioiirs designated, -nj^-workman .was .applying to the roof of a small' outhouse in till me (heir stock ... at, the hoiirs —„ lllc lestm? is -free for cattle pre5ent-j jwv " wl " ^ ilm| i outnous cd. at designated assembly places 100 ° West Ash block-became Otherwise testing (ione-ai ie - d in ^me manner but the -expense of .the owner •]little damage. Assembly .places and hours for' next week are: ;Monday. Dec. la'-a a.m., j. B. .. . - .., . Green's, J. M s m ifh' s , Sam P' Fincher's; lo a.m., M. D. Reed's' "• L. Robblns', otto Bradbury's-' I/Veil; Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec 4 (UP)— The cotton market held steady today as the result of small IradJ _ Lowery's, Roy A. La« 2 p.m., J. W. Hill's. Tuesday. Dec. !!-„ „.„... Tucker's, Dean Pleeman's Stevens'; i.m., Tom 's, A. K. Mis* Sallie Crenihaw Receives Promotion LITTLE ROCK, Ar!c.-M!ss Sallie Crenshnw has succeeded Miss Edle Combs as legal clerk in his Office, ft was announced 'yesterday by Walter L. Pope, attorney general. Miss Combs recently vis made legal clerk for Ihe state office ot the FHA, headed by Hal ti. Norwood, former attorney' general. Miss Crenshaw, who came here from Blytheville. has been R stenographer In the attorney general's olllce for a number of years. Two Under Arrest for Swindling Hayti Man 3. o. Sii/iinans. Wednesday, Dec. 13—8 am prey West's, c. H. Whistle's, Earl Wagers; 10 a.m., R. i>. Reeves', Wilt,-; Whistle's, M. P. Browntee's- l P.m., D. II. Buck's, W. 7,. Qrlf- fins, J. N. Holland's. Hickman Committed to Insane Asylum Joe Hickman of tlie Big Lake community, jailed last week after shoollng his former wife, has been placed in the stale Insane asylum following a sanlt j, hcnring Dec i March Held to Grand Jury for Attack Upon Preacher John Toland. resident of the Half Moon community, who -allegedly knifed n preacher during services nt Lone 6"ak over the weekend, waived examination In municipal court here yesterday and was ordered held to the grand Jury under $1,000 bond. Unable to make bond Toland was returned to the county /all. No evidence was given in court yesterday but it is understood that Toland is accused of attacking the preacher, whose name' was not available, and knifing hlni In the neck and shoulder. N. F. Foster and L. C Crowley lutn \ " "" *"" " w " "-I..MVI m negroes, were found guilty of car-'I!! ler b " t ">eai\i to frighten open lilgli 1231 1S3G 1248 1254 1248 1254 1239 1247 1217 low closi 1231 P35 J2.V9 1245 1247 1245 1247 123D 12-10 1211 1215 Spots closed .steady nt Pfis unchanged. Nf-iv York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. «<"'iij "curing. n .was delivered to the «,, asylum at Little Rock by Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, after a commitment had been Issued following the examination. The Big Lake man was arraigned in municipal court early, last week by Acting Judge V. G. .Holland, who ordered n .sanity examination and continued (lie hearing on a chnrgc of assault with Intent, to kill. ' , Hickman was an inmate of the asylum for some time a number of years ago. An atlacfc on his wife Is said to have brought about his commitment then. The former Mrs. Hfckman was "peppered" with shot from "head to foot," Consla- open high low close "••'« 12« 1244 1234 123S Jan 1243 1245 1237 1238 March 1247 1252 1244 1245 »ay 1245 1252 1243, 124S J "l>' 1239 1244 1236 1237 ct 1210 121G 1208 1212 Spots closed quiet nt 1265, unchanged. ble R. T. "Kid" .,..„.„, n ., ravll , s oflicer, said, in the latest attack. Htckman said he did no! Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UP) - Slocks, bonds and commodities advanced today In- light trading while tic dollar rose In terms of sterling currencies nnd declined in gold units.. A. T. and T lug 2-4 Anaconda Copper 105-3 Bethlehem steel 3t 3-g Chrysler 39 1-2 Cities service ....'.'..'."" i 5-8 Coca Cola 155 to rytng concealed weapons aiid fin $SO each. _ _ Car and, Cash Stolen , ge > , ex ' wlte lnto staying away, and leaving: him alone when he ftrcd an °1d "'Sty single-barrel shotgun ra " 8C .„ General Amerlcnn Tank arrcstlngi General Eiectrlc t attack. General Motors H.u'vr'sYc'r" McnfgoniE-ry Word New York CM it ral '. Packard Phillips PfllioV'inn".'."" Radio Corp ni 9* n «THERSVILLB, Mo.-H. W., Paul KirklndaU reported to po-! w*rf . a ". d Em "y Welsbrod, al-Illce that his. Ford cjr was stolen iCXUI in llbVA nhlAlviA^ *O 1IVI (VnvH Fi-nm n „«-!-! ." i^. - .1 Wheat - --unu r iuuu, niu. — it. TT , i < dill 1X11IVII lUUil IC^KJllcQ IO DO" 1 and Emery Weisbrod, at-lllce that hLs Ford car was stolen to luve obuined J2.100from,from a parklni space In front of r^_ open "^ l01 *' c 'w a «en. Hayti, through a con-IKirklndnll's Five and Ten cent v ?? — '*' 9S 5 ' 8 8 * 7 ' s c game, are expected here'slore some time between 7 o'clock ^ and 9:30, o'clock last night. Kirklndall told oftTcers thnt he ChlCQOn COTfl scvcra ' ago popcts for their extradition gov - had left a cash bag, with $15, In the back seat- of the 'which Deo open '. .high low close 91 6-8 93 1-8 91 1-8 93 1-8 90 1-8 91 i'-& 89 1-2 91 32 3-1 33 1-2 2!1 S-l 15 1-8 Simmon.? Bsds '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' )o f,-8 Standard of N. j.' Texas Co o. s. sicoi .....;. U. S. Smelting \fcKesson-Robbins Zonlte 42 1-2 21 3--1 Cflptaln Charles P. T. Ulnv (right) and cicnrge 1 M. I.llllcjohn,. t -o nllol, ntlemntliig a fliehl from Onkliuul. Ciil., 1» Australia, 'were reported down in mkl-Pncinr. somcwheve near the Hawaiian fslnmfs today. Wllii them wns Leon Skllllng, radio operator. This picture' was taken at Vancouver, n. c, where they had. originally planwrt to lake oil in an attempt to link Canada anil Auslrnlln by air. Carl E. Bailey Moves.Dis- missal of Charges Against Former ^Official LTTTLE ROCK r — Four Indlcl- ments ngnlnst former Lieut. Oov. Lawrence E. - -Wilson of • Cnmd'eii ami Mrs. Pearl Lois JelTries rf Little Rock, his former secretary,' charging them wltli Brand larceny arid'- embezzlement' of ' funds, amounting lo $5.800, from three south Arkansas banks which \yll-- wn wns llriuWntlng in 1D31, were, dlsmLisccl yesterday on motion of ProscciitiJig Attorney Cnrl '• 'E. Bailey Court. •in First. Division Clr'ciilt Mr. Bailey said • the indictments W.erc dismissed chiefly-because'life Jurisdiction of ".ihe coi]iits ; ovur the "alleged fraudulent Iransactlom was-so limited'as'to make' c'on- 1 i-iction doubtful. '-'We would have no jurisdiction in the matlef except ' that • some of Ihe supposedly fraudulent checks were either dc|»stted or cashed in a LIlllf.Rock bank'by Mrs. Je'f- Jrles and If the slate were-unable, to show n corrupt action n dcjioslllne or cashing the cheek, We would have no Jurisdiction !n Wilson's cnse." Mr. Bailey said. . Wilson was ncquilled In Oua- chlla county when IIP was' Iried on charges Involving an alleged shortage In his accounts while [(initiating dm banks. ' - Police Chief Ed Rice Announces System of Ttaj- fic Supervision. A sjste'm of tmffic 'supervision, designed to mfninili-n ' the 'danger 6f -accldenl.s to. children. cim<ing chlckasmvtei /street' nl'n- IcflVliig the'"central, schools,; will. lie • (Hit, Into clfect tomofr,)w, It wiis' announced today by B. 'A. Rlct), chief. of police. - ' ' '" -Tivo Jjrond'lanes,,will be inafk- ed .on the pavement., One, near Beveiith street, will be for high school students. Tho other, Etglitli; will be for junior lilsjli and central Ward school, pupils. School authorities nre instructing puplk to cross Chicka.snwba only on these lanes when going lo and from school. At noon and at 3:30, when dosses nre dismissed, pollc? oflicers-nnd high school boys es- """'""" -Icslgnnled will be. on hand lint the lanes nre used nnd to regulate automobile traffic while the pupils ore crossing. ' Because of .the limilcd size of . ff >rcc It not be Pleased With Progress of Work at Big Lake Inspection of the restoration pro- ect at Big lake has been com- > Fred P. Friend of Wnsh- ngton, D. a, engineer for 'the department of agriculture of tlie ederal government, Allhough th; workj Is not quite completed, be- :ause of the recent rise In water, t Is estimated thnt the final work will be concluded several days nr- er Ihe water recedes sufliclcnliy. Although formal approval Is only given by .the department of agri- -itlture, Sfr. Friend informally tnled that the work has beeli done according to plans and he eemed well pleased with the pro- eel. • . Between $50.000 nnd S75.0M 'is being spent by the government « an effort to keep the water nt Big Lake, 14 miles west'of here; "ch a 1 height that there may .— be ashing and hunting on lie lake. • From here Mr. Friend ,. ronreboro before going to Nevnoa ind other points of- the west to have officers on hnnd every nay, but Chief Rice snid thnt he would Jmve at least one policeman Ihpre whenever other activities did no! mnke It hnpos- silile. The danger to school children Is particularly great hi the central schools bccnuse Clilckasnwhn Is the route of through traffic on Highway 01. There have been a number of accidents and iicnr nc- cidciits and the system of super—„, .j..^... WI otlUCl- vision Is being instituted in the belief that it may ke the means of averting the i»ssibie serious injury of pupils In the future. Armitage Harper Named Printing Code Manager BATESVILLE, Ark.. Dec. ,f (UP! —Armitage Harper, of Little'Rock, was named temporary regional administration manager of the Arkansas Joint-regional code authority of (he.graphic arls 'Industries- by O. E. Jones, editor of : tin- , Z C A;kanS a codo l au±iS; an; °' C "uthersviIIe Pastor He succeeds Erwin -Funk, of nspect similar •ompletlon. projects nearlng . , Ninety pit . cent of- Arkansa newspapers and printing establis said. Hnrjwr will take offlrs December 15. 10 1-2 Pound Turnip TOOTER, Mo.—Hooper Azblll,'..™ .^UMHTU lu)m ucavcnwort] '" c ^y ler community, recent-1 prison near Leavenworth, Kan 118 v bmiior.1 V, o ii A *' ajttl ™- i"""" '"-'" "Javenwcrth, Kan,, CHICAGO, Dec. 4 (UP)-Dorla s l - 4 s55^ rf M «ste ^•s.^tt-to ^n^''o? r s -siS all are so large that thousands ot pounds have been ^burned for fuel Isrown on lib (declares that- ira-)er onus but bios centered about, nttwipU lo . ! | ON OLULU, T H, Dec 4 (UP) keep negroes .froiii 'ihb . polls, .r 11 ' 1 " " Cl11 !' 1 " f , C(l I )tal " Chnrl^ AniuiiK die wltiiKiscs'.' ' i M 1 " 1 n " (l '»<> companlom when he as shot. The negro, . , ho vvus driving Kcrrcll nnd the latlcrV father, "John""Fci-'roT)' "to ., nS '" C ° . °'J 5 A M ' nrm V ««d the ferry at Collomvood Point, "" ,L,^\ ^ !ihotel . ^$"?' Dud •. slomicd nt llto:iwmio of Su- ,,™ ''"^ i hc ^\ ^o™ ^ pcrlntendcnt Myers to get, some ,"', """ P Hvalc hl >lM>I»R at sou books just before (he rfioollng ;'"' h «".W"«d in a frantic ef- ou to give (Jim nnd. lib plane their bcaiings Something wns svrong with the plane's radio for it was unable lo pick up Ihe'radio beacon slst- imls wlilcli imtl been (tirmri. <5n In imlnlMhiptedly Ihroiiglioul the night Captnln Ulm srnt out illslre.^ iiennls nt U 14 A M (P s T) todny. l Starch It started Olobe wireless intercepted the mewnges and rushed them to all Built Up Sales Organiza tions Abroad Long Be' fore'.Outbreak in 1914. .WASHINGTON, Dc.O. •! (UP)— American nrms' manufacturers nnticlpatccl the World War as early as IBOS.nnd organized large sales -forces ; In Europe lo Obtain orders, Senator Oerald, P.•: .N'yo fRep, N D) charged 'today nl resumption of Ihe senate's sensa- tional'munitions Inquiry;' ; Nye, c|inlrman of' the 'arms- ln- f- -iommittrtr* frtd^"-'a statement.- filed.-:with...-the -UnlWi States Internal •, revenue mirenu by Benedict, w. HoWeii; ntlorn'fiy for the. Colt. Patent ..Firearms- -coin"' pany, telllnst • of prepurntlon.'i for n sales.,campaign-iibrond.'- '; •••' •"We knew a 'trcmeiiilmis co'n'ftlci was browing'," "JMrferi wrote.:' ' ;An .Rffort wns ii'mdc to determine whether Colt's'conlrncis willi the United Slates government foi deliveries to the British navy wnrc mnde before or after ueglmilng of the World Wnr In 1814. Samuel M. Stnne, prcslrtcnt of the Colt company, said he did not know; Stone, grouped with Irencc DuPont and H. F. Bcsbo, the Int- teii rejjrcswillng. thn Winchester Repeating Arms company, snt nt the witness table and 'wns questioned about .Ills linn's, antlclpa tion. of the World w«r. ' Earlier, us tlie second ijart of Ihe munitions Investigation began, Prof. Manley 0. Hudson, of the Harvard Inw school, testified lint liilernntloniU notion .wns neces- inry. lo curb uncontrolled IrnfTic in nnus nnd munitions. Pemiscot County Seal Sale to Start Friday CARUTFIERSVtLLE, :Mo. — Th2 p.nminl Chrislmas Seal sale for Pemiscot county will start Friday, according to. an announcement mnde today by-. Harold S. Jones, president of ihe Pemiscot County Tuberculosis association. Mrs. Morcll DcRcIgn, CnrilthKs- vllle, nnd Mrs. L. D. condlt, Hnyti, are secretary and treasurer of the association, respectively. They '.vill have' charge of Ine, mnil sales, while Jones will handle Ihe rural sales. He has arranged for prlzis to- the schools selling the, mosl scnls. - ; , ... CARUTHERSVtLLE, Mo — It wns lenrned here loday that the fn & - - - -----~- a , v .,._.. ul . on.i iLuiikuu nuic ivmiiv- cntit ttic Slc^ri, flf 5 !"; 11 ' "f" ^ Rev - C ' B^ardt, Pasto o ' l, c graphic arts industries code, Jones locnl Methodist church, had been re-elected for a fourth year 'ss chairman of the Pastors' Summer chool. The election of officers ook place at Fnyettp Tlmnfcsciv- ng day. Delivers Paul Elam to Leavenworth Prispn Healthiest Boy and Girl a ge had done anything i^; af d r,id DD ^ m ^veS; PiCked 3t Li ^«k Show ** ^S£S S^ w^ Yam, ' M r . 'seen erm fo •" ?. ^v,si;S^»i i^r^e^^l&l iV5'^ ^ -«*7=- ™&™K puunos nave been burned for fvie for vUtral .evidence that it k not JdnMbmn «nn «mi.«».j r ?j xlL v ,i . l n *"" cmu C 9 n '«t Memphis and Vicinity-Fair to cut down the oversupp,y. lh « 'l.rgest- «*£.&*. $S$3&# •**"**•» ^fclT^ ^t£ ^JSS^f^ ^ m c. i, p, 'Stella Atistraiis," Out of f Gas and Lost. Alights in Mel-Ocean. / vicinity""' '" Konnhllu nn ' A few nilnules after the dhtrew : "1H were sent n message cnm« from tlie plane Indicating Iho bearings had been picked up again. Ulm hs,d been Hi night Id hours and 31 minutes -when he wns forced lo call ^fo r assistance. ihe const guard cutter Itasca was already at sen, steaming to J his aid, having been.ordered out ' when the" first Indications <• cama Umt the plane' was In danger Three 'rSvy pluVes v '7Rd''"3"evernI army plnnsn weie dispatched, to, help locate- Ulm and, hi, craft Relative* Anxiously /J ' Seeking Missing Girl Relatives of n 15 jenr 0 )d hljh school glr! «ho dlsapjKnred over the week-end were anxiously awaiting some word of her today, • », No trace of the girl has been' foiinrt although relatives belN» he disappeared in the company, or a local man »ho leturnen iu Blythetllle for a short time \es~ 'ercfny. J , -, Negro Robbery Suspecls£; To Face Examination Mo\<i Woodson and Tad Pern?* tanks, negro suspects in the hold-" 1 »P of Bert Lewis, uell knoaii 5 Roselnnd farmer and a notnuil companion last Friday night, were? <o face prelimtnaiy examination' In municipal court this afternoon' on charges of robbery i T C Douglas was to act's 1 ! municipal Judge In the absence' of Judge C A Cunningham "* ' Singing Convention - "I to Meet at Osceoi> The Mississippi county Sm»m!r< Convention «m be held at °th* )<ccola courthouse Sunday, De-J cember 30th, it has been an-' lounced by A. V. Naramore, sccre- An all day meeting nas held Sunday, Noiember 18th, at Well's, chapel > Will Open Revival at Church of God Sunday The Rev B L Robinson, of U ,>J C c L i ls?ar Porttl Sevllle, Mo, «m OD =n a neadS OUmmer School meellnj at tlie Church of God oh Sundnj Services will be held each even- Village Gets State 0. K. But Itan't Find Key CLEVELAND.. (UP) — The books were balanced. All expenditures were legal and accounted for. No ifflciak of suburban West ytew.,vll- age had done anything. Irregular! ' 'Illage spcurltles are kept. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Generally fair tonal light Wednesday partly cloud}.

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