The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
Page 5
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THmi)AY,_NpVEMBER 10, 1932 ~ :== —'- fei (AUK.) COUIUKU NEWS Classified Advertising Halt's nimum Charge k BOu 5 Average Words to a Line ii-.n iate per line, per suciitli COo Sis limes, per line per day . Ooc Three limes, per line per nay OCc One time per lino luc All Ads run im-yularly take u one time rate. UUiilNKSS \VA..itL>—To overliaul jour elei- nic iweryi-r. Won; guiudiuecu. hvtiner l-.imric tjcrvice, ',» uii- lUIa I-111 1 ". C'U. PllUtK MO. %>v-k PAGE FIVE COAL AND WOOD PHONE 107 BUCHANAN. "Our coal Is black Hut vie treat you while." 21c-kll21 COAL - WOOD - COHN COLLINS COAL. COMl'ANY U. HY. <fc Chic. PHONE i'l tSl'-K 12-b KINDLING ana WOOD for healing niKl cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smith, Phone oao or Oaknvny store. aip-k ii-si Tr.imhaiu Coal &j Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and suiiliglit Coal Sycamore i; H. u .at. Phone DIM. COAL low prices. 1'hone 4B. : 1'roinpt Delivery. BLYTHEVJLLE . COAL CO., Walnut &, Railroad SUs. UPHOLSTERING a ,,a rcfinishiiis ' imiiiturc. II. B. Oake es lib v ° i NE '"'''' ' E - p - FRY Ji'' K-lL--'i'! WO>IUKR CH'Y COAL CO., FOi; : i 'MOMTtVALLO-STKAVEN RED ---------- _____ - EXl'ERT Tyuewriitfr and adcHiij; J A5H. SII'SEV. OLD BEN & machine repairinc. U. a. u,! TUCIty COALS, ensiiipli liu li. Rose. 1'iione 105W. STOUE building, OH Franklin. SB L. Fowk'i 1 , 1'none 150J. 4cktf LOST BLACK BRIEF CASE, containing Press Scimitar stationery, papers and letters. Kewurd. Jj. Coleman Whitlow, Courier Kcus. !)p-kll STHAYKD SITUATIONS WANTKI) WOliK WAN : iKl>"'by"Bc innn.] e;nslcti'v oteaily. Acidic.; "J", Courier Ni-ws ___ ICl'-KU TO THOSH seckljiiT Jobs "the Courier News Want-Ads otter » ii-sull i>:-u<I.Klns sen-Ice nt low cost. 1'lioiK- sofl. STRAYED - 1 bb/ed" face Hay i WMtS'ivr iinie, 1 brown Mare, 1 blue r ., , W ;V h Horse Mule, 1 brown Horse Mule '. . ' """li'ss: l-'raiu: <J, o:mg- Notify Muck Hrvcans cr E O ! |''V MlUvl " n - Uoulnssn; KtttA- Adnms, Blythcvill?, and u-ceive S1U i, w - Iiul)1 'Kon; Uyvcu Morss; Reward. 7P-K11' " y J!crs;; ; Mis. Mniy li. Cilenir ! I'l-iKlemlal liiMii-anto Company ol I Ami - KtfWAUI) $20 REWARD for return or in- fonnalton lendins lo return ol silverware stolen from my licmc night of Nov. 3. E. M. McCall. M. ie-k I'M — j AUTISTIC SHO-CAKDS Small Signs Sule Banners ! HARVEY McCALL 30b E, MAIN ! 2l>-kI2-2 i KOOM & liOAKU WEEKLY. Also Ilousofccspin.. rooms. Frog Poml Cafe. I'Jc-u ....... ^^...* irtuw, US ilKltl- ol the IJcard of Improvement ol ^.ower Ulslrlct Ninntcr One, ol 'He dty ol Ulyllicvillo, Arkansas flrc warned to appear in the Clinn- wi-y q-Mirt for ihe Cisickasawua District, ol Mississippi comuy, Ar . t'uttf.s' father claims the tlocu- nls nove lhal his family trace •••IRC- uack (o ilie Edwards bra- is uiut Ihrrcfoiv have u claim ilii- i>iupi>rly even utter nil not nnnounci'il seek lo |)rc.s.s the Wisid Carries Lost Hat Ahead of Motorist t'ALEM, Ore. lUl 1 ) — A frolicsome t-i'id l:li-\v Murk Si-ljneller'K lial L ills liL-nd, as lie rixle on Ihe '•••r *i a triu-k. llr ili:ln'i think II'.- 1 hat was worth liniuiliiE oil lur. AiijiioxlmiilHy ilvu miles fur- L:ur. iliu iniek driver stopped to 1'irk i;|j Miiiiclhin;; In HIV middle i! il:i- road. U i v;ls Hi:hiu'lli>i''.s ilsciir. GAHAGES MECHANICS ana \VrecX-1 .. k NICJHT C1AUAGK. 1'none MD. ! — [NICE MEALS, 25 cenls. Phono 807. ---- , Olfi West, Ash Street. FOR SALE - I AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING | THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS DcSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto rj'jpainn;; ROY UAK£ti JOK WtLLl/VMS! PHONE tU'A JDURROUGIIS adding machine wltri UliAUTY •Sp-klZ-4 1'AKLOHtJ JIM WK a HAIR TINTING & DYEING KILLS BKAUTY StiOP, HllUile K ' 2UU K. 11-2B SCALP TREATMENTS , OUR SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phonu 2M i8C-K 11-J8 stand, cheap. Phone 105-W. 7ckl'l j NUHSERY STOCK ™ FARM LANDS l-'KEE demonstration on latest sew- i:iK art. SINOERCRAFT rugs, toys and gifts. SINGER SEWING MACHINE (JO. 24])-k Il-'ii FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in of Blytheville. 1 mile of good school. S25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 837 or 888. W. T. Burnett. fiC-K-TP Harvard Museum Homes nil Oltl Man" (nnd CAMIHllDOK, Mnss. tUl>)-An cast wing which 1ms bcei'i u have hem reproduced from the NaiimtKTK homo In Now York. (c Death (UP)—Mnluro, to Harvind's Foijg Ail IMi^ houses the cllcctlon (lomiu-vl lo •• ' ' the University u 10;iO by Mrs. nl .,,",,"!', l ' r ""'" Aaron Naimiberg, of New .York. rl UUI ; Mlnu ' incliKled In Ihe collecllon Is then "ijf"-mie"i'in.l"v liembrnndt's fametl "1'orlralt of ly. A fnwn vi a s' iwi bijjiloAKTWcrnoTj^ ~" f( AFYE1Z L GOT TH' INSPIRATIOM 0!^ IC& CUBES, .1. WENT OVlLliTO 9EB fV\V BT?/OTH&R-|N-LAW Waoul IT •—BUT H& MA'S HIS rv\ON£Y Tl&D \S$> J IN TH1RTV TONQ OF E\CtU3iOT5-~. IE HE HAD,THAT W&NT -NOW ALL H& C^N T3Q DYE TH' STLTFF SR&tN, AN' HOPE TO IT NEXT SP1SIN6 A^ IMaATlON \ EG.G&-THATS I L'M ALWAYS THINK1N' UP TWNci.'i- ] UAt> WA 1 ^ TW "sAN^E WAN His oj Allack* Woman IIF.HALD, Va. (UP)-Mre, Bcilhu , s viciously attacked by a ljIibL-r's IK l hog, which sudden- ran amuck. Her clothing was n lo shreds and a large piece Ahem UOW.TKEF\-R,-ST THING FOR us TO oo is euv A \cfecx v/vn\ 5 - f INIeuioR TiLiicr IM,Tort S \ THfe FREEZING C \ ( GINGEVR. A\_E> I" DKKSSMAKlNfJ DRESSMAKING-Coats relined, alterations a specialty. Ruth Thompson,.GolT Hotel, 20c-kll-20 _' CLEANERS, TAILOHS DON'T THROW THEM AWAY.i We re-line, re-model and rciwu'l (.-oats and suits for men and ivo- men. Experienced tailor and experienced dressir.-itr. Hudson Tailor Siiuu. 12C-K i\-n HATS CLEANED and re-s!iape;f, 70c. Hudson Tailor ShOj). Phone 53. 13C-K11-J2 Mr. Bargain Hunter Now is the yoidcn oinjorlunily lo oiiy a ^0 or 8U or larger /nnn. Improved lands can be bought at prices rallying from $15 to SiO I wr acre, cash or terms, if you any a home this fall it will increase' in value, pay a good divi- .lenl und help make a living. We locate j'«;u, ;vrite or phone. G. G. CAUU1LL KAD10 SERVICK i::u umo 10 ony a larm t.r iionsi; in lown ;b ..lien prices lo.v, tins may no; as;, we all hope not. U you vans .jii.pi'iiy ni i.>v. prices see us tor . ..ii-es and terms. W. M. I -Odi^ArtV, li-iC. Dc-k !<.- KAIJIOS R3PAIRED. Work gaar- antceti, estimates Ires. H L DED.MAN, Walpolo Electric Sr.w; Phono 3H. l-lp-l:n-u i 01 QUICK SKRV1CE on all ij r.iviics. \Viiu-li for o:ir arivp c;ir. parkhurst, Co. Phone 57. I'l.UMHING UlOUCIiU RATES on ^limbi"^- work (ionc hoforo cold \vcathci A. C. Aiikcn. CallD34\V. Hc-kU-H ELKCTHICAl", niist-proof bags. 15ru?hos and nib- l.-er-c-ovcrcci cord for your electric swecpc-r. lirffsicr ElcctrU Service, >:c Gillen Furniture. C-ai: ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. TlN- •iircs :nd wirin,;. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. I'hone 3H Hp-kll-14 RESTAURANTS <- : -':o. WRIGHT'S W:i!l fjtrcct Lunch. Ciicyhound Bus Station. 1' lie. 31p-k 11-31 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHON'E 27D 18P-K 11-18 W K li T HI: MAKKS 'ESI si:i: Ollict' Ovtr .7oe Isaac's Store OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Heiiairs \viccXtri' Errv:ce PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, I'hnne 810-177 •;AI, ESTATE FOR SALE blocks light i cash b.ilr.: 4-20 Acre limits. 23 time at G 1 .Modern cullaso, 5 rooin^ and bath, , ; OCO cash. 5-Room Bungulov; on Kentucky rtvc. cost 5^^UO. Sell for $105u. $MO casli, S20.00 month. Welly Uungalow 3 Higli School, $1075. ccst owner $3000. THOMAS LANIJ COMPANY. .Sc-kr.> L1VU:STOCK GKOWK fiesli Cow.i mill Springers fcr taic. Slaiuon «. 'cpper, Huflman. Ark. 1P-KK XOIl SALE—Jersey with young calves. 3cuk at Harris' Barn. MILCH COWS for ToTTo;- lra"de~ Hester's Fruit & Produce. having livestock to sell or if tliey desire to buy they •.rill find it convenient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE NEW FpKU JUATTEUIES. Rental batteries, recharging and repair- i \S. 777 Tire ,t Battery Sta'tion. i 18C-K ll-l'j . 113 S. F'nsl St., 1'lionc 0-13. IVP-K 11-1B AUTOMOBILE Glass, new and mcd nulo parts. Jackson Auto ?arts Co. Phone C!i. 3 C -k 12-3 .VASHIN'G DAY i Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AM) SOU) R. J. Dodsorc 201 L'. Main I'lioiic 15o I'OR KENT it OR RENT-QUO small furnished! ' apartment: two 3-room ami one I <.\ j =-rnom aparlnicn'. unfurnished. ! '\ :l«iu reascnahle to .satisfactory ten- ' i *• ,311^. i.Yan k C. Dnu 3 las, Phones 333 \ ! . _. Kc-klf i FOR RENT-Fivo" 'rconTfutmsh: i cci house. 203 W. Kentucky ' Phone G72 10c . k ^ - SUBSTANTIAL REWARD for re- triny days ftom tins turn of Diamond rinif. V slonvs ante, ana answer tli . in platinum inoiinllng, lost In lcre. Call Courier WANTKI) TO KUY XTKO—iiariijii llalcli- lilC-KLJ Attorneys lor 1'liilinliii. IJodsou r'urniturc. Documental Collection TO KENT—4 or 0 rcom house. "T", Courier News. ux-KTi-' . . W O 111 C find so many l u r I Ji o u.uit-iuls. Sellluj ulii fiimiiiin 1 , geltln); help, : mi'nl pliol'C SOU fi ynil w.l111 rcsult.s. DETROIT ,UP, - Allbrcy Is In isosscsiiion of an ini- ' collection ol niallKi ,b hh]I by hu . flllllBr y™ ; l^'! 1 ' 7^",' A«'«nin a .. through ! tlK! father nsks (lie so n io seek possc.«!on of TO-iiP Ol the , . 'j«i ui "''c ™l .csmie i,, New :ork Cily. HEKT—SmaU fur- nished apartment. Uox A3, Cour- SALliSMKN WANTED The ilocunipiKs nro Intended to I show that the Hodges are en- i tilted to the DrojiLTty ihioimh n • purchase of Kobm Edwards and Inter a 99-year-lcase 'by h'lm to NKWS WANT ADS la h Oscco i a> j onesbc)ro niul T[ . u _ earning $35 weekl „ ---- . w..^v, ( uj IliJll LU his brother Crugar. The lease was . Wri 'e immsdlalely, Raw leigh Co., Dept. AK-l-S/Manpils, iR.MErRTLES 6ABBY War period nnd shortly afterward the brother .returned to England, HAHK KNOWS! OUtR KiWWCrV WE DO VOH GOOD • }- -- v-_ i} -,- ; -'".---. i /.L- -, •."v-". •«— ri,.*.-~ — .•-•^.^~--.~-,-jf- SALESMAN SAfll -; PRISON THis l >^0«: WASH TUBBS THK KKAI, KOI,A KKDOKA! • \ EES ft MATTER V tt^£S NO OF Lff6 OR PEKTM. I ClF'RtNCE. I'M WERNWARE TviE THRU OVi, ^EMOR, 'OW CAN YOU CUJ6L? TWO W.O.MF. - ' BV OUR. ESCORT- AHO VOJ RETUSE TO SftFE U&, • so v.^s to i. ft FEDORA, VOU SA?| NO, SUH, I'VE MV •7 I'M THRU ^- A EhSY. I THIUK THtN'RE See li. i\f. 10p-kll-19 BtTlDR IF THIS IS ANOTHER FUME UP, Itl 6REA.K HER N5CK. MllRSEMNO TO WE.EVY «& JOIM OUR FAfttSR Wi\0 S'ESTS V AS ?RESiOEKT& OF \ THK tltG SHOT! LETS 6VER OU SISMALS THATS eCH "THOSE ARE CDR: SECREf SISWALS FOK TVIE KW6STOIJ GAME.'.' O.K. VJELL,-mis < SoV.' I CAM WAPDLY IS AS FAR A3 I GO... j vjj.AIT ROR THE WHISTLE I n?rtl" 0S ^ y ° U <1 TO BLOW... AM'V(ILL 1 °%E5£S£.v< «™*«-' FR6CK" WEN ME 6ETS RED WMS UP HERE, I'LL OUf AS!' HiS HAMD TWEM AS EASY AS I WTO A FULL STRIDE;, SHADYSIDE'S FORWARD PASS; WATKHPROOP Covers for trucks jj r f r ^^-JR»__^ J j{^S and wagons. Carney Awning Co., :."."--•-.— --. ISc - - OREASINQ 75c i NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 555

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