The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1934
Page 6
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PAGJ^SIX IIPIflN, fOTlE ME Handsome 'All-America!. Tiptoii Makes Second Team Picked By,Gazelle anc Purtle Third Eleven Dick Tiplon, end, nnd J. W. Purlle, center, of the undefeated 1934 Blythcvllle Clilcknsnws were named on the second nnd third teams respectively of Die nil-state high selections of the Arkansas Gazelle as released yesterday. 'fiptBii was placed nt n wing ixisllion by tlie Gazette which said of him: "Dick Tiplon of niythovllle Is a wonderful receiver . of passes but frills sljoft of being oil n par with Dalrymplc and Snyder UK defensive, min.' Of Purtle, veteran senior ccn- .Icr for nlythcvillc, the Gazette said: 'Ken Kiivanniigh of Little nock nnd Purlin of Ulyliievllle were ' centers of unusual ability." Hersliel Moslpy, inmrtcrback of the Chlckasaw.s, was gis'cn honorable mention by tlie Gazelle us was . HIackwell, end, and nay'der. taefjr Corliett mi First Team •Lundy Corbclt, 21C pound Wnl- j rail. nidge tnckle, was named lit guard on llic Gazelle's first tenin; Wing the only 'representative of northeast. Arkansas on the nil star elcun Despite the fact tlia the Gazette snld its selections wen. based on rciwrts of 80 coaches numerous . officials nnd Wea Schoonover, Pocaliontns attornej and former All-Anierlcnn at. Arkansas University, 'Den Rpsteln sports editor of the, Gazette, admitted that "had this correspondent not witnessed Lundy Corbctl of Walnut Ridge in action, lie would have been relegated to the honorable menlton list." The Gazette's oll-sjnte firs} lenin Included . Dalrymplc. Little Rock, eiid; Dugan, Bcnon, tackle; Brain' .Pine Bluff, guard; Carr, Foil Smith, centei, Corbctt, Walnut. Hidge, guard. Dale. Hot Springs tackle, Snydci, Camdcn, end-' Longonnttl, Hot Springs, quarterback; Craven, pine Bluff, halfback; Fishei, Scm-cy, halflmck- Lot oil, Hot Springs, fullback. JJridgeforth of Forrest City was named at quarterback on the third all -state selection -of the Gazelle Four On All-Dislrict The Lutle Rock paper undertook for the first time tlie selection of on ail-northeast Arkansas team Elsa; Blow, right, University of Southern California co-ed, edited Hie sports page of ll:e Dully Trojan, and selected ,,„ All-Amerir lean, compose,! of the • handsomest men' on the gridiron. JKI r. u. s. C. tackle, shown wllh her, made the smiad: !lo\v: First Flight P. S. Enslnnd vp, Floyd Acton, C-. G. militant vs. J. A. Leech. )cfending • Champion In Golf Tourney Loses; Lynch Mas Good'Card Leo. r.lnlzentclv defending: cliam- pion In the Hlylhevlllc country Might Nol Win Many Games Bui Makes Girls' Hearts Flutter BY KKSKINK JOHNSON NI!A Srrvlcn Staff Corresponaeiv LOS ANGELES, Dec. S.—Co-eds nt ttie University of SatiUtein Calirornia have taken a hand' In llils yearly /.ll-Ainer!ca business. The lassies went Into a huddle, and emerged with an All-America Ado- )i.s team. Vlie lads of U'iclr cholct mlBlil not capture football gaiiics, but they probably could win movi contract!). . . • ., | Nol ablllly in passing, punting, "ml carryliijf ibe ball were the (limlilies upon which the All-Am- cflcas were chosen; instead, hair eyes, profile, height and "Ihal eln- i',\w. charm known'as personality" "'(.TO Die deciding factors. ll'dm Hllliaril of Texas was'Se- lected as All-Ainei-Icn Adonis i)mir- terbnck, "Ijccuuse he looked as il lie might have n superior drawl niiti a good sense of humor." : Six. feeL three Indies of height cinly hair, mid n determined expression won tlic fullback post 'for Donald Jack.son of Harvard. "Just Plain Cut«" Uccaiise he "personifies the (.cii- tlciminly clinrjii and brecdlji" of I the true Stanford man," Buck Van Dellcn was selected to nil one of (»e halfback posts. Bill Spauldiiig, Jr son of ibe Unlversily of California nt Los Angeles conch, was given the oilier lalfback position on the strength " r 'he fact that he Is "just plain Winning Plays of 1934 AY. DECEMBER *? J^*WEli' \ -^j^ifti .*»* --lar'K V% B ' M % * <s BRUMBAUGH M ;"' - 9' • >lfOAJR,AKP \ J& ^ ifl— y IHILr TijWjJS SHORT \"W>««*Vv IW«i 'WftToKMiR / :.,*-5 7 \S;> V/ il r^'f. '^-r*V7 ' . \* ®»U-«os-R, lTO\ W ••" A1A6URSKI. \2 1T\ J> «'>Ol.r>'A,(ORTH V«o IIALP SP»4 Jf. /a. ^ »V AltT KKKNK NI!A Service Sjiorli; Arllst Chicago's Hears irad Hie for- •nrd-fnteral diagramed abov> for gain of 12 yards In i.he drive Hat laced the ball In position for ie first of .Jack Mandcrs- two laci'klcks In the third quarter of icjr game with the Ltons In D>>- •oit. Cliicago carnc from behind to Second I'Ujrlii .raylor vs. elm „.,„Max n. Reid vs. J. G. nnrncs. E. Third yiI K ht Wnrren vs. O. w. Cop- 1'Cdge, DoyU> Henderson VS.'R. K Jack Brlttlngliain of California vas chosen right end, because be ins "ugh"—whatever that Is—and lie /actwhnf "there's something so glamorous about West Point," gave r I Norinand . Edwards of Army file „ (left end job. . I Norwegian charm earned Chris "•'wn of college of the Pacific win, meet the York ts n Hie playoff for tlie national professional championship for the sacond consecutive year. The Bears an;l Giants battle at tlie Polo Grounds on Dec. 0. • In the play described here -lin ball went to Broncho Nagtirski who made a half spinner, and Crockett. Marr Oulroughs Parker In Caruthersvilie Match OARUTHEHSVILLE,' Mo Dec I. -In n roiien, no holds barred natch, Johnny Mnrrs, 192 poiind- from Mobile, Ala,, took two out Iook l ' a "nd"Th ti0n ' " A hiB ' ouWoor ^ town is Great Neck, nnd his nren school ^lolchklss," proved ihe lr , 1 e mmberlaliv of Princeton as the other euard "imple Catches Eye On tlic basis of "a divine dimple i his chin, and Ills very eyes," Cieoree Shotwcll of man-oMbe- , i on the team with two representini- . follows: Kcllv Walmit lildgo, left end; Corhet 1 «:K R J^ 0 ,'jert 11 '^! T p7ue' center; .Hnyder, ' Bly- rigbt Kimrd; Caldwe'll, >. right tackle; Tipton; -•"-"•"C' right end; Mosley JJlJlheMlle quarterback; Kcll Wnl' nut Ridge, left half bad- Nettles , Piggotl, rijht haf back;' Hearn' Jonesboro, fullback Lumford, Bljlheville guard. wns Kiun Honorable mention. "WildMai^hancy 1 To Show His -Wares '_ On Armory Progriiiri •J? Vi!d ,. man " Lon Chancy and Tiger Moore, the scrappy veteran I™*v* f .!! mt ' ^ a - «» »«et in the >r less headline match wrestling card at Uic lh» h ™ e ^'! acknow !«i&ed one'of JJjf. ™ ucEt | IMt malrncn appearing in Moore" ° VCr ' hC morc 5cle ,n«flc , .. '. " ----- ri ""inAiutn UIIL, of the rnniibiE by the smnll InU decisive margin nf 2 up in n hard iiaht niaich. • . A. I.yiieh lurncd In lh c best inedaf cnnl of tl, c 'day in defent- Mich., defeated Lefty Willimns' out Ulll! "«>'*, Ark., tniumnn two mil r in . another Lylll ,, = roule. - n. F. Klrshncr chunipiptishlp 111 Follnnl nim nf • •••*.\i. uui. y I mu lllVUrilCjj (lie title, remained in the run- B when he eliminated C. M S»ck, 4 and 3. Bill Afflick drop- lied out of the list of contenders tthcn he lost to u. S. Branson 3 up nnd 2 to go. 111 the semifinals Hits wec ). .'"". f in '»fd Lyicli and Pollard will take on Branson. Other;pairings for this week fol- WRESTLING ( ARMORY, MONDAY NITE LON CHANKY vs. TIGER MOORE 2 Onl nf 3 F ; ,!ls, 2 Hour U,,,R FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. faked giving the bait to Nagurski >u,mi appearance" made Jim'Ta- 'plunge, d turn of North Carolina the choice nard and VJ , ^v 'r i « f ^oit's'-seccrnda';; de- The lone 'IVojan to make the fense - h^ 5 ' W(I M Je<l 0stlin S "t tackle, 1 As Nagnrskl neared the line cf, tlie co-e<!s admitted, they scr 'mmage, he suddenly leaped i». were prejudiced In Jed's favor. | 'o the air. and threw a short for Amos Alonzo Sla s(r of College of """" tie_ Pacific was the unanimou, choice for coach of the handsome varsity qualifications wblfir won ilm the post were bis "perennial] .voi Ihfulness, his nghting spirit id h« great leadership." factor in the lei with the Hue of scrimmage. Karr advanced the (.-all roui yank to draw- Father Lumpkin nnd Dutcli Clark toward him, and I hen chucked a lateral pass to Bill Hewitt, left end, who picked iu: eight to complete Uie 12-yard gain Girntles stan .dapproxliiMlely six feet tall at birth. ' ' — —.., .t t ju uij i:w .i hllurL lOr- pass to Karr. right end, who! Phone 777 At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Im ! - , l.c », • e 1- " '" U ' nn 8avottB MIC (jay nineties." Now Located at. 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EOWARDS, Proprietor make, of rebuilt Typewriters *Ub( M at hin« and Calculator, Repalnng—Parts—Ribbons iipffi Last Time Today | Mat. 2:.'!0, Ifi'-aSc Nile <>:-|!>_lfl.3r,c IKRNK JHINNK and JOHN noi,Rs if) •> . 'THE AGE OF INNOCENCE' Paramount,. News Kt (ins Musical— Tuesday - Weds. " ' : Deprcuion your ,/. grandmother!... f*iti--'v, c j Tc N ^""""couw ijjL^s -ir Cj;''.^| A«J nw~ T^:'\ •^<ff. I A« n k ^ | Vsfc^A A«ci'«n... ^^^\ \»— -J wrt RICH A Christmas Tip to Wives LI EDDIR LEWIS vs. 3 Out of 3 Falls, KI.OYD HYRD Hour I.[mil See One Card And You'll Never Miss Another! to all the People vem pnvilcgod to serve/ Today civilization depends uals we arc bcfore ' moclcni on this V Or 8« nlzn lio« nre build- BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Phone 80 / / ? c D j i i J o. Droaawau * • .,•',' _ ij ^ Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Custome, On AH Makes of Cars li.v mechanics who Ihoroujrhly understand their joh. We have the most modern and completely c(|iti|)pod repair shn|) in this section with skilled mcfhanics on constnnllv. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 777 QUICK Service Station this season of 'the • year when so much attention is centered on toys and holiday festivities, it may be well to think'of "the forgotten man" in t( , c hmu j c _ Does he need a new suit or overcoat? T sn 't he neglect'"ff "is appearance ( 0 provide more fo,- you an d the children? Wouldn't you like to .sec him spruced up for i }l c Cln-istmas festivities wliich bring together so many friends and relatives? Tell him to think of himself a bit; (o come in here and get himself some of (lin rs lie noods. Hart S chaffner & Marx SUITS AND OVERCOATS $ 30 New Mead Clothing Co. -With EDNA MAY OLIVER B 1 L L f E BURKE MARION NIXON REGINALD DENNY J O AN MARSH LARRY "««,;„•• CRABBE DirtclcJ ly William A. Stilt, Ponaio S. Btrman, tieculkt producer. f'aramounf News i'ietoria] Sh«rf -i Comedy ROXY LAST THE TODAY Matincc-A Nighl— iflc 25c TOM BROWN ANI'I'A t/ouiSE STEPIN PETCHIT 'Bachelor of Arts' Itoscpe Ales Comedy : Novell v Reel "Stars of 1935" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. EFTSOONSI EFTSOONSI 1 hose maddc buffoons J ... in a tayle of oldc cyme chivatrie ihai doth make thcbcllicsKak bdlic sl>ake! &,*</ *-*>$. ITS/* .~£& Q)', i,, x^; WHEELER WOOLfET COCKEYED CAVALIERS' ; Wl* ' THtlMA TODD DOROTHY LEE M kti.- nrJ (y, i.;i ij W ill (., „., Jr .( . Vrfl Biirion Fox \c\vs Cometf v

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