The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 4, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA 6T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 15 Blythevllle Courier, BlythevlUa Herald, Bljthevllle Daily Ne^s, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTHEVILLR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL -I, 1DU1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS jury Vei'dict Cheered by Courtroom Crowd; Jones • Trial Set [or Monday. Dan Akers and Merlin Hay, Sandy Rldse formers, were acquitted of charges of night ridiiu by a jury in criminal cor.rt here early last night. A large crowd, obviously in sympathy with the defendants, which had wailed patiently since the case had gone to the jury about 5:30 o'clock, broke into cheering when the verdict was announced. Judge Neill Klllmi")! brought his gavfl rtr.'.vn with a resounding thud when the clamor beyan and warned the packed com [room that no demonstration would be tolerated. The elation of the defendants was plainly written upon tiieir faces. Young Ray picked his baby boy up In his arms and turned smiling toward his friends in the courtroom. Akers also broke Into a broad Finds She Was Shot Two Hours Afterward WASHINGTON. April 4. (UP) —Two young masked robbers late last night entered a room in a residential section, fired one shot, and escaped wltl 590. No significance was attached to the siiot at the lime. Two hours Inter Mrs. W. I?. Jayncs. cashier, experienced abdominal pains and discovered to her surprise the shot was no Joke. She was removed to a hospital where she was reported to be in no immediate danger. grin. A mistrial indicated when Exact Number of Dead in Nicaragua Disaster Will. Never Be Known. the jury returned to the courtroom about. G:15 o'clock and the foreman told Judge Kilbugh that the jury was unable to arrive at !•• verdict. In response to an inquiry of the court the foreman announced that '(he jurors were divided 1C to 2 (for acquittal, it is understood). Whereupon Judge Killough ordered the jurors to again retired to their chambers and continue their deliberations. They returned a half hour later with then- verdict. Claimed Negroes Threatened The trial of the Sandy Ridge farmers, charged with attemplin? to Intimidate the J. B. Richardson family, neighbors, by shooting into the Richardson home, occupied the entire session of court yesterday. Most of the morning session was consumed in the selection of jur- ois. It was almost 11 o'clock before the jury was completed and attorneys had concluded their open- Ing statements. The state strove to establish a motive for the shooting with testimony that Richardson had over- MANAGUA, Nicaragua, April 4. (UP)—A funeral pyre was prepared today in the ruins of the once flourishing city of Managua. Squads of relief workers .almost poured oil over the debris was once the contra! market the penitentiary. The wreckage be the pyre of the unrccovered dead 1 and the cremation will remove the 1 last possibility of nn exact count' of casualties. Lt. Col i'. B. Garrett. Monroe, La., said more than half of the dead I were already buried and the total: would net exceed 1,000. ; E. J. Swift, Red Cross director, confirmed his estimate. The strain . >n the refugees as well as the ma-1 inc forces and the national guard' vas demonstrated last night by sev- m shootings. A guard at the water j .anks which formerly supplied the ' city shot four persons attempting toj ake polluted water. The natives', had been warned repeatedly against i using the water. Earlier another | guard shot three looters who were; leeing from the ruins of the city. One of them had $7,000 on his ; heard negihbors plotting to Brothers Guilty Of Linglo Death Given 14 Years Shocks Are Severe in Argentine, .Less Serious m Other Countries. TUGUMAN, Argentina, April •!. (UP)—Many houses were damaged and numerous persons injured by sharp earthquakes shocks In west- j Tti Argentina yestcrdny. T h c : quakes were felt in the province ' o! Salta. Santiago del Estero. nud Catamurca. The quakes, which were resumed later in the day, lasted from 20 seconds to a minute. LA UNION, Chile, April 4. (UP: —An earthquake shook this region last night but there was no loss'ol life. MEXICO CITY. April 4. (UP) — Plmolcpu, In the state of Oaxnca, was shaken by sharp earthquakes which caused panic among crowds attending church services. There was no serious damage. SAN FRANCISCO, April 4. (UP) —An earthquake shock w^s felt In the western section of San Francisco shortly after 10 p. in. hist night. Police reported no damage. Now Easter comes, and sun-bright days hold magic. Oh, we who walked so long In paths of drabness, And soft, winds toss a stronger, clenn perfume, Who sometimes thought that every hope was gone And skies, star-spangled, bend a little lower, There Is a challenge in spring's resurrection, There is no one is in the tomb. Life wins 1 again, take heart, go singing onl HELEN WELSHIMER threaten a negro family. Richardson also testified thai he had watched one of the defendants proach the negro house and step upon the porch. A warning and crude drawing of a coffin v.'as later found on the negro's house. Richardson to'.d others of the incident and on the night ol Marc!i 1st of (his year while a party wa in progress at his house, two shots were fired into the building. Richardson, with a powerful flashlight and one of his guests armed with a gun ran out of the house anc chased two figures across a field Richardson's flashlight, he testified ontlinrd the figures of two men running into the house of one of (he.defendants. A light inside the house was put out as he stepped upon the porch, he said. The rtefenai.r.ts, when they tool: 1 the stand, declared that attracted by the noise at the Richardson home, they had walked out of Ak- crs' house. They admitted running back into the house and blowing out the Inmp when the rays of Richardson's flashlight picked them up. They emphatically denied shooting into Richardson's home and intimidating the negro family S. L. Gladish, district prosecutor, represented the state, and Alexander and Cooper, the defcn danls. Insists on Jonrs Trial Following the usual practice Judge Klllough adjourned court Friday until Monday morning when Jimmie Jones, local man. Is to face trial on charges of burglary. Jones was indicted by the grand jur> of the present court term for tw? burglaries of the wholesale offlc of t'ne Gulf Refining company here On the night of January 4th of thi year the office was entered and ap proximately $90 removed from the safe. Eleven days later the office was again entered and Sl'24 re- Send Plane With Mfdicine ' WASHINGTON, April 4. (UP)—i The .navy Department today an-, nounced "orders for dispatch of a i Fokker plane from Philadelphia to Q ave Groceries to Califor- Managua, Nicaragua, with a quantity of medical supplies. The plane now is at the Phila- [ delphia naval air factory. ! nia State Employes Investigation Reveals. LITERIII11 BEET j SAN FRANCISCO, April 4. IUP) —Asserted gifts of groceries to state I officials by Clarence Sarmders. •wealthy chain store operator, were scrutinized by the state corporation commission today at Saunders hearing to show cause why his stock selling license should not be revoked. of Eleven! O. F. Femlein. secretary-treasur- p o i i r i r : er of Saunders stores, was the prin- LOUmy OCIlOOlS Here tor j cipal witness, testifying his ac- Competition. counts showed $436 worth of goods i given to various employes of th __ , ; I corporation commission. Later tes- The finals of the literary events: timony showed the employes had n the county meet here today for | reccived the groceries but in most schools having Junior and senior instances had returned them or of- lugli schools will be held at thc| f d payment . btner testimony in- ijchool auditorium tonight. 7:-j „„,„,„"„ the commission disapproved of certain advertising used by in in" the' Snundcrs brou 5 ht defense objections high 30 o'clock. There are a large Thieves Steal Dbg Sam Left to Guard Store CHICAGO, April 4. |IUP) — Samuel Alexander, was confkient- his drug store never would'be' robbed. "If robbers come my bulldog will chase them away." he said, "and if the..bulldog doesn't then my parrot will re-, member what they say and police will catch them." When Alexander was called to his door early today he discov ered it had been robbed. Besides $1500 worth of merchandise, $375 in cash was gone. The dog and parrot. also had appeared. TOKYO, April 4. (UP)—An erup- lon of a volcano on Kuchlnagaradc slnr.d today caused many casual- les and endangered thousands of nhnbltants. LUST RITES FBI Lto V. Brothers mm CULLED Tennessee and Arkansas Agents Will Cooperate . in River Clean-rup. WASHINGTON, April 4. (UP)— A plan of cooperation between federal dry agents 'In Tennessee and Arkansas to combat large scale operations of moonshiners on numerous- Islands In the Mississippi river was announced today by Federal Prohibition Director Amos W. W. Woodcock. ~. The director returned today from an inspection trip which carried him Into Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma. Kansas and Missouri. Woodcock said enforcement conditions were unsatisfactory in St. Louis, Mo., due. he believed, to lack' of agents and poor physical equipment. He said enforcement conditions elsewhere in tho area visited were satisfactory. Simple Services Held To- dav f_or Notre Dame's Beloved Football Coach. SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 4 (UP)—Knute Rockru: was hurled today at the scenc''bf many of his football triumphs.. ; Near Notre Dame stadium where his football teams won glory under his guidance • funcril serrtcts for the famous Notre Dame coach were directed In the Sacred Heart Gunman's Conviction Hail ed as Important-Step in War on Chicago Crime. CHICAGO, April 4. (UP)—Conviction of Leo V. Brothers on c charge of murdering Alfred Llngle, Tribune reporter, was hailed today by civic, political, and religious leaders as the greatest step ever tnken to "end gang rule" in Chicago. A jury which deliberated for 21 hours found Brothers guilty List night of shooting the reporter In the back of the head In a pedestrian subway lost June 9. His punishment was fixed nt 14 years Imprisonment, the lightest penalty josslble under the verdict. ; Brothers' attorney asked Immediately for a-new'V.tlol. ~A'.lie'nvlnj on hlj request was set for April 17. Directors Will Gvthcv Here niicl at 0?ceola to Learn ,'• New Requirements.- ; The, new state rchool cod;,.which makes some drastic clnntfcs in th? •' ianaj{cmcnt of local school of- ah* In Mississippi county and irotishoul Arkansas, will be dis- ussed nt meetings of Mississippi ounty school directors called for ext week by Z. 15. Harrison, pres- • dent of the county board of edu- -. allon, and Miss Willie .l.awson, . ountv superintendent. .' Directors of school districts In he ChlckiEawha district of the .-. o'.inty will meet at the city hall n Blythcvliie at 1 P. M. Wednns- i\y. April 8, while these of the Oweoln district v.ill, meet at- the Osccola courthouse at 3 P. M.. Thursday, April 9. • • ' - Klrction May IStli Under the new law school clec- ' llo"s will 1-" held Ihrmwhonl the . Mate mv the first Tuesday in March of each year, except lint this veer the election will bn, oil Saturdav, Muv 10. School directors nre remiirec! lo nrepare an estimate of money nncdrd for the fiisuhit year, nnd to have this • published' once a week- for three consecutive weeks at least 25 days ; church. Six years ago Rockne knelt in the same church and was baptised In the Catholic faith. Today thousands' o( his friends Gathered on the campus but only 1,000 could sit in the chapel. Services were simple because Rockne would have wished them so and because it Is Holy Week. A seemingly endless line of mourners slowly wended Its way from "Rock's"'picturesque house In Sunnymede to the church in a the body from the first, grade up. Representatives from Osceola, I.uxora. Wilson. Whitton, Shawnee, ' j sion to state such disapproval in Resumption of the hearing Mon.. . , , Gomell. Armorel, Yarbro, Manila, '.day was expected to bring out oth- Dell and Burdette are entering the • er charges against Saunders among preliminary contests which started i them that ho allegedly bought stock tit 10 o'clock this morning. ; in an eastern company belonging Several hundred contestants and] to him with $100,000 obtained by visitors arc in the city for this an- [selling stock in his California com- nual event. ] pany. Wi!) Accept Bids This j Cooler District Will Month on Highway Audit Mnllucina lions Send Massachusetts Farmer Dashing Through Memphis Streets MEMPHIS, April 4 (UP)— Suffering hallucinations Alphonse M)KC sansone 01 bi. ixiins, IULHI- ( D . u i j j Moelloux, 40. retired Massachusetts j er pugilist, who fought two _tor- 1 Last Kites Held lor Mike Sansone'Visits In This City Friday Mike Sansone of St. Louis, form- before the school election, In a county ''.ewsnaper. The estimate must show In detail amounts fc- -;| nulred for general control, Inslnic- ; tlon, onsrollon of plant, malntcn-" ance of plant, auxiliary .'iwchciei... fixed charges, capital outlaw, and debt service. • ';"'.''"..^ '.'. • Must Pay Bonds Promptly .' The law requires that .school directors, the secretary of the'board, nnd ity.' county f.upqAVfendent. shall sec that sulTlclentXfunds/to • .. mcot each maturity' of; principal : . ::; and interest of all bonds..are''Uv-.^ hand to meet such obligations oh ';.;, the day before maturity. -Failure; -* shall be cause for the state\board : .: of education to withhold."the> salary of tho comity superintendent grove on the campus with bronz casket bearing the picked from a Kansas pasture where he' fell to rkath In an airplane accident. As the cortege reached the church priests gathered at th,j altar In the vestibule for preliminary blessings. Rev. Charles L. O'Donnel, president of Notre Dame, who first knew Rockne In his school days, read the eulogy. "In this holy week of Christ's passion and death", he said, "there has occurred a tragic event which accounts for our presence here today. Knute Rockne is dead." GET THEIR PR! State Plans $2,000,000 Loan to Help School Districts Meet Obligations. LITTLE ROCK, April 4 (UP)— Arrangements were being made today for flotation of a $2,000.- COO loan to he made through Little Rock banks to pay back salaries of motions. farmer, threw a barber shi an uproar here today shop into] rid battles here with Le Hoy Don- ., in- . >,™ h P !gan, local bantamweight, several ""$• AIH * ttnCll * 1C ' ,, an ., r . orrrt. n-ac n i.lcUrM- Viora VflC- • Duncan .„ any apportionment'.of........ ind'4 due thoJrflslricl.--; .,'.- ..:. ,'e K A "counts' Sard' of-'Mii'stlon ot?:'- six members, two to b'e" elected-at-" the school election this year, .-Is,; provided for by the law. Increased powers over school district' con- • EOlldatlons are given thei county board, which Is authorized to make almost any change In school districts with the approval of voters In the territory affected. Jocelyn Wins Divorce Decree from Luther Resd LOS ANGELES, April 4. (UP) — Jocelyn Lee. red-haired screen actress, was granted a divorce late yes- . terday from Luther Reed, film director, on charges of cruelty, aftcv four days of testimony replete with Arkansas school teachers. The loan will be secured by issuance of short term notes to be retired from money coming Into the school equalization fund. The slate board authorized the loan which will be divided equally among Individual school districts and charged against future equalization the loan probably allotments. Funds from leaped from a chair where he was| getting a shave and dashed from the building. I years ago, was a visitor here yes- Sansone retired from the ring about two years after fighting While police searched for him Dougan here. Since that time he .another group of officers fought has been operating a poolroom in ! to save his life in a bayou where! st. Louis. He recently sold out his LITTLE ROCK. April 4 (UP) — r-i • i -i T i Moeiloiix hart thrown himself. Mo- business. Hold Election Apnl 7 elloux resisted the rescue attempts, finally being dragged from Funeral services were held this morning for Mrs, Allle May Duncan, 38, wife of Morris Duncan, who succumbed at the family, horns at Braggadocio, Mo., early yesterday morning. The Rev. J. L. Newsoni, pastor of will be available April 15. accord- ing'to C, M. Hirst, state superintendent of public instruction, and will be distributed immediately The debt board in authorizing the ^ loan specified the money be used only for payment of teachers bsck salaries. COOTER Mo — The annual the water by three rescuers, one ' - ' ~ P. Kallaher, 24. was moved from blown open. the safe which was Throughout' April th<- state high- school election of Cooler Con-; of whom, E. P. Kallaher, 24. was way audit commission will accept i solidatcd district Number 5 will taken to a hospital suffering Jrom bids for audit of the records of] be held in the local Gymnasium Fcrrest Chisholm and Monk Rutledge, sentenced to 18 month sentences In the state prison at t^.c recent Osceola court session fo- turglary of the Luxora :l5p3t, wer? also indicted along with Jones for the Oulf '-obborles. Sheriff W. w. Shaver served bench warrants on the pair Thursday, Just before they drpartcd for Little Rock to bcjln! their sentences. Alexander and Cooper, attorneys for Jones, asked that his trial bo put, aside until jail cases were cleared from tl:3 docket here, pointing out that Jones was at liberty under bond. Judge Klllough reiterated his Intention of trying Jones, however, and set the case fnr Monday. Jones was Jointly Indicted with Chisholm and Rutledge for tho Lusora depot robbery at the Oscc- ol.a court term, but made bond and was granted a continuance. Doyle Widner, 18-year-old Gos- ncll youth. Indicted for the mur- iier of Page Boyd, young national guardsman, will probably face trial (Continued on Page Eight) the state highway department provided for under an act of the general assembly. 'The legislative act specified records of the department be audited April 7 for the purpose of electing by ballot two school directors for a term of three years each; to vote for a school term of 9 months for the ensuing year; to from January 1, 1927, to March l.lvole on a tax rate of 100 cents on 1933. The audit Is to be conduct-; 100 dollars assessed valuation for ed In two periods. J. M. Futri is chairman and R. A. Cook, exposure and from water In lungs. Moelloux leaped from the chair when a negro porter began polishing his shoes, screaming "the police have got me now." His wife, who later located him ..™ „„ „ at a hospital, said he had been | school purposes; to vote on a tax held In St. Louis .by police for Sansonc and Dougan met here!the Second Bap'.lst church of this in the days before decision fights city, officiated at the services. In- were allowed and the ring battles'terment was made at Maple Grove were billed as "exhibitions". The j cerr.etpry. Funeral Wans werr fluhts between these two bovs will charge of the Cobb Undertc fights between these two boys will long be remembered by local fight fans. charge company. - e in taking Reed origiuolly sued for t'r.c di- •orce, charging Miss Lee had curs,-:, cd him, struck him with an ash .ray, and had so conducted herself at an A?ua 'Callente, Mexico, hotel, that they were ordered to leavs. Testimony was introduced by 'MI*.!' Lee that she had discovered Kc.C'1 in the company of an unidentified woman in the bedroom of a friend's house. Miss Lee was given custodv of their two children and alimony of $100 weekly. The deceased Is survived by, besides her husband, her mo'.her, Mrs. T" 1 r J sllvle Smith of Dell, two brothers, IICKetS uOOu-Roy and Clyde Smith, and a sls- •s. Edith Davidson. for Groceries or Liquor; 1 "' Mr A coupon book Is not only good | [| oover Vacation Home ... ™ __„!-,„ ,,,*J,.n lint n^ff, 14 mi it r &*• •••"" 27 Additions to First Baptist Church Friday The special rervlccs held at the First Presbyterian, First Baptist and First Methodist churches will close tomorrow morning after a week of two sen-ices dally. There were 272 additions to tire First Baptist church yesterday In two services conducted by the Rev. Campbell Man Suicides in Hotel at Fordyce FORDYCE. Ark.. April 4. (UP)— Tying a lamp cord tightly around his neck and the ether to the head of his bed. C. E. Moore. 35. of Campbell, Mo., committed suicide In a hotel here sometime y^sterdiy. His body was found late last nljht when a hotel clerk forced his way into the dead man's room. Moore left a note with Instructions that his wife nnd the company for which he traveled be notified. A coroner's Jury returned a vor- dtct of suicide by strangulation. ™^t M^«= 5- N" •-*- EJ?" ~-" J. T. Willis, of Jonesboro college at prea e ched°on "Give God"""chance" Boost in BeiTY Pates , }>V C secretary. The legislature appropriated S100.COO to mccl the costs of Little Rock, Is [ to vote in the election of a county audit. school superintendent. Seeks Boys Lost When , Community Chest Drive j Duck BoaTSprung Leak at Fort Smith Over Top | WILDWOOD, N. j., Apm 4. <UP> j— Fishermen were searching the FORT SMITH, April 4 (UP)—I coast today for the bodies of three Despite adverse business conditions i boys drowned when a duck hunting Fort Smith went over the top In j boat sprang a leak. Another youth the fourth annual community j clung to the craft until he was chest drive which ended yester-1 rescued, , day. It marked the first time the amount asked for by the commlt- UnlTcrslly Gets Art Prints offlccrs released htm but the shock , farmer, testified at the preliminary of being Questioned by police had I hearing for Jake Rhodes this morn- •*_/* . . J T . .._..4«r. rtw. *. n U n »«A ^f rnlHnrr llnimr WASHINGTON, April 4. (UP) — President Hoover has made no dcfl- • vacation. temporarily deranged his Inlnd,]tag on a charge of selling liquor. ^._ ,„ his wife said. The couple was en- Clark, testified that a coupon | n(te ploris for n[s summ er route to visit a daughter living In book, said to have been good for • lt Kas sald at the W hlte House to- Los Angeles, Cal. merchandise to the value of four| da ^ rcplv to reports a summi , r | sistca i dollars at a big plantation com-1 camp was ^Ing prepared for him cnolrs - mlssary south of town, was alao ln the j^j^n Hole country, south ! good for four pints of liquor. Clark; ot Yellowstone National Park, Wy Agaln." Th? cantata "Bright Easter Morn" was given at the First Presbyterian church last evening by musicians of the congregation, assisted by members of other church Prefers Chain Gang to wirli Naaffintr Wjf ft ' «Pl«'ned that he and three wun nagging ""e, panlons wanled scme llquor ATLANTIC CITY, April 4 (UP) I —"I'd rather my \ Ale's Small, 36, told Judge Mathers today when brought In on a charge of non-support. go to Jail than stand I ^ ^ ^ M (0 ^ , y***? ,5SS .?' **« ^"vered the liquor. tec has been raised In full. The j than 200 art prints collected from ST. LOUIS, Mo. <UP)—More 1 '-Two months on the county road committee requested $60,000 for the 1931 goal,'an Increase of $9,000 over any previous year. Figures tabulated today showed $60,202 was contributed. all parts of the world during the last 35 years, and valued at SICO.COO, have been given Washington University here by Dr. Mal- vcrn B. Clopton, surgeon. gang." decreed the court. "Thank you," said Small poWely. "I wish It was for life." said Mrs. Small who will receive Me a day for his labor on which she must support five small children. ou' | Reports Gain in Nation's Despite Depression ! wl Rhodes was bound over to await i the action of the grand Jury. j Methodist Choir Will Give Cantata Sunday; WASHINGTON. April 4 (UP)— The Interstate Commerce Commission !cc~ay suspended from April 6 until November 6 a contemplated raise in rates on shipments of uer- rles from Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas to all parts of the United States. WEATHER , . — — „ ,-,,„[ APKAXSAR-Falr. le can'ata "The Crucifixlon'Sj,, lir . rth n ^i m f rci j »-iu be given by the choir of thei w t ''.,...".^, r j., (First Methodist church, assisted by J»"">n [,,.,ni NEW YORK, April 4. (UP)—Na- .other musicians. In a vesper ser- According to the official weather tlona, wealth Increased about 2 per coi^r. fr«?t Sunday fair. U/ 1 -, nlnS ! cent during 1930 In the face of the , world-wide business depression, but vice Sunday afternoon. 5 o'clock, »l I observer. Charles Pliilllos jr.. tho the church. The service is to be | minimum temMrature hero y;ster- brcadcast over KLCN. | dov was 45 dftrees and the max- PINEHURST, N. C., April-1. (UP) national Income dropped 17 per] Mrs. Gcorje M. Lee U director! (mum. 74 tl«rcf«. —Maureen Orcutt. E.iglewood. N. cent In the period, according to the J., won the North-South Women's. Alexander Hamilton Institute. of the musical service In which 24- Ii:chos of r.iln. On His fame dav wilt sing. Ross Stevens, C. O.| year .i?o the minimum temperature golf tuornamcnt today by defsat-i Per capita income of $592 In 192D Redman, Ernest Jones, Wilson and] was 49 degress and the maximum. Ing Virginia Van Wye one up. I dropped to $542 In 1930. Oeor6c*Henry wll be soloists. i 63 degrees, cloudy.

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