Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's. . Celebrated fj Silk, Stiff and Soft. SWEET REVENGE •Spring Styles/ That's What the Rockvilllans Took on the Ottos. . WON SECOND .GAME DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnisher. This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & SharpeCo., Tailors. THE FIRSr NATIONAL BANK -01T- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL 825O.OOO. A. J. Mill-dock. PTCB. W. W. Rose, Cash J, F. Brookmeyer, A*st. Cash. H. 3. Rice, A, J, MarflooK, a F. Yantts, DIRECTORS: W. H. BringhnrsS. Dennis BUI. r. M, Harwood, W. T, Wilson. Banking In nli Us Departments promptly •nd carefully done. Safety to Customers ana StocKnolaers •ought (or. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. . CHAS. L.WOLL, :-. UNDERTAKER ••• No. 417 Market Street. Calls attenaed to promptly, day or "'central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Residence, No, 121. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY, UXE..27, 1SOO. Fresb mackerel at the Delicatessen. ' Dressed spring chicken at the Delicatessen. Try our J. .T. R. Mocha and Java coC- fee, at -Kotliennel's. • Do not fail to get a. 10-quart busket today at the Fair Tor 9c. Huckleberries, gooseberries, currants nmd blackberries.—Roitliermel. Harry must get rid of -his .stock in a hurry. Who? W.hy, Harry Frank certainly. Harry Frank will'save you enough on a small purchase to enable you to witness Buffalo Bill's show. Mothers will Had Chamberlain' Cough Remedy especially valuable to croup and whooping cough. It wil give prompt relief and is safe and pleas ant.. We have sold It for several year and It has never failed to give the mos perfect satisfaction. G. ,W. Richard Duquesne, Pa. Sold by B. F. Keesllng druggist. POULTRY FANCIERS HERE. A fleeting Set for Yesterday is Postponed. Tin- oflleers of tlie North Central Indiana Poultry and Pet Stock association were In Tlie city yesterday for tho purpose oC meeting with local poultry fanciers! and others interested, for the piirpose of adopting a n:iiiiw for tlie organization, miming judges and other otlleers for t'lio -amiiiaJ exhibition of the organization, and adopting laws for rue society. Secretary George Kelser of Marion, Treasurer W, W. Coles of Ko- koino, and Mr. H. D. Whitt.tier of Mil- rion, were he-re, but no meeting could bo held, as miilicient notice had not eeii given, and the Cass county, breed- is were not re-presented. Cleveland Has First Place in the Big League. .Revenge is sweet.. So.6aitI..ihe.Rock- vllh> base ball players, when-.-Uwyiwrc defeated twice on ih<; Logai^prt. grounds, aud so it lias proved jo be. They have their revo.uge, for thuy. ; took tlie second ginnu* from the Ottos ycster- dny afteraiixjin in a close game. Fisher was in the, box for the Iccalfl, .and he did good work. W'hitmdge pitchc-d the ga.mc for the RockviiUJans. 1 and lie di'd better. At least, they won t.li<."game, and tliey did it. by Wtti'ug 'he ball. The lirst man to bat in tlie. Urst iu'n.iug knocked the ball o-ver coiuterfle'iif fence for MMJ first niu, a homer. That wii.? Kyle, tlie fast left fielder,of tin- Parke conmy village team. IK- did it again tn tin.- seveutli inning, and Uiere are two of the four runs the RockvUles got ae- eiumted for. The other two wc-.ri 1 made on hii.ts and that's the story of tlie game, practically. There's not.- much 10 the othier .^iiile. One run doesn'vJiavt a very Kmg srory hanging to If. . Tho Ottos got-it in the seventh, and,that's that side of UK.- game. Nobody kept an ciliidal score and so the many 'brilliant, plays made on both sides are not accounted for. Following is (he score b'y innings: Ottos -.• ^0 0 0 0 0 0 1 '0 '0--1 Uocln-illr.s f: 0 0 1 0 0 3 : 0' 0^ : i Hatteric-s—Fisheii and Byei-'s;' Whitt- ge and Eicier,, j are in the Fignt, Too. *Ki nX Cost Not Con5idered ' and this is n °* «P^.y O merely a figure of Speech but a fact We now include Patent Leather Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen in our Great Special Offer of CHOICE OF ANY FINEST TAN SHOES in our store for $2.98--CASH OR CPJEDIT-Ladies and Gen tlemen. These are the Handsomest Patent Leather Shoes in the city, and are worth $6. We are in this fight to the finish and our customers can bank on it, This Means Clothing, Too. OTTO KRAUS. CHOICE $2.98. OF COURSE. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS, Will lie oo-ine? Whether or n-ot M willing to clou i.li. pa.nsport or not is 'liat is Ihe question. Durrett will 'be ilaek and red of- L'o- wha't is imifciug-tbe- AMATEUR BASE BALL. There was a game of base ball at tli Fifteenth street grounds between t!i Sample nine nnd the Crescents. The latter won by a score of .1(1 to V2. Hel Tic for the Crescents b.'irted in fine style securoA a home run, a two-bagger, four singles. Tlie batteries were Rlche- son and'Hoi vie for the Crescents, and Secret and McGlnnfe for tlie Samples: A CLEAN SWEEP. Duck-suite today OSe; while silk para soLt OSe; percale shirt waists 25c; OSe waists OOe: ?2.r;0 di-mity waists, ?J.4S: twilled silk umbrellas OSe, Handsomely trimmed pore-ale dresses, ?I.4S.-Trade Palace. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, PO^DiR MOST PERFECT MADE. I jure Grape Cream of Tartir Powder. Fret f i Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Yeats the, Standard, STO'UG-H : WOOD. Thursday afternoon at: tlie residence of Ex-Congressman 'ajid Mrs. T. J. Wood on liist .Toilet street, Crown Poiii't, Iml., occurred tlie marriage of Mr. E. Kapp Stough of tlds" city and 'Us Florence Woo<l. only daughter t>r ic Hon. and Mrs. T. J, Wood. The oim; was tistef'ulily decon»t«l with lowers. Ml:ss Wood was attended by Misses Josephine Meeker and Bcrlii. 1 yee of Crown Point and Miss Manil .lillei- of tails city, and Mr. Stough was trended by Willis Wood, bit-other o,f tht iride. At 4 o'clock Miss Loni Pettl- Mjiie coiivmonced playi.ng Hie weddhig mirc-h iiiKl tlw? tn-idol piirty e-u-tered. 'he bride was given away by her atlicr.' The ring ceremony was used, rid the seroicc «-a.-j very Impressive. VHer the ceranony the .young couple eccivod Wie congaiituJtitious oif a, host f friejids and an elegant reception was endered them. . Miss Wood Is a eharm- yonng lady and Mr. Stough is the kief clerk in the otllce of DivlsionDis- Kitcher Touslcy. M,r. tuid Mrs. Stough loft at (i:oO o'clock Thursday evening for a tour of tlie Great lakes. T-hfiy will return to the city and will be at home to t-heir friends after July !."> at. No. 1001 Market street. morulaig iaiterestii g for the fans.- -He will send word rb.ls nionrinjj.find.iC.ho eomoR. lie will comejwithin'n we«,'k.:TJie Ten-e Haute man '.did nc-r shine:' up st.roiiK enough to be'.reralut'd, so if Dur- rct.t ciiiuiot lie .sf.'curod, rhe manngemeut wi'H look furthe.r afieJd. •Tho band boys will h;ive it,out with, t,he Clgiirmakers Sunday mCriiiing at ulie park. The game will be called.at 9 o'clock slinrp, and you want to go earlj to avoid the rush. Cleve'liiind, with Cuppy in the box aud JJImmer behind the but. will be The attraction tomorrow afternoon at the driving park. Crosby-will pitch against. -Hie Western club, which is now in iirst place in the big league. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR HLES5MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN [LOQANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. PLAYED A TIE GAME. The Colo'iiels Wrestle the Cleveland* To :i Tie, Witih Cuppy in the Box. Cleveland and LoufevUle played a tie Sinme yesterday, the .seore s'andinjr -1 to 4 whe.li it grew too dark to play, • and Hie KttJue was called! FollowinK.is tibn; result, of yesterday's games: At Cleveland—Louisville 4,.--Clevo--- ljuid -1. (OaJled, darkness.) ,'-"" • At St. .Loufc—CuicliiDnri • .T|0, , t St. Louiis 4, . ' •' : At Wswlniington—Baltimore 3, \yasli- iiigmii 0. '.'-•: At. Brooklyn—New York 1, BVook- ' Buy aLpugley Hat and be up to Date _ 426 Broadway. At Chicago—Plttsburg 0, At Boston—Phl-addpbia 4, EJosrou-.-.0. S'l'ANDING OF THE CLUB%',' -"J- Clubs Won Lost FerCt.. Cleveland 33 IS" 1 .'• "' ; '.C47 Baltimore 34 CtnclonafJ ...'50 NOTICE KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. All members of Apollo and Bridge City lodges K. of P. are requested to meet at 1:30 p. m. Sunday June 2Stli aim! proceed to Mt. Hope cemetery for tihe purpose af decora,t'lng Hie graves of o«r dc«e«i!$<?d Ero. Kaiight.s and the un- veiJing of tihe Pythian momiuiG-at. All sojouirnin-g K-nifg.lits are- cordially Invited Co aftt'iid. By order of 0. W. WALTERS C .C. U. K. ORR, C. C. ATTENTION LOGAN DIY. 20, T). R. K. OF P. -' All members of Logan Division No, 2G U. R. K. of I'., are ordered to appear it armory Sunday. June 2S, at 2 o'clock p. m., to take part in docoratJou and unveiling the Pythian mon-umeut. P,y or- ler of GEO. A. SCHAEFER, Cnpt. J, F, C-omlngoi-e, Reconler. Boston Washington Chicago .... PliUadolphJii Brooklyn . ... PiUsburg . .. New York .. St. Louis . .., Louisville ... , .32 10 22 2t .. .22 ..11 '. "' : 32 ; • -10' r - .'.50<) .000. -.•107-, .212 ? P. S, If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor. get niy line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing \ LANDED TWO CROOKS. Gapt.-' 1 Bradley- Corrals the> Ad' ' vance Guard of Thieves. ',' TABLE CORRECTED. The figures in rhis mo-rul,ng!s Journal ;ir<? con-cctttl ;iud will be foun'd to be as nearly accurate as possible. . The-re is a wide difference between the.metro- politan 'papers in .tl»c-postious flTi<T';per CKi)(;ig(-s given some cxf the clubs, and In order t.liat flie table might be correct. The'Journal sent for flic official- record of games won aud- lost b.<- .the' clubs.- and fhe table gh-eu this morning,,.wili tiherel'ore IK- eon-ect, as shown, .})%, .tho olllclnl tlKim*. ' •''"• •• J.-HE LOSS AY AS HEAVY. The loss uf Ch:u'Jt>s Stoll, wlwse biUld- ns burned Wednesday nifflrt l.s considerably more tiian wan at first estimated. Mr. Stoll says flint tlie dnmnpte a -his ilxt.ures was ?12r>, while the dam-' to his building will teach $175. The oss Is enriifl.v covered bj- Jnswancc. SPECIAL PROVISIONS. - The Con Men and Petty- Robbers Will be Watched^ •'•' >V ' ; ISAAC D. -PATTERSON. Isaac D. Patterson. Mexican veteran, is sick at his home on Whenfciand street, nd l-t is thought he w.ill never again be reH. .. ''. ' Tlie eontidehce men and who follow a show will 1 be m : et in fhe city today by flfteexi' s'teni bjfacerfnt t.he law and w.lill be driven 'to th'e eowit'y y vr-. bastlle in a.'patit»l wagon hired >4 )y for Hie-Jr benefit. The be nt headquarters nU day. n'ntfift phone message from any pfirt ' eiiy will call i.t at the double quick. ' A 10-qunrt bucket for 9c today only. v ' The advance guard of'thievos whicli hangs about the towns visited by big shows, aud which -.will..be attracted by thti,'Bu(talo;Bill sitow today, 1 arrived In tie:'.c;i-ty.3! ls ' : -iilght. Tliey came, ho.w- 'ever. iu goocV'coii'rrkiuy. Cnpt. Bradloy, chief,, of Detectives :'ol- -.the Piuihancllo. came 1 'in;'ou:-Ko. 10 from Chicago early •tihto mbriiln'ig 'with two young men. CfiMj tpgol-Jier. They are boys of ijfffttpui-to. twenty years, but are M/lryw.rtml ;is'.soou as their pros- eiicc''wadjduteck'd.'Wiey were taken i.n. The.y sinrti'fl'Qiif of .Chicago on the head -.eud.i'o'f' tJie.'jbflsrsiijre.car; a.nd had not ridden' fiir'.l'jei'pre they were found aud .Cnpt. Bradley" kindly took -tliein into a' coat-.li.'uTid ga'yc" 1 tlie'ni,.'an upholstered seat. When.the train, .arrived in this city Hup-Jads'-, vi-erc taken .-to jail and will liiy,}Uioro .until.'lafixij-"'...Bison AVil- Lla.m's show Is out of town; " Cliiei: .jpf...DMecf.tvvs.'Br;ulley knows pretty nearly "every".'.. 1 hiiet' • in Chicago aiid:'vlc!nltj'^-'/l'iese i .j(>nns fellows are tti'be "crooks .and so. they were .la,ndnd on suspicion'/- 1 ThOn;! may be -.oMied, a iid .^.whenever.,- a.'': policeman .'thliits a""inalj ls".iio'f"all-right, he will b 1 e'.aiskt'(.l[-,.t.o. i R} - pduce JiSs,, .ettedenthils. .' ,wJJo, aetwl susnlcioujUj.-!, (ill's Wild.^i'Ss7^.'aiid' Congress "o-r'Hoiij?li 'njfle'j^jii'S-Iycd in the early hour' i.his mortjhi;t£''' ; froTn Lafayette, •' ^ '•' ' ': ^ (r ' . formaiK'c. anil lead the gr.ind cavalcade which passes over our main thoroughfares this moTin'ng, startiDR from the grounds at 10 o'clock. Seals will be provided for 35,000 persons, one equally as good as another, and all protected Jjj-om the rain aud sun. by huge canvas eaiinple.-?. • The ui^ht pertormaucG is identical wilJj ll);it of Hie afternoon, Col. Cody IJOrmiutiiig no 1 nbrid«eii]CMiL nor the sliighllng of a single feature. At: f<he AVorld's Fair of '03 the magnet of attraction outside of the great Fair itself, was Buffalo Bill's Wild West. Bx.-icrly die same performance will be presented here as held the attention and support of tlte public during that, long engagement. U has jiot.h-i'iig to. common with a circus. No rlnseJ, g.ij,t nor glii.ter. Everything is real, refreshingly real and genuine from Col. Cody himself all down the Hue. It has tinfcnjrly boon called America's -National Entertainment. showi,ng as it does phases of the development of the West em Frontier hy men whose lives have been 'part mid parcel of similar scenes MI real life. 'I'he performance eomimeJices promp.t- Jy at. 2 aud S o'clock p. m. Doors open' one hour -earlier. It'niajy''be emphaj Col.. Wrn..,F, y /stated, that COUNTY SUPERINTENDENTS Closing Work of the State Meeting—The Officers. ..The county superintendents yesterday held the concluding sessfons of their two days' State meeting. At last night's meeting they resolved to -i.sk the Legislature to restore the school levy to tlie old rate. The following committees were np- j >f-1 pointed: On Tippecanoe memorial, reef 'each per-.'.Grant Gossott, FounTfliu; I/. S. I* .7. F. Will-ran, Jasper. On bv- ni-onthly examination qiHWUtius—C. W, Oslwrne, Union: L. 0. Harrison, .M. tt. • McGrath. Blaekfonl; J. H. Hair, St. Joseph: W. A. Wallace, JDnviess. On«J5- plo-ma (]unsl:ions—A. W. SuHens. Tippecanoe: J. X. Myers. W-.ibash; W_ JB._ Wineburg. Wayne: O. W. Miller. 33ow-' ard: Richard Parke. SuJIivan. A reso- Jutiou was, adopted namiug W, W, Pft-im-mer of Xewton county, as the one to select, and compile selections fn?m Indiana wriix-rs for the use of U)C '•youiiR People's Keadbig- Circle." Jfl.r. Pfrimnicr was t'mpowt'ml to c«!>'-.<o Ills .'k*si.<i:)j)ce ,-is many olhrrs :is lio wish. The contract on .grammars by Gimi & Co. of Chicago and ojjo furnished l>r tho Indiana School Book Co^ having expired, ihe Slate board adopted the two-book series, furnished by D. C- Ilcaih V V; Co. The iutcrniediat;e grammar fnniislK'd by the Indiana School. Book Co., Icus two -years to run heXort the expiration of tho livo-ye;ir contracL It' t.he two-book .so.ri<>s is plaoei? in tl)C school, there will be no place for tlie Indiana boo-k. but-, under the ;asv, .it cannot be discarded for two yonrs..Tlw .sii]iei-lutendeni.s are unable ro settle ;U»c matter, and prefer to leave it hi ihe'Jfi- diana School Boo); Co. .-km! rhu SJate, The following ollii-ers wt'i-i- eli-cied for ilie r-onii.ug year: President— G<x)rgi- 1?. M'iJsoji of DC- bois county. First. A ; ice Pivsident—I,. A. Snilor-OT Warren county.' Second. Vice President—D. M. Tv.-ibcr of Whitney county. Treasurer—At. M. Jolnimm of Madison, county. Secretary—]. 0. Harrison of Rnsis r.'Ounty. Aswist^ii-i 1 Secret 11 iy—,I. D. Hosleltcr of HendrickR county. . !•:•) '.'-.^ j«r4*id

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