The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ~ -" a Shark al Fighting 'Em Hanrf-co- Hahcl~W^||are 0 " — ..... •' LL ^ rr< iw*""** - c" +<• ?lM»y* ' * > $$$&•£•'. w£*.-\ LLljlli^'J-li:' -'* ' 'v ' v £o jou're «cnml of shirks' 'Him piepirc fpr -i none-tingling aiheiUme with Captain Wallace Cfts- wcll Ji Hell slmn joti now lo IjiUlc Ihcm h.imt- to hand Walch him knife Ihc miny foe , HY WAI F f.II.HOV, I) 1) Fihtor of AchaniL We Ime seen hon Die slndoii of death and of deslinv %us nl- icndy o\er the clrck or di-cipli", as JSMIS, m injslic vvoids, lukp concerning His ml-slon and u, fulfillment Unouifh sonow and ••iicHncc 1 Tre disciples umloiibtedly must nave been piudcd h> »OKJS (hit they could not quit* iindeistnnd, uncl it inuil also Imve been u Keen aisapotnlnitiit to them to be told that the ( Hngdom tint Ihty siip- ixscd uni going to be le.ill/cd In eailhly pwcr and glory was in reality to be established through loss and sacrifice . It was I to disciples in this puzzled state of mliul Hint Jesus c\- presscd the words of oui Jes-son, I let not \oiir licait be troubled' The icmalning poitlon of that >en,e may be vniloiisly hanslatcd ai 'Yp belie; c In God believe also m me 1 , 01 as a twofold exhoili- tloi! • Behove in God believe ilso ' in me" Jews spoKc to tiie disciple-, m parables 01 in iymb.oh He sjwaks lllo a flush the shark turns on (lie tormentor. It cluirns the wtilci in fiiilous nnncmcrs. pulls Caswcll under. One kicking fool Is all llmt joii ran see But Casvcll lianes onlo the knife' himdlb for deal- life 'Iho Unite Is his only protection iifinlnsl his • anile foe. There's i\ No won d now for the prefers ,„ Amm thnisL , >• • „ "*"" '" B OVC1 . ,, 05 he ha? coinbil if e by a He -slips a to hoist it aboard =WKRKl.Y SUNDAY SCHOOL Eternal Life Through Christ OF SCHOOI; tl-k( r|(),N Ijurwpnl to Act Nwrntm 301 of 1935 enacted bj Ihc o n-rnl A'- sembly of t'lc Ptnte of Alkalies snld pet prosldhis to lh« pec lion' of SLhciol pliLclois lo be tkcted at n ?->rlf>| School EV - Upn, to be hfld in cath School Dlsfnct of ihe Stale, of Ai'l^mjs on the thnrt Salmday 'n Mnrdi ot each je,\r The foils i n 7 ,, 0 n- ing places shall be open betvccn Hie hoiir-i of 2 p M and C TO Nf on Satiirdaj, Mnrch zo. 1937. lor the tion Wil Schcol Osccola luxori Bosa Clear JA) C Rlytticilllc 11 11 15' la 17 19 20 22 2-1 25 27 30 31 33 34 35 2S 38 39 W Hiirrman / Mllllgiin A i morel Phaunee Pecan Point Carson Manila Nodcim EdyntoiV Wlntlon Yarbro Bo\ Fidei eltc- f n ice House . E:hool Clear UkcS.hool £r, High School .Gcsnell School .School School School IH'h School Uzzell ,Slore Oil ?on Lake Sriicol Oily Hull Ijnclis Stoic Boyiilon School School Wilso Lone Oak IVjmato Ktl-er 1'roniKed Jam] Reecc Number Nine Burditte Ekron. Shady Gro\ e Leacln Hie 45 Pawlicen <7 Half Moon «. Hlckman «. Plat Lake School High School School S-hool School School Schcol School School nin-dettc School Ha Iclier'School. Etownh school School Slnd>_G School Bunk may. School School Schocl School of minsions In His T.illai s house Me siienJs of a phcc. that He I-, t'onig to ]iiLpan> foi the dlMlplus and He sj>e-\ls of coming airiln incl iccehinis tin in unto Ilhnvlf it swaks of n v.iy that lit Is "I'm Hit dfseiplis know Was it anj ttondei that 'llionms- |)ct( mil %c ,y pmlnij , m ,| Sll(!| Lord, w« knoM not whithci thou '{Mil, and how know \\c tlie Aaj? It liiis \\oid of Thomas Jnl !>roii/lit (he. reply of Jesns. ! "in Ihclwij and the tiutli, and he life" Jesns crnleis the uieil hope of life ami iminoifaltly around Hlin- •ielf Theie aie ceitaln things Hint !le sugees-ts the disciples could take foi gi anted If thes-e mnnslois nbove, the reality or the ctennl life did not ically exist He i^miltl )nic told them not that essentinUj line< as cad Ihe sfoiy of Jtsus ind ' ill. outhlj life among the ,tlLs- t-plr-4? If they could not flhcl the PMdcncc ot Oods- piescncc and M eleinal hfe hi winl the Mnstei \i-\ foi them v,lmt finthei proof could tlicjc be? worrcn ion PUBLICATION ' UNITED STATFS DhPARH MHNT OP '1HK IN IFHlOfl .GENERAL I,AND CJrFlCE AT WAfcHINOION 1) C P'blll a'i 23 10J7 NUIcc is lieicbv plven l]int Lu •cue D Lo«cry of B!)!lu-Ullr> Ai-- kun ns \ ho op Mnich 2 iojj made Peaion 2288 R s home- Mtml entry Little Keck niunbel l2D2C r foi Lot I Section 3 township l"i N Range 10 E nfth Piinclunl Meridian Arkansas has- filed nclice of iiitenlioii to nnko Ihiee Kar final proof, (o tsl.ib llsd claim to the land aboie dc- Jcilbcd befoic MKs C-irtv Wooil- Innn al BljtheUlle, Arkansas on Ihc 28lh daj of April 193? Clnlmani namti «s \vitnes.s s Chaillc Collar of Oosnell Ar-i km 1 as TranU of Gasntll I Arkimsus Vtinon Jcnn, of Ulj-l 1'hlllp. t.omc'what iroublcil like I liomas, was .still nnxtoiLs lo l«m> citnln maLttis t'ciied iiu ne- lill-.'llu \ oid a! Jesns Uml had n /oil d the luthei, k nld loid show us tho ami a surncciii us.' What could Jesus reply to that, except to .say, "Believe me that I "in in the I atlici 0) else believe me fui (tic urj woiks =ake nmt is He sild in effect to Philip if jou lime not found the icality of iht l.ithu s lo\c and giue In me ">'"' _t luva lived amoni, jou in .* • ' .. Whett doe? this lead? Ji l( .)it buck tu the lose tint «o have seen oinplmsued In the pieecdiiH' lesson If je love me say.s Jesus \ c will keep my com- mmdmenls It Is In issponse to Ihc love of Christ that the >nes- ^i|?c of CluLst Ls levealcd and Hint one Is led to sec in Jesus the eaithly m mircs-tallou of a lo\ln» C.M and rathci If one cannot find tht c\ldcncc of Cod and the way to God In Jesus, where can he find Cod? thcvjilp ArkairiLs, Vcster lliooLs of ruthevliiL AikntM 13. K. PAHRO'lT Aetlns . Assistant com- Read Courier Nms w in WANTED Government Loan Cotton I'hone 167 APPUE.HAUM HROS. COTTON CO. B«rtlj BMr BijthcTllle, Ark. FOR SALE We have a limited supply or lice Alfalfa Seed, and price j, attractive. Also several tons of Sloncville No. 4-A Cotton Seed one year from Ihe breeder, n raised and glnncfi them nnd stale tested We have several hundred bushels-of Beans and PpftS Will sen or txade for tiny other vansly of cotton Seed 01 Beans ^ L, 1 R. Matthews Gin Co. TA 15U-FJ Yarbro. Ark. Cotton, Cotton S«d inrt Coa! CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds 'nM\c Mark Rcgutcrcd'' WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER ScoU, Arkansas It's Ti me to Think of SEED for Field and Garden We Have A Complete Stock of QUALITY SEED In Fad You'll Find No Finer Scetl SEE,US BKFOKE YOU BUY .SEED Sliouse-Henry Hardware Co, T ur ou " Tho I>1- OS«ssivc Sfore" J.W.Shouse ' WilsonHenrv Phone 32 Owners report 22 to Ion under ordinary <| 1.0WEST PRICED *B» IM AMERICA! Ford now brings to even more people the smoothness anil rcsponsivenessofa modern V-8. FORD HISTORY Yet Ihcy're big and roomy, same wheelbase and body .size as Jhe brilliant "85"..;wilh modern style, rich appointments ... and quiet, sweet-running V-8 engines! same new quick-stopping, easy- acting brakes. The same big luggage compartments and modern lines . ;; But the "60" is powered by a smaller engine and carries a lower price tag: The riew Thrifty "60'! V-8 cars save > Anci cnou g l1 it can't quite match" you money, in a great big way, •with- t!ie bnlliant 85's pick-up and top out cutting down size or comfort! They s P eec ^ •'•" • it is still amongst Amer- nave.the same Center-Poise ride as JCa '* ^"'-perform ing low price cars! the brilliant "85". Ford V-8. The Come '" anc! ''rive one today! same steel-on-steel structure. The ^ y 0 UR F ORD D E^ALE R THE,THRIFTY "60" FORD V-8 THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD AT THE LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS! AUTHOB12ED roBD FWAKCE ?tANS-$25 2 monih, after usual down payment, buys any model 19J7 ForU V-S car. Ask your Ford dealer about the easy p a) - m<:n , p i ans O f lhc Universal Credit Company. „ You never drove anything like the'new THRIFTY "60" p FORD V-8.. .See it a! your Ford Dealer's NOW! $ EASY-ACTION SAFETY BRAKES- framework. Safety Glass all arou ncl ^: ^'oupusl'gcntlyanclyoustopquickly! ^ CENTER-POISE RIDING COMFORT m m -All passengers "amiihhips," , <<~- Iweeti the axles. jj , STEEt-ON-STEEL CONSTRUCTION • Luxurious New Inieriorj • I.argc Luggage Compartments in all models • Bodies Noise-proofed ami Rubber- mounted • New Effortless Steering • Battery under engine hood • One------ / "—^''-"K 11| c nooil • One- Steel top, sules, floor, welded to steel piece "V" Wimlshields that open. We Invite You to Call Us Today for a Demonstration-Phone 811 Authorized Ford Deahes

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