The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1956 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1956
Page 9
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iATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 19M (ARK.) COURIER PAGE NINE OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoople 6«AP/ EDITORS vgiLL HAIL TH6 IDEA-A HOC? IN THg PAPER H068AND AMD WIFE OTHER AT TAgL& CMlT- CWW-— AMD A HOSE A»W TOOlSj gOT THAT MOST FIX A MODEST FES/ COPF TILL YOU FIMO oar OUT OUR WAY Williams KVBJ (WVOWW SAN6 OF LQ*FER» SISTER IN THAT WARM A SEZ.TLL PRU6 STORE TO H BE DOWM err COWN HERE It LATCRT OW THESE ROPES BEFORE WE <SIT MAPAN'TAkE THIS BACH *-»•»/ LOOK &EH1MO FATTEST TREE-THEY SOT A SPV OUT aoeu THIETV VEABS TOO soon I'VE COME 1C> SEE TOer.MRS. TMATOIER- EACH TIME I'VE PHONEt> ATE If SHE IAM6S UP OH ME.' YOUE. PICTURE ISMT HERE, BUT s*MiJsr STIU. HAVE YOU ON WEB., MIND' Television — Tonight, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WREC — Channel 3 WMCT Channel $ Saturday Night, Jan. 28 6:00 It's A Great Lite 6:30 Big Surprise 7:00 Perry Coma 8:00 People Are Funny 8:30 Jimmy Durante 9:00 George Gobel ; ' 9:30 Your Hit Parade 10:00 City Detective 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Drama Theatre 12:00 Sign Qtt Sunday, Jan. 29 9:00 News and Meditation 9:15 USA Unlimited 9:40 Industry on Parade 8:55 Senator Gore 10:00 Big Picture 10:30 Mr. Wizard 11:00 The Christophers 11:30 This Is The Life 12:00 American Forum 12:30 Catholic Hour J:00 "The Prodigal Son"—Biblical Drama 1:30 Know Your Government 2:00 Kaleidoscope 2:15 Blackwood Brothers 2:30 Zoo Parade—In color 3:00 Wide Wide World 4:30 Captain Gallant 5:00 Long John Silver 5:30 Roy Rogers 8:00 Eddy Arnold 6:30 Sunday Spectacular — In color—"Inside Beverly Hills" 8:00 Television Playhouse . 9:00 Douglas Fairbanks 9:30 Highway Patrol 10:00 Loretta Young 10:30 Justice 11:00 Hollywood Movie 12:00 Sign Off Monday, Jan. 30 6:50 Meditation 1 :00 Today 7:25 Weather- Memphis Area 7:30 Today T.55 Today In Memphis 8:00 Today 8:25 News—Mid-South Area 8:30 Today 3:55 News & Weather Mid-South 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Storyland 9:45 The Cathy Show 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 11:30 Feather Tour Nest 12:00 News 12:05 Farm News 12:15 TV Movie M&tlnee 1:15 Modern Romances 1:30 HomemalcerE Program 1:45 Date With Life 2;00~Maiinee Theatre- color 3:00 Channel Five Theatre 3:30 Queen lor a Day 4:00 Pinky Lee 4:30 Howdy Doody— color 5:00 Adventure Theater 5:25 Wrestling Interview 5:30 Interesting Person 5:40 Cartoons 5:55 Weather 6:00 Captain Z-Ro 6:30 Tony Martin 6:^5 News Caravan 7:00 Producers Showcase—Color "Festival of Music" 8:30 Robert Montgomery 9:30 Science Fiction Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Wrestling 10:45 Weather 10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ ChianH IS Saturday Night, Jan. 28 6:30 Ozartc Jubilee . 8:00 Lawrence Welk 9:00 Million Dollar Movie — 10:30 Les Paul and Mary Ford [0:35 Classic Theatre Sunday, Jan. « 2:00 For Your Information 2:30 Big Matinee 3:55 Professor Pet 4:00 Super Circus 5:00 Judge Bean ! 5:30 Rln Tin Tin 6:00 Kit Carson 6:30 Famous Film Festival 8:00 Chance of A Lifetime 8:30 Ted Macfc 9:30 Hollywood Silver Screen 1:00 Les Paul and Mary Ford Monday, Jan. 30 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This IB Hollywood 11:30 Stu Erwln 12:00 Weather 12:05 News 12:15 Lunchtlme Theatre 1:00 Miss America Matinee. 2:00 Afternoon Film Festival 4:00 Autry-Rogers 5:00 Mickey Mouse, Club 6:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Topper 7:00 TV Reader's Digest 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Ramar of the ~ Jungle 8:30 Medical Horizons 9:00 Mobil Theatre 9:30 Foreign Intrigue 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Les Paul and Mary Ford 10:15 Late Show 11:45 Weather WREC, Channel 3 Saturday Night, Jan. 28 6:00 .Father 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:00 Stage Show 7:30 Gleason 8:00 Herb Sbriner 8:30 Always Jan 9:00 Gunsmoke 9:30 Runyon Theater 10:00 Big Show 11:30 News and Weather Sunday, Jan. 29 9:00 Lamp Unto My Feet 9:30 Look Up and Live 10:00 Eye on New York 10:30 Camera Three 11:00 Let's Take a Trip 11:30 Wild Bill HIckoK 12:00 Range Rider 12:30 Around the World l :00 News Roundup 1:15 Christian Science Film 1:30 Adventure 2:00 Face The Nation 2:30 Sunday News ' With Sevareld 3:00 Front Row Center 4:00 Omnibus 5:30 You Are There 6:00 Lassie 6:30 Jack Benny- Private Secretary 7:00 Ed Sullivan Show 8:00 General Electric Theatre 8:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 9:00 Appointment With Adventure 9:30 What's My Line 10:00 Big Town 10:30 Fabian of Scotland Yard 11:00 Sign OH Monday, Jan. 30 6:55 Test Pattern & Program News 7:00 The Morning Show 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Garry Moore 9;30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search lor Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 JacX Paar Show 12:30 Love Story 1:00 Robert Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 2:00 The Big Payoff 2:30 Bob Crosby Show 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 Secret" Storm 3:30 On Tour Account 4:00 Early Movie with Kitty Kelly 5:30 Sheria of the Jungle 6:00 News and Weather 6rl5 Douglas Edwards 6:30 Adventures of Robin Hood 7:00 Bums and Allen 7:30 Godfrey's Talent Scouts 8:00 I Love Lucy 8:30 December Bride 9:00 Studio One 10:00 Star and Ihe Story 10:30 News and Weather 10:45 Late Movie 12:15 Sign Off WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone 3-3122 WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U B B A R D HARDWARE xxxi AS lor Captain Proctor and his father, Naish could handle them. Hi was bringing back his ship intact, all but plump full o£ prime oil. Yes, he'd lost men, but which •whaler came home with her entire crew? Dollars talked to those two, and he had the dollars. The problem was Phoebe. Oh, Phoebe, •my darling. I hope you've •waited. . . . Men prowled the deck or stood aloft in the ratlines gazing -toward the shore. They called out the landmarks they recognized and Purdy wept and said he'd never be caught in a'ship again. Morrow kept the teakettle going in the galley. Mist was on the water at dawn. Ratn squalls came from seaward with the northeaster that ^ad been steadily blowing. The men who owned shpre clothing took it off went to their work in tattered trousers. When Bothwick passed the order, they willingly washed down the decks; it gave them something to think about until they reached the shore. The tide of the past ebbed back iheavily against AJfy. He stood •wnying 'midships, his legs spread. Cords trembled In his throat; he didn't take his glance in rapidly fro* the short. The ship sailed *•• •»*••—* enough on the northeaster. When Naish rounded up for the dock the squalls stopped lor a few minutes «nd the sun w»s on the bay and the town. Th« white steeples glistened flbove the mist. The autumn mnples, drab before, glowed gem-like. Naish felt • rush of. emotion that almost overwhelmed his senses, "Salem," he said. K»ui stood beside him. "A handionw town. Much the.way you told me U would look." Naish nodded. Hit finger; were ci-ir-cd on the long Rlnss Phott* wu M UM cod Ml tb*l BY ROBERT CARSE . His father, her father and ler mother were with her. He stared fixedly at her after be. had dentified the group. She wore a new blue bonnet drenched by the squalls but the ribbons perky under her chin. 'He was able to make out the curves of her Breasts and thighs within her snug woolen dress Sh'e had cast ler half-cape away from her shoulders. "Your sweetheart is there?" Kaui said. "Yes," Naish said. "Get along for'd, mister. Stand by to come about. I'm going fair to the deck." "Aye, aye, sir," Kaui said. He swung down in a leap to the main deck but he looked back at Naish. He and Naish were friends, he told himself. Between them still was the bond of feti. Once Naish was ashore, though, and had his arms about his woman, it would be different. Salem was a strange place for a man from the far islands. Kaui could become a friend who was soon forgotten. • • • BUT when he leaped onto the wharf from the ship, he took Phoebe high in his arms. She let her full weight go against him. He strained to her and he kissed her and she kissed him back, Mr lips along his throat to his chin, his cheek» and eyes. When he lowered her down her mother began to chitter. "Straighten your bonnet, Phoebe And your frock. People will talk." Jered kept his temper. He took Ph<wb» by the hand. "Come on with me to the Customs House, have to declare the ship." "Jered," ih« murmured as they walked the wharf. "Jerry, you.'re I am." She had deftly homo.' pulled him to her. "A hard voytge?" "Not an emy on*. We lott t ouple ot mrn " "l'«li mt, juit * bib" 'Not now." The sea surge was n his legs yet Then very suddenly, for an ntense. brief moment, the memories of the whale, encounters, the lorn passage outward-bound, the men as they pitifully died and he beauty of Rutuoa returned. Ke couldn't tell phoebe of it, he •ealized. There was too much, 3nly in fragments at a time and lowly would he be able to let ler know. He was secretly glad to greet ,he people they met on .Derby Street. That allowed him to escape from answering Phoebe about the voyage. The Customs House inspectors had some difficult questions for lim about the men he had lost. A pulsation of weariness was be- ind his eyes when he and Phoebe went back to the ship. She held his hand again, but she as silent. Phoebe understands without being told, he thought * * * * HER parents and his father were aboard the ship. He resented them. They made the ship different. Now she was no longer .he vessel he had sailed. Mr. Bothwick was on deck, packed) and impatient to get home to RockporL Boarding-house runners had supplied the crew with rum. Lamed, though, was sober, and he wanted to know if the crew could have a draw ol money. "I'll arrange it," Naish said. 'Keep the runners ashore. The men have got enough booze. Where's Mr. Kaui?" "Below in his cabin, sir." Naish was on the companionway ladder when Captain Proctor stopped him. "I see you've got » yella-skinned feller, Jerry 'ust left deck." 'He's my second mate," Naish said "I picked him up in the islands, and good I got him." "No niggers sail aboard ol my ships, Jerry. Not as mite«. Marbe as harpooncri, yea. Put him on the dock and I'll (etch another man." "Never mind thtt," Mulsh t»id with Instant anger. "Let me pay off the hinds. And Kaui will stay as mutt tmtil 1 lay HlfTovcnt." 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IT WAS ElTHEJ THATOe LOSE CUIJT WHAT'S THS R I--TOO MUCH MATTEZ? *4 PtCrrSUBJT.r GUESS, JUST SMELL THAT CRISP AIR, BOTTS; ALL THE WORLD BEDECKED IN A MANTLE OF GLITTERING- WHITE! REALLY DOES •SOMETHING 7 TO VOU, DOESN'T WASN'T OLP HARVEY A RIOT, y RUNNING OUT OF HERE, '—• E5TERPAY? WHAT WAS THAT E RDUNP IN HIS SOUR ANYWAY? ANP HE KEPT INSISTING THE SEEDS IN HIS RYE BKEAPWKE TKYINSTO CARRY OFF HIS BUTTER.' THEWS BNOUSH BARBITURATE LEFT PK65CKIPTION TO KEEP HIHA ASLEEP , FOE A60UT f HIE PAW! "ON6 SECnPM (3P TUB PRWAT6LY OWMEP PLANE WA5 ALW75T COMSUMED 8V FIRE, AMP 5EVERM. OP TUB BAPlV. CHAEKEP SOPIES WW BE HAKP TO IPEHTIFV—-" THAT'S ALL 1WAMT6P TO KMOW 1 ^ EATER] HO USE LEW1NS , WHEW i CAM SELL KELU3N TO MiKES FOR 4100,000! AH, HER HE COKES, WITH CAPTMtt BA5Yi TO OFFER US CONDOLENCES! •WHV,SURE,POC-. v RECKON I GOT .raorrA CUSTOMER \ LOTSK THINGS [CVERTHEREWIW IMXi'MGWEE A BAP TCOTH... 1 NEW ONE -ItXl GOT A. PAIR 4 OF THESE \ OF PUERS OR-*!*. OWS ^SUMHN? r - "fB^-WKT . I I...HOW'BOUT \MIGHT BE I RECKON WE CAN PO 5UMP1N ABOUT THAT TOOTH OF YOURS.' k^ MOV3W.. ftVX. 1 WhOTO W MftWE.IOftS W

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