Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on November 12, 1967 · 73
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 73

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 12, 1967
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THEATRE Sundoy, November 12, 11-D Success - - Care In Handling Tired Subject fly FRIC ATKINS Time Drama Writer It would sooni an Impossibility that any film produrtion group could take a story about mm in a southern prison camp and make something beautiful. Except for some unfortunate niontajje effects that are anti-climactic at the end, "Cool Hand Luke" wiih Taul Newman is Just that a strangely beautiful roovie. I KNOW that segments of the population have had their fill of prison camp movies ever since the 1930s and that grimy Faul Muni film "I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang." But producer Gordon Carroll and director Stuart Rosenberg in "Cool Hand Luke" have worked this magic with careful casting of all roles and a story of man against the system that is a lulu. The beauty comes from the careful building of the individuals characters. One is a bully with a sense of responsibility who lords it over the others only because he is bigger; he can be cruel but never any more than any man that has to live up to the image of father. Another is an intellectual with disdain for emotion or heroics. Another is his own man who can't stomach rules, numbers, titles and is determined to remain aloof of it. Of course, he can't. This is the part played by Newman the title name, Cool Hand Luke, born through his successful bluffing at a game of poker. HIE FILM builds as an or-dinary story until Luke, with his unswerving stubbornness gains the respect of all the other inmates at the road gang camp. He gains more than respect. They take pride in him, and you can feel it developing the way they glance at him when they go by, the way they listen when he talks to the prison guards. He is speaking for them. He is REX HARHiSOK SUSAN HAYWARD CLIFF ROBERTSON i GAPH ED1E ADAMS - MAGGIE SMITH "lho Jfoncyot' r7h COLOR HMNuianwNtTM I-'.-, tjMiit FEATURE: 3:15 - 6:05 - 8:30 B r Pre-Season t el . f the Month LIVE OH STAGE Intro Tonight Onlyl Don't Miss 11 AMATEUR STRIPTEASE CONTEST PRIZES FOR 11 TRYOUTS Live On Stage 7 New Girls .. t DENNIS WEAVER FEATURE: 1:30, 4:50, SWORDS SLASHING MM 4 - 4. CANNONS ROARING. THE SEAS AFLAME WITH ADVENTURE! V V k J GIANT i A 1 .4. to EfrJ.Ml"H!Tr. TICMTS NOW ON SALE -VI I ft .14 IWmii "CONE WITH THE WIND" htMffCTl 1967 St.prtfroliiirs limn PAUL NEWMAN ... "Cool Hand Luke" what they would be, but for a meager spirit. So, they love him, as they love a part of their own body. He is theirs. And this affection is beautiful to see. Through careful camera work, Rosenberg tells the story simply and directly. (It was adapted from a novel by Donn Pierce who actually spent two years on a Florida road gang.) He builds tension with swinging scythes in the foreground of a rising sun on his color film. The men are honestly at labor and victim to the weather and weeds. The guards are calm, bored and just as much in prison as the convicts. The guards are ones that have the need of feeling superior to other humans, and they hide their doubts with dark glasses, cowboy hats, things that will cover their eyes. The warden, or captain, played by Strother Martin, has been at the job too long to gain pleasure. He simply wants peace. And his mind has come to accept the righteousness of thinking he is jus-tified in demanding obedience at any price. TODAY 3 to 5:30 PM: CONCERT t "HAPPENING" with ERIC VON SCHMIDT 8 PM 'HI Midnight ON STAGE FOLKSINGERS & GUITARS Gueitt & Danny Kalals All Day Only $2.00 Evening olone It $1.25 with AMER. ART MONTH Films 9 PM: GREAT ART FILM CLASSIC: "WHITE DEVIL" starring ROSSANO BRAZZI Russian Romance lr Violence Art Exhibitions Coffe Gratis e BEAUX e ARTS o 7711 - 60th STREET NORTH Block W. of Pinellas Pit. City Hall The South's Famous Coffeehouse IN PERSON o BODY BEAUTIFUL Society Girl Victoria Windgate ROXY The Young Spitfire of Burlesk MISS TERRY JAMES MISS CARMEN DEL RIO 5i TODAY I 1 Ft -iC 5' iS.xi oho 1 2:30-8 l- i: i i i i i ilk j FEATURE: 3:05, 6:25, 9:45 ENTFDTAIMMFNT tClB till VERA CLINT MILES HOWARD mm v.wcn sok ssv sm mMCW Tender, Warm, COLOR 8:10 . . TVZrxr . kjlIll(lVS) fSTlil !zM COLOR cm:o fiundny-Moiidayj "I'd The Down .Stalrcasa." New chool toacher Sandy Donnis has prob- lonis with lior students. "A lr 1st- ful Of ixillnri." Clint East wood's only Interest in a violent town Is Its money. Turtiday-Thiiriday: "Great Caruso." Mario Lanza portrays the lifo or the famous singer. "Auntie Maine," Rosalind Rus sell stars as the way out aunt In this comedy. Friday-Saturday: "Hotel." Rod Taylor Is the manager of a financially troubled hotel "Blindfold." Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale star In a thriller that was partially hlmed at Silver Springs. CENTER Sunday; "The Further Terlls of Laurel and Hardy." A compilation of the funniest moments In the careers of the comedy team. CROSSROADS Sunday-TueHday: "FUm-FIam Man." George C. Scott and Sue Lyon star in the comedy-drama Involving a warm-hearted con man. Wednesday-Saturday: "The Taming of the Shrew." Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a retelling of the Shakes pearian comedy. LOEWS Sunday -Thursday: "Gentle Giant," Dennis Weaver, Vera Miles and Clint Howard star in the story of a boy and his pet PALMS THEATRE 4191 74th Ave. No., Pinellas Pork Lighted Free Parking ewer EASTMAN COLOR laughing Starring JOSE FERRER SHELLEY WINTERS ELAINE MAY JACK GILFORD DON RICKLES SHOWTIMES: 3:06. 5:11-7:11.9:13 ST. PETERSBURG 544-1188 Brit'toin fsouth Doll HiAry'TAMrA 2 Iieltinq Hint "OUR MAN FLINT" and "IN LIKE FLINT" ttorrinq JAMES COBURN color 'til 1 P.M. (Mon..Pri.) OPEN 12:30 Except Holidays STARTS WEDNESDAY! mil ikm WtfMWt diimi ISKOrJUSTAWMMOm FIRST CITY RUN! Ft V WYATTEARP-HERO OR KILLER? ft jp yi mw 23th ST. IT 50th AVE. W j r1" COLOR by Osluii (ViirrS?) PaNAVISI0NC YZ- OPEM P-CS! 'HONE nMf i;Jt 347.S00S 9th AVE. & 58th ST. NO. This bear. "The fie Tirate." Ccrald Hurray. Friday . Saturday: "Tony Rome." Frank Sinatra and Jill St. John. A sea-going private detective uncovers the skeletons in the clohels of a wealthy Miami family. Filmed entirely In South Florida. IXAZ.U Sunday-Saturday: "To Sir With Love." Sidney Toltier opens a better way of living to his rebellious class of young people. TLAZA II Sunday-Thursday: "Operation Kid Brother." Neil Connery, plays a plastic-surgeon-turncd British agent. Friday-Saturday: "Cool Hand Lunfl." faul Newman plays the title role as a convict, non conformist, rebel who won't submit to dehumanization. PIAYHOUSEMI THE WINDOW GIRLS OF ACTION! THE -: DANGEROUS GAME THAT TWO 'SHCAN PLAYI J Always 2 Kits Open 1:30 P.M. iXClUSIVI HOST RUN I PUNCH IT. -.WWT DISCOVER "jV,. NEW WORLD OF EXCITEMENT w 1 PiVffis f WF?. Dm fLORlDX STATE THEATRES mem mm O f ; .J'i; i'lMCOVO N0WI JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF FIORIDIANS ENJOYING "UNdWERWATER DREAM 6IRlS"otWEEKI WACHEE DURING NOVEMBER! . ':-. fv 1 ! . . I' L !1K I aVT ff-Iriii.rl M 1H PARK "Vvw.-A1 FREE f,th- U K . K 1 i IX- vH Y4, Week Af The Movies STATfi Suniluy-Saturduyj "Tim Faml. ly ". Hayley Mills and Uy- well liennett star In a comedy drama ahout the lack of privacy at home and community Inter-etit In the affairs of a newly wed couple. GARDEN DRIVE-IN' Wednesday. Saturday: 'Track of Thunder". Stock car racing story. "Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number". Bob Hope gets Involved with Elke Sommer In a comedy about marital mix-ups. IS DOORS I iKNt M.VB. fif Mordttat Mmittr of Bachflabblnr, fltMKU an ; COLOR G LAST DAY! TO SEE THAT fAMILY ENTERTAINMENT YOU'VE BEEN ASKINO FORI in an i;;r mi uxur ik- 1 HLL Ilk II 1 rni i trpTinui UULLLUIIUlli T&il ntTwriB rimuircT uniicure '.-"V ruilllitdi mumuiii) , FROM THE RIP ROARING 1320'sl . X.jjJX JEAN HARLOW CHARLIE CHASE EDGAR KENNEDY JIMMY FINLAYS0N SNUB POLLARD BILLY WEST-CHARLEY HALL- and THE original FLAPPERS Produced by ROBERT YOUNGSON & & Nsmled by Jay Jackson Music by Jcta Parker Winner of 2 Academy Awards I I Musical Supervision by Angelo Ross TICKETS ON THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL LOVE STORY EVER! RICHARD VANESSA FRANCO DAVID LIONE . HARRIS REDGRAVE NERO HEMM1NGS JEFFR ES LAURENCE NAISMITH 'sr -camelot"- alan jay lerner- Frederick loewe-moss hart- mm wwmit -FREDERICK LOEWE SCKEf NPLV AND tBlCJ W ALAN JAY LERNER-JACK L WARNER & WEST COAST PREMIERE NOVEMBER 22. OPENING NIGHT Sponsored by Leukemia Society Phone 862-0377 for Reservation 1 NIGHTS AT 8 P.M. WED. & MATINEES AT 2 P.M. 1 EWTElT B0X0FFICE OPENS 12 45 ST. "Thunder Koad". Hobert Mit chum runs white lighting. Ml'STANd DIUVE-LV Sunday . Wednesday "The Last rhallenire". Stan Glenn Ford. Ancle Dickinson and Chad Everett. "The Cincinnati Kid". Steve McQueen playi the title role In this drama of a gambler and the women In his life. Thursday . Saturday: "The Sorcerers". Boris Karloff plays In this story about a machine with the power to control minds. OPEN 12:45 Jontf ACRES ill ai II KINO OPEN 12:45 A ENTER AAA T V V CENTRAL A 9th i a rm urn ho t i m at a SALE TODAY AT BOX OFFICE -JOSHUA LOGAN TECHNICOLORPANAVISIO.r FROM WARNER SUN. THRU THURS $2.00 FRI., SAT. & HOLIDAYS $2.50 SAT $1-50 hOUDaVs $2.00 862-3785 THEATRE CENTRAL AVENUE PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 33705 "Nlthtmare fasfle". Story of a mad scientist on the loose. "Vil lage Of The Cianls". Teenagers eat secret concoction which makes them six times larger. SKV-Vl'E DRIVE IN ST. PITT'S rAVORITf DRIVMNSI 0PM AT 6:30 T0NITE1 starts i mm TfUJITPI bmrril 2 FIRST RUNS ALL IN COLORUiii"- T i hi i i ii n im -vwiwf " 17' , LUCKY 80 Vm'A COTTER. f oSzZnoCOIOr? T0NITE! ALL IN COLOR! IN BY 8:25 SEE BOTH FEATURES! STARTS DEADLIEST U m 'VdSilfinn hnd PLUS AT 9:20 0Niy!jrj-j STtit M'UUttri iNMElROCOlOR JUT I 7.101 . 7th iVF NHRTH 1 nil T0NITE! ALL IN COLOR! JC0ME IARLYI fw rauMNA 1 irr AT 7:15 USIN08B TECHNICOLOR AfiSIiUL V j IS J7 No. of Tickets. Date of Pert. .2 Mat. Q Eve. Q Enclosed it check or money order NAME ADDRESS. CITY - Send check or money order and enclose stamped :-: f?: FOR SPECIAL GROUP RATES and arrangements for benefit performances, fund-raising projects, school performances and special events, contact: ROCK SAL2ER Kundav.Tuesdav: "A fistful Of Dollars". Clint Eastwood and Marianne Koch. "Too Itus!ani Are Coming." Alan Arkin and Carl Reiner star In thla comedy about a Russian submarine that runs aground. SI EXCLUSIVE 50t. A. N J " ST. PHI jri til i ft n i i.; 4 - Ai. 'iir vrra"'7T'ir y ;r EXCLUSIVE FIRST RUN IN ST. PETE! GUNFIGHTERS of Tha WEST! - AnnlG Uickinson Cy bereft TWO BIG HITS! EXCLUSIVE fiF SHOWING! M vl so. (u si.tt SHOWING! W AT 9:20 WKL 111 IDIIU .i-J 'ALAN RKIMB f, CARL REINER jft IM! OR BY MAIL! 6R0S.-SEVEN AF .each alternates for $ STATE - .ZIP- payable to CENTER THEATRE self - addressed envelope - 829-0691 1 1 PLEASE LEAVE THE CHILDREN nf'srSfS HaW 'i I ! I 7T m r U II U M IN AT HGMEI wsTf COLOR mm m inr mm mm K" "1 ft STN PA I m m

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