The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 9
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JVEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1937 ULVM1EV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER MALIK WANT-ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»lly rate per line for coiisecii- tlv« lv»w»4ons: '.. One ttrie jper line IQc Vwo times per line per day ; ,.-.. 08c Three times, per line per day .. 06c Six times 'per line per day — 05c Month JW i*r line .......... coc Cards of. Thinks ..:,.. 50c & 150 Mjtiljnum charge 50c . Ads prdered for three oi- six times »nd stopped .before expiration wllV be charged for the number of liiaes the ad appeared and TOM LITTLE For Rent of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy EubmiUert by persons residing outside of the city jnust 1 be accompanied By cash. •••-. Rates may be easily computed from above table; Advertising ordered.for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate; - No 'responsibility.-will'"be. taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified 'od. Bus. Opportunities FORD C'OOPE. Ruriibie Srat.: Rims Good ...... 8 15 936 tON'flAC TOWN SK- DAN;.6: Ply . Tires .... ?«5 1835 PLVMOUTH OOAOlli Kcal Buy .-.. 5S55 936 CHEVROLET T 1 U C K. Good Tires .'...., $100 1934 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Bargain 5300 Beauty Culture IS. THE COMING PROFESSION I/earn this pleasant Work 'Which ; • pays well. New class'opening—state supervised .Reasonable Tuition Mrs. .William' Berryman Elaine Beauty ; Shop Business 'Directory Built-To-Order HOMES To A}! Details Talk It O\er E* C^Robinson Lumber Co. Sporting Goods of all fcinds Uniforms & equipment for baseball, lianuball, soltball, soccer ball tennis, tiack .& boxing. Best Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co MOST- COMPLETE' STOCK • V' SPRAY MATERIALS '' -•:•. . -and INSECTICIDES In this locality For. use on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw, Co. J. Wi Shouse Wilson Henry "MY COAt IS BLACK I TREAT YOt WHITK" I also Pay Bast Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 : Coal & Wood . Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 2T8 Chickasawha & B. H. : • .H You Want '•• Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Ltunp Coal, $5.50 ton ', Economy Coal Co. 231 V- Cherry'.. : . Phone 448 Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SHOP Try us ohce Then try .us twice After, that you'll-let .us 'Do your shoe work the .' . Reit o£ your life. FREEMAN & 3. B. HOI/T 4-doors east penney's 3-ck-tt OFFERS THKSE liKTTEK STORE BUILDING on w. Main IlSPn r.toc AT TIN.' st -' 1>rar ncw foc ' OJ )' site. RTO- .SAL.&fficEs" "• U mvler ' 935 CHEVROLET COACH. With Radio .....,.;.... $125 931 CHEVROLET COACH. Only $325 •i room furnished apt., 1015 \y, Asl). Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin, 10-tf 933 CHEVROLET COACH. A Real Buy 935 FOKI> V-8 COUl'li. Radio and Heater ,9S5 FOR!) V-8 DE 'LUXE SEDAN..' C«ndiliou 5305 l'JS(i FORD V-8 TRUCK $375 1934 FORD V-S PICK-UP TRUCK $275 Easy G. »I. A. C. Payment Plan TQM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. ••PHONE G33 Batteries BATTERY ..SERVICE Call J. Ben Chine Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Wanted To Buy ticeiy (urntsheu' STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, uatli. Call &CO. Furnished, steamheated Apartment. Telephones 107 and 571. Oc.klf Puriilshcd 5 room house, 124 E. Cherry. All conveniences. Mrs. Matllc Bryeans. 27p k8 Mnttle Bryeons. 27-p-k-3 Modern 4 Room FURNISHED Apartment, Plione 280. 26c ktf 3 room furnished apartment, COS N. 6!h. : Mrs. Crowder, 25-c-k-tf room furnished tpnrtmenl. 1031 W. Ash. Call 5C3, 27-c-k-tI Unfurnished or Furnished six room modern cottage, electric refrigeration, near grade and high schools.909 Holly, Call 402. " 2Gc ktf FOR RENT—Office formerly occupied by the Hijhfill Cotton Co., it ths Eilis implement Co. Phone 540. l-ck-8 2 furnished rooms. phon: 814-J. • Jtrs. Ted Green, 401 s. Franklin. . •: . •; •, - ••• • 1-ck-tf 3 roam furnished apartment. Mrs: Ramsay Duncan, 719 Chicknsaiv- ba. ', : .,' 2-pk-G 1 room furnished-'apartment, pvi- •-•ate bath, hack' & front entrances. Also bsdroom. call 72-W. 2-ck-8 Wanted rouili 'Ifv or flnished. Good \vorl:. Jfi3. Mick, filfi Lake.- 2-Bk-9 Wantefl MAN WANTFD foi ro.tite . of ,800 families. Good iirofits for [lusllcri We train and .help you. Wrile today. Do|it AKC-27-SA2, Memphis, Tcnn. I WALNUT AT FlPl'H ST. HE SMAHT AND SHOP FOR THE HI3ST 1>KICE '35 FORD COUl'K. lisirtio. and Huns O. K. .. 5385 '35 FOllI) T OKI) OR. New Seal Covers. Motor, Tires O. K. 5395 '31 rOIUl Cbul'H. 'Mluiis Good. Paint Nciv j>165 '33 FOIU) COUPE. This Car City Driven 52(15 '33 CHEVROLET SUDAN. A Clean Car. Kims Good .. 5/!S5 '29 FOKT) Timoit. New Scat Covers. Tires 0. K, .... 5 U3 We have several '29 am! '30 fr'oril and Chevrolet cars $35 nnd up. Wilk Small Down Payment and Ralaiicc Small iVcchly I'liyments. Diivc By - - \Vc Trade Phillips Used Car Lot ' "A Safe 1'liicc To f •; I'hoiio 810 Uoy Call-in, IMgr., Used Cur Dejit. Personal J| OlJT VIGOR AT '• New Ostrcs Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster Invlgorn- tois and oilier .stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glar.ds. If not delishtcd, maker refunds few ceails paid. Call, write Klrby Bros Drug Stores, . Farm Loans $500 Up .A'LSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES. FILLING STATIONS. ; | Don H. Kasserman j Room 220—Lynch bldg. P. O. Box 470 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices ! Joyner Hiotor Sales Call 10()0 Storage FREE! If excess add causes you •Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET • free sample doctor's i>rescrlpllo;i, Udga. at Klrby :Bros. Drug Co. • Water would not. boll at aii altitude of 20 miles nuove sea,level. TKRRY ABSTRACT '& RKALTY CO. Abstracts, J.indj & laum E, M. Terry, J'rcs. and Mer. I'lione 617 I!lj-1hovll|e, Ark. my«mitrt'am AUTO LOANS NO KED TAPE Borrow money on your car to [iny tor your llcemes und.olUci 1 bills. Car need not bo paid for. Seo U. W. AlCUllNS' Smlbury Ulclg, Phono «5 . Real Estate ';'• l-'OIl. SALE •.;•.•'• Our home at 1025 W. Main. Call : :or write Aaron Roscnllial, Keu- nett, Mo. ••••',' ..•'•-. 26p k5 BtVTHKMI.LB Sjiperior Coal & Mining Co. H'K HAVE. SlXUm'KO' THE SEItVlOl-S OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who \\lll gutinntco to iciwit your radio to Krst class cotidl- lion A Coniiitcle I.lnn nf IMlic^ unil I'urts - - Hut Prices Uubliiinl Tire A li;U. Co,| Phone 476 I LEFTY'S! SERVICE STATION A rku i«ii s - Missouri Une SKell Producls Vliit one of the most modern scrvlciit stations In the South A cmulcous st,vll rltentfiinU nt yom scnicc !!4 hours a rtnv. r-Vv f > "" • Champion Boxer HORIZONTAL 1 Pugilist pictured here, 12 Pertaining Mo poles. 13 Hastened. H Silly. 16 To piece out. 17 Passes away. 20 By. 21 Musical hole. 22 Last word of n prayer. 23 AwoKe. 24 Half an cm 25 Pilfers. 27 Narrative poem; 28 Pronoun, Aiuw»f U Vttvtvtt fault 41 Calamitous 46 Structural up it, 47 Snaky fish 29 Seed covering. 49 Apnrt 30 Worth* 33 Door" rug. 3 4 Crown, 35 Electrical term. ' •1C Kettles. 37 Grain. 38 To icivp up again. deserts. 5 Branching 50 He Is. the' plants. champion. 6 Knock. 53 Cry of sorrow .7 Replying. 54 Dwarf race. 8 Plat plnlc. SSTaxaccou'i 9 Upon; frqcs lOBeiql t v ER «cAr, »^»» 1 Jest, 18 T» permit.,- 'j^. 5 19 Aurora. t ^.,, 22 Source of "-*9i • Indigo. • 'ZJ£! 25 To ' i *** i ' 'expectorat?.'" - v ' c * k 26 Valiant row. ,"! 27 Rubbed out. > 29 His native ; "C i land '» ..-in 30 Butterfly, ' *" 3! Sour, '•• ,~2Z 32 He b«c»me 'a •* -^-in bis fijsj,^ big bout ' ^ M Rib. - ' ' ,«"» 2 Beer. 36 \yindow parts," ^ 3 Mother. 39 Sunk fence. / - > 4 Pertaining to 40 Small "-* • 42 Tatter, ' t ->*y, • •43 Deadly! pale. i~^*~ .44 Lodging plac£", „ i '. , 45 Structural J »,*,»>»•', Unit. r , **?"*"**' i 47'0rb, U«. • { 1 48 Meadow. ^^ ;; 5J Go on . ^,~, a ,"i '(music). I'fZHi 1 52 Esislb, %^». 4 1 We Pay $6-§7 50 per ton foi Sciap lion, Radiators §1~" 50, Sletals Se to 12e lb, also buy hides & old battenes ARIAN. AUTO PARTS 128,-^E: Mam - '—Phone 176 CAY & BILLINGS, !n', COAL - FEED - KINDL'NG I'lIONE 7(5 known to reach the age of 15 jenrs By Hnmlirt ,™ ^s^^^^A^ s K %^^^r^SKk1teai\. •WE BUY Hides & Metals • Wool & Scr^Iroii Blytheville Iron Cherry & R. R. '-Metal. Co. < 'Phone 448 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE j. Hubtard 2nd Hand •"•••''' Furniture Slore Phone 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. . 301-303 E. Main For Sale USED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. Carter, 607 N. 5th St. • 3-p-k-IO PLUMBING fixtures, pipe, fittings, all bathroom accsssories, valves, electric water systems^ for farms. Water softeners, filters, or any other item connected 'with.' plumbing or heating. . ' • "PETE" THE PLUMBER CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR. CHEAP. GOOD CONDITION. Mrs. Carl Davis, call 636. Pair young draft n>nres and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed to be sound and good workers, wt. 2,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. .-•;•• 27c ktf NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP • 121 West Main. Simon p. Lee in charge 4 Photos, FREE with Each Order , , -for; Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE~SHOT The' house of good service and quality. Everything for your shoes and boots, ;Hubber heels 35c up Soles 50c up. Free Delivery - r Phone 120 H. B. Campbell, Owner Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main New Bargains! We have some, especially t;ood l:.-.r- gains in cars, trucks and pbk-uj-5. See Our's Before You Buy! 1936 International Vi Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford 1',-j Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Defra Implements. Inc. • Poultry. •&-Eggs ' POULTRY WANTED We pay. highest, market prices lor all . kinds poultry. Fisher & Oatnes at Gaines Grocery & Market, 11 W. Main. BABY CHICKS ;ALL VARIETIES CuSloin Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY i Hwy, 61 North, Blyllieville CottonSeed!!! STONEVILLE — DPL * HALF & HALF BEST PRICES Gin Co. New' 4-row planter for Model A John Deere tractor. BARGAIN Paul Bynnn. . 26c klf Room Young while Plymouth Rock HENS. ,.,,, nr , n ...„„,, $1.50 each; rooster free with q>t» rt,R WEEK each 18 hens or single roosters, IEnioy comforts of steam hoat . ^i- 50 . I not nn d cold water, good food all Abbott-Jolinson Poultry Kirm for tliis low price. ' Bavfield wad. i Peabody Hotel ill u. A DABK FUTURE FOR \VIJK! WHAT?? * WEU.IVE BEEM TRS)W T1ELLSOU HE, WAD SUMP/M f DB'IVJU OUT TH TOO WITH IT- . \ OKlLY 1 DOM7 .VJCHV) JUST WHAT DID HEAR THAT OOP5AYS HE HAW. HAW' '1 r SUPPO5E YOU'LL. ^ TCV TTEll \JS YOU ' CAPTLfREO LEADER,_IOMC-. f R-GHT.'' WUQ> , X CJOST WHAT I DID DO.', HEM.' i THOUGHT '< YOUiSMAP OUT' OF IT. COME ALOM& AM' ILL SHOW >UH WELL, HOYKA wow.' WMADJUH DO \V|TH 'IM? WHERE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DOUBT Of V\"f A ©1937 BV KE^ SERVICE _ JJURE THING! EIGHT-BALL EVA.KS - JOiT THE, .. . . .... fMErTHEK. THERE'S A F16HT6R-QN OUf? - ~ - - WELL. WELL; IF n AINT OHO. FOXY BOW WOW )\ : . , —*-l_i l»l_l.U, l[- 1| >-\]|>4 [ !Jjt_VA^, CARP SHARP^ GUV I'M LOOKW FOR!, I WWTA BORROW NAMER EASV.THE BOSS-KTS'iiis VoTwoW&M '' -^NW^Slffi-stuWp- — eOWGJQ BACK LULU BELLE JM A fieSf^Kw} TOAT 'aly ' ^l^GOr'^l^ WHAT FOR? PIC6 GAME Of? A BLOMPE -2 PXEPSOXCAN FRECKLES'AND HIS FRIENDS "I WANT TO BE ALONE! GOSH/IDMI MUST HAVE FOB'S*:;OR SHE. COULDW'T HAVE WRrTTEM SUCH A SWELL LCVE STORY .'/ Y'GCfTTA GIVE HER CREDIT TOR BEIWQ SMART EUOUQI-I TO GETTHE MATERIAL "WE WAY SHE D!D... AP/WAV, SERIOUS FAIF? w/TH ME FOLKJ? CAM ,GO AHHAD AS!C> . Vi| KID r'K, != THEY ;««JT TO.... !i;f CLAIM tr V/AS A GOOD KVOERIAL PDH A ....AM' I'M G to IfcEBffli^S^f

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