The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Wage Hikes Warranted, Says AFL But Economy Not So Well Off As GOP Claims LOS ANGELES (AP) — The AFL says economic conditions are worse than the Eisenhower administration admits but good enough to "warrant substantial wage boosts for workers." The annual AFL convention ended on that note yesterday after 10 days of sessions. Delegates approved a series of new blasts against the Republican administration and voted a political statement saying the outlook for electing "labor-endorsed candidates to Congress appeared better than in any election since 1948." Saying that few unions are' negotiating new contracts without wage boosts despite the economic situation, the convention cautioned AFL unions "against being deceived by employers in a basically sound financial position who attempt to maneuver unions into abandoning wage increase efforts on grounds of the general economic downturn." "Even in a depressed and uncertain ecnomic atmosphere and with a relatively stable cost of living," the convention said, "wage increases are warranted to improve worker living standards and to keep pace with the economy's constantly rising level of productivity." Another convention resolution quarreled with Secretary ot Labor James P. Mitchell for a speech during the convention saying' that the nation is experiencing "the mildest contraction we have ever had in any postwar period." The convention said that the present "recession" is worse in many respects that the 1949 economic downturn. Mitchell's Labor Department was condemned for "not having a single trade unionist" among its top officials and for "progressive deterioration and ineffectiveness." Another resolution condemned Senator McCarthy (R : Wis) as "unworthy of the American tradition' and for "reckless disregard for Democratic-procedures." Kenneth J- Kelly, secretary- treasurer of the Massachusetts Federation of Labor, who proposed the McCarthy resolution, told delegates the senator is the Republican party's "No. 1 problem child." Kelly said he is "more interested in headlines than in eliminating breadlines" that cultivate Communists. ' • Despite convention addresses from Eisenhower and several of his administration leaders, one of the final resolutions summed up the AFL stand this way: "The AFL has specifically expressed its disappointment in administration .opposition to raising the minimum wage, in granting special tax concessions to business interests, in the tragic bungling of our foreign affairs, in the reckless contraction of our armed forces, in the strangling of public housing, in failure to take any positive steps to meet the nation's health needs, in refusal to eliminate any of the unfair provisions of the Taft- Hartley law, and in the apparent Satisfaction with stabilization of the economy at present low levels." Raton tunnel, which penetrates Raton mountain in the extreme northeast corner of New Mexico is 2011 feet long. Now, Convert to NATURAL GAS FOR ECONOMY SAKE! y be shackled to heatin* methods, when NATURAL GAS gives cleaner, better heating with greater economy. 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General Hardware and Appliance Co- 1«9 W Main '•»• J - Building Permits and Real Estate Three building permits were is- ued last week by the, city for the onstruction of a service station, a ve-room residence 'and a coal ouse. ; Standard Oil Co. received a per- mit to build a $19,500 concrete block service station at 100 South Twenty-First Street while Norman Shields received ,a permit to build a $10,000 frame and brick resf- dence at 717 North Franklin and Will Cowley a $50 coal house at Real estate transfers recorded in the circuit clerk's office last week were: Bernice and Jeffie Hair to J- R. Marr, for $450, Lot 10, of replat of O. S. Rollison Subdivision. B. C. Land Co. of Leachville to Boynton First Baptist -Church, for Sec. 29-T16N-R8E. Boynton First Baptist Church to B C Land Co. of Leachviile, lor $1.000, a lot 116 x 170 ft. in NE quarter, Sec. 29-T18N-R3E. • Olen and Emma Grounds to Angus and Adele Neaves, Jr., for 1520 South Fifteenth Street. $10,000, Lot 14, Block D, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. George and Delia Weedman, Orva and Alvin Brown, C. F. and Ann Weedman, Harry and Marybelle Weedman, Clarence and Henry LaShot to Hazel McFall, for S10 and other * consideration, Lot 69, original survey of Blytheville. '25, 26, 27, Block A, Smith Addition to Leachville. William and Mildred Vincent, to Russell and Marguerite Marr, for SIO dead other consideration, Lot T, Block 5, Highland Place Addition. E. E. and Zelma Arnold to R. F. and Eula Holmes, for $300, half acre in N half of SW quarter, Sec. 8-T15N-R8E. Weldon and Sara Rainwater to Max and Annie Logan, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 22, Jackson Addition. JDU^IIUUli J. iiOK juiu^siutjv v**~* ——, ^^^ „***? SI and other consideration, a lot C. L. and Linie Smith to. Tnormas 122 x 150 ft., in S half, SE quarter, 1 and Ldrene Bryan, for $2,510, j-.ots Lumber 'Co. Second Addition.. William and Martha Farrimond to William and Rosa Boone, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 7, Block 2, E. 0. Arfams Subdivision. Lester and Frankie^ Godwin to Magnolia Courts Inc., for $10 and other consideration, Lot 9, Block C, replat of Wesigate Addition. Max and Annie Logan to Reece and Annie Wooten, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 2, Block C, James Addition. j Eugene Brown to Jack Powell, Oresta and Rosa Boone, Jr., to- f $1Q and other consideration, Magnolia Courts, Inc., for $10 and . „, v _ .... „„ ,,-,, a ^ A other consideration, Lot 7, E half pot 7, Block B, Chicago Mill and Lot 8, Block 2, Chicago Mill and'Lumber Co., First Addition. Reece and Annie Wooten to Everett and Laneal Barry, for $7,800, Lot 20, Block 15, David Acres Subdivision. frank and Lois Barnes to Charles and Leona McDaniel, for $1,400, Lot 2, irregular lots in E Husbands! Wives! G«t Pep, Vim; Feel Younger Thousands of couples are weak, wom-ont, exhausted just because body lacks iron. For n«w youag« feeling *ftei 40, try Ostrex Tonic Tablets. Contain iron for pep; supplement doset vitamins BI *od B;. Costs Httte. Get- acquainted" me only 50?. At all druggist* PAGE FIVE ^_j- ««.... • •" half.-NW corner, NE quarter, Sec. 17-T15N-E8E. ' Read Courier News Classified Ads. Milltos Alweys Cnrry TUMS! Turns relieve ***• iic*irti?urji, 3ciQ ifl* digestion ia record lime. No water, a* mixinsr—take «BJ» where. This tamp is .burning NEW SUPER-REFINED GULF NO-NOX,the cleaner-burning super-fuel This lamp is burning the "DIRTY-BURNING TAIl-END"of gasoline which GULF refines gut than , cupful in every gallon. 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