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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, April 10, 1896
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VOL. XXIII. NO. 321 DECATUR, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY. APRIL 10, 1896. 10 CENTS PER SICKENING TRAGEDY. An Insurance Agent Attempts to Kill a Lumber Dealer. PERHAPS THOUGHT HE SUCCEEDED Then Went Home and Deliberately Murdered His Wife and Children and Then Takes His Own Life. Pcntwntcr, Mich., April 10--At midnight u bold attempt was made on the life of Win. B. O. Sands, president of the' Hands' Maxwell Lumber company Suspicion piumi to H. B. Mlnchcll, » local insurance ugcnt and "it was decided to place him under arrest. Officers found his residence locked and broke open the door and a horrible sight wns'proscnteu. Mr-, Miiichcll wus lying on the floor with a bullet hole In her temple. Xeur her (lend ljily lay tho l(i yours old daughter Kuby In a corner lay Miucheli with an empty revolver clutched in his hand Ho too was dcwl. In un adjoining room his little son, George, and an infant brother lay dead in bod. The motive for the crime* is a mystery. Developments prove that Minchcll's horrible crimes were premeditated. From u letter written by tho murderer he contemplated killing his family two months atfo. Feiir of poverty was the excuse offered. Minchcll left another long letter the gist of which is that Hands promised him nil his company's business and now demanded one-third of the commissions. NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Dcmacratlf Sub-Coiniulttctt Mvcta to Complete Arrangement* for the Committee. Chicago, April 10.--The sub-committee of the Democratic national committed appointed to arrange for holding .he national convention held a short ^session at the Palmer house today. All were present except Cubic of Illinois, and Wall of Wisconsin The meeting ndjonrnod to look over the building nud decide upon any ooedcd changes. Questioned as to nomination of Cleveland for » third term, Chairman Hnrrlty would say nothing. "Pennsylvania will come to Chicago with a solid delegation for her fuvorito son.GovJ PuUisan," ho suld. Morgan Connty Jacksonville, 111., April 10.--The Morgan county Republican convention was held in this city yesterday. The precincts were all well represented. Resolutions were adopted Instructing for Tanner for Governor, McKlnley for president, Gen. Kinakcr for congress from the Sixteenth district; Chapman, of Jerseyville, for lieutenant governor; C. S. Runnels, of this city, lor member of the state central committee of the Sixteenth district, and William E. Miisou for United States senator. Another resolution Indorsed A. C. Matthews, of Piko county, and S McKnight, of Mncoupiu, for delegate to the National convention, they pledging themselves to the use of their best efforts for the nomination of McKiulcy. Taaner'a Nomination Asuured. Springfield, 111., April 10.--John H., Tanner arrived here* yesterday from Chicago, and will return there tomorrow. Ho said to-day that more than 700 L dele- gntos already elected to the Republican state convention had been instructed to vote for his nomination for Governor, or about forty more than u majority of the entire convention, and that be expected not less than 800 delegates to bo instructed for him by the time the remaining connty conventions have been held, and to have enough supporters in addition among the uninsCructcd delegates to give him 1,100 votes oxit of the total of 1,385. Cyclone in Iowa. Ottumwa, la., April 10.--A cyclone was reported last night iu Lucas county, demolishing houses, barns and trees. Tfo serious damage. The rain through this section was very heavy, and the wind terrific. Hall fell to u depth of three or four inches all along thu Burlington west and tho Wabaah south. Oregon Democrats Kudone Cleveland'* Courage. Portland, Ore., April 10.--At the session .of the Democratic state convention lust night a resolution commending Cleveland for his courage was adopted after much discussion, 171 to 72. The convention reassembled at 1:30 today. I«ee County. Amboy, 111., April 10.-- The Lee county Republican convention to select delegates to the state, congressional and senatorial conventions met here yesterday. Tho convention was all McKlnley, and Instructions for him carried without opposition. ' _ A Philadelphia Italian. Philadelphia, April 10.-- The firm of Hall £Garrlson, {manufacturers of pic- tun frames and mouldings, assigned today. Liabilities $360,000.. Assets as much. The failure 1s attributed to the stringency of thepnoney market. Portland, Ore., April 10.-- At tbe Be- pabUoan state ooOTentton last nlfht the ooniMteg of QM DUEL IN PRUSSIA. Connt Von Kotze Fatally Wounds Ilaron Von feclirnder mill Is After More mood. Berlin, April 10.--A sensation was canned in court and military circles this morning when it was announced that another duel, growing out of the groat court anonymous letter scandal ^ h.ul taken place and that Baron Von Schnulcr, master ceremonies In the Prussian cpivrt vvas shot and seriously.^wounded" liy Count VarTKotzc, formerly^court chamberlain, who wut, acquitted of the charge of being tho author of the anonymous communications alluded to. Baron Von Schiaclcr was taken to the hospital, whore the wound, was pronounced must serious. His relatives were telegraphed for and promptly gathered ut his bedside.. Von Koto's arrest has been ordered and his friends say he will surrender when culled on. This it, the third duel (if a suricsot a dozen for which Count Von Kotze issued challenges a year ago. Von Kutzc announced his determination to keep'on fighting till he settled accounts with all cm tho list. md those who know him iiiy thin uU.iir is hut part »[ their confidence in his word. It is rumored that among the principal pel sous challenged tjy tho count is no less .1 personage than Duke JCriust Guher, of Schluiswick Holilcin, brother-iu-law of Emperor "William. ILLINOIS REPUBLICANS. Cullom Denied ImlorHumuiit in Cliain- |i.ign. Champaign, 111., April 10--In the Champaign county Republican coinen- tion yesterdayj a resolution was offered by W. A Brower, of Tolonb, declaring in favor of Cullum Cor president J B. Weeks, of Champaign, offered a substitute in favor of McKlnley, and this was adopted, the Cullom resolution] roueii ing but six out of 1J3 votos. Instructions were given for Tan nor for governor; for J. S. McCullough, of this county, 1'nr state auditor, and for Vespasian Warner, of Clinton, for congress. Weather Thin JArterooon and Satariluy. Chicago, April 10.--Illinois: .Showers tonight and Saturday; warmer cential, east tonight; southeast winds. Iowa: Showers tonight and Saturday; warmer extreme northeast tonight,"colder west Saturday afternoon and southeast winds. Wisconsin · Showers tonight and Saturday; southeast winds increasing in force tonight. South Dakota: Showers this afternoon and tonight, generally fair Saturday; cooler tonight; cooler southeast Satin day. North to northeast winds. Advance Up the Nile Abandoned. Cairo, April 10. -- Indications are that tho plan of pushing the Anglo-Egyptian army to Dongola has been suddenly abandoned. The purchase of camels and horses has been stopped. A great deal of telegraphic commnnlcation^vasjhad in tho last two days with the marching army. It has been found, it is thought, the force np tho Nile is too weak to cope with the hordes of Dervlshes'gnthcring'to Khalifas flag between Akashcd and Dongola. It is not thought any attempt will be made to advance beyond the farmer point. Eleven Million for CoaHt Defenses. Washington, April 10 -- The house committee on appropriation today reported a bill for fortifications and other works, of defense. The bill authorizes tho expenditure of *11, 250,000. The senate committee on territories authorized a favorable report on the bill providing for a delegation iu congress from Alaska. The bill to grant a franchise for an -electric railway through Yellowstone Park was ordered reported adversely. Excltomeilt 'In Spain. Madrid, April 10 -- The guards have been redoubled here. The soldiers] are kept in the barracks. A small demonstration took place last night at Alcadla in the main street which was stopped by the civil guards. The people had just learned the news of tho action of the United States congress on the Cuban question. Against tlie Greater »w York Bill. New York, April 10, -- Mayor Wurster of Brooklyn, returned the ^greater New York bill to tho governor with his disapproval. He says he docs not sec anything In the condition of Brooklyn to warrant the bill. The majority of the legislature may pass the bill over the Arrat of an AbKonder. San Luis, Postosl, Met., April 10.-George M. Clark, alias G. A. Petrls, who absconded from Mlllbank, S. D., was arrested here today. Word has been received that extradition papers have been Issued from Minnesota. Lowering the Record. San Dego, Cal., Apri 10.--At the Coro- nodo track today the crack tandem team, Randall and Schofsky lowered the world's half-mile record to fifty seconds. First quarter mile was paced. Striker* Hemne Work. Denver, April 10.--The striking northern Colorado miners returned to wort today, having received the concessions demanded. A Clerk Killed. Puente, CaL, April 10.--John Hayg, olerk In the store of F. T. Hays, was shot and tilled by masked tobbors la»t night 0 robbers fted after itfUag tbe cadi BLCTOOTOFWATER The British Ship Blairmere Sunk In San Francisco Bay. SII OF HER CREW GO DOWJI WITH HER. The Vessel Actually Lifted Completely Out of the Water by a Squall of Wind and Dropped Over on Her Side. SAX FRANCISCO, April 10.--The British ship Bliiirmerc was capsized in the bay off the TJnion iron works yesterday morning and six of her crew were drowned. The ihip is now at the bottom of the bay and the bodies of the drowned men are imprisoned in the hold. It will be impossilile to recover them for several days. Then work will probably have to V,e done by divers. The Blairmerc was anchored about lialf a mile off the Union iron works in seven fathoms of water. During the early part of the night sine was held only by one anchor. iiut at four o'clock yesterday morning. Whe» a wind -storm came up, all the available anchors were dropped aud her fastenings made secure. At seven o'clock the win'l suddenly sprang up from the southeast with increased violence. Tlie tide was then at its flood, and taking the ship'on the starboard bilpc, heeled her over considerably. Suddenly and without warning a wild squall rubhed up, and catching the vessel under the port bow, lifted her completely out of the water. For a moment she seemed held in the air, then dropped over on her side and shortly after sank out of sight. NEPOTISM EXTRAORDINARY. Delegate Catron, of New Mexico, Fro. poled tn Furnldh Son* for all (joveriiiuent Vacanelefl. CHICAGO. April 10.--A Washington special says: Delegate Catron, of New Mexico, has furnished a case of nepotism which is the gobhipof all Washington. The secretary of the navy recently notified him that there was a vacancy at the naval academy from the Territory. rThe New Mexican delegate recommended one son, John W. Catron, as cadet, and another son, Christopher Catron, as alternate. These appointments excited much comment, but this week, when Secretary Lament called on the New Mexico delegate to name a cadet for West Point, he promptly named C. C. Catron. It is understood the son who has been named for West Point is the same who was recommended for alternate for the naval academy, the delegate's purpose being "to catch 'em comin' and gwine." Naval authorities say there is no law to prevent the appointment of Ca Iron's progeny so long as the available material holds out. GEN. HARRISON'S EXPECTATION. Brother-Ill-Lair Scott Sars the Public ftlllluterpretrcl III! Letter. CHICAGO, April 10.--A Washington special says: A private letter received from Judge John Scott, a resident of the state of Washington and brother-in-law of Benjamin Harrison, discloses some interesting alleged Information concerning Gen. Harrison's attitude toward the presidential nomination. Brother-in-law Scott, whose relationship has been further complicated by Gen. Harrison's second marriage, says the public put the wrong interpretation on Gen. Harrison's letter. The ex-president wanted to be regarded in the light of a possible presidential candidate, not actively seeking votes, willing to accept whatever honors come with calm resignation. His Indian constituents attached too much significance to the letter, says Scott. The brother-in-law, etc., of the ex- president is quite positive Gen. Harrison expects to be nominated. SURPRISED FISHERMEN Thrown Into Consternation by an Official Doing Hit Datf. GRAND HAVEN, Mich., April 10.--The fishermen ot this city have been thrown into a state of excitement over a wholesale crusade inaugurated yesterday afternoon by Deputy Game Warden Hrewster against them. It is charged that they have been using nets of unlawful mean. Brewster has already seized 3,000 of these nets, tinues to make seizures. The statute provides that 24 mesh ·hall constitute the smallest legal sized mesh, and that these shall be used for the taking of perch, long jaws, herring and black fins only. The men have been using nets of even smaller mesh for taking; trout and white fish. Potioned on Wild Faraalpa LISWOOD, Mich., April NX--Walter, aged 7; Lorenzo, aged 5, and Grace aged 3 years, children of Thomas Hadd; and Ceiia. aged 4; Harry, aged B, and Arthur, aged 7 years, children of George Stevens, got hold of some wild parsnip roots while playing in the woods Wednesday, and ate of them, Lorenia died immediately and Celia Stevens died in a few hours and the 1 other children are In a critical condition. To be Tra»ferr*4 t* th* Deparbaeat at theCelond*. WABHncaTom, April 10.--With the approval of the secretary of war, (he major and two troop* of cavalry now ·i Fort 8heri4a», JO., will be trans- · of tkeiColp- RHODE ISLAND REPUBLICANS. The Mate Convention Fulls to Instruct fur TJiotnati IE. K«e2. Providence, K. I., April 10.--The Be- publieitn state convention met here"today tu elect delegates to the National convention nfc St. Lonii. The following were elected ilclcgutcvs-nt-lavge. Edward L,. Frcemim, Central Falls; os-ilayor Frank r. Olucy, Providence; Albert L. Chester. Westerly; S. W. Kallen, Hist Greenwich; Tj^'^ re 3'') i "^g'^ed ;i ^hc only platform adopted Wiis a resolution by |the Provi" (IciK-e lioard of tnidi^whichjdeclared in favor of a ftold standard, mition;il court iirbitr.iion and denounced ^thcjfrcc coiu- itgj of silver The convention for two distriets'wcro held at tho closu it the st itc convention. SENATOR CALL'S BOMB. Introduces a Joint lU'holution Touching Mr,, aiiiyurlck. Wii'-hiiigUjii April 10--In the- senate thi- nioruiji;; «oinethiiig of .1 bree/.e was muted when C«H[piwnted'_a joint resolution conccrninc; the imprisonment of Mrs. ilaylintk, requesting the preskli-iit ti imervc'iie with the Butisli autliuritk'S twvuid securing her vclcasc .Sherman dwi:ii-cd ilu senuie hud no jurisdiction over Hie subject and moved to table (.'.ill dissented and insisted on a vote, asked fur i roll tall and started to jnal;c u ppeoch. Sherman consented Ui the r'fcr- oiKO of tho resolution 10 the judici.iry committee which was ;igio«l t»j The contJder.itiun of, 1 the Indian appropriation lull was resumed BUCKET SHOP RAIDED, And Over One Hundred Dealer! Captured by tbe Tulice. CHICAGO, April 18. -- At 3:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon a remarkably huc- cessJul raid was made upon the Public stock exchange, the big concern doing a bucket shop business at I'M Washington street. There were over one hundred and twenty-five men in the place at tbe time, and the appearance of the officers was the signal for a grand rush. Pos.sibly fifteen men escaped before the officers could fcar the doors, but the remainder were held prisoners in the trading room of the concern, and shortly afterwards transferred to police headquarters in the city hall. The poliee and officers of the civic federation then began the work of gutting the place, and the big blackboards, tickers and other paraphernalia were removed. AFTER FOUR YEARS Tbe Inventory of the Eitate of tbe EmmoB! Blftlne Filed ID Court. CHICAGO, April 10. -- The inventory of the estate left by the late Emmons Illume, son of James G. Blaine, was filed in the probate court yesterday by the widow as executrix, although the young man has been dead four years. She did so only when cited by the judge, and was given ten days to file when he appeared in court. The inventory shows the good assets to be not more than 8.'(),000, far less than was supposed. Much stock and a 810,000 life insurance policy are marked no g-ood or doubtful. In the bond given by Mrs. lilaine and in the docket fees paid there was an apparent intention to make the estate larger than it really was. England Han Mtule No Promlaea, LONDOX. April 10.--In the house of commons yesterday, Under Foreign Secretary Curzon said in reply to questions that the government had not apprised any foreig-n governments -that the Egyptian forces should not ad' vance up the Valley of the Nile beyond Dongola. Mr. Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies, stated that President Kruger, of the Transvaal republic, has made no reply to his (Chamberlain'*) invitation to visit England. A Murderer^Sente'oced. Sioux Cur, la., April 1ft--W. P. Royse, the murderer of his mistress, Nellie Patten, in a bagnio in this city last fall, was sentenced yesterday afternoon to seventeen j-ears and six mouths in the Anamosa penitentiary. Reduction l» the Navj Appropriation Bill. WASHINGTON, April 9.--The naval bill, as reported by the committee, carries a total reduction of $432,957, and a total increase of 865,300, making a net reduction of $307,757. The estimates for 19I-7 were 829,313,3C6, and the house appropriated 831,047,239, which was reduced by the senate to 831,279,482. Tbe Bootbi Return to New York. CHICAGO, April 10. -- Commander Bal Implou Booth, Mrs. Booth and their , , . o ^ P» rt y of v °lunteer officer, left tne city yesterday afternoon for New York. The commander and bia wife were confident that the Volunteers would have many accessions in the west u soon a^ Col. Fielding began active op- Picked Han Sent to the Seat of Trouble. Wash.. April 10.--Pursuant to the action of Gov. McGraw Wednesday afternoon in calling ont the militia on account of the tro^le between the Washington and Oregon fishermen along' Uie Columbia river, near Ilvraco, on theYPacificVust, this state, forty picked men, selected from companies B, D and f, left Seattle via the Northern Pacific railroad for thV^seat of trouble yesterday afternoon. [atead to Croai the Spanteh Trochm-- Sentence Commoted. HAVAHA, April 10.--The official news received "here of tbe movements of the rebels show that they intend to cross the Spanish trocha between Marila and ttajana in the Havana province. Small parties of rebels are reported to ba redonnoiterinfr the line near Arte- mista.'and Ben. Arolas, with a column of Spanish troop*, U pursuing them. ' ~ ~ a. member of .to have- been MARQUIS YAMAGATA, Field Marshal of Japan, "Now Traveling- in America, IHTERV1EWED BY A NEWSPAPER HAH, Says the Recent Heavy Increase in the Japanese Standing Army Does Not Indicate Approaching Trouble with any Nation, OMAUA, Xeb., April 10.--Marquis Yamagata. field marshal of Japan, and his staff spent the day in Omaha the special quests of t!ie department commander, Gen. Couuiu^er After attending to diplomatic duties, his excellency granted an interview lo a representative of the United 1'i-ess. Marquis Yam:ii L itd, said that tho increase ui tlie regiment!* in ,l:ip,in. from 21 to V.', was something; that had ionif been contemplated and that doing- this hud no sitfuineauce ot approaching dilhculties. "Japau," siiid lie, "is at pe.iuj with all the fjieat European countries There is no intention of either Japan or Uusia occupj'in^ Core.!. K is llu intention of both e iniitne-, that, Carea shall be an independent country The occupation of a pen lion of Corea, by either country does not mean t h n l there is the feli^hU'st danger of a cotj- liiut between them." On the financial system iu Japan and its adaptation to tlm needs of thccoiin- try he had very positive views, lie declared that Japan hail n o v t U h f o r a gold theoriental nations, with which it had large commercial interests, used the w h i t e uieial. The day viab hpeut in viitmp new Fort Crook, a special train taking the party to the site. Later Marshal Yamagata paid his icspectsto the officers at headquarters and examined the Krasr-Joi'ffensen rifles, recently introduced. During the afternoon the city authorities paid him a visit At five o'clock the party took the train for the east. TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. A MODERN GUY FAWKES. Planned to Blow L'p the Kejitnckj Penl- teutlarj--A Timely Discovery. FRANKFORT, Ky., April 10.--Warden Nell yesterday ilieovered a daring 1 plot to blow up the penitentiary walls with dydamite and allow the prisoners to escape. The plot was laid by Will Clark and a prisoner named Sweeney, both life men from Louisville, who planned to secure dynamite and nitro-g-lyccrine which was to be used next Sunday in blowing up the walls. In the excitement and confusion they hoped to make their escape. Their plot was foiled by the interception of u letter which Clavk had written his sweetheart in Louisville, directing her to secure the dynamite. The letter was given to a trusty named Butler who, in attempting to post it was discovered by a guard. AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD GIRL Aliaalted by» Tramp--The Country Being Scoured for the Villain. Foiix WAYNE, Ind., April 10.--The eight-year-old daughter of Win. Feiser, who resides on a farm seven miles southwest of the city, was the victim of a brutal assault by a tramp yesterday afternoon, while on her way home from school. Sheriff Claus- ineyer was immediately notified, and a detail of officers was sent to search for the brute. The entire country is being scoured for a trace of, the ravibher, a description, of whom answers in most respects to that given of the tramp who committed a, similar outrage on a youufr pirl in Michigan last week. The little j?irl who was outraged is said to be in a critical condition and may not recover from the effects of the assault. AN ALLEGED LORD On Trial In Kentucky for QroM Immorality. BARDSTOWN, Ky., April 10.--Darnley Beaufort, who claims t be an English lord, was placed on trial yesterday on criminal charges of gross immorality. lie was principal of (jethsemane college, and, by contract with thu abbot at the Trappist monastery, had exclu sive charge of the several hundred male pupils. When the monks learned of his immorality, through the parents of the boys to whom be taught vices, he was instantly removed. The prosecution is being made by the parents of the boys. The evidence is too shocking for publication, and IB thought to be ample to convict. GOLD IN NEBRASKA. Great Excitement Cauaed by the DUeover; In Washington Connty. OMAHA, Neb., April 10.--Gold hai been found in paying quantities at Calboun, a small town in Washington county, about fifteen miles north of this city, and the greatest excitement prevail* among the farmers. Otto Wagner, in digging 1 a well, discovered a ledge of rock at a depth of ISO feet, which, on being examined by the government assayist here, yielded 916 of gold to the ton. Farmers are holding their lands at an advanced price, and well digging hai become a fad during the past 24 hours. MISS CLARA BARTON Agala Declare* tbe Freedom of the Bad Crow lo Armenia. BOSTON, April 9.--Notwithstanding rumors to the contrary, Mis* Clara Barton cable* the New England Armenian relief committee of Boston of her successful work as follow*; "News from expeditions just received show our relief work firmly established. In no manner do authorities endeavor to control our actions. r The latest reports received by tbe committee state th«t the suffering ii intense^ and that many in their de- ·oondency mre driven to suicide. --The house committee ou territories, yesterday, by a vote of six to four, ordered favorably reported the bill admitting the territory of Xew Mexico to the Union as a state. --Assassinations of Japanese are taking place throughout the Corean provinces. Rumoi-s have been circulated that parties of Russians are traveling throughout the peuiusulu funning the anti-Japanese feeling. --Samuel 1". Laiigdou, who was held in Philadelphia for the action of the grand jury on suspicion of being implicated in the death of Annie .). .Mo- Grath, has been discharged from custody, owing to the lack of evidence. --The highhanded notion of tin- Turkish authorities lit liillis, in expelling the American missionary, Kev. ileorge P. Knapp, 1'i-oiu that place, is regarded iu Constantinople, as a serious menace to all charitable work in Anatolia. --At Ins home, three miles » est of Cobden, 111.. John S itendlemaii, aged 88 years, clieil Weduesdjy. He was the only survivor of the Itlack Hawk war iu Union county, lie was burn and reared in thu c u u u t v near whore he died. --Le Journal savs that tlie Uuylisli arc erecting barracks at M a l t a capable of accommodating 30,000 men. This increase of capacity, the papt'r sjiy.s, is being 1 made in anticipation of events in the Mediterranean affecting itrilish interests. --Through his interpreter. Field Marshal Yamaffat.i. of J.ipun, said tluit both Juuaii and Uussia are anxious to see Corea an independent country anil that neither country expects to control it. There is no danger of a conflict between them. ---John Kecht, a German farmer, living a few miles south of Du Hois, Xeb., wus killed by lightning Wednesday afternoon while unhitching liis team from the plow. His brother, who was working with h i m , was badly stunned, and may not recover. --The Virginia conference of the colored Methodist church, representing 350 churches anil 15,000 members, at its meetiufr ID Richmond, Wednesday night, requested the prayers of the conference for Cuba, and appointed a committee to prepare resolutions of sympathy with the Cuban patriots. --Potatoes are so cheap in some parts of New York state that farmers are throwing them away. One man is burning them in his stove, aed says they make a very hot and steady fire. At some auctions of farm property held lately tubers sold at 2J cents a bushel, and in many instances no bids could be secured. SILK AT A DISCOUNT. RnlDOUi Decline In Price With No Relief In L'rotpect. SAN FKAKCISCO, April 10.--The 1 following advices were received by the steamer City of Rio Janeiro which arrived yesterday: Anti-foreign feeling ·!« beginning to show itself again in Chang-1'u, China Violently-worded placards are posted ou the walls of the city and petty acts of hostility against the European mission are once more recorded. Great distress exists among Japanese sericulturists and silk broken!. .Silk that could be sold easily last year at 8900 per bale, finds no purchasers now even at 8850. Thirty thousand bales are lying in Yokohama awaiting a market, and that large stock will now be increased by several thousand piculs of spring reelings. No signs of a good demand from either America or Europe are apparent. The wholesale silk merchants of Yo kohama have petitioned the govern- and the principal banks for aid, but without any favorable result. It is calculated that the m i n i m u m loss to Japanese producers and middlemen will be 8100 per bale on the stocks al ready accumulated, which means a total loss of over three million dollars. Among the 30 principal dealers in Yokohama, about a dozen are reduced to the verge of bankruptcy, and some 20 per 'i.nt. of the hcricukurists in the provinces are ruined. Electrocution In Ohio. CoLL'MBL'S. O., April 10.--By the action of the house yesterday in passing the Jones senate bill, Ohio adopts theclec trie method of execution. It does not go into effect until July 1, and continues the gallows method of execution for nil persons upon whom the sentence of death has already been pronounced. Four condemned men now in the annex of the htate prison will therefore be hanged. Charles Morris, who has been found guilty of murder in the first degree at Washington Courthouse, and is awaiting sentence, will probably be the first victim of the electric chair In this state. Found Galley of Martler In the Flnt Decree. WII.KRSBARKE, Pa.. April la--Frank Schaeffer, the colored man who has been on trial here for his life for the past week, was found guilty of murder in the first degree yesterday morning Schaeffer is one of the gang of colored people who were implicated in the mountain cut-off murder two years ago, at which time they killed four Hungarian* and injured six others by blowing up a boK-ding house with dynamite for the purpose of robbery. The Ai tor Committed Trial »t Cape Toiru. CAPZ Towir, April 10.--Gardiner Williams, an American, general manager of the De Beers Mining Co., who was arrested at Kimberly on March 5, charged with having supplied arm* to the Ditlanders on the Band, to be used in their threatened re volt against the Transvaal government, has been committed for trial. The Cabinet Keete Te-Iaj--The MeMlel Patient* Doing- Well WABHISOTOS, April 10.--The regular cabinet meeting will be held to-day. Esther Cleveland is still doing well at Woodley, and Mr. Thurbcr's children tr* also improving. ( li *hrint to accent tt» A MONSTER PET Presented In Parson by Kueee of Honolulu AGAINST JAPAKESE IIPO' Which Have Already Reduct Below the Cost of Subsistenc ropeans--A Much-Needed isuation Enactment Pcnc S\y FfiAXcisoo, April 10. spondouce of the United I 1 steamer Mariposa): HU.NOI.ULC, April 2.--On t!n of the 20th of March, after liininary meetings nearly 7 tfiiuitc inarohetl in a body eminent Imilding and sent i o n addressed to tile pre^it lc.ri;!ntiiro Their denu'-inor tiu'ly peaceable and orderly of the petition were imiuoilic, rtml presented to the hoosc legislature Tlio fi-i-iovauce of the 1'ort Ihal having been brought Uu-ir government, and havin in llu- island-s, aud now inc lll.OOO souls, they find tlieius joct to an invasion of Chinese a nose immigrants, now i. thousand, which have rec u-.ijfes of labor below tin; cot, sistaiice to liui opeans. The measures to restrict Asiatic lion, also for a more equable taxation. While no apprehension 01 was felt from the gathering ^ueso, it is considered a, bad ior the leg-islature to beappi a larg'e assemblage, and liabi a menacing tondcney, enlc disturb and intimiilatc the especially if the Japanese induced to make a similar tion. It may be thought hibit In^law the presenting in this manner. A registration act has ne- pleted its passage by the tv» with frreut unanimity. A s passed the legislature of was lost on its way to the some unknown means. Thii pels every male above flftee ajre to be registered with lion and thumb marks, alsi duce his certificate of re whenever he removes to tiou. The object of this measure blc the government to ide control the great number vagrants in the country, mated that H5.000 will am collected from Asiatics who crto evaded taxation. While the whites gener- this law, a few are opposei sentimental grounds as sa European despotism. Such generally considered indispi any proper control of tbe illation, who are extremely identify. THE PLAGUE IN J, The Kilnleace of Smallpox oncer* nt the Klo o -lit SAN FUASCISCO. April 10.- cors of the steamer City neiro, winch arrived here are reticent about the pla; pan. In fact, they say it ist there, and that there is tie cholera in the interior, ports nlho minimize the pliij na, and say it wab reported that there had been only I Hong Kong and Canton in Traffic on the steamship lin Vladivostok and Yokohami suspended, and the quarant tions at all Japanese ports A Well-Kaown Property Own) InBton Stwotl HUnx tVAsniNOToir, April 10.-Sand ford Fitch, atvell-tO-d owner of Washington, con cide yesterday by shootii with a revolver at the resid son, with whom he lived, can be given, except on that tbe recent suicide of friends, Robert Get tings man Harter, preyed upot The remains will be inten Two brothers live in Cal one in Ohio, and sisters in Carolina and Kansas. I{ ower with two sons, the ing in Kentucky. Dlroreed tntm ma A CHICAGO, April 10.--Afl fifrut lasting over a, year and cross bills were filed and dismissed, Judge Pi day granted to George W prominent labor union li crce of divorce on the gr seriibn. flhr auwftf *«.* in the fact that Mrs. Cowd the "Heaven" of the bo George Jacob Scbwelnf Rockford, HI., and became ''angel." Cowdreyg-ot · heavy da,ma§-a«, but BO pi found in Schwcinfmrth'i i isfy the judgment. DIvoreM lav f»ftf.W\l* WICHITA, KM., April Iu. est divorce-Bait on i»«ai«*i here yesterday, - wh*B. r, granted Jennie Hmdnnoa separation from M«uraa B exactly U Mooods miter th presented to hi*L- There words spolcea, a«ilbmt tw were propooode*. April, 10.- dent has not jrlv«*-a»r ** to what hii aetio* will the Cuban reeoUUoM. T olutions on the Mbfeet a*i founded. ^ roar D»jrs !····(*·· mm* OTTAWA, Oat, .April ·.- in the home of r mimnai with the remedial bill 1 been in Wai FV--~, V

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