Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 20, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1891
Page 6
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^«^TT w 4 Mv ^"'5**f CANINE FOUE HUNDRED. *i' To Be Viewed by IffAllister's at the Coming Sbow. IcoPYUicrrr. 1S91.I One of Gotham's "rout society events 1 is the Dog- show. This has invariably • "been .held uuck'v the auspices of the Westminster Kennel Club, and it has grown in importance year by year until axow nearly all of New York's society Headers are seen there admiring 1 the dogs sand criticising 1 each other. The show will be held in the Jlaclison Square Garden on the 24th, 25th, 20th ^md 27th of this month. The club has -determined this year that the exhibition shall surpass any previous event , -of the kind, and the encouragement •offered to owners of valuable dogs in; -eludes so many unusual inducements "that the honor and the special prizes 1 -are not the only inducements to be l •considered. Many of the dojrs must •come from distanfStates, nnd the money B03F.MAfiY AXD DL'CIfiiSS OF'KH'I'LE. 5*"-J>nzes rarely pay tlie expenses of tran- -sit, but the honor of a prize taken in Jfew York is very attractive, and there "will be in Madison Square Garden this 5t year greater and more notable assem- Wages of canine aristocracy than was -ever seen before. Many of the finest -dogs to be procured in England, Rus fe> sia and Germany will be on exhibition Inside by side with the pride of Ameri- 6 fl cari kennels, and may find themselves ^•outranked in the contest, for the en- ^terprise and skill of the American > breeders have gone as far as it is possi- |* ble, and at the New York show there specimens which can not be surd- There will not be many of the last ISeld trial winners at the coming show; .Jnot becatise a good share of the wingers came from England, but from the tiact that the dreaded distemper has fci-carried off two or- three of the most footed dogs, and .others are only just re- >vering. There will be future win- on hand though. • Mr. George have his brace of pointers, he intends to run in the trials "Lad" has already won first Kew York, being successful in the class last year. It is in the Irish setter ranks that "the coming" will he heard of. the- last show, principally through efforts of Mr. Louis Contpit, the ilrish Setter Club was reorganized. This lead to much talk, but the action is to :e this present year. Mr. Contoit and •there will then bring forward their 'inners at the coming show and con_ice those who sneeringly'talk of the 'ork of the "gallant reds" in the field, it no pointers or setters of any other led color, or in fact any other dog „ ./hatever, can stand against their ef>'Oinshmen." What will the Gordon setter raen do They have suggested "Home, le, 1 ' "Parnell," "Kitty O'Shea" and, >tner nice names as appropriate to the ~" * reds." But "Minstrel," "Eu-' r "Shanmore," "Vida" and similar lames-have been given to the new as- (ir-ants, -and under such will they be en- p ed for the coming show. That the .Jges will give the blue ribbons to icse, seemed to be a certainty from leir breeder's confident bearing when visited bis kennel not many miles awards. Eujjliah setters come in for similar chances, besides silver medals in plenty The red Irish setters, though, seem to be neglected in this regard, and the Gordons arc very little better oft. When we come to the f-paniels there is a change again, for the American Spaniel Club's cup, worth S>100, is open lor competition at this show It will be remembered that a relative of Mrs. Grover Cleveland had a grand black dog called the Baron at the last New York show. He was a center of attraction and easily won the first prize, following it up with similar triumphs at Chicago. Rochester and Boston, winning this very cttp at the two latter places. He has only to do this twice more and it belongs to his owner. Knowing this, a gentleman has sent to England for a dog to beat the Baron, and they meet at the coming show. Many who saw the Baron at his owner's residence at Lenox during the summer do not believe they have one in England to beat him. The merry little cocker spaniels also MS. i. H. ELLIS' BULLDOG "PATHFINDER." have a cup, but the affair is less serious, for Americans 'do not fear English cracks in this variety Collies will contest for cups, trophies, sweepstakes, futurity stakes and money in abundance The'renowned dog, "The Squire," will be at the show, besides many very superior American and Canadian-bred specimens. The French poodle will be there, but he is sadly neglected, and it is no wonder that the belles of New York decline to show their pets, (and pay S"> for the horror), to win the paltry S10, S3 and S3 offered by the club. British bull dogs will show up in full force. Many of the finest in England have come over since the last show There is now a bull dog club. Mr E S Sheffield Porter judges again, and gives a Porter cup into the bargain. Lie is imitated by Mr. Matthews, Mr. Sawyer FIELD SPA^EL "THE BAEOX." and Mr. Park. These -bull dog men must be . wealthy and enthusiastic, for there are cups and cups, besides the club's medals, and lots of money Yon may take it that British bull dogs are booming. Bull terriers. Basset bounds, Dach shonde and beagles are all looked after pretty well, but when we come to fox terriers there, ii another display of cups, stakes and other honors Fancy the grand challenge cup being a S300'affair and then do not be surprised if there are lots of these little dogs at the show Irish terriers, Welsh,terriers, Dandie Dinmont terriers, Bedlington terriers. Skye terriers, Clydesdale terriers, black and tan terriers, white English terriers. Toy terriers, Yorkshire terriers, and all kinds of terriers under the sun have been provided for, and there will be some snapping and barking going on in the terrier department. Pugs, of course, are looked after The president of the pet dog club is an admirer of these little creatures, and there are lots of other ladies of a simi- mind; so there is the pug-breeders' challenge cup, the Pitts' offer of a from New York, and the pictures of these handsome animals seem to impress many with the idea that a degree of perfection has been, reached far ahead of any thing in the past. Glen- cho, Blcho, Bruce, Berkeley were built on fine lines, and the present champion, Elcho, Jr., was thought to be the acme. But for beautiful outline and porfectioli of color, development and carriage, the 00101115 show will mark a new era. The English mastiff comes Erst on the premium list, an'd is in for a grand list of special prizes, as well as the usual cash premiums. There is the Westminster Challenge Cup, valued at S300; and the Taunton gold medal for the best American bred mastiff, with a cash sweepstake in addition. The Club's CHA.MPHMT BEAUMONT. Silver Challenge Cup, valued at S150, is also offered for the best one owning America as his or her birthplace. The club has put up a silver cup valued at £100 for the best dog, native or imported, and another for Jthe best bitch, besides which the Old English Mastiff Club offers a cup for the "finest" specimen. St. Bernards, though, will come in for a greater share of admiration if the prizes are fewer, for it is within the last few days that Sir Bedivere has been purchased from England at a price said to be ,?G,SOO. When it was announced that Emmett, the actor, had given S>V 000 for the renowned Plinlimmon, the American public was surprised and inclined to be incredulous, but Sir Becli- vere at 80,500 is a bargain. It was American enterprise which secured him after SS,000 had been offered and refused. This offer was made by a Scotchman, but this gentleman is bound for a foreign tour, and when the dog was for sale he was not a buyer, so Mr. E. B. Sears, of Melrose, Mass., dropped in and secured the prize. In England he won every thing and will undoubtedly renew Ms successful career in America. That he will form an attraction at the show is certain, just as the noble Ees- per from the same kennel was always surrounded by an admiring group last season. Another high priced St. Bernard has come to these shores since the last New York show—the smooth coated dog Watch that cost 54,700. He is a noble looking fellow and wiH rival in the attentions given to his more fashionable rough coated rivals. The English bloodhounds will as usual attract attention, and the German dogs, or Great Danes will show up in force despite the fact that the judge who gave much dissatisfaction last year will officiate on this occasion. Newfoundlands have no encouragement and they are treated badly by a club that should do something for this SIB BEDIVEKE, rize for the best son or daughter of Champion Kash, the Westminster club's pecial, and money in abundance. The Toy spaniels, . though, , will be ewer, but more valuable.. There will ie the King Charlies, the court favor- tes of Charles I. and II- of England, ind The Blenheim, made illustrious by he family of the Duke of Mar!borough, nd named after the palace The Duch- ss was successful with , some of these t an English show, and might be in- uced to exhibit her favorites. Princes harlies and Rubies will also be on .and with the quaint little "Japs." Italian greyhounds will have a class THE PBIZE SMOOTH-HATRED FOX TEKBrEB BITCH "StTRETY." native breed, which has qualities entitling-it to consideration. As a useful watch-dog, an intelligent gnard, an excellent water-dog and a grandly-formed animal, none of his rivals can approach him. The club should take care. America for American dogs may be the signal for a departure in favor of the improvement of native stock, and a club which has made thousands of dollars out of the dog shows should not be ready to dispense its favors upon the showy foreign animals. The graceful and symmetrical Eus- sian wolf hounds will gain fresh admirers. There have been many importations,' and a large class of these may be expected. They are very similar to the English greyhoiind and Scottish deer hound. B'ox hounds, both English and American, come in for some attention, but it is when we, come to the sporting class—the hunting dogs—that the awards become numerous and valuable. Pointers, for instance, gei $25 and $50 specials besides the $20, $10, $5 and S3 WtHemselves, and any other kind of dog, whether a "sooner," "rather." or of uncertain ancestry, will be welcome in the miscellaneous class. Mr, James Mortimer, the superintendent, of the show, will be at No. 44 Broadway. New York, to receive the entries, but he does not promise blue ribbons and prizes to all candidates DAVID WEOUSI.KR THE PULSE. gome Interesting Facts Concerning Itn MovementH. The blood is in a state of constant circulation through the system, propelled by the heart through the arteries, and returned to the same organ through the veins. The arterial current conveys material for nutriment, heat and force to all the tissues: the venous current receives the dead waste of the tissues, and conveys it to the different eliminating,organs. The propul sive action of the heart is due to its successive contractions. These contractions occur about seventy times a minute in a healthy male adult, more frequently in women, and much more frequently in infants and children, being at birth from one hundred and thirty to one hundred and forty, and gradually sinking to about one hundred at the sixth year, and to ninety or eighty-five at the tenth. The arteries are unlike the veins in that they share in the beating of the heart; but the beating of the heart is readily perceived only where an artery passes over a bone near the surface, or when some inflammation of a part causes an enlargement of an artery, and an unusual sensitiveness of the accompanying nerves. In its normal condition, the pulse is most conveniently felt at the wrist. The blood is the natural stimulus of the heart, and when the poison of disease changes the characters!' the blood, the action of the heart is correspondingly affected. It is also affected by organic disorders of the heart and arteries; by general weakness; by nervous excitements; by the state of the stomach, and by stimulants or depressants of various kinds Hence, as the heart beats and the arterial beats accord, the character of the pulse is of great service in determining the patient's physical condition. It will be seen that, in feeling the pulse, age and sex are always to be taken into account. Further, one's pulse when lying down is> about five beats slower, and when sitting about ten beats slower than when standing up. The pulse is slower at night, also, and during sleep. A tall person has a slower pulse than a short person. An increased pulse-rate indicates a feverish condition, as it rises with every increase of temperature. There is often an omission of a beat. Sometimes this is at regular intervals, say the tenth or twentieth, at other times the omission is irregular. In some persons such omissions are hab itual and without significance: mon generally they indicate some disease nervous or otherwise. When the pulse is under sixty, it is regarded as slow. In not a few per sons this is natural. The pulse is slow also in persons recovering from a fever ish condition, the heart being weak anc exhausted, like the rest of the body also in digestive diseases and jaundice Certain poisons slacken the pulse, while others quicken it. 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Wo make a specialty of nmnnfac- .tnriJip Baby .Carriages to «ell dj- rccc to~pti*ivu2;o pnrtleo.- You can, tiiflrcfoVe, do bettor with us tdsn with a-dealer; -We send Car- 'rliwes to all points within "OOmllea of Ctiixicro free of charge. Send ' C2-£-l;C!jSonrn ) Jy()...C^-jgo,ni F obleknter 1 ' Eacliik Diamond Braid. ENNYRQYAL PILLS Original »< Only Genuine. i«rc, Uw.7< rcIliDte,- LADIES ««* rmsint for CTfc»«(er« •mtrnd artnd In Ked «ld d with blue rtblwa. Tnke Rtfoto a. ,.. for nftrttculm, tustlmDDUll lad ar t.dle«." M later, 67 rctirn 1IKOOO Teiilmonlnls. Jtame Paper, . .Kor dale by.B.-F. .^eesllnj, DruEglst., WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD, "Mothers' Friend," is worth its weight in gold. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with either of her other children than she did altogether with her last, after having used four bottles of "Mothers' Friend." Jt is a blessing to expectant mothers, says t? customer. HENDERSON DAJJE, C&rroi, in. Having used two bcr-'Jes my sixth child was born with no'paf- comparatively. Mra. L. O, Ve.uKbr.ii, Sheridan Lake, Col, Wonderful—relieves much suffering. Mrs. M. M. Breweter, Montgomery, Ala, Sent by express on receipt of price, Sl.iO per hot tie. Sold by till drugget*}. Book to mothers mail«d fren REQULATOH Co,. At'inta, Ga, by Ben Fisher 4th street. A. "YKA'H I i uiid*ri«T*Mol>rief)r tench tiny fairly In tr II JKrntjHTitoii of either Hi!*, who tun mid nnd ivrlta, and who, nflcr iii«li'UctiOii,wlll vvor'i Iiiduntrioutily, , _ _ _ _ Jiow to enni Tlirc-t- Tlidumuul Ilollun. H V (Mir In their own lucn II tloit, wherever I)H\V 11 vr.l willniHofunilnh tlie Munition «)r,. in |>]oyimmi,!it which y./n CHI. i-nm tlmtatiioiinr. No money fgr iiifiimlrimtmcrohKrulniiubove. J^nilvand qulcklr learned, I diinlru Ijniono worker I'njin encb dUirlc't orcounir I liaTQBlrendytnUKliC and provided with vinpl-jyuK-ii! B lilrpn ntltJibi-r, who lire nuiJdjijr over &1QOQ n yeartaicli. Jl'sIV.K'VV find HOI-UK Full particulars PacKK. j\ddr'>»« nt once. JE. C\ AJLLJEA'. JJox 42O, Jui|£U»ta, Jttuiue. "W'ood-'s THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY... !or 36 years ^^ ^tf*. ,of Youthful folly by thousand EBUC- Ar^mlr^^ and the excesses tcsjtully. &uar- MB-inB-Xr of later years. CLnnal to cure all ^fltTJli A Give* immediate forms or Nervous >Oi3aSwJ strcnatb andvia- Weuknoss. Kmls- «•»«'-««« • -- ?- slons, Spermator rhea. ImDote] oadaJltheeJ package, *l; nix, $0. by mall, Wrlto for piunpblec. Address The Wood Chemical Co., 131 Woodward uve., Detroit, Mich. Kmls- JlrS.|Pm l° r - Ask druggists nator- ^f^^ f f^ f ifor Wood's Phos- sency. ^"" e ""•' ••";'• iphodlne; takeno ,n- H ri, Flioio from Life. y,, h .tjf.,,f^ OEO JGOQO. 00 n v«ir Is bclnp mnilc by John K. Goodwlii,Troy,N.Y,,at work for w. Kiwder, you tuny not innke ns much, but wo can tenth you quickly how to runt from $& lo 810 )i Jny lit tho Blart, mid murr «»you po on. 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