The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
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Served ft// the United Press VOL. XXIX—NO. 202 BLYTHEVILLE_COURIER NEWS • wwiiniEA sr AltKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI " -^^^*^^. » » ^^^tf BlythevilJe Dally New. Blythovlllo Courier ^Mississippi Valley Leader. Tilvtlieville Herald. HOME EDITION BIATHKVILMO, ARKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES- FIVE* CENTS TO POSTPJF. BEER; Will Onpose Prohibition Modification at Short Congress Session. NEW YORK. Nov. 10. (Ul'>Dry leaders today promised battle to defeat tlie wet drive for b:-;r in the short session of congress. Tlry claimed that the jubilant net slogan, "beer by Christmas," represents an objective practically unattainable. But the new congress which' meets next year is overwhelmingly wet as well as Democratic. T.-e dispute over bser is whether it shall be legalized tills winter or next year. Brys count on their phalanx of lame duck prohibitionists to block short session beer battles. The congress which meets next mouth was dry by large 'majorities in toth houses on beer voles last session House and senate Democratic' 1 leaders, however, promise immedi- i ale beer in conformity with the! Democratic platform piedgs. Wets! of both parties are eager to co-! operate to modify the Volstead art' at once, but tile prcspcct is for bitter .pravacted dispute. Among hitherto dry Democrats, some of whom support the national wet platform plank reluctantly there is doubt about the alcoholic cont-nt whid, would be consistent with the 18th amendment. Senators and congressmen, reply- i ing to telegraphic United Press in- quirlss, reflected- nil shades cf prohibition opinion. The divergence cf their views demonstrated the car of sharp controversy this centering around the ques- "' '"'-at alcoholic content be permitted vvllhou ion. Winner of Nobol l<il<'rat u iv Piixe V/iih Revenue Cut Off, jii'lge Orders Main:-.:: anr.!> Activity Halted. JOHN r.Ar.SWOKTHV STOCKHOLM. Nov. 10 <UP>— John Galsworthy, English novelist, war. awarded the Nobel pr \ w for Iliterature today. His most recent novel, "Maid in Waiting," was published last fall. The Nobel prize for literature was worth ( S46.350 when Sinclair Lewis won it in 1930. This year's prize is expected to be considerably less, however, because (interest accruing from the $9,000,000 beriuest by Alfred B. Nobel to establish the prizes '. has decreased during tha past two years. Pal Harrison Ready Nfe W ORLEANS, Nov. 10 ( UP ) -Senator Pat Harrison veteran law maker from "bone dry" Mississippi, will vote for beer at the necernber session of Icongress '•The Dencratlc party will carry put -campaign pledges Includln" the prohibition amendment, .and will try to pass the necessary legislation at the coming lams duck session of congress," (trie senator said on a visit here today. O'Connor Queries Members WASHINGTON. Nov. 10. fUP)- Members and members-elect of th= house today were sant a letter by Uepresentntivc O'Connor, Democrat New York, co-author of tr.e beer bill which was defeated Inst .s™s=ion asking their views on propo^d moomcation of the Volstead act to permit the manufacture and sale cl beer. Loses Bet; Must Ship Ton of Coal by Plane WASHINGTON. Nov. 10 (UP) — C. Bascoin Sleinp. who vns secre- tnry to President Coolidge, must ship a ton of coal by airplane from Camtiqn. N. J, to'Washington because Governor Roosevelt won the election. The ton of coal; and the provision that it lie shipped by air were specified tn an election wager between/Slcmp and John Costello. Democratic coinmittceinan for the District of Columbia. The coal is expected to be flown here from '-Camden airport on Friday. Masons Meet Tonight The Chickasawba Lodge ;No. 134, P. & A. M... will hold n stated communication tonight nt 7:30. visiting brothers arc we!conv>. i A Little Attention to that radio may make a lot of difference in reception. Let a radio expert look It °ver. Ads like this— RADIOS repaired. Work guaranteed. appearing in the classified column of the COURIER NEWS ofrcr you the services or cx- pwenccd technicians. Turn to the classified ads for their names and telephone mim- Blizzarcl Grips Middle West While Gale Hits New England Seaboard By United Press Storms held sway over a thirc of the United States today. Warnings were posted alon" the New England coast in the wake of a terrific gnle that lashed New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Long Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts last night. n the mid-west snow storms in tome localities of blizzard Inten- sitv. brought sub-arctic weather The tropical hurricane that struck (Cuba va s passing out to sea east of (he Bahamas. Radio Marine, in touch with ships in Us area, rejwr!.-<l that the tanker Sun '.Oil had been severely damaged but was ridini; out,the storm. Along the eastern coast storms brought record high tides that did considerable Damage. Grid Rules Committee Chairman Succumbs HANOVER. N. H., Nov. 10 (UP) —Edward .Kimbnll Hall, 63. chairman of the rules committee of the National College Football association, died of a li?,irt attack at his home today. He had been sick two wec!:s but his death was unexpected. Hall had been a menicw of hie football rules committee for many vcara. having served with the late Walter Camp. He presld<)d at last year's meeting when 'numerous changes in the rules were [enacted with a view to reducing fatalities and serious injuries. 1'orfr Cotton NEW Cotton YORK. Nov. clcsed firm. Open High Low ... 607 639 602 647 652 OS3 673 10. (UP)— Dec. . Jan. . Mar. . May .. July .. Ocl 651 690 Spots closed ot 645, up 30, quiet. .... G10 .... 620 6M 640 651 603 618 623 039 652 Close 636 647 C51 662 071 689 \ With the apparent rtefjai ol lli^ 3-mIII county road tax far |]>: Ilrit i lime since 1874. orders for tile iiii- | mediate diseeminuance of nil ro:»l work In Mississippi county h;iv.> , been i«ued by Fred Cro-jkJti. coir.i- I ty hifliwny engineer, nt. the r'jquest :of county Judge Zal u. Harri.mi. ,' Unciricial tabulation of Cr.i: vk> ! in 43 out of 50 precincts at the »e'i- jerr.; election, made by the CoiirL-r | News nt Osceola tcday. siiov. \1 a i vote of 1231 for am! 2520 against the road lax. Boxes not incluJc:! in the inbulalioii were Gosnell nnrdstown. Dell, Yarbro, Number Nine, Blythcvilie city hall and ,\ r morel. Of the bo.x?s not included in the partial report the cilv liall box here is known io hnve c.rsti about 600 votes for the road tax' and about 100 against it. Even wit.i this big gain defeat of the road tax Is believed almost certain. Alt Work Stopped Less to the county of annual! revenue of about $35,000 for UK ' next two years, and about $4.000 to | $5.000 for the city of Blrtheville Is I certain if defeat of the road tax is confirmed in the official count, postponed tcday but likely ta to held tomorrow. Partial to tolal disruption of rural mail delivery also appeared as a possible result. i Judge Harrison said today that all road -machinery had bjsn or-! dered brought in yesterday. Fred I Crockett, county engin?cr, was busy today preparing a general letter to . foremen of all road crews orderin" immediate cessation of activities for which they expect to receive pay Judge Harrison said he saw no waj at prcrcnt to provide for' work on roads of the county for the next two, years, pointing out that expenditures cannot be made abwe revenue for the work. Mayor NciJl Reed of Blythcvilie said, if the tux v:ent down in defeat, further shaving ol an alrrndy "economized" street department would be in order. Disruption of rural delivery service was considered not cnly possible but probable by postal authorities in the event of discontinuance of road maintenance service. Bridges must be kept in repair a:ici roads passable for the maintenance of the rural mail service It was pointed out. Three routes out of Blythcville and routes out of Manila and Lcnchvllle may bs afTeei- cd, with less of postal service for thousands of rural residents if roads are riot kept in shape, particularly during bad weather. Government mail service is maintained only on roads which are kept in condition for travel, it Is stated. Voters Arjrainst Tavej Political observers here today credited the entirely unexpected defeat of the three-mill roacl tax to a combination of circnmstancs. An organized vole against the lax In certain sections favored with gravel roads is seen in the tabulated returns by some observers. The general disposition of voters to cast their ballots against all lax proposals and the failure of olhers to recognize the tax proposal on the ballot as the usual road tax u beliov- ed to have figured heavily in trc apparent ccfeat of the tax for which county electors have cast i prefunctory vote at every general election in the past. Although boxes in the south end of ihe county were reported almost solid against the road tax. preelnct; In the north end also showed n heavy anti-lax vote. Big Lake and Neal townships were reported against the tax nnd the third ward box in Blythcvilie totalled an adverse vote. The second ward in Blytheville voted only slightly In favor of the tax and the first ward here Is believed to have recorded not only the biggest vote for the 'ax but also the largest per cent of favorable votes cast at any box. Cotton Up A Bale i NKW V01IK. Nw, 10 | < III').. A i tun iimrkH up uinios'l & ,',| J,|',|," ; ««:»'. In lulillllim- („ | |V( |,u.vitr; oy Plmrtii i-ntion mllh imvr i,.. nl iipti:llni! .Inn-wisi'il bu.slni'.s.s nnd : this mil i, lot of iimvlmslur «vd- . MS Itilu (ho nniiM. I'liii'llin uiiylnjj Ijiillfsli fiiijii,,. nnd wns not the Inilll:,]] trrnd. H"(,|.|:s !•(,;,. ,„„, lo I||1)r roiir ijnlnl., (oiliiy imtl thus . tiisc-s i.'.jlsii-rcd hi 'yesterday's ' Relief ^Proposal Likely to' Hr First .on New Admin- istr;Uion's ilVogva.n j CIIICACIO, Miiv, 10. CUP>—M^(- tlianjhliillve program for f avm \~-\-•>{ which amounts tj a sul.-ildy foMtn Milieu's finmers hits been auur-v- (•(1 by Franklin U RcMffvelt. th- Uiille;! frets learned tc-jny, and cue of t!:o I'lirly Inclilciits of his ud- rH" W|f« F'lints A"; At pl> k FOUIK! Guilty. _.l.'ll. Nkhnnlfon. aliened lca:lcr 'I In-n] •."III.. „( . of diai'li 11 rAnirM'. hv liiimlll. OJIMI-. u-o;: f f ,, m ,| In- rcihlu'i-y IHRI. siimiirr HiirrK nircd piviv.v.'v I" A Communiiy Obligation Editorial Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 10. (UP) —Cotton closed very steady. Open High Low close 605 635 601 610 619 629 638 Dec. Jan. Mnr. May- July Oct. 652 640 652 G62 671 683 607 616 628 637 652 634 639 651 660 671 685 Spots closed at 640. up 30, steady. Chicago Wheat CHICAGO. Nov. 10 (UP)_ December, 43 3-4; Storjf Price* A. T. and T ......... 107 3-4 Anaconda Copper ..... n Auburn ................ 43 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor ..... 8 Chrysler ............... 16 1-8 Cities Service .......... 33.4 Coca Co!a ............ 39 Continental Baking ........ _' General Electric ...... 17 5-8 General Motors ........ -]5 1-8 Montgomery Ward ..... 13 5-? New York Central ...... 25 1-2 Packard ............. ;.. 2 7.3 Kadio .... ............... 73.4 Simmons Beds .......... 9 j.< Standard of N. J ..... 31 5-8 Texas Co .............. 14 5-3 Ui a, Steel ........... sg Ti.c iiiinual mcmbcrsliiii roll call and relief fund campaign of the local chapter of the American Red Cross will enter its finai. Rlagu loiiinn-nw, Armistice Day, and will conic to ti closu N'ovumhur 2-J, Thanksgiving Day. Result.; so far have not been highly encom'.u'imr from the slniulpoint either of total membership or of money pledged for local relief work. What of it? Just Ihis: Mississippi county, which time after lime when emergencies arose has been liberally helped by the Red Cross, certainly owes sonic obligation to help maintain this great national relief organization. .Mississippi -county, which dc.spile .sorioiw local troubles is now in better economic condition than perhaps 90 per cent, of the counties of this country, certainly owes it to itself to make a minimum provision for the care of its own unfortunates. At a time like this we can expect no assistance from outside sources. The Red Cross is the only relief organization funclion- 'ing in the comity. We must cither maintain it or leave women and small children, victims of illness or other misfortune, nt the mercy of haphazard and often inadequate private charily. The Red Cross has been criticized for its failure to help many who have needed assistance. Critics <liould understand that the Red Cross can do mi more than the community, through its contributions, makes possible. When it is without funds to provide food for the living it cannot be expected to' provide funerals for the dead; when it is without funds to provide medicine for the sick or clothing for the naked it cannot be expected to pay rent bills. If all of us who can spare a dollar without really feeling the loss of it will join the Red Cross if ail who can readily afford a dollar or two or (l-rce'dollars a month toward the support of its charily work will pledge such an amount, the Red Cross will be in a position effectively to perform all the service the community has a legitimate right to expect of any relief organization. Posli'joncmrml of $100.- W0,000 Duo Nexi Monlli Is Immediate Objective, LONDON, Nov, 10 (UP) ~ All Immediate niov ( . by nrflaln to i open inr-cnilntlons for revision of her war debt to tile United SlnlM; and |)(K,l]iim"lnHil of (li,^. payment of approximately $I09,ODO.- COO due WnslilDgion on nrccm- ber IB wns. forecast In ,the press today now that the presidential election ts over. T!Y. statemenUs iln this inorn- IIIB'K .ujipjis :iloni; that line were j so unanimous they np]>oiircd to hnve been Inspired, although no oniclul nnnnuncemciit ;camc from Rovi';rntnent sources. The political writer of Ihe dully Mad said It wa.s expected the government would address an im- porlnnl cotmminlration to Wash- ingtoni soon on the -([iieslloii ol war debts, ' :i>n1(1 » n "il '•".I 1 r^]'. "'^ J|irv .lelilx- mluules boforo rct (!!'•( Nlnr of u, c to hnve years h, yj, ;(,„.„„ W|V .,, fnvoml n Iciiii. (fin maximum , )f .n,ltv . II.,. vnrdlrt fi-n, rc :l ,:b".| with r«i in icaim Io3k!ns toward its nnoption. Ti-c plan, (Iraftc;! by a coalillon of farm Icatlcrs, ecommlsts, an:l c x- I'trls on ngrlciilii'raJ prodiicts, h known as 11.3 "voluntary domestic nlblriicui plun." Tavw: llumtx(\a t'urifiimers That plan, It, propon:n( s arlmlt, " iioiinls to a subsld/ for farmers nt din iiHImatC'cxpsnsi! of t! !c C3tl . Minur. H Brevities fir nn .- xc | 5 ,, lux on farm pralucti In which HIT- «rc .cxiwrlable turphisSM to be pild ">v tlw mnnufiiclurer or olSsv pro- j-'Msoj' who preparti t!:e c-aminc.-Ji. tics for human consumption, nn ,| a cciilrnctiml ugrcrmciil, by the far- n'crs In limit pruJuclloii -r thosu commodities. , noosevall's allusions |,, |,| 3 To , | iwkn rampaign speech nnd In nil- ici IUUIlosses lo n phui for ^vrlcttl- liiru u-ct-n lnlcnirc(»j| ns pointing to- this snhskly plan which wns lulu botb houses ci conirrcss "scd on the the'ory pro'tcctlva LEfi FILES flPPEfll ! Asl^ U. S. High Court to Review His Coilviction at Ashvillc, N. C. Hold Services Here ! (or Accident Victim] .. Ccl. liii-p [jn. Tr!in. IXT publisher. t:i:'nv fi:cd with th? Miprotnc court a new apnlication for a review of his convlrtion nnd sr-nlenre on rr.,ir;.f.e nf ro>ist;iracv and misMiDiira'.i'ir, of tht> funds of !r? Crnirnl r,:int and Trust com- IMIIV. Ashcvillc. X. C. His mil. Lit;:!- I.»a jr.. nnrt Wal- larc )5. navi-. firinor |>rp.M(i;nl cf Hie (iefunrt. i:i^'jiiitl^n joined In Ihe appeal. Tjioy wrr; convict.' 1 :! with the elder I/?a. Tne new npplintir.n was h;is-:l | (in n rulin z ,-r thi> x«rt'/ niro'.ii'" e r-ourt on!?rorl October I** i Funeral services are beiiiR held i at Cobb chapel this afternoon for' Frank Abbolt. 38. Deerin?. Ma.,i farmer and World war veteran, who i died at tr.e Blythcvilie hospital Wednesday afterncon from Injuries sustained when he was hit by a rnr on Highway 84 west of Hayti. Mo. The Rev. Alfred s. Harwell, pastor of the First Baptist church, is officiating at the services. Interment will be made at Map'.c Grove cemetery. The following ar? pillocarers: E. C. Patton, George Mu:r. Bill Van Winkle. BMI Wlgein;. C, J. Little and Harvey McCall. The deceased is survived by his widow, one son. four daughters, fix Brothers, one slslcr. and his mother, Mrs. Josie Abbott. Freight Truck Owner? ..... By Andy Barker Bums i ont 0 v ~ - ! evidence ami "pross misconduct", of A freight truck, owned by Andy' a J»ror at th? trial !n ,\=Vv;]'« Barker, was destroyed bv 'fire on '< Tllri c '"»remr> cwr; h-i-t r">rf Highway 61 near Ihe routhem citv i I" consider this miosiinn rt«n |i "mils Tuesday night about 9-30,, "tied °" Lea's previous pji-ral o'clock. | '' ' The driver barely had ttmc to turn the truck .partly off the hI0i- wny nnd escape befoio the nrc reached the frasoline lank, nbovc IHi engine. The blazlne truck blocked traffic for several minutes ' A trailer attacked to the track was not damaged. The truck was partially Insured. Orpinis! for 40 Years PITTSFIELD. Mass. (UP) — A Robngo has been organist at Notre Dame church here fcr 40 years without, nifssln; n service. ' Donni" Bi'sh fn r,i } H e Cincinnati Ball Club CTNCTNN'ATI, 0.. N'ov. 10|(UP> —Donnle Bush of Indianapolis today slimed a contract to manage the Cincinnati .'Reds of the National leatriie In 1933. Bush, who is 44 years old, l>2- cnmo.'the 21st maiuRer of the Cin- oinimtl tascball team, which fln- Ishrd in last pl^ce In 1031 nnd 1932. Dan Howlcy managed [the Hf'Is for tlx> lail thrre seasons. ,..M>. t p,.s ii!:i,:i)<i,i. "..-LU U [i me tneory protc"tlv" yours IK the minimum for' ar " Ts nrc not effect I v.-. on c^'rtiiii -;;-'•„, , Imntirlnnt farm products the nro" Mrs. RnhnnlFnti. preltv JVW.IK I 10511 ' would seek lo stnbll!" tirlcr-s wife of thp tlctoidftiif. who Jm.l "' "Wiroxlenntdv pr"-wnr Icv»lV hv fat by his Mrts turnuoh tw< ion--1 1 " 11 ' 11 "? lifoduction, oirl (•> "rMm l-'liK fainted when m. r,. Oalnes. | l:llr f "« farmer by Handing bick H-nill clo.t-. rrnrt tho .u,,v' s v =r- ( °, "Im h.'., share of « tax on Ms .''in A mlMri').' ii f ,| r^micrt ,„. Wheat, cotton. hc s «. lobncw Trlc-. Hlcl>n«ls<WB llr.1t Irlnl for ,nlle«- ! r ° :1 "tc:l f ro ,,, '„,„ millnr - ,,"' "'I hold;iiii of McCuiston's minltel j slnu Rl>lerer. ,the olnai- I'crc. • hirer, O r (he textil" ^ KlrJifirdson Itfiinnvrd Hve IVo^nefs AtTpct- 1 ! •I'lio nlh-ncllve, well dressed wo- 1 °r' l y «'hcat, cotlon hms"'Inhir ninn. almost v n K | rl- sllmvcd <co and rice are nnmeu in 'M ° wij emotion UN she snl w|i|, jiMi- " 5 -'"bjccl to the. tax since th" HUin ilnuithlpr mo-r Ihnn '.wo rlnvs I "I' 0 lhc °»ly Important form sti' ,,.i.ii. ,!,„ Hnto |)|cl|]r( , (I ))c| . )1(1 , 'pics In which nn exported ™ur .... I now exists. The rales provided uiient. n tax of -ii! cents cotton, fi conls a bnn.1 ns Jllin hc, 5 . a each vci rs throimh a svstcm of I- unties __ -vpJf Denies He Plans European Trip - rulhlciis an'l 'ian?or"iis bamlll in ihk romm"ii- lly. Wlien (hrt ilvc-venr verrlin <•'"- nnnnnnncc! M-« swooned, her lioarl s'rlkln<r forclblv n<;nlnsl 'he wnodrn '.fnch on vlilch r.lie wns '<r>nlcd. Rli'n rovlv.-,l | n „ , nom! >,,(. but 'nblwd li-nic"iily, 'unlll .she lefl tin' courtronm, nicliarilsnn i el allied Uin snrne KIOW <!>'s throimh a '•nlm which Intl nttrnt!-ti him i) " r -n»s In'counties Ilirmichonl [l:nlh Irlais. iris df- niMiior on lhi- witness stcurl. «'hrn h" )md referred lo I lie nnmiclnal coiirl as n "kangaroo i-ni-tt " r.n,l hN {freiuml consiil- 'itinn W IH) iilio-nfy: during Ih" (rial, wore tnrcrls of n vii'ornm i:'n«lii(! nrmrnent. for Ihn state bv w »l!l Rnetl. ileuutv Proscciilor. r>ml rriirwfnleil UirliarcHnn us the "best Inwvor of Hie thrc?," fcfrrrlnir io liin d"fendiinl\ con- slnnl "conchln?" of |i| s coiinscl. T'-- tirnsrciilor dcrlired lhat nu- ihni'illn.s knov; whrn rrrlaln mm "'•p in nrlson s.if.-i blowing In! -••-.arc ^r'nru^ar^ard^are ^° m °"^ >F WashmgtOH In Jail, iiolcl-ni)!! nens,!. Tilenllilrtl liy Woman Tlic (nil. slim, :!r- r^ntlnnt wji.s ro^liivclv irlriUlfle f i liv IiTrs. r-.nv niirks. clnii^liier ot Charley Harris, ns Ion? of the irsuo rif bnndlfs who boldly cn- 'r-red tli" Hnrris home last summer nnd terrorized members of Ihr- familv. attcmnliii': to force "v. airrd man to onrn .1 safe. The "tife.vlrliled notbtni; but (tin ro'i- Ix-rs took what innnnv Harris, who hn.s lon^ bc^n r^nutcd a man of r-cnsldcrahlc wenllh. hnd on ,hls "fr.ion. Mrs. n'.irks al«o stated thai two pistols officers found be- a (loo- fn-lnir at Richardson's j Commenting llpon J^«ch rcportin, "WlioS loony now?" President Will PALO ALTO. Cnl, Nov. ] 0 (UP) -President Hoover announred to- dnv tha l, B would leave for Wash- Inston late tomorrow evening In- K The change In plans was re- vealcci by Lawrence RItchey Mr Hoover's sccretao'. who /said th» president wantol to be in Wash-" tncton early next Wednesday morning. Liner Bremen Makes New Atlantic Record riuiu -.t uu(j- i:i"tn^ at itinitanison s j I'nmc .south of Hlylhcvllle. and fl NB\V YORK. 'Nov. 10/(UP)—A dirty checked cap and iiolka dot ncw enst-west Atlantic record was •'"Hcikr-rcli^,:. iDokrd like euns car-1 established today by th e North rlcd nnd articles worn bv tho ban- j German Llovrt liner Bremen. She rilts. S^c said her identification of P^ed x Ambrose lightship fouij Hlcharrtso,) was based 'on r. gllmpre i cln 5' s - 16 hours and 43 nitnufc? she caught of the face of on" of! aft cr clearing ihe Cherbourg the banrllts wlvn his linnrtkefchlcf! breakwater. This was 23 minutes itsk slipped clown. • under the record o('her sister ship, nicliarctson paraded 'a number tllc Europa, of witnesses to offer proof that Tlle Bremen encountered vain lie was at n Big Lake;dance hall squalls and heavy northeast swell. "I the time th; robbery occurred. It wns tl)e same defense as offer- WPATHFR cd to the robbery charge for i?*,ftmccv holdup of McCuiston's . Testimony of Richardson's jv-It- ANSAS—Cloudy, showers in east, KOrtion nnd colder tonight, nerses nnd that of officer's 'wh'r, c ": ?« Ttlon " ntl coltiCT « cn iSht, saw Richardson nt the dance Hall f robnb j. y "««n! In ncrihwost pjr- varlcd as to the \time he wasl ton ' Fn!i;>1 ' P :obabl y Mr - mM " there. . Vernon Gcaii. brotlYj-ln-law of Richardson, was freed of a Similar charge on an instructed' verdict of not guilty earlier in the dny iwhcn the state failed to Identity Win as one of the bandils at the Harris home. Ir. colder. According to the official iwcath- er observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 37 degrees find the maximum. 57: degrees, cloudy.i Today . , . o- a year n?o the minimum Wm- 47 degrees Rixf tlie . maximum, 73 degrees,

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