The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1937 MA"ttlEViU,tt (ARK.)- COURifift NEWS Jt __ WANT-ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily »»t« per line lor consecu- tiv« Jrsw'l^Ds: ''.' • One tine per line ,.......— lOc Two times Wf toe per day .;:. 08c Three tunes per line per day .. 06c Six tlntes p«r line per day .... 05o Month rate per line eOc Cards of "Thinks ..:,.. Me & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times »nd stopped before expiration *W; I* eliarged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustnawVt of bill made. All; Classified Advertising copy EubmlUerl by persons resWirig ; . outside of "the city, must-be accompanied by c*sh, V Flutes may be easily computed from above table; .- Advertising ordered for Irregular Insert Ions. Ukes the one time rate! '- No responsibility "-will be taken for more'than o'ne incorrect insertion of any classified ad. TOM LITTLE Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture IS. THE COMING PROFESSION Learn this pleasant wort -which . • pays well. • New class opening—state supervised Reasonable'Tuition ftjrs. William Eerryman Elaine' Beauty. Shop Business Directory Built-To-Order HOMES jn<J To AH Details ; ( s Talk It Over ' i ^3^" phone 10C E C/Robinson Lumber Co. Sporting Goods of all kinds . Uniforms & equipment for base Hall, handball, soitball, soccer-ball tennis,"- tiack & boxing.. Best Prices ~ ' Hubbard Hdw. Co MOS-T: COMPLETE STOCK • ',, SPRAY MATERIALS j :. -and .- - INSECTICIDES " in this localltj 7 jpor use on all Fruit. Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdv^. Co. J. W; Shouse Wilson Henr; "My CO At IS BLACK - 5BT I TREAT YOU WHIW I fUso Pay Best Prices for Hides .&• Metals JOHN BCCHANAN Pfione 107 Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky -;..'; :C O A I, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone S78 chickasawba & R. R : . It You Want Wood, We Have It! ; . Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Cosrl, $6.50 ton Economy Coal Co. ^ 2?! : wi- Cherry - . phone 4*8 OFFERS THKSE USED CARS AT UN/ USUAL LOW I'RICES 035 CHEVROLET C O A CII. With Radio ;.... $K5' 931 CHEVROLET C 0 A CII. Only S3Z5 933 CHEVKOI.KT COACH. A Ksa! Buy .'. ?'«5 935FQKI> V-8 COUl'B. ; Radio and Heater $305 9S5FOBD V-8 HE UIXE SEDAN. ;A-1 - Condition $3S5 FORD COUPE. Ruiiililc Seat, Runs Good ...... $ 45 .936 PONTIAC'.'TOWN SEDAN.- 6' Ply TJres :..., 5535 .yS5 IVLVMOUTH COAOI1L -•--.' Real Buy '..-, .-... §305 930 CHEVROLET TRUCK. For lient BUJLDJNG on \v. Main St., near new factory site. Reasonable. £,- Foivlw. 3-ck-tr Good Tires $100 934 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Bargain ................ 5300 l!)3fi FOKD V-8 TIllICK ... . ____ ........ 5375 1934 FORD V-8 PICK-UP TRUCK ....... .... ..... $275 Easy G. M. A. C. Fayincnt Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PHONE 033 Batteries BATTERY ..SERVICE Call J; Ben Clune Phone 8-at Tom Jackson's Wanted To Buy ucely fiirnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bat'o. Call 460. 2-C-K-3-2 4 room furnished apt., 1015 w. Asl). Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin, 19-if Furnished, slcamheated Apartment. Telephones 107 and 571. oo ktf Furnished 5 room house, 124 E. Cherry. Alt conveniences. Mrs. itfnttie Brycans. 27r> k8 MnUie Bryeans. . - ZJ-ti-k-3 Modem 4 Room FURNISHED Anarimenl. Phone 230. 26c klf 3 room furnished apartment, COG N. 5th. Mrs. Crowder. 25-c-k-lf t room furnished apartment. 1031 W. Ash. Call CG8. 21-c-k-lf Unfurnished or Furnished six room modern' cottage, electric refrigeration, mar grade and high schools. 900 Holly, Call •102, 2«c ktl FOR RENT— Office formerly occupied by [he HlghfiU Cotton Co., at Ilia Ellis Implement Co. Phone 640. l-ck-8 2' furnished rooms, phons 814-J. Mrs. Ted Qrecn, 407 s. Franklin. Y ' 1-ck-lf 3 room furnished apartment. Mrs. Ramsay .Duncan, 710 Chickasayv- ba. 2-pk-6 ^ room furnished apartment, pvi- ••ate bath, back & front entrances. Also bsdroom. Call 72-W. 2-ck-8 Wanted MUNDRY, roii7li drv : or finished. (3ocd wpr!:. Afrs. Mick, G16 Lake. ' . . '•-.,'. - 2-i)k-9 Waixtcd MAN.-. WANTED fnr ' io.ute. of ,r800 familte. Good nrofils. for mistier: we train and .help ypti. Write today, Jinw|pi"li l s, ,'aept.' 'AKC-27-SA"2, Memphis,Tenn. WALNUT AT KIFTH ST. HE SMART AN)) SHOP FOR THK 1)EST I'KICB '35 t'ORl) COlll-E. It4ulio. l.oclis and Huns O. K. ., S3J>5 '35 FOUD [•"ORUOU. Nov.'.' Sent Covers. Jlotor, Tires V O. K. .; 5393 '311'OKi) OOU1MJ. ""Kun's '. Good. I>a|ii| ^Y.^v $!« '33 FOUD COUPE, This Car City Driven ?2(!5 '33 CHEVROLET SUDAN. A Clean Car. lluns Good .. V-S5 '29 1'OKn TUDOli. New Scat Covers. Tires O. K S (13 We have several '23 ana 'XO.I'ori! and Chevrolet cars ?35 .anil «!'• With Small n'on'ii I'aj-riicul 1 anil Habnce Small Weekly Payments. DiIvc By' - - We .Traite Phillips Used Car Lot "A Safe Pljieis Tii 'fliivcj';"" : I'liono 810 ^ . } '••.'. Koy Calvin,. Mf r.. Used Cur Uept^ Personal 1\|1?1\T! GET viaon AT ONCE; AI.I.U,U.\. Now ostrex Tonic T«b- lels contain raw oyster Invlgora- tors and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands, if not delighted, maker refunds few cents )>ald, Call, write Ktrby Bros. Drug stores. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales 5 Farm Loans $500 Up .A;LSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES. F1UL- INO STATIONS. : Don H. Kasserman I Room 220—Lynch bldg. P. O. Box 470 PRUE! .If excess-ticlil causes you 'Stomach Ulcers, Ons I'alns, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, at Ktrby Bros. Drug Co. Waicr \\ouM not boll nt an nl- tllnde of 20 miles above sea level, .TERRY AliSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loanj E. M. Terry, I'rcs. and M«r. I'lione 617 Ittj-ihevlllc, Ark. , AUTO LOANS j NO UKu TAD; Borrow money on your car lo pay for your licenses nnd, oihcr bills. Car need not be paid for. See v. w, An;u,iNs Swlbury BldR. Phono -IDS Real Estate '•: ."V FOR SALE'' Our home nt 1025 W. Math. Call or write Aflron-Roscnilitil, Ken- helt, Mo. , •. - ':•,. 2Gp kD ' '" '' " ' ' WK HAVE SKCDRK1) TIIK SKHV10KS OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who \\ill 6'nrantco to re your radio to tat class condition. A Complete I.lnc of Tvlics aud Paris - - lltsl Prices Hubbnrd Tire '* Ital, Co. Phone 476 LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri l.lno Shell Products HORIZON!, I Pugilist pictured 1 IZPcrlainln poles. 13 Hastened' H Silly. ] JBTo pice/ 17 Pusses / 20 By / 21 Musical 22Lnst \vofa n prayer- 23 Awoke, aiHnlfan cm. 25 Pilfers 41 Calamitous 27Nauati\(> 40 Structural poun unit. 28Pionoun. 47 Snaky fish 29 Seed covering. 40 Apart. 30 Word) 33 Door rug. 34 Crown. 35 Electrical Icrni. ' 30 Kettles, 37 Grain 3BTo scivp up nignln. ideserls, 5 Branching 50 He is tlio plants champion. fi Knock 53 Ci y of soi i ow ' Jicplying 51 Dwarf race. <8Flnl plate. 55 Tn\nceou<: 9 Upon liqcs 10 Beret VERTICAL 1 Jest 2 Beer. .,,.....,_ 3 Mother, 39 Sunk fence. 4 Per tain tag lo 40 Small " salamander. ' 42 Tatter! ',,- 44 Lodging . •45 Structural tirut, 4 7 Orb 4? Meadow 51 Go on {music) 52 Exists We Pay §6-$7.50; ijei- tori for Scrap Iron, Kiujuitprs 51.50, Metals i 3c: :to iac a!so buy hides &• old batteries ARIAN AUTO 128-E." Mairi •'•• Phono 176 • '-WE BUY-: Hides & Metals , Wool & Scrap Iron ' : BlytheVille Iron §f'-Me!al,'co. Cherry & R, R. *>< phone 448 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE j Hubbard 2nd Hand • r Furniture Store Phone 1031. Highest Prices Paid Tor Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. . 301-303 E, Main • For Sale USED BRICK.' Cheap. A: K.. Carter, C07 N. 5lh St. 3-p-k-10 Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SHOP Try us orice Then try us twice After that'you'll'.-let , us Do your shoe work the . Rest ot your life. WSf. FREEMAN & J. B. HOLT' 4 doors east penncy's NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP - 121 West Main. _ SJmon P. ix:c in charge 4 Photos. FREE with Each Order :lor Half Bole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP The. House of good service and quality. Everything for your shoes and ; Rubber heels 25c UD Soles SOe up. *' Free Delivery - , • phone 120 H. B. Campbell, Owner Poultry, & Eggs ^POULTRY WANTED We pay highest market prices lor all kinds poultry. Fisher ft. Galnes at Galnes Grocery & Market, tl \v. Main. ':;-. PLUMBING fixtures, pipe, fittings, all bathroom accessories, - valves, electric water systems for farms. Water softeners, filters, or any other item connected with plumbing or heating. "PETE" THE PLUMBER CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR. CHEAP. . GOOD CONDITION. Mrs. Carl Davis, call 636. Pair young draft mares and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed to be sonnet and good workers, wt. 2,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. • , 27c ktf Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC MINNOWS G. C. Ha«iis, 300 E. Main New Bargains! We have some especially ccod I:.-..gains in cars, trucks ami piik-ir See Qur's Before You Buyi 1936 International V, Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford Hi Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet vSedan 1931 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Implements. Inc. BABY CHICKS .'ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY H«y, 6i North, Blythevlllc - Cotton Seed !!! STONEVILLE — DPL HALF &' HALF . BEST PRICES BIytheviile Gin Co. Neiv'.'4-row planter for Model A John Deere tractor. BARGAIN. Paul Byrimi. . 26o kit niTC mirl Board <*,, pep 5>D rfcK Y °™ff White Plymouth Rock HENS, $1.50 each; rooster free with <?w 18 ' 1Cns or s '" 8 '° roosters, I En toy comforts of steam heat. v . hot and cold water, cood fnnti sxi'i Abbott-JolinsoH Poultry I"arm for this low price! ' Barflcld road. ] Peabody Hold 111 E. Jlain visit one of the most mgcl- crn service ..stiillohs In (ho Soutli A coin lean!) stuff rttenc'ants at >oui sei\lce l\ hours ,u day. GAY & BILLINGS, COAL - FEED - KINDL'NG PHONE 7G Call 1000 Storage known to icaoh Hie ngo of 75 years. V DARK FUTURE FOR \YUIl! 77 VOU P£ TH GUV THAT CHASED YOU CAPTURED WUR? .WELL, HOYKAWOW. 1 / OP IT. COME WHADJUH DO..WJTH OUST WHAT r DID DO/. ©1M7BYKEASERVICC INC T'M HOOTS AND HER -BUDDIES' hi MY WORO'AM TO 6tt XOU KlttOEO WASH TUBBS EIGHT-BALL EVAMS -J'Ji GUY T'M LOOKIN 1 FOR!! WWMTA BORROW ^ WHAT FOR1 FRECKLES .'AND HIS FRIENDS GOSH,TOMI MUST HAVE GAPED FDli ME,OR SHE COULDM'T HAVE WRtTTEM SUCH A SWELL UCVE STORY /.' Y GOTTA GIVE HER CREDIT FDR BEIMO SMART EJ.'OUQH TO GET THE MATERIAL THE WAY SHE DID... AWWAY, I k>JOVV SHE WAS SERIOUS AIJD FAif? \vrrH POLK? CAW GO AHEAD A>-!D V KID K/E,I-THE-/ WtW TO. • \\' -i- CLAIM rr WAS A r; " GOOD KWTERIAL POP* A J ' .. AW I'M fcO'K& /,J i TO WIRE TOMI COM6I2M DLCTIQNS.'

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