Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on July 16, 1965 · 58
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 58

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1965
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.10-D THEATRE Sr. Petersburg Times, Friday, July 16, 1965 PLOT GENERALLY GROUNDED Wry Look At War: Skillful 'Tiger' TlOtr it tho Gate" by Jmn Glrau-. ttoux, trantlitod by Christopher Fry. On ot four playa In repertory through Aufluit 21 it Asolo ThMtre, Saraiota. Ticket! tl area box offices or Sarasota M771. J By BRUCE DUNNING ; Of The Times Staff War is the central figure In Ihe Asolo Theatre's clever production of "Tiger at the Gates," the Fry-Giraudoux play In Troy as the war over Helen breaks out ; One could quite tritely comment that this production reveals the "many faces of war" and this is true but insufficient. War becomes a very real personality, developed and defined as a character by the actors. Although set in Troy as the Greeks wait before the gates, the play is 20th century in its outlook. Both Fry and Girau-doux ur? the legend of Paris and Helen as way to look with amusement at men and war in our time. Hector, played with sturdy gusto by Albert Smelko, sees war from the point of view of the soldier who has just returned from battle and wants only peace. OTHERS GLORIFY and justify war as bringing out the finest nature of men. Paul Weidner turns the court poet Demekos into an old booby spouting high, hollow and funny homage to war. David Zirlin's Busiris is an Theatre Time Clock GREATER ST. PETERSBURG IN TOWN THEATRES Friday, July 16, 1965 CAMEO (169 Central) : Beckett, 1, J, :05. Princa Valliant, 3:25, 7:30. CENTER (Central at 9th): The Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines, 2:30, 1:30. FAMILY THEATRE (140 1st St. N.): State Fair, 1, 4:29, 7:58. Disorderly Orderly, 3:49, :19, 9:46. FLORIDA (5th St. S. off Central): The Sandpiper, 1:36, 4:13, 6 50, 9:27. Last complete show, 8:47. PLAYHOUSE (Central at 19th): Mirage, 1:17, 3:18, 5:19, 7:20, 9:21. STATE (Central at 7th): In Harm's Way, 1:45, 5, 8:15. Last complete show, 8. SUN ART (1116 9th St. N ): Live Burlesque on Stage, 2:45, 8, 10:30. Plus feature film. TYRONE THEATRE (9th Ave. and 58th St. N.): The Art of Love, 1:20, 3:20, I'M, 7:20, 9:20. Last complete show, 9. ROYAL (1011 22nd St. S): Moll Flanders, 6:35, 9:26. Bad Seed, 7:46. DRIVE IN THEATRES 1ITH ST. DRIVE IN (28th St. and 50th Ave.): Satan Bug, 7:45. How to Murder Your Wife, 9:25. Kiss Me, Stupid, 11:35. GARDEN AUTO DRIVE IN (Tyrone Blvd. at Park St.): Ferry Across the Mersey, 7:50. The Rounders, 9:40. Sign Post to Murder, 11:10. SKY VUE DRIVE IN (940 Pasadena Ave. S): Cat Ballot), 7.45, 11:10. Dr. Strangelove, 9:35. HOLIDAY ISLES BEACH (315 Corey Ave,, St. Petersburg Beach): 36 Hours, 6:55, 8:55. Short subjects, 8:50. Last complete show, 8:50. PINELLAS PARK BEAUX ARTS 17711 6Cth St. N.I: Orozco's "Quetzalcoatl", 8 and 11. Eisen-stein's "Time in the Sun", 8 25, II 25 Folkslngers and guitars on stage, 9:30 p.m. to 2 a m. OTHER THEATRES ARCAOIA ARCADIA DRIVE IN: John Goldfarb, Please Come Home. Raiders Beneath the Sea. DE SOTO: I Saw What Yog Did. Get Yourself a College Girl. AUBURNDALE DALE DRIVE IN: Cinderella. Hiah Wind In Jamaica. Wonderful to Be Young. BARTOW RITZ: I Saw What You Did. Get Yourself a College Girl. BRADENTON BRADENTON DRIVE IN: Beach Party, 7:50. Beach Blanket Bingo, 9 50. Klssln' Cousins, 11:33. SUBURBAN DRIVE IN: Tarzan, The Magnificent, 7:50. Zulu, 9:15. Bambute, 11:20. Moro, Witchdoctor, 1:10. BROOKSVILLE 41 DRIVE IN: Up from the Beach. Hercules, Samson and Ulysses. CHIEFLAND CHIEFLAND: Dear Briqitte. CLEARWATER CAPITOL: Tne Sandpiper, 1 05, 5:15, 7:20, 9:25. Last complete show, CARIB: Ski Party, 2:10, 4, 5 45, 3 10, 9 20. 7:30, 10. The Rogues, Rock-Roll Band itage, 9. on TOtilTE! OPEN 6:45 P.M. t? LJ YaY AT IMIfll COME EARLY! H. sIT BRING THE LITTLE WOMAN . . . JACKLEMMON ( AM m MURDER YOUR TECHNICOLOR V.i... : PLUS AT 7:45 ONLY TONITE! OPEN 6:45 P.M. SHOW.AT DUSKI COME EARLY! FIRST OUTDOOR SHOWING! A REAL 'I ' SHE-BANGI Urrt IPLUS 2ND HIT! ir now i mmw ib amp llHiffil&ytSn DEAN MARTIN KIM NOVAK WVWf" expert in specious reason: as Demekos glorifies war in poetry so Busiris justifies it in logic. And Helen, delightfully portrayed by Arlene Nadel, symbolizes the beautiful madness that has overtaken Troy. Michael Keenan's skillful portrayal of a mathematician turned poet by Helen's beauty is the epitome of Troy's madness. Supposedly a man of thought and logic, Keenan's character embarks on flights of fatuous and funny homage to Helen. Bob Grubbs as Paris is an effete voluptuary in excellent contrast to Smelko's sensible soldier. His subtle and devious thinking justifies to him any sacrifice for Helen. Isa Thomas is a dry commentator and bubble-burster as Hecuba, Troy's queen. And as King Priam, Grant Kilpatrick also shows what fools the men of Troy have made of themselves. ANOTHER VOICE of sense and perspective comes from Polly Holliday's Cassandra, the prophetess doomed never to be believed. Her Cassandra is an earthy member of the family, full of common sense, dispelling the all-too-common view of Cas sandra as an otherworldly crea ture. The play, as skillfully staged by director Richard Fallon, is an amusing, wry and humorously thoughtful commentary on arms and men, ancient or modern. GULF TO BAY DRIVE IN: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 7:40. Th Outlaws Is Coming, 10:30. NEW RITZ: Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, 2, 8. Dr. Blood's Coffin, 3:35, :3S. CRYSTAL RIVER REGENT: Marnie. DADE CITY JOY LAN DRIVE IN: Young Dilllnger. Black Spurs. Goodbye Charlie. PASCO: Goldfinger. FORT MYERS ARCADE: Von Ryan's Express. EDISON: Sandpiper. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA: The Sandpiper. GAINESVILLE DRIVE IN: The Train, 8. LAKELAND FILMLAND DRIVE IN: Mister Moses. Honeymoon Hotel. Apache Gold. LAKELAND DRIVE IN: Cat Balkw. Hiqh Wind In Jamaica. POLK: Yellow Rolls Royce. SILVER MOON DRIVE IN: Beach Blanket Bingo. Swinger's Paradise. Go, Go, Mania. LARGO LARGO THEATRE: Mary Popplns, 2:20, 7:20, 9:40. NEW PORT RICHEY CINEMA: Crack In the World. Apache Gold. PLANT CITY CAPITOL: Goldflnoer. STARLITE ORIVE IN: Girl Happy, Lassie's Greatest Adventure. Gunfight at Dodge City. PUNTA GORDA CHARLOTTE HARBOR DRIVE IN: Escape by Night. Soldier In the Rain. SARASOTA BAYSHORE CINEMA: The Sandpiper, 2:30, 4:55, 7:20, 9:45. FLORIDA: What's New Pussy Cat?, 1, 3:06, 5:12, 7:18, 9:24. RITZ: In Harm's Way, 2:15, 5:15, 8:20. TRAIL DRIVE IN: Spencer's Mountain, 8. Tickle Me, 10:30. PT 109, 12:15. TAMPA BRITTON: The Sandpiper, 1, 3:15, 5:13, 7:40. 9 50. DALE MABRY DRIVE IN: Black Spurs, 7:45. The Satan Bug, 9:30. Masquerade, 11 30 FLORIDA: What's New Pussy Cat?, 1:15, 3 20, 5 25, 7:35, 9:40. HILLSBORO DRIVE IN: Hercules, 11:50. Morqan the Pirate, 8:15. Last Days of Pompeii, 10:10. PALACE: The Sound of Music, t:30, 8:30 TAMPA: The Train. TOWER DRIVE IN: Black Spurs, 7:45 The SaMn Buq, 9-30. Masquerade, 11:30. TWENTIETH CENTURY DRIVE IN: Cat Ballou, 7:45, 11:05. Never Put It in Writing, 9-40. TARPON SPRINGS MIDWAY DRIVE IN: Witchcraft, 7 45 War Gods of the Deep, 9:25. Horror of It All. 10 55, TARPON THEATRE: Goldfinger, 6:27, 8:27. VENICE GULF THEATRE: She. TROPICAL DRIVE IN: The Naked Brl-qade, 7 45. Mondo Pazzo, 9:35. Mating of Sadie, 11:15. 3 HITS! ADVENTURE SOHl AYL M M' SUSPENSE! MM SHE'LL DIE LAUGHING! VIRKAUSI "HOW TO WIFE' UNITED ARTISTS SEE IT STARTING AT 7:45 I 11:10 AT 9:35 ONLY1 CrJlfini I THE WILDEST , k .". , ArliiJMftiiait J rilll HIT ' stripped op iviiy- f J" li -II' f kl'HI wwn I I riniiniiminii.iHi Ac TUK Yr,D, I SS jrmm thing they uved, i to pASADiNi vf. so. iu if i OP THE TEAR! I lliTTU VVi l r ived and I EEMADVIH MICHAEL GALUH 5 fTS burton Dr. Strangelove jtes? worrrinj Ano loti m POmo The Burtons Sex Abounds So What Else What's new, pussycat? I'll be happy to tell everyone what's new. "What's New, Pussycat?" the bedroom farce now at the Palms Theatre Is a perverted, plotless movie full of slapstick, sexual situations which collapse into one lengthy chase. The enjoyment of this movie will depend upon the individual. Intelligent, sensitive people will abhor it, theatrical artists will laugh at it and the zippy, ippy, jazzy, snazzy set will "adore" it. Written by Woody Allen, the leading neurotic comedian of our day, "What's New Pussy cat?" stars Peter O'Toole as a fashion editor who can't avoid nymphomaniacs, Peter Sellers as his analyst who's more eager to join him than cure him, Romy Schneider who's O'Toole's "Pussycat," Capucine a beautiful neurotic with an icy exte rior and smoldering interior and Paula Prentiss as a sensational stripper. Ursula Andress of "Dr. No" fame plays a cameo part as a sex-mad parachutist. Woody Allen stars as an un- lresser for strippers at the Crazy Horse Saloon and he's afflicted with girl troubles, too. Tom Jones belts out the theme Rome's Noise Muffled ROME IT) Rome police handed out 542 fines in a single week in June against autoists who honked too much, owners of transistor radios, juke boxes or TV sets tuned on too loud, or exuberant celebrators who made too much racket. It was part of Rome's campaign to give tourists a quieter stay here. VJ7 Vt II i AN OTTQ PREMINGER FILM Llir II :,ivnT U ,.w visit WEEKI WACHEE u s. 19 ot so SILVER I In 'Sandpiper' In 'Pussycat', Is New? song throughout the Technicolor film. Some of the incidents and bits are extremely funny, others fall flat and become lost in the din. O'Toole's talents seem to be lost in his shuffling of femmes but Peter Sellers, dressed in red velvet, cowboy boots and a long bob, steals acting honors. Unfortunately "Pussycat" has no internal rationale ... it only wants to be externally fashionable. If a bawdy 18th century bedroom farce dressed up in the glib 20th century fashion is fashionable, and you want to be this fashionable, then go and enjoy yourself. Richard Burton makes a surprise, 30-second appearance. Marlene Haugland. St. Paul's Cathedral Getting Face Cleaned LONDON IT) - By July of 1966 you will be able to see St. Paul's Cathedral as the Wren masterpiece looked 255 years ago. The cleaning of the outside of the entire cathedral should be complete by then. In addition, the cross and ball surmounting the dome will be gilded. The cost will be $420,000, raised by public appeal. Briffon I in BRITTON PLAZA South Dole Mobry tampa Acroti Candy Bridge, turn Utt g( Dal Mobry "THE SANDPIPER" In color starring, Elliabeth Taylor Richard Burton OPENS 12:30 P.M. TODAY AT Florida TOGETHER IN 1965's BIG PICTURE! PETER . V OTOOLE psff refill ,D. m,ANr IN COLOR E JgVtgyU II IN COLOR 'Sandpiper' Lays Big, By MARLENE HAUGLAND Of The Times Staff The notorious movie starring "that notorious couple" has arrived In town. The Florida Theatre has caged "The Sandpiper" and the famous Burtons. The trite, sometimes ponderous story deals with an affair between an unwed nonconformist and the headmaster of a private boys' school attended by her nine-year-old son. Naturally Lizzie is the voluptuous, beatnik artist and Burton Is the married, Episcopalian minister. EVA MARIE Saint portrays Burton's wife, Charles Bronson is a beatnik sculptor and Morgan Mason, the son of Pamela and James Mason, Is the nine-year-old. These two sinners continuously argue whether they should or shouldn't and when they do, they berate themselves for their honest passions. Virtuous philos ophies are batted back and forth as the minister loses the meaning of evil and the much used artist adds love to her di mension. After fighting these urges for 115 minutes the audience is left with an admiration for Dickie's maleness and somewhat re strained performance, shock at Liz's plumpness and mundane JJWM1 PMIVIMMI OPEN 6:40 f.otur. 6:53- 1:55 P'eienii Peter Peter Sellers 0 Toole Romy Schneider Capucine Paula Prentiss ind latt but not lau Woody Alien and aue tt ttar Ursula Andress. Rtliascd thru UNITED ARTISTS TECHNICOLOR DOORS OPEN 5:15 "What's New Pussy Cat?" 5:30-7:29-9:28 Last Complete Show 9:17 State Theatres 4 1 HCOMMNOCD rot i AOU.T1 ONLY I light.d F. ParkilSS-"" From the beginning, they knew it was wrong.... but nothing could keep them apart! V. ETR0G0L0WYNMAYER and FILMWAYS SFNT ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON EVA MARIE SAINT M " AOULT 1 LOVE ToTf T QJ iniiii miuiir fA Junri 1 1 at lie KIRK DOUGLAS PATRICIA MEAL TOM TRYON PAULA PRENTISS DANA AIIDREWS &HENRY FONDA ROBERT VERA WAGNER MIUS I Z "PRINCE SPRINGS neai ocau performance and admiration for Eva Marie Saint who gives a top performance in a small role. FILMED in Panavision and Metrocolor in the Big Sur region of California below Monterey, "The Sandpiper" offers startingly beautiful coastline effects. Director Vincente Minelli makes the best of each dramat ic situation but he can do only so much with too little story and too much cleavage. A Technicolor featurette, "Mr. Chat," is an interesting addition to the movie. It's about BEAUX ARTS 7711 . tMh STREET NORTH (lock Wtit Pinellas Park City Hall Premieres Great Films: 8 b 11 PA itracl Eistnsttla'i Famous Mtilca "TIME IN THE SUN" plus OROZCO'S "QUETZALCOATL" Color Live Music Staged Nightly COFFEEHOUSE FOLKSINGERS COLLEGE BALLADEERS & GUITARS ART EXHIBITS-FREE COFFEE-AII Only $1 E LAST 6 DAYS ST. PETEKSIURG'S FIRST NEW THEATRE IN 35 YEARS C 1Y.ONI iHOWIMO 9th AVE. & 58th ST. NO. PHONE 347-3077 Two Carefree Americans turn Paris on its Ear? jAMes ; DiCfc QaRNen; VAnDYne ELKe ANgiE SOMneR DicKiNsoa ROSS HUNTfefi BHeLMeRMaN A UNIVERSAL ROSS HUNTER-CHEROKEE PICTURE BOX OFFICE OPENS 12:30 50c First Vj Hr. (Men. thru Fri.) AFTER 1:00 PiA. ... $1.00 STUDENTS (with I.D.) . .75 AFTER 5:00 P.M. ... US STUDENTS (with I.D.) . 1.00 CHILD ALL TIMES . .50 ClNrtH 1 MM If MtNt PLAYHOUSE F,iCT'HTi I CENTRAL AT NINETEENTH HBl STARTS TODAY BARGAIN MATINEE ADULTS 50' TIL 2 P.M. MON. THRU FRI. (fegJDfeLMIBiiBQnpflLl DOORS OPEN 12:45 FEATURE STARTS 1:17 3:18 5:19 7:20 9:21 The danger is real... The woman is real... but the terrifying reasons II ItlflflAM knltlftff WE:; hidden behind Mm m I IIIUUCII UCIIIIIU II a Mirage! ' In J tostirrint v 1 I KEVIN MCCARTHY -JACK WESTON LEIF ERICKSON WALTER ABEL f lilii A A-TlOCIU. Long Egg a dog, a specialized hunter and cougars. This Is designed for the kiddies, but "The Sandpiper" definitely is not. Phon. 194-9419 PTI 1ST STREET J 1 1ST AVE. NO. 50 IOTH IN COLOR Mm Los PAT BOONE- "STATE FAIR" 1st EXCLUSIVE RUN THIS IS THE PICTURE THAT IS BREAKING ALL BOX OFFICE RECORDS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY . . . MEW YORK 12 WK8. CHICAG0 11 WKS. ATLANTA 8 WKS. JACKSONVILLE 6 WKS. MIAMI 6 WKS. Doers Open 12:45 STAGE SHOWS 2:30 B:30 10:10 THIS YEARS' BEST SUSPENSE PICTURE are 111 BOW STARRING tiCY inncTTC M BANKET V AHtH VS PARTY GAME J A VGONEWILDI r-f cowBova, I BrtOraiISty C ' J 'TjsrtyCrcss Wl r EASY TO GET TO PALACE THEATRE IN TAMPA HERE'S HOW: Tad 4th or tth ST. NORTH TO INTERSTATE 4 . . . LEAVE EXPRESSWAY In TAMPA at DOWNTOWN ASHLEY ST. EXIT TURN LEFT ot ZACK and YOU'RE THERE IN 29 MINS. You JUST MUST Sm Tha Levtlliit Musical 01 Thtm AMI BOX OFFICE OPENS Dally 11 AM Sun. 1:00 PM r RODGERS. JULIE ANDREWS COLOR CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER'DELUXE Two Shewi Dally Matln..'i 2:30 t Ev.nina 1:30 Pkona for rtHrvatlon. 842-0351 ( Direct Una ta box offlco No Toll Chargo from St. P.to) GOOD SEAT AVAILABLE ALL PERFORMANCES! j THE MOTION PICTURE THAT SETS COMEDY AHEAD 100 YEARS! ' 991. CfHTUKT tOI rffMii 3IUIM wmTHIN . 11H Hi! J1WI10I tlll.!0S09l Wlf tlllllOil jfiN Mnf Cisstl tw Dfuici fc intl tfMT THCHtS Smt.i Srttl Si. T0 SltltM m 1MSI Mwmcin ( m Mm wtamt kMiimta Imm Hn I.K bnMIl Uurtit . c. it.rT.ii.lf tmv mil nuimisnmiti . fiounnsm i moinwoiu Sin WIHIHtvfl .4 I0NT MNC0M fVMKH r SUV Mi 'GuilfS 0'fttlM bf .(It WW4.l1 W"tl. h J1CN tUVIIS M UK unuiii ft,! 1000 10' coioi i, M iuu KwibiK JO P.M. 0 NMiwm 110 PJW. SJi.l f PricM.MWv. tnH Only MATINEES IMon. thru Sat.) 1.2S MATINEES (Sun. I Hols.) 1.7S EVENINGS (Mon. thm Tkurt.) I.7S EVEN. (Fri., Sat., Sun. k Hols.) $2 2 SHOWS DAILY 2:30 It 1:30 THEATRE CENTRAL AT NINTH BOX OfflCE OPEN U)0 to :0O PJft. For Information and Reservations Call 862-3785 All Prices Include Tax : i

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