The Capital Journal from Salem, Oregon on October 4, 1979 · 19
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The Capital Journal from Salem, Oregon · 19

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1979
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r ! - V Son of Capital Journal IB, ob link jif M in nursing homes " The attorney general's office has agreed to a state legislator's request to investigate the possibility that organized crime has infiltrated Oregon nursing homes. Jerry Frazier, a former Salem policeman now serving as a state welfare investigator, will conduct the four-month probe sought by Rep. Sandy Richards, D-Portland. .- The chairman of the House Committee on Aging and Minority Affairs told the attorney general's organized crime unit that Oregon is one of 14 states named in a xecent congressional study citing the possibility of underworld involvement in the industry. "We kept hearing testimony last ses Lincoln ed board - NEWPORT (UPI) - M. R. "Bud" Kit-fel, a 12-year member of the beleagured Lincoln County School Board, has announced his resignation, citing frustration with the public mood on financing U3II... 364-HELP! I have a role of asbestos paper that is used as protection behind heating appliances or near pipes. - I've read so much about asbestos that I am wondering if this is dangerous to have around. E.C., McMinnville. According to a spokesman from the Worker's Compensation Department, asbestos is dangerous because of the fiber particles emitted from it. Asbestos paper ' will not emit particles if it is not . disturbed. ; Smooth paper will release particles when it is torn. If you are . going to cut and fit the paper, wet it down to reduce the rough edges and flying particles. According to the staff member we spoke with, the amount of asbestos you would inhale in one of these cases is less than you would receive from standing on a street comer in downtown Salem at rush -hour. It would not be comparable "to working closely with asbestos for an extended time, and there fore is probably not a serious health hazard. She repeated that asbestos paper is not hazardous at all when it is not touched. Keep it out of the way and prevent children from coming into contact with it. They may tear it or in other ways rub off some of the particles. . Call for HELP! 364-4357 ; I'd like to know how to contact the riding stable at Silver Creek Falls Park. Please give me the address or phone number out there. K. P, Salem. Silver Ridge Stables, Route I, Box 123, Sublimity, advertises 20 miles of horse trails at the park. You can call 769-6696. What happened to Kathy Smith, x broadcaster on Portland's Channel I evening news? C. I, Salem. . "A staff member at KATU, Channel 2, told us that Smith is now working with KGW. She is the an-cho"r reporter for the 6 o'clock news on Channel 8. HELP! it (tw feature that wives problems, - answers questions and ets the job done. It appears daily la the Capital Journal and Sal-. nrdty and Sunday k) the Statesman Journal. Call HELP! 14 hours a day at M4-4U7. KELP) answers aueatiant only through this Cabala. , r V 5 Capital Journal photo by Kristin Rosemary Turtle? Salem, Ore., Thursday, October 4, 1979 feared sion that whenever an out-of-state corporation takes over an Oregon nursing home, care declines suddenly and complaints rise sharply," Richards said. "The state is paying $145 million this biennium for nursing honil care, and I think that investment warrants a closer look at who owns these homes," she said. A spokesman for the Oregon Health Care Association, which represents the majority of nursing homes in the state, said the association is not aware of any "hidden ownerships." Federal investigators believe crime syndicates use the homes as legitimate enterprises to launder illegal money.(AP) member auits - education. The district has failed twice to pass the school levy and will make a third try with a reduced request of $9,476,909 on Oct. 23. Kittel on Wednesday said he originally joined the five-member board to check on complaints of graft- r Months of planning and preparation among juvenile authorities have resulted in the opening this week of the Marion County Regional Detention Center. The 12-bed facility at 3030 Center SL NE, Salem, will be a place where Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties ,-. Yamhill blaze contained B ig fire burns out VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) - A crackling forest fire burning out of control through 3330 acres of national forest land today left a smudge of glowing red smoke in the sky that could be seen from Vancouver, 45 miles away. Because of aircraft monitoring, the Ruth fire was downgraded from a 4.300-acre blaze which officials earlier reported. And two forest fires in Western Oregon were contained or controlled Wednesday after burning about 260 acres, and a third blaze is near containment after burning 180 acres near McMinnville. The largest blaze burned on steep, rocky ridges about four miles south of Newport tabby tails and tabby tales By KRISTINE ROSEMARY Statesman Journal Correspondent Doppleganger: A spiritual or ghostly double or counterpart. Webster's New International NEWPORT - Nice to see you got the cat back, people say when they walk up to the desk to bring in their library books. "We didn't get the cat back," the librarian says. "This is a different one." They give her an odd look - something's wrong with that woman, the look says. They cluck the cat under the chin, and murmur, "Nice to see you, Turtle." - Because isn't this a big tabby cat, sit-ting right where it always did, curled up on the frqnt desk washing his whiskers? Isn't this the same old library cat, Turtle, taking the same old naps on the boss's desk? No. Turtle hasn't been seen since the June 29. when he didn't show up for . .Bomb Salem police have dismantled what turned out to be a bogus bomb planted in the food section of Fred Meyer North shopping center and recovered an undetermined amount of cash after a would-be extortionist apparently failed to pick up the money. Police had no suspects in the Wednesday incident and today were planning to process evidence, said Sgt. Gary Kinsman. Two explosive experts, wearing helmets and flak jackets, used eight-foot-long hooks and crouched behind metal shields in the parking lot of the shopping center in dismantling the device, which proved to be a harmless bundle of flares, flashlight batteries and wire, held together by tape. Rudie accused by Bar in ethics case By GEORGE REDE Capital Journal Reporter Salem lawyer Peter Rudie has been accused by the Oregon State Bar of violating state bar ethics in the handling of two guardianship cases. The 13-page complaint, containing 11 counts of alleged "unethical conduct," was filed Wednesday with the Oregon Supreme Court. Six of the counts are related directly to the two guardianship cases, one this year and one last year. Four counts accuse him of failing to respond to the bar's requests for information concerning those and other cases. One count charges him with neglecting a legal matter en No more jail cells ih. i . can hold juvenile offenders who are awaiting court appearances. Lack of such a facility has meant some youngsters have had to be placed in county jails. Here Linda Chandler, assistant superintendent of the center, talks with a youngster in a dormitory room. Detroit Lake in the Willamette National Forest. Sam Frear, spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service, said 150 people battled the blaze Wednesday and expected to have fire lines completed Wednesday night. The fire started in a three-week-old timber slash burn, he said. All of the land is federally owned. Another blaze in the Willamette forest, about 40 miles to the southeast, was contained Wednesday after burning 160 acres. Frear said crews expected to control that blaze, also caused by slash burning, this morning. About 160 people were breakfast as usual outside the library's front door. Hie librarian, Carole Dick-erson, put an ad in the weekly paper. "Lost: Gray striped neutered male "cat, slightly battered and disreputable looking. Answers to kitty kitty. Last seen waiting to get in Newport Public Library." In the weeks that followed, Dickerson got an idea of just how many black and gray tabby cats there are in Lincoln County, Oregon. "One woman tried to palm off what I'm sure was her own cat. Another offered us a 6-week-old kitten." There was some resemblance, but it wasn't quite perfect: Then they saw the cat stranded at the Agate Beach Wayside. It looked exactly like Turtle at first glance, sitting there abandoned overnight among the picnic tables and driftwood. It wasn't Turtle, though. The new guy had green eyes, was younger and didn't have scars or torn ears. extortioe plot -fails "It was totally a hoax type of device," said Kinsman. Police recovered an undetermined amount'of money that a Fred Meyer employee had left for the extortionist, who had asked for $25,000. The money, believed to be less than $25,000, was recovered "apparently un-. touched" from a trash can at the east end of the Wheatland Ferry near the Willamette River 12 miles north of Salem, Kinsman said. He said he was told by superiors not to disclose the amount. Steve Rolston, manager of the store's grocery section, placed a paper bag containing the money in the can at the instruction of the extortionist. Rolston said a male telephone caller jxAA him at 5:15 p.m. that a bomb had trusted to him in a divorce case. Rudie declined to comment on the complaint. The complaint was made public just hours after a bizarre news conference in the Capitol press room in which Rudie and the Rev. Ken Hoden, a national spokesman for the Church of Scientology, engaged in a shouting match. The complaint says Rudie on March 16, 1979, knowingly used false evidence to obtain a Clatsop County Circuit Court order appointing Donald Brightman the temporary guardian of his daughter Lark, 22. It says Rudie and Brightman and two private investigators seized the young woman the following day from an Capital Journal phots by Robert DeGiuhe of control fighting the fire, which burned about one mile west of the Mount Washington Wilderness area near the crest of the Cascades. A fire is contained when fire lines are completed and is controlled when crews begin extinguishing it. The third fire was controlled Wednesday night after burning 100 acres of mostly privately owned timberland about 12 miles north of McMinnville. Linda Gabrielson, spokeswoman for the state Forestry Department, said about 100 people fought the fire Wednesday;' She said her agency and area police offices had numerous reports that mete "We couldn't leave him there," Dickerson says, "so we brought him back to the library and put a found-cat ad in the weekly." They set him down in front of Turtle's old dish and went about their work. Something strange started to happen. "Not every cat is an institutional cat with an.academic turn of mind," Dickerson says. "Bui I went out front, and saw the cat lying asleep on one of the tables, with someone reading beside him - in one of Turtle's favorite spots." The next time she saw him, he was curled up asleep on the checkout counter, Turtle's most favorite place in the library. Dickerson began thinking of Joseph Conrad's short story, "The Secret Sharer," and of the German doppel-ganger, a "double walker," a spirit counterpart. "I see you found the cat," someone said. been put in a freezer under some popsi-cles and that two other bombs were hidden elsewhere in the store. Rolston said he was told the extortionist could detonate the bombs at any time and would tell Rolston where to find them if $25,000 was taken to the trash can. . . Police said Rolston, without telling anyone about the bomb threat, grabbed all the money he could from tills, stuffed it in a bag with a loaf of bread and a salami and delivered it to the specified location. After returning to the store, nearly an hour later, Rolston called police and notified his superiors of the threat, officers said. Ocean Park, Wash., camp run by followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. The complaint says Rudie should have ' known the Oregon order was unenforceable in Washington. The complaint also alleges that Rudie acted deceitfully to obtain a Marion County Circuit Court order on April 6, 1978, appointing Martin Blackman temporary guardian of his 22-year-old son Will, a member of the Hare Krishna sect in Portland. The complaint also contends that Rudie misplaced a file in a domestic suit and later failed to give it to another Salem lawyer who was hired after Rudie was dropped by his client. Rudie has 10 days to answer the complaint. A three-member panel of lawyers will hold a hearing, and it will be up to the Supreme Court to decide whether to discipline Rudie. Release of the complaint followed a news conference called by Hoden to announce a development in a $1 million libel suit that Rudie filed against him in August. Hoden issued copies of a statement claiming, "Rev. Hoden successfully filed a motion in Marion County Circuit Court . . . wherein he defeated Rudie's insatiable desire to punish his critics." Hoden denounced Rudie for "picking up where the Nazi Gestapo left off in their attempt to destroy religious freedom in the world." He charged that Rudie - seated 10 feet in front of him, with a tape recorder and camera - was unfit to be a lawyer. "In my opinion," Hoden saidfyou need Vocational ed convention opens up in Lincoln City LINCOLN CITY - Delegates from 14 states of the Western region State Advisory Council for Career and Vocational Education are meeting today and Friday at the International Dunes resort. The annual meeting allows delegates to share issues and common problems. But this year's meeting has special significance, according to Gene Mclntyre, executive director of the Oregon Council, because in 1982 Congress willmend the vocational education act and needs recommendations about proposed amend-. ments. near Vancouver orites or other flaming objects had fallen from the sky before the fire. She said state investigators had ruled out meteorites as the cause. They believed the blaze was started by an un-tended campfire in the popular hunting area. No injuries were reported and no structures were in the path of the Washington fire, which began about noon Tuesday in an old slash burn in the Canyon Creek area of the national forest. About 1,400 firefighters have been called in from around the country to fight the Rath fire and two other' smaller forest fires in Western Washington, which were believed sparlted by warm, dry I "No, not yet," Dickerson answered, checking a book. . The woman gave her an incredulous stare. Dickerson turned around. The other cat was sitting behind her. She kept having trouble convincing people it wasn't him. They kept asking, "Are you sure?" Dickerson has the perfect explanation. "Turtle ran out and fathered half the kittens in Nye Beach. We were always fearful of a paternity suit. This cat's remarkable likeness and personality traits are very much like those of -1 suspect, maybe - a lost son." The new replacement has no official name, but the librarian wants to call him Ben, after Benjamin Franklin - ; who founded the first subscription library in the U.S. . "I'm pushing for that one," she says. "But he'll probably be known as The Library Cat no matter what we name mm. . Police and firefighters were called just after 6 p.m. and shoppers were asked over loudspeakers to evacuate the store. Customers who were dining in a restaurant in the same building also were asked to leave. Sgt. James Ford and Cpl. William Burns, members of the police department's volunteer bomb squad, emerged about 7:40 p.m. from the store, using long ropes to pull a wheeled explosives container containing the "bomb." Ford and Burns removed the device from the container and dismantled it in about 20 minutes as spectators looked on. Police said they found no other suspicious devices in the store. psychological examination because I feel you're a public menace." Rudie said after the press conference that he expects to include "two more counts, possibly three" in the libel suit as a result of Hoden's remarks. Hoden's news, it turned out, was that Rudie this week conceded a defense motion to withdraw from his complaint a request for $500,000 in punitive damages after Hoden's lawyer pointed out a recent Oregon Supreme Court ruling that held punitive damages are not recoverable in defamation actions. The effect of the motion is that Rudie will amend his original complaint to ask for $500,000 in general damages only., Rudie also has agreed to amend the complaint to make it more specific with regard to the allegedly libelous statements. Hoden himself has said the suit stems from statements he made during an interview with a Portland television station on Aug. 21. Hoden charged Rudie with being responsible for the abduction of Lark Brightman. He also charged Rudie had broken the woman's legs and had deprogrammed her. When pressed by Rudie, however, Hoden admitted he had not talked with the woman, Lark Brightman, and did not know for a fact whether she had been deprogrammed. Both Rudie and Hoden were shouting. "I've never heard of a press conference to discuss a motion," Rudie said later. He said he attended because he was advised of the event by a reporter. Raymond Parrott of Washington D.C., executive director of the National Council on Vocational Education, told delegates today, "Employers state that young men and women coming out of our schools do not have either basic skills or good work habits. Any period of time ' when the value of education is perhaps the highest ever, functional illiteracy is unbelievably rampant." .Friday afternoon from 1 to 3:30 p.m., conference delegates will see a logging skills demonstration at Cascade Head "Experimental Forest. weather and high winds. Winds of 40-50 miles an hour which fanned the Ruth fire out of control for -two days have abated, but are expected to rise again Friday, said Wayne Parsons, fire information officer for the Gif-ford Pinchot National Forest. '. Airplanes and helicopters dropped chemical fire retardant, but the intensity of the wind-fanned flames kept firefighters away from the main blaze Wednesday night. There is no indication when the fire will be contained or controlled, said Parsons. The flames jumped the., forest boundaries and destroyed about 20 acres of adjacent Weyerhaeuser Co. timber.

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