The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1944
Page 6
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nLYTHEVILLTS (ARK.) COURIER NEWS With Fourth Will Be Played Here Tomorrow The BAAP Baseball Team and the Fourth Perry Command nine of Memphis, originally scheduled to play at the Cotton Capital Saturday afternoon, will meet l:istead in a,game here Friday afternoon, Lieut; Bill'Adams, post athletic officer, announced today. The , changes, jn'schedule were made at the .request of ihe local Athletic Department when ' it was discovered that key members of (he BAAP learn would be imsble to play Saturday because of duty as- slgrimenls, . furloughs, nnd "other reasons. So, the tf.o Goliaths of Mid- South seriice camp baseball will hurl everything they have against each other \\lien they lake the field here niday.. Lefty Mel Parnell, leading batsman and aco of the-Blytlicville , mouii(j staff, will toe' the slab against the Tennes- seaiis' heat) sluggers. Bucking him up will be such reliable fielders and clutch hitlers as Staff Sergt. Walter Bialek, catcher 'and extra-base slugger, : Fred Swan, second base- niaii 'and ..7. dependable waller ft hen men ate on* base, Sergl. Max Vickers, leadoff man and a clever place-hitter, and the other regulars of the local sqiiad. * What 1 opposillon the .\fcmphlriiis will present ngainst this galaxy'at young., veterans of the diamond Is a matter of conjecture. When iltS Ferry-Command bowed to the St. Louis'Cardinals l)y- a 9-3-score in are unable to secure help from the Second Army, they will still present n powerful team of ex- major and minor league stars against the local aggregation. Included In this group will he Lieut. Johnny Beasley, former moundsmau for the Cardinals, and his ex-teammate, Borgt. Jimmy Brown, third baseman; •]!«! Toenes, a capable right handed pitcher with several years of minor league experience; Cully nickard, former Southern Association outfielder; and other talented veterans. ; Friday's game will begin at 2:30 o'clock. llte DOPE BUCKET J. P. FRIEND HAS SEEN ACTION Staff Sergeant Horace Walters, son-of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Walters, noute 3, who at one time appeared to have the makings of n top notch side : of llio. pond since January 1942. i cn'mc over with a Recon- iinlssnncc Squadron, was D.8.-CO lo ATC for tlirec months, then flew with a Troop Carrier Squadron for three months, ending up wllh a st rater- bomber squadron that I 1m vc been wlin these l»sl 22 mouths. HAS SEEN r,\CII''lC Sure saw jileiity of Hits 8. W. P. nnd "down under" (Australia) when flying with A'i'C ta radio operator. Slilps we hnd at Ilrsl. were formerly Dutch, Instructions and Instructors all in Dutch. Say. con tlml screw n guy up. I didn't team much Dutch. One word stuck though us It was Master Electrical switch for nil radio equipment, "hoofsderschokler", sltnilitr, or something THURSDAY, MAY 11, Osceola Takes 2 From Keiser \ Seminoles Register Sixth and Seventh Wins In Succession OSCEOLA, Ark., May 11 — The Osceola Seminoles continued pn the victory trail lust week at, Osceola, as they swept both ends ot a douVjleteiider from Keiser. Tlie victories were the Seminoles slxlli „„ „„.„,„ awl seventh In succession without I Hart Aiislrnllnn co-pilots when » $l et(l - "gainst hlgli -school com- I was with the Troop Carriers. Sivell guys and B«ad pilots. Have (illoti. some good buddies In tlic R.A.A.P. Nfan, arc these Aussie.s rough on Tojo's hoys. Was with Troop Carrier when Die Nips Innded at Uunn. "Tojo'.s chickens" were i>rclty numerous In Guinea those days. Sure Is a contrast to conditions now. The Jnps hesitate before hop now, taking a pleasure a game eailier this week, Hie Ten-, boxer and foolball star, gives come ne.sseaus presented a lineup that [interesting date on himself nnd his 28 months In the New Guinea area n an Interesting letter. Discovered by Joe Crulg, considered by experts as one of the best inndlers of young boxing talent, iorace made quite an Impression In its brief Hurry with the gloves. A fancy dnn with hii feel, liis best nttriliutc towards a -successful ring career was , his terrific punching lower. Despite efforts by Craig to Jcrsuade him to continue, after n nost encouraging stnrt, n first round knockout to be cxnct, Horace turned thumbs down. Young Wallers reported to Coach Joe DHrty nnd the Biythcvlllc Jhicks one season nnd looked tin- had been strengthened by (be injection of star members of the old Second Army team, one of the strongest squads In this section. Since then, however, there has arisen 4 a possibility that the Sect ond Army may resume competition as an Individual nnlt, : so It Is not known here whether the Ferry Command will be able to ngnin gain the services of the talent they borrowed for their meeting with tlie Cardinals. However, it the Memphis airmen WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasnw- ba Dhtilcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Marilyn Lewis','' Plaintiff, vs. -• No. 8003 ^ Luke H. Lewis. -Defendant. Tlie defendant Luke H. Lewis Is hereby warned to appear within thirty class m the court named in the caption hereof nnd nnsiver the complaint of the plaintiff Marilyn ' Dated this 3 day of May, 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Bv Doris Muir, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pitt. CJaiide P Cooper, Atty. ad Lilem. 51)0-11-24-31 usually promising, view of his limited especially experience the gridiron. He ' had speed nnd power, plus plenty of innards. Birt the call to the colors lured him away. . His colorful letter follows: 405 Bomb S(]dn (M) 38th Bomb Group APO 113. Unit 1 San I'Ynnclsco. Calif. Apr. SO, Ne\v Guinea Dear J. P.: Have intended writing you for ages. A fellow gels to be un accomplished procraslitiator where writings concerned after writing so much these past months. LIKES THE 'BUCKET 1 Mother clips your "Dope Buckets" and sends them with her letters. Gee! You have no Idea how swell it is to read ot all the fellows, where they are, what they are doing, who meets who. Not 'having seen onyonp from Ulythevillc for almost three years (34 months), reading your "Dope" Is almost like having a session with the boys; really a pleasure. Seems to be more of the Blythe- vllle bo.vs nre . throwing their punches at Jerry, judging from your column. I have been 1n this - area Hie past 28 months and haven't seen a single guy from home, other than n pilot I met up in the Grabriands who got his training at the Dlythcvllle base. Only guy I've seen whom I knew in civy life was Paratrooper Jack. Rlvnlto (C.B.O.. Memphis). Met him just after he "lilt the silk" in | the first chutist ncllon in the Southwest Pacific. 'Hadn't seen him since we fought C.B.C. in '38. Charles (Wliitey) Llpford Is 280 miles from here. I made n hop down to see him last month, but 15 minutes out the weather chased MS iu. so we had to return to home base. I hear that Jimmy Lunsford has Ihe same APO as Lipford Maybe I will get a crate down that way again soon and get to sec thci both. Hope so. (Horace has the same APO as Capt. Gene Hood. Mother said you asked dud to have me give the lowdown on yours truly. Well, J. p., rv c been on" this I'm Inking my hat off to those .'I2iid-13lvvy boys; those green kids sure did a great job In the first notion between Nips nnd Yanks on the 'ground hero in Guinea. They are still going Tokyo-ward, too. I used to R'ally be thankful I didn't S have to lilt the jungle, hunting Nip/s with those boys when we were carrying them "over llie hump". Have been with a Slrafer-Domb- fr Unit these past 22 months. Haven't been flying for past 10. strictly n groundling, except for an oe- easlonnl flight to break the monotony, or to see some Island group I've not seen before. These coral minks all look heller from upstairs than down. The "Orcen Dragons" (Chlcngo Tribune, Sunday Jan, 9) arc pretty well known lo Tojo's boys. Our "Tokyo Sleeper" hns more missions than' any bomber in S.W.P.. almost 150 c.M.'s now ("Yank Down-Under", August.-'43). Some war-horse, eh fellow? AHKANSAN IS C.O. A fanner C'.O., returned to the Stales now, was an Arkansas boy— Major John Watklns of Utllc Rock. A grand guy, we all thought. He and Edward lEdd) Edds were buddies In college. I scratched Edds n line several months ago. Guess It must have gotten wet. The pilot I met in Trlabrlamls Is the only fellow I've met who could give me the lowdown on Bly- thevllle since I've been overseas. From what I hear the "home town" Has changed lots. Sure would like In the opening game, Osceola oulscored Keiser In n free-for-all slugfcsl, 13 to 8. The visitors counted one run in the Initial frame, three In the second, two in the third and two In the seventh. The Semlnolcs tallied three in the second, throe In third, four in the fifth and three In the slxlli. Joe Whltworlh hammered out three singles. Austin Moore and Bob Watson clouted home runs to lead the Scmljiplcs' M-hlt attack., In the second contest Seinlnolc hurlcr Wa(san let the visitors down without a hit or run to i}ain a 4 to 0 victory. Only two men reached base, those on errors. Carl Roberts, Seminoles first baseman hit n two run homer In the third. Osccoln Moore ss-lf . Roberts lu .. Whltworth sf Watson p ... Cook c-ss .. Sai'tntn WiLson Thorne ct Butler c Lynch If-cf ... Kramer 2h First Game Ab R. rf 31) Reiser Mckett c loyd ss lalslon cf : entry If ................ 4 'ells If ................... 3 ISolick ]> .................. .) reen s[ ..... , .......... . 3 Doifelas Ib ' ........... '..' 3 Jox IT .................... 3 -co 2b .................... 3 to get back nnd see everyone and everything. Tell any of the boys you see "helto" for me, tluit I will be see- Ing them when we "win this hand." : Just wanta live quite and peace- 'ul oh that little farm west of own when this is over. I'm not even going so fnr as to cross llie Mississippi ngnln. Hear Joe Whltley is game warden now. Say "Hi 1 to him for me. I use<| to fish a little with him. He always patched tip my fly rod when I busted It. ..'• J. P., 1 I .could, talk you blue In the face if I .'could .sec you. But guess 1 should nnit this before you go blind trying to decipher these hieroglyphics. Im sweating those "Gates" sometime this Spring. (Rotation plar not panning out fast here.) Look- Ing forward to a long session over stcnk nnd french fries with yon In Blytlicville nny day this Spring. Sincerely. Horace P.S. April 25. Say, J. P., had n letter from my big Imd today. Om "Uncle" lias him over in Italy cx- termiiintiiig "Ralzies". How 'bout Plenty of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANUFACTURING CO. I'hone 2911 No character in a Grausfarkian i operetta is the fighter pictured : above, but one of the leaders of Genera! Mikhailovitch's Yugoslav guerillas, who are battling German invaders of their country. He is Capl. Danilo Solo- titch, slaff chief in Bosnia and Herzegovina.' ,._! A few tons of D. P. L.. No. 14 COTTONSEED and Ralsoy Soybean Seed H. C. KNAPPENBERGER Phone r>r.;i • Fine Workmanship by Expert Photographers. • No a p p o i ntment Necessary. • Proofs Shown F o r Satisfactory Selections. O'Steen's . Studio 105 W. Main Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 35 13 14 Ah R H . -1 1 3 34 8 11 lint? '.S. 2. It you're ever up around 'Cnpc", liow nbom dropping In nl Stnte Teachers nnd check to sec hat none ot those "Dry Dock jobs" get serious with n former D.H,S. miss nlteiuling college there vill y», pal? Troy House Will Head Holland FFA Chapter HOLLAND, Mo., May 11.—Troy House was elected president of tlie Holland chapter of the F.F.A. In the annual elvcllon of officers held Monday, Others elected to serve with J ] him arc Jiick Smith, vice president, 11". A. Colemnn, secretary, Scott Mauley, treasurer, Fiex Griffin, report- jer, aiut Louis Uepriest, watch doy. 'I'M new officers plan to cany on an active program of work throughout the coming year. Hospital At Joneshoro To Distribute Penicillin JONESBOKO, May 11 (U.P.)—I St. Bernard's hospital here has r liceii designated by the Advisory Panel of the War Production Board (W one of the hospltnLs- In Arkansas to distribute penicillin, the new wonder drug. Three other Institutions—two at Little Rock and one at Hot Springs—previously were designated as distribution depots. Ketd Courier r«ow> want tot The Prlbllof Islands, owned by (lie United Stales, yield 80 per cent of the worlds supply of seal fur. iWcird sounds . reverberating: 'through Hie An?.io beachhead lire more liltely lo come from the instrument pictured above than from a German secret weapon. It's a home-made bass fiddle, concocted out of flyc-i gallon oil cans, a German shell ;md other ottds and ends by ihrcc ambulance drivers. . One >f them, Pfc. Petei- Alleaizzo ot Scvcrly, Mass., displays his . • handiwork. ' Thirty-six eggs are required lo make one pound of Ihe nawrtweil ceg that is being scut, lo England. 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vo!c»aJiln|; — Tire end Tata Uepalrlni Tractor Tires Our BpecUHj. All Work Guaranteed WADE COAL CO. Alabama Bed Ash Coal N. Hwy. Gt ri). 2291 We have (his new, safe, thorough de-worming agent Jhaf ends fasting ond drenching ;;. gels offer round ond nodular worms In a huiry. Get d bag of TROL now! "Just feed it'? TROL-SHEEP Conform: Phenolhiaiino; Nicotine Sulfole Solution, 40,%; Copper 5ul- falq, Diy Brewer's Grains, etc. General instructions:- Put TROL- SHEEP in feed irough and spread so each animalgcts approximately equal share. Then sprinkle a litile 01 (bcir regular feed over TRQL. Give no other grain fcctluntihliccp liavc eaten (his entire mixture ftom trough. One 25-pound bag of TKOL treats 200 lambs under 30 pounds, or 100 adulr sheep over 50 pounds. Sec dosage on the sack. Klylhcville, Ark. YcSfSir, there's no need lo use old-fashioned de-worming mcrhods wcrh your sheep or swine,\v!icn you can puiTROL on ihe joM Why s!on't you pickup a bag Of TROI.-SHEEP or TKOL-SWINE anil find out this modern, time and labor-saving-way to fight internal parasites to a standstill and increase the value of your nnimals? TROL is safe.TROL is thnroueh. TKOL is easy to use. Feed Incc regular feed. Get TROI. cotliy! Costs less than oilier compatible <Jc-\vorming agents. C K. ASHCRAFT CO., Distributors !i lllock Snulli of Frisco Heiiol IMioiic 193 JUST RECEIVED! 2 Carloads of 6 Foot CLIPPER COMBINES On Rubber ~ With Motor Csll2l42 '-•: RED TOP GIN or Write Box 79D "SQUARK DKAI/'JCo. 101683 Minnesota Stale Champion 1942, Senior Kg All American* Champion, 1012, Senior Boar rig FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T.;CAGLE S. Hwy. 61—Phone 3390—Rf. 2, Blytheville OBBS A wonderful, smart Doblis exclusive fancy Weave Panaire* with smart Gold Coast l)aii{l. Loolcs right ...feels right right for any man who wants trim smartness with cool comfort when temperatures soar.' DOBBS Straws....3.50up Hughes & (o. This new, modern needlework technique brings you the long- lasting smartness usually asso- ciated with expensive clothes,.. without on expensive price tag. Thanks to BALANCED TAILORING, the collar of your TtMRY surf will always fit snugly. The lapels will always roll soflly. The whole suit will always drape with its original unbrofcen smoothness. T1ME1Y MUNCED TAHOWNG ond TlMElY SHARKSKIN make one of the richest, long wearing combina- tions we know of. IONO WiARlNO r i M 11 Y - . ~SHMK5KIHS ^jjs . Hughes & (o BOWL for fun and licaKli! BILL'S am) CHOUGH'S HOWLING ALLEY 120 N. Second GHICKASAW Weil Main Near 21st SI. : >at. starts 12:15; Sun. starts l:4C, Nifilit sliows 5:45 F\cc|it Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. nnd Sim. J.iisl Time Today Double Feature "FOUR MOTHERS" i'ri.srilla with - lln.sriiKiry l.iine .iiul "HARVARD, HERE I COME" ivilh Maxle Ilnscnbloum * Arlino Judge Friday and Saturday Double Feature "SECRETS OF THE WASTELANDS" with IIo(i,ilon^ Cnssfdy "DUMBO" (In Technicolor) A Walt IHsney Creation SKIIIAL: "Don \Vinslow of Const Guard I'opcye Co mml y NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Last Time Today CORVETTE K-225" wllh l):uulnl|ili Scolt Fox News & Short Friday "PRAIRIE THUNDER" with Dick Forun Serial ;iiul Shorl i Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today VIRGINIA WEIDLER EDWARD ARNOLD ft CARROLL ,N PORTER Scnen Ploy by Ceorge Oppcnriaimer, Charles Uotrcr ond Leonard Spigolgon &aicd Vpon ifia Soak by lilJion Day Dlicclcd by fdwaid Buzicll Produced by B. f. Zctdmcm iVeus of Ihn Day SJiorte Friday find Saturday Thunder Over The Prairie 7 with Charles Starred * ClilT Edwards SF.UIAJ,: "Tlic Aclvfnturcs ftf Smilin' Jack"

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