The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1934
Page 3
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8, 1034 Osceola Society — Personal Mrs. John Sawyer jr. of CfU'iilh- I crsvllle and Mrs. E. P. still ol I Plymouth, N. C.. were giie.sls <>' I Mr. and Mrs. U C. B, Young for 1 Hie week end. • ' I Mrs. A, VV. Young arid son, I Ajidy, returned Jiotnc yesterday ifroin Jonesljorp where they have Ibpen visiting Mrs. Young's par- I ents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Love. I Mrs. Jo)in Blnckwood returned I here today from Little Rock wheie Ishe has Iweii visiting i-olallvss tot line past week. I Mrs. C. 1!. Neltlos sppnl ycs- Iterday In Blythevlllc. -Joe Cotton left today for Mari- unrin,'Ark., to he gone until Frilly. BLYTnSVlLLB (ARK.) COURIER tfB Expert Play Looks Easy But Appearances Arc Deceiving Solution to Previous Contract Problem I«V WM. K. MelCKNNKY Secretary, American Bridge Lraijtie Starling Monday, life. 10, experts of Hie United Smtcs will assemble at ilie Hole) ppiimyl- vanla In Now York City to com-! pete In the eighth annual niului- nl championship tournament of ll:c American Bridge League. Tlio I open pair. Die open learn ilxurd- a-matcli), the women's team, and the mixed pair titles will lie i,t stake. I've heard many bridge players remark: "I'd like lo watch • Mrs. J. R. Hoyden of Cnrutli- crsville, Mo,, ; was guest of h'erjii,- motlier, Mrs. W. L. Moore, lime yesterday. Waller Cole of Parngoiiid .spem yesterday here as Hit micsl ol Miss B, Nettles. Marcus I-Yrli/. and- Nulhnh Peuteh f)f Joiie.sboro- attended lo 't>uslm>.ss hrn: ycslerday. Mr.s. W. L. Moore und ddns-li- ler Mrs. ,1. R. Haydwj arc .spending today in Memphis. The Progressive club will nr>C tomorrow afternoon al 2:30 o'ciocK at the elubrooms. Judge Z B Harrison of Blylheville will be Die speaker of the afternoon.' exports play." Well, us a nmi.ter of fuel, tlie experts in not nl- Match-Making Mouse Endangers Seven Lives AKRON, o. (UP)—Lives of seven persons, including three children wrc endangered by a mouse that chose to nibble match heads for a night's repast. .The children \vero carried to safety from their beds at' 3 a.m., when tne fire broke out at the home of C. L. Barron. A 98 f, 3 » K I n S 7 *, Q i o i :: V Ii2 » 7-1 4 A K Q S * E S Dfjlw * A 1C .1 7 V A Q .1 !( » A Q J 5 *r, V fi 1 3 . in <j s C . J3 7 2 Duplicate—B. and W, South West, Noi-lh 1 4 Pass v IN. T 2 A Pass 3 * ' Pass . 5 V ' Pass : Pass Opening Jead—4, K. K.-i.<.t Pass Pans Pass Pass ways as interesting as il may seem, because, naturally, they seldom make n mistake anct the flue little touches 'which they aHd to the play of the hand seem quite THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF OLDEST SUCVWiNQ STDME.'BUILD1|4Q. CLAS-SED LE&ALLV VERMIN/' , ROAD /?OWN£/? t BIRD OF THE SOUTHWEST, KILLS COILED TCXD STRIKE. . . ATTACKS THEM. Today's Contract Problem Kirlh IIM HID conlract til nix cluim. Ka^i ojiens Die Jack "f diamonds, which North wins wini n,,, .„,,, would you rday toward tlui Jack of "fins, or would you try lo (!""«•!(, llio Iicm-ls nml siiados 1 ; A A f) 1 il • ¥ A Q ii r, « A •* K Q J 7 (Illlml) N Dtder ' 4 !l ii 2 V .1 7 « Q S 6 .( Kolullon In ne.vt Issue. jbvj'ous ivlMMi ynii HIT walchhi' them. Here's an Inlereiaiiig hand which was played by Mrs. II. L. Pelt-r- of PhilutleliililH. Mrs. Petei-- son is n ruled "Maxlei- Player," having won .several national Uili's, and she will compete iu .several of the national events. Noiv thn average player, in playing this band, might say, •Well, there's nothing to a except to pick up the (rumps and then hope that the spade finesse is right," or -Discard a couple ol spades from dummy on the gottl diamonds and then" trust that b 1 ,' rmring one spade the jack will l;e established. But you can see that that play would fail. NOW here's the way Mrs. Peterson played it and you will admit, after looking the hand over, that it docs look simple The Play The king of clubs was opened and the queen continued. Declarer rullcd with Ihc ace of hearls. If you will notice, the .hearts arc of equal length. The jack of hearts was played and overtaken by flicking In dummy. Norn another club wa.s led and with the o.fieen of hearts The nine., of heart swas played and overtaken in dummy bv the len spot. Now isn't the piny simple? Dummy iilriys tlie. two good hearts on which are discarded the seven and jack of spades, the; king of diamonds Is cashed, and a small diamond led. And now all Ihc cards in declarer's hand are good. Evangelists Plan Rig Meetings in Chicago CHICAGO. UP) - Prominent r evangehsUs, ,,directors-- and- Bible j leachcrs from all parts of the United States and Canada will assemble Dec. 30 to Jan. 6 for the nations convention of Evangelists and Christian workers. included on lh e progr ., m „.„, be Billy Sunday, Gypsy smith Dr Charles L. Goodsell Homer Roch-' Heaver, Charles .P. welglc, Roy L Brown, Harry von Bruch, Waller McDonald, Howard s. Cadle and others. Last year more than 50000 persons attended during the eight days of the .session at Philadelphia, BOSTON (UP)-A~hIcteaw was used in an operation at City Hospital here. Four-year-old Marv Patera worked a melal washer over her second knuckle whilt playing. The hospital had exhausted its supply of instruments lyymg to remove it. Finally an engineer loaned a hack-saw from his tool chest and the .operation was completed successfully. PAGETERElT Nortli Pole, Arello /one, l)f«'inlirr 1, 10:0. THE road runner is a descendant of tree cuckoos, which ,t resembles n, having two rear toes on each foot. These toes actually aie n-nmdrnnce in running on the ground. NEXT: Why did Julius Ciesar wear a laure for Her SILK HOSE. ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE Especially if It's the new sheer-clear Allen A. . . 76c lo S1.35. . . also Ladies House Slippers at popular prices, At Hie New York Store FLOYD A. WHITE LADIES LEATHER JACKETS Zipper style, light or dnrt: brown. S10. New Mead Clothing Co. . 4 * ' * ' Dear Sanla: We know lots of !ilt!n girls nnd big . ones who want a permanent for Christmas. How about it? MARGARET DEEN flEAUTY SHOPPE + * + QfFTS SHE'LL ADORE Atomii'.ers, Perfume sets, Bridge Cards. Compacts, Pangburn's Candles,- Honbiganl and Coty'.s Perfume Sel.s, Heating Pads and other acceptable gifts. j. HULL'S PHARMACY crown? The first American newspaper cartoon was designed by Benjamin Franklin and appeared in his paper, the Pennsylvania Gazelle May 9, 1754. Hundreds of history •j books have since borne reproductions of it-. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Alien i THtfiE ttfc THE6P.ECT I WA&TELUN]GTVOt"BOYS,UP AT THE CNVLS CLUBJO JAKKE UP A "BETTlMe TOOL TOR THE KNOW ABOUT HORSES^ ALL THEY SEE (S TH' ONES ON rvMLK. WAGOMS, AT-TB"P, TH" CLUB BLOVVS OUT TH" BMT TH' TRKP TO &^^^G- TEN,BETWEEN NOW SPRING, AN' YOU BET IT ON YOUR THIS STEKLINd STEED WOULD SWELLTHEIR PURSES THEY LAUGHED ME TO SCORN/ HER&S PROSPECTIVE LOW- BOY WAFfLt MAKER Bakes, golden brown walTlcs exactly to your lasle. Heat indicator tells when to pour bailer. Patented expansion hinge allows baiter lo Beautifully finished in chron- liini plate - - $5,95. IIUnBARD HARDWARE CO. / '* * + Walniit-ccdfir Chesls Beautiful walnut finish Cedar Chests, single or double deck style.:. A gift that any woman will appreciate... All moderately priced. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Such gifts as compacts, walch- «;, rings, necklaces, weekend bags, purses and other gtfis can be found at Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler + * . + . LOVELY GIFTS OP PERMANENCE.. .WATCHES DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL, SETS... STERLING AND PLATED SILVERWARE GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE Such appropriate Bills ns hosiery, gloves, handkerchiefs, lounging robes can IK found at PARKHUHSTS. Hnndb.iss for Auntie! Hand- liatis lor Molhcrl HnmlbaBS lor the Little Woman I Llltle evening delimits LCD, in metals and sequins, urn! brocades, that will bring lusting pleasure. Kvcry feminine name on your list con W checked with a smart H.iiidbni! from the NEW YORK- STORE BEAUTYY BRINGS ' HAPPINESS 3f you really want to make | iier happy this Christinas Include in your sifts' one of our permanent waves. GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE * * * The Gift, Supreme The modern servant that banishes kitchen drudgery., .the new Hotpoinl Range with hi- specd Calrod units...sold on convenient terms if desired Several models to select from ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service 1 ' * * * GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Salm and Crepe Negligees Velvcl and Corduroy Robes Corduroy and Crcjic Pajamas ...Satin and Crepe Undies THE FAMOUS •loc Applcbaiitn * * for Him f + + LOUNGING ROUES Black flni crepe with contrast- Ins trims, $10. 'New Mead Clothi'rig Co. ; * * + PURE SILIC PAJAMAS All colors, plabi morlels $5, Lounging styles $8.50. New Mead Clothing Co. PAT O'BRYANT, Jeweler, SIIR-. Best.? ()ill folds, fountain pens, pencils, rings, filled zipper sets, cigarette cases, llgh'ters, watches. chains and bands. * * + At Hayncs' Men's Shop can be ' found gifts for the man from 25c up. May we suggest handkerchiefs, ties, pn- - jamas, shirts, scarfs, ' lounging robes, hate, belts and buckles? See our stock before making • your selection. *' + * PARKHUHST'S -^headquarters for shirts, ties, sox, handkerchiefs, lounging robes, senris nnd other masculine (Jills. For Him ll'e Sujsrst A Pipe, Cigars, Shaving Set or Shaeffer Fountain Pen. BELL'S PHARMACY * * + He Needs Gloves nnd we .have n largo selection of Kidskins nnd Imitation Pi»skin at D8c, il.49 nnd SI 98 Lined or Unllnetl. J. C. PENNEY CO. • • * *• *• A Comfortable Ciiair for Dad! How ho'd love a comfortable cliair nil his own... You'll find nil styles, sizes and prices In our complete' stock. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Sports Equipment Go!f Clubs, Bags and Balls... Guns of every description.;. Exercising equipment of all kinds... Hunting 1 clothes and accessories... All Moderately Priced! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Only eighteen more shop- ping days unlil Christmas Just rouMnM rrslsl wr ||hi K ,,,u and ..•»„» fm" ."!•' * woll ,'! e1 '" 1 Wirlslnw'-I haie. planned 'S' have lj<:en jiuinni^. -ii run s|ii'<-d und Jolly IKIIe clvi"! Inn-.' Iweti wnrkhur alimtbl worn"'' "' fi '" "" "'" "'"' " :U( ' l ' rt ""' 1 " li "" sir, I InlJ MIS. SHI.IH a tf.w ilnys HKO dial r had U™T 'urn su.-h a riillcMlnii .if lo>s.un,l other Waullful gifts In all my IUV. |',| j,,,, .|, k( . ,„ , „ ',,».," .HIM. bill nf O.MII-SV eusli -urns me lo wall until t'hi-Kliu..|v, 3 Now I «•„„( lo (HI , 0 « Mniifllilhg rls,'.- ,\ «h,,| t . M (lf Ihlnns dln-d fro,,, the *„„„,„ !>.iiu:i (,,a,K rarlorles will lie on dKpl.iy from now until (,'|irlslma<i Vw, In the store-, of Wjlhi-ville J'eu ,a,, jH x ,, r «-ll,' KU «I ld ea at wh:l | „ r^Uj. , M( , chtklin^ w - n ^g lt , haw by vlsllhitr ull uf ihrte .stores and liwkfnji- over (he cms. lloys and K lrls, 1 know you'll to i'.«iled over Hit toys this year. The doll.- arl - *«„,. of he cutrst y U « ,v.r ,.w. Thai ll.t' Illlle furnllure, l,u f ,le s aud eve.yThl r i doll n«ds s. Just like (bat trown-ups us., only smaller. And I "ver ««» w m",V I.U«e"C Ihinss for IKIJS. Toy gum, foollialls, Iralns, watons, trucks, why I coiihl "a on n» ill * I can promise you imodirr Ihlug, • (oo. ,My Oltrislnias- randier- are l,cl(*r (ban rvrr because my expert c^,,!,- chef.s h« V e l;«n e.vrtrlmcnll,,, -„((!, ;, Int of'goodie, l.ilely ami tlw.y'v« miulc lliu most dclltlous cainllrs you've Iwil hi a long time ,,Y", U *'"**• ,'«.. <Jlsa|i|iolnl«l In the (rulls, nuls, etc., cllhtr. Our'11* ship l he >s S Saint Nick," j,ut f »mt in thioujdi. Ihc Ice yi-sHTilay from a lol of Iroplral iounl'l« «i,erc *f5 e rl nn •'' » rBU ,f ?»"««.. "PP"* «""«•. «lat«. HK«. nirts ami olher Sout Ihlnp thi-vllle: PP * ' } ''<"" ln "'" t " 11S "'" «."" "' «'es« U.IIIKS Mr.,l B h? to Illy- NOH- I haven't foreollfi, the Rromi folks this year. I '«i»v,j- s ,u d Ja) . (;„,„„.„„, , ol more fun out of fhrlslnms Ulan the youn K ite f », uml tlml's saylnif a lot l,, v ea ' saw. by I've nodofd thai iruwu-ups spent :i lol of li mr; playh.y ull), rl'nitle -(rains seam enrliifs and other toys und lhe children OMn'l huvo a ebame, «o I Hguied if tllllVrl, 1 ,'!^ "."I? M""','' 11 '/!"" yC 1, r ", WOUW '"' M(rr n " :lroum1 ' Wdl ' 1*« Lo hi • f II e '" "" k '' trt ' l!:i " lLs <;llrlsl »" 1 '' it won't lie w,w' C "-ol"* uCVfr |' 0Blfy ! l>cvillf li((ire ll:l!i s " mp(llf "lt "«:<l would make a nlor presml for Yours far Juy and Happiness, SANTA CI.AUS. for Kiddies A COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT— for' all ages. Everything moderately priced OBERST STORE CO. TOYLAND IS OPEN Dols, Teddy Bears, Trucks, I'opgmis. Airplanes, Plre Engines, Tool .chesls,' Onmes,' Chemical SeU 1 ;,- Piizxire, 7'lny : Houses, Doll Dishes, Sewing Sew, '/Ylcyoles, Wagons, Doll iiiiBUles, Tables and Chairs, Slory Hooks, Christmas Ctm- dies nnd other Inlerratlng Toys BEN FRANKLIN STORE IToylimcl 1 Door Unst) . + • + * IllcyclD Tires, Horns, Saddles, Unskels, Handle Ori|)S, Sjmkcs, Wheels. Rims, Briike Parts, ReiHllrlllg. CARNEY'S SHOP, 113 s. First, Phone U43. We Have WInl They Wanl! Skalcs, Tricycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Coiuler Wagons, Bndclj' Bikes. .22 Rilles (Stevens, Hamilton and Springfield), Pocket Knives, Flashlights, Watches. Hunting Knives, Buck -'Jones Air Rifles nnd Scout Knives and Axes, including carrier. Burke Hardware Co. "We Sell for Less" Visit our loylnnd. We specialize 111 dolls and toys of nil kinds. LOW PRICES. I. ROSENTHAL, INC. TOYLAND NOW OPEN Mothers and lathers, as well as children will enjoy n visit to our complete Toy Department. J. C. PENNEY CO. * * • + HURRY! HURRY! Right now we have almost every kind of n Bicycle, Tricycle and wagon, but we advise immediate selection as replacements are hard to gel this year. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. * •»• t Every Child Needs One of course, it's the new A. E. S. Study Lamp—"B c 11 e r light means belter stght"—Floor and Table ftfodels. Buy From Your Doalcr or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" for Family • SHOP EARLY! You will be pleased with our selection of ladies', men's, and children's clothing, and gift goods, Reasonably priced. I. ROSENTHAL. INC. + + * ATTENTION MEN! A smal\ cash payment will give your wife the perfect gift— A HOME. See our listings. Thomas Land Co. THE IDEAL O1FT A thealre Coupon book for the family or friends, $2,50 and $5. Oood Any Time! Ritz and Roxy Theaters * + + ELECTRIC percolators, toasters, healing pads, lamps, viic- ulalors. sweepers, waffle irons. POPULAR PRICES. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP REALISTIC FLOWERS—corsages, vases and potted plants. Call 428-J. MRS. GEO. W. BARHAM See Ihc largest and 'most complete slock of gilt goods |,i' Noi-llicast Aikimsa.s. Toys glassware, dishes, pottery leather gomlOnJl make.s ladlas, tubes .and ballcries, lamps", clcclrlciil appliances, pictures nnd many other lovely things- all NfODERATELY PRICED PARKHURST'S 107-103 E. . Mnln. Cryslnl ware— dishes ••- .silver ware— Inmjis— lo make the "Home Beautiful." Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler * +: + Have your FURNITURE upholstered A: repaired for a perfect Chrislmns gift, SPECIAL PRICES. •!. W. JENKINS & SON 11C S, R. R.— Phone 133 * + + DEEP KNAP BLANKETS 70x80 Deep Knnp Double Blankets In a wide selection of beautiful plaids. 50 per cent wool - - : $4.98. J. C.- PENNEY- CO. America's Finest Gift! Karpen Living Room Furniture ...Mads to endure throughout the age.s... Single pieces' or complete sidles. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. * - * * SMOKERS CEDAR CHESTS .LAMPS LOUNGE CHAIRS TABLES oECRETARYS CHAIRS MAGAZINE RACKS ROCKERS CHILD'S ROCKERS RU06 TAYLOR TOTS DESKS MATTRESSES MIRRORS And many other items CHARLES S. LEMONS Household Furniture Moderately Priced GJls of forB Perm ome + * * Conslant Enjoyment (or the entire family with Hotpoint Automatic Electric Water Heater In the home...let us give you the details. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" anence * * The perfect gift. One BxlO tinted in oil and Ihrec -Ix 1 ; por- Irnits— $5. BELT'S ART STUDIO :'*.-• + ,* A West 111 ghoiisc ELECTRIC Range or RADIO would be n perfect Sift. Walpole Electn'c Shop

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