The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1948
Page 3
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. APRIL 7, 1948 Agri Department Official Raps TVA Tennessee Valley Farmers Said to Be |jj Deprived of Benefits WASHINGTON. April 7. (UP) — Charles F. Braiinan. Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, said yesterday that Tennessee Valley fkrine-s are being deprived of "valuaby benefits" under the department's mil conxffvtiUnn program beratis" of opposition from Die Tennessee Valley Authority. Brannau testified before a Senate Public Works Subcommittee considering a bill to compel TVA to pay its power revenues into the treasury ami get Congresionnl approval lot tieu- projects. Brannan said it is "no secret" that the Extension Service conducted by land Riant colleges in the valley has been "reluctant: 'to publicize the. benefits of the soil conservation service to Tennessee Valley farmers. Branusn said Agriculture Department spokesmen have been told that TVA "would not welcome" the soil conservation program in the valley. He snid TVA chairman Gordon R. Clapp and others had made the authority's position clear. jfc-goUations during the past Waettle difference's "haven 1 ; niado much progress," Briuinnn said. "Enforced" Kcluctante Sen. John S. Cooper. H., Ky., jwk- ed if the Extension Service reluctance was "reinforced" bv the iai.t that TVA has contributed money to help finance (lie extension program In the valley. Brannan said it "conici be." J. C. Dykes, assistant, soil conservation chief, said part of [he disagreement centered around a controversy over the usefulness of contour operations in conservation work. He .said there was "much to be gained" by' a "cooperative effort." He said the soil conservation service has been invited to "put money into the valley — but no agents." Only a few counties in the TVA area now have organized soil conservation districts, he said. John T. Flynn, New York economist and author, testified Monday- in favor of the proposed changes. He charged that TVA officials have been "deceiving" the public in their estimates on how soon pow- •r revenues will pay off TVA's cost. mine Operator Wounds Five Union Miners ' TUSCAUOO6A, Ala., April 7. (UP) —An embattled coal milie operator wa.s held hore today ojr'char^es of assault with intent'to murder after be grabbed a gun:mid oj;cncri fir' on a crowd of union miners who showed up at his non-union pit near here yesterday. - • Five union miners lyere hospitali/.- ed with gunshot wounds and 0:13 WHS rejxxted in serious condition from a bnllel lodged in his neck. Chief Deputy Sheriff Leon Chism Rftid the mine operator. Joe Avery, began shooting when the union miners came u> \m pit to discuss union organization with non-strikers. Several car loads of miners were In the group, Chism said, which arrived at. the Avery mine 12 miles East of here near'erookwood. The firing occurred after hot words were exchanged between Avery and the union men. The Avery mine ha.s not been affected by Ihe coal miners work stoppage. Listed as in serious condition \va--i Arthur O. Glaze. Tne other wounri- \ ed miner*. Elton Williams. Elgin Hprrinp ancl two NeRrors. M. ^C f jisholm and Douglas Wilkerson /fered minor flesh wounds. Monks Refuse to Leave Prayers, Die in Blaze BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.)' OOURIEH NEWI British Use Counter Barrier Fomous London Clown Brings His Audience Final Laugh as He Dies British troops check a (nick load of Russian soldiers ihroucli nrithh barrier In Hc-rll,, tlnvwn un In •, No Rationing for Jerusalem Arab's JTornado Strikes nir.Mmr in •*iin«ii-i ii. 11,1. • r. . . - . . J Alabama Town; iWrecks 10 Homes NEW YORK. April T. <ljp)_ A |. # . licrlliio. (lie. circus clown, leU u,em I '"UBliliiK when he died. The (unions utnulliiK llrollipis' imrt Harmnn & linllcy clown Albeit' Victor (Albeitluol Adams. <8, mid Ills wife, Lulu, the only woman clv- ens clown in Ihe world, arrived froui Kngliuid Inst week lo Join the ; circus which opens luday In Mgd- ls»u Squnre <.iarden, They appeared n.v « ln.vt XlH on a radio sports show conducted by Sports Commentator Joe llnsel. "So you nra Iho famous clowns from tlie Umdon music, hnlls?" "Well, .VBIIH- prunle think we're fainoiL.s," answered l.nlu. ••] |),ii,|j Albcrlluu i.s one ol the runniest iiH'n 111 the world," Her unsound turned lo Ills microphone, siiiBRcrcd. chttchpd at hl.s i-licsl nnd collapsed. .Those [,i ihe sluilio lunched. 'I'hev IhmiKlu Al- uri'lliio »ns doing hl.s HIM When In- tailed , 0 ; , mn .,,. signaled engineers 10 cm ihe |iro- 8i'nin off '.he Kir. A doctor wii.f called. Aibeillnn was pronounced dead of heart attack. True to Die tradition O f show business, i.ulii concealed liei- ] as liesi she could. \ MS tUun an hnur allcr AlbPrlInn'.; rtcnm she look her place In the. circus' flnnl dre« iehenr*nl. She will carry on tor bolh of lliem In (he pcrlorniiincr lonlKlil. They had urrii married and nclini! lor 20 years. While Jews in Jerusalem cal sparingly ot rationed food l>r ou <jl,l inlo the cUy by miLilary convoy Irom Tel Aviv, Ihe Arabs lind food store.., well stocked. This store, its shelves nn <| ro, ,," cluttered withi many types ot foodstuffs, is in the Arab h ; ,-,a"r (Photo by NI-.A-Ai:niG SUIT correspondent David S. Boycr.) A.SHLANO, Ala.. Ajnil 7. |U1>) — A tornado that swipi through il re.'udi'.itia! aieii lierc bile yesterday injured three persons, dc.Mroyed 10 houses and damaged sevrial others. Tlie iwisier skirted the nuiiii bus- iiK'.s,s .section and tore ihro.i^h residential iii'oiK-i'iy near ihe town. A M-cnnd slrwk in (lie n<",<.' market area near Hunlsville but no one was reported injured. Clay County Probate 'Judue Wilbur Noleii .said Die damase licrc '.vould be about. S'JoO.OOO. He snld at, .V-asl :lfl Immes icere dainntied bc- slde.s tne 10 torn io wreckaxe. Tiir injuifd were identified as Will Strickland ot Aslilniul. Dewoy Smith of Albertville and the wife of l.pc Blair, a Neyro. Tile Clay County High School iinmuan a p.yinna.siuni, only recently complet- I Jupnn, where he has boen n nicni- (d, wfis almost leveled by tlie iwlst- ber of an army ecoiiumlc mission er. Aloft, ihe vocational building of tlie liiiih school was damaged ""'I purl ol the roof of Ihe main school building blown off. A Negro school, four blocks from Voters in Little Rock Reject Proposal for Parking Meters following c.iiy elections .throughout tlpc 1 state yesterday, while" the' voters of two Arkansas cities expressed ' differing views on parking meters. In Little Rock, voters defeated the parking meter proposal '>CS1 to 1.840, while in Blytlieville (lie 1 .voted overwhelmiiigly 10 install the equipment. A Little Ro<jk City Hall spokesman expressed llle opinion that the i city council'.s action Mf^r^ay nl^hLi in approving pay increases'for "an ' city employes influcncetl the vote. 1 He said the move nuu- have led ' voters to believe that "all revenue I from the meters would go to city employes rather than lor Improvement of .street.;. At least three incumbent mayor off primary.. At Hot, Springs, vote-cotlntin- continued today, but apparently Fred o. .Johnson bad defeated incumbent James H. Long as municipal judge. Long had been up- pointed following the resignation of .Judge vern Ledgcrwood and Johnson's term will be for the remaining year of Ledger.wood's term. Truman Homes P. G. Hoffman ERP Director- WASHINGTON. April 7. IUPI — President Truman yesterday nominated Paul G. Hoffman, president ol the Stiiricbakcr Corp,, to be director til the European recovery program. Mr. Trumnn signed the nomination papers as he sat in a reviewing .stand on Constitution Avenue watching the Army Day parade. The nomination was Immediately taken to the Senate. Hoffman arrived yesterday from were defeated in the generally light voting at Arkariclphln, A. T.'oood- loe, former mayor and World War i II veteran, defeated H G. Elms.' !hi! present mayor. The- vote was 507 to 308. " j At Aiigti.sta. E. T. Ramsey, former ! Woodruff County sheriff, defeated : W. E. jfalin. 255 to 10B. and Jack Angclo. former Aupnsta marshal, won a three-candidate race for city marshal. At DeQuccn. janics T. Manning defeated three other candidates in- 20 Buddhist Monks were burned selected Mayor i,v riefealinV nr o death today refusing lo ] ca ve T. E. BuftinW COS to 551 « their prayers to escape flames! Ashdown the votersTinaUv scitled which destroyed the 1,000-year-old i a,, earlier tie vote by eecUnf V ic Kingshan Temple, nesr Ohinkian<r I- _.- J eiLctint Vic- 140 miles West of here. "' I ' WitneMp.s said the ISudo'nists ' calmly intoned their prayers as '• fire fighter.? pleaded with thrm (o escape. The traditional Buddhist philosophy is one of self-denial. Marriage'. Licenses iThe follownig .couples obtained inamxfe licenses yesterday in the office ol Miss Elizabeth Blythe, conmy clerk. .Donuld West ' Curtiss of Eldon, Mo. and ,\fiss- Victoria Fisher ol • s I Rosebud, Mo. the \vhitc sclinni, was destroyed. Speech Conference Opens in Nashville NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. April 7. (UPI —'Die Southern Speech A.ssoflntio.i ripens its annual mpeLin;; hei-c today on ihe Ilieine "Piccdom T:htout!h Speech." Ononins of the ns-soeiation's nieet- :nr; follows beginning yesterday of Hie fiehtcejith aniuiaT lorensic lournamcnt yesterday. About 250 delogatc.s from n colleges and 25 lilaii schools in I be soinh are inking part, ii^ the toui iiinnent. Speech correction clinics arc set Kir today in the association's meet- Stote Official Seeks Election for 10th Term MTTt.15 ROCJK, April 7. (UPI — Slate Auditor J, Oscnr Humphrey \vas a candidate for a tenth term today, after hnvlng filed his corrupt practices pledge with Sec. ot State C. G. Hull. Humphrey has served continually since 1036 but was Ilrst elected stale auditor in 1928. New Mceli Old—Curtains GOSHEN, Ind. (UP)—Mrs. Laura Stengel iinnlly had lo turn tin: remnants of her 1B29 model auto over to a junk yard. She told police her fliver started sputtering died on n highway ami was slummed in the rear by a brand new Plymouth Sedan. It will cast close lo to have the new cnr ry • ••-..>-•- r IM oi.uuu n/ u.viu me new Cur i 11 with panel discussions on | paired. But Ihere wns nothln K lo speech and it relation to world affairs set for tomorrow. Editor F<l- ward J, Met'inan, of the Memphis Press-Scinutnr. will be amons the speakers. do (or the old one but pick up the pieces. . A spider has eight legs and Irani 1 six to clRtit, eyes. Roy \v. Goodman and Miss Marie Paris ol Dell. atffiBfci }SP.EEDYHEADACHE RELIEF! } For Today's Hauling Needs WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- lill'ulce ta**v Ul ' 1 P ° Ur ""' *'" >Ut 2 S" M * "' • ! the pain, but alf }Kc rciulling upist neivts. Aclj quick auie it's liquid. Tiy Capudint. Us. onl r ai e lorf.y EJT|j, in y ' A t' '" C " tcr ' a >-«« .ay urusotore. Food Lockers For Rent •Cold Storage J Meat Curing ; i Kxpprl Processing and! Quick Frcc/inp for Hume J Ki'ecxcrs i Groceries - Meats - Fish j BLAYLOCK j Frozen Food j, 21st & Main I'honc 2l>02 j j COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE! -AfdM- a (hm-outrh jf<>inK-<ivev by otn- Hpci-isilizcil tccli- nicians. your c;ir M-J!) ?rh-c you ,\-l |)ci'ffornt;tncc look and feel like new! ' CHKCK THI-;SK orv \\~hccl Alignment Hi'iike Adjust nicnl. Slccrinif-tJcnr Cut-reel ion Mo(or Overhaul Klcclvical System Hcp.nir rius washinjr and poli.s!iin s n )i for one low price (hixi.v and fender work with your permission). All work KUtirnnlced. Ininiedialc .service. Smith Pontiac Co. 126 South 4371 "Jeep'' Plalfoim-SlaV.e Tnick "Jeep" TtucV Cab and Chassis TWO AND FOUR-WHEEl DRIVf You can't heat a "Jeep" Truck for medium duly, Inw-cosi hauling. 'I akc n glance at the features (hat put these new trucks in a class by themselves —and ihen ci>mc in and sec for yourself how completely new a line of trucks can be. • "Jaep" Engine powered.' • Selectiv* 2 O r 4-wh*«l drlv* modelt with 6 «p«edt forwoni and 2 rcvorte. • Optional power rak*-off (4-whi*t drive mod«1>), • A complets lint wllh t»nv«n» liorial J-wh«el driv*. • 4700 lo 5300 Ib.. gro>< v«hkl« weigh!. • High payload lo gro» v»hicl« weight ratio. Sntilli Poole Molor Company ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Rend Courier New. Wsn't A«sT ind. (UP) _ OircuJt •IiKliin a. Morris Wilson thought lie would piny.Cupid when he Ml 81. Valentine's »ny to hear testimony in ihrce'divorce cases. But Cupid would linve iion« of It. One of ih* attoriMfn h*d tnottw _•• for th»t d»jr, Mother wu nat in. pared for trial *ntf UM thfcrf *M ill. All thre* cum wen Read Courier Mm W»nl A*. DIAMOND SOIITAIRI 3-DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT MAGNIFICENT DIAMOND DUETTE Dtfttndoblt M«n'i and Ladi«>' QOAIITV WATCHES $19.95 Mon'« Hondicm* DIAMOND ONYX RING $24" IAIY IMMI CREDIT AT DREIFUS IS FREE DREIFUS TERMS ARE EASIER! Give the Little Lady a Big Hand! MINNIE THE MOTH RUINS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF CLOTHES ANNUALLY Unassisted by Relief, WPA, AAA, or other popular assistance, Minnie the Moth goes quietly about her business laying billions of eggs upon millions of garments, raising millions of litlle Minnies, who eat damaging holes inlo millions of dollars worth of clothes! >IOTHS ,AKK IVKVHII 0\ STIUKK- HELIEFI So, give Ihe little lady a big handl Or— givs 1 her a surprise paily. Let 113 clean your clolhes with Ihe MONITE Moth Ptooling Process, and Minnie will ieavo you severely alonel Wa have a National Insuiance Company's policy io quarantea" you that all oi Minnie's /elalives will stay away, too, for o^ loasl sU monlhs'lrom trig lima we clean your garments. . . MOIVITE MOTH PitOOFIX. IS FREE votr oxi.v rAv FOR TBK Tou City Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Service Anywhere- 414 East Main Street Phone 3197 '

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