The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 8
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CK. K1011T i':"P_^".:.A?::II,- 'J. 1931 . 5/ee/o Society—Personal Them Girls, Clara, Lu, V'Eni! Mr. Cooi»r Malliles ncccmoanlcd i Mrs. Mathies and son, lllllie (ol Rector. Art., Sunday for n week's! visit wiili relatives. ; Mrs. S. A. Michi? has returned! Irom a visit wllh her sifter at: Mr;. A. J. Overturf and Mrs. Lyn' Smith of CiUiillicrsviHe who Is; spending this IVOC'K with her par-' cms here, will go toMem;:hls Frl-. dav. , I Morr'.s Turner ami M-irv'n Plum-; )r:r who have brcn working isn Flciida Icr some time, returned I l-.f-re Monday, for ail extended vis-! 1: wit!) parents ami other relatives.i Ur. and Mrs. A. A. Hecd.?r o:'| Perlageville transacted businessj here Tuesday- I Mi's Jewel Honry of Haytl ls| jpendim this week with Mr. and! ?.?rs. C. G. Travis. ! Mr. ami Mrs. Pintoy Burns of Jchier. Art:., spent Tuesday wllh! irlalives here. | Mrs. D- C. Johnson of Caruthers-, villr- spent last week end its the e-r-sls r.f Ivr sister. Mrs. Wilce Cnrt'iT. Mr?. Alice Stone and .'.on nnd! dauslitrr-in-law. v:ho linve been here for almost a ycnr, am mov- 1115 Iracl: lo Dexter. Miss Florence Stone will remain here where Fhc Is employed at thepost office. Mis. ,1. H. Workman entertained the t'.vo table bridge club at her fcfiinf on Walnut Street, Wednesday afternoon. The house was i'cautifully decorated with Easter lillics. Mrs. W. S. Hnnloy won H»li rcore prize, face powder. Delirious refreshmeh'.s of sandwiches grape fruit salnd. dale roll, cafe Pi-.a coffe? were served to the fol- Mesdnmcs W. S. Ilnuley, H. E. Doorncr'. J. W. McCullotigh. A. B. Rhodes, J. W Robblns, G. V. siiec'.s. V. L. Blnckwell nnd Austin Ells. Frc<! Fnuilil of Dlylhcvlllc ac- rr.minnl'id by Miss Velmn Sluce- c'ev of this city nnd Mrs. Lyn s'nilh of Canilliorsvillc ntlcnrt?d the slvv.v In nlythevilli;, Wcdnc-s-' dav evening. Mrs. O'ga Johnson and Loll r.urvs attended l''.c show at Bly- tl!«vlle Monday nlshl. Phillip Koury, F.'n Hums, IIow- cut! render, Harold Steelc anrt Cl'-ns York aHcnrtc-d the show al Elvthevllle Sunday evening- Tlio Baptitt church sponsored a tr.iinrr; school and of the 21 en- rn'led. 33 took Ihe examination. Fr'dfy night Iho entire school went "to Hayti for a social mcclln: at the- chvtrcli there. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cecil nnd 5Tf Mrs. Nellie Drnnt, of Carttth- rvsvi'li- ami Mr. Frank Weslman of Conira'ln, 11- motored to Para- POIIW Ark.. Salurday returning Sunday. While In P.tragould thes visited A. B. Weslman and Mrs Rov Cordell. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Tinsley ant Mr' C. N. Sanders, Paul E Mii- hrantll jr., and Lloyd McBiifc. al of Joiner, Ark., siwnt Mondnv will Mrs. L. C. Spencer nnd family. Mrs. A. L. Jordan of Cooler spen Tucjrtay with relatives here. Mrs. L. W. Weaver ami Florence Store r.tlendcd the shoi at Carutherivillc, Wednesday nighl Mis. Alma Grlssom nnd dnugh ter, Martha Williford nnd Mr: Jennie Weaver were the guests c Mrs. W. T. Bat'ey, "Stmrtay after neon. Iccal young men under the direction of Miss S'.na Duggar. Pianist, broadcast during the noon hour Tuesday over rndio station K. L. C. N. at Blytheville. The program was enjoyed very much and another is planned for Ih: .- future. The quartette Buffalo Township < Officers Elected CAKDWELL, Mo.— omens of; hilfnlo township were chosen al j j n c!i'Uton held Tuesday. March 21., it the Mary Hale Uu-atrc, Card- :1 veil. Eluht liimdral and nine votn I '.•crc east, with the followlni; n.- \ ult.s: I Justice of the Peace, two to b" 'let-led—/. W. iPan Hiircha?ii. 59T. | I. E. Harmon, 518, A. (•. l.ans 3l!t. j Township board, two to bv iO;rt- | ?il--ll. E. Ilariison. 42(j. .). It. Mar- .^ nt. Vll. W. R. Lasley. 303. VI. H. j| Constable—A. E. lltirdin. 130, Vii Clerk and ox-offlcia a«.s-.-ssor—j j Virnon Hay. 52J, W. n. Limit, Mb. Trustee and ex-ollicio t::-asurc'- —Chesloi- A. Sumlt. 7(15, IIH:I:>|>:>-;;!|. Collector—Mrs. 1). C. M'.ckcy. 403. i J. IJ. iJiiii) Orady, -iOO. Clara, In '»' I'm as they arc on' ;thi'i-!, ll.u) nnil lleli'll Kii:R (I'M). the air and ^n. l.rtl lo rlc'it, l.oulsr Sfarkey (Clara), Isabel Would You Believe Ti? Those Gossips Are College Graduates FIMTOR'S NOTK: Three yoimc i western what Sausht 'em corrcd womrn (.mailoasllng I tarn ClilcaRoi sneakln K inui.t fi-1 terrible put out have nnilc such a n.imc fur (hem- lliat they slun:ldn'l know no bet srlves nallunally as kindly nHijli- | ter. bcrlioctl eiifJps thiil scmi-nne Just.. It feenis IIkf Ihe idea co:ne w.nci liail In lurn the lablcs ami li-lThcjcnc of Ihe t:irK Ix]'.:ise Slark'.'j Courier NV\« rcadrrs In f.n Ihrir nse-.l to h?nr peop'.r-aifossining ove secrets. Here's- her rrpnrli (lie lelcphone, so site started in • • • imitate Vm. 1>Y SI«S. JOK DOi: • 1'arly Shrlcil II Wrlllfll Ksprrblly for NKA Service Qnc [|m(1 ' (hpv wns ( . |v|n , fl Wr and CourliT News ^ ,, v fm Hf ,| ni Kln ,, ln „ ^ m Wllh apolojlc-s In Clara. 1.11 V Km) , (l ^ N .,, thv , 03(r , n ; ,, st Well, I ilunlly found oul all aboul nv( . nl . s a( . 0 nlu , . vl , cn M , JS s , nl le girls. I know every smlflijct., k s , nrlc(1 [„ sriUl i ler i,,,itnllnns. ven (o where they was Iwrn. j w , lt:(lJF ch |p pr{ ] [„ lv i t ], S3mc . And would-you b;lievc it, In spite j ()l| n , cnl , u , e ^ mp nne Al nrs . f all their terrible grammar, lli=in : u wns n , nll:lll(! Kbout lhcU . hns . iris was graUuated from the srh»l , ba]ul5 .„„, sccll lh!lt was namcd Er . he closing recital on the day they was graduated or 'Ahalcver. Turncil Dawn, Firsl So when they was all separated and they was around different | student?, places In the country, but Ilnnlly iliey come tack to Chicago. And hey got to talking about these Imitations, and they went- to a radio station and *Jic director said that they didn't want any such acts on the radio because women's voices didn't go over the air, nnd they didn't waul no women talkln' because they wasn't popular. There's one fellow didn't know what he w.-is atalkln' about. yo. my lan's, they kept on thinking about It, and if it didn't hnp- about. n year ago tlisy went Health Survey Shows Student's Job Safest !j DETROIT. I UP) — Being a s'.u- d-.'ir. is the safest ol all occupations, according to Hit- animal rc- pojl of Or. John Sundwnll. director ^ uf hygiene- and piiblic health at, the j Univ •]•:,.tv of Miclligan. Hi-culled student deallis during \f-",0 '.'.ore only .55 per thousand as | compared willi four or five per . thousand in groups ol the same | age o'.itslde Ihe university, Dr. — : Sumhvall's rejiort showed. I Half the deaths resulted from violence or injuries, the rr ; port s:iul, I3r. Sundwall ndmltting lie saw no way of curbing tl"! "char Owner of One Man Mine Conserves His Supply: SALT LAKE CITY, Utnh, (UP)—|| loftier Palmer. Gold Hill. Utah, isjl 'outstanding among his'fellow men. I Owner of n rich gold mine which .] ass'iys up to $1.200 a ton. Palmer| hns no', only refused to sell liisi properly but only mines jusl enough! for a decent living- Palmer's mine — known as "One Man Mine"—is located near ] f speech nt Northwestern Univer- i ily up lo Evanslon! II course, I always 11: lames they u.v, Clara, Lu 'n' E:n. vasn't, their rli;ht on:s, nnd. snre 'iiough. that's what it Is. The Rlrl i p ho Is (akin' of this pnrt of Clara loach, her real name Is Louis:: Of give 'cm regular work, not tempo- Htarkcy, and Lu Casey Is Isiuc! CXirotliers. Env Krn»gcr Is Holm King. Anil Such Grammar! Well, it seem.1 tiint Sites Slark;y ind Miss Carotacrs was born in DCS Molnes. la., while Miss Klnj two chll(Il . clli was raised up at Pcorla. III. Would you believe it. them rnrls has sil of 'cm hail fine cdiicntions. Why, thn! Miss Slarkey, she even taught school ones down in Texas, nnd that Miss Cnrothcrs, she was lo two universities. Drake University in DCS Moines nnd Northwester]!, nt'.d s'^e taught in n normal school in Dcslon. loo. Miss . King, she went, to the Brndley Polytechnic Institute down to Peorla. III., and In ndililion In that was doing some, nftor-grauuit- work at the Univesity of Colorado in Uoiildcr. or out west .=omn place, nnd she belongs to an lio:i- I cr,iry dramatic fraternity, named Theta Alpha Phi, although I ain't sure nbout my correctness of name. Yo'.i know how they cab alou- 1 i course, they wasn't really married ' and they made il all up. Since then George, hr: died, al, though he didn't really dlu because lie never lived nohow. And that's the reason now yon notice that I/i has got a couple of fellas on account she's a widow. One of them Is "C. W." and the other is "Ollio." Can't blame her for toakin' for a man. wlwt with n nine-year-old daughter, rlornb-lle, on her lnn;H Clara's that's Miss Starkcy. has 'i August anil Herman, nnd Em, she has five, and what ! with n shiftless husband its no fun | providin' for 'em. But of course that's only on the rndlo, and thi 1 girls are really single. Anyway, In the first place they talked like, you hear 'em every night for their own amusement, am" finally people begun to notice and rutted them if they would do It a' pArlics nnd such. And so ivh:n they graduated out of Northwestern University In 1S12G. they wns askeci to make up this li'.lle sketch for rary like it was. And they wns so good that .finally now I heared tell they -broadcast over 12 stations of the' National Broadcasting Company every nighl but Sunday and Monday, all to onct, and 1 don't know which stations it al! Is, but t was told it was a WJZ chain. : And what they don't gab about! President Hoover and the Princo of Wales and Congress nnd Russia nlubbc-r is now believed to lhc cnuipmcnt that enables whales to withstand the pressure of great sea depths. and farm relief and. my Inn's, ev erything you 'mosi think about. But u'just goes to show, you never know what's moA likely for to make a hit. And I understand they're geltin' paid so well don't have to get married. they composed of R. C- Steelc jr., Clias. York, -Ben Burns and Harold Stcele. Mrs. Frank Westman has returned to his homo in Cenlvalin 111.. pf'.er a visit I i!h Mrr. Cbrcr.ce Cecil, Carl Shcllly and Robert Sir others. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Walter DcLisle had as their guests, Sunday Noah Brxjiw, Mr. 3nd Mrs. G=o P. Hobbs, Mrs. Emme D:Lis!e, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Boone, Mr. and Mrs. J. H King. Misses Helen and Glenda Kin?, Miss McGrate, Mr. and Mrs. i\i:dy DeLifle, Sue Ann DcLlsle and j •Miss Mary Wilkering. i Mr. and Mrs. Abrer Aslicrafl) spsnt Sunday afternoon with Mr. | Asl-.cralfs mother. Mis. J. H. Jones, cf Coaler. Harold S. Jcncs of Crmithc-s- viile transacted bv.tiner-s hcic Thursday. FOR SALE Stoneville No. 1 planting seed inch and sixteenth staple, saved before any rains, big boll, easy picking, turns out well at gin. Price 550.00 per ton. Less than ton ?3.00 per hundred or will exchange one for two for . good prime seed. J.H. Smart, Sr. 1523 West Main Phone 551 (hey over the rndio anil usin' the correctcst kind of expressions. tot their (eachers out to North- RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday CASH GROCERY A Blytheville Store EGGS Strictly 5''resh Country Do/en ITic HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday Ha didn't «ven have a honey moon of his own because other women suffered heart attacks, Gold Dot ot 10CI I.b. ID 1 UUTTER Lirookfield OAC COFFEE cll House, Canova or Morning Joy. Pound 30c G (paramount 5teure • l He may be a small town lad I'^but he knows 1 what it takes to i hold a s-.vcelie. . And three o! them fight for I! Jack anci hr. Jack In this hmncro'.is , nnd HUMAN comedy. Two get the jack. One gets Jack. ' Admi ss ion—Mat iucc—• 10-25 and -lOc. N%hl—15 and 40c. rmooMS 4-ply. -^Oc Hronm fur SOAP Crystal White or While Eagle in Rnrs 35 c RANANAS Nice low Fruit. Richfield. No. 21/2 Can Bcm/ams for Saturday and Monday Ever-Good, Buy Them Whole For Easter BACON Mixed Sliced L,17 C NECK BONES PORK RIBS u,10 c l PIG LIVER Made From Country Pigs, Ib. MINCE MEAT L,20 C | STEAKS PIG FEET liitby licef ,,,20 C 1'iokkd 3 for 10 ( | BACON SQUARES Cheese Wisconsin Daisies HENS Dressed River LI). FRYERS Dressed , t ,43 c l BOLOGNA i'iirafinc in Stick J,b. K C Baby Beef Shoulder Clod Ib. 19c Thick Rib Ib. 14'c, Brisket Fancy Louisiana Pint GRAPE FRUIT Large Sweet TC Juicy. Ea. J ORANGES Pound 4 l-4c Peck 49 C CABBAGE ONIONS New Green Lb. 1C 2l ( Red Glo!>e 1AC 1 Lbs. 1U CELERY Jumbo Stalk BANANAS Mcllo Ripe APPLES Wincsap or,Uamc Ucauty. 4 IJis. NoT THed in i-ii BEETS. and CAR.ROTS,ch. 5 C Large Firm Heads Each Medium Ivory, 6 Bar Limit, Regular 9c Seller, Buy Now CRACKERS Box X 2f SUGAR MILR pe 10 Ll)s, .49 C or Carnation S Lge or 6 Smiill 25 l TOMATOES No. 2 Can 3 Cans 25° BEECHNUT Assorted PORK & BEANS 3 c^ 20 C SOAP [Jifrs dJ Staswcll. House or BEANS CORN No - 2 s ' an " ard o,n W COFFEE Sunset Gold : Coining—Norm a Shearer in ."STRANGERS MAY KISS" u-ilh WARNER BAXTER JOAN BENNETT •Dtrttttdb) FRANK fiOBZAGE Adin.- -Maline: & Nijjht— 10 and 25c. Fresh Country (Not Sold For Resale) STRAWUKRR1ES Compound, 45's $4.25; 8's Sac; 4 Lbs. POHK & HKANS .Camiilicll's. 2 for PEACHES PiCRLES Svv[Ctol - Svv -S31 c CALUMET RIBS Small,Pig Sides IftC b. ID SORGHUM HENS & KHYKUS Full Dressed ASPARAGUS TOMATO JUICE Llbb S, 12° PICNIC HAMS LIMA BEANS APPLE BUTTER « m « SAUSAGE PEACHES' Brookfie'd or Clover Bloom Pound 33c Spring Brook Pound K. C. Any Cut. (Hcst Stamped licef). Pound FRESH SALAD and SLAW S','

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