The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1948
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Britons Get Big Income Tax Cut $400,000,000 Y«crly IU4i»cNo* Announced In 1948-49 Budget LOHDON, April S. (UP)-British - taxpayer, were given a »«00,9M,OpO- a-jrear Income ta'x cut yesterday us the labor government hailed United States .aid"as" offering "time" to repair Britain's'war-hit economy. Sir; Stafford qrlpps. Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the Income Ux reductions In his speech | t« commons presenting a reduced budget for the 1MS-49 fiscal year. At the asm* time, however, he reinforced a warning that even U.8. aid would permit Britons no "lux- p urles" by announcing increased faxes on beer, spirits and wine, tobacco, and gambling. The tobacco to.v will bring th» price for a package of ». popular brand clgsrels to shout 7S cents. Beer will b« up two cents a pint. Announcing ths income Ux reduction* which h« said would cost the government 100,000,000 pounds of Income * year, Cripps snld: "I believe these concessions will be of great importance In our production drive." tie emphasized throughout his speech that Britain needed above all increased production to provide exports to balance the imports she must have, and especially to balance her accounts with dollar countries. Crlppc also announced reductions In the purchase tax, which has been as high M 125 per c«nt on some ar- I tides. He estimated that British expenditures in th> 194S-49 year will be about 205.000,000 pounds (about $830,000,000 under last year, but pledged the government not to reduce social services and to continue food subsidies at prescnf. rates. Defense Costs High . Defense expenditures, he said, are. being reduced, but they "are necessarily running st n high level." The Income tax reductions were not large, cripps increased the Income tax exception from a minimum income of 120 pounds (about »4SO) a year to 135 pounds (about *540) a year. He also increased the earned Income allowance for tax 1 purposes from one-sixth to one- fifth of total income, subject' to a maximum allowance of 400 pounds (about |1.MO). The earned Income allowance was one-fifth Just before the last war. At the same time, however, he announced a special levy on Income from investments for riersons who hare an Income exceeding 2000 pounds •: (about »8.000) an d who have In addition Investment Income exceeding 560 pounds (about $1,0001. The tax rate on such income would be 10 per cent up to 600 uounds f about V2.500) ^ and, would rise by stages to! J5 per cent on•Invesime'nt 1 income I exceeding , 5,000 pounds (about jao.OOO). • He also noted that some companies bad made "extravngnnt'Vex- pens* allowances to officials, and said it now would be up to tht recipient to prove, the necessity for such allowances, or pay Income tax on them. Married women In industry were given the same Income tnx allowances previously enjoyed-by single women who work. British expenditures in the 1948« fiscal year were estimated by Cripps at 205,000,000 pouarls (about «30,000,000> less than those estimated for the 1947-48 fiscal year. Th< nation's whole economic out- took, Cripps said, "U dominated by ow difficulty in paying for imports without which we can neither live nor produce." Stritch in Time ^ . -r. This to actress Elaine Stritch, otherwise known ai the "1918 Sweater Girl of the Theater." She received her title at the 30th annual convention at the National Knitted Outerwear A«o- ciatlon in New York. $10 Million Might Be Saved by Use Of Oleo by Army WASHINGTON. April 7. (UP)— Lt. Col. w. E. Barksdale of the Army Quartermaster Corps estimated yesterday that the armed forces could we nbout JIO.OOO.OM a year by using oleo Instead of butter as a spread But Rear Adm. E. Dorsey Porster chief of the Navy's bureau of Sup- l>ly, said top Niival officials "Just aren't sure" what effect such a switch would have on the morale of sailors. " Both testified before a House Armed Services Subcommittee considering legislation to permit the Army and Navy to serve oleo as » table spread. The services now use oleo only for cooking purposes. The hearings are part of a bitter bulter-oleo controversy on cap- Itol hill. The House will vole April 26 on whether to erase the present 10-cenls-a-pound federal tax from colored oleo and -the quarter-cent lax from the white variety. Capt. Denver I. Allen, chief 61 the Nutrliton Branch of the Surgeon General's Office, said that "as far as nutrition is concerned, Oleo would be substituted for butter with no bad effects," ' He agreed with Poster that no one could say what psychological elfccls the change might have. U.S. Oil Production Continues on Upgrade 'v :TUI,SA, 'Okla.. April 7. (UP)— Oil production In the U. S.lsori' Ihe upgrade ngaln, the Oil and Gas Journal reported yesterday. The Journal's weekly report showed production last week averaged 5.402.9S5 barrels daily, an Increase of almost 4,500 barrels over the preceding week's daily production. Texan accounted for the largest gain as Lone Star state production increased by more than 7,800 bar- rolls. Kansas production was tip more than 3,400 barrels and Ar-. kansns gained 1.600 barrels. Oklahoma production declined by more than 3,400 barrels, and larger decreases were reported In Michigan and Mississippi; Production in Florida and Nebraska was unchanged during the week- Puloski County's Divorce Tangle Again Reaches the Supreme Court- LITTLE ROCK, April T. (UP) — The. Arkansas Supreme 'court was given an opiMrUmity today to straighten out the tangled divorce situation It caused last January. Early this year the high court declared as unconstitutional and! non-existent the Pulaskl Domestic Relations Court that had been set up by the 1947 legislature. The action Voided 1.760 divorce decrees that hart been granted by Mrs. Ruth Hnlc, the chancellor appointed by the legislature. Today the court was asked t« approve Chancellor Frank Dodge's action In signing the nullified decrees. ' ' In the test case appealed. Dodge had granted a divorce U> Mary Gertrude rope of Uttle Rock, using a voided decree as a recommendation by a master In chancery—the position held by Mrs. Hale before her own court wiu set up. Attorneys lor Elmer Poj>e lold the court that Mrs, Hale hid, In effect, resigned as master in chancery bciorc she became the chancellor. They nlso argued that Chancellor Dodge should rehear nit the testimony to decide If the divorce should be granted. "Anything less Is not Judicial tic- tlon but Is merely a surrender to the demands for expediency," their petition said. Pope's attorneys, raised a strond question—whether Dodge has the authority to back-date the decrees [o the time they were originally granted by Mrs. Hale. Dodge sought to back-dale his order In the Pope c»»*, but provided "that ths divorce became selective on the date he signed it—last Feb. 24. The court also was asked lo ad- vane* the appeat a* a matter of public Interest. The motion to advance will be submitted Monday. Fire on Train Damages Parcel Post Packages NEWPORT, Ark., April 7. (UP) — More than 200 bags of parcel post dispatched to Uttle Rock and points South were damaged by fire, smoke and water when a storage car on Missouri Pacific's fast passenger No. 17 caught fire Just out of Newport yesterday. When the fire was discovered the train was backed into Newport where the local fire department put out the blaze, cause of the fire was not Immediately determined. The bags were said to contain only parcel post packages. Clerks (rom the Newport post office were called to assort Ihe debris. Forest Fires in State Show Big Decrease LITTLE ROCK, April 7. (UP) — Slate Forester Fred Long reported yeslerdny that a wet Spring hnd kept tile forest ffre losses In Arkansas to a minimum this year. Up to April 1. u\ng said, fires on protected acreage had burned over 8,800 acres, compared with 60.000 acres to the same date last year. Nationalization Of Arms by UN Nations Asked LAKE SUCCESS, N. T,, April 1. (UP)—Colombia proposed today that all the United Nations nationalize their armament Industrie* The proposal was Introduced' by Delegate Alberto Oaoniales P*r- nandez at a private meeting of the UN's Commission on Conven- tlonal Armaments. His suggestion w»» lost In bi| power bickering about responsibility for failure of the. UN to develop a word arms-scrapping program. American Delegate Frederick Osborne accused Russian and Ukrainian spokesmen of Irresponsible statement. He said that the Soviet Union was spending » seventh of Its national income for arms while the United States was spending only a sixteenth, Soviet delegate Andrei Gromylco retorted that Osborne talked "like a schoolboy, not a mature person." "It Is no secret which countries are running an armaments race," Gromyko said. At this point. Gonzales Fernandez, proposed a time limit, when all ON countries would have to place under government conlrol all arms plants and related Industries. "One of the principal reasons, for war," he sntd, "always has been the rlwlre of arms manufacturers for profits." Mltsisnippi Parkway Survey funds Sought TASHINGTON, April 7. (UP) — Th« House Public Lands Committee ha. approved legUlation to provide » »wvtj Jor a nation*! parkway to foltow the tourae of th« Missis- afptl River. The measure, sponsored by Rep. | Wa t*r c. Ploewr, R., Mo. would dfr^t tht National Park Service and ths. Public 'Road* Administration U) Conduct the »urv«y Jointly. They woyd be authorized to jpend (2M.OOO. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1949 Rca(J courier news Want Adi Read Courier fr e *- f Wan* Ads MONROE E-Z RIDE TRACTOR SEAT ilpfssilpsl TMKNT i\iT[)"ri> 0 r f """ er '' . **> i E.clu.i,. Mon'ro* v.ri.bllT'rVli 1 SEE YOUR IMPLEMENT DEALER If H. Cmnnot Supply— Call, WriU or John Miles Miller Co. Distributor ,Blyth,vni« )A rk. 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ORLIS Tooth Paste 2 for 39c Sun Glasses 25c to $10 $1.00 Trushoy Hand Lotion 89c Picnic Jugs & Thermos BottUsT ICE CREAM Pin! - - VANILLA—25e Other flavors 30c WHERE THERE'S COKE THERE'S HOSPITALITY Ask Jor it either Kay . . . trade-marks main the same thing. loinio UNDII MJTHOmtY or IMI COCA.COVA COATAHY »» COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLB QM4I. I*. YOU CAN BUY FROM US PIONEER Seed Corn Jack Robinson Implement Company 500 East Main St. Blytheville, Ark. A REPORT TO YOU and all telephone users . . . j Each year at this time the telephone company / reports to you and all telephone users on hovr it conducted the business since the last report A few highlights of 1947: i., A lot more people who had no telephones ordered them—562,000 persons, as a matter of fact, nearly as many aa the year before. Wherever w« could get new equipment installed, we filled new and old applications, in the order we received them. Three out of four 1947 applications were cared for. , When the year ended, we'd trimmed the waiting list down to 181,000 names, the smallest figure since 1944. J* More service moans more equipment. Buying it look 120 million dollars. That's a record. It completely smashed our previous high of 67 million dollars for new construction in 1946. Q, People talked more than ever on telephones. Every day last year we handled millions of local calls. The average was 17'/j million, a million and a half over 1946. .5. More farmers have telephone* now. We doubled the 1946 increase of telephone* in rural areas by adding 53,500 mot*. Southwestern Bell EXPENSES 3. Out everyday running expense* were heavier. They rose 13 per cent ovel 1946. Our revenues lagged behind. They rose only 4 per cent /, So earnings couldn't do anything but drop. They fell by a third and hit the lowest point in our history denpits the ruah of business. That's why w» had to ask for the first rate increase in 20 yearn. O. Stffl, w« must continue to put moK money in the business because the public looks to us for telephon* service. This year it will take 150 million more dollars to build more service- s'. Kate* for <ervio» must be f«lr three w»y». They murt be fat to UM mere, they must allow us to pay fair wages to employees, and they must permit a reasonable return to people whos» savings build the telephone system. L(J, Money for ezpansion'cannot conn from earnings. It must come chiefly from investors, and to obtain this money the company must earn enough to attract and safeguard their savings. Telephone Co.

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