The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1932
Page 5
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bn the United Press VOL. .\.\ix_NO. 201 l^YTHEmiJJ^OlJRIER' NEWS Blylheville Daily News. Blvlli"c-vl!le "Cui iver. ^'1-^ Jl'lALl"'.'! !'''.'''•'• Al{KANsA S- w '• I'N'KSI)AV, NOVUMIIKU <l, lim SINGLE cqPIES FIVE tE Chosen to Lead the Nation DEFECTED HERE Sales Tax and Olher Pro- nosols Snowed Under in-Mississippi County. BW,I.ETIN- LITTLE IWCK, Ark., NOV. s mi') —Exfrcmely fra-mentary returns from'over the slat* this, morning inqk'at«J),ov*i-H-l«ln!m>r [Ideal of five proposed amendments and three initiated acU, voted on in Tuesday's Rencral election in Arkansas. The expected large majorities fur Roosevelt and T.arner and for Democratic candidates for itate offices were returned. Returns from 22 out of 52 precincts in Mississippi county ?ar)y this morning Indicated an astonishing majority for the RooxJveH- 'Garner national ticket even in this Democratic stronghold and a large opposition vote on all initiated acts and proposed amendments to the state canstitutiou. Tlie precincts reporting Included I nil three Osceola boxes. Kelser, I Luxora, Joiner, Bassett. Wilson. Me- I Ferrin, Burdette, Promised Land j and others in addition to the Blytheville boxes. Of the larger boxes in the county only the two Manila boxes and the two Leachville boxes, all west of Big lake, were unreported. Roosevelt and Garner had a total of 3,208.. votes cast for . their electoral candidates in tiie 22 'precincts compared to 214 for Hoo- l ver - ;ano\ Curtis or a majority of about l\ (o l'\in contrast ID th2 four_tp ine^-vote —Tolled -up for Smith and Robinson against the fame Republican pair in the early 1928 county returns. Early reports showed all tr.e proposed acts and amendments in cMs- favor with county voters who apparently voted against. • all lo bo sure that no harmful measure would pass. Democratic nominees for. Mississippi county offices .were elected without opposition. A record -general election ballot vas cast in Blytheville. a total ot approximately 1415 electors visiting the three rating bootlis in the citv. More than half a hundred of tt;« voters either failed to cast thsir b.illol in the presidential race or treir voles ivere voided because of mistakes in ballot marking. A prediction hvTiiesday's Courier New;- thai Hoover's Blytheville vote would fail to reach the three col- Roosevelt! I'Vom Palo Alto. i I'ALO ALTO, C;il., Nov. /{.' (lil 1 )—I'njsiilciil llnovcr in-' "ijrJil eonci.'dod liis defeat, by i'Vnnhlin 1). Knnsii'Vi'll. 'Hit- jjrc'si.'lciil telegraphed liis rongraliiiiilions (o Uooso- rell in iVow York. His telegram wiis as follow* : "Honorable Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hilt more Hotel, N'uw York city: ; "1 coiij!rnluliiti- you on Ihu opixii'liinity Dint has coini; to you to bu (if stM-via; to tin; country, and 1 wi.sli for you ;•. inn-1 successful administration. "In (lie cuniinnn |inr|iosi' of :ill of us 1 sliull dedicate nivKolr lo uvevy posniljlu el'- Roosevelt Defeated ••TS Of.'s Ov/n Home Towr. IIVDV: PAIiK. N. V.. Km. ;>. 'Hi' 1 !•: illklln ItouPVd: l:i!l-:l ti win 111:, liiiiiii' linn, r.-m pli-ii- fi'tnrn, horn till' l!u '•• clls- Ifltis .-.ho'.v:<! (oiilulM. 'Mi 1 - D.'iiuu'riillc iH-i'sC! ••nti:i! i-iin !.l:ilr ir.iv vldnrldir,- <nvr I'n-vlilcm II -aver. hcnx'vrr. i i civil ['l.'tMuil dlKlvli'l, HW I,' H70. -I'm. lot i] Hyde lleuv.'i-. 1,00V; Only Five States In Hoover Column rli Will I favo Support of I.>rmo<:mtic l|(,i,s(i and Serialo | N |'-"i r ,1. - "1C K Bia Volos. Pil U, . ",' (U1 ; ) 77 /1 ' 1)|ltl " n «««l I'resH returns M 1 " 11 '"' lhc rollow ' n K ' m "«'"r vote: n,«,ver, .l,!!(i7,(M7; Thomas, 191.3S2. NK\V YORK ')'-'i!ii elettwl IX Itooscvoll liiis n;<w]tli'i]l Hoover eomwled IhV'docliuir of hi", Demo- mil ic O W H«M..»H .shortly ,ifu-r United 1'ifss ret r is « !y today hud declared Koosevoll unoflidallv dcctucl UK; lamlKlKjc was complete. ()( A Hunocr.tic comjres. witll a , tn)ll| , wcl tom , cncy WM Slate a fit ' IAY ' n - M "- <s»wlnl) -An iihls i ! 1 " "u 1( ' sls ,. bniisiick which sw-,,1 v liilo iiv.. uartv's minimi l. :;tnle uncl rouiKy ccn- f (j*iKin!(l) "IlerliiM-l Hoover" Tin: •proHidon. rcin;iinuil in (lie sudlisiim of an Upper j A rcrnrd ivinlsmi cnnnlv vo(- -f roo:n in his residence on thu!' morc lllim "-wo wns IWHH is it-!campus of Stanford iiniver-i 13 "" 1 :'-"' 5 r " llci1 ul) maim-ii'-- sity'inosl of tlie evening. He ""*'"" frnm IJiM to 3m voto [31 retrained Xroiii iniJi^lintr much with '.the tin-out; of Palo Alto neifflihor.-i who came to. tlu> mansion to. hnar (lie rclnnis.' '• . IIIR He made . lliH',,alinpnuye; l " munt at 0:3-1 I'adlic "coast lime r after the returns hud c,in[ll(1nl:s. S. K. .liulen wns denied .•s|t«v'fT if PmO-ii-t rntiuly with returns from :?G onl. n{ :il nrcrhirl.':, Inrlirl- IIIR riariillirrjivlllr aiirl Ilayll. shtm-- " n's vriie ni. fi.l;i(i C-TIIOV^I ri-r ,!?;!•! JnlnuDii, lih Ila- - umn figt.'re turned out correctly, as his lo'al vole in the city \vns only j 92. Hoover's vote In . 22 precincts I reoorted early this mornini; amount- j ed to only 2H vole's, falling consid- ' crably below his total of 2S1 volas ; Fra-iiklin D. Roosevelt, Prcsidcnt-Klect of the United Slates. Flossie -.Mori-is, Pcmiscot. •Deputy • £hei-iff,; Wound- '' sn ed Twice. Kennett Griddrvs Win, 14-0 overwlielinfngly (Iciiionalrat- eil tltat there was no chance »!' a Republican victory, The imnoiniccmont: came as the entire Sinn ford univer- .student body .surged iii front of the entrance of the president'.s home, Kinging K' college Koiigs nnd _" „! dim. Tlio undergraduates had decided to Imhl their rally for the president even though it was the occasion oi" hi.s defeat. C;uy Parks. lliii'Dpinnrjntli: ivun- luec .for i!(>vi|ri\or. • iv>i;plv"i| 4.70'^ voles In '2'2 nrecliicU (o 2.1(14 f-^r R'.'ivnrd H. Winf-re. lln rieimbll- cnn candidalc. Clianin Clnrk mll- crl (he .sniin> vote nnri 1 i:l llw .sninc martin m-:r Ills ncmihlinn ir/i- nenl. Klsl. No lolal vole for . niinitcr of Dreclnch could he nli- tn Hie presldenthl rnc" but .isi-vcll WIIH leiidiiiK in VI stales at J am tliu Mate, Kentucky, w ,, (.o,,,,,,.,,! to l ; c his, altl o ,th t iu»l 1,,'Kin nm.,Lin,r iinlil n riL'f 10 ,,.,.1. loclav ' lola! in this labulation wiw 45i! electoral l< ;)! Hoover uvis shown leading in live st-itcs e, ,U,,.h ll:i ,n, Now .lluinpsl.i.e, Pon,,Hylv,,,,iu mi.f V^ wore leading i,, ,,.(um s on Uw election of 21 o 27 ,;,,VLM-,UH'H. K, lfll re.s indicated thoy-^ultl oust nine K(;piil)lK'aii jjovei'iior« l " f1 llllilHl i " uli ' K Ul ° Ktinatc Republican . "' li Ht IIL'UIIIV IL-'^lllllLIL i ClieennKkil In the nine'manner as llic crnnr's vnti>. In Ihe rniuity races (lip n^nio- rrnts dlsplayc-J a solid front, in 9ti preclude lhc vote wns reported in (l:e following order: Capitalizing on the urillin _ -- Uoyd. former Cimitr.orsvi!!: 1 . junior college bach, anj the we.ikj booting of BIylheville backs. ll:j I — Kennett town team defeats! the 1 ?cavch" was niatls late yesterday Blytheville inilcirendent team at! reeistercd in Blylr.eville alone in .in Ihe vicinity of Ihe'Hermonrtab, Haley Field last night, 14 lo 0. 1928. "Coin" Harvey. Arkansas' Lib- , Mo., bridge for n ne?ro who .-hot ! Bobby Rogers, linrd running back. crly party candidate, r?ceiv?d a and seriously wounded Flcrs : o M---- pushed across for both of Kcnnelfs I lone vote while Norman Thomas... r is. Pcmiscot county deputy sheriff, touchdowns and Lloyd's reliable tee i Socialist candidate, received a'i according to re|»rts receive:! here, converted tt:c cxlra points. \ v< "«- . While, rielnlts of (he slicotin^ Kennetfs first touchdown was The vote in the Ilireo Blylhevilb were not available here today it scored after a Blytheville kick was boxes was: j i™ imdersloScI Mcrris w.i? shot pardnlly blocked ancf the Nfissonri- Roosevelt Hoover: when he approached the .car in n »s had taken 43 which the negro was parked.''It l»rls from 1,093 out of -1.23-1 pic- . - clncts in Missouri ^ive Roos-volt •mHck-.Roosc^l, Bennett Clark "KTiK^fi ™S^ £ if*. " L OiTII nnd Guv Park Lead bv ocriUi 2I1 ''so: "««•>• iciei. iiepub \v;: i *K ' !icn ». 83,8n. For governor: Judge Guy Park, Wide Mai-gins. ProFTCiillne altorncy: Itaisl-in i[. Bucklev. n»mo.'ril. SOJH: T. U. CJolc. riepiibllcan. 2.2.17. - | County assessor: Oooicjc McOoo. Deinocrnl, .I.GB1: Clnrlrv I,. ,],->n- kins., 3.0-11. CoinUy trrasui-er: B* Mulll- Candidate's Mother at His Side ins He Receives Reports of Victory. x, Nov - nemoeral, 209.746; EJivarrt" Winter." nicks. Dcmocral. ii.fiis" Isaac" Me- i "," Reyuhhcan, 95,189. 1 Kay, R0|»ibllcnn. 2.014 ' 5 "" White House Family Cily Hall 659 Ford Bide 498 3!> Ark-Mo l*r. Co. .... 84 • 10 ; Tlie county vote on the eight in- on liis car. - 'Hlatcd proposals, with 22 precincts oiil of 52 reporting.was: Iniliated Act No. 1 (To provide'were nrre.sled by- ball on Blyllicville's 15-yard said Xtorris intended IT: rjr.estion The second louchdown came early' tr.-e negro concerning liconsc la^s In Ihe second quarter after n five ~:i his car. - yard kick by a Blytheville back. : Tlie shooting climaxed a drive in \ A stubborn heavy Blythevili2 line : which approximately 40 turned back the Missonrlans afl?r - -,-. --- r --- ~j ofTicers in the the second touohdonp and held for collection of a general" sa!<y> county In an effcrt lo fcojo ycsl^r- tjl ^ni scorsltss in the. final half cle- fnv^ K^VK ion. _ .._, . , ....... j •- »._il ,,..".. J tny) For 180: against . Initiated Oct. No. 2 <To simplify elections) For 386:: nvn\u?< 197-1 Initiated Act No. 3 (To make changes in state government* For 4fl2: against 1851. day's holly conleslcd election fr:e ! 5 Pitc frequent scoring threats. from IllCBtil voting and disorders. The,r,ine-up The officer was shot with a pis- < Kcnnett PCS. lol. one bullcl slTlklng I-i? )i. 1t )<l. - 'Men»l-p.-v T.P and another entering his chin a portion of the neck. Milburn Proposed Constitutional Amend-1 ^ Ic was taken |o his horns in Coo- I IIe mphill ment No. 19 ,T O Enact G:n:ral j ter after receiving trealmcnl anal" " [was exiKCted lo recDv;r, ; The sheriff's oflico al Carnthcrs- j ulle last nigiu Mid that Sheriff . Sales Tax) p or 323: against 2. Proposed Constitutional Amend- . -~ t —, VVJ ^uii^LiuiLionai Aiiieua- -,, , t ~ ^^.i,,,,-,,-,- mcnt No. 20 (To require Uvo-lhlrds mgl " Mlti that Sheriff L!c >' c vote for hiRhway bonds* For 820' I Ho " v wos "-^me^here In the 1 stoul against 1.599. ' - ' i southern p.-irt of the county." where ^B' 1 ^ ._.... i l*-3 xva. 1 ! l>resnmihlv TM-rtnov;.,_ <~ I^Odp H. Cook L). Poe Lloyd Stout Prnn^wrt n^.scni,.n , , I ''- w!l - s presumably prcpatin^ lo atsSSsSS S^avss £ school fund) For 753; mtml , m j The uamc rf T>rr*rvr\t-i>H ^V\ne*tlnH«.. _ i . .... . i > j.*" 1 - M .i.-i MUL Proposed Constitutional Amend- j lenrned. nient No. 22 (To prevent (nxin? of j homesteads) For 407: against 1.987. i. Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 23 (To provide .stfit term of legislature and four vcar (cnns for executive offices and prohibit new commissions) For 451- against I 951. Most Powerful Light NORTH TOURO. Mass. (UP) — Jllphbnd Iwht. for many years a kerosene-fed beacon, is now the most powerful !i ? ht on the Atlan- v,,b,my of < nines. 1 Glacier National Park Visiting List Drops GLACIER PARK. Mont. (UP|_ Tlic depression caused a 10? r« v cent drop i,, tlie number of visitor, to Glacier National Park this season as compared with 1931, th» lla ^° n!1 l park service retried. " visitors lo the vcar nodgers C RG RT RE QT5 I1B 11T! l-'li Blyllieville j Christian I Elliott 1 Hayder Wall.-.-j Oansk? WarriniUon Fc.ithorstonc Subslltullonf-Kciuirtt. „,„„,. -„ship. Patterson. Raiim. Gambl->. Watson, Dement, Blythcville, Burns. Kirkendal. Smotherman. Henrv Oscar Ellloll. Craig. Refereo Whitworth. Umpire, Sexton. Headlines- man, Brogdon. Brom. Mend- Potter. Smith. Governor Pardons Oddly Named Prisoner! VIRGINIA CITY. Mont. (UP)Certainly li-.ere is somolhlnt; in a name. Consider the casj rif Jack Gofortii. pcntencpri to 13 months In (he county jail on a chanre of selling inlo.vicaling liquors to niin- ors. .Ooforlh petitioned Cov. John E. Erickson for n pardon. His petition was granted. So now lie Is prepared lo go forth. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.—Uncfll:ifil i ^! rrdiriis from H5I ovl of H.09I lire- J, , , , ' = • • 'I lieard how His iwople of the U:ill- liCOSEVELT HEADQUARTERS, ntI,Ti%fORE HOTEL. NEW YORK, Nov. !). (UP)— Franklin 'Roosevelt snt tt-ith n croup of friends and" nlcmt)er!! of llL 5 family tn the early ° y Wotlnciday morning and , hnrt t\ev«lci him to til; ofllCP '" UlC " nd ' cincls In lndian.1 281.38:.'; IFcorer. WILMINGTON. Dei.—Rlxtv ,„>., clncls In Dclatvnro rave Hoovir S.- ' Tlrrd after the Ion? enmoalgn. 831: Roosevelt, n.3-12. I '"> was none the less jubilant as nil KANSAS CITY. Kails.—In 857 of I "valnnche of returns poured in to Kansas' 2.C7G jirecincls returns uavo ! Ills hcadquarlers. assurin? him of Roo-'evclt 114.007: Hoover, JIK/ISA j n » l»il>rcss%3 victory over Pr^i- For aovcnior: London. Rcnubli- I t ' on ^ "oovor ntin. 83.CC1; WcodriiiR. Drniocral. ,79n-l5; nrlnklcy, ln(lei:->iidcnt n '331. As lhc tide of voles mounted with the passing! of Ihe ulsfcl, frisuds came and clapixid him on the bsck-' ! nnd shook his hand alii oniratu-' Returns from olher slules nave i latod him. but through tr.e strain equally Imwc.fthr evlrlcnco -jf the | of it all he manngod to retain his extent of tbc D^mncralle itinii^lWn | outer calm. wMrh threatened lo s.- 11: | ir=rb»rl i At l.U side sH liis mother, Mrs. I Hoover ta n cicfrai even more :b-j James Roosevelt, cue of the few r; ilian Hint ivhicli he ndinln-1 wcmcn who have lived to sp e their Alfred E. Smith four 1st ere d lo years ago. As early as 1:M p.:n. the cl'.i- cnso Dally Nevis. Republic™ news- sons elected to the presidency. With him also was Jam?* A. Farby, chairman of the Democratic na- lional committee and 111? man who • ••.! x,wi>n<»k.t,Lv o>iv.i iii_ HldlL \MIU raner. conceded the nco?:velt vie-: has been responsible in larz; meis- ., „ ,„ i "re for the Roarevelt iiDmiintiDn Al .0.-3D p.m. ].-]<;( ni>lit t^e Nciv - ami victory. Togctror t^e New Hera|-=-Trll:une. onlv Repnt- ! lican morniiK- npivFinp"r i-i Ne 1 '' York, conceded Ihe elcct'in ••;( Roosevelt .incl Oarner an-.l n D-:n.v cratlc coiiRrcss. Walter Llppinnn. sptchl "rtl'* r - Fi-anklin D. Roo^ciell a,,J ins family arc Hiowu here with a picture of Ihe While House which will bo thc.r hcme afier ncxl .\farch 4. Scaled, left to rlfjIH, are Oovcmor Roosevelt. Mrs. ncosevrlt Stench BomK Thrown as Hoover Parades fnsco - — —-•- «i iui- hu.iiii^i .> luiu .-uifc-u ;tiin i_'»ius IJilii. OB*. " his son-in-law. The other son. Elliott Roosevelt. Was absent at the time this recent picture was made < ! N ™ AHC 'SCO. Nov. 8. (UP) ' ~ A stench bomb was thrown Into , . rs. cosevr (holding h:r gramldmiPhtcr. Ann Koosrvcll Dili). Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Ball (who is hoUlin^ her son Curtis Dall Jr.). and Mrs. Sarah Delano Kooscvell. Ihe eovr fncr - s mother, Standing are: Franklin D. Rooscv,lt, Jr., James Hocscvrll and Jnhn A. Uooscvclt itlitco of Ihe governor's four w>iis> ami Curlls Dall lory would eive America n TOvi-rn- ii.ent in which responsibility nnd the iw.vcr ic in I wntiH ni Intner I be separated. Tre n?v iriniinl?i-\- „ they received the slips of paper 'frau nn outer rconi, and though there was an early indication cf B Roosevelt sweep, tlis DJ:II- ocrntlc candidate rofuscd to Issue a statement until after siifiicicnt in to assure complete victory. .stalwart llupyblicaii'.somitor, Srnuot of Utah w«8 inn ,„,; his IWn)t,,nilic «,| M11 ,n OI ,l. Tim outtom I in U , h w:-.s .-.fill,ju (Iniibt at ,«n curly hour lodav- .' H-oprcsijiitativc Li^imnjia, iMdciiniulciu'lxcimbllcan, tfecv^ (ffi.J! 'wn,' Sl , c ? 1 '""^'""'''wlnXiSn; ranKrtssmaii, wiis. : o, c ,i c( . \',11, ,„„ W cnt <lnwn to di-rJat Itiillr I'ratt, Uc- l»iMi,-an New -Ydi-k, ropresuntini; a- silk\t()ckiii(| di.strift I maili'til Hoover conceding his (| (! |•oat^,KCllt. a tclc- Ifiam of conirratiilahon- vo Odvcrnor Kdn.sovolt-. : DrrmofT, Midi.—President Hoo^ icr clunj; lo n slight lead In Mlchl- finn on the l»sls c-f raliirns from inn nut slale precincts which fjnve him XIMfl vol"a (a M.-I58 for H-M^- vell. nOSTON. Jfiifs.-Oovarnnr Ron- eiell's le:ui over President llnoivr inniintcd Inle Icnl&l xvlth tir.-e tlinn nni'-lblrd of M.issncMiiS'lts' 1.707 nrt-cliipls v."])orl!-il. lieliirns from 5n4 prcrlnrls, InchicUnit 180 in Baston. [;nve Honver U(ll n2'l- RTSC- vcll. KM/lBO. PI1ILADKLPHIA, Pa.—Tlic? enllro i Republican Uck-M In ppniisylvanh. I hendrd by Preslil-nt. trower, was I mjorlly al mid- . Hnn. he ssld, of the will heM tho proulo nrd maii- -ill able lo lake definite action ti load lhc country onl of ilr IV—MI ;lif- Earlier In th3 night many iwta- bles called at ths hotel, amtng them Alfred E. Smilt, the happy warrior of Ihe Democratic parly in 1923. Smith, waving his famous brimn derby to His hundreds in and oulside the hold. oxprKWd deep pleasure at the (rend of llics voting. Fulton street here Icday shortly before President Hoover's imncte nass?d up nearby Market -street, Tlic b-3mter cltnibed to the roof c[ n building, tlirciv the mfssllc. nnd escaped down a fire escape, a witness told police.

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