The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1934
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Served by the United Press BtSTHEVlLIJEJCQigMR NEWS VOL. Xjm—NO, 22) AsksjFault Finders Offer "Constructive -; Alternatives" In. Georgia Talk GAINESVILLE.'On,/Dec. 3 (UP) — Postmaster General •'. James A. Parley today came' to the home state of Gov, Eugene Tnhnadgc, one of Hie Roosevelt administration's severest critics,, and "-'urged, fault finders to "offer-some con- „„ ,,.„ structlve allcrnatlvra.-io thV poli- t Thp J",„ r!PR tll/n, fn^rlo^Vn •• '- IIL J J ljl Five Perish In Boat Fire Near Parkin Blythevilla D»lly tttvt , BlyUieviUe 6curl«t ' ~— Mississippi valley Leader Ulythevllli* Hertld »''Y I URVIUJ'!, .ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DRCIOMI3KU HOME EDITION Jay Gould's Kin 1 TA^edOhioan PARKIN, . Ark.—Plvs persons were burned to death about 7 'il last night when (ire destroyed th;ir houseboat lioine .nt Rivet Fmnl eight miles of Parkin. ' The dead: W. M. Halliburton,' ngc<t 3'l. / Mrs. (Halliburton,: 'J4. •/ Carl Hnlhbuilon, eight Johnnb Mack' .Halllbiaton. »' Hnymond Halllbifrtoi!, three. ~" Mr. and Mrs. Hallliiiinon were nt R store near their house-bout when nodded thnt it. w;is ablnze. Ucnli/- liig thclv three children were nslixp — tlie fcoa'i,- they rusliccl liome cies they condeinn." ; Speaking at Hie,' dedication. of Gainesville's new posUiffice and •, federal btilldliig, Parley warmly dr.- f ro fended administiatton policies and reminded his audience that ."many of these emergency measures are experiments, that it is only In their operation that the flaws nnci defects materialize, and these faults .must: be corrected tis soon ns they appear." Farley, die) not mention Tal- Jnadge by name but said Georgians "with few exceptions have loyally supported Roosevelt and his administration" and have understood that the president seeks, to inalce the government "more re sponsive to the needs of all the people ratiler than giving it.s chief concern-to the Interests of special groups and classes." ' Defending the administration of relief to the unemployed, he said: "The job is so vast, the necessity so immediate, that a great (leal must be left lo the neighborhood officials to determine how, when, nnd where the relief should be distributed. Unfortunately . hern and there there have been individual cases of laxness and favoritism. As a consequence of these isolated instances the whole system of relief has been attacked by some as wasteful and extravagant." , . st liad gotten on the; c:rill when the roof fell -in H wsis .said. iipnn tlu.n, The i!lm>r:d, tlic ruins dins were wlifn ihr Uiken hin-neil to ihe water's edge. Aged Negress Burns to Death at Luxora LUXORA, Ark.—Charity Picket, 85. hegress, was burned to death ipriday ...nBjhU- .when,, the •' servants 'liorae-Mn.which she''li'ved; on the premises of John B. Driver's residence, 'was destroyed by flrp. of undetermined orijin. She had ^been n servant In the Driver household for about 30 years. She was n typical ante bellum type negro anil v/as considered tlie best fisherman hereabouts. The weather wns neyer loo bad for Charity to go fishing nnd rarely did she return enipty hnnded. She had been ill for several days and it is presumed that she was too ill to notice tin; smoke or was unoble to get out of bcH r if she did notice it. Pemiscot Decision Delays Drainage Tax Land Sales CARUTHER.SVILLE, Mo, —Von Vfaycs, attorii'ej 1 for Drainage Dis- -rict NO. 3 -In this county, IH, onnonnced Umt no suits lor taxes clue on lands within tlie drainnae area would be filed. until aftti the state supreme, court shall have passe(( on the Criddlc case, nppenl- ed from the local' circuit court. The decision oi the local court was to the elfsct that assessments over and above those for the original improvements in District No. C itre invalid. The forthcoming opinion, Jjiholding; or rejecting tln s view, s expected to upply to all other districts in the county. It .is ,-;» reeled the high court will give Us opinion some time, duriii" January, 1035'. ; As a result oi (lit opinion marie n the local court more than 200 and sales, scheduled for this vcek, were called oil by an 'order from Judge John E. Duncan, \vlio javc ihe opinion in (he Griddle case. The sales, in Districts No. 0 and 8, represented thousands of acres of lands which would have been sold. ,•' :''; See^ of'Negfb "in 'Accident toinl of $1,000 |< administratrix of aJK( _ ot Jay Gould famous ilnaucler nf the post century will marry John Murtoa f-umlry. Eon of a Cleveland, O liantHig family, Miss Drcxnl's father, Anthony J. Droxel, Jr., has SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Memphis Civic L e a cl e i Principal Speaker foi Banquet Thursday W. n. Hcr.sleiii, iiiTildenl of the Memphis notary club nnd n foim er president of [he Memphis Chamber of Commerce, will he the] principal speaker at the aniiunl, hanquet of the (jlytlifvllle Clinnt-( uer of Coinmcru'. which will be] lielcl at- the Hotel Nolili nl 7 11) i Tliursduy iil^hi, I Mr. ller.stcln. « mil estate mini, I lins.ljpcn n lender In civic affairs' nt Memphis for a iiunibri of 1 years, lie wns president of tin Chamber of Commerce there; In 1D32 nnd I9:«. . . I Members of the . locnl clmmljei ! of commerce received bniloU;' lo- dny for u.w in Hie minimi election of directors. Nine dtieotors will be named to senp wltli nljio who bold over from last yeai -ighteen men weie nominated liie nlnn places They aie Jnck Applebaum, O s Bianson Rupert, Graf ton, Russell Farr, Oscar Pendler, James. Hill jr Leioj Huddleslon. R. D. Hughe's, Joe Isaacs, P., B. Joynei, p M McCall, M. N. Niinn, Cliailes Penn Jeff Roland, Cecil Shane, W. H. Stovnll, Horace Walpolc, nnd w J. Wunderlich. To count in the election ballots, properly niai^d, must bo •eliti-ned (o the Chamber' of Com- mcicc office at the city hall be- , rove G u. m. Wednesday. They will!. )e Counted thnt night hy n sne- clnl committee. Crow Rjirly, We ever Frenchmen Be!" ..-. \* noc. .f, go -, -v /t'f£/f ' i / ' - Deer Killed by Car In Cincinnati Suburb CINCINNATI (UP)-In a SUblll'- jban street, not so many miles prom downtown Cincinnati a 200- poimd deer wus biimpjri accidentally- and killed by Lawrence Penrod's automobile. The animal was one of n herd that had traveled here-from-Indiana, Howard Bowerso.x, jgame detective, said. state I Joe Carney Reappoinled Acting City Engineer Joe Carney .has again been named to the post.of acting, city engineer with the dropping" of L. E. Tnll from the municipal payroll risked nV I ..... ~. the estate of Jnmes Alexander, negro, for hh dfnlh In a highway accident nn Highway fli, -south of Blylhcville, ast slimmer, in a suit fllrrt In ointnon 1 pleiis court. Everett; I). Gee of the Everett 3.' Gee ales company, is defendant n the action. Tils .complaint nl- eges .that tlie negro -was riding n a truck driven by an employe of Gee's when' the accident occurred and charges that the acci- dqnt .u-as the result .of negligence on . the part of and carelessness the driver. Claude P. Cooper is attorney for Ihe plaintiff. Mr. Gee, -through Held, Evrard ns city engineer effective the first of this month. ' . JS400 Mr. Tull served as city engineer' for a number of months, devoting his time particularly to plan ning of projects on which labo on the federal relief rolls were used although hc was also active 1n. regular dulies o'f the office.] His appointment wns only temporary, subject to necessary cuts' in the city's budget and the council voted to dispense with his services when the city's financial condition became more serious (hi-, lull. Mr. Carney served as acting engineer for a number of months prior t othe appointment of Mr. Tiill as engineer and hns been a supervising officer In the department for severnl years nnd is fim ihnr with the work. nnd Henderson, counsel, has filed an answer denying, legal liability but declaring his readiness to pa," """ "humanitarian grounds" > 1 ; ;Elissa Landi Hit Divorce Suit Sentenced to Death for Murder of Sweetheart W1LKES-BARRE. Pa., Dec 3 (UP)—Robert Allnn Edward.?'today was sentenced lo die in the electric chair for the "American Tragedy" murder of Freda Mc- Kcchnlc, his neighborhood sweetheart. Judge W. A, Valentine summoned Edwards from the county jail this morning in a surprise move that prevented crowd's from gathering In the courtroom where a jury found the young mining engineer • guilty of slugging Freda w l'h n blackjack, while swimming l!> Harvey's lake, I'many'and France Sei- tlfe Question 'Which Menaced Peace of Europe ROME, Itnly, Dec. 3 (UP)--An nccovd wns reached by France nnd Germany today on the Snar mines, marking a lolls step lowiml settling what,has been generally regarded 'as the' greatest existing menace to peace in Europe. The agreement terms under which involves Germany the The Saar. rich coal and Iron territory between Germany nnd France j ........ vi.* nut I ij- JUKI I' I is EccthniB with political activity alined at winning the people In January's pleblscile. They will decide then whether to cnst their lo with Germany or France, or remain under a League of Notions commission. ns ,,t prra ,, H . Abovc Ls n B1 . ol||) Qf acnniin ma i)rop[lgull thsls with a placard asserting (us trnn'slntcd In the liendlng over tli- Ihai despite any elforts ol the Ftencli government, Snrti citizens will never be French. Today's Markets New Orleans Cotton I Closing, Stock Prices close. Man Accused of Sawing ________ Holes in Neighbor's boat^S.^ .................. . „.. ,,„,,.„. [market eased under liquldnllon of MEDINA, O. (UP) - Theodore long contracts inspired by lh= Leuier was charged with rieslrnc- higher lemtencv of prlvnle bnrenii --------- " NEW ORLEANS, Dec, 3. (UP) —The cotton mnrkct made a poor showing today and prices slipped oJf 11 to 17 points jimjer-.t^ci.'preV n period of trading the In After early tlon ol property nflcr allegedly crop sawing holes in the bottom of a' lioat ^clnnging. ( 0 a neighbor. j Dec Holes HI, blnir Derhninmer'3 ' Jon boat 'were discovered when he and his wife started to out on , , ut n J Chippcwa hike. They were forced Jll 'y to wnde nshorc when the craft Ocl - Imtttes. open 1248 124!) 12(71 1281 1254 1223 reimburse France for the mines! high IMS 1253 1201 1201 1254 1223 close 12'Mb low 1238 1244 1245 -1245 124G 1246 1240 1241 1209 1200 after cides next month's plebiscite dc- i whether the territory will remain under control of the League of Nations or pass to France or Germans'. It was revealed that under the agreement Gennany Is pledged lo pny France approximately $59,000,000 ns soon as possible. Part would be paid In cash nnd flic remainder in coal nnd supplies." WEATHER — — Fair and colder In £? sl Portion with freezing tonight, -luesday generally fair. Memphis and viclnity-Fnlr nnd coiner tonight. Temperature about 32 to 34. Tuesday fair. The maximum temperature here yesterday wns 5 , ,,, ninmm 33, partly cloudy wlt]) , 98 „, all inclt °'., r ?,"V"' ^ding to. Sam-1 Noii'ls, official weather ih- $10 Fine Assessed for Selling Unlabeled Beer A fine of $10 wns assessed In municipal court Saturday against the Mid-West Dairy Produces company o na charge of violating ment home, John Sein, GO, fell three stories to his death. - , j Mny Scin, Coroner M. Scott Kcnrns July was told, lost his footing when lie'Oct leaped for the ball, falling over Spots closed rj'.net at 1265*"off the edge of the roof to a concrete yard below. to stale revenue Inws by sellin labeled beer. A plea of guilty , ras entered Jie charge. Lucy Davis, negross, .self-admitted slayer of her husband, was j bound over to await action ot the grand jury under $1,000 bond. Or.- able to make bond she was rr- turned to jail. Revival at Gosnell The nev. J. L. Westbrook, of Riplcy, Tenn., opened a two weeks, revival yesterday nt the Synagogue' church of Gosnell. The Rev. El-i mer Smith i gregation. Yeggmen Take $10,000 from Tennessee Bank MONTEREY, Tenn., Dec. 3 (UP) — Yeggmen using an acetylene torch cut through the snfc of the Bank of Monterey early today and escaped with $10.000 in cnsh nnd negotiable bonds. The bandits carefully built screen of the bniih furniture to hide the light of their torch and kept two five-gallon cars of water handy in case of fire. Finger prints were sent to Washington todny for possible identification. n 60, playing Football- On Roof, Falls to Death CINCINNATI football on the Spots closed steady at 1S65, of! 13. York Cotton (UP) _ Playing Dec roof of his tcne- Jan ' NEW YORK. Dec, 3. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close 1248 1248 1236 1237 1254 1254 1239 1238 1259 1259 1244 5244 1258 1258 1244 1244 1251 1251 1237 1237 1221 1521 1200 1200 1C. NEW YOTIK, Dec., 3, (UK- Prices sagged In nearly all section: OH the stock exchange todny nn< Voiiime-dwindled '--to IHc"-* lightes 1 pace In more than n week. ' : A. T. and T. ,,> IDT 5.3 ' Annconda Copper ...... 103-4 Beth Steel 30 l-a Chrysler 39 Cities Service '... | 1-2 Corn' Cola Ifi4 l-S Gen. Am. Tnnk . v .. . . ;tn Gen. Electric 20 Gen. Motors 321-2 Int. Harvester \in Montgomery Ward 2S 3-8 N. Y. Central 21 B-fi Pncknnl 4 Phillips Pet 16 3-8 Radio Q Simmons Beds 105-8 Standard of N. J 42 5,3 Texos Co ' 21 7-8 U. S, Steel 37 i. 2 McKes&on-Robblns 81-4 Zonlte 4 U. S. Smelting ........ na Chicago Corn Dec. May open 92 1-2 91 1-4 high 93 1-4 92 low close 91 3--I 91 3-4 90 3-8 90 1-2 Do yen realize that every time you jlick one of those little two cent Relict Stamps on tlic\ tack of a piece of Scrip (hat you are helping (o make It pos-, have with special music featured. the necessities of - a very pleasant life? feel| that. Town Finds Cable Repair Men Like to Hunt, Too CYGNET, O. (UP)—Cygnet's tel- e-phone cables, severed by bank robbers, had lo wnit all dny for cnfc| e men In this section of the Charging misconduct, John state to repair them Cecil Lawrence, London bar- Urgent M'IU hv tr r- r-mhim coiiplo «ro shown above during perts. happier days, when Lawrence I T , Jlslted this country. L.J. 1 vv ' as " lc opening nay of thoj •* ; •— '-^ 'Ohio hunting season. ' Sought For Questioning In Girl's Disappearance Jimniic Jones, local man, wns sought for questioning today In the disappearance of a 15 year old lilgh school girl. The girl hns been mslsing over the week-end and Jones wns allegedly seen In her com puny a short lime before she dlsnppenrcd. Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, snld that Mrs. Jones stated thnt lier husband i.dmittcd (o her (hat hc was planning to leave wilh the girl. "We Kills think thk onc't a scream/" Chicago Wheat Dec open high 100 1-2 100 3-4 - - . May loo 100 5-8 low D8 1-4 09 1-1 close <10 1-1 Ofl 3-8 Charges Wife Told Him How to Do Everything SaysHe'll Name Lindy Abductors TRENTON, N. J.. Dee. 3 (UP)- Oov. A. Hurry Moore today received n letter pii|-portlng to come from the v. !•;. rtowton of Colorado - Springs, Col,, offeilng o put (lie oxeciim'a'in touch with 'the nctunl kidnapers nf llio Ji'i'iih child." Governor Mooie said lie luid tmis'd the Icltr-r over (o Attorney Ocm-inl Uiivld T, Wllonu. Admits Wrlllnu Letter OOl.OliADO S1MUNOS i Dee. 3 (UP)-V. 13, Uowton, Cotmmlo Springs fining station operator,. siild loiJny |, c | 111(1 wfll . (en n ilntCoV lo Guv.' i A". Hurry Moore of ! Now Jersey '^oncoming the kldnuiilni; nnd murder of the Lindbergh > bnby, . . ' Ifotvton snld he hlm.self did not mow nny details of the-kidnaping unt hud written the letter nt thi> iliiest of unotlicr ' Colorado Springs mnn whom he would not, inline. Thls'mhh, he .said,.hud'told him Ibnl lio knew .''(he uclmil kidnapers i)f the baby ; - nnd hnd nil de- lulls concerning the cnse." High Court Reverses Rul- ng of Independence Circuit Court stale LITTLE nOCK, Dec. 3, (UI>)— imrliig must continue oil the suit ot C. D. Dnnlels ngnlnst the city or Balcsvlllc for dnuiages allegedly suffered, from Improper , mv in 3 and drnlniiee constnicllon, (lie supreme court ruled today. The high tribunnl reversed mm remanded an Iiulcpendence circuit court order thnt sustained a dc- -iise demurrer and dismissed -Oil Dnnlels askcil $1,250 'dninnges to nls .property.,/roiiiiaycrlloivliiB wr, The'- Coca : ; :«)ln ; -:'DortUni' coih paiiy jjsked a .^shearing oil Judi mcnt ngatat It given Mrs. Helena cli Four Children Seek Homes for Christmas Three four lo seven Ihnl the Chrl mt-lc "toyZ ranging fiom seven years of ngc, mid year old girl are hopin , wni e , cL wiKit "^ ™» tmns-homes. These chil dren, now in the'rarc of Mrs. John Long, have no place to stay nnd no one to care for them All ol them arc ready for adoption, -hill ' ^°" S h " S pl!lcctt several no cnlls for the present tlm" 1US Anyone caring to discuss, the mnlter with Mrs. Long i>my cal *7 or sec her at 421 South Cher Judge Ruled Wife's Word Was Law in Drinking BROCKTON, Mass. (UP)-When John H. oogan appeared in court recently on n drunkenness charge t was a cnse of "the Constitution •ersiis the Mtssus"-nnd the "Mls- 5115' W011. Tlic law says n fellow can take 1 ,iTo bllt my wlfc *"5' s hc cnn'l .0 tiints why I'm here, your lion The court sentenced Go»nn to me month In the House of corrcc- lon, and suspended sentence until Dec. 29, with the suggestion that iicamvhilo. his wife's word" would Guilty Persons', in, ' Killing aijd-Other Vic£ ^ Icncc Near Holland ''- r j CAnU'IIIEHSVlLLB. Mo, Deq 3 —A lic o IVml'cot county' grand jury, .... flikl to be Impaneled In a ' iiimbci of ycius »eiU Into session!! here .it I! o'clock (Ills mttnlng ' ilth specific Insti uctlons fiom C|r- nil .hulge John n. Duicnn !o ,(n- esllgnlc disorders lust election dny, Noumtel '8, whlch-icsnlled.r.i ' he fntnl shooting of one mnn and he wounding and beating of oth- >is ^ ,^ Judge Dimcim laid Hie grand <' Juiy thnt while ha Imd called ,' 1111.111 iiH-elitaiUy to investigate the ' killing ncni Holland 'of Iioince . Ha mandate, on NoVDiuij'f nnd other dlsoiders giowing out •f the election, that Ihey'weie free o ImcsUenlc nny other crimes .hnl they felt i "quired tholi at'- .emlon' tie ,<ald, nowe\er, that 11 felt Prosecuting Altoiney Rob- - eit Hawkins had tlio cilme sltua- «tm In Ihe county well In hand. w E Tnylo., Vnelnin township wni uniticci loiomun of the grand jury acoiyt \Vehb, Concord, nnd i. A MoNaii, unjtl, among those Shinlly himnnoned, were c\cus»il m .SLMv'ce on the Jurj/aiid-JebS apelglil nnd a, ly gnndeis were mimed In their places Olhcnnem'. bin of the giand Juiy arc' Wy- nnn Ulllmnn nnd chils Mehrlj Jaiuthcr.svllle; M p cuaj givift- - 3nrl Dingess, Butler, J. I Bu^lf' •on, Warden- E s. Rackley, 'Pns- M n F H Col!ler ' Deeriii^ J M Mccullougli, Vlrginin Mvjmhlp.and r > W Dowdy, Sttele Many Witnesses on Hand That tho grand jury v, en i to noik at onrc on the Ferrell klllmk »»•' other election day disorders I mllcnted by (he appearance * of aUiit SO vojunteci witnesses, chl"Hy from tlie .south end of the wherec. the shootinss and' ' ct-s of violence occurred. • Lnst week three men were tak- ' en Into custody n, suspects In tlv (•lection dny iUstmbanc« fn which • ""'fell -was -Wlled.V aiiomer-.inan**? nded nn<l serial white "meii i "'til negroes b«n(en and chased A. lr -J™'" th = Holland polls The S trio, Hubert and Everett Utley and Spec' Barnett, were brought (o this city, but nere released beror? Justice c E Brags " i fourt):, 'John Doe," was sworn ' • I* ore Justice M R BnP.ey at Hoi- i and Bmgg ruled In leieaslng Ule ' . o.hei nets of law. Puccini's "La Tosca" to Be Given 800th Time PARIS: «JP> _ The sooth »r- ormancc or Puccini's "La Tosca vill be presented ' at the Opera '"'' 3 ' O'^ing to ivas n on Oct. ml iE r NnD T BOR ^ °' (up >-S«-i™ d « ^ a ,.„, O.UL,, renoiuon of 1 fo ? r i i'? ri S rtom , hts -^ond'the famous opera composed 34 year* vvifc, John M. Burson, former Hen- ago. Although this op-ra lm« b««n drysburg poslmastcr. In },is' peti-1 presented lie.-c for ovei : 30 vears it tlon alleges she dissented from his! Is one of nie mon popular otTerlnzs SOC al. Ml I Cal rnlinl^..,= „„,! ,|..|. , nf ll,n /->. n-.Y, ' '" u '"-'"lgS social, political, religious and civic views and tried lo tell him how to dress, walk, sit nnd lie down. Defendant in the case Is Edna L. Burson, of Colorado Springs, Col, who wns nurson's childhood sweet- ncart, :te married her after his first wife died, but their marriage! [I In,, ' -- -•-.. l» ***H |^wputU of [he Opern Comlque. was unsuccessful, charges. the petition Largest Buddist Monastery Found NEW DELHI, India. (UP)-The Buddhist monaslery in . y - Northern India has been dlscov a reat &ilt Lake Is ler than ever before in and sal- ozy in India. the his- 1 The monastery is on n site called e s- e monasery is on n site called lory of white men in this region. Kala*an, and Ik nan\e is proved by l . , Sen,!, rtl8 S W , r A n B i t ? lrl0 * ° r i2 K S».™hlhl- inscription said to the United States Geological Sur- have been, shadasila This inscrio- ' ' A,D. 76. .approximately no jurisdiction ovei (he trio, ns . (he Arrant was not made from oftlce for their arrest Bailey a candidate for le-electlon nst No\ ember, wns defeated, and hus the three were brought here befo.e Bragg i oc | ay , the shcrlnr ililce reported the three were sdt 't liberty. Any further action •gainst them probably depends up-. w the rejxnt of the giand lur? ^cirell was killed when an urf- ^Bunnian opened Hre on an i in which he and hii' . --hn E Ferrell, were rid-* "g The elder Ferrell wasVound-" I m the ami The two Pencils MC riding In the tack seat of cnr ('riven by a negro According to officers. Holland' Mtes had appoinled themselves. 0 chnl engc negroes coming to th« Mlantl poll, to 10 te, and »hen ..' the two Fei-rells i when commanded passed. \ . . ••itne.sfied tlie shoot «, but Mated they were too far ".ay to identlfj the slnjer Several n e g r0 e s were beaten uo 1 various parts of the ' ' itci it hnd T«o men wii i pan in lhe iltrmonaalt Farmer « C Posey, prominent farmer r H B or of them, anned v>-ith clubs and 'billies, lined acrosT he road ' Posey named Hubert In- of lhe miey brothers and BarneU bLn °l fa i' ed lo «" c «• '«« been ordered to report to the LT,'^ .' •««> «*>" his n|t kct In this matter. .: The warrant •M.S Issued shortly after the dls- "dcrs Hicks said he failed to •erve ihe yyarranls upon advice of ''ipsecutlng Attorney R w Haw- Sh.s, who, Hicks sut 8 d,!ild he could not uncover evidence to war-' rant the jnrcst of the three men! Russia Plans Ruthless War on Foes of Regime LENINGRAD, U. 3. S. R., Deo 3 (UP)— Ruthless extermination ot enemies of the Soviet regime was proclaimed today because 'of the assnsslni^ton of Sergei Maronovlch , Kriov, one of the high leaders of comlnunlst Russia. ,

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