Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1895
Page 1
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She ^Krtt!f*t! rt ( I4JI4% I(I4% VOL XX. LOGANSPORT, LXDIANA FK1DAY MORNING, FEBRUARYS. 1895. NO. BY BOAT BY RAIL BY DRAY. DEFEATED. Administration Banking and Currency Bill Killed in the House, Senator Call alluded to. in an undertone, as ••bolstering: up the lottery eornpany." The diplomatic bill was taken up (the bankruptcy bill, the unnnished business, being informally laid aside) and the Hawaiian cable matter was again discussed. Senator Palmer (dern., 111.) being the first speaker. And our Spring Importations of HANDSOME SILKS, NEW LACES, NEW DRESS TRIMMINGS, NEW WHITE GOODS, Are laid at cur door direct from Foreign Ports. ....... ALL QUALITIES. ALL STYLES. ALL PRICES. All Strictly Metropolitan. Will say no more. Only early shoppers will make inroads on the prettiest-and they can't be duplicated. President Cleveland's Action in Financial Cnsis Characterized as Manly and Briive. TWO Fi.,i,i,iir MORE BODIES FOUND. The Busy Bee Hive 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St. Call and See! Play Thousands ol Tunes by moans ol Indestructible Metallic Disks. Purity Ji Volume ot Tone Unequalled The wonderful Regina UusieBojc. Will play aoy tuue. I am agent for Logansport of tno genuine, also the new things in Gold B^lr.s, ColUrer.res, Buckles, Oznrina Pins, BuUerlly Hat Pius, Side Combs, Hair Pius, Watch Poc.kets, Liiclit-s' Gunrd Chains. Gold Bricubrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to tho eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving and all kinds of work done to order at D. A HAUK, me Jeweler anfl Optician. 410 Broadway. New Goods Slaughtered. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear,; at your own price. We have also between three and, four hundred boys' suits in all sizes and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight * goods at the Broadway. Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. JOS. G. GRACE. WASIH:S~GTO.N, Feb. 7.—At close of debate on the administration banking bill a vote was taken ou the engrossment and third reading of tiie bill as amended resulted in !)7 votes being Cast for the bill to 15'J against, thus defeating the measure. Work In tho Mount'. 'WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.—The house met at 11 o'clock. House bill authorizing the construction of a bridge over the Missouri river at Sioux City, la., was passed. Mr. Grosvenor offered a resolution providing for an investigation of tho recent congressional elections in Tennessee, and asked present consideration. Mr. Cox (den;., Tenn.) objected and the resolution went to the com- lliitlee on elections. The committee on interstate and foreign commerce reported favorably the senate bill relating to the Nicaragua canal. Calendar. At. ]l;,|u tlie lunise. in committee of the whole, took tip lite bill authorizing the sale of S.WO.00.1,000 of gold bonds to maintain the wold reserve aud to retire the greenbacks, the pending question being Mr. Uiand's appeal from the ruling of Chairman Kichardsnn that his substitute was not ; in order. The decision of the chair was sustained—130 to ">~. Mr. Jirosins (rep.. Pa.) offered an amendment to section ]. diive'.ing that bonds of the denominations of S.-.'U. ¥">0 and $100 be ofJ'ered for sale at Mich national banks as the secretary of the treasury may direct. On this amendment Mr. Sickles (clem., >>'. Y.) declared his belief that the honor and-welfare of the country were involved in the passage of the bill, lie had frequently been compelled to differ from the chief executive, he said—the president elected by his own party—but he forgot all these diU'eivnces in his admiration of the manly, brave aet.ou of the president in this financial crisis of tho country. i L wa.s worthy, he said, of the most illustrious of the chief magistrates. Then most impressively Gen. Sickles closed: "If a long life, given largely to the public service, entitles me to appeal to my associates on the floor to hold up the credit aud honor of our country, in God's name, I take the opportunity now to do so." [Applause.] Mr. IJowers (rep., Cal.) said he was opposed to the bill aud to the amendment. He did not believe in fastening the gold standard upon the country, nor in the sale of bonds. Mr. Stockdale (dem., Miss.) offered as an amendment the declaration contained in the bill repealing the purchasing clause of the Sherman law, that all the moneys OA the government should be kept at a parity, but it was ruled out on a point of order. Mr. Brosius' amendment was adopted. Mr. Wheeler (dem., Ala.) offered an amendment repealing thp 10 percent, state bank tax^iia take effect January 1, 1S97. Lost. Mr. Haughen (rep., Wis.) moved to strike out that portion of the bill which forbids the issue of national bank circulation based upon the 2 per cent, bonds. Mr. Haughen's amendment was agreed to. Mr. Bell (pop.. Col.) moved an amendment to make the bonds payable in gold or silver without discrimination against either metal. An amendment offered by Mr. Bland to redeem the treasury notes issued under the Sherman law in accordnnce with section 3 of that act and to coin the seigniorage of the silver bullion in the treasury into standard dollars was defeated by a vote of 114 to i!00. .At 3:30 o'clock the bill was reported to the house and all the amendments agreed to in the committee of the whole were adopted. Efforts to get the yeas and nays on the amendments relating to the national bank tax and circulation were unsuccessful. k J'lck» Up the Ki-mulim of I'HS'.onsnrs of Ill-Fat«<l Kibe. Lo.vno.v, Feb. 7.—The fishing- smack Speculator arrived at LowestoftThurs- day, bringing the bodies of two of tho Elbe's passengers. Coin aud bank notes were found in the pockets 01 both. One had gold rings and a goli; | wateh and the clothing was marked \ "M. IX"' Upon the other body was it key stamped ".Marvin Safe company, New Yorlc, 67J1," and another key stamped: "L. L. Uates A Co., Jioston." The body brought ashore Wednesday I which was supposed to be that o'f Chief Siewai-d 1'schundt;!', is now bclievui" to be that of director, who LI be. The coroner's inquiry at Lowestoft has been adjourned to February M, MERRY BLIZZARD. from Sweeps Over the Country West to East. Much Snow Falls at Many Points Blocking Traffic—Now York Towns Snowed In, .1 Fritz Hartman, musical was a passenger ol' the (,'im-llltintl '!:!« Allot !i«r Hip: l-'lro. CINCLVNATI, I-Y.b. 7.—The Miami bra null of the Cineinnati leaf tobacco w:irchou-e burned Thursday morning. The building i>> a six->tury structure at Ttaee and Commerce streets and has a capacity of L'."UO hogsheads. At the time tile lire started between 1.200 and l,r>0u hogshea.ds of tobaeeo were stored in the place. Thu origin of the lire is unknown. \Vhile the loss is not given, it will probably exceed iJOO.OOO. Kiiisi-r \Vil)i<-lin M.'innrial. i.s', Feb. 7.—The budget committee of the reichstag Thursday voted tho second installment of the fund for the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial. Dr. vnn Koettieher, imperial minister of the interior, speaking in favor of the grant, said that the emperor had ordered a new design, the eost of which should not exceed 4,1)00,000 marks, wh it'll sum was accordingly fixed as tho maximum by the reichstag. Many <'!iHii£«'H in Coujjl-css. WASHINGTON", Feb. 7.—A glance at the records On Hie in the clerk's ofh'co in the house of representatives shows that there have been no less than twenty-nine changes in the personnel, of that body sinee the time members £jfre elected. • Eleven of these changes have been due to deaths, fifteen to res igrnations and three to members being unseated by the house. J-Yll Into :in Oppn Crate. Co.N'NEl.r.svti.i.K, Pa., Feb. 7.—Wednesday evening'James Martin and wife, residing near the Davidson coke works, left their four children at home for a, .short time, in charge of th daughter, aged 10 years. During Uleir absence. Mary, -I years of age, fell into an open grate, nr.d was burned to death. The other children were so terrilicd that they did not attempt a rescue or give an alarm. JJurnoc! to Huul.li. K.VTORI-A, Kan.. Feb. 7.—While Rev. J. A. MeLU'resh and family were attending church s miles south of here their home took h're. One son, Abncr, who was feeble-minded, had been left at home, and before help arrived he was burned to death, lie was 2'J years of ajre. CHICAGO, Feb. 7.—This country is in the grip of one of the most painful and distressing blizzards in the records of the weather bureau. From the eastern slope of the Rocky mountainseven unto the bijr Allegheny chain on the east of us a storm of snow and wind, accompanied by the celebrated Dakotau icy | temperature, rages with a ferocity that Strikes terror into the hearts of nil' whose misfortune brings them into i contact with it. Railroads have aba.n- | doned freight trains and passenger trains are tied up in Ini^'e nud impregnable drifts many feet high. On Turn- at St. 1-oiils. ?r. Louis, Feb. 7.—The cold wave predicted by the weather nuivau arrived on schedule time, in this i-ity and vicinity. At midnight the mereury registered zero, and went slowly lower •until at !! o'cluck ill the morning the cjiiieksilvor touched 7 below zero. Will-si JSUzzMiM MiH-o f s:i. SKU.M.IA, Mo., Feb. 7.—The worst I)li/,/,ard since JSS'I is sweeping over this section. The train from Kansas City, due at 10:30 o'clock Wednesday night, struck several drifts and did not, reach here until 11 o'clock Thnrs- ,l;iv forenoon. All other trains are li'.U 1 . the M., K. & T. passenger train from Texas being nine hours behind. Stoi-k has suffered severely. " l^is'i or l.lCo 4-o;ir.-U in ».i>nisk:i. OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 7.—One of the most severe storms known in this state, amounting to a blizzard, now rages all over this section. The storm began in the west, reaching Kearney, >"eb., ;ibont daybreak and striking Omaha .it 10 o'clock. IJusiness was almost suspended; trains are all very, lat<; and the drifting snow may make them still a.ter to-day. In some places there is snow and sleet. Thermometers mark from 14 to -0 degrees below aero. The storm extends far into Kansas, even to the southern boundaiy. The wind las been blowingat ther.ttc of GO miles norr.neru Texas, jt is uie worst . in years. Thousands of cattle are dyinfl from exposure. I- TORCH t<* Orttth iu Now York. > T KW Yomc, Feb. 7.—The first fatal case of freezing in this city occurred ' "Wednesday night. A man supposed to' be L. Lochmann, of ivo; Lexington • avenue, was found in a badly frozen condition in a cellar at -TO West Fifty- third suvet aud removed to Helk-veu«'.'•• hospital where he died within an hour. .Si-:w YonK, Feb. 7,—Ca.nar.-iio, Bar-; -. ren Island and half a. doi-.i.-n li;Ue fish- ' ing resorts in Jamaica l'..y cannot b» reached owing to a s:iuw blockade ou^' •the railroads and ;he tempestuous weather on the water. For two days locomotives have tried to butt their way through the suow in order to reach the little towns, but thn snow has packed so closely that tha pick and shove) alone make no impression ou it. It is 4 feet deep in most places, but the drifts aro 15 and iO feet ' thick. A party of flO mou are at work with shovels, but almost as fas% . • as thev dig the wind lills in the cut' again. It is feared that some of tha . ivsioents of the lit.tle sullli'moiits must be approaching the starvation point by this time, aud it is sa.id the supply of coal in these places is limited. IliTiiiit, I I'tir.rn t»> Uoitli \ FA«. RIVKU. Mass., FeV-. 7.—-Edwim 1'. Brown, a hermit, was found fro/.ov to death Wednes.,ay in a hut occupied by him near Westport harbor, lie w:«' . over CO years of age, and had lived . there for many years, lie has n. sister'- and brother in Wisconsin. AFTER Trylne to MR. PULLMAN. Firnt Time Since the Strike. BROOKLYN, Feb. 7.—For the first tiroo since the strike was declared cars were- running from Fifty-eighth street to Fort Hamiltom Thursday morning, on the Third avenue and Hamilton avenue lines. There was no trouble Favorable to Gen. ScHoflcl<i'» Nomination, WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.—A favorable report was ordered by he senate committee on military afl'.iirs Thursday morning on the nomination of Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield to be lieutenant "-cneral of the army. WASHINGTON*, Feb. 7.—In tlie senate Thursday the credentials of Lucien Baker, as senator from the state of Kansas for the term begin nin_ 4 next, to succeed Senator Martin, were presented by Senator Martin, read and placed on file. The following house bills were passed: Authorising- the secretary of WOT ! to make a survey of tho Calumet river from Lake Michigan to Kuuga- tuck. To adopt special rules for the navigation of harbors, rivers and inland 'waters of the United States. A resolution offered by Senator Call (dem., Fla.) on the 10th of December for the appointment of a select committee to investigate the Louisiana or Honduras lottery company of Florida wa» called up, and Senator Call addressed the senate. Senator Call's remarks were cat off by. Senator Blackburn's (dem., Ky.) motion to take .up the diplomatic and consular bill — a motion -which C'apt. i;o£arnus >ot Lluad. ATLANTA, Ga., Feb. 7. — Sunday morning a man who had been a guest of the sanitarium at Lithia. Springs, 20 miles from here, for two weeks, died. He had registered as L. S. iiox'ardus, of Los Angeles, CaL, and the name started the rumor that he was Capt. Bogardus, the famous crack shot. Telegrams of inquiry, however, brought out the fact that Capt. Bogardus is alive and well at his home in Lincoln, 111., and that the dead stranger's home was original- u ' e °" i ly at St. Charles, Mo. March J ... — -------Want Home Ktil« for Armenia. WORCESTER. Mass., Feb. 7. — The Uni'.ed Armenian societies of America have signed a petition to the great powers of Europe, which is in the nature of an appea.1 for justice and a demand for home rule for Armenia. Six copies o: it have been drawn up and will be mailed Thursday to the governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Bussia. and Italy. Swift-Hopkins ilayoralty Contest. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. — Judge Carter has dismissed the bill of review by which. the contestant in the Swift-Hopkins mayoralty litigation sought to reopen the 'proceed! a^s in the lovrer court. The court holds that he has no jurisdiction over a bill of review. The matter will now rest with the appeal taken from Judge Scales' decision against the contestant, ^tr. Swift Illlzttinl In Mln:i.-Hot.i. —~> ST. P-vur., .Minn., Feb. 7.—Most discouraging weather reports come from IK' west aud northwest. The mercury las been dropping 2 degrees an hour inee 'A o'clock Wednesday afternoon ml at 10 o'clock p. in. the temperature •aried from JO below zero at St. Paul to •1 below at Qu'Appelle, N. W. T. It is xcessively frigid all the way west to e eldest ! Mis.MHila, Mont. The wind reaches the , proportions of a blizzard at most points i in the Dakotas and western Minnesota. j Special dispatches indicate that there ! is much suffering among live stock aud considerable among human beings. Kxtroino Cold in Miclil^iin. MAIWIUKTTE, Mich., Feb. 7.—Cold of unexampled severity prevails through out the entire upper peninsula and great suffering is reported from the homestead country, where inhabitant;, are isolated and live in scantily furnished cabins exposed to winds. Several fatal cases of freezing have been reported. At Sault Ste. Marie Wednesday the mercury reached 34 bulow. The geueral range is from 10 to 34. lleiiv; Snowfall tn Wisconsin. MILWAUKEE, Feb. 7.—It was 8 degrees below zero in Milwaukee Thursday morning. The snowfall was general throughout Wisconsin, but it was heaviest in Milwaukee. About •! inches fell on the level. All railroad trains were from two to six hours late. The early morning Chicago trains did not get in until 9 o'clock. Street-car plows were kept busy all night, and the lines were all moving Thursday morning. Ilclow Zero li> Tcnnesaeo. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 7.—The mercury reached zero Thursday morning and will go 5 below during the night. There is much suffering among motormen and street car conductors. Storm In Ohio. Coi.CMBUS, 0.. Fftb. 7.—The thermometer here is at zero, and a drifting snowstorm has prevailed during the morning. Street car travel is almost impossible and the streets are practically deserted. To add to the severity. a heavy gale set in during the nig-lit, o.nd still continues, though the velocity has decreased. The attendance at the suburban schools is very light. CINCINNATI, Feb. 7.—About 4 inches of snow covered the ground on a level Thursday morning, but in many plnc«s it had drifted to 1 foot or more deep. The thermometer registered 1 degree tbove zero. I Imi-lln;; Klizzurd In Kcntarkj". JIiDDLEEono, Ky., Feb. 7.—A terrible blizzard, accompanied by a blinding nnovr and wind, blowing 45 miles an hour, set in at 5 o'clock this morning. The thermometer registers S abovft zero and the mercury is falling 1 degree an hour. iielow Z*ro 'Weather In ArteirwM. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 7.—The temperature fell to 3 degrees below ^ero Thursday morning/which is about '.he coldest weather ever known here. Cattle DyiDg by- Thousand*. DESISOX, -Tex., Feb. 7. —A howling- blizzard, with the wind .blowing SO miles an hour, is prevailing thronjf-hont Kind If tho 1'alnpo Car Pro»l- dtfiil IK OulUj- of Com.-nipt. CHICAGO. Feb. 7.—The Debs case, was preceded Thursday morning by' the examination of William R. John* son. a colored porter in George M«j Pullman's office. Judge Grosscup coo- ducted the examination which wa^ instituted with the view of Cnd^ ing out whether Mr. Pullman hst4| evaded service of a subpoena issued fotf his appearance in court by the defense^ Johnwon, said Mr. Pullman, came t9 his olb'ce at 10:30o'eloek Tuesday morn-' ing. Deputy Marshal Jones arrived an hour later. Porter Johnson took Jones'; card in to Private Secretary C. S. Sweet, 1 who, without going into Mr. rulluian'a room, brought back the card with th^ statement that Mr. Pullman was ouU; The defense tried to get Secretary, Sweet into court,, but stated ttf the judge that Jte also had dLj", appeared. The matter will be pushed. 1 Judge Grosseup said that even long after this case is finished whem Mr. Pullman gets back from Floridah« can be punished for contempt of court if it .shall be proved that he evaded tin • subpoena. The intention of the court was to find out the truth of the matter. Miss Jennie Curtiss testified thai when an employe at. Pullman siie had been compelled to pay her dead father's rent. President Debs was recalled*] lie was allowed to read several of hU manifestos in which everybody wa> counselled to abstain from violence and obey the law. Mr. Debs remaiucJ on the stand all the morning. ' A MISP'LACED SWITCH. Koiultjf In ft 1'ecullHr and Si:rloua TroUe^ Cur AcclUont In Jtruoklyn. | BBOOKLYN, Fob. 7.—One of the trolle* cars of the liushwick avenue linu me! with a peculiar accident shortly. befor«| midnight Wednesday night, while o» its way to Rid^ewood. It was throw^ by a misplaced switch from the track and against an elevated railroad i^UarJ Jacob Fiekhers, tho motorrnau.jp.-as 84 badly injured that hd was taken t^ -fit. Catherine's hospital in a dy< ing condition. Half a dozen passcn> gers were cut and bruised. Fiekera, the motorman, is 23 years old, and caon from up the state when the strike bej gan. lie was thrown 00 fcctand pickea up unconscious. The car was iinashe^ to pieces- Want PrcKldent'n Salary Reduced. GUTUIIIK, 0. T., Feb. 7.—A memorial has been introduced in the territorial legislature by a populist calling upo* congress to reduce the salary of th> president, congressmen, senators B.n4 all other federal officers one-third. 1 Bills were also introduced prohibiting the sale of cigarettes in the territorjf under S500 line, and one comrn'.lling! theatrical companies to ;>_i.,.. -..'ory* thing advertLvjd. Thinks lio Will Win. CHICAGO, Feb. 7.—'.'Paul Jones," wh* started at a point in lioston nearly •' year ago, without money or clothing^' on a wager that, he could go around th< world and return to that city within C yeir with S- r >,000, pas-st-d through cago homeward bound. lie arr here from ."Jt-^i-aul and left for , ester, ^'. V. He expects to win ihi wager. ' Knport OD. Nekrxilca Relief. LINCOLN, Neb,. Feb. 7.—Secretary . Ludden, of the state relief commission, made a deuiile-u report, of the tloiugs ol that body from s^otimber ai. isrt, tm January 7, l;'Ji, to the hou^e. During that time 'J,OJ'J,<X)0 pounds of foodg clothing, fuel and grain had been disi tributed. since then more than 2,000,-^ 000 pounds have been sent out. Concord'* 3Lcn ftelf'axcd. ' y. Feb. 7.—The Central Jvew^ correspondent in Shanghai says that the men fro"n the American warship Concoi-U, who were seized by nacire« near Chin Kiang, bare been released.

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