The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1932
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1032 wnwnor> CLASSIFIED SECTION - PAGE SEVEN Advertising Rales M:»mimu Charge & 0c c.!.:u 5 Average Words lo a Line •Mciuli rate i»r line, per J.'iouU) GOc Bw times, per line per day . OSc Tlirec limes per line per day OCc One lime per line lOc All Ads run Irregularly late tins one lime rate. UlKKCJtUKY Awitu— 'lo overhaul jour clec 11 ic ift'eeyer. Woi'K gunrumeco. icimti' tJtcii'JC bcrvice, l , tiis turn. cu. 1'iiunt! WO. CALL WIGGINS; EJccirlc Shop lor ana csiiimucb. riiuiiu nj. UAlttlKS FRliSU—A uiade MllK delivered iiism and iiiunniig. u. W. Lewis,, Wiwic »;•/. iui'-K ii-m RESTAURANTS GKO. \VRIGHT 7 S~Wuir~s'trect Lunch, Greyhound Bus Station. lie. 3ip-K TAXI IN A HUHRV? CALL STRINGER TAXI 1'HONE 219 Uil- 11-18 COAL AND WOOD BUCHANAN, hut we 21c-kll21 UPHOLSTERING and refinfsTung ,"9." r coal . , ls black lurimme. H. B. Oakes, 115 W. ^" l you wliltc ' Mam bL ' u> K-12-1 COAL - WOOD - CORN -' COI.IJNS COAL. COMPANY EXPERT Typewriter' anil adding machine ix-paii'lnf;. U. a. ijmnic- enshipn lie E. Hose. Phone 1G5W. Ic-k 12-1 H. HY. & Cllit. I'llONK ft UP-K 12-!J AUTOMOBILE Glnss, new uiul u.ickbuu AIH.O •S Wants used autu pans. 1'urls Co. i'honti bo. WAS1UNG 7<R- - - ORKAS1NG 75c DAI' A: ttiun PHONU Dbi rou FOR KENT— One small iiirnlsiU'd apaiiniem; l\vu a-ioo^n nnd one u-room apimmen; uniurmsjicu. Rcni rcusomiDlu to sallstisclory imams. i-'i-unk 0. D.IU(J|LIS, Phones 'US ___ STORE bulldliiij, Oil Frnnki|ii7?8 L. Fowler, Phone 450J. LOST BLACK BRIEF CASE, containing Press Scimitar stationery, papers niul Jctlcrs. Reward. B.. Coleimm Whitlow, Courier News, Op-kll STRAYK1) STRAYED — 1 blaxcd lace Bay Marc, 1 brown Mare, 1 blue Horse Mule, r brown Horse Mule, HKL1' WANTK1) ARE you br.TOn 2b nnd «? if SO, you may <|ir.i|iry us District Representative for mulrmn! orssn- tatton. IVrm.menl position and real opportunity for educated wo- mnn capable of earning $LMOO yrar- ly. Give!oiis. D. H. Sslilov '' . i>?r, '>->'il Grniul, Kansa Clly, Mo. Ic-klO SALHSJIKN WANTED Commissioner for the purchase in-li-c cf snlil rail osUU-, mid. n li;-n will te vt'Uiliii'd on ssld real i-binle to sciuri! Ihc pnrchase price itei'of. Said sal 0 will be hiadc Itir Uu> pni|,j5e o: satisfying "the hi the above entitled ^VA^)TE1) MEN BBcTas'-SO lo supply Consunurs in Cities of Leach- vllle, Oiccolii, Joiip.sboro and IVu- nmiiii wllh widely ncl'vertl'eil Innss- hold pi-oiliicls. nonto oxpsriciics p«I«iTi'd but not necessary. Write Riuvlolgh Industries, Dept. AK-448, Memp.'ils, Tenn. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE • NOTICK IS HEREUY GIVEN Thai I. the undersigned, ns Com- niUsioiit'r cf iho Chiincery Court of the Clilckiixnwba District, of Mi.TJ>lssii)j;i Couniy, Arkansas, ncl- muU-r mid by virtue of decree the ARTISTIC S11O-CARD3 Small Signs Sale Banners HARVEV McCALL 305 E. MAIN GARAGES 21p-kll-21| Truuthain Coal A: Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. R .St. Phone 90-1. I'tEWAHL 1 lor reiiun or 111- K-iioing iu return 01 EXPERT MECHANICS a er Seivku. Open all night. DAYI & K.OHT GARAOK. Plicne ^i, I COAL CO., Walnut, i; Railroad St. 1 ?. mvaru stolen : .j|night 01 Nov. a. 1MSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing I ROY BAICliU JOE WILLIAMS ' PHON'E 888 i ac-K HOOM & BOARD iroui my home -vl. mcCall. UU-a. u- WANTUD ; I5UY CORN WANTED-Marllyu ery, Blyincfillc. L'lc-kll . USED Staves and Ranges. R. J. <i;r WEEKLY. Also Housekccpm;; j Dodsou I'M mi lure. -Ic-kl2--l ivcoidcd In chancery Record Vngc cl the rccoi County :u Illjlhcville, Arkansas, In u cause therein pending wherein Ihc Missouri Sl.-uc Life WHiu-ss my Imnd and sen! us MICH Cuuml.Hsloiifi- on nils Dili <lay o( NtvrmlKi 1 , WJ'l. R. I.. OAINES. CoinmUisloner. 0-1U IN THE. CHANCERY COURT I'OR THE CHICKASAWKA DISTRICT OL- MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ulj'llicvllle liulHlliiK & Loan Assoclnllon, et nl. Plaintiffs, vs. Ernest Kevins, el nl. Defendants WARNING ORDKR The defendants, Ernest Ncvlns and nnlsy Kevins, )i:s «-.'e Karl Kevins an<l Zola Ncvlns, his wife Vivell Ncvlns nnd Alum Kevins, Ills wife; Eslcr Marie Adams, Lloyd Goodman and Mra. UoyA Oowl- BEAUTY I'AULORS -I- HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone D2 aOC K 11-23 ROOM & BOARD— Close in. 100 W. Ash. Mrs. E, Gay. 2p-kl2-2 -.--.-r. " E f LS ; 25 Bcnts - Pll0!le B07 - Wc£t Ash slrcet - ac - |: !2 - 5 TO RENT—4 or 5 rcoili house. "T", Courier News. DX-liTF, FOR SALE SCALP TREATMENTS | . m „ ._ nnn Qur?rr AT TV I AU i u OiiAoo McADAArS BEAUTY SHOP WOVEN WIRE FENCING •MtAUlliU t> UliAUll oiiUH ' 'rtrt? ART^Mn T MMnpc? \'ATjnG Phone 288 2BC-K 11-2B ' '\RKMO LUMBER \ARUS HOMECRAFT FREE demonstration 0:1 latest sewing nrl. SINGERCRAIT rut's, toys and yitts. SINGER SENVING MACHINE CO. 2-lp-k 11-21 ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale I Out-board motors, yood as ne'.v. i 3 Ei ^s. Bcone Hall. lOp-k 11-10 WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED jobs TO THOSE seeking Courier News Want-Alls the ance Company, ct nl., were I'tiln- tlirs and J. w. I3ader, et al., were Defcnclants, will on Monday, November 21, li)32, within legal liuirs, at (lie south door of tho Court lions; In the City of Dly- Ihcviile, Arkansas, offer for salo to the highest bidder (Ho follo\v- li)(s described rea i c . s t n i c \ u ^ a Chlckasawba District of Mlsjlj- si|ipi County, Arkansas, lo-wit: Lot SdtV'jii (7) :uH| El»ht (8!' of liloci: Eiijhtccn (IB) o.' Davis 1 Addition lo the Clly of Blytlwville, Arknnsas, ex- ct|)t, liDivcver, 78 feet of even width ull (lie f.outh end of said It-Is. Said sale will be made upon credit of three months, and' man, his wife, nro warned to up IKMU- In this Court »-illil;i thirty i3U) cinys to miswer the complaint of plaintiff. Blythcvllta llnlldlnL' records of said ,t Limn Association. This 18th day ol October, 193:!. R. L. GAINKS, Clerk, .By EllKutah Ulytlio, D. C. Marcus Evrnrd mons, an' - oKer'the purchaser will be required to n result producing service nt low execute bond with security to us ' -------- ' •••• " ' ' • cost,. Phone SOD. Sptvovicl by the undersigned Ally. Ad Lltcin tO-m-20—ll^- WARN1SO OKDKR N()75338 The rtofcndanU, Mildred Rogfirs. Edmoiii L. Rouerr. tnicl Vhglc May RORCI-.S are hereby wnrncd lo apjiear, within thirty dnys nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, the l-\!d- eral Land Bank of Bl. Lonls, a cor- pornllon, nled In the Olnincery Court of the Chk-kasawb^ Dlslrlct of MlJslwippl Coimly, Arknnsns, Witness my hand and sc'al as cleik of such Court this 'ifi day of October, 103'2. R. L. GA1NES, clerk Viryil Greene 10-' ] G--'!]-lG Ally. Ad, Lllcm. 1-5ALKSMAN SAM WARNING ORUKR Louis Green, Gernldlnc M. Green, Jumcs F. Mitchell nnd Mnry A. Mitchell, are warned to -In Die Ch»ncnry.Oourl (or > C lck«suwba District of Miss- rarlj > ;he .... County, ArtanMs, within tWrty dnys from this datu, mid miswer Ihc complaint Illcd ngnlnsl them by The Mississippi County Building & Loan Association. IWtcd this Oclober 18lh. 11)31 R. L. OATNES, Clerk Held, Evrard A: Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10-19-30 OURBOAKWNGJiOUSK' pared Ihrce meals for the same family, drovo their car 60-riilles to fortlund and returned by mid- lllb'llt. . : Wiiior for iho same farm wife 30 y'eurs ago had tp-te lisuled In barrels, mail .was delivered twics a week by steamboat and horse,,„., •, •» «"'">" ui uim I back, nnd not cvsn a dandelion bmliel of ll l'dm»loT W dld n""" 0 --.-" ' ^ " y l "° r0alslde ^^ » for n frtniily of Hai PitmMr'j Vitality CAIiUON, Wiwh. IUP) - That wives In this community still j»ny IIKVC left n remiinnl .of (he pln- ncci-'s vim nnd vigor'was proved when In Iho coiirso or one By Ahem TUNNV HOW tK' WITH 6IN6E12. AL6 OF ICE CUBES C^tv^E TO A, GREAT \-DEp>,MTR_ V-AVIN 1 IN B&T) ONt KlfeW, how IT WOULTJ BE IF t WAS 3^K IN TU'OLX) TJA^S OF TfH' K6WTlf i >N'S / JU'ST WHEN THEY STM2TET> TO "BUILt) TH 1 T>VR^\T)S, AN' ALONt I COMBS WITH A CONCRETE MIXER. —THEN /POP? JU-ST . .; HITS MP. TO MAKE SINGER WJE. -V_ ^T^> \CE: IT NOW i^^A TO INVENT ^AX '#600 IN it H-TSY NAME OP WOOVLt A-3 A TRM3E NAME- . V i f ;.ouLD t K^C OUR. TOOLS OUT I )FIND Km. Dr. DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING—Coats relincd. alterations - a siKCialty. R u t h Tliomiuon, GofT Hotel. 20c-kll-20 BURROUGHS addlug machine witb stand, cheap. Phone 165-W. 7c'xM •:-NURSKRY STOCK CLEANERS. TAILORS DON'T THROW THEM AWAY.j We re-line, re-model and repair uoats and suits for men nnd women. Experienced lailor and experienced drc£sn;:-.her. Hudson Tailor Shoo. 12C-K 11-12 SIIRUBS—A)l prices. We set them out. Hester's Fruit nnd Produce. 123 East ifain. 19p-k 11-10 FARM LANDS HATS CLEANED nnrt rc-sliajjed, 75c. Tludron Tailor Shop, Fhonr 53. ' 12C-K11-12 RADIO SERVICE RADIOS 'REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free R L DEDMAN, walpole Electric Shop i'hone 3H. Hp-kll-U QUICK SERVIcn on all typos ol radios, watch for our advertising Parkhurst Co. Phone 57. 18p-kll-It PLUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbin? work done before cold weather. A. O. Ailken. Call 80IW. He-kll-i-; ELKCTIUCAL Di:sl-proof bags, Brushes nnd rubber-covered coril for vour clcc- Iric s»-ee]>er. >J«ffncr Electric Service, c / a Gillen Furniture, Crd'. C80. 13c-klllS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fis- ''ircs :iid wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 3H Hp-kll-H \\ f K R I 1 Hi: JIAKES 'KM SEE Ollicc Over Joe Isaac's Store CKHKN- LEAF CA1K « KHUIT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c, \viih drink. Complete line of Fruits ,<i Vcj- etables. See me [ur wholesale prices on apples. IIL'CK MEIIAUG. I'ronridor We Deliver 31^ t:. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs \vicuXc*' Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone SIO-777 Second Hand FURNITURE ROUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Dodson SCI E. Main 1'hoiic 153 FOR .SALE--5.') acre."; In culttvatlcn. S houses, Wg barn, In C miles of Blythcvillc. 1 mile of coocl school. S25.00 per acre, terms. Phone £87 or 888. W. T. Barnetl, 6C-K-TF Mr. Bargain Hunter Mow is ihe golden opportunity to Oilj- a 40 or 80 or larger farm. Improved lands can be tought r>t prices ranging Irom $15 to $41) JX.T acre, cash or terms. If you otiy a home this fall it will increase in value, pay a good divi- Jent and help make a living. V/c can locate you, write or phone. Box G. G. CAUUILL liONT DliLAY, Hie lime 10 UUi ;i larni (.v nomc in town it iviieu prices arc low, U:is may no 1 . .as,, to all Ii0|.e nm.. 11 yon warn i;ic-|;eHy ai, ui. [iricc^ ;;uu us 101 s and terms. W. M. BURMt , iKC. Qc-k j^-i KliAL ESTATE • FOR SALE 4-20 Acre blocks rij;ht at city limits. 25% cash uulr.nce long time nl G'.i. Modem cuttugc, 5 rooms nnd Irath, S!iOO cash. 5-Room Bnngal6w on Kentucky Avc. cost fWOO. Sell for S105U. 5300 cash, $20.00 month. Pretty Bungalow 3 blocks of High School, $1075. Part cash, cost owner $3000. THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 9c-kl2 LIVE STOCK HOME GROWN flesh Co'.vs onci Springers for sale. SUiuou «. Pepper, Huilnian, Ark. 7P-K1^ FOR SALE-Jcrscy Milch Co;vs with young calves. Sec R. M. Ilcck at Harris' Barn. 19p-kll-i9 MILCH COWS for "saWTiadc" Hester's ftuit A; Pro<lucc. 19li-kH10 FARMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire lo buy they will find it coirvrnlciil and economical to use Courier News Want- Acls. LOOKS THAT WAY! GENIUS- IN ~ •PERSON tain — coHftT is nr-fl RIOT, HOOTS AND HER KUDDIKS <ttr-l ^~\ -• DIRTY TRICK! SOOM JAIL BIRDS &UAROS •By Sma«" WASH TUHI5S ^ l/;&Lt'. VJHf.T'S T1AS. \ 1P6^ TRMIMG TO I OTE,U OUR HOSStS? ) VM«O ARt You7 / >-- —L ^ . MARIft,] Wt WOR'K 0:4 Tfc' THEY LKARNK1) THEIR LKSSON! By 'Martin TH006W Wo THW'3 A LIE 1 . HM^ SprT, PA.IUTV H MANICURES. -^—— —/ THEV ( / A \ FL6E1N 1 FBOMT\V \ Re\K>umoH;sT5, j^\l BETtHA// ' TL eeF SW tES TOUE, SENOR, SURE-TH^ftRE. SOT THES'Re MOT GO1N& TO GET OUR HOSStS. vlt'RE FL6EIW& FROM THOSE BlftSTED oop.seuvies.,. ^ wecC ALLOW / OS TO 60 I weetti voo. \ NO? k / FUKCKLKS AND •'IteiiK** (6*^ s*? /SI, VOU AiRE AMERICANOS. MOO f\RE v.'eR GMIAMT. SUPcLN VJlEEL 'ELP US. PLEES BEG Of VOU. J \\y Biosser NOT OM XObfi UF£! THM'S WW l^E'Rfc O^S Trt' RUN MOuO WE TRIED TO BE 6MUN4T TO A CAME. HtMEU PldfltM! A1J, SET! __ AUTOMOTIVE ! JKEW FORD BATTERIES~ReTiS i batteries, recharging and repair- ! ing. 777 Tire & Battery Station 1SC-K 11-13 WATERPROOF CovcrsloT'tifucTs j and wagons. Carney Awning Co jI13 S. First St., Phono 643. '| HP-K 11-lli Mt,S PUT H'S TEAM "THROUGH AFTER. S'«WMA6E /NP HAS JJAD RED AKJP FR6CliL5S V.'ORVC THE PASS STUNT TO D^ATVi V- MICE V«A3RK, FRECKLES... VctJ AMP RED HAVE THE COMB1MATW DOVJM .) PAT Mow....SEE THAT YOU DO IT AS WELL IN THE klrJgSfOM ! By Crane .'•Y^ \-VA>j - .vjwyj ..^ffi ~1WS ALL TODAV, Boys ...THAT SOUR. LAST PRACTICE BEFORE TV1E BIS SAME!' 'COSIT WORRY. 1 YoU ) SURE ..T. 60 YcXJR > JOST THROW 'EM STRAIGHT AMD I'LL DO THE RESr VJAY AS FAR AS Yoy EXCITED OVER. P-AW ">foOR rIPST 616 .CAMS, - IS ALL SjfT R3R. •1HE.8IO -SAME!.' HAS. NEVER DEFEATED lilWSST&M- C50UT

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