The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Roosevelt Sellles Quarrel Between PWA and FHA Leaders Wi; Timing Needed lo to Play this Hand SiiccssfuJly BY KODXKY nUTCHIill WASHINGTON, Nov. 28.--There's n mountain of Inside slulf In llic background of Die housing row between Jim Moirctl. federal housing administrator, am] KCI Harold rite. The two nmn stuck ilicir out simultaneously ami ihc two necks were simultaneously cracked The was that remnrkub) joint statement issued f f mn tin While. Home wherein jimmy ant Harold publicly discovered themselves to lie merely a couple of 111- tte brothers mwcMng arm In arm In the [rout ranks of the Nev, Deal, And one" again was demonslrtit- ed thai anwJng family which M r . Roosevelt has for making the lion and the Iamb and the hyena nnd the brindle cow nnd the ruig-liillpil whaiigdoodlc nnd th» ninn-callne tiger Me down together In sweet pence and nmily—until (he next time some member of the menagerie decides it's time to tafc^ n chew or 'a kick at one of the others. Solution to Previous Contract Problem "V W.U i:. McKKNNIJV Srcidary, American llrldgn i.,. ; , Kur It dotsn'i usually pay lor the do- nsa lu lend « stift w ft| C |, UK , <,,,. aw can ruir In one Imiul a llsrard on In the otlinr. 'nnf w todays mind, y Mte Florence « MJ " ' 4 A 1 0 S 7 | 2 t! J S -' « K Q J r. : *<)J N I 10 7 r, ' A K 'J S 1 4 nifr a club with Ills good ten of spades, after wlileli the declarer wi)8 ablo tit e et ID w itli llic three of spaitcs nnd thf: good Hub tricks. Ydt'bro 'as.s » 4 *KQJ8 V 10 • A 87 5 < 2 * C 5 Duplicate—All vill, West, \orlh I'a.tii i 4, 1'Ollblo HA Oiienlne lead- Pass •M Liberal Vs. Coiisetralivc MofTeti nnd Ickes are symbols of the division In administration ranks between-Just, 10 Identify them quickly ami U'itelv—His Conservatives and the IjlK'nis. -Moirelt. who get in on 1)15 New Deal apparently for no better rca- FOII ^thiuj that lie was a "good fellow," A campaign cuntribiilor, and nn ndmirer of 'Roosevelt's, has lately come'to be retarded as the Uie Llvlnj Buddha or the big business crowd In the New Deal sel- If the widespread impression here Hint Jim is something of n 'stuffed shirt" happens «, i, c c ov- rcct, ll'-i's probably n tough break /or big business. But' the' leii'lni- cy la regard |,1 mas the voice of conservative Imliwtry has grown .along Kilh this mounting controversy as to whether P. D. has been taking the bunkers and industrialists into camp or vice versa. Leaving personalities aside the peat weakness of MolTett in anv •v', ? f slrc "l rUl here is the foci thai his Federal Housing AclmlnLs- tiaUon's program—which svas sup- been a decided flop. The best boiut of Jim's highly expensive. organization lo date Is 'hat home • inodcrni/atlon tonns since Us campaign began 'four •months , IRO hnve totaled $2,000.000. Baikfd by K[ e BulltUrs On the other harld, ,\roirett has the en husiaslic support of the Important bulldinj nmlcrlnls Indus- tiles Long ago he announced (here t Cleveland, rather unusual, as in est defense the opponents can an I> is to let declarer run and ( | s nrd. To make her contract Miss Sli ford had to umc the hand , w _ ruff It.""" " Ot a " clll|lt W ""^ 'I'he Play Eiisl's owning i( , a( | !s t ,, c of hear s , NO*, if ,, K s , llf(s (( , ,* <•''• C( "'t''^l an afford to leL East get n di,,- Today's Contract Pr6!>:;-- Kouth lias the contract lit iniir lieurts. \\Vst cashes Hie «<•« and |iln B O f (iinino,,,!^ fo |. lowliij. wllli a Kintill (llamaiitl Jl'iw Khouhl Souili prureed to make his contract 1 : A -f 10 0 V K 10 7 G 3 « 3 7 •! 2 4 K Q S 2 4 A- 0 3 ' V A Q J S 2 • 5 U * A 0 I Solution | n , lov( issuc 3(| far more Icl; cs promises then of millions (hose 'industries stand n 1 ™. f0r J»"-an(t their present profit margins. Ickes sajs those prices should BO down • MoiTelt also holds hl«h cirds through I the fact that "AsslS President" Don RMiberg is permii nenlly so,,, on - I CK nnfl (niU - wh House secretary Marvin Mclntyre Jlw is such a "good fellow" that » c ^ >?l*ybt 1« 'own ',,st 3 Talks Self Iiilo TrouM,- Hnnt^' Wb ° St "' lllS wilh Hopkins way over on the "lefl the Ne w Deal. „ on , or tne f " R '" Washln Bton. : His arc many, buL , 10 ' onc anytWny over on hi", «nd Roosevelt admire., ht m 0 C n rt re^m-T' trol , lblc «>th him as recuuij displayed, Is that He loves to hear h, mss i t la!h lo u^^^f labor a progmm "^ But the boys and g i r!5 .' iu , ., Press conference c gsr ^ him on into a » «- e " ek « 1 ""nseir rfch! ^Alibl Is Profiled That vas what started MoITt-ti hollering u lc m , estiol , a "°™ he couid be expected to enlist DH vatc capital behind Piu f irl^ to scare e' Prom now on, if s to ^ . J»od, (he icxes outburst W ih b- m chief anbi for [hc Moffett nop-i continues K such. There's a direct hi thin i can hnrdly sec U. ™?~ i ? a 7 an sklkc ' of c »ce Cahf learned to swim when she "f. 61..ana celeb.«ted her 74U: birthday anniversary by Ukin E a • 10-mile swim at Santa Montcn Phone 777 At Mfht—Sandajr—Anj<bn« For quick and Dependable Wrecker Service ..:PliiUip» Motor Co. rurr, because she can estab- Lsh 'clute. ",' .Bii|., tlie .'defense Miss Stratford :ol was Unit East continued \vllh he aee of hearts, which hail lo b'c uflrd In (Uhnmy with the eight of spades. A small club was returned and declarer allowed the jack to nold, to conserve her re-entries West returned the queen of hearts and declarer ruffed with the Mr. mid Mrs. fieorne Jioliwi son have moved lo Trenton, .'['cnn. Mr. and MIS, Leonard llm havo returned from Oran, Mo., where they vlsllcd Mrs. Hrimlley'i 7.11*11 ts, Mr. and Mi-f ri.slicr. .Mr. !.iul Mrs. V/. C. MeCauley iru vlsitlns nil Little River. N. J. Hundley, who hn:> ti brfll:f:'i l c| >. is slowly Improving. Dave Handley. of Bogota, •j'rriin.. has been visltlnt; his brother, N J. Uaniilo'y. him. Mr. nnd Mrs. ,lim Ifah'ls of N'limhir NJI15 ipem Sunday alter. I'Mtai >.wl(.b . Mrs. Harrh' piircnls, Mi'. and/Mrs. I'ml otdliam, Blwoort 'Dean and Mildred Cia,i- retl and Mr. and Mrs, Hill orav- nil of Ulytbi'Vllln,, sj.viu Sm!- ariL'rnoon wllh Mr and MI« f'rrd dlilhain. >. 8 and Vicinity Miss Christina Laccr was elected • he most, popular girl at n box supper and ptu^v'am yivcn by :he senlore of Cooler high .schon! it the Number Right school' lust Saturday. Miss Eli/obelh iiuov "!> sscond; '. , Mr. nnd MM. II. Harber moved •on'hy to ncur nnrdanellc. Ark Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evans nnd »lighter, PfiirlcJa Joan, sj.rm lu.M week-end in McmpliLs visitinv Mr- tyans .sister, .Mrs. Walter Vuml' »ev. and'Mrs. j. L. Dal] Imv loved frum Center to MissiXslppl. Edwnrd nicies left for his homi » .Jackson, Tcnn., Monday, He uirt worked for hh brotlier-in- '«, E. Ii. Evans, for two years. IJcnton News Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pearson )ont week In Uertrand, Mo Mrs. Irene Cioll, or niylhcvllle ns UK; Kiiest Sunday of Mr . B. Heddick. 'Mrs. Gurrnnl, of Cnrdwcll Mo "IB guest (his week of MI nil Airs. Eugene Gnrrard ' Wra. 'Audrey Wilson was th test of honor nt u mlsccllaiiccm iov.-er %lveii by MJ.S.S- Jeivcl Deal ames ai I he home of Mrs \vr>s y wiifon. r.i.YTTiF,vn,i.F: (ARK.,' rot-t^r: NEWS ™!. kl ri '« m -,'l«iinny. The ace of ami a small club Last Time Today Matinee & Night—i()c,. 2r.c John Wayne in ;, - '"-'."in.T IIIKI to overtake llie -second spado with the'nee Then she played clubs. East^eventually was forced lo EITZl Saturday Only Mntinec 2:30—lOc - 25c W. C. FIELDS nnd »ABY LE ROY in IT'S A GIFT Cartoon Scrial_"Tai!spin Tommy" : W>lh Noah Kerry, Jr." Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE-lOc-SSr •STARRED /'V \ IWIH Diinnt JOHn BOlfS RKO RADIO Pi'ciure w/rt ATWIll W.,tl. v J»ll» Hoydan ,«,,ii ,,i , rk / ,„.,„,,(„„' Paramount News R«lh Etting Slusical— "Southern Stvlc" 'The Man from Utah' Serial— Last Episode of "The Wolf Dog" With Kin Tin Tin, Jr. Cartoon Sunday - Monday ItTookaCo-ed, lo make a man oul of thi>|i spoiled college boyl. .. ihe| tought him a lesion...and h«| wanted lo leorn more. I . AT.IT*,*,.,:* Y**^l'; TOM BROWN ANITA LOUISE £1 «»I MARSH ~ r^ I ARUNE JUDGED '.T-r HTEPIN FETCHIT ^ s Jroj.cid b, 1 Hcscoo Ales Comedv Novelty Reel— ' "Stars of 1935" '• • JMM ^ -^ =^ _~1~I^^ ^^^^= ^^_~ AEROTYPE ^^^ = —=====— ^^^- ^ ^ Bl_^ v^Hi THE OIL INDUSTRY'S If ADER SCOMS ANOTHER GREAT TRIUMPH! Today's the day! • • • Aerotype ESSO .. the new motor car fuel.. is here! : • • ». And the 30,000 ESSO Dealers and Stations from Maine to Louisiana will celebrate its introduction! NEW IN WHAT IT IS AND DOES Aerotype ESSO is a radical departure inmolorcar fuel! • • • In extremely high anti-knock rating and general efficiency it resembles the powerful fuels used for flying! • • • In fact, ii is modeled after U. S. Army Fighting Grade Aviation Fuel.. hence its name! ' CASH REFUND GUARANTEED Aerotype ESSO is offered on a MONEY BACK basis.. unconditionally GUARANTEED to SATISFYI '•• • • • The world's leading petroleum organization stands squarely behind that guarantee! Aerotyp ? ESSO is sold with the understanding that U will OUTPERFORM any other representative motor car fuel on the market.. regardless of price! • • • • You alone are to judge and determine its merits .. your word is final] • • • All we ask is that you test Aerotype ESSO and convince yourself of its ability . . that you base your opinion on facts, no- daims! Give Aerotype ESSO a chance to prove— • • • . . that it is the "fastest firing," quickest-starting motor car fuel you've ever used! .•»..«•' . . that it attains peak performance efficiency in less lime and with less "warm up"! • • • : ..lhat sub-zero weather does not faze it.. nor do sudden changes of temperature or altitude! • • •: ' ;,:•. '. • that it has more power . . more "anti-knock" . . nol even the slightest "ping" under the hardest pull! • • IUT AT THIS SION TM« Biffn identifies the 3O.OOO Ci«o Dealer* and SUIlon* Irom Maine to Lou{it*ni, who ripie<«nt lh» produd* uid i>ni>; •* lh» worU'e Uidlng oil organb . . that its acceleration and get-away excel anythina you've previously experienced! • • • IN SHORT, that for luxury, comfort, and trouble-free operation Aerotype ESSO surpasses any other motor car fuel you've ever used! TEST IT IN YOUR CAR A premium fuel, Aerotype ESSO costs 2c a gallon more than regular gasoline 1 • • • If your tests fail to prove that Aerotype ESSO is ALL we represent it to be .. you will receive a CASH REFUND of the premium you paid for HI • • • In other words, if Aerotype ESSO fails to satisfy you it will have cost no more than regular gasoline to try it! • • • Fill up with Aerotype ESSO. A new motoring experience awaits you! J

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