The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1937 Future RulcV •Otto-Will Return Soon to Ffimr.rl Hofburg Palace in Vienna •.,. • i:v-iticHAim n. MCMIU.AN tluHril 1'iess Slaff Corre:|>uiidciit VIENNA (UP)—The Wiinderljifr boy of the . denial Hnusbm'^ Otto. '? pi'klug, 111* ><•!),.; in • his exile In Belgium : ready to come back (o (he old home toivn nnd Install himself In the iiuluco of his fathers.' He has been told' by everyone who tliciilc! know, including Austria'.s Chancellor, former artillery officer and jurist. Dr. Kinl von ScliL-jclinfgB. unit his place is being wcimred for him. He is due to be invited buck' anv time now— and this time there is no tnehed. Olio and hi.s nioilier, the former Empress Zitu, ; ,l;nve ; :had their hcpce.. raised and dashed ninny times. Thisv.Is especially 1 : true 'of • •iita who saw her husband make two unsuccessful coups to regain Ills lost ciowns—those of Austria ond Hungry-only to go back in virtual chains to exile and death. Austria Aids '/Ma. Uiia's hopes crystallized upon her 24-year-old son and she has worked unceasingly for him. She has found, lime, working with her mid loday the Austrian govern- niMil"!t«eir K one of its allies. Tf Uiw can find tlic way—and thsy .beliew they can — Ui c boy omucrrr will he back to rule the stale from "ic Hofburg PaJiicc in the liw-l o" old Vienna or from the faded mnoiilfieenoc: of tlie Pfllnce off Schoenbrunn. S&lii^scliuigg said: "To siimmoi the Austrian nation to decide 01 the mormrchv's return is solely nn affair for Ihe state and the Fatherland Front, m le sole pol- itical''paiiy allowed hi (his coun- - try). "The form of government wil be solely and exclusively decided by the Auif-lan people on Hi basis of the existing constitution. Behind these words, lynical (ron the lips of (lie hieiily-MiHurcd nm rather evnsii'e Chancellor of Austria, is hidden tho d«lcrminalio> of the urescnt. cabinet, to do il utmost ID realize otto's dream They consider t>iat the monarchy i.s Austria's best bet. All or f most of the nalioia which fonii- V erly feared the Hupstmry return nolably Fi'ancc and laly and,'farther nwnv. Britain have removec their.; objections. y Called Safety Move t ; Tlijjiy have listened nnd bee'i couvin;cil ty Hie Austrian legiti- mists arguments that with Otto o» t.'ie throne the safely of" Aus- rlii is se:ure.-l_no fnnwr of :aer- inany. impeding. a'Nav'i reeime -on thl'?. cauntfy will be jiossible i longer. ' So Otto k packing his bags nric looking ii)> train schedules, unless li'e-.findi the call to return so urgent filial he may need a special a'lrplaiie. ;If; : he decs return, many questions; will have to be settled. A QUeen must be found for him. An Italian princess has -ceen 'spoken of,'the youngest daughter of (he King and Queen of Ttnly, Princess Maria, but Austriatis favor a brlde^ who does not come from their, old enemy of the war time days.. Thsy prefer a Nordic quern. .. When otto gets back home, he will .find his palaces and castles all refurnished and shining, as witness the remark of anolhei royal young man. tbe Duke of Windsor, when showing his sister through Schoenbrunn Palace The Uuke, himself an exile now, re- hiarked with admiration: "This is so much better than my old place in London" BLYTiriWn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TTayti i/ JWi ty' lYvscm! Third Grad« Pupils Elect Tncse officers JJ'BVI been elected In the oood citiKiisliip club of the Ihirii gj-aclc in Central schools- Jcrc Relii, president; ElixabHh Mrs. J, B, Buckley roinpliiiirnt- rd Mrs. Raymond Mmiley of c.irfeon, the I'onnrr Miss Kaeliel Iliil i)l t'.iis city, a iwent hrlde, I'.iti {i inisci'llanpous .shower at h<r huini 1 Monilny evening. M^i'-JiivI'iJiuson and daughters, |^li.V nii'.l'.Mtiry, ol I'lislco, Mo., •ure here visiting Mis. licnson's d:iii8hler. Mra. Shad Slilplon. Mfss Mary. .'Hciisoij. retumnl to Cupi; (iliurd't-au Nfolidny evenim; where ,'.i,b. J:i attending school. i . . I Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Ymmj; silent ! ilia wuikcml In Cape Ulrur<lea\i ; I..UI5 i.uv Yulmy'.s iii'plu'w:-;, Billy 1 d'lu'l 1 elfoy 'Young, vtliu are In-the 1 IK,.jiitul" Ihet'o. 'flic-boys were In' Jiivtd in an niitoiiioliilr accident rtiiinjwville Jiinimry 1. nnd l;:ivfi lit'tn in ihe liospitnl since. .. Hr. and Mr.s. W. ft. Llmbau t h i;itiii the • wvekaiul. hi Columbia, Mo., visitiiii! ttulr daughter, : ! a.innL.tii, who is ii.tendin;; \\ w • I university tlK.rc. En. route to co- I luinbiu- l.'iey 'itopped lit C:ipe . i' liiardcan and were joined, by j their son. Ray jr., who is al'.cmi- | iiig 'college at Capo Oirardeuu. Mr. anil Mre. John Molnstadl left Tuesday for Bloomfleld, Mo., where 'they will spend a few days Manila Operetta | Ppsfponed tor \Vce!t' MANILA, Ark.- -The fipfrttU In ti- piv.vnlC'd by l ho high .u:i)»Jl (Jleo Club lias been poslponM Horn March fi niilil '1', March 11. ,<c?.ord!i!t> lu MKs CLUO- lyn Haley, dliwtor. 'llic Manila Lions, wlmu'rs of llu- county baskelbull loiirnauwnl , week ill OsiTol.i, win be.ut TyruiiKo. Muisli n lurUhe dLstvlct,-' tmirnamrjit. •. .''"'• Several of (he Lions hiive linil-! inu iwri.s in ti u . "play, •• n i(,khiji'. ; ij-.HMK'iiiful a nocifsslly. ''J'lley jfvre ciiffi id Willie,, voled Ihu ! u»> t vitltiHiile player In (h<> . comity lint week. H,>rt Willinnvi. and Jiick lierry. Several members PAGE TffREE ', .nfl'ie tiiaiii also have le.wr palls In the upcrellH. ' . < or V.nrli Hci'ins /I nil l.ii Wliw: )'',iisicr '' ' ift' I'lwisimlt'r You Are Prt't; * 4-H Clubs to Compete in Play Tournament -l-H Club work in North Mississippi county resumed its regular schedule March i. several outstanding activities will be cinpliu- SIKKI this year. In addition to the ™ll to the Experiment. Station at Mangniia nnd the visit to tne Slate Camp r, t Payctleville.'a new ncllv- »y will be Introduced. This will be a Play Tournament "sponsored by the 4-H clubs under the leader- sup of Miss June Donalnu. recrea- h,t n , ' comm '»% In order that they best may |>« selet-ted in . the stale Camp ana ai ti !e E" penmenl Stnlion Visiting Day A definite program or work' will be planned atid announced later i ne clubs will meel on exactly uic same; schedule 'as worked ovt we vloi vinlsss the leaders <)",:,,„ in time.' " " Luxora Society — Personal ^ Son liorn A . J° n «'">s born Friday to Mr. i. ,.,. ' C ' c - Pancliowo- at Ihe JJaplIst Hospital, Menipliis. T)!C i,. K ° wel Sl«'seven pounds, It i mmcd Clic.-.ter Conrad Dnncliower It, I treasurer. ; •fills ei'ouji has made about J>5 U% >-ar, w ..tth tinisliss nuyln 3 for i puoiuig prtss /o- Kie mam. Read Courier News Want AtU A FAMOUS DOCTOR A S S a younK mdn ihe - ^ ble Dr. K. V. Tlf-- prjctice<t meUJcine in .... Alrer nibvLii^ to iSnffalo N. V., he gave lo llic druK Italic (nearly 70 • yuu aeo) tit. ?ittcc\ Favorite l'tfM:rijjIion. : WftMitJl *v!io suffer fiom"ntrv(V — itrit-lbjlily and '<JiSfC/nr- i^ociated \vilh [imcliosial lisiling relatives,'. . Mr. niul Mrs. Sid Borer nnd Mr. otid Mr.s. Jtick Borer, and Mrs. L. Borer, of Memphis, were Die Borer remained for a louder vlsil with her daughter and the others returned home Sunday evening. Light-t'oloieil clothCo atlrucl flits in'Jiv- i.:an do dark ofu-. 1 ;. T]u> |)u>| Cculings mid (iuil- ncss (il'ton JilUiiidiiij; consti- IKitiwi taltn the joy out of lil'c. Ti-.v M. < (if lilnek ( ni'.'itiKhl ill the lii-sl Ki(si) oT wtnslipad'oii nmi sec how imidi hot lor it i.s to check Iho Irnulile before it uoU il hold on you. I'llsick-Di-iniu ix ))iiroly i'eifdnl)l(! nnd is no prompt and reliithlc. Got refresliinji relief I'roiii constipation liy takiii[; [mrclv vi-ffctalde BLACK-DRAUGHT A GOOD LAXAT1VK should I . - petKe anil Ihfi fn turn tncteascs the intake of food, helping to ujiliuiM (lit- Ixxty. Buy now! Tabs. 50r t IlqnM JI.Oj 3n<l jus. iosia - hould Iry (bi^ tontc. U stimnbus lUe a|i- petKe anil Ihfi fn turn tncteascs - BUILT FOR TO-DA Century engineers have developed "Hinge Test" Fabric *5 »vVX^M4^rvc£:-T , • 11 i i i it to withstand the added strain imposed by high speeds and small diameter wheels. Fabric cords bend and flex hundreds of times every mile. Millions of times during tho fife of a tire. Century Balloons, built with "Hinge Test" Fabric, •specially ;made from high > spiraj- cottons, withstand the constant fle'xing of fast driving and I'assii're car owners economical—dependable— safe transportation : and at low cost.; Put : a set of Cen-- ric" Tires on your car today. 0§. SERVICE STATION HIGHWAY 0! A COJIPf.ETB LINE OF ACCESSORIES STEEU5, MO. ]. HO NR t, 2 LONC-LIFf sob r<rf,e,l,* CLEANSING TISSUES 24 SOc Barbasoi Shavlnr Cream 39- I CAM AY! SOAP S 24- BAYER ASPIRIN Bottle 100 59 Pint (RUBBING {ALCOHOL 19 2Bc EAGLE BRAND MILK 19 I ij; 'NQSE/ DROPS 37 HINKLE PILLS Dottlo 100 [Certain-Safe R30DESS 2Boxes37c !} !('• Ejsyto Relievo Acid Indigestion NffiUtimcyou'rcuoubl- ci] >*ilh ioui.«tomic>i, • >'ilcm...Ecl ft bolile of Dl5MADINE.ti<:o<imer- A<1| tlomacti auJ« and Tertorei » hcahF.fut faft. lafxc. Bcinti init4DI iclitl. Abiololclr Stic. 5-oj. bottle. 5Qo C'Msll i«i ClIlTV Miliiv & 30* HILL'S CASCARA QUININE so» MOLLE SHAVING CREAM IGNITE Antiseptic 60f ANGELUS ROUGE INCARNAT PINT MILK OF MAGNESIA ELECTRICAL WEEK An QalttanittngVatvtf Eltctric BELL ALARM Snelml 2 SItctt . Underwriter'* Approved ELECTRIC TOASTER H.ol l*Jicalv, Electric Iron M»t<rcri<t 3 Way El«c. Heating Fed Doctor, can be absolutely sure tlial each Wai- green preicription infilled MICtly «» Jnttructed. ' VITAMINS COD UVKR OIL o/./,.». «„, 4.,,,.. MALT CXTHACT Attolt't, J«-«j. ... •QUIM'S ' Adit TtUil,, tl.oa Sltt COD UVCK OIL cone. T.M.I., no; . . HALIVCR OIL Coft'l** ultlk VI<Hl,,al' farkt-Omvtt, SO't , HALtVCR OIL c,f, u i,i, Aunt',, no: . IRRAOOL "*» V*rl,,D,vt,, S~t,. , . . MEAD'S' • c,tu«.,o\i. u.,,. . , COD LIVCft OIL r«»/.(,, Necessities anor POLISH , „, ,, «/.«», j»««. r « . 2f«r1U TOILTT TISSUE «. nj. •ANITAIIY NAPKIN* |K- •ABYV*NTt « >X /><i*x.M<r . .' . ZftriSc RUBIER QLOVtS .„ POWDER PUFPK I' JUSTRITK •Ct'enln FtmU. tV, QARVZY INK H Ounce* . . . TOOTH BRUSH -Dental Aids aSiSusritoih 19e COUGHS-COLDS Broffld'.Quinine a 0 ,'.*" 3gc Cough Syrup £;;£%„,. ,so c Smith Bros. ce o"'L s . 3 "" p . 49 C kick's "£°£r 36« Rhinitis.]$#£;«>•. ..'.43 C Camphp-Lyptus °«'?"e' 21 C WhitB Pine.?.!«« 42 C , SPECIALS' Gillette J!X2&> • "49° Gen Blades p»''.'«''*5. 29 e Com Pads Z°'*.... .23 C Toilet Tissue^". 3 for 14 e , Lucky Tiger ?;.»/;:;;/., 7S C Analgesic Bata££&,,.47 c Afary Lak&t LAVSKDER (.OTIOM ZSc Size DR. WICT T^UtffH, DENTAL PMBO«*TI .. ' Orllt, lOimCM . . . j . dOC FABTICTH .v* 4gC FMCC DISH with ..'. »5c Phillip, r»«l» Ft,,, 19j REVELATION • , Tool* PenxlH, SOc Sit i , 37C MOUTH WASH .j. toffias"*"'- • • J? D,,,,I Cr«««, 3ft Si,, . 33t w/ithIODENT" "" ""»!* PiHs-Tabs ASPIRIN MIDOL TABLETS SOcSlxr, lO'u .,,... 5Oc FEENAMINT Laxalla, Can Tatl,t> . MILK MAQNESIA Tatl.t,. Cfrtifili tOO't For icuaJ'. m)J<-ned. cliop^td liandi- 6-Way Fuse, 6 in 1 DOAN'S PILLS tt, The Maker* of KOTEX Pay You 25C rincc 'Alhcrl Can Velvet' or. Hnlf & Half. Can Olaflen A B D Q or Halibut Llvor Oil Capiulei wi'l/l V7o>r«r'ol 25'a Buy one and •crid box to the manufacturer »nd receive 25cm lOc 29c Crazy Crystals 60c - $1 Creomuision 98c Quinine, 1 oz. 89c Kirby Cold Caps, guaranteed 25c Easter Egg Dye lOc Peruna 98c Campho Lyptus, 3-way cold treatment 79c 35c Bromo Quinine 24c Cert Miik of Magnesia Tooth Paste, 2 for 33c KrdmkHair Tonic 59c. $1 Lucky Tiger Dandruff Rem. Magic Shampoo 69c Asthma Cause Dissolved in 1 Day By dfitoKfnf and r«movin< tnucui »r', phlegm that <*uiex: chokioj, ttraajUng itilhm* Attack*, the dcclor'i preicriptfcn; ROYCE'S TABLETS, temov* th« ctutt ol your trouble You thtn cm »l««p louhdly and «oon ftel wtll and itrony. To ptov« that Iblj doctor'* prtscrtptlon will iuc- ceed fn the molt stubborn casra. va offtr ROYCE'S TABLETS «n.W » posftlr. ia»r*nU« to atop Bitbma tttacki l» jtntt compltl* tat Is Action or m*a«y b*ch ea Mlum of emptyjyckat.. G«t «o*r*i<t**4 ROXCE3JABLfiTS (t rfnif cwtt.n, ' . $1.35 STZS,

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