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The World from New York, New York · Page 10

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1898
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TOE WOItiLD: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1071898. It Is to Cost $5,000,000, and Mr. Quigg Will Introduce the Bill. BOWLING GREEN SITE NAMED- The Work Is to Be Under the Direction of a Commission to Be Named by Platt. NEW LOCATION IS A SURPRISE. Tlionffh Gencrnlly .4pprovcil f Cluin JUtterly Opposed the Dorrntoivti . . Site at the Lnut Scimliin. The De Lome Letter Taken Quietly by Speculators, anci no Slump Follows. METROPOLITAN STILL CLIMBS. Tnllc of R 9crl|> fnfttio Bnoitin the Trncllon Slock, lint Mnnliiitlnn In \Vorklnnr Oi>ivinrnrr1. , The city of CCcw York may at last have a Custom House worthy of her Importance as the greatest port of entry on tho western hemisphere. Senator Platt la to stanci sponsor for tho bill, which la to bo Introduced In Congress in a few <luy» by Congressman Qu&ff. <md which incidentally U to create fivo fat offices for the Republican creaulin-tlon. Goorso n. Bldwcll, the Collector of Customs, has been In Washington since Monday consulting with Mr. i>lai>t and Mr. Qulpg about tho details of the bill wWeh Is to provide for the erection of a building to cost at least $5,000,000. According 'to tlio bill, the construction .of tho nen- Custom House Is to bo taJten entirely out of the hands of the supervising architect nnd intrusted to a commission of three or live gcntlorrren, to be named by Mr. Platt. To tho surprise of the business nnd Importing community the proposed bill selects what is known as the "Bowling Green" elto for the now building Instead of tho old site nt Wall and WI11- iftm streets, which 1ms been approved by the Chamber of Commerce and tho business community generally. "The so-called "Bowling Green" sito t» the blocjc bounded by Bon-ling Green, Whitehall, State and Stone streots. It contains 64,000 square feet, while the area, of th.p Wall street site Is only 31,600 square feet. Tho advocates of tho new bill declare that tho new building will lie an ornament to the city If located at Bowling Green, whereas the architectural beauties will bo loet In Wall street, Just ns the magnificent marble Clearing House is burled In tho shadow* of tlio skyscrapers of Cedar ctrc-ot. In ItSS Congress appropriated- $2,000,000 to purchase n site lor new Anm-alserB' Stores and a new Custom House. In 1SS9 the act wns so amended as to provide far a new Appraisers' Stores uptown and a new Cnytom House downtown, the Importers protesting against having both buildings under onu roof. The uptown site for the stores wus purchased nt a cost of JWj.OE.js, nnd condemnation proceedings were begun of ,,tho properties composing the Howling Green site for tho Custom Houso. The Court awarded the property holders $2.101,000. or about ?33 per square foot nnd, as there remained only $1, -131,977.1,2 of the appropriation available, tho • whole proceedings wore dropped and (he money utill remains In the Treas- ury. ., In the last Congress Mr. Quigg Introduced a similar bill, except that tho old Wall Street, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1S93. Tlio rrmrket wns a sooil one from a trader's standpoint to-day. The Ue l.omo episode wns taken very quietly by the street. London followed up a higher range of prices with buy- Ing orders. The trading Brew dull and rather weak during tho day, iiml nt the finish n spurt of buying orders «cnt prices shnrly up lo a steady close. Metropolitan was n leader nil ay and mado JIM advance of nearly & olnta on tho renewal "f the story that here wns to bo nn issue of 30 per cent, crip nt par to represent the additions ccently made to the system. Some of 10 large holders scout tho Idea. Mnn- imnn sagged awny on tho tic In the ug of war now on between the corn- any nnd the commission. STOCKS UHOW C.NCKRTAISi. The closing quotations, the high and ow prices ami the volume ot salvj were. -•Clonlns.— Salts Hlgli. tow. Hid. Asfco.1. 4S5 American ?UR»r....l3'J'.i 137S 13S"« j:tS'.« 735 Amer Siiear pt 1V4 ll'-V. 112 »•> 3.V) American Spirits... S\ »14 »•» "•« 410 Ann Arbor 1't 3J',i 33 SO 3Ji S10 Atrll. Tup t 3 F... 13". "'» 13J» »'" ,740 Atch, Tup * S P pt K<+ 51«s "H -»J« 300 American Cot oil.. :i 20>» -° ? -'* ,47i) American Tobacco.. 9') 8«S "!* M* !.«» Hty Slalo Has 3~i »\ •>;» » « ,220 Ilaltlmoro S, Ohio.. 17>i 17 l.H 17% 700 lull & O\llo SW pt. "** '"» 7 , ''i 1.600 llklyn Rapid Trans. 3»^i 39ft 391* L453 Canada, Southern... &6H 6 5 Vi M* 405 Canadian Pacific... SS>,i SS SSU 900 C, C, C & St 1..... 364 3««i 36». 3.000 Clev. Lor & Wheel 16'» 16 10 60(1 Clev. Lor it W pf.. COU 434 Wi 1.037 Chen * Ohio 23% Wi *>*» l.»l« Chic. Bur 4 Q WIT. 100:i 10P.4 ,4M Chicago lit Well... 13!i ll'.i «"» 2.875 Chicago A NW 130 128 12S'« ..CO Chic, Mil 4 St P.. 00 95 S3". 9SO C, M * St P pf....!47(i 14«H 1404 i,925 Chic, K I £ Pic... 91% SIS "Hi coo chic, ma St Louis. 32«i 3: 3: 380 Chicago Term * Tr 8?i S*i S!S 1.6SO Chic Term ft Tr pf 31% SO 30 200 Col 4 Hock Val... 7',, 7 6>i i.700 Consolidated Gas...l«SH 187VJ IJK'.i COO Consolidated Ice 34Vi 33^ 34U 433 (^nso)ldatcd Ice pf S7',i SH^ S7U 3,t90 Denver i n O pt..'82% CUi 51?. ,100 Detroit Gis M'i 0714 6UU too Erie 1B'< lo'i 15?i 1,750 Erie 1st pf 41!i 41V. 41», ,,SW> Cioncral Electric... S5% S7'4 3T,4 1W) Groat Norlhern pf.157 155 1<"I> PIO Hawaiian .Sugar— 3'. 31% 3r> r,lrt Illinois Central 108 lor, s i loj-'i 200 Illinois Steel 55 511; C2^t *f,_3 Kan City, P 4 Oulf 23'i 23 22 . 'slil I'dlm'G & West pf'. 74 * 7.1 73>j ,770 I.iko Shore 19UJ 101 191 300 U'UK lulll'.'J 50 4S 45 S.45U Lou I < 4 Naah 55H 5S»i 6J?i ,200 Manhattan 118 U4U 114>i MMI Met Street 16114 IBSli 1C1U I.155 Michigan Central...114*1 'I' 1 113* "90 Minnesota Iron.— 65 Cl G3^j 3,600 Met. Kan & Tex 3SH 3**.i 3S?i I.W5 Missouri Pacific.... MH S3 J3>4 SIM .Mobile & Ohio 37!i 3194 3U4 SO) National Lead KSi 35 33Vi 1.750 N J Central 953i 83 95% ,920 N Y Central 117U 110(4 lld'A 472 N Y. Sus 4 West.. 14tt I4li lllj 2,710 K y. Sus k W pf.. 35»i "•' 1.650 Northern Pacific 2UJ t 9,095 Northern Pacific., pf OS C80 Norfolk & Wmtem lf,H 10H 5,565 Norfolk 4 West pt 55 t,S"j 900 Ore Improvement.. 29 '38'^ 1.610 Ontario 4 Western. 17)1 17^ 400 Oregon Uy £ Nav. 61U ft 1.000 Oreijon Short Line. 25 24«i 1.100 Pacific Mall 32 10 lorn Cm 1st 51.101 «S I 111 (in eon g£ 94t4 13 K»n 4 Mich 1st 41 81 3J1 Kan Pad en 6s cts 113*4 13 Kan Pac 6s, 2S93 ctr> i23',i 113 Kan Pac Cs ISM ctfs 12314 9 Kin Pac, D J On ctfs 12S K Kan 4 Tex 2ds. <HU 1 Ksn A Tex 4s. 90^t M Knn 4 Tex of Tex Is: 2 SIH 24 K C, P 4 Oult l«l so\4 10 Ken Cen 4s.... &!>>/£ 2 KI Co El in 5s 44 12 Uc Ua» o»....l»IVi 1 I- E 4 W If. JI.117H IlSt P I 41 A....10J14 M St F, vM A It M ext 4s 97 1 81 P, SI * M M Cent 1st S»....1W 25 S V 4 N B 1st 4s 87K 2> So n con (s.... 9IU 9 S P of X M Ist.l07«i 11 Tex 4 N' O con Ss SS'i 11 Tex 4 Pac l»t 5s • nm 131 Tex /OPac 2.1 5« 32% 1 Un Pac 6s of H«S ctf» 12SH «• fn P.-.r, D * O con £s *>7'.i 2« Wall 1st 6s IMS, .13 Wall 2.1 5s SOU 2 Wab, D A C ex 6« 102 1 W .V Y A P IslMOSK street slf* was chosen. At the time Mr. Qulgg wouldn't hear of the change to the Bowling Green site. His complete surrender now therefore causes general surprise, though It Is _ thought to mean that all opposition will nbw be withdrawn and New York will get a new Custom House. TO PROLONG THE MILL STRIKE. Jlccdnic to Be Held In Boston to DcvlMc Mean* for tlio Support (Special lo The World.) PALL. RIVER, Feb. 9.—A meeting of tha Textile Union representatives of New England will bo held in Boston next Sunday to devise means for the support of the non-unlonlsts who are on strike In New Bedford. The union will not oeaso Its support until tho strike of the mule eplnners Is declared off, and one of tho officials said to-day that would not be In another month at least. . It makes no difference to the mule spinners whether the weavers and other unorganized help go In to work next 'Monday morning, as It Is now reported they are contemplating, for they have determined to win, and It will take more than four months of constant lighting .before they will succumb. The strlite. followed by the lockout of. Congressman l.ovcrlng's mills In Taunto.i, by which 1,100 pujple arc mailo to stand the force of Idlenosa In a Now England midwinter, has caused much ., bitter, feeling among tho labor leaders ti., '.here. They point at him as one of tho PvTi leaders In "the Arkwrlght Club," and *pw»ay It Is only another part of the manu- 8*7,3vftusturors' programme to light the oper- '•'* <f.- atives at Jho most bitter season of the ;year. -,"; It'would'have coat tho Loverlngs but HV |30' u week to prevent tho strike, but i"«»' 4nBy wouldn't pay It, although the mills »»•«"' nave '-been, running overtime recently >r€ t,b fill orders. WANT A BAILKOAD ,._ ,. r ,:';t he ri : ,;,requl Will Couiont to a Lino . Tlivonwh Their Ilunervullon. • CARLOS. Art., Feb. 9.-Fully 1.&00 tr' 'Apache Indiana assembled at this agency ')*|:tia,ya given consent to the Olla Valley, agigijpbe.'and Norton Railway building its *' 5 i!he throuirh the San Carlos reservation from Geroninio, Its present termlmis, to !) Qlotie, tho centre of one of the riches !»/4rmiier dlstrlois in the Soutliwesc. ie law passed byi Consrees granting •ight of way across tho reservation .Ires the railway company to obtain consent of the Indians. ' Dwljtor au<1 Creditor Juilsrnioiilis, ^lio' tallowing judgment* were filed yeflterday l first nune being that of tne debtor: Abrohnra-^Bilw'a « ssm'l .., ,, ,,, (788,0 S'.'DHOBHBH, Henry, CUri t otto F— f?;. : ,0 M Dreen, -,:^||il[»—Annie H Beaborry, fle- _ "' "lil'llij'*'OltV Trust'81(0 ,;ft Surety Co, ol Phlla-Un- f , ..,,.* Bool'et'y',pl "HolVl' 'jimVloyni *in Araorlca—J Hnriwr 01 nl,.,.,,..,,. [ade^ndent : Ordir > Ilrlth - Abraliam ot i; the U a ol A-D Welnljorg,.,,, ^OHN, I«nm«—Esoore B.actimin l^oul Ia»baooo Co-.....,..,,.,..:....y.:..... BNNON. Wm^-Oornollus M Breen,, M Breen.. ,... — JWwwa .a Olark.. J-M ) 'Vfutt ,•• ' ' '671.3 8,«««.; V«86,t 1,<«1.| ,. l.OM.i 7.783 Pennsylvania ...... 119?i 7,915 People's Da ......... OSH 655 Phlla t Read ...... 21% 3,150 Phlla 4 Head 1st pf 51T> 500 Phlla 4 Iload 2il pf !7!4 1,370 Pullman Pal Car.. .184 1,700 St Jo 4 Orand Is., 7Ti 3.170 at Jo * O 1 1st pf. E4U 1,9:0 St Jo 4 O I 2d pf.. 21 800 Southern Hallway.. t% 2,500 Southern Ity pf.... 331, 3.SOO 9t Paul * Omaha,.. T7 300 at Lonls ft Son P.. 7% 1.2<iO St L * S F 2d pf.. !7« !25 St Loula SW ....... 4« 1,035 Tenn C,«l i- Iron.. 2594 400 Texas Pacific ....... 11% 925 Third Avenue ...... 181»J ."J !' f father pf..., tin 2,710 U S Rubber ........ is 1.160 C a Ttubber pf ..... es«.i I.OSO Union Pacific ....... 34ft 7.350 Union Pacific pf.,. 63 630 Wabash pf ......... 18K 1,967 Western Union Tel 92 400 Wheel & Lake Erie 3« Single-price sales wore: 00 Chic 4 E III... 00 Chle 4 B III pf.110 51 u, 28V4 17H 51 24!4 31% 118T« SCI, 16'. 101*> >J'.4 lii'.t 554 147V4 92 32'i, S% 301, 7 189 35 884 CO 16 41!i 3S 155 W',4 1OT 74 li llll-\ 53 53 115 ICl'i 114 Co 33 S3!4 32 30 96 1W1 144, - 118}; 97U D7« 211i 21W G1U 51U 2744 27% 180U 183 7'.i 7U cm 54 20% OU 3H4 76« 7U 194 >U 31« 7H 17 ISO 8!14 17U 67V1 aay «t 1JK 9l2 314 170U 05« 1714 osu ;TJ "I" 2* =714 134 7S 84 U SI 33* 769; 4K !51i »«i 131 D.1H 18 69 34U 91"; 3!4 50 Col Fuel t, I.. 235;, 59 Col 4 H V pf.. 11 00 tiel, L 4 W... 15814 , 00 Del t Hudson. 113 F . t . D ' Peo. Dee t Ev. 1« 100 South Piclne.,.. 10f MO St L t 8 P 1st pref 58 500 St Louis SW pf. 10 500 aiondard n « T 4 00 Flint & P M... H MOO U P, D 4 Q .. J BO Lake E * W.. 171i 100 Wabash .. 7V4 J» *J * « L It pt. 56 100 West Chlcam.."lOOW 00 North Amer.... 5Hl 10 Ninth Nat Bank 8J'™ Total sales: Stock Exchanee, 370.0CO hares; Consolidated Exchange, 63,010 SLIGHT nOJOJ HBACTION. Bond trading showed a tendency to drop off In volume after the large dcal- ngs of tho past month. Atchlson 4s. were In demand and higher. Krle Issues were also up. Baltimore & Ohio Os. were given n. higher price on a single ale. Kansas Pacific consols were again active at higher prices on the coming out of tho story that the committee would carry out Us programme und pay the Government In full. The closing prices of bonds and the olumo of sales (In Jl,000») wore: 3 Cou 4s, 1G07.... 6 Va fund debt., 7114 1 Am 'D & Imp 5i.ll4 10 Ann Arbor 4s., ie S3 Atch gen (s.... 03ft 14 Atch «<11 4s.... 64 S B St O to. 1S35- 1925 103 : 11 & 7ih Ave con os 1MW 10 DWyn 'Ele 6s.. 873 11 llklyn U O es.,114!, 16 Uhlyn R T 5s. OS 10 >D, n 4 P BH...105 2 II, C H i N 61.1W14 38 Cen Oa ut Inc. 4! 1 Cen Oa 3d Inc., 7U S3 0 & O gen 4Hs. 83% 0 0 & O, II & A 1st con 4s..,,104K 2 C. IS £ Q c'Y Ce lUVi 0 C. B t Q con 7s 119' IS C, B 4 Q. O Dlv 4s, 1828...100 91 0, D & Q, Neb ext 4s 99< 44 Ohio Term & Tr 4 87 U Ohio. Ind ft L 'ref (s J7V1 15 Ohio, Ind £ L ret <s ,,10314 ICIn, D & I 5I..111 »Gol Mid gtn 0.07 t Col <Uld con 4s 2014 Q Coo. <taH,' Cbte 9Col & il'val'JB' ctfi ... 78(i « D & Waco 5s... 83 80 D & R O 4s,... n 1 E T, V 4 Q 1st 7s 107 3 « T, V ft O con 6» , HH J E, t t O S 5o.«3 M Brie gen lien., 78; a Brie prior 4s,,, 8S W f * P U Hi,,,117 a 'P & f «re -M con 5s l lx 4 N, N, V & I! 1st OS ....... 95 1 Mao. Con 4i.... 07 Vi }>'«( St «H 6S.114U U Mich Cm con 7s ............. us Mil. b f It W eit 61 .......... in 40 Mo P»o tr f)S.. 7«« U Mo, K 4 H 1st fl ............ 08U « Wob & o ten 4s 80 3 N J' Cen Ken fii.lU 7 N y, o £ st t, . lit 4| .......... 107U 10 N V On 1st ref 7s ,,.,, ........ 117 5 « V Oen deb 4«.10S J N Y, S S W l«t ret 6» ...... ,.,,103U n X V, 8 * W gen Ga ...... , ...... flTal 53 IN & W 0011 it.. 84Vi 6 N fi W Imp Js.117 i N * W «en es..i2JH4 f> Nor P ut-ni.,111 8 Nor P ut 8s. ,.HO 5 Nor e 1st >i res ..... .'......118H iNor P (en Js. v . eaij 88 Nor P prior- 1 4s ., ...... .,.,. 1 NW deb to, 1M9.110V «NW deb.6X4983.lMM 40 Ore Imp con • e» «h In ft ...... I Ore 8 L is....lt4K J Ore 8 l, con 8>,WO it ore SL.-Ino A «s 3JOre S t,, Ino 8« 7J g 4 But con 4s 7T 6TP ft It gen 4s., SM IP, P wVoTW! 41 P H West 4s.... 89 "%*..?.*."**«, II I/ Shore r Hi 7«.103H|l:S W X V & P sn 29 1, A N Ken 6n..ll^i 4s 531i 70 L * X upl <1. S3'.I HO W Sh 41, gf(1..10i'x 10 t. £ X. H & N SI W SS 4s, T 1K>\ A gi'l C* 95 150 Win Con &s elf*. 41 4 t, «L N'. H II * ". Wll * 'Kas lat X 1st tis 117 3d I01?l Total sales (par value): Stock Exchange, II.23,>,UOO; Consolidated 1.x- changu. tll.ouo. JIO.N'liV, 15XCIIAXOE, &C. Cull was ilown to H4 per cent, wlih tho bulk of tho ilcullnss lit l',4. Time money wns very ijulet with rales from 2 to 3 per cent. Paper ruled from 3 to 4. Foreign exchange wns firm on n very mall volume of transactions. The do- ,iml wan light, with the houses In u valtlnK maud. I'ostoU sterling rates vcre I.SI nnil 4,>iiVi. Actual wllliiR ratns were: Sixty-clays trrllnK. I.S.'1'i: ileinund, -I.SG'/j; cables, .Si; Mlxty-days' 1'nrls, 5.21H; checks, .20; relchinnarkH, sixty days. DIS; ,'ichsmarks. demand, 05. Slh'er bar to-day cold at Sfrljc. .W^SJl" ni^lon rejiorw: Custom receipts. Jif78.n7s; ntrmal revcnuo rcci-lpts. MOS.003; mls- (.•llancnus rcce.-pt*. $185,104. Treasury net 'old balance. ilGii.264,077. Bank notes for edcmptlon. WJ3,!i!t!P. NPW York banks report exchanges, 163,510,031; tMl.'inces. $:i,!l-U37; Sub-Treas- iry cvtdlt, SCSi.lOO. Chfmleal Bank .itock to-day sold at ntctlon "t fit.sis, ii drop of $2fiO per share rom thu sale preceding the Quln- an low, Adams Express Corrpany declares a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent.; Fifth Vvi-nuo Trnnsportntlcn Com|»iny stock VIIH at 375 a WO bid and asked. (Jross earning for Jiimiary compared vlih 1S97 were; Colorado Mldlaml. $11S,- «, InureaJiu, SI6.KU; Illinois Central, $2,03,SI'S, Increase i-lori,(!3t;. PnOUfCE MARKETS. New Vorh Produce Kxclmnse, Keti. 0, 1S9S. WHKAT.—Tlioro were sh.irji advance* nflcr tho penlng to^lay and again In the last hour, fol- owed In earh ra«e by i|ulck reuctlotiit. Iho llnal rejk carrying prlres to tho lowest point of the «y nnil partially Uc. under the closing figures of evlerday on all but near positions, which atl' •anew) l%c. over last nlxht In tho rano of March, losing at Se. net higher. Tho export trade proved to be rather dlaap- jlnllng. About 6 loads were reported hero tor \ntwerp and 20 bids at naltlmore for France, rlnrlpally red winter wheat. Floal cables fmm .Iverpool reported futures >fcd. a Id. net higher. The Paris marketa closed dull and unchanged to 0 polnl* off on whesl, wlih nour 5 points up to 0 tolnts lower. Warm weather was reported vor the entire winter wheat belt, ivnrt Northwest ccelpls footed up 348 cars, against 2IS ears last ear. Quotations of cash wheat f. o. b. afloat: No. red. 1.0314: No. 1 hard Manitoba, 1.CS1, spot; i 1 hsrd Duluth. 1.101J. lo arrive; No. 1 North- rn Dtiluth, 1.09'i. to arrive; No. 3 Northern Juluth, 1.01 s *. to arrive. CORN.—The flrmneeft of corn to-day was Iveil largely from runewed export demand, In- nlvlnR al»JUt 400,000 Uu. at alt perl*. Liverpool h iwed «n rt'lviuu-n of Ud. a -7id. Prices closed dlrly Meady airl unchanged from lai*t nlghl. s'o. 2 corn, 3fll4c. f. o. b, afloat. (IATA—An advance of ';•'• w.w noted In this mr'.iot, rospondlns to further strcii.'Uh In canh njperty. Kx^iort business amounted to 50.000 bu. ,'o. 2 CAU clnsc J 30e. bid; So. a oals. 2S%c.; :o. 2 white. ,lH.i!.; No. a white, 31140.; track nixed, 30e. a 31 '4c.; track while, 31',4«. t K,'. HYH.—.Market flrmer; No. 2 Weslorn, CfiVje. dtl. f. o. b.'. afloat. New York; No. 1 WoMcrn, 7Hc a BSr*., f. o. b., afloat. New York. Il.MlLKY.—Market rjulet; feeding quoted 38e., . t. !.. New York. FLOUIt AND MRAL.—Prices In Iho main were itcarty,' wltntnit change. Spring patonls, )&.lo a 5.35; winter ulralKhts, $4.5.'i a 14.65: winter intents. 14.tin a 15.25; spring clears, S4.2S a S4.50', extra No. 1 winter, 33.80 a $3.00; extra No. Z >Inter, 13.(0 a S3.C5: no grade, tl.EO a II.EG; iiickwheit flour. J1.25 a 11.*). BYK FLOUIl—Firmer, sales 700 nbls., KM a 53.16. CORNMBAL— Quiet. Sales, 200 bbls. Quoted: Kiln Jrloit. J2 a S2.M, as to liranil. DAQ MKAL— Steady. Pino whlto, SOc.; nno yellow. 7lk\: coarse, 67c. a 6.Se. riSEn—Steady. 40, CO and SO Ibs. winter, In bulk, 70c, a SOc.; spring bulk, 70c. a 7Sc.; mld- lllnu bulk, 75o. a 80c. i ryo feed, 6Ec. a C7!So. city feed, 75c.; hominy chop, 70c.; oil meal, S20 1 S27; ftcreentnga, 30c. a aOc.. In bulk; buckwheat ginln. 3714c.. c. I. f., New York. PltOVISIONa,—Another aharp advance was reported In hog products, attended by llbera' buying for outsldo and packers' account. PORK—Finn. Quoted: Mess, 110.00 a SI0.75; amlly, )10.r,0 a til; short clear. 110.50 n JIL 1 .r,0, BEBF— Firm. Quoted: Moss, !S a 18.50; famll]'. III n 111.50: packet. 19 a (10.00; extra India mess, SIC i\ $10. DRESSED lions—Quiet. Quoted: Oacon, 5Uc.; 80 Ibs., cue.; too lh«., 6Ho.; 140 Ibs., 6Vic.; ;o Ibs., 614c.; pigs, 51ie. a 5%o. • CUT MEATB.—Pickled bellies, firm; smoking bellies, fl!lc.; 10 Ibs., 5%e. a 5%c.; 13 Ibs., Mje. a 6Hc.; 14 Ibs., BHc.; pickled shoulders, quiet; inotod 4?;c.; plcklo'l hams, firm; quoted 71ic, ».r,., sg ii 4eti ?i,,,, 4 BO W lit <•' 8op« 6s., i Fa , , |Tu i " . , lie. : Western. 10 Ibs., C?t. TALLOW— Dull. Quoted: .IWc. a 3%c. J 6-10c. ; country, LARD—Firm, quoted 13.30; city lard firm, quoted 14.9S a )G; refined, firm, quoted South America, 15.85; Continent. 1C.60; Brutl kegs, HI; compound, steady, quoted city, 4Ho.; Western, 8TEAIUNE—Firm, Quoted: Oleo, 4?;c.; city lard Etcarlno, 67fco. NEW YORK PRICES. WHEAT. —Closing.— Opening. High. Low. Pob.O. Feb.!. 1.0l»i 1.01',; 0714 Fob , May July Feb , May July May Miy Peb Mjy July Mny July Fob , May July May July ... 07K 07% »7',l ,... 8DK DOU S91i CORN. 87)4 8014 ,.-... 35 3M4 OATS, .... Z9H 29H LARD. 3514 3474 34V4 35!4 29H .. — — — 5.45 S.S7 CIIIOAnO PRICES. WI1BAT. Opening. High. .'.'!! »« 1 4 07 S5H 85K CORN. 87% 27% .... 20Ii 2T/ f OATS. .'.'.". H4« ~ —Cloolng.— . Fob.ti. Fob.S. 95% 84H 2914 SON, .... -.. 23K 23',J LARD. ...6.05 5.131, 6.02H ,...6.nii ti.iiV, 5.1214 95% 8444 27% 2J!4 Mil !4 JHi on K 87 J4 SOU 21 24ft 2314 5.10 5.1714 S, 5.0214 .1314 May 6.15 5.20 5.1214 t.VItt 5.12V4 July 5.20 5.271i 5.20 5.25 5.20 POltK. May 10.45 10.0214 10.45 10.00 10.1314 July 10.95 10.05 10.62)4 10,0214 10.50 CASH QUOTATIONS—iron, Northern, No. - toundry, 111.75: Iron, Soutliern, No. 2 nbft, tlO.25; steel reKe, flO: pig Iron warranu, 18.10; Inlte copper Ingot, J10.W; tin, 113.95; lead, 13,03; snol- ter, 14.10: wheat No. 2. red, (l.oaii; oorn No. i, mixeq, SSlic,; oatA No. 2, mixed, SOo.; flour, Minnesota patents, 15.25; cotton, middling, 614o. toffee, No. 7, Rio, «%c.; sugar, granulated, 6lie. moliues, O. K., prime, 30o.: beef, family, S11.25 beet name, 123! tallow, prime, 39-100,: pork mesi, (10.60; liogs, drelsed, 1<0 Ib,, 5«ic.; lard prime, 15,30. 13XPOHT3 TO-DAY.—Corn, 144,019 bu.: oats 80,218 bu.: rye, 8,700 bu:: peas, 24 bu.; beans 74 bu. i Dour, 007 bbls, It,2g3 eacki; eornmeal, S2I bbli.: oatmeal, 250 pk«a,; hey, IS bales: rosin 22! bills; tar, U bbl».; reflnei petroleum, 85,78 gall,; cotton-seed oil, 187,SCO gals, i lubricating oil. 6,600 tata. i pork, 84 bbls.; betl, 31 bbls.. 14 tci.; bacon, 1,318,275 lb.| hints, 6,600 |b,; lard (87,050 Ib.i lard oil, 50 gall.: grease, (0,000 lo. butter, 9,000 Ib.; cheese, 3,','tO Ib. OHIOAOO AVHEAT MAKKET. OHIOAQO, Veh. 0.—Afler ruling strong vntl within flfleen minutes ol the oloso wheat took , sudden and Inglorious fall. Unloading oredltoi by some to Cudahy and Letter, and by other to Bt. Louis holders, started the market dowi Ml rtiuHeil In a, lilli ot a %c. «avanco snd fraction beildei, the market closing HO, a %c Fulures closed M follows; Feb., Oso. i May SBfto, a 980.; July, ^Ko. CHICAGO WVH STOCK, OiirOAao, 'rob., n.—Wlmated receipts hogi 38,000; le(t over, i.nit ettUnated reoelpti (o mirrow, M.OOO: mjrket fairly jotlve anil stronger light, W.70 «,W.MI iP'tS^W^Ii »JJ.MI hew «y>_«:!L«L«^ s .«»,$'».!!•«»•! .w""*! w beey»«;'l«,W » M.WS1 T«M - . W, steady , cowl and Jellen. 11,10 3.«0 *,M.»I «U»1(«« an omoltl wotlpta yesterJay OOTTOiV. lAoUvt tradlpg Ml npl? nuolu!»tlon« 'mirk'e. 117 polntf. Tot*l Ml«« futurei Th« Average movement of cotton at the ports, hll« full, w*» cant In a good meaiure by con- nued Uberal clearance! ftfld by Indlcslloas of ctlvlty tor Mine time to coma on the pitt of tto uplnnen of Grrnt Orltaln and the Continent a comptlltlon with American uplnnem Tor npot applies, ttecent advlcM from Fttll Hirer were of n encourtictng characUr, A factor In the la to afternoon wiw *n advance ' 3-16c. in Bpot cotton In the local market. hlcti clocijd i.ulo;, on tho hA4!s of 6U<*. for J.I.I 11 up upl.irn nnil C^c. for mMdllnn Rulf. CcUon Exchange cp«rlal Liverpool cibltc.i: Spot otton n K<J<H\ bUHlnoflH 'filing; sal«i, 15,000 l>«Ipn;' eculation aiui exporl, 1.000; Anierl.Mn, 16,000; colpU. U.OOO; American. 12.00'J; middling up- inds, 3 5-J6d. KuturoH optne.l tuctK.y-, partlaliy 84:1. dflvnnro. CI<iscd r toady, net unclianne'l to d. a 2-6,d. advnnce, Feb.. a.lM-iS; Kcli.-Marcli. 15HS; March-April. 3.15>,j[»; Aprll-Miy, 3.1CU: ay-June. 3.17,-*; .fune-Jtilr, 3.17',iS; July-Ail^.. 18D; Aus.-Sept.. 3.1S>iS; Sept.-Oct., XlS'^ll; -Xov., 3.1HM; N'ov.-Ifce., S.I3',4H. ManctKS- Yarns *tca»ly; olaihs, n fair dcniant. al lull aten. The rin«o of contract or.ccfl to-day wo* ax otlown: obnury ,arcli .... prll •y JI10 ly un« ... pptomber Opening. High. 6.10 IU4 6.1? fi.19 ,!) Fcb.». C.ol a f,.03 a f>.o.*, R.01 a i;.03 f>.\- a — B.I.-; a fi.HI fl.IH a 1.1!) ll!20 a 6.1" 22 ovember .... 6.0S i;.2,t t!.0i{ 6.22 a tf.LM r,.iis n.01 (>.»:, r,.»:i e.uu O.OJ r,.oi r..oj ti.07 COFFKK. ^'ew York C-inoe Kxi-hanfte. Feb. 9. ISO*. Tr«uiMdlons for tho entire noMnlfm were llmlie,! 2,600 bafiii, Tlie murket i>iirn(;,l (jnlet nn,l Mdy at iinchniiRod prlccsi to un advjn^u of r, ntit. cliwlnR ,!:ill nt net unchJnRcd prli-eM lo an Ivanci' of Ii 7>o!lils. The marvel ;or Kput llMzlllnn rcffeo rnleil quiet, ibout Blcaily, ,u ttnchunne,! prices; No. 7 Itlo, uvolco loin. fi?ic., and JobblnR parrels fl'hi*. The market (nr mil,! roffeon WAH fllca'ly, with oo<l liiuilne.'s. Sales of InvoL'O |O:K Included 41)0 Central American, 300 tiftRR fav^iillta and 0 IISK^ Maracalho nn private termH. Qilotatlonn: aracilbo, fl'.ic. a »c.; c'ucuta, si.-, a I'i'.vr.; .la- al.-n. fi^i-. a ir»:.: Ixicuayra. 7e. s I7c.; Sava- Illa, 3He. a ICe,; Mexican, «c. a 17c.; Central merli'an, 714e. a 17V4e.; Coslu lilra. 7c. n 16n.; olfeo In ,pnrchrTK>nt, 6c. a ^'.4^.; Mocha, 17',4c. a I>4c.; 1'ndatiK, Interior. '^-. a 2l^c.; lanolefl. a 30c.: Corlnchlo, 2oc. a 27f. a range of contract prices ta-day w.ia as oSruary I.-.Mi ,, prll ... OpcnlnR. (.'losing. Keb.8. Feb.?. S.BS a 5.o:> Ti.Cj B f,.7l) . 5, (J." uly iKHSt .... ijitorabcr rtoiwif ... ovember . C.ll) C.10 «.os 6.10 . . r..7-*> a R.S.". 5.M) » 6.S3 S.K.j a fi.S'l c.9o a £.90 o 6.00 fi.OO a fi.05 fl.on ft 6.05 G.Oo a ft. JO . r..»;. . (..on G.OJ Banking and Financial. NEW EDITIONo Banking House of I 03 Broadway, New York. 5 State nt.. Iloffton; 403 Wnlnut 8t., Phlladolphlu. ccute orders In Stocks, Uurula, Orutu, Cottoti, Provlnlotirt on llin N'ow York. 1'lillatlolitlila. un, nnd Chicago Grain nnd Stock I^xcI.anRVB. nvcjiimpni or to be carried nn iimrnuln of 3 o C per cent,, nt inoiU-rntn rntos nf Iriioreut, and -Itt cnmirltHlnit. Inioroai ullowud on ninrRlna nid iltponKrt, subject to cliecU nt alslit. Write or rail (or our • '40(1-1'AU K 3I3CUHITY lANtfAL," conceded by JlnnltB. K.xchanf;eu, I'rcnti. and Hoard H of T ratio to bu tho bent HUUaUcM Innnclul publlrathm ever Ismu'd by any IJnnklun lounu. fllvlng maps, report u, fuming* nnd prices for 10 to 30 yearn, thereby enabling in- t-fctora to ojioratc- on their own JuO^incnt. ISSUlilJ UHATIS AND MAILED PJIER. OBTBUMINING TMH FIXANC'IAL HKSPONSI- DIUTY OP TUB FIRM WITH WHICH YOU DEAL IS A3 IMPOUTANT A3 SELECTING THE iUOHT STOCK. Now York. I'liHadolpbla and Donton Nntlomil Dank rvfercncoH furnlttliud. Twouty years' «xu«rli i w:c. larnoot cllontolc, most commodloun otUccH, boat broke THRO itorvlcu. 1'rlvato wires to llowton, I'lilla-.tiilyhla Cl^lragp. ^ WHERE TO INCORPORATE. •• Laws of VYc«t Virginia most llb'eral and safa; no personnl Habllliy; non-iusossible slock; no re, porls to make; can get charter, organize anil Is, sue slock In Ihreo days. Send for copy of law and Instructions, J. B, WHITE, Attorney, Charleston. W. Va. (12) TWELVE PER CENT. 1st preferred coupon atock, 3 per cent, quarter* y; Isi^e $100,000; secured by property Interusu -seceding a million dollars; Mfe, reliable «n certain. Adilrosa I.VVKSTMBNT9. <2S Equf.ilil lliilldlng, Baltimore, Md, un WALL STRBCT JOURNAL gives raluable luformntlon dally on slocks and bonds. 13 u year. DOW. JONES * CO.. Pub.. 44 Broad H..N.Y. Interest and Dividend Notices. ADAMS KXPBBB8 COMPANY. Treasurer's Odlcc, N. Y.. Kob. 0, 1803. Tho Transfer Hooka of this Company will bo ilosed from 2 o'clock P. M. Fob, 11, 1898, to the nornlnK ot Mch. 2. 1588. '.V. L. HUBBELL. Troaa. European Steamers. FRENCH LINE. COMPAGNIE GENERALE TRANSATLANTIQUE. DIRECT LINE TO HAVRE—PARIS (FRANCE.) Sailing every Saturday, at 10 A. M. Prom Pier No. 43, North River, foot 'Morton st. La Qoscogne Feb. 121 La Dretagne March 5 .,0. Narmandla...FeU. l»li.n Oaaco^no.,,.March 12 M Champagne. ..Feb. 24] La Normandlo...March 19 3en. Ag'cy for U.S. and Can., 8 Bowling Qree-n. N.Y. TO LIVERPOOL, VIA QUEENSTOWN, from Pier lo N. n., foot of Clarksoti al. Lucanla.l'*eb. 13. 9 A..M.|Umnrli..,.Mtin:!i 5. noon Etrurla. l'«b. W. 1 P.M. Uicanla. March i:,8A,.M jampanlo, Kob.20, OA. Mj Etrurla, March 19, noon VEIINON H. BROWN & CO., Oonerat Agenta, 4 BOWLINO QRBEN. NBW YORK. AMERICAN LINE. NEW YORK—SOUTHAMPTON—(London-Paris). Sailing every Wednesday at 10 A. U, ST. PAUL I'ob. lOiPARIS March 2 NEW YORK Fob. MIST. PAUL March 0 JIED STAR LINE TO ANTWERP. Bailing every Wednesday at noon. WEBTERNLAND.Feb.l«|NOOHDLAND...March I DBftLIN Feb. MlfHIESLAND ..'.March 0 INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION COMPANY, Plera 14 & 15 North River. Office, 0 Bowling Oreun. Coastwise Steamers, CLYDE LINE, M, FW ? ,DA POINT.. The only etoamer line to Charleston, U. c., and JACKSONVILLE. FLA., WITHOUT OHANQB BUPHKD FA8SHNOKH ACCOMMODATIONS. Reduced ".Vlnter Bxeurslon Rates Now In Htfeot, Algonquin..Frl., Fob. ll|Iroauls...Tuos,, Feb IS Bemlnole,, Sit,, fou. 131 Conmnche...Frl., Fob. 18 STOW Pier !» D. R. (foot Itoosevelt st.) 3 P, M. WM, P. CLYDE & CO., Oen. AgenS! ' I! Bowling Qroen. New York, Fla. Cen, & fen. Fast F. & p. Line via Jack- sonvllle; ot, 8. Ft, & Pan. Line via Charleston. T. Q. EQER, Oen'l Agent, 375 DVay, N. Y. Auction Sales, NO EXTRA OIlAnrjB FOR IT. Advertliements for TUB WORLD will be receive! at any American District Messenger omce or Postal Telegraph OHlee In New'York City al office rated. Call a messenger 11'you have e, box. STORAGE SALE, Standard Auction Rooms. 10 and 21 \V. 28th St.. BENJ. S. WISE, Auotloneer. WILL BULL THIS DAY, THURSDAY, at 2. o'olook, uid (al. lowing days lame 11 mo, 15 vanloads of elegant Household Etfeols, romovod from Guarantee 8lor- age llouto, IN PART, Elegant BrMi and. Mnimal Ceda and Bedding Ohlffpnlers, Drejseri, odd Chain, Parlor Suites Couches, 4o. i Portieres, Hugs, Ltunna ana On Drlo-a-Brao, and 9 fine Muslo Boxes. Also, Four fine Upright Pianos, by Wheolwk end other prominent nutitert, and 2 Square Planoi. Parties about going housekeeping will Und tills a rere change. Doalen InvHcd. ^ w LOU18 UUOtA'NN, AUOTlONBBJt, »' BY L, ULlWIANN * 00. SAiLESnOOMS, 471 BROAO FRIDAY, ran. u AT vnCK CONTINUATION BAWTI, BV order of Hammerslovigh Bros., Auction Sales. . 25c. line; Sunday, 30c. HIGH-GRADE Merchant Tailoring, IMPORTED WOOLLENS, VALUATION $20,000. JO1IN YOI'.Vfl, AVCTmsEtm, SBLI.S TO-PAY, THUBSI1AY, AT 10.30 O'CIX5CK, AT :35-!j; K. 4211 ST.. OOH. SI) AVE.. THE BXTlItlO WBLI..KNOWN STOCK OP J. Kciscr, New Haven, Conn, IMMENSE AND VEHY STYLISH STOCK OF AnoVE. •2,500 Fine Pants Patterns IS CLAYS, FANV.Y ST111PB3, HAIRLINES, WOUSTEUS. Ac.; SUITINGS IN CASStMEItF.3. CI.AYS. SEIIOBS. CHEVIOTS. FLA.KNBLS, P1TC1I11URCW, \VOIt9TBD9, &<•,; OVERCOATINGS'. iKU.IBYS, HEAVBIIS. CAIIIt'S MELTONS. CHIN- MI ILL A P. MONTAQNACS, THIUETS, OltF.VlOTB, TIIIMMIN'US: SILK3. FAUMEU'S S.VTIX. SI.EBVK LININO3, IllinllnK'*. Velvets, Hpool silk, Uuttnns. &c. I.AItdE IXITS. ^VITlmLT IlESKilVE. THIS 13 THE PINB5T STn::K EVEIl SOLD AT AUCTION. rmilBR OV K. VAN PRAAO * TO. PICTURES & FRAMES, 1O.OOO FEET MOULDING, CUTTING MACHINE. FRANK WALKKll, AUCTIONEER, sells THIS PAY. Thursday, nt 10.30 A, M., AT 487 6TH AVE., NEAR 11TII ST., miOOKLYN, i large Block of above, ronidfitlnfT of Oil Paint* ngf!, Wnlor Colors, Etchings, Engravings; large lino of Mirror*, tint. Oak, Enamel Frames, flolld 'lol.l Durnlnhml oval Frarncs. Enamel and Oak Kjrela, llojcs of Olatr.. loose Pictures, 10,000 feel if 1:111, Onh. Enamol. llrccn and olher Mould- ings. FIXTURES. 4 Silver-Plated Show-Canon. Cutting Machine, Pinner, VIM-, rlrlndcr, Denr-hes, Paper Cutler. Peaks. Pnws, Ac,. In largo lots to dealers. Aucthuifer'fl OrTlre, I10S Droadway, Brooklyn. CLOTHING, Equal to Custom Made. I. SIMON AND M. IIANPT. AUCTIONEBIt.1, 3KLI, TIII3 DAY. 10.30 A. M.. 440 East Houston St., IHTRO, cxtonMlvo. well-«eloctoJ stack of above, roraprlilnB Mcn'a, Uoyi', Youth*' and Children's I>re»n and WortOn* Suits, nno line of Dress and Working I'anta, Dre«» Coats and Vesta. Grand Army Suits, Confirmation Suits. Heelers, Kill Suits, full lino of uprlng and Winter Overcoats, Ac. Tho abovo pto^k-*s all flcisonablc and made p In tho latf-it faahlnn. Also, on account o! former purchaaBM, Komln- sky. L. K., 11. U. Walnberff, Qreenbaum, Hamburger, Karp, P., and Meyer. MORTGAGE SALE. Paints and Brushes, Wall-Papers, Scaffolds and Ladders. 2 fine Open Wagons. H. OEUiEiia. AirrrrtoNKun. sra.Ls THIS UAV. AT IB..W A. M.. 107J I'UJ/TfM! ST.. nr. .'•'AllATOOA AVIi, n'KI.VN", tlio ontlru sloi'U of nt'ovo, tronslstlng (if A larRe lino nt I'aliils.|.|'apors. Bnulios. nils, Var- itlstics, Dried ColorB, &p., also L'l House nnil Htcp l.tililers, ScaJIolds, HlKns, anil BEAUTIFUL, FIXTURES, comprising showcases, Countcm, OuunLor and I'latform Scnles, large (Jlass ORlce, Slitilviti Tabloa, Tdutt, At. WM. D. WATSON, MORTOAGEB. L,. UEWIJS, AUCTIONEER. By Wooclrow & Lewis, StoTo No. ftl 1'e.irl st., near ll.inovcr S<]iiare, TIII3 DAY. THURSDAY, !• BI1, 10, at 12 o'clock, with In our More. Dy ordar of PJrd tlndorwrltcM. TOD.V.OCO—200 casea Connecticut, l j «nn«y\vnnla and Wisconsin Wrappi'ni, D(ndem ami Plllera, and Hlmmcr'a S[ianlnh and Lltt'-o Dutch, ullglitty damaged at a recent flrc. Particular! In Catalogues, FR:DAY, PBH. 11. at 12 o'clock, within our atare. For account of whom It may concern. TflAS— ICO half chest* mul boxen Formosa, Congo, and Young Hyson Tea*. COPPK13~fioo \HRH and nut» .Mnracalbo, Duca- ranmnKa, Mexican, Ho/rota, Santos anil Java Coffee. Dam a go (I at a recent flro. FartlcularH In CataloRiios. MILLINERY, FURNISHING GOODS. 4. STICKBL, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAY. 11 O'CLOCK. AT 2&0 Central ave,. near Hnnnan St., Brooklyn, ELKOANT LINK OP ABOVE. CONSISTING OF EUO PIKCES BILK AND SATIN niUBONS. SOO TRIMMED HATS AND HONNI3TS •1,000 SHAPES AND UNTRIMMBD HATS. COO YARDS SILK, SATIN AND VELVI3TEEN, Pull lino Plumes, Tips, Blrda and Flowers, 100 DOZ. FAST BLACK AND CASII.MBHB H03E, Silk Caps, .ShlrtH, Drawers, Chemlsos, Aprotls, Underwear. Btisnentleri, Notions, and In fact everything belonging to a first-class store; also 3 Counters, showcases, \vallcaaen, Ac,; also 3 elegant Wax Figures, cost over $100, BY ORDER OF S. II. LEV! & CO.. _ OFFICE, »l EAST 85TH ST.. N. Y. CITY. A— MORRIS WILKINS. AUCTIONEER, E. II. LUDLOW & CO, WILL BULL AT AUCTION, ON THURSDAY. FEB. 10, AT 11 O'CLOCK, AT THE METROPOLITAN RUBBBR CO.'S WORKS, FOOT OF ORAND ST.. EAST RIVEIl, all tho Oftlco Fixtures, Iron Safes, Desks, Stationery, Block Tables, Gun Fixtures, Sewing 'ami tiuuon-holo Machines, Sewing on Button Machines, Dynamo, Electric Watchman'* Clock, Buttons, Thread and Trimmings, Sample Trunks, Cutting Tables, Electrical Appliances, Piping, Steam Traps, Ac., Typewrllers, Shannon File, Fire Hose and Falls, ELEOANT OUTFIT OF A CLUB=IHIOUSE 9 COSTING OVER $2,000. SAM FRIEDMAN, AUCTIONEER , SELLS FRIDAY MORNING, 10.30 O'CLOCK, ftlogant Onlftt of above, consisting of 2BO yards Wilton Carpel, recently purchased from J.' 4 J, Pobuon; olocant Buffot. with Ice-box attachments, costing 1150; Pokor and Checker Tables, 100 Oak Arm' Chairs, 50 Vienna Chairs, Denks, Radiators, Rugs, (Marble-Top Wash Basins, Folding-Chairs, Sideboards, &c. Can be Inspected to-day by 441. plying at auctioneer's office, 851 Bait SSth st., noar 2d qve. L. HALPERN, Auctioneer, BOLLS THIS DAY, U A.' M., at his salesroorns, 51 TJNTVBnStTY PLACE. NEAR 12TH ST.. BOO LOTS OP FINE AND MEDIUM HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting In parl of elegant Parlor, Dining and Chamber Suits, Chlffonlores, Dressers, Jlno Tufted Couches, Wardrobon, Desks, Com. Bookcaus, pier and Mantel Mirrors, Hair Mattresses, Sideboards, Bnamellod Beds, Piano, Lace Curtains; Portieres, CARPETS. CARPETS. SOLD AT » P. M. JUSTUS, COOKE. . AUCTIONEER (EST, 1808). • REGULAR WEEKLY SALE, TO-DAY AND FRIDAY, 10.30 A. M. BACK DAY, ' FINE FURNITURE AND DIUC-A-BIUO. MANY DB3IRABLE PIECES. COOKE'S ROOMS, 1S8TH ST. AND 3D AVE. nUOBIVKB'j8SAI(».^,'B. JVBNDBLL. Auotlone. will sell THIS DAY, at 10 o'cltnk, at loot o South Dlh st,, Brooklyn, B. a; 'borough o .Brooldyn; all lh«: machinery, twu'ana n«tur»B ot Hhe ' Sherman Iron Works,-' ognslatlng 01 Punohos, Drill PrwtoB Vises, aioclts and Dies AnvlU. PpracB, Power Punch and Snefru Ma'ohlne! Sealot, Bloclis and )i|g|lng,,8ht>rtlng'and Pulloyi Boran Iron, W«MM, Horny anil "liarnew, *? ' « MAMNUS BY VIRTUH or tt chattel mortgage i w m Be u la, H«,lp«rn, Auotl»n«or, on WEDNESDA PBB. JfcW. ft 10 o'clpck. li th« WPOB, 134 and 189 Cast 14th it., and 133 Hast isth «t In the borough of M.nh»tt«n" to the Olty. ciunt'y and State of New York, the Orehettr on,' Balooi ' *"""* IfUlures, ware, *«, ohatlel igTrWioriM-JE* ,Vt v '<JVth ta 'Sw ohatlel mort«»8e, »na now la tha prom ies i' mentloMd, BMlb WBLTB, MorttaMe. . ' ' Auction Sales. GROCERIES, NatSonafl Cash Horse, Wagon, Carriage, 2 UPRIOIIT AND COL'.VTEil SIIOWCASK3, IIANRINd AND 8COOP SCALKS, 3 K1NB I'A.VW. COUNTKHtf. HNTRRPRIB1-; COFFKB MILL. IlMlllOX, 1)11. TANK. DK3K. J. I'AI.KKNIIKIIO. ALX'TIONKKIl, SBLLS THIS DAY AT 10.30 A. M., "XV, 3D AVK.. NBA II MIST ST.. FRKNII, CLBAN STUCK OK AIII1VB. IN ALL AUOIJT 2:,» I.OT.-4. Ablngclon Auction Rooms, 49 STH AVE. PAN'L R. KENNEDY. AI.'CTIONEBR, SELI.3 THIS PAY, AT II O'CLOCK, arpe lot of Furnlturo, Orpin, llc.ldlng. Oilcloth, *t'., the content.! of ivvo-well-furnl.^licd flan; alf.i goods from storaico nnil prlv,ilo fsmliloii, onKlntln^ of Parlor onj Illnins-H'nm V'urnltuir Iia En. lleds. Conchea, Wanlrobos, Pier anil M«:r .el MlrrorF, ExtciiHlon Tables, Pw,l;<t. FoliUng- lie,IB, DrcHsors, Kasy Chairs. Rockery, Ac. Upright Piano and Stool. THIS SAM; WORTHY TUB ATTENTION or MUYEHS. CONFECWEllluYT J. R. WENDELL. -Aurllonrer, mllii THIS DAY it 10.30 A. M.. al No. M Ilcl.l ave., ncir way, Ilrooldvn, a Ur«o new Slock of above, con- sfsllng of CO'J Ibn, Camllcti. Mpchanlfal Toys, &c., NEW FIXTURES. cherry Counters, r. Upright and Oval Show -lies. Si-nlcn, Candy Jam, Shelving. Awning, Stoves. (IIKotlu, Chalra. ic. Uy order of Rosen Ktuln Oclker< . . 7 AND 9 (!I!K!;.VU ST.. :oll on PHIDAY, K«l>. II. «t HI u'rlork, 210 placet SPItINO WOOLLKXS. all Kr.Tli-»: at II O'CLOCK, 17 t!A.i::ri WKT UNI.XIH, i:att<in«. Ac.: 1.0-iO CAHTOXst KP.KNfH l''L()\YEItS in,1 Kfatlicri: a II..",0 o'e!a-k. Men's. Hoys' an.] Children's Suit.. anil Pants, alw hlsh-srade Pa:its: «j|,| to sottlo olalm; «|FO Retail rito.-k. MARSHAL'S 8A1.U—Hy virtue of exeeullon. I Kill •ell TO-DAY, al 10 A. M., lot Uraiw and Iron lledntcad*. at To 1st nv<. MAX 1:110.1.4, Marchal. Loans. MONEY TO LOAN, NEW VoniC AND nitOOKLYN. ' . $:i TO JMO. S j'KIl CUNT. 1'EH MONTH, ON HOUSEIIOI.D fURNITURIi, HTOHK FIX- TUBES. STOKAOB IIECEIIT3. MACIIINKHY, Ac., wllliout removal. At Iho following tcrmii: S25. per month, 75c. ; 150, fl.SO; $100, 73; S-00, )6, to persona temporarily embarrassed, wilhoul at- lay. Loans reneweil when ilnc. All buslncu alrlclly ronfliltntlAl nnd under direct supen-lvlori of Uanklng Department. National Loan Association (INCORPORATED), 9O Nassau St.. cor. Fulton St, Cash Loaned on household furniture in tiae or ntorago k ware- reculnts. optu accounu and Insurance pol- Ac. til for 7Cc. ; 130 f, ir Ji.Sd : SlOO tor J3. or ninouijts In fkime proportion; buslnesfl contliU-ntlnl. Loan* ninile .^mn? il.iv, lNHI-;i[ITANt!I-:3 AND MKIACIBS anil loano.l on; ,I)H:I lo^n.s on Inrotncs, rcntn, tatutcs; fthorl-llnio no'.oa for inoilorutu ninitlitH Collnternl Lonn Association (Incorp.). L'O.l nrtinilwny. .M.i!l und Kxpreim Itlilp, MONEY loaned, legal rates, on furniture & other collcuerals ; open evenings. Equitable Loan Ass'n rincqrp.), E.S. Bu 'rowes, Treas.. 1123 Broadway, corner 2Sth,_ropm GO5. L6ANTTiADi3~wIfifi}f~six nouns"; ADVANCES IMMKUIATBI.Y on (virnlttini wlthim rtiniovwl or Ini-onvenlonn;; 4:'5, 75r. ; ?jO, J1.50 JlOi). S3: other amounts proportionality; nrtvut, omre.i; i-oitnilontlnl: e8tah(lB!icd 13SO. tlroolUyn Loan Association, iloom it. Nntlonul City Dank Uulldlnrf, MQ FuUon, near Hoerum place, Brook lyn. II. WoUstur, ' Prexlilent, J. M. KEALY, 176 Broadway Wo loan money nn'lchly on lurniutro In wltliout removal; amount from $lfi up; eosloa terms; confidential; private '; loans niiid ADVANCKS Immeillalely on furnlturo wlthou- rcluoval; {SO, 9I.&0; 9100, S3; other amounlA proportionately; our bonil to State' Ilauklni; partlnont prolocta borrowurn; conflilctitlal. PEO PLE'S LOAN ASSOCIATION, 373 l-'ulton at, Brooklyn; remember. It'a room 49. ,U111UCKLB IIUILDINO, room S3, 373 Pulton «„ nrooXlyn—Klnss County Loan AaAorlatlon (In< corporntod) loans on furnlturo without romovn day ol uppllcallon-, >lui>, 13; Ko, »1.51); Ja, 7io. other amounts proportionately; conudcntlal; private omens. NASSAU LOAN CO. (I.NCOIIPO RATED.) Tract Society Hull lint;. 150 Nassau st., ronm 92S; loans on furniture without removal; towo rates; confidential. A.—A.—SALARY LOANS. Advances procured upon salaries without pub llclty; oojiy payments; prompt allunllon. Iloom 103 Potter Building, 1(5 Nassau, Greater New York Loan Co. (Incorponled), 2CO WEST 12ST1I ST. Loans, on Furnlturo Wllnout Hcmovdl. Loga! Itutea. Conndentlal. American Loan Co., Inoor. Loans on furniture without removal; lon-esl mtoslathe ully. «42 U'way, cor. IStli, room 1, INIIEItlTANCES AND LEGACIES collected In tha llnllud BUlea ami Europe, Money advanced UNTIL CLAIM IS COLLECTED M. lllilNACIl, Notary Public], 534 6th >t. HONEY LOANCD salaried people holding pornm nont poHltlomi with roaponulbtQ concornH, uyiot their own nnmos, without security; easy pay ments. TOLMAN, Ifllh floor, 230 Broadway, BOHHOW In tho cheapest mitruot and of gentlemen; wo comply with thftia rcriUlratiuuus uud lend our money on your furniture without Its re* moval. 3 West Htli at., corner Bth itvo^. rtK,m 37. O A I A PV~ J tONI3Y advanced -on salaries, Of\Lr\l,l I without security; oaey pay- ntn. Ilnom N. Eth floor, 220 llroadwny. S'H UUO '''O LOAN In amounts ot «6 to S100 "" on household furnlturo without re moval. 131 I'-mit IQtlh at., basement bell.' SALARY LOANS-IZS. tM. J7B, »100, *JOO, to., on aftiarleB', conndeutUli oaay terms; open until ' H. 301 West Slut St., bell 1,. IK TO »100 QUICKLY LOANED on salaries, wild out security! easy payments; legal rates, prl il open until ^. Kl W. Ulh »t.. near Clh ave ADVANCES to reliable clerks, salesmen ant bookkeepers; easy terms; strictly confidential MBRUANTILH-TRAplNfi CO., 031 Broadway. MONEY ADVANCED ON SALAHIES. Easy payment!!; confidential. 23 Duann it, room 8. LOANS on furniture without removal; lowet rates. 180 East lOUIl »t., near 3il av«,; opei evenings. MONEY LOANED on furniture, salaries or an) Boourlty; evening! until 7, MRS. TAYLOR, 143 •wmis avo. ' LOAN B on furnlturo without removal; (25, 75c. >50, >l,eo month, &c. 108 West 42il at,, room 1, MONBV LOANED on salaries without security, Itooill 630, 180 Nassau ut.,' Amer. Tract Dlilt. LOANS on furniture, pianos in use or tttaraga , 7Sc.; 150. 11,'liO monthly. 3iJ W. 28th rt. ALL LOANS on furniture made quickly, In, uso o storage. 10 East 14th ut., room 88. MONEY advanced on turnUuro, AETNA. LOA^ ASS'N. room N, 6th floor, 220 Broadway. Railroads. DAtTIMORB ft OHIO, Lsuve New York, t Whitehall Terminal (South Ferry) and foot of Liberty 'street, •Dally. tBxcept Sunday, (Sunder, Chicago, 'MO A, M., »8,00 P. M,, •IH.IB night •13,15 nlgut (4.80 A, M. aporty st. only). .. 1 Olnoltinatl, Bt, Lo,wls, «1.,00 A, M., «B,M P, M Was ilngton. llaltlraore, t7.8B, • "10.00 (Diner) .PltUburV M.80 A,'M., P.'M,, W.OO V. M. •11.80 A. M. (Diner), <2,00 (Diner), ta.ZS (Diner) •4,6s (Diner), 'B.UB, P. M, nnd '13,16 nlglu, ' Nortolk, tU80 A. M. , „ „ " New Orleans, t 3 ,^, <2,00 P, M, (through All trains are Illuminated with plnUob ilglit. omowi 113, 173, <K1. 494, 11,40 Btoidway, 91 13 14th st,, }97 Bowery, N, Y,; 83». 344 Fulton HI. Brooklyn i •Whitehall Terminal? Biggago Qtwckoi Iroro hole! or residence to aeatlnatlon, 'KUOMDIKE; OAKAPIAN PAOITCO RAILWAY. Solid Tralni. finest Ste«mer«, ' Fait Time, Weekly ««l lng« (rom Vancouver and Vlctorlft t WBANOBU JVNBAV, BIWQVA an« DYBA, ' Money 8BV94 by, purohaslng ouintn Umej te JtV.nwl,' . tV. ,- V _ . Wlnnepe»,<jpafl«,- Vnn Dultatq Railroads, .ENTMA'L. '*> a TO ,7@lK;¥BflgtI TOiWR UUHU Direct Line to Niagara Falls. All thrmich trains stnp nt Albany. Utlcn, S) r.i- TralnH leave Cttural Stp.llon, 42d street ,nrl Fourth avenue, ua fnllovvH: 8..10 A. M.—IJiilly. i-m'pt Sunday, tho famous K.Mi'im: STATK i:.\pjti:ss. LIMITKD. Pantost Tr.iln In lhu worlil. Hm IliifTjIu 4.45 P. Al . Niagara Knll» P.U2 P. M.. Toronto S.25 P, M. This train !» Hn'.lUtl lo HH ijcallnK capacity. ConncctH at L'tlca for Adlrondaclt M'mntntnrt nnd Montreal. 1.45 A. M.—PAST JIAII.. Dally—For I'nllBllll'-'ep- sic. Altuiny, I'tfca. SyraruiH-. Iloclieslur, Hut- falo. Niagara Kulln and Clcvlalid. 0.00 A. .M.—NOItTH SHOItK LIMITKD. Dally— 31-hour* train to rhlcno via MlulilRan LVntrnl route. Duo Iluffalo 8.In P. M., Niagara Kall$ 9,30 P. M., Chlcngo 0.00 A. M. Ciirrlra »lt ' aenl drawlnri-rorim cnrrt only. 10.30 A. M.-DAY K.XMIKSH, except Sunilay-For nil Important New York fUnte polnt». 1.00 P. J|._SOIITinVIMTEIlN LIMITKR Dally— For Colnmliui, Cincinnati. Indianapolis and lit. Liuls. Stops at I'uUKhkeapsla. 1.00 P, M.—C1IICAI1O r'l'Kl'lAL. Dally—For Detroit. Cluveland. Toleiln and Chlcaso. Stops at I'oughkecpnln and Srhtncctpdy. 3.30 I'. M.—THOY AND AI.UASY PPHCIAL, ex i-ept Hunday—For (Jnrrlflons, \Veiit Pdlnt, IV"Kh Ueeinle, Albany and Troy. J.OO P. M.—LAKH Hllnltli LIMITKD. Pally—!4- hour train to t'hlcogo via Lake Shore rmil' Duo Cleveland 7.15 A. M., Toleilo 10.01 A. M.. Clileaia 4 P. M. Tills train connneli al fleve- l«nl for ('In-'lnnatl. duo 4.r>:> P. M., a»'l al Toledo for St. T>mln. duo, I'. M.. due Ktuisiia City next ni'ifnlnff. Carries HlecplHR and draw- Ing-rcom cars onlj*. C.I>0 P. M.— WKSTBRS KXI'RKSS. Dally—For Niagara Kalla, Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit. Chi cario. Cincinnati and St. Loul:», 0.15 P. M.— NOKTIIKHN K.XPHKSS. Dally—KOI Troy, I'lftltshuiK, Uurllnnton, Montreal ftliu, fx- ccpi S'.ittinlny nIKhts. Ouawn. 7.5'> P. M. — IIIIPPAI.O al'KCIAL. Dally — For Adirondack Mountain points and Montreal, via A'llroiulitrk Division, and for Iloch;ster. Iluf- falo, Niagara PalK Toronto. B.TO P. M.—SPKCIAL LIMITKD MAIL. Dally— /'.eephiB-tnr p-isbi-'UfiiTn (,nly Inr points on Full llrottk Hallway, via Lyons, for ItocheRtor, Iluf- falo tUovelHUd. IndlAnapolla and St. Lmll*. 15 1'. M.—PACIFIC BXPRKSS. Dully—Kor Syra- cuaj, Ostvegu, Waterliwn, Dudeniburg, llultalo, Nl.ig.ira Falls. Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, and, except Saturdays, for Capo Vincent and tho Au- 12.10"' NICliiT—MIDNIOHT l-:.XPllBSS-The.itr« tr,iln for Chicane, ami principal points on the Now Yorlt Central every nlnht oxccpt Sunday niRhtH. Siitid.-iy nlRltt Chicago slcoiiera leave 9.10 A. M. and 3.28 P. M..—Dally, exoept Sunday, to Pltlsllold, via Harlem Dlvlnlon. 9,20 A. M. Sundays only, to Plttsfleld and tho Ucrkehlro Itllls. vU Harlem Division. "ALL-NIOHT" TRAINS TO YONKER8. "All-night" trains run between 155th si. and points on the Putnam Division as far as Yonksrs. In connection with tho elevated road. The only line running "all-niKh:" trains out of New York. Wagner Palace Curs en all through trains. Tnlni llliimlna'.eil with Plnlsch light Ticket an-J U'agner orHces nt Grand Central Station: 113. 261, 418 Hroadway; 31 Kaftt 14th St., 942 Broadway, 23,* Columbus nvc., 61 Went 12otlt st., 125th st. station and 13Sth st. station, Now York; 333 nnd "20 Kulton st. and 106 llroadway U. D.. Lrooklyn. Telephone "2730 Thirty-eighth street" lor New York Central Cab service. Uaggago check?,! front hotel or resilience by the Wentcott Express Company, JOHN M. TOUCHY. GKOIttiE 11. DANIELS. Ucneral Manager. Gon. P.iMenger Agent. YORK. KK1I. 10T1I. LAST N1Q1IT JK EXlioLMEN'r. The last night of enrolment under the constl- illlon nilnptecl by Iho Committee nf Mlty-tlirej will be Thursday, Feb. "'. '""'" "•«?. ' • »"• " »? '. M.. »i th« f«il..»la- pl»-'«». Thj enwlmcv. vlll lie liken by I'rlaury lil«trl,-t.<. which contain varying numbers of i-ntlfj Elwtion DblflcU. Thv Kli-.-'km lilalrl.!« I'onSalncJ In encli Primary and the enrolling places therefor arc as Political, STATIONS VOmt OF WKST Ttt'KNTY-TIIItlD ST. AND DKSIIIKISSKS AND COKTLANUT ST3. tnJ'Tho R-avliiK time from IJo.ilirossea and Cortlandt Rtreetii Is ten mlnutea later than that given be'.ow for Ywenty-thIM Street Station. 7.50 A. M. PAST MAIL.—Pullman Buffet Parlor Car New York to I'Utr.bnrg. Sleeping Car Puts, burg to Chicago. No cojchcs to PlttHburg. 8.50 A. M. PAST LINK.—PlltshurK nnd Cleveland. 9.50 A. M. PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED.—Pullman Compartment Sleeping. Dining, Smoking ami Observation Cars. For Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. I.outs. 1.10 I'. M. CIIICAUO AND ST. LOUIS EXPRESS, —For Niishvlllo (via Cincinnati!, ClilciBO. 3t. 1-ouis. 5.50 p. M WB3TERN EXPRESS.—For Cleveland, Chicago. For Toledo, except Sunday, 7.40 P. M. SOUTIIWBSTEUN EXPRESS. — For Plttslmrs, ctnclnnnll, Inillanapolli), S:.' Louis. 7.10 p. M. PACIFIC EXPRESS.—For Plltsburg and Chicago. Connects for Cleveland, except Saturday. ' S.'M P. M. MAU. AND EXPRESS.—Pullman But- let Sleeping Car New York to Altoonn, East Liberty, Plttsburg and points West, dally, ex copt Smulay, No coaches. WASHINGTON AND TUB SOUTH. 7.50, 8.20, ».:0, .0.60 (Dining Carl, lu.EO A. M., 12.50, 1.50 (3.20 "Congressional Llm.") all Parlor and Dining Cars). 4.20 (Dining Car). 4.5(1 raining Car). S.60 P. SI., 12.05 night. Sunday , n.-'O, 9.SO. 10.50 A. M. (3.20, "Congroiulonal Llm." nil Parlor nnd Dining Cars). 4.20 (Dining Car). 4.CO (Dining Car). 8.50 p. M., 12.0.1 night. SOUTHERN RAILWAY. — "Florida Limited," 11.50 A. M. wort.dan; Express, 4.20 P. M., 12.05 night dally. ATLANTIC COAST LINE. — "Florida Special, 1 J2.SO P. M. wcok days; Express, A, II. nnd 8.-0 P. II. dally. CHKSAPHAKF. & OHIO IIA1LWAY.-4.50 P. M. dally. FOR OLD POINT COMFORT AND NORFOLK — 7.50 A. M. wcok ilnys nnd 7.40 P. M. dally. ATLANTIC CITY.—1.80 P. M. week daya (Des- broBHca am) CortlauiU sis., 1.40 P, M.). Through Buffet Parlor Car and Combined Coach. CAPF. MAY.—1.20 P. M. wcok doyu (Donbrossos and Cortlandt sin., 1.40 P. II,), Long Branch, Aabury Park (Interlnken, SunilnyB). Ocean Urovo nnd Point Pleasant (from We»t Twonty-thlnl Street Station), 8.60, 11.50 A. M., 3.20. 4.50, 11.10 P. H, Sumlny.l, 0.20 A. M., 4.50 P. M. (from DesbrosBes and CorMandt sin \. 9.10 A. M., 12.10. 3.40, 6.10, 11,SO P. M. Sun <lay«, 8.45 A. M., 6.15 P. M. , • FOtl PHILADELPHIA. 6.10, 7.20, 7.EO. H.50, S.M. 0.20 19.50 Pennn. Limited). 0.50 (Dining Car). 10.50, 11.K) A. M.. 12.60, 1.50 2.EO, 3.60, 4.20, 4.20 (Dining Car), 4.50 (Dining Car), G.50 (Dining; Car), 7,40, o.M P. M., 12.05 night. Sundays, 0.10, 7,fiO S "0 8.GO, 0.20, 9.50 (Limited), 9..W, A. II., l.BO (Dining Car). 3.80, 4.20. (Dining Car), 4.60 (Din- Ins Cur), C.BO (Dining Car), 7.40, 8,50 P. M. 12.05 night. Ticket oracon: No«. 461, 014, 1196. 132U, 111 nnil 201 Broadway; 1 Astor House; West Twonly-thlr.l Htroct Slnllon und stations foot of DoshrftittiH nnd Cortlandt sis.; 4 Court street, 860 Pulton ntrent, S3 Droanwny and Brooklyn Annex 8ta- lion, Brooklyn ] Station,-Jersey, city. Tho Now Yorlt Transfer Company will co.ll for anil chock baggage from hotels nnd roaldoncoa through to destination. . , -- Tolephono "1374 Eighteenth street" for Pennsy) vanla Railroad Cab Service. - - , J. B. HUTCH1NBON, J. It. WOOD, ' General Manager. General Fasa'r Agent. LEHIGH VALLEY SYSTEM. stalloiu foot of West 23d st. (Pcnn. HH.), Cortlandt and Deabroaacs stu. •Indlcatoa time from Went 23d it. Otlior Agurm show time frpm Cortlondt or Dcabrossea at. •0.10, 0.30 A. M. dally (Sunday >0.45. 7 A. M.) for IIAUOH CHUNK anil Intermediate sUUoiu. •7.50, 8,15 A. M. ilolly lor W1LKKSBAHRE, SORANTON (week «ay»), EI.MIKA (week days), 1THA.OA; OEKBVA, ROCHF.STEn, BUPPAtO, NIAOAltA FALLS end the Wot, and principal local points; Dining Car and Chair Car to Uuftalo, •11.6Q. 12.00 noon, dally, except Sunday, "BLACK DIAMOND KXPKESS, 1 ' Arrives Buffalo 9.56 P. H. Pullman Vbatlbul Day CottohPa »nd parlor Cara. I>lnlng-Car Scrvlol. Mtali a la carte. Connoow at Uuftalo with through aleopar to Detroit ami Chlcaso, •13,20, 12.40 P, M, dully, CXoont SUnflay,' lor MAUUH CHUNK and Intimncillato points. 1J.BO, P. M.', Bund»y» only, (or BASTON, MAUoit CHUNK ana the coal branchon. •1.20, 1.40 P. M.. "tally, enecpt Sunday, for •WIUCRSBAnttE, PITTSTC-N. 80KANT6N and Drlnelpal liuermodlito ttattani. Connecta for al Mlnta In coal .««i«m. cnalr Car tor Wllkoslnrro, •360, 4.10 P. M. dally, except Sunday, for WILKBSBAnBB, PITTSTON, SCBANTON and prlnolpal Interroedlato stations. Connects (or all poInU In coal ronlons. Pii)lmon lluffot Parlor Cnr •«Il«{I''"?lo r *P J M. daily, except Sunday, for MAUOU OHUNK and Intermediate stations. OI>Hr car to Uethlehe-ivi. • < . ' "liM, «.« r. M., Sundays only, (or EASTON and Intermndlnto 0tatlon0. •3 56 8.10 P, M. dally, oicoopt Sunday, (or BAS. TON and principal Intermediate stations., ^8.60,-7.00 P. n, dally for OWfMJO,;- NIAQ ABA ?AW» and all ; points , \Vosi, : Pullmnn Sloooer Vostlbulo Train N°w York to Chicago, llMPOTi to nuKala tnd Toronto, " •7.40, 8,00 P. M. dally, except Sunday, stopping only St SOUTH PliAINFlBLD, BASTQN,, BBrtl" LEH1BM, MAUOH OSUNK, L. ft D. JI/NOTIMJ. 8AYRB QIS.VPVA, ROOIIBSTBI1, 13ATAVIA nVFJ-Alo «nd tonpNTO. Pullman si.op.r lor Sultalo. Nono but «loep!ng.o»r rxuioniiors c>r. -l»(ir No ba»«»«» oarrVed., •SBO, 9.00 P. M. Sully tor WILKBSnARRU, ITHAOA, OBNEVA', ROOHpfftBR, BVOTALO NIAOARA. FALLS sad nil point* W«i|, Pullman 'AddJUonal local trains dully, «nept Sunday, (orQOU.Np BROOK and, Intvrmudlals points letvi a»i"iiws: •S.JO.WHO.WJO.BJ.10,20, 10,3 A. M, (Sunday! only), '«,20,'8.30, '(.up, 6,10 gnu >a,!0 e.JO'P, M, Tickets ond Pullman acooromodntloni at 119. Ml, AaTHf. »« and'isw a t wtvp n u B' j4t» •t, IN B.-«»th •<.,•»» Bowery. NeV York! «no Fulton it,, 4 Court (t,, H Broadway nnd. Brooklyn > • ... n. m.inlj for Klc-tl'in Illrlrli-t. F111ST A.^U.VillLY D1ST111CT. in Primary lilmrli-t (I»t to 6!h K. P.), .No. 200 '.umliern »l. tvfK,u flloro): 2,1 Prim. Dial. (7th to IJtli l: 11 ) No H M;;irh it. (t'-irlier Hhop). SWONP ASSEMULV IllSTIHCT. One I'rlm. Plat. (,'oiniirlslnK entlro Awembly !.itr!c;> N". f'.l New Cliam.ierii Kt. (barber -hop). •rilllll) AM1EMI1LY DISTIHCT. 1st I'rlm. Dlsl. lint to 10th B. D.). No. 19» Prln,-e st. charter >!io;>): 2d Prim. Mst. (llth to "'M K I' 1 No. I'M lllce,-ker »t. (barber shop). Ifrt'llTll ASSSMHLY DISTItlCT. One Prim. lil«t. (i.imprlilng the entire Assem- v Pl.Ntrl,-'! No 1" liotiverneur *t. (cluti). FIFTH ASSEMBLY UlSTHIUT. 1st Prim. put. II,.: ti> IStll E. P.), No. 156 West 10th st. ( Btnr..); 2il Prlra. Plsl. (Idlh to 20tB K. P.). No S3 C,th avc. (clK'ar nturel; ::d Prim. IV.3'.. l.'ls: to ;itli B. P.). 11-13 Wavcrlcy piaca, SIXTH ASSEMBLY DISTlllCT. 1st Prim. Pl.«t. (in f 10th E. P.). No. 2tt (Iniml S'. (lianementl; 2.1 Prim. Dt«l. tlltn l>> I7lh !•:. P.), No. n Spring fit. (room upstairs); 3d rr::n. Di»l. cl-lll I-. 2J'.ll K. P.), No. SO East Houston nt. (..tore). SEVENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. 1st I'rlm. Pl*l. (Hi lc' till E. P.). No. 543 Hudson Bt, li-lnnr Ktorcl; 2d I'rlm. Dlst. (3th lo lOtt i: P.I, Nt>. 67 Sth wvc. lolj:ar more); 3d I'rlm. Dl?;. mill t.i Kiili E. P.). No. KI sth nve. (cigar «lorel; 4th 1'rim. IHst. (17lh lo 2MU E. P.). No. l,-,3 Stll nv.\ l.'Igar finrc). EIUHTII ASSEMBLY DISTIHCT. One Prim. Dipt. (.-omprlHlng i-ntlro Asrembly Phrrli-u. N,I. 271 llran.1 M. (Tho. F. Ituhlo Ilo- pulillt-an I'liibl. NINTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. One Prim. lliv,t. (i-.>mprl8lng the enllre A5sem- My PlntrMl, No. 292 Sth ,ive. TKXTH ASSEMIU.Y I -1st Prim. PNt. (In to 5th E. P.), No. 93 ESSPX fit. Im.'fUnK r,"im upstair?); 2d Prim. !)!.»[. (illh t,i ISth E. P.I. No. .'2 1st avo. (barbor nliopi; ;;d I'tim. Until l<, Jltli E. D.), No. '.M In «v,i. ih.irber sh,m). EI.EV!:STII ASSEMBLY PI3TIHCT. Isl Prim. Plsv. llsl l» I0!h K. P.), No. 263 ;t2d KI. tl'iittcr ami CKR store); 2d Prim. Plst. lin:i to 2lsl P.. PJ, So. 2',J West Sltb. t. (undcrMIicr'K 8th)pl T»'K:,pril Aj.-IE.MHLY DISTRICT. Ono I'rhn. I lift, (romrrislnj the enllro Assem- ly lllntrl.-t). No. 4JS <lrnn,l st. (c.ilhl. TlllRTEBNTH ASSEMULV DISTRICT. Is: Prim. Dlst list. 21. ;M, ISlli E. D.). No. ,45 Kith i>vc. M K :ir Mure); 2,1 Prim. Dlst. (16th. 7lh, ISth, 13th 1C. P.). Nn. 503 West 45th R:. candy ctorc); ltd Prim. !Hp',. (4lh. 6th. 12th. 3th, Kill E. D.I. No. 434 West 40th «. (carpet itorc); Ith Prim. Dlst. ttuli, 7t!i, Mh, 9th, lotlt, ,llh B. U.), No. 625 Sth avc. (.-lub). ForitTEENTJI ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Dial, list to ll'th E. P.). No. 1CI Avo. A (barber Bhopt; 2d I'rlm. Plat. (13lh l<t 24th G. P.I, So. :rtl Kast idth ht. Onnndry). FIFTEENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. Ono Prim Plst. iwmnrtslng enllre Assembly District). No. 31S West 4*iti at (.»hoc store). SIXTEENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. On* Prim. Dlst. (comprising cntlro Aeacmblr District). No. t!0 Ave. C u-lt,ar fltorc). SKS'ENTBHSTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. One Prim. Plst. (comprising entlro Assembly DlHtrlc!), No. IH7 Mn i\ve. ulgar »iore>. EHIHTEENTII ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Dial. (Int. 2d, 3d. l:uh. 14th, IMh. 17th. IStll, 19th E. P.). No. H5 Eaat 17th tl. (tailor Hhop); 2d Prim. Dlsl.' (4lh In 12th, 10th, 20lh to 2;ld E. P.), Na 291 1st ave. (bird slore). NINETEENTH AS3EMULY DISTRICT. 1st 1'rlr.l. Dim. (1st lo Slh E. P.). No. 9J Amsteiilam ave. (rlgar store); 2d Prim. Dlst. (10th, llth, UUi. lllh. 16lh K. D.), No. 145 Amncrdam nvo (clgnr more): 3d Prim. Dlsl. (9th. 13th E. DJ, No. fi.'i Duulevard, \Vost (clgur nlnre); 'Itll I'rlm. Dlsl. (17tb. ISth. 19th B. I).), No. 172 Amsterdam « v e. (tullor shop); 5th Prim. Plat. (20th. 2lst, 22d, 2::d E. p.), NE, corner 72il st. iinrl Columbus ave. (roal-tst.ilu olilce); 6tll- Prim. Plst. C(th, '25th. 2(iih. 27th E. D.), No. 30S lloulevard. West lofllro tif director); "til Prim. Dlst. (2!vth. 29lh, SUth. ;IU" E. D.). N\V. corner S2d »t. an,l Ujtilcv.ird. Weal (vacant 'tore); »ih Prim. Dlst. (32,1, 33d. 34th, 3ith K. P.). NE. earner Slth st. und lloulevanl. West ' TWENTIETH ASSE.MI1LY DISTRICT. One Prim. put. (romprlrliig cntlro Asscmblf District!. No. 2JV East 3^1 Ml. (lull). > TWENTY-FIRST ASSBMULY DISTRICT. tut I'rlm. PUt. (Isl. 2<l. M, llh, 5th 13. P.), No. 60r, Coimnhu* ave. (barber shop); 2d Prim. Dlst. ifitli, 7th. Dili, lOlh. llth E. P.), No. 674 Columbus nvc. (real-caulo otlU-e); 3d Prim. Dlst. (Sth, 12th E. D.). No. 700 Amsterdam avo. (nn- milniery Wore), 111! Prim. Dim. (13111, 14th, 15th. 10th, mil. ISth E. II.), No. 59 West 98th al. (New Amstterdiim Republican Club); 5th Prim. Dlsl. (20th. Slsl. 22.1, 23d. 2llh. 25th. 26th E. D.), No. 35 Manhattan ,ive., SW. corner IQ'M »t. (real- estate olncc); fiih Prim. Plat. (19th. 29th E. P.), No. 820 Wuatera' Uou'.uvard (bicycle atoro); 7th. Prim. Plst. I27thv !«li, •aitn,--3Ml »!' E. D.), No. SS9 Columbus ave.- (li-.irtier oliop); Sth Prim. DIM. ('.list. 4M E, D.). No. MO Amsterdam nve. (tailor ulore); 9th I'rlm. Plst. (34th, ,15th. 3i!th H. P.), No. S51 West 114th »t. (Tlio Monlerey); 10th Prim. Dim. (:l7th, ;ESth, 33ih, 4flth. -IUt E. D.), No. 21G3 Sth avo. (Leroy cigar stove). TWENTY-ST. XJNP AriSE.MHLV DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Dlst. (1st to 7th E. P.), No.'60S 34 •i.; M Prim. Plat. (Sth to l!th E. I).). No. .115 Eaat 45th st. (club); 3d Prim. Dlst. (Uth, luth, 2dth to Oil K. P.). No. SO!) 3d avo.; 4th Prim. Dlst. (16th to 19th E. P.), No. SU9 lat uvc. TWENTY-TlllllD ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Plst. (1st to ICth E. P.). No. 55 uvrejK'o st.'(vacant houae); 2d Prim. Pint. (IKh, to 19Ul. Hist E. P.). No. lOli Wiut 131th ut. ((alley more); 3d Prim. Plat. (22J, 2,1J, 21th. 27th E. D.), No. 405 Weal 145th st. (tailor store); 4th I'rlm. Dlst. (20th, 25th E, D,), No. 1662 Amsler- ilam avo. (upholstery shop); 5th Prim. Dial. (26th, ZSih, 29th, Mill, 31st E. p.), NK. earner Amslcr- dain ave, and 13Slh Bt. (real-eatato omcc); tilh f'rlm. Plat. (32d, S3d. Slth, 35th B. D.), No. 2103 Amsterdam uvo. TWENTY-FOURTH ASSEMIILY DISTRICT. lut 'Prim, Plat, (lat to Sth R- P.), No. 10<).s 21 ave. (vontoHlonory store); 2d Prim. Dlst. (9th to 14th E. P.). No. 213 Kuat Mill at. (Hhoo store); 3d Prim. DIM. (lath lo '22il B. D.), No. 110S 2d ave. TWHNTY-FIFTII ASSEMULY DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Dlsl. (Isl. 2(1, 3d, Itsli, 10th, 17th, 24th, 2,'ith E. p.). No. 37 East llllh at, (need store); 2.1 Prim. Dial. (4th, 6:h, nih, 13th, 14th, 15th, 22d, 23d E, D.). No. 1177 Uroadway (noto ohange); M Pvl:n. but. nth, Sth, 9th. iu;li, llth, 12th, 19th, 20th, 21t;t E. D.), No. 152 Mudl- TWENTY-3IXTII ASSEMIILY DISTRICT. Ono Prim. Dint, (comprising cnilra AsAcmbly District). No. 1225 3d ave. (Ivy Cluo). TWENTY-SEVENTH ASSE.M'HLY DISTRICT. l»t Prim. Dl3t, Hit, 13th, 14th'E. p.). No. 131S llroadway (plnntDcra* BupplloE); 2d Prim. Plst. (2d, lain E. P.). No. 101 fith avei (club roam); M Prim. Dlst. (3d, 4Ih, llth E. P.). No. i:,j« Broadway (roal-eutalu o(ucy); 4lh Pr'.m. IllM. (5th. 9th, 10th E. P.),-No. 714 7th avo. .(vacant store); 5lh Prim. Plat. (Oth. 7th. Sth B. D.). No. 239 West 50th HI. (oluco); lith Prim.'Dlsl. (I5tli, loth E. D.), No. -I0y Sth nvc. (llorlBt'u): 7lh Prim. Dint. (Hill K. D.), No. -08 West 48d st. (uhoe. maker shop, basement); Stb I'rlm. Dlst. (18th E. D.), Windsor Halo!; (Ith Prim. Dlst. (Mill 13. p.), No. 851 tilh uvo. (tailor store); 10th Prim. Dlst. (20th E. -O.), No. S9li Otli uvi, Ulorlifs); lllh Prim. • Dlst. '(21st' E. D.), : No. 388 Park nvo, (moat markol); 12lh Prlra. Rl«t. ,(22d,.23d E. p.), No. 395 Park nvo. (tailor store),' inch .Prim, Dlsl. (24IU.R P.), .'Murray Hill Hotel; J4th Prlra, Dial, 2SIU K. C.), Murray',11111 Hotel, TWENTY-I'IIOIITH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.. Ono Prim. Dlst. (oomprlBlng oiitlro" Assombly District), No. 1379 3d avo. (cigar store), i TWENTY-NINTH ASSEMULY DISTRICT, 1st Prim, Dlst. (1st, 2(1, 3d, 4th, Sth U, D.), No. 1017 6th avo. (Plaza Republican Club); 2d IMm. Dlsl, (Sth, 1th. 8th, Oth E. D.),"No.' 671'Mudlion avo. (llorlEt's); 3d I'rlm. Dlst.- (lOlh. nth,- ISlh, 13th E. P.), No, 03H Parlt avo. (drug store); 4th Prim, Dlst. (14th, IBtli, 16th, 17th IS. D,), No, 809 Park avo. (bleyolo shop); Sth Prim. Olst. (istli, 19th, 20tll. 21st, 22d E. D.). No. 083 Park. u.vo! (plumber); OMi Prim. Dlst. (23cl, S4th, Mth, !0th, 2Jth, 28th 13.. D.), No. 1125 Park avo, (barter sliop), v- , , TIHRTIETH ASBBIIDLT DISTRICT, One Prim. ,Ulst. (comprising, entlro Auemtil/ Dlulrlct), No. W6'l im. uvo., car, SUlh st., Iteaif ,. TIHR.T.Y-FIRST.ASSEMDUY DISTRICT. 1st Prim. Dlst. (1st, 2d, 3d, 4thT till, 'Sth, 7th, Sth, lOlli E. P.), No. 1719 MadfBon are, (cigar Btoro)! 3tV Prim. Dlst. (lllh, lilli, 13th, 14th, 16th, 20th, ; .31st E. D,), NO. 16 Uast 185th st! (undortaUor »toro)i aa Prim.'Dlst. (Oth, loth, 17th. ISth, lllth, 24th E. D.), No. 2040 7th are. (ciga store); 4th Prim. Dial.,.(2Sd, 2!tl, S.Sth, 86th, lUh, 28th, 20th, 30th, 31»t, 32d E. D.) ( J>'9. 433 Lonoi nve, (drug store). THIRTY-SECOND ASSBMDUY, DISTRICT, 1st Prim. Dlst, (1st, ad, .3d, 4tli, Dth, oth B. D,), No. 1703 M ave. Iclgur storo); 2d Prim, Dlst, (oth, 7th, lith, 13Ui, 14th, 15th, leth, 223, 23d. !4Ul, Mlh, Mill, 27111.13. D.), No, 1090 lax, Ingion avo. i 3d Prim, Dlst. (10th, llth, mh, 17th, ISth, Will. 20th,, '.'!« E. D.), Nq. 203 Umt WlUi at. (undortaker's uloro). THIRTY-THHtD ASSEMIILY DISTRICT, Ono Prim, Dlot; (eomprlilng onllro A»«oml)ly Dlitrlot), NO, 177S Lo*ln»tqn avo. (olgar store],' . ASSEMBLY D1BTIUOT. 1st Prim. Dlst, (1st to 10th H. D.), No, 201 p»Bt l!IWi ot. (v»«»>it stare) I 24 V'rlm, cut. ISOth to 33Ui a U.), Mo. 3illO 3d iiMi (olKar Btoro). THirtTY.FIPTH ASSEMHLY DISTWOT. Jit Prim, Dlst. (1st, M, Dd, 4Ui. .gth, »13th, V"t.!, U,'MnV." P, t. («lY"'7.?. U - 8 , TO irpri^hi^'v"' 1 *-- D;) -'- NA - !i!i9 " •" 0(7 E««t Slit, 82d and Brl m. .Mffir'MtsTin. is,) pieotwwd»«. wui • "r ol ITWt it. (vaoant.nWro)) Oth Prim, DUt, (IN. ' "x T i atth a«th flTil, in n^ w n mo! twi.,.'i--t_..' A^I U ! *A*\

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