The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 2
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! S I P»*e 1) i fees «p, motor sehjelws. We reduction WQUld btconw tffecthe January l! 1838 '' Th«»Barney senile bill, designed i to jower the Central property tnx rate, ""passed without a dissenting vot? It passed th« s«rwt« Peljru- ary K' , ' Th^ U&rney bill provides that If Uie IS 'per cent of s»les tix monies appropiiated (or Iree textbook^ and home?l«id exemption; exceed? the $850,000 c»U»ctton pro- \idedito th« bill, a third Of the surplus Ehill b« pUced in the jen- eral "property tax reduction fund. The -present property tax rate is 87 rnlHs M v The house yesterday passed M B 446 by'Cra»ford of Mississippi couniv to appropriate' $5,000 to pay expense? of n suit to determine ,the trjie boundary between Arkansas and Tennessee, ; -County Eiaminer*' BUI Tliy Chouse committee on education "occupied rnost pf 11$ meeting list night addjng amendments to S B. 334 by Colemau, pro\ldmg for full-time county examiner to assist 'wlth^ distribution of tret textbooju ' The am«n.dnientE adopted provide; c 1 That tfie ' county examiner contifiue to be 'elected by the teachers of the county, .rsther than' at the (general tlecticfl, and that present -examiners hold of' '~ce Ufltll July 1,^1938 3 That Barents' or guardians h? -alUwpd to -purchase textbooks at the contract- retail, price^'lf they EO desire. * -, 3 That Uie, first, sentence of Sectipn 1 be -stricken put,, This fenteTxe ln\esled all duties now fflllinp'.to the county board in the county, examiner. 4 Tb|t, the annual ^laty ol t)ie county examiner be fixed accordr ing to the following' scale 1 Coun- taes pfjess t than 20,000 population. $1,200,' 20,000 to 30,QOO, J $1^00; 35,000 to 50,000, $1,800,, al»ve 60," 000, $2,400. ' •' ' ) | 5 That $6$0 be ta(te» from the unapporlloned county s fibd and placed in th,c county . examiner's fundVOf,,thls amount? $800 Is to bo applied on (hs examiner'? sal- arj, the rest, to be ' furnished by the "style,- and $55 Is to go foi ex,, •. , Coinp«»atton 'ABWnimCTt Beaten The 5 E«nate rejected and returned tp/ the, -house, ,yes£e«J»yUf Joint re:o!utioni;bj RepresentatiTO Mike of Sebastian 1 county, ^propoelng a constitutional * amendment 'to pei- mit passage of a workmen's compensation lay , Tb» , vote on ' lh> resolution wnsf'lS to 1«. Senator Armstrong of Fort Smi^i! called the j«6olut!on up foi passage and -spoke in itt, behalf opposing views »ere expressed by Senators Coleman. Kajors an< others in extendefl 'debate. A hearing on hoUae ibhl No. 480 by Representatives Coffell am Blair, -which, seeks to provide a workmen's compensation act, i scheduled, tonight before the house labor «HBmittee at Hotel Marlon Among the house bills passe by the senate yesterday H'B 310 by Crawford of Mlsslssipp county to govern the foreclosur of liens by munic!pa\ improvemen districts. • Manila Society — Personal Mr,'and Mr* Jo? Chapln &per the iffekend in Portia, Ark, visit ing Mrs Ch»pm'a parents, Mr and Mrs J M W*Hing Mr. and Mrs Gratcn Galh tvrlght of Little Rock, Ark, a here to attend the fuperal of Mi M P, Gathwnght, vho died Mon day a} tho Baptist hospital i Memphis - - %',a.nd Mrs Lon Mat the? transacted- business in Man! Tuesdav. They recently purchase- the Manila News Stand Burnis Fox of this city .is sp.w Ing tht? ,.»ee!c , vultiruj in. Lilt Rock- i" ' f-zi * i Among these who attended th Methodist 'irieeUng in Jonesbo M6hd»V were i Mrs L E Moblc Mrs,,Bud'Ashabranher, Mrs Leo Baker, Mrs. Jack Tiplon, Mrs l M Fleeman, Mi-s~ Thelmer Rigg Key, and Mrs J.-,M Harrison •J? L - KWg left today for Mem phis ,to visit Ms Mfo, -who w operated on recently at the Ba< list hospital She is reported ' te Improving. ncome Tax Exemption Only $1,000 If You Have No Family Ms is tte flr»l of a terlts of • short 1 dttusstons of the deduc- l<ms Out tatf be made by the vtraft taxpayer In makiiij oat ,tj federal Income U* return. , NEA Service On March 15, jour federal Income x return is dye, The 'government oeslit <*ant > oil to evade any tax-, due, but lt''«i)rits"you'''(o 'take dvantage of all'legal deductions, n-1 not pay too much, either. \Vhat wants is a correct return^ The matter of Income tux dcduc- oris causes perhaps more mlsun- irstandlng than any other phase the complex lax return. So here r« a fe» tips, prepared from In- rnal - Revenue commission data, mi may help you out as you slrug- c over the'• long blank. SINGLE OK MARRIED? First as to personal exemption: you're single, you get $1000 pcr- iai exemption. Remember )row it int such purchases • could. not ; be empted from vlie saiej tax ana prevent tho Red. Cross from wing to pay the tax from funds ntrifauted for flood relief by tlzehs of Arkansas find other atcs, an agreement, was. reached ia,t the tax would be paid frpm .at portion pf.the;governor's c»n- gency. fund" set nslde to pay'for ood •, relief -activities of the na- onal guard Demonstration Club News Notes used to be $1£OD? Well, it's $jboo tow, and don't miss! If you're married, and living with your husband or wife, you get a $2500 exemption. If you're livorced, you're single for Income ax purposes, no matter how much allinpny you're paying. If you're not married, tut actually ore the head of a family, you may claim the same exempr ,lon Umt applies to the married, ??500. -. • J\>r Instance, suppose your aged mother lives, wllh .you and Is sup- [Xjrted by you, then you are. for :a'x purposes the head of a family, and get the $2500 exemption,. Or suppose you're a widower,, sup- p&rling- In your iiome a dependent child under 18—again you arc the head of n family with $250 exemption. OTHER EXEMPTIONS If you have children or other depttiilcnts. you may add $400' exemption for each of them. They needn't he living with you, but you must be actually supporting them. AH children under 18 are regarded as dcpsiHxints. Not regarded hs dependents are childern or any other dependent over 18, unless he or she is Incno'iile of '">' support because mentally or; ph'y> slcally defective. The fact timi » yearr'oldi Junior hasn't yet connected with ,'a job doesn't mean a Wb exemption for you if he.'Is able to \VEbNfesbAV, MARCH This Store Sold More 4-11 Club. Group captains were appointed t a meeting of the siraelte 4-U lub Monday, attended by ll'mcm- >ers A progrnm v,*s presented on hlch Mildred Weathers, BurtcJ) Veatliers. Mel vis Ellis, Harel Lutes nd Clarjce Mlckle appeared Small Fires ^Yesterday Considerable excitement but Hl- le damage was caused lute jester-- aj Afternoon when gasoline overr. owed the fuel tank o! n lunch ounter stove while being poured y'& nesro porter and was ignited t the Pastime billiard parlor, 207 Vest Main s(rect , Earlier In the day firemen wore aljed to 113 West Ke-tucKy when Bt»|!s fire threatened, to damage' garage The property is "owned iy P c Douglas , ' L Mgnday_ altcrndbn npmo\imately 175 damage \\tts caused when arl\ 7 ilesjstored in a ^ood hou^e at the home of Ups, M. E. Lowers', 217 !ast Kentuckj, became ignited. Jausc of the me was unknown. ' Mr*. Rosa Pasley Dies Mrs, Rosa Pasley, 42, died at: 5 I'clock yesterday morning at her h,ome, 638 South ,take street. She- lad been in ill health for more hanla : nionlh. Mrs Pasley is survived by n -laughter, Mrs Bcsslo i Herbert ' Pyneral services isere held this morning at 10 o'clock at Manilji ind Interment \\as made In Manila cemeterj'. The Moss Pvmeral Service was In charge of funornl sir- ranecments. Mid-Week Service The Mid-W«ck service at the First Chilstian church tonight »ill bp a pible study and recrca [Ion program, beginning at 7 30 o'clock The Rev. Carroll Cloyd pastor, has extended an invlta- tion to all members and the general public . , ...Tills credit for dependents hanitf oh nctual -financial support*' If little Junior Is more than half sup- ported'by n IriiSt'fund left fpr.'lil.'i jcneflt by Aunt HtUUe, you gst n' MOB exemption on junior. MarHe- taxpayers or heads of families get of;'course,' both the $2500 persons' exemption tmd the $400 for trirt 1 dependent actually' supported by Ui'em. . •':•'.' -'..-' if .you'acquired dependents dur !hg t til's year, or were married, 01 aecame head of a faintly, you ge' part of the exemptions, in proper- ( Lion to the length of time—half a ! year, half the exemption, and, so,on. NEXT: The income .tax aspect «f "Bets ard Bad Debtc.":.' WAKE UP YOUR LIVErBltE- tfce M«rBiB| Rtrio' (• Ct /.' Th« liver fhould pour cut t^o .'.'Idutd bila fnib your bbw«!i 4*lh, If thft -{B nolflowj n f f retly, youy f ocu) do«in't dtjf«i t. .It juit JPC»>-B in the bowflB- QM blo*t* up yoq r , i lomn>i. 'V^u »et : cohillMttd • ^ wliob Byil«mia poisoned and you f nl >unk*nd (he world look* punk: ,, .v';;; 1 -' Ijiutiv?* »V« ' only m^Veahtf I*. A m«r« bowel jn^v^mentd^wn't celftt thec*u*f- It Uku tJicie "tjood; old Carler'ft Ull]« Liver Fillaloget theso ^wo pounds cif bile ftowin» t retly and m»k* you feel "up »nd up -. H»nn- k»R, ir«ntle, yet ftmu^ivs In tr*+>y..\**1r.r{*T>cr'i Mter * / , acme Blubbornly rcfuM ^ny^ 0 * **M- ^ HAHNft I FUNERAL HOME J.A beautiful and sympathetic |»| - service .: at moderate cost. X Ambulance !•! Service 'J Hi N, 1st Drs, Wert & Wert OPTOMETK1STS Qrer' Joe Isaacs' store "WK; MAKE 'EM SEE" . Phone HO ...YOU GET IT State to Pay Sales Tax an Red "Crw, Purchases conferencesj ahd. correspondence with, chalnhen of tounty Red Cn»s chaplmxarid Iwiiness men in the ^Ml^rn '"Arkansas flood area, Governor Bailiy, announced ves- • t«dw tw 'had authorized the state 'nilltyry' department to pay the $tatc s41c^ J tax on purchases made By the Red Cross for relief of<fl<>9d 'refugees' _, ugder, thrifty, .it I'vas foU nd Oil Service Center ''Phones^ ^- 810 IN A CMC TRUCK • If you operole a modern business, you want a modern truck. Thof means a GMC1 In every copacily range from 'A to 12 tons —standard and "cab-over-engine". m'odeli^GMC't are slreamsryled lo the modern pace of progressive business. Cqmo and see for yourself whot CMC slreamslvling is— tgdayl Quality, al prices lower than average. GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS £ TRAILERS LINOLEUM PRODUCTS "'' • ' ' ''•"' . '•• •' ••' ' '"-'••' •' • ''••'"' - ' ' than! Any Other Dealer In the State During 1936 SUCH POPULARITY IS JUSTIFIED . BY: QUALITY ~ PRICE- SERVICE .--*-•**• co ™ OPPORTUNITY FOR MAN WITH LIFE INSURANCE EXPERIENCE to build a Dishicl Agency for a company with ovcv §100,000,000 in assets, and over §420,000,000 in force. Wiite participating and non-participating, accident AM health and jwcnile insurance.^Commission proposition Interested only in those with good record that can finance themselves. Possibilities .limited to .your, ability. .Give expeiience. Write'.Courier News, 'Box No. "B." * - A Beautiful Room Begins With the Floor . . . Let ARMSTRONG Linoleum Add to the Beauty of Your Home For a Complete Line of Armstrong's Linoleum See dHAS. S. LEMONS HOME FURNISHINGS MODERATELY PRICED

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