The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1932
Page 2
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PAOt TWO BLVTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COUfcffifc SoddyCoknda TImrsitjr The fiho Alpha chapter of Sigma Epsilon Alpha meeting at Hotel Noble at 7:30 o'clock. -Mrs: H. A. Smllh having Mld- Weck Bridge club. Women of the Church of Christ meeting with Mrs. E. M. Huffman. Executive board of Lange P. T. A. meeting at 3;30 p.m. U. D. C. meeting wish Mrs. J. D, Bartedale. Frttoj Fellowship sup]»r at First Melh- odist church at fi:30 p. M; Dorcas : Sunday school class of First Baptist church meeting with Mrs. T. R. Shepherd on Franklin at 7:30 P. M. American Legion Auxiliary meel- - ing with Mrs. Nelll Reed with Mrs. R. P. Paddtson also hostess. Enltrtalns Club Mrs. Doyle Henderson was hostess to the Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon when (he only guest was Mrs. W. P. Veazey jr., formerly a, member of the club who now lives in Coldwalor, Miss. An electric popcorn popper was . award rd Mrs. .Crawford Greeno for • hi|h score.- ' . The hostess served a marshmal- Jow salad "with Ice box ,cooklcs, •waffle potatoes, olives and coffee. • * • Plans Made Plans for the next Monday night meeting were made by members of the Business and Professional Women's club Monday night ' in a meeting at the Goff hold. 11 was also decided to sponsor n turkey contest lor Thanksgiving. The third lesson on the study of "International Relations" will be . Riven next week when "Immigration" will he the gcnornl theme. At that, time Mrs. W. T. Oberst will also have nn educational program in connection with 'the spe- .cial study. - J ..Methodists to Have ' -• '", A Fellowship S'()j»r ", - , . - All numbers oi the First Methodist church are asked lo attend the Fellowship supper In the so• cial room of the church Friday school v;;rc eligible lo vote 'with lhe result (hat Roosevelt received l and Hoover 21 votes. Club Guests of ., r>. W. Leon Smith when she entertained ths Tuesday Contract club this \vcok were' Mci- mer, W. J. Wumlerllch. Farnsworth Black, .H. inghmi and Raymond Curlin. Large vases of pink roses were i:sed to decorate the living room which also had an open fira for attractiveness. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims won a wall what-not for Ihe club . prize and guest honors, a set cf china ash trays, went to Mrs. Hlghnil. A clieese satad was served wltii -wect picklci. wnfers and coffee. • * e Royal Neighbors 1'lan Entrrtainmcnt. At n meeting of the local Neighbors chapter last evening, nl the home of Mrs. J, D. Foster, plans were made for a Thanks- jivlnsr ]iai;ty tu be held Novcmta- 22. it is to be field at (lie home of Mrs. Fannie Alexander. Flnmiisan-Htinics. •The nxiirrlniic of Miss Edith nnd Ncal Flannlgan, both '- occurred here Satur...!>•. justice Oscar Alexander nor- crmcd the ceremony. . Miss Myrllc Slayton and Virgil Cagle, both of Monette, were united i In marriage Saturday by .the Ec-v. I,, w. SlnfTord. Metcair-Frlcnu. .Miss Loir, Friend, of Donlphnn, , Mo., anci Clyde Meicnlf, cf Lencli- vllb, Ark., were married here Saturday. "The Rev. J. liullortl Cnld- well performed the ceremony. • • » Fniilt- Glover. . Th'e marriage of Miss Beatrice Glover, of Oosiicll, and William Jackson Pi-ultt, of Armorcl, occurred here Saturday. Tne Rev. L. W. EtiJTord performed the '.rites.' asked to bring sandwiches. There will be' a brief Informal program and other entertainment. This will mark the beginning of the new church year nnd the fourth year . with the Rev. p. Q. Rorie as pastor. t . Wcmcn of First M. E. Chwch Continue Prayers ,The second of a series of three si«cial prayer services by the woman's missionary society .for foreign and home missions was held at the First Methodist church Tuesday afternoon. There was nn all day meeting Monday and llw last service is nn afternoon one today. 1 Mrs. J. R. Steadman, as leader, was atsisted by Mrs. Irn Gray In a program concerning lhe McDonnel French /mission school st Houma, La. There were 30 present. Mrs. O.' W. Cocliran is,in' charge of. today's, program. tcagne Plans. Banquet The annual -Armistice -Day banquet given by.'the.Epw.brth T-cajuc of the Manila Methodist church will t,i given at.the Manila Methodist church' Friday evening, 'II o'clock. Two hundred are expected to attend... ; . . The .Rev:.Paul Galloway, pastor oi the Joiner church, will be lonst- ma'.tcr. for tb.^ program which will include -"40 minutes of mystery." Cecil Shane, local attorney, is lo be the-principal "speaker. • * » , School Votes. Students of Miss Moiita HIIC.IICJ' room sponsored a national clec- •tion yesterday as a means ol learning the proper methods cl voting. All pupils in junior high g'-Lottie" ynughn and Carl Huffman, were Saturday, The ceremony '-was. read by'-the Rev. J. .O. Vance!-. Se-jfhard-Lcwii. The ninrrlagc of I . ' ^^ Lewis and John W. Southard, both of GOSUEH, ou-m-rcd m this city Monday, read Die Jusilu- E. D. sci'vics Walker linnvey-IIodgo. Mlfs Edn:l " C(i S e n "<l Eugene Hanvcy, Dotn of lilylhfvllle, were mnnJcd Hev. J. Ijcrc .Saturday by liutford Caldwcll. the ninnfon-liiillrr. The marriage! of Miss Nancy Butler, rf C.irullirrsvi)lc, Mo., nnd Cecil Ulanton, of Osccola, look place Sunday. The. Rev. T. j. Smith performed the service. =^Bits oj Neics Mostly Persona! Crook of Los Angeles, Ca!., were in Memphis Tuesday. M;s. W. M. Crow spent yesterday at Armorel as guests of Mr. and Mrs. .Sidney WJIliams. Mr. and Mrs. w. C. Wall motored to Memphis Tuesday. Mrs. Rives Allen spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. Boh Barnes, Misses Marie Harnish, Poarl and Jewel Lto spent yesterday and last night ih Memphis. Miss LaVergnc Hood was in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. Hubert Potter Is ill at liar home on Holly street. Mrs. D. p. Brooks is leaving thh afternoon for her home in Belzonl, Miss., after a brief stay with her brothers, Harry and Elton Klrby, and their families. The Rev. and Mrs. George W. Pylcs, of Fort Smith aie gue.s!s uf Mrs. A. M. Butt and fiimily J for !>. few dnys. The Rev. Mr. Pylcs, who Is pastor of the Dod- £0n Methodist churcn al Fort Smllh, was relumed to his con-i eregatlon al the recent conference. Mrs. L. M. Bitrncltc-, who has Ijcsn in Memphis for several days treatment al the Baptist hospital, is now home nnd able lo fe up, Mrs. C. W. Cmrlgmi and daughter, Gay, have returned from Memphis where) lhe baby was under lhe care of n specialist for several days. She Is no-/ better. • Miss Eva CCO'KC, of Luxcm, Is the KUcst of her sisters, Mrs. Luxora Society—Personal L. P. Nicholson of Tyronza visited lils sister, Mrs. Howard Bow- 1 en. Ihls week. Misses ." Maxjne ami Dorothy Brown a'ttended the Kappa Alpha Phi dance at the Hotel Noble lii Blythcvlllc Friday nigJ-.t. ''. Misses Madeline anil Mildred Majors, Bess Thwealt ani Mrs. Pol-'j son of JOnesborb spent lhe i'eek-/ end with relatives In Luxora. ' Mrs. V. E. Rush will .sp^nd the winter at Qurdon, Ark., with her daughter,.Mrs. S. E. Sirnonson. Gainings Is the owner of the new electric gin at Luxora. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmle Csgle, who have been making their hom« in Luxora for n moiHh,''ar3 inovlii'/ t--' Rldgley, Tenn., for the winter. Mr. eagle Is with tlic U. s. government fleet. Or. J. J. Richards of Kissim»e, Fla., who bean visiting his daughters, Mrs. Will Wood of this city and Mrs. Walter Duncan of ca- rulliersville, Mo., will leave Suji- day for Klsslniee to spend the v;in- tcr. Lone Oak News Rev. W. W. Walters iillcd his appointment here Sunday, Everyone is invited to help work en lhe church Thursday. Dinner will b« served by the ladies of the community. , C. M. Carroll of Rosedale, Miss., visited his niece, Mrs. Willie Powell ami his sister, Mrs. J. E. Lobley of BIylhevillc-. School will start here Monday. Little Annie Elizabeth .nnd Betty Joy Powell grandparents iveck. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 0, 1930 Menace of Germs to Human Life Definitely' Established HV DR. MORRIS FISIIIIEIN Editor, Journal if lli e American Medical and of mate how much money he would have by beginning with a penny and doubling his fortune every hour . ... ._^_ ean realise how rapidly germs mul- About fifty years have passed liyjy. if a Bomi divided and made tincc it was first shown that-tv.o new ones every hour it would. At^ocUlion, (he IleaUli at the end of n day, have sixteen and a naif million . descendants. Doctors identify lliai cause disease lhe In germs actually cause disease. In tin? intervening periods hundreds of germs have teen identified definitely as associated with Ilic causes of certain of the diseases lhat attack human beings. In 1880 the germ associated with typhoid was isolated. Since that lime such important diseases as tuberculosis, diphtheria, glanders, pneumonia, cholera, lock- jav;, undulant fever, meningitis,! eroscope. The germs arc germs various dysentery, plague, syphilis, whcop- 1113 ccugh, yonorrliea, leprosy and many other specific infecllons have been definitely relalcd to invasions of the human body by certain ways. First they take some of the material from the infected saliva or from the discharges or from die blood of the person who is infected. They examine this under a mi- Eccn as clearing up of the patient lives. (| !C are visaing their at Blythcvlllc tills Sunday school is 'held every Sunday at 10 o'clock. The Baptist Vounj People's Training Course meets pvcry Sunday : might nt J. Wunderllcli and Mrs. clarence I Mrs. Sue Brown and father. John Vnllmcr. nnd their families. Mrs. E. M. Brynn nnd daughter. Miss .Ellen, spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. and Mis. Mrs. w. T. Bar- lictt nnd Miss Noll Harris were In Memphis yesterday. B. Driver, and Grover Driver shopped In Memphis Wednesday. Mr. and-Mrs. R. T. Segravcs of Florenden plantation were in Lux-, era on business Tuc.'dav. Mrs. J. M: Nickelson of St. Louis, who has be;n visiting her daugh- , ., , ., in the city yesterday as guest ol i o'ay for visit Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ward. He | P. Nickelson for a fow Blll Byrd, of Kennett, Mo., washer, Mrs., Howard Bowen, left Sun- her son, .L. clays. She will then go lo Glehdale, MUs., for the winter. • •": Mrs. E. R. Bogau and Mrs. C. B. Wood shopped in Memphis Tues- cnme over especially for the Bly- Ihevllle-Kemiett football game. ., Mrs. J. Graham Sudbury jr., was in Memphis yeslerday. Doyle •Henderson Is Attending ,to day.« business In Cnrulhcrsvlllc' today. . Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Veazey jr., formerly of here and now of Cold- of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and~MrsT \ynler,. Miss., were hero- yesterday. \ Joe Dean. Miss .Elizabeth Spann spent lasl Thursdn 'yat. v T}'ronza as the guest f\ r . 1,/irQIIYlh ottrl i,,1l»lo.M|. i llrl V1l-c Mrs. 'Mrs. W. D..Clmmblln jr.,-Mrs. Bernard Gooch, Mrs. Horace T. Mrs. O. W. McCutchen arid John Wheeler of Memphis vlsitccl in Luxora'Saturday evening. ' <£ Mr. and Mrs. Royeston Gainings laUHL iWjjj ,^s.a, iV*-gt . Doirn VMrs. *i Gulp's guest, Mrs. Darrol j visited^ in Lepanto SnrMay. . Mr ALMO stands out AT THE FJRST SNEEZE OH YOU* HAMOKERCHIEF AMD PILLOW IT'S NEW Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 24 .50 as a great OVERCOAT VALUE Mart, Sdwl't'ner & Marx have taken the jfinc luiir oi' llie alpaca and combined il with (lie hair of the kid angora to make a silky warm overcoat fabric thai ean'lbe surpassed at lhe price $ 24 .50 In Oxford grey or Dusk blue or in any oi the 5 new shade* of brown; in doubiobreasled coals, Raglan, or belled sl.yle.s -il's here lo save money I'or yon and keep yon well dressed through several winters NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. Hospital Notes Admitted lo the Blythevillc hospllal: Mrs. S. M. Hood, city; Franfc Abbott, . Decrlng, Mo.; Mrs. Pass Johnson, CamlhersvIIle, Mo.; J. C. Sargent, city; J. c. Howard, city. LactjG.A,?,, Post Membbr Makes final Record Eritry CLEVELAND (UP) — J. J. Mc- A!il!a:>, 87-year-old commander 'oJ Commodore Perry Post of . .the G. A, R., opened tlie records' ol the post at Its : headquarters— hts home— here 1 recently. He thumbed slowly and thouglit- ,'ully through the book until he :ni:is to the Irist entry. Theh.:lie wrote: ' . . . , ••commander McMillan In the chair. Motion made and carried :!ut resolutions of sympathy bo fcnvnrded Jo tlic family of Philip Probeck, deceased member. germs. Few people really know whal a germ looks like or how it invades little round dots, or as rod-shaped organisms, or even as long, slender filaments wnen they are grealiy magnified under the inicrosco]K. Like human beings, lhe germs tend lo live preferably in certain forms, sometimes tua together,, so'inc- — - llmcs a gi'oup of many, sometimes the human body. Germs are H>!a chain. nnall that it lakes three hundred Some germs are surrounded By billions of an average germ to capsules, usually a sort of fatty «-ni*l, » ,.„„„,! ..P.,,, - envelope (hat enables the eerrn to I resist attacks in the- body or in lhe bloal of the animal il invades. Other germs have little tails like fins wnich. enable them lo move about. There are still people foolish enough lo talk iibcut the germ theory. Germs are no more a llkory than-are plants, birds and other living things that I've and reproduce. The power of mogt germ. r i to cause disease can be tested on animals. When the germs are injected into animals they pro When the-typhoid germ gets into the human body it produc-s ulcers in the intestines and germs are found in the ulcers. When lhe mcnliiijozcccus gets en to Hi; linings of the spinal cord and "brain it sets up an inflammation ol these linings, which arc called mcimigc-s and then lhe person has iiKniii- eiils, which means nn inflauir.ia-• tion of lhe nieningcs. Wl;::i u'r spinal fluid is examined the germs caii be found In the fluid, After all, these U'.sls. which> de\elope<l by lhe gieat Ucbc-i-t Keen, constitute . Hie acid tests lor determining with certainty tlm any germ is ussoeialed with tin; production of a certain disease. If the Germ can be found in ihe infected tissues, if tlic germ can be artificially grown outside the human bady, if tlic <x?im can then be injected into an animal li!:e lhe monkey and produce in thai animal a condition like that in the human being from whom the germ was originally taken, it h Uie cause cf thai particular disrate. Anybody with a reasoning minrt will 02 willing (o grant thai the germ actually causes the diseas-j. a j.-ound. ' Tney multiply rapidly under favorable conditions. One germ can produce two new ones In iwenty minules. Anyone who has Iricd to estl- Red Cross Will Get Proceeds of Armistice Dance An Arpistice day dance at the city hnll, with all proceeds to go to the Red Cross relief fund, has been announced for \Frlday night by J. A. Waterman, chairman of the Red Cross roll call committee. ~ — " c " 8 " 85 '" the the animal which sire specific fov lhe germs concerned. A pneumoccccus in lhe lung of ti The . Mlssourians, 'a well .known! n;flrl produces pneumonia jvitn orchestra,'will' furnish the music,' fil ' st a consolidation .of the lung under an agreement lhat insures l llu e 'o invasion by red blood cells that 40...per cent of,the gross rc-l ail<1 ether material and laler a ceipls iwill go lo Ihe Red Cross, softening The .city is giving the use ,of the auditorium. Admission will bs only SI per couple, and sponsors of the affair are looking for an attendance sufficient to net $75 for the Red Cross. .. ,' - Courier News want. Ads P»y. CARD OF THANKS Wo wish to thank our many friends for the many iloral offerings and sympathy shown us in the loss of our dearly beloved am now the last surviving mem- | son and brother. :er-"6f - this post .(Signed) J. J.' McMillan.'.'---. of this mass • and a Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stolling And Family., 1 Never Gargle for Sore Throat "Now, T just take a swallow of Thoxine, and in 15 minutes all the soreness is gone. -It sure is wonderful—and the children like It. too." Tiio.tine, a safe, pleasant-tc-take prescription is guaranteed to quickly relisve sore throat,- coughs and colds,—not a gargle. : Your money back if not satisfied.'- 35c. -Klrby Bros. Drug Co. and all cither goxi : drug stores.—Adv. : 3. • •'-'••'.'. BAKING POWDER The Popular New ' "Swirl" (P9 rn PERMANENT <pO,t)y Fully Guaranteed •-. ELAINE BEAUTY SHOI' Phone A3 • . for a weel^s Ironing costs less ar*an IGE GREAM SODA It-costs very little to use an electric iron. A ten cent ice cream soda costs more than the electricity needed to iron a week's washing. And it is easier to iron with an electric iron than any other way. The iron is always hot and there is no walking back and forth to the stove. Most electric conveniences are the" . to operate.and easy to use. Electricity to make toast at the table for seven morninss costs only a dime. Electricity to sweep the floors for a week costs about ten cents. Thirteen hours' breeze from on electric fan costs less than ten cents. Ten cents a day is the average daily light bill of all our residential.custom- ers. This is [ess than the average family spends daily for soft drinks, candy, or '""\ for tfie movies. Usually trie ; e!ectric' billjs the smallest item-in the mpnthly Household expenses. • • • • ' Behind the electric outlets in your home lives your perpetual servant... electricity... a servant who works for d pittance... who never asks for a'raise or a day off ...who is never sick or late to work ...whose wases grow less as the hours srow lonser. Let this modern servant do all 'it can in your dome. Electricity will do the housework more easily, more Quickly, and for less money than you ian do it by hand. ELECTRICITY IS THE CHEAPEST THING YOU BUY j Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. ** . i ' • . - CONSTANTLY -RENDERING COURTEOUS 1 ' SERVICE.

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