The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1934
Page 6
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u pAGE."Sl.t BLY?HJWn,LE .(ARf{.) COURIER State Title The starting and varsity eleven 1C e»«ics- phiyed and fc Pictured above. From leit to right it SATURDAY, DECESfRRR ~ - : - — — — - , RRR i 10::U State Championship ~.... ..n~~~- — - - * — - — - -------- * Hoi Spi ings' Claim Disputed; Blylhevillc Has Record oMO Wins The Blythsvllle high school Chlckasaws with a season's record of 10 victories and no defeats have 'not only on 'undisputed northeast Arkansas title but n strong claim to the mythical state championship as well, many supporters of the Mnrooii «nd white stoutly pro claim. Hot Springs, by virtue of Its 14 lo 0 triumph over Pine Bluff Thanksgiving day, lias bsen awarded the best claim to ihe state title by football-enthusiasts In the central and western part of the slate despite the fact that the Trojans bowed lo Camden. Supporters Of the chicks' claims point out that despite impressive Hot Springs triumphs over strong teams the Trojans failed to go through their season with an unblemished rceqrd and have, at the most, no better claim to the state title than the Chlckasaws. While no elforl has been made to bring the Chicks and Trojans together In a so-called "tllle game" It Is possible that a formal challenge to the Hot Springs team may be.Issued m behalf of the Chtcka- saws. It is no secret (hat the members of the undefeated Chick squad would like the chance to face ihc Trojans, say on neutral territory at Pine Bluff, Little Hock or Joncs- boro or possibly even in Hot Springs as for that matter. No official .statement has been forthcoming from school officials, however, and what •attitude would be taken toward such a game, oven in the event it could be played,' Is Jiot known. In winning 10 consecutive games to become v,hal. Is said to be the first team in the history of Blythe- Mlle high to turn the trick, the Chicks hnie scored 29-1 points to « for ttielr opoonenls. The locals have presented three serious candidates for mythical all- state selections hi Tlpton, end, Pur- • tie, center, and .\fosley, quarterback Hardly any distance behind in a bid for mythical honors is Lind sey, a guard whose sensational play has stood out all season. It is'veri possible that one of the quartet mentioned may be selected on one or more all-slate selections. "" undefeated. record ne coach, cnptnin, trainer, cenei-nl (Jennie ,i.«,.i^ \ * v. director and right Halfback,™ SH^rtfe o»n l knocked together r, team and pre- today L "in TO U« P,r«i ta meet ,1* invasion of the Army. on u!c ofher VS. ,, lreol . On that melB8rDblc occasion 1 , X#. ^Un'VhfS' 1 Army worn down to glorious dc- lar military terns - ID flEIFtt — 11 *— »• •.•» • • w ^ w _ j •••,,.„ uuMii w, fcivi pun,-, tio jj)p iujjiiary terms whli-h rrilfl Tnnillf V^ ^c^^ of 24-0, Inil the Navy the edge right away for the ' II Hi ""'p 1 "'* Ss'V'tK^uS taT biew " ielr ° ma " l "» ' or """a. ! LUU I UUfl 1 »- »m» Part of Iho ,,„„„„, ,„.,. n «,,, „ gr(m(| ^ Umi ^ (Service Squads Take Warfare That Has ! mered Since 1890 uv JISIMIK IIOXAIIUK | NUA Service Siwrts Writer Cattle of Franklin Field, expected to i)!) Die most torrid of the current gridiron campaign, is to he played today. Army has nnllinber- cd its big teld nieces. Navy ''is tnnrchim; up from the waterfront B w ,,d :1 Moslpy, rinarlerback; (line) uick Tlplcn, rli'b Undscy, left gimrc, Olyndcr nader, left la Osne lilackwcll, left end. B]yth(ivl]l3 Eddie Sallba, fullba Lunsford, right an school Chlcknsuws llnsll Locke, halfback; ; J. W. Pnrllc, center; '"-"viniiB up nun] uic svaieriront ^""J "'"> citim beJilixJ a barrage hurled by war- '""owing clieer: ships anil dcstrnycrs straining at' """"y B r «! their anchor chains. j ! 'Whut Is this? „,«„ "The Navy Is no,, liuie while ( ..- -.'cr the: line i another touchdown," t Hit's the way ihn hoys fought. ' Navy was highly Inspired by the I a " li Wlle " Clnckasaw ("loach Winning Plays oi: 1934 anchor Led by Cnpt. Joe 3(anccTk, J "tm>Army's tactical' maneuvers , ,»niiji.-> maneuvers ,„ , u , , be .based around the big eitn , , e days lhe old «..-, . ... ° c""l , tnt*]r .,.,,(; ,1,- r«,.«..:*.. "We are rooiing 'Tor Annapolis!" I Mi???' Karn( ' ( l S5 Bounty MACON. Mo. (UPJ-joi,,, wor- '"*, farmer, collected S5 uountv mi ;« wolf hide without firing "V nt Hie animal. A Duroc Jersr-v smv Carney Graham l.asllc Much of. thd success of the 1934 rMf^,,~«"r"°^,' "*-"° la of thc p lllckllsaws is attributed to ;thcir uuckasaws is all (he more remark- head coach, Carney Grahntr flOlC fVSCTnilcn ftf thn p.moll .......•*,! n._. lln ml... i • _. . more remark- coac, Carney Oraham i rir I, 11 •Webecau se of the small squad that Ue. who turned out an undefeated ' n , , "^ B " 1 °"" ;I " S Head Coach Carney Laslle (Ala . team in his first season liere Laslie " nl l>Criotl of ils B"nie wit £?»!.»> <l i'!?i AM ' S| ' m ' Coacl > •'.'*'«" ivi ? s " liemOcr.of 'the famous 1930 I Micll ' ea " stl "c with the later rmB S ° te lm ' tlon ' . S ° te) lmveh!ltl - from „ Ollin „_ . " l y ers ii-'ien. the «>«„,, opened and at no time after the -_ „.. tlu ,,i uu . illlr( . r ulc ^UUIVIL-nHfl j. u, \vniLworti PI hi r^" ^^..^^^..•»« '—"- ^»e was head fr 5 ^ ase ave more than a half.dozen capable re?™ cs , 4T he ability ot the former ---—., of Alabama freshman The'signing of uistie mentor to keep his players in top ' ' ' ' physical condition and nurse his meager squari along w il], us few injuries as possible is crediled wilh contribiitlng more than any other one factor to the Chlckasaws' success this jear. • • The 1934 record follows- BIsthevllle, 39; osceoh b Blythevllle, 85; Earle, 0 ' Blythevllle, 21; 'Forrest city, 13. Bjthevllle, 25; .shawnec 7 B Stheville, 46; Piggolt, 12. By hevuie, 20; jonesboro, 7. ' Bytheville, 20; Wilson, G. Blythevllle, 25; Paragould, 0. Mile, VMessIck (Memphis) The Black Mark in Some of thc boys who played I [ootbili "way back when" and wore the .Maroon and White of Blyth-ville high in 1924 have been advising (hat claims of the 1934 Chicl-a Blytlieville-Messick Game Statistics 7 'I ' '« u ^ First Downs Passes Attempted 15 Pass;s Completed 3 Yards end from Passes 39 p a;3 =s intercepted ] ^ y> No ' punU; "Parker)- 17 Yds Ond from Ptmts 5 ,,r erage I >3r Plln ' ' Wley> <p «to> 32 rdage Gained from Rushing No Fumbles ° Fumbles Recovered on Penalties Individual Records, Blythevllle No. Yds. Tipton Mosley Saliba Yds. Ave. 1 18 U , , Gnd. Lost oaln 0.00 2.90 2.40 Craig 69 33 12 G 0 0 n o G G .00 46 126 Individual Records " ' Blythevllle No. Yards ' Tlpton 2 12 7 JM 15 Jack Buckler, while Navy win counter-attack with a mipfity to- C vlow ""J' 11 ' 1 '^ ab out the game., hal weapon personified In Buz? -^ wcrc CadeLs Prlnc < ! "nd Den- Dick L" S lchie ' With U)es « L™ as u "- k boys were none too polite about i stepping over bodies in front of Domes, on whom capt. Burns counts to bring his Mid-,'' •-lies through. same. Possibly no oilier titular slnigslc In the country is of the Port Your Helm' singe here today. . ,. ,, . H all started back in Iffflo, when t based on nautical term's. .-•--: ---- --• ""v., i the innfnbraecs" meant a dash .. having Had reports'via, car- through Army's center 4S ji'ler pigeon and pony express IhatJEnl;)" indicated an end run and ihe vales and the Harvards were 1 "Wear ship" directed the attack playing a. game called football,'lo the other end » g cd ite arch-rival lo a con-j ^^^ ^ jlu( ^ Army had heard even icss of Ihc guine,- iLs carrier pigeons having 'slopped en route lo feast on puffed wheat. But knowledge or no, the game faddy-bucks from West Point took up (he glove. Michie Was Whole Team j Only a couple of men at Army i nucleus, Michie serving as head FARMERS BANK £ TRUSt CO. INSURANCE DEFT. Now Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor makes of rehnlft TTMwrH-rs, Md ta< Machine and Calculate. , c Repairing 1 —Parts—Rlhbons UV ART KKEN7, EA Service Sports Artist incuse gained. la Important, s In its 05-yard touchdown c/rh-e hi (lie owning moments or with ral . s ^' tlon of . »"= Alabnn,!, Crimson ^"gramed above. The' - ---i with two former Blytheville high school stars Jess icrdt.and J. B, Whitworth, p.s Ills Bluff took no'tlcc. unbeaten nnrt untied teams in this contest. The score was 10 -lo 0 The ball went to Vnnnle'-Alb'an- c, in the No. 3 position. Albane faked a' buck, and slipped the pigskin to Henry Merz,' the inside back, who latcraled lo Louis Gin- tcr, lire tailback, ' as /the latter lloated to the right. 'The right. guard took out the defensive loft halfback, the left guard the safety man. ,' This lateral also worked against! Brown, nnd coach Vic Hanson yet understand why his doesn'i qunrterback did not call it wicn Syracuse tlirice wns'deep in Colgate territory. The Maroon and While repelled Hie Orange 13-2. . nmn coach nt the University of Alabama before coming here this full ' Claiming Slate Honors Here is his story-in'nart-' "Blythevllle high school football champions of Hie slate! "How does that listgn •D t> "» LJUJIIU illitlls^U LIlU -,TI —. —.^. advent of ir "New DsnV in hloh . , ow (loi!s "'at. listen to you school nthletlcs here gi ! ,fnns? Well that is not an idle boast •'—— : : : -i^ 1 ' ""y mt »'« for the Lincoln Lads On The Outside-• Looking In By "DUKE" »„- Sh^u^e'noi:;^ s <r^ --«' ave no- »g to gain (ui,i everything to lose by playing Blythevllle. '••FiirUiermorc Coach : Williamson s quoted as saying, 'El dorado Ls trying to arrange a post-season game with Haynesville, Ui, f or December 13 but that under no con- , pear on Monday night's mal program at the armory here, taking on rigor Moore, th , e Miami, pin., grnn- Chancy and Moore will meet in the feature match on the canl two out, of three 1alls. over the two I hour time limit Mr.™,, ^ oil city eleven his challenge | nearly n week ago but to date no -wiiml has issued' from the'tomb. ! i hey received thc wire alright, no i intake. Why-they do nol extend Loach Lincoln tne courtesy ot a rc- . J either yen or nay is n mystery Of course if, after due challenging" " Mll^i ''"I" Blytheville con- "* school a better claim to! inei™.,i ••"""• "•>•• "'juisniie con- inevillc nig iirni claims of the 1934 Chici.-a-1,,; . ls a " )lnvlll « Delved no sat- El Dor saws as the first 'undefeated learn! ISIi>cll °" i» lime for n post-season' in the historv of II.« --'- • ,Ran)p. Rivihft,inin n ... — _.r_' .. questionable. They recall Uiat thc 1924 team, -* " wtvwvi UUII1I IU Elate honors than El Dorado, mid Is claiming the slate championship on the strength of El Dorado's re- lusal throughout Ihe season lo give Blythcvillc a game. Blytheville tn:d (o gel a game wilh El Dorarto before Thanksgiving, II is said, and El Dorado has refused lo give Bl\n H n — '^"nocu 10 give «iy- thevillc a chnnce to climhmt^ hpr r>i I--!*.— ,1- i . iiii»iiin, i m, ,, coached by Ben Lincoln, and boast The leltermen of the 1924 team points lo their opponents 53 which lined up with Coach Ben Lincol Caruthcrsvllle that year, a black mark on nn otherwise fine record. While no doubt Ihc "24 team felt :lial It was amply justified In leaving the field ot Caruthersvtlle that day (and as thc writer recalls Ihere was reason aplenty) it was enough lo upset any claim ot an undefeated season. James Holly was covering high school sports for the Blythcviljc Daily Courier back in those days and here Is his account j n part „( Ihe Carulhcrsville episode: "Blylhevillc high school team and supporters returned home last night after having forfeited the gam« to Canithersvllle by a score of i to o The forfeit was ihe result of poor officiating. The game was forfeited m the beginning of the second half ,n n f»J- C consccul!ve «mw "M ball was 30 2,10 Men away from Blythevllle. The >«"•— reasons for thc forfeit are too numerous to mention. 'Nicholas (who old time fans will proclaln «?d the Pi ne JJiytiieville 7 Covington Blyllievillo 34. Wilson 13 forfeit. am! Carulhersville . Blytheville 0. Paragould G. By hevillc 12. New Nfadrid 7. , m >'t'lievine 20, Memphis S. s. high hurled El Dorado Heroes Clull l P| M r^ °1 lll ° cluill <="8e t El Dorado by the 192* c eam reached Pine B.ull (hoof f" 5 5l!>tcM championship teams) wJ aVe , l , lle Chicks considerable otnm Pr i S "« c wlK! » *he Pi,, e Bluff ommercial on December 8 ]9U said of ih c controversy ' Coach Horace Williams O f HIP El Dorado high school has refused „.,,,.„ up that day unless some were missing, readina from the "shortest lo the lallcsr «,, ' - eu Willis, Johns, Elliott. Kooncc, Surt tmu' J%I ?, UCOT "' Wright, McSfanoy ' and Grimes. In the preliminary Eddie L-KIM ™l Floyd Gin! Byrd meet in auvo °"t oUhree fall, one hour time ][,„.! Botti have worked here ^ match .1. A.. Leech Wins Thanksgiving Day Blind Bogey Event I 0»t-.' ^V'BIV.hPvM!'''' 1 b ° gey (-10 oj Ulylhevule rounl er s over the club cna , ' r " Cti '" a " et Score , the number drawn as the bo- Bey, and also scored one of his be?! medal scores of the fall. O. o, Hubbard finished second his net score being 79 Richard H. nctnsma. new c | ub Pro, said that In spile of hide ment weather a large number of golfers participated in lhc event ...?' 1C f ocond rou "tl of Hie anmi , «. ourluimcnt "ow underway nvst close on Sunday, Mr. Rei Lon Chancy \vT7T Meet Tiger Moore Here Monday Nig! „ ... to arrange lo play their matches not Inter than Sundav Mixed, foursomes with men'and bM high game h, Pinc Dh|fl D game with WRESTLING ARMORY, MONDAY NtTE f.ON CHANfiY ~ Out of 3 rail Out of 3 Fan's, vs. TIGER MOOR1 Hour l.imii Hour Limit I3YKD See One Card And You'll Never Miss Another! The Search for VALUES The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a paying basis. That's "development work/' He carries on in the hope that soon he will come'to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at the moment. But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak for him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. The advertisements carried in this newspaper arc helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's likely that you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await your choosing in' the advertisements in this issue.

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