The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1948 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 17
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TUESDAY, APRIL «, 1948 OUT OUR ByJ.R WiUiom, Our Bonding House with ¥ V (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CO WITH MO PUD6 WfTH A PAIR O 1 THEM MOUMTAIM CftNS HOLD HIS DAILV r^fS -SAPC, 3JLY INiTAKeOOWrtTORve ft- V« ^-*JULV BALES OF H W/"~- _>> ^'- ' < WORD.' X —-TVi, £ <v-iS*l L../ i PROMISE;? TH 1 VDU'f? TAKE HIM IMTO BURRO CAN1OJ.' WHERE HEAMT.'X AGREE P6R- FECTLY/ ->^Ls<s^f. . IS KATTLlhJG VilTCUEM By lone Sandbcrg Shriber SHR1BER. BV NEA SCRVICC. INC PACK SEVEMTlgiff. Air Forces Sergeant Singlehandedly Flies Bomber on AWOZ. ' MINNEAPOLIS, April 6. <UP»_ he bi K question In the Air Forces yaS h ° W n " d W 'V S B<- Mnl- rom HI , u McCratly ' 30 ' singlchnnd- rdly took a B-25 bomber on an un- juthorbed flight from Dayton, a, to Owatonna, Minn The question was especially Interesting because McCrady never *>" *** P |lo t training. He's been > night engineer most of the seven Tears h, has been in the Air Forces „„ .'i?? < had two th «<»tes. One *" . tn . at , McCrady ls a frustrated P.ilot at Jieart who yearned to take * Pianos Wide selection of models and prices on our floor all the time Piano Tuning And repair by an expert. Call us for service that satisfies Music Instruments A complete line of music instruments and supplies. From a pick to a bass violin Recordings Let us make permanent records of your voice and music. • Radio Repair • Sheet Music • Radios - Records BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Phnoe 811 Fried Chicken... Croppie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Blanchard's Cafe PortagevilU, M o . Owned By Stanley Keller xxxvm J>USH drew a deep breath. "Enos and 1 had agreed not to leavq Laurie alone for a minute if we could help it. And then 1 started thinking about the lab and the possibilities of Die bacteria . . . and I knew if she ever got on to Out—well, 1 knew 1 had to get you away. I didn't give a hoot U she never got caught I just had to take you away. And I never went through such hell as when you thought il was me You did, didn't you?" She flushed. "That's what I wanted to apologize for. That's why,l said I'd eat crow. I can't even explain now—" ' You don't have to. The only thing is, I thought I had you sold and then, 10 minutes later while you were packing, you turned into a terrified rabbit What happened?" "I opened your leather case looking for a toothbrush." "Oh, Ann! Poor baby." * She shivered again at (he recollection and said, "I had a lew pretty bad minutes." "I hid them because I was .scared sick Blanding would flnd them. Enos and I didn't want the law in on it—not until we knew ( what was wrong with her. Know- ,=ng the police were after her •might have —well, might have made it worse than it was. And by themselves none of those things meant anything. Sam didn't notice that the clock was locked but dont you see, until you men- Uoned it, he wouldn't have thought anythmg of it if he had noticed Your note to £nos and the letter from Cheyenne I hid because -I didn't want Laurie to see them over the controls himself. The other was that he merely wanted to visit his brother, Norbert, who lives at Owatonna, 52 miles South of here He accomplished both. Officers were anxious to question lum but flight physicians barred You left (he note on your desk and the Icltei on your bed found it there when we came upstairs the night Tommy died.' * • • CUE moved in his arms. She felt so warm and safe. "But the worst hell has been the things you kept saying while you were delirious. You kept warnine Laurie not to let me in—you— even alter Laurie died you kept screaming for them to keep me away.** 'It was horrible, that delirium." She shuddered. His arm* tightened about net thin shoulders. "And you'll forgive me for trying to convince you you were crazy? It was a hard thing to do but 1 couldn't see any other way." Rush!" She Jerked upright, moved away from him so that she could look Into his face. "Rush you tried to drown me! You upset the canoe-and then when 1 thought you were trying to help me you dragged me under." 'Honest to gosh," he said and his voice was appalled still at the memory, "the things that can happen. Ann, that started out to be a very innocent on the up-and-up canoe trip. Before heaven it was lighted a cigaret for you and—" You leaned forward to hand it ' rne—" she said. "And got stung by a wasp! Did you ever," he demanded indignantly, "get stung by a wasp? On your fanny? it was like getting by a bullet Of course I ei ked. Of. course I upset the anoe. And then, when 1 got all et to play hero and make the big escue from the jaws of doath I ?flf_f ran 'p in my leg that pulled I FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERBlU &!;<&& «^V fw ffiSSSS W.DYS IDE'S IAYOR roK A DAY is it> BE OF ALL PEOPLE--. LARD SMITH// •WHATTA YA MCAM, FRIENDS? 'KISCILLA'S POP By AL VBRMEER Sofnedmes- / irfs/i / fia</ f ,'t married! Sontetin yi/rt 1 remembered..., to dj dishes when I lived at home, too.' " me right under the water. 1 didn't even have enough sense to let you 50. So you end up with pneumonia!" His face as well as his j'oice was disguslcd. "Mo-trying to play Van Johnson—at my agel" "I like your age," she said ,„,,. ly. "You suit me fine.", "CHAT'S because you're . dope," he snid as lie kissed her. You got sick so fast you scared me silly. I had to gel help. 1 phoned for Kuos to get the doctor and get there pronto. And Laurie came along. That was just dandy that was," "Well, but if Enos knew"— Her voice was grieved again at the ."ought of Laurie — "why'd be Jiing her?" • • ' "Urlng Laurie? Did you ever succeed in talking Laurie out of something she wanted to do? So he stayed with her every minute —watched her all the time "She thought I'd gone for medicine—and she thought fnos waj islccp. We were sure that if we gave her enough rope . . ," Ann nodded. Her eyes were full of tears. "Poor little Laurie;" she snid Rush raised her chin, looked deep into her eyes. v "We'll have none of that," he aid sternly. "And you're not to Jlame yourself. Laurie was what he was and there wasn't anything ve could do about it She was ick—that's all—terribly sick That 3 what you have to remember whenever you start—" His voice changed, he drew her close s all over, Ann. All of it." 'I know." Her voice waj muf- 1«1 in his coat "But there's one thing I want to now, Ann. You're sure you un- crstand it all? Why I did the lungs 1 did? You do love me?" Her smile was tremulous It almost wasn'l a smile at all "Always," she said solemnly. As long as : live." THE END VIC FLINT Dropping; the Musk ' I'M AFRAID woe nrrte ^ BOY HAS MAM A SAD MK- TAKF,SIR, TALKIMG A8OUr , STINK BOMBS. APTIR Alt, I'M— By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK them. They said McCrady was "too I '" P 61106 "" 18 fl y'»B. <-M The , B ~ 25 Severally is !lot con . Mdered a one-man plane. It usually !; ar , rie V , crew of flve '" "°S jmdi ajhght crew of three, usually. Zinr,r - °" 1!le sma!l •J.JOO-foot sou runway of the Ownt- shm'l A H P ° rl - That )s shelter than the usual Hmding runway for a B-25. Officers said It «.« s a rmrncle" the plunc did not nose over on the soft, runway DYNAMITE Now in Stock at Paul Byrum's Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; SIM T. L MABRY 42» MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 Thomas J. Lilly & Son AUTO and FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING NOW LOCATED 112 South Lilly Sf. SI A Complete Lin* of Beautiful Leatherettes .t e.ver, UHored C., sl»fl of upholsterers »r e »)»„„ rwrty "„ your home and >uto upholslerlng need.. Phone 4297 > '° 11 *'*"* RECTAL DISEASES^PECIA^Y (All TvruM E~v«__i *~< _ . (All Type. Except C.nctr) DRS. NIES&NIES CUnle 5U Main. Blythetllle. 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I'll HAVE 1O CMAN6E FUNS "" LEAVE TOWN WASH Tunns By LESLIE'TURNER «MJ; HE* WSTUSST MID fROM NHM DW>W AWVWW...NOT TH 1 TIAMr- \ SAIO, IT *W TAKE SOME*WC \ OMEUKCEASVTO . eUTHEb I STRMSHTEW OUT THM f i e NTV VM.UMLE T0 / !«*«« WKH PINMIE »'«£ WORRIES IN I cROCMJ: 1*1 HfVVMIA- HMIDUNG TOUSH 5PKIN. THM COULO TAKE SOMB X 6UT I GOTTA TWli flNDKKP HIM / HUI1CH UlClfEB. MW PROM HERE tlU^/MM SE*I> SoW CO»ISCIENTIOt)9 MOOT HIS I BV mtV COMM-MMIS THM EUPHJSE MXOUUTS TH*U\W(JtllIS WWE VNXH'S HHKf E&SV, CIVROt. BUTOIE tUCIfER. JUIWED 010 WW IkSOUT THEM, TOO By FRED BARMAN BUT I'VE eoTA PtArt THAT AW KEEP THE ifJcwi^s ~RO!*i etl^Q SIAUGHTER6D &f CRA6ROCK15 GUW5. Strange Goings On By V. T. HAMLfN _ -. ... WAS A I THAT OKOLK1E PIACF..- 1M SURPKISEPCCP "B&rsw 101 * ^ 1T * uoNf f WHQ3EY.' V»T*N THAT BIS B«UT£ STARTED HONKIIf I THOUGHT t WAS IN rof. IT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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