The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 9, 1932
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS __; ____™^^ T NEW *^^ IslJU TT £J Served bit the United Press Blylhevllle Dally Ntws. Blythfiville Courier V»h>y Luder. Blythevllle Herttd. SINGLE COPIES FIVE:CENTS; ; U. S. Again Puts Crop Guess Up Roosevelt Sweep... Brings Victory Also in Many State Contests. . WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UP)—The HKrieullural <jt:- Piirfinenl today «stiniated the I!W2 cotton crop at 11,947,000 hales as of November 1, corn- |p;irc<l with mi October 1 es- NEW YORK, Nov. 9 (UP) -Con-! 1,', UHM *i ' ' " ! "US grass rapidly j s going w,-t nnd' ' tl!CrC was a cotl Democratic -by ; majorities" to' be I cl '°" Ol . 17.090,000 bales. f e il in i". e i ly ' asccrta1ncd - on 'y wh °n' ^""'"E t( > November tabulations all over have been completed. only when the nation The Republican senate old guard -Moses' or. New Hampshire, Watson of Indiana, Smooi ot Utah JJ™ 0 ^ otl >«s—suffered heavy cas- The Democrats Jiav e swept the .... 1 was reported as 9,245,534 running bales, compared with 12,124,295 in 1931 and 10,863,896 two yciirs ago. -The department estimated a yield of 15C.2 pounds per cere of lint cotton for harvest. Estimates of production for the major cotton states were: Virginia, 28,000; North Carolina 650.000; Georgia, 807,000; Florida' 15,000; Missouri, 250,000; Tennessee, 395,000; Alabama, 860,000- Mississippi, 1,100,000; Louisiana, 580000; Texas, 4,225,000; Oklahoma, 1 000,000; Arkansas, 1,160000- New Arizona, 84.000; Gal- South Carolina, finitely elected the. democrats have 50 seats, a malority of two with every prospect*fo additional seats • Senate control i n the short lame ! duck -session this winter sllll is in doubt. Democrats boat . old euard Republican senators in Utah, Indiana. New Hamnshire nnd C-.nn!-"- ticut. The old aiiard caMialOsl'A J r PL I n 1 include Senator Bingham. Re[)ub-i " 'l-"n Ot Lhaney Harris lican, Connecticut, chairman of! the insular '.affairs committee and] leader of the Republican beer, bloc. i Democrats have.-electcd eightechl --• -•"• first time 1916. President elecl Roose. wit is assured of his party's con™ ° r ™ fh senate and house in tnne 73rd congress which meets next year. Senate Rule Clinch td Democrats today clinched control of the senate when the Democratic list of newly elected senators exceeded 28. With the 31. holdover Democratic Frank Abbott, Formerly of nvt,. *, P i bel 7: ^an Gets Instructed Verdict ' trial j. B. Richardson, - •- . *tery of Z..A. Mc and Rhone Island, Instates where , Market resulted in a hu jury the present governors are Repub, | Tuesday, was aga iu an triaiirfcrim- tin. RepuMicanv have elected gov- "Tnrs In N.-.w Hampshire and Vermont. : Name Many Governors The- tremendous Democratic trend of the electorate is reflected by th«: 18 states in which today Democratic candidates for gov- r-rnor were . leadine their Republican opnnn"nts. The?e states are Arkansas. Idaho, Indiana. Mon- trini. .Korlh Carolina. Rhode Island. T^nnesKe Colorado;". Florida. Illinois. Iowa. Missouri. New- Mexico. North Dakota. South Dakota. West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wvoming. But Republicans were leading in Kaiisas. Nebraska and Utah, in nil of which states sitting gav-' erners are Democrats. Joe Robinson Issues Prohibition Statement NEW' YORK, Nov. 9 (UP) — Senate Democratic Leader Joseph Robinson made the following -statement on prohibition legislation today: : • "The change in the control of fhn rational administration will take .place] on March 4. Pending • '••it chmi'n? I see no reason why- congress during the short session should not/consider the submission if im .amendment relating to the repeal or modification ol thc 18th amendment as well as a bill car- rvirij out the Democratic ,plat- foTn. modifying the Volstead net with respect to beer" Regular Nominees for Constable Successful H. T. "kid" Wright and W. G. "T>IH" Harov. Democratic nominees for constable 'of Big Lake and Neal townships respectively, were luuurcrt of i victory over independent candidates in the general e'ec- tion.according to reports received here today. \ Word frorn Leachvlllc was that Haiiey hart' piled up a three ,to ann matority over N. J. Hipp, his opponent, nnd Manila reports also stated. that Wright had gained a conclusive lead over J. H. David. Independent, candidate, In the Manila returns. It was Indicated that hl s Jea^l could not be overcome In returns from other boxes in Big Lake township. Hen Lays-, "E«l|pM M KKK TAZEWELL, \Va. (UP)—During the recent fclibse ol the sun, a hen owned by Mlrs. J. A. TefTel laid an "eclipse egg" It looked like a ouarter mcon i nd, according to is 'deposited" at the ccl pw became most the owner. moment the pronouiKfdi was Richardson and Vernon Gean his brother-in-law, faced trial jointly on the Harris robbery charge. Gean was freed on an Instructed verdic! of not guilty on motion of Alexander and Cooper, defense counsel after the state failed to offer" proof involving him in the robbery. Gean is under indictment in the McCuiston robbery .but .counsel ..for -the men declined to agree to a joint trial in the store hold-up case, has yet to face trial on the mo robbery charge nne Richardson „„, likely face a second trial in tho same case, although, not at this term of court, since the jury disagreed. .- -, • •Ifrs. Guy 'Bin-Its, daughter ol Harris, identified Richardson in court this morning as one of thc bandits who entered the Harris home and terrorized the occupant- while attempting to force Harris to open a safe. The safe failed to yield anything but the robbers took B small sum of mmiey off Harris. Tlr woman's husband ant! Harris also testified but Mrs. Burks was the slate's star witness. Two pistols, which the state sought to have Identified as guns used in the robbery, and a blue white polka dot handkerchief am an old checked cap were exhibited. Mrs. Burks only said, how-aver that the guns looked very muc': like weapons displayed by the robbers and that the handkerchief was similar to one worn as a. mask and the cap like one worn by on of the bandits. Police Chief A. p. Gwyn testified that the articles ex- liibited were found at Richardson's house after Mrs. Burks had furnished him with a description of the guns and articles and after she had identified Richardson on viewing him at police headquarters. Richardson took the stand in hi.' own defense this afternoon. Hc testifted that at thc time of thc Harris robbery, he was at a Bir Lake dance hall, 16 miles west ol here, the same defense as iis->d in the McCntston trial. Other witnesses substantiated his story although their testimony as to th; time he appeared at the hall varied wltr testimony of officers who wer" al the d&nce hall. Will Caldwel), nesro, was freed or an instructed verdict by the courl on motion of Marcus Fietz, defense attorney. The court upheld thc contention of the negro's counsel when Ihe state failed to rtow that th' negro was present when the crlnr MS commuted. Ernest Caldwell cousin of the negro, had already a plea of guilty to seconi) _ murder in a companion cas-- and received an 18 year prison s-n l n ff: ?° l . h ,«» |ndWed as win- the murder of Si . IK Protatfen MILWAUKEE, Wis. (L. , _ . onckr u probation »Ow here, Flat Lake, Hit by iCar on Missouri Highway. I'ranfc Abbott. 33-year-old Deer- Ing, Mo., farmer, died at the Blytheville hospital this afternoon as the result of injuries sustained on Highway 84 several miles west of Hayti today when he was struck by a car. Abbott lived only a few hours after he had been brought hsre in an unconscious condition with a fractured skull and badly crushed chest. The accident occurred as Abbott started across the highway from a parked truck. He had been talking to the driver of the truck and apparently did not notice the approaching car. according to Russell Ledbetter, with whom.An- Jott had been working this morning. Abbott and Ledbetter had- cut a load of wood and hai'l'd It from their place to the. high- v.o.y, and Abbctt had- stopped';.ie driver of ih:, truck end sold, him thc lead of wood. , car which struck Abtolt' sr-.'pied j and took the injured man back to Hayti. but that he did riot :t£ru (he drlv-.-r's name. Abbott is well-known herc.ihnv- Ing farmed in thc Flat Lake ! ccimnunlt - until two years ay>' when he, moved tt.Deering': He his- tbrce brothers resldlnc here, Chaf- S. and Qtoige Abbott. l/iku a Ton ol' Bricks! ; i^jjmmwx&r^wwM '/*' n^'i^i .-/ wfm« maS®8iJ>,jrt* mf 3 ^ 19 Hurt Slump Hits All Markets NI-:W "YORK, NOV. o 1 <ui>> _ Sldi-kii declined on; lo more i] mn thm; ixilnts loilny ami thereby liriiki' u precedent of 30 years slnuilliiK. A rise nn t) lc ,1^, fo |. lott-liiK |m*lil;iitliU election!) h u.s- uul. All other markets went down [Whrat lost I 1-4 to 1 1-2 cents n I bushel. Howls, except foreign 'ls- I sues which ruled llrm,.declined oiv> I In (wo imliiln. Cotton lost from 1(1 lo '20 jiolnls. In the lli-st, fo w • minutes '• of IracHiiK issues on tile stock market moved higher, Then .selllnjj broke out. imtl.tlii-y fell buck swiftly with tlcker s mmbic- to keep pace for ft lime. 'Mien n recovery nnd ni\- . other*(teclliiii followed. Lute In the dny JJie list wllh few exceptions mis mound (li« low for tla duy. m ^i-^asrx 1 , • -, (• i.-*Os IFJCES OEFHT " GoveniW-oltiCl I 1 ' \ ^^4. \U- -' '/' --""' r » : "\>-n - ,-4^^-. :"' ; ~J^- = __ __ '[^^•^^•^*^^ failure of levy Wou'd Leave County Without Funds for Road I Work. OSCEOLA, Nov. 9.—Possibh defeat of the 3-mill county road tax, which is the principal source of rev- enue'for tne -maintenance of Mis- slsslppi county roads and bridges, was Indicated in returns from 20 out of-'52 precincts tabulated.Irra '.oday. All available returns, mostly from Ihe Osccola district, gave 735 for :he tax and 1,397 against. The en- lire 311 voles cast In Ihe Whltton MX were against, the .levy, and in several other' large boxes the tax failed of approval. Cfcunty Ju:'ge Zal B, Harrison said thai should the levy b? defeated, it would leave the county *'lth practically no funds for roai and bridge work, as the county urnback fund from the state gaso- ine tax must go to retire Improvement district bonds in the Ofcesla district. Defeat of the levy would •esult in great carnage to the coun- y road ss'stcm, xhlch would have o. go without repairs or improvements until the measure Is vofd on again. The heavy vole against the tas Is attributed partly to the fact that many voters were unaware of th: lature of the tax and voted k?nln!t t with the idea it was simply another new lax proposal. Judge Harrison said that if the ax defeated the county roac" fund stood to lose approximately $35.000 annuall!', the amount levlr Jgainst property assessments Ready To Soil Our? Give Ihe Job to a Courier Neys Want Ad. This one— FOR SALE-Grocery, good location, no competition, selling, account of leav-in" city. appeared recently In Classified Section of the Courier News Phcnt 3W Lne J. M. Piilrell, elected of Arkansas yesterday. Democratic Stain anJ National Tickets Give Huge Majorities. LITTLE.ROCK. Nov. B (UP) — Nineteen yenrs a E o J..Murlon Futrell scorned the governor's chair after scrvlni; n five months term But today Futrell. n chancellor in eastern Arkansas. vn s elected to tlie highest sliile office by an 01,<M whelming majority. Judge J. O. Ltvesay. Republican was his strongest of three "iiiion- ents running on four tickets' ' Republican, Liberty, Socialist and governor Cnmmllnlsl - Clnv Rvulks rcpre- govcrnor l scnted th= Socialist and Liberty I parties and H. C. Coney the Com- I munlst. Futicll led Llvesay by more Minn Ion to one nnd with final returns hi£ lead was csiwctod to mount. Returns this morning gave Rcosevell- 44.015, Hoover 3.893, Thomas 237, nnrt Harvey 27 In the prcslcTontinl vole, while for senator 11 \i ni ™ T i- ' thc votc was Mrs - Carnwny 37.6S5; Has No Plans But Indicates Wh| te 2,337. 14^ \Y/« U I '1 D I'» ' For g° v ernor the vole was Fut- Me Would Like rrotlta- rcll 43,1«, Livcsay l.B35, and thc ble Employment : others - a tolnl of m - r J • Futrell succeeds Harvey Parncll. I v.-ho has served thc state of Arkansas longer thnn any other governor since .Jeff Davis, nnd be- . Acts' And"" 4 "" .Amendments Defeated LITTLI, nodli, Nov. 0 lUf--) —Thii-c liiil|alecl nets.and i\vi; inoposccl conslitiitloiiiil. amendments were nil dofentcd by rge 'majorities in yesterday's ailntliig. • !•• ' Tmlny l.iliiilnllon sjioived: Amendment ID, sales tax » lov, 15.507 agniusl. ' Ajiiciuliiieiil 20, highway bonds, 5.2U-I for, 14.0H ngnlnst. Articndment 21, school funds. Amendment '22, homestead cx- cmpllcn, .1.050 for. ]S,2lu ngaln;,t. Amendment n, .spill i.,->i«i .live session. OfJiliKSt. Act. No. ] for, 3,074 for, 15522 14,38. r Ac; HO. fcninsl. rtct No. ni; 3,054 for, 14,,?5iJ 3,711 for, i-i.Ml COUNMES NO 'All , Defeated by Qvcr- wlielmuitT ;Majorit i e s lixccrl Number 20. Wltti 'M of ivflsslsslp]-,! rnmn.v'n da prttlncls rciiorllny m noon today the llocsovcl'.-aurnar llckst cuiulnucd lo mil up an linprc.i- •"Ive m,i,'orlly nnd a Mti-oin v;te .i^nlnvt nil proposed nnieiidmejit.'j end .Inltlnletl nets piled up cx- eepl •-- •• ' IB; BUTSIXSIES 59 FDTES Rooscvel) Victory Greater ft 1i •<•>•. FOIII- Years Ago NEW VOBK'rNCv. n (UpV _i pill of 35,9)5,071 presidential vo'' lnUi:lnlcd |,t J.-30 1« "M. loda ' ' , niul ,-, ],nif m ii]| 0 }'•« « Mcady (rend m»nl ' l 'ilurlna (he day. . -. NEW yonrr^v. o (U p)^ Piiinkllu Roowvelt, Kovemor of New York, ha, i Km c ^ ° « n ot the United States by . 0 ,.y c Br - C " t<;st '""Islldcs in his- vl7| llC i, Mrai1 lilmlslf ^ which car.'.''' « '? rjclnocrat| c nominee to L "ID Whltr- House swcnl a .Denio. ' emllc mnjorltv Into both ho,, SC8 ' of counresa nnd returned Demo- 80TO '"° rs '" sllltc ««er' Governor Rooscvcll, siirpaW - : 'hi! victory four .years a W of Hoover over Alfred E. Smith He ' wii s n.ssurcd «1 electoral' votes from 4l states with ' thn virtual -• certalntv he .would add 11 more from Kentucky where. -the "hontst-- ' election luw" delayed the count. In !D2a Hoover carried ^0 'slates will) nti electoral vote of 4-14, - UKOVCI- /•"ft'.'"! Rlx . Ptrt.i President Htwvcr carried bniv six sditcs, .'four In New - England, •• Mnlnc. Vermont. '. Now Himnshtre 1 and Conn?ctlcut, 'and Delaware; nncl.pcnnsvlvntiln. whlr:\> rpmalned : tr u c to,.' R'epu bl Ir an'' t ra d I (Ion dn: •' spite h tremendnuo '"jxirular" vbfc fnrmln° country wlu> last 'minute:.: Thc afl prcclncti; reporting In- iu (H-ecincti; reporting In- -' "-"'"'"J wiui insi minute-. nil tho principal b:xcs O r B Pl lcaIs for voles. He-cwrie'd c\-- tiiily. with returns from Mnu- Cly on - (! - «' -.(he ;m(ddle.- weaferri ncl IjCochvlllG, received by' 1 " 11 * tfe ?^ rn ,*f^i!j>.Jh'.J828. His eluded (he cot ., -....,.., ..u,,, lln uncl f^athvllle, received by^ nnc ^ western .stye's. f l'n neon, swelling iho 'tctnl vote. • ' clcclol ' :>l v 'otc 'totaied „. .„„,. Reports llils morning were il'.nl j • V;cri1rs - a p° Sn '" h .carried .eight.) 1828.' His' S9. Pour : icpcris nils morning were ll'.nl • - aliu an 'iin carriea ,elgnt nunibsr of precinct ofriclnl 1 : Inl 5ltl ' cs wl . ln an electoral vote ;of 87. niltKiln-V /HtF rlr>> u li™.T .._i i I -^ • .•'•-.• Ihn outlyhn districts hnil not rani- -Icilccl their InutilnMon. The'county elc-clion commission '.H to moel In Osceoln tomorrow incrnlnjj in UIIIVIIFS returns of the '-•lection niul certify Ihe winners. The lotnl vole In (he M' pre- clncln for the initiated nets nnd iiiieudmenlr, rullan.i- Act No. 1: i,m. I-'or 470, For ^51, Ajaliva No. 2: No. Act -i.640. Act 2,375. Proposcil Amenilinenl rr 307, Afinlusl a.800. frcpi-scd Amendment For l,5(Hi, Afinlnsl 1,71(1. Proposed Amendtnciil No. <~i : HK5, A(;alns|. 2.318. PEO'-osed /^UTrdinrnt I'cr 50!). Airalnsi 2.451. l'ro])o.secl AnieiKlmrnl For MO, Ajalnsl L',-155. Kcr((Hcky fcr RooscvHt • .' LOUIsy'.fLLE. Ky..'-Nov. 0 (UP)' —Gc\. Franklin Rorsevolt took the lend here as ballot counting be- san today. -.;'.., .The flrsl five precincts tobiilpterl! Save noo3;vclL 40B,"Hoovrr 31$, In parliol reports from Mm sli\fe Henry ccimty save .Roosovelt 337,' (inH Hoover 28S. The simp ' county save Senator nrklfi''. Democrat. 3?2,''ConTiss- Ofl7 A-ainsl mon Morris Thatcher, Republican, ° ' 287, In the BenntK race. ,'-.'... No. 19: NO: 21: No. •*. No. 23: PALO ALTO. Calif., Nov. 0 P)—President Hoover announced r y sil h L fi dl^or£SE ^-^Vm^-s^rv. 'lon that he Intended to return private l:lc to recoup his por- January. Back In 1913 Futrell as . prcsl- Far Behind Roosevelt But > Has Good Margin Over Builington. IJALLAS. Trxns. Nov. 0 (UP) — A f)7-ycnr-oM er.iuclmother, Mrs. Arirlnm A. "Ma" Ferguson, won her bitter bnlllr today for elcc- Joe T. Robinson to the United 10 j States senate., Instead of serving r-. .... .... FiitreH ' The president In an interview with the press let It be known (hat he Intended (o retu Palo AHo lo take up his per «on«nt residence. The exact n.-j ^"^^ OT^The dVcl',n- urc of his future private cccupa-' c(t to bc n cnnd | d , tc to 6UCCCO(1 :on he-was unable to reveal. he had not the- remotest Idea what I he would do after March 4, but 'hat he Intended going back to! vrrk as a private citizen. ~«».n. in AJU i-uuuu. no .|nL.i»- jicr outer onuir trxiay loi' elc dent pro tcm of lhc state senate, | lion to Ihe Texas sovci norship succeeded to thc governorship fol-1 Mrs. Frrciu-on rnn fnr behind lowing the elevation of Governor I Gov. Franklin Rcoscvelt however .T™ T T 3 M,,., r «« ,„ .,,- T,«..^ . f nsin f ; l( PrlC€9 New York Cotton (UP) — NEW YORK, NOV. 9 Cotton closed steadv. open high low I Dec 628 629 591 l-Ian 634 634 S99 A. T. and T 1033-1 March 041 C43 G09 Anaconda Copper 10 .May 653 6M 020 Auburn 39 1.4 July 663 GG4 630 Oalcrnlllar Tractor 1 5-8 Oct 677 678 645 close 600 612 640 656 ..... Chrysler ................ 14 1-4 Allies IScrvlce ........... 3 1-J Cpca Cola .............. 88 Continental Baking ..... — _ General Electric ......... 16 NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 0 (UP»- Oeneral Motors ......... 13 1-8 Cotton closed steady ..I TII.IIII). n M I "•>." uvi-uu^i Spots closed at CIS. off 10, quiet. New Orlfan* Cotton ;? of .1 slroji? anti-Ferguson movement launched within the stale Democratic p:irty. Orvllie niillliiitrn. Rxmihllr.'ii! gubernatorial candidate, led President Hoover by many thousands ' I votes. Mrs. Ferguson who crmned |>ea- clics In Texas'! KOVCI nor's mansion In a previous lenn ns state exocu- llve, defeated Governor Ross Sterling in both the first and second primary elccllcns. Tabi:lnt!ons Iccl.iy re I vote as follows trim 1254 counties: For president: Hoawr, 34.748: Roos«veH, 255.411. For governor: Armstrong, Independent. 470; niillington. Republican. 121.393; Ferguson, Democrat. 185,073. Tcxns' 135 out of Middle-rest Utilities Mnnt(fomerj - Ward New York Central 3-8 j . II 5-8! Dec , 21 3-4 Packard ' 27-8 Radio 63-4 Simmons Beds 71-2 RlamUrrt of N. J 30 3-8 Teits Co 13 1-J U; S. Steel -, » Jan March Msy .Tuly Oct Spots steady, open 629 632 639 850 661 .' v.677 closed high 629 632 639 6M 661 677 close nns 6Mb 623 631 640 658 »(• 610, off 17, low 589 533 604 615 626 (143 Ten Reported Killed As Storm Hits Cuba HAVANA, Cuba. Nov. 9 (UP)— A cyclonic wind damaged 1112 dislrict today. Mes- 1!) Voles for Hoover OSCEOLA. Ark.-Oniv nin;t«n of tho 517 votes cnst In Osccola yesterday wore (or Hoover, and th: vole polled for him over thc south end of th 0 county was not pro- portlonately grenler. Monroe Township, which Includes-.the three boxes n't Osceola and a box at Kelser. polled nearly 800 votes, which was Just a little under the vets 'cnst.In the Dcmo- crnllc primary. Elcction officials predicted Hint between 7,000 and 7,500 votes would be crust in ,the counly. IlooMVfH Statement NEW YORK, Nov. D (UP)—The prcsidcntinl elcction-was a na'lon- nl expression of liberal thought, Pvosldciil -elect Franklin Roosevelt salt! In his first statement to the country today following his un- [ircc^dcntcd vlclory at die' polls. New Shoes Will Reward Legion Member €etter A nev nlr of Florshelin shoe; v,111 reward the winner of a mem- Vcrshlp contcs' In progress this ivccl: among members of Dud Cnson Post No. 24, American Legion. The shoes will go 'to the post member who turns In the larg- csl number of new members by next Monday nncn. Nnmes of tns nev; members nnd their dues ia»y bo turned til cf 1 mlttc;, or to to Lo.x Chamblln, if mr'ii s -*i-.h ( p ccm- F. A. White. •Selection of His , Rooseveh's'First ProH-aia NEW YORK, Nov. 0 (UP)—The first Imixirtant tnsk confrontlnj Onv.?rnor Roosevelt 13 selecting a cabinet. : • ' Discussion of Its membcrshln Is purely speculative at this stage. Republicans during thc • campaign asserted [Governor Roosevelt would bj dominated by men wjio were consptolous in .their support of him during the Chicago .convention, largely . "left wingers" such as Senators Wheeler of Montana,' fluey Long. of Louisiana and Dill of Washington. In addition to Jtepublionn insurg- cnls who declared for hfni later. Wile of Josef Stalin, Soviet Dictator, Dies MOSCOW, V.'S. S. P... Nov. '9 (UP)—Nezezhda Alleluyeva, wife of Josef Stalin, died last night, it wis .ICBtned today. Delalls were iwt avoilable. The "first lady of the soviet land" had been enrolled In a three year technlcol course In the ,' *)) union Industrial academy to become a steclallst In the prrduc- tlon of arliflci.i] Bilk. Her nsme was posted recently for "cutting" elnrs^s n-rrt It was then that her classes and It was then that Hsr WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, warmer to- nlghl and Thursday. ., , OMot Offfcitl SUff According to the official wjathsvi PADFORD, Vs. (UP)—R»dford observer, Chsrles PMlllps Jr., the minimum .temperature hero yestar- day Was 40 degrees and : the m&xl- 6« ' , eteiur; 83 believes It h*s the oldest corporation court onicUl sun ot u>7 court in the state. Judge R. L, Gardner Is 77, Sergeant D. F. Rail Is 76, Deputy Sergeant J. T. WsJ?. tcrs Is 83, and Cleric j. A. Piiatar is *

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