The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEU 28,. 19JJ.J HLYTHEVlLLl!i,.(AHK.).-COUKlfciU. NEWS ©1934NEA SERVICE. INC, m:iil.\ IIKIIK TUIIAV A'SX IIOf.l.lSTt'll, t.rtdy nnd 'M. , *i'lu Ibe family Jinll.iycii In ,,i,y tlt'l.u «r kcr fnlbrr, KUW di'tiif. On l>ir tluy <>t Ilii- *«!,• a yuljni; ,„[,„ »lol>l>r4 by mutur Irm.ltlr. t'lin.,-* In her koine c,, tHriiUoii... Allvr In; Ifiivcn Ami n l.luv m«i- lllik»(llMT HH4 [n I|H l.lui-t: n noli- Kljtnnl "J',K." nnd *:,<>. ' Am. ccl> w.rk n. n lll,r;,rl:u, I l"'t!»i»e» friendly ,,J,|, s.\||.»|l KK.NJ', iilxi eintilriyfil n( cl.v II- lirnry. Sbr inoi'i. TONV MICUI.Ii, i-uiiii,irrcl»l lirll.l, tinil liiillrnulril !»• Mm, (fciM.Bli .Si.rill. ivnrii* lift Ihut Tuny IM fli'klc nnd lrre*|>(>ii- nnil ri-nll«i't Ahe t» lii\\ltiif [u |,,vr »IIN hum«. Sbt< .»• <b c youiiK , „!.„ hiiuKki Ibr, VIIM--IIIIII lonri(» lir t« f'UTKIl KII.MIAI.I, II, ivenllhy,, |ir,,,iil, u .,,, tlnil ,.,,...,..,.,1 111 VAMiHIA I||:\M.;TT. iirly Blrl, Yulrrlii IUIM tin ».*mii,'tlliv "llh IVH,r'« mill,III,m>- in'i.l ,iln,, 1,10.111,1 llltl, u llllll iTIIIVll. A'OIV co i>\ WITH 'I'm; stoitv ClIAl'TKIt VIII IN Hie entrance hull Vnlcrla - 1 raised lier lips for Peter's kiss. "Darling, I'm not Idling you slay. I'vo simply gnl to get some sleep. You know I'm on that .luulor League ticket sale. So you'll nave to rush along." "I was going anyway," Peler said. "Yon forgot I'm a working man. It's after 2 o'clock." "I do forge!," Valeria answered, "because there's no reason wliy you should be." Peter said nothing. He ami Va. leria bad been over Ihis same yi'ouud so many limes, rflie couldn't see that a man shouldn't be Kdisfied to sit back and do nothing, living on money he Inidn't earned. "Quixotic," Valeria had called him. Well, BUD wasn't really ma- lure yet. Twenty-two years ot being babied, lie fouglit down llic iiiirutience be jihv.iys felt ivlieri llio. question of continuing his work—tlio work for which he bad been trained and about which ho dreamed — came up between lliem. His'only ally was his grandfather, who believed in men working. That was because be, .himself, liad worked hard all bis litij unit! the last few years, lie had tiuilt his vast fortune by hard work. All the other members ot the Kendall family were on Valeria's side. "Valeria's right," his mo!lier would say. "H's atisurd to \vait until you fmisli llic Wlllnrd job before you marry. You have plenty ot money of your own. 1 Everyone agreed that it was foolisfi to wait until be completed ;,his tlrst big architectural jop~— llio Willard building — licfore'lic and Valeria married. Peter wanteil every slono lu place and the lasl linisliint' toticli nut to tlie inlcrlo. before he sailed on the six months' four of Kuropc lie and Valeria hart planned for their wedding'Inn. Valeria didn't want lo wail [n lie .married, yet shu was unwilling tu compromise'by Inking, a 'brief trip to Florida as a honeymoon nnd then sailing for iSurope after the work was coninleled. She hail decided that If Peter were going to lie stubborn, slio would be stubborn luo. She had refused to announce Ihe engagement.' She liad Ibe feeling that she was punishing him. Moreover, a girl's good time was certainly slowed up afler licr ciiKisemcut was known. •yAI.EUtA wailed until slie heard Peter's car moving off. Tlioii ulio crossed llic living room H:-.:! switched' oil ilio light in Hie SIM parlor. A mini who had been ly- "Datlins." Valeria iaiit, "l' n , not tilting you slay." ing on Ihe lounge got to bis feel, "Forty minutes late. I /was aboul to walk out on you." " "I'm terribly sorry. Dirk, please—I'm punished!" She broke from bis grasp and ran Inio her room, Slie ivas slipping out of the while crene aud gelling into a flame-colored cliiffpn when her aunt entered the room. The chiffon was practically backless anil closely n'tlcd. Valeria remembered Ihe look lu Dirk Vint FJalen's eyes wlieii she liad worn the dress last. "Valeria! Where are yon go- ins? It's perfectly shameless, having late dales alter Peler leaves." "Aunt Louise." Valeria spoke coldly, "will yon never realize I'm pljt enough to take care of myself?" ' "I don't know whether you are or not. You're running a big risk of losing Peler. by playing around so much with Dirk."' "What do you suggest?" Vtilerin Inrned from the mirror, facing her aunt with hostile eyes. "Do you think I should mee.t Dirk oponly?" "Mat if you're in your right mind." "That's wlmt I thought. Do you suppose 1'cler would like la BO on a-party at Dirk's apart- nioiit—H party that probably will ho breaking up about Hie time Peter's coffee busins percoiallng?" Her aiini surveyed lier. wearily. "Who will be there?" "Tiio Forrest lirents, (ho Ui-- inssloiis, Grace HumuijU. Prcd Lancaster, Dudley Fulton. Peg Walters. Dirk and I." "A flue | 0 t," i|(. r ai|1|t S|lj(1 scornfully. "Do you think the Kendalls would countenance «uch licoulc?" "What. I do before I'm a Kendall is my own aftai ." "Vou'll probably never be one," her aunt declared darkly. "What ValerJi ittifini.'T^tlr »jn fli•» and held In timn«m«pt. Tbiy nideritood e»cb utbtr, »tvr ihrougli each other, but tint dl'l not leiseu the <Jautfrou5 utttac- tlou well held lor the oilier. She turned, apiu'ovlug tier tur- foundings—(lie lire bUzln* In the slone tlreplnce, (lie Ivory pauelcd walls, Hie Irregular p»tteru ol Ihs floor, (onnlug squares snd tri- nnjlcs of red and bltck, tbe rich red damask «t the wlmjowt. Th«rs were co?.y nooks piled with cosh- ioim la brilliant uiolerulatlc l)»i- torn, nnd clisrmltig [urollure— old and new. Through the *W« looncay V«l<irl* could ie« the din- Ing mom table, where silver platter* heaued with sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres had been placed. Presently, she knew.'Dirk's discreet, soft-voiced Chlucs* servant would appear with excellently blended drinks »ub t ruby-colored wine glasses. Lying back 111 her chair, she appraised Dirk with halt-closed eyes, lie waa not good-looking. Ills dark eyes were too small. His features were aquiline. He looked very neat on a tennis court, but aho could never picture him play- Ing football or pulling wUli a college boat crow, us Peter had. Dirk's servant opened the door and came padding softly toward them with a tray. "Telephone. Mister Dirk," he said In his soil, melancholy voice. * • • runic went into the hall, return- Ing in a moment. "It's that young Idiot, Don .Kendall, phoning from downstairs. Coming up for a drink." "What'll I do?"' "Go into the guest room. I'll get rid oC him in a moment." Valeria obeyed. She closed the door and leaned, trembling a little, against tt. In a moment she heard voices. Dirk's and Don's. Now nnd then sho caught a word and .gnce or A.MN : upi,um;ii, rk>' ,V" t ". lt A "»«««• 10 IH>f kJ'l. "••' »«1»«. •»•» «nd. oi ,, T* J 'i 1 lfc ' ,•"'• " '•""•• "U". <<>h|»e< k, „„(„, unSlilt, r ,ii» r ; ,. Allt , * . . « mat I. II. ,,!, HI'.K." niid MO, "'"""' " llfc **" II. t rL • '.S' 1 '*"»»'• *"«fc "tru, tri Ifll'lr, *' k '* •"* '""»"'•• hnuthl'ii!' 1.^* ' U "" K •""• "I"* .. .,.,,- . . ' ' u..-. h H» b ,ii n nuktl ullu .uunc ul - 1 .'"l ,,,' ei ! rS s , ometllin S^" twice beard Don laugh. After a "I feel older—worrying so." "Don't wait up for me. darling." .'...'-... . "Don't worry. I'm going. lo bed." Tlio older woman turned as slie reached the door. "Valeria, Thai dwiub Peg would like notli- ( ng bct t er u lan to " opcll t ,, e auor and 'scream out; "Oh, Valeria, w1 "; 1 tt - 8tart ! ' ou 8^'e me!" Valcria switched off tha light a " U> very "utiously. opened the . it you'd only marry Peler! Long Dr ' Uou ' slura l' e(1 In a chair, was engagements' are fatal.",- (holding a glass fn his liand. Dirk, •"It won't be long now !U='! poi3C<i ' stoo(1 near 0 IB manlel, imllding is nearly, fiiilsbcil." "A'n" i toollr ! 'B lltin B a cigarcl. Icria was gone in a sudden '.whirl, I D O" was standing uu now. 11s leaving behind the fragrance of (crossed to a small ta.ble, put down rare, and expensive perfume. Ih's glass. Valeria heard him Mrs. Wainwright leaned back in the wing chair. She bad been too easy with the child.' -There wasn't a douhl i.n the world that outrageously and reckless. The lengths Hie young .people her niece was spoiled, arrogant laugh.. "Nicn taste you have. Dirk —in purses aud wppien)" Valeria closed the :door. What could Don mean2 H was then she discovered her loss. She had left her small parly- bag, the jeweled mouogramed bag went to these ilays! • Nothing | I'eter had given her, oTiisWe" seemed la, matter to them'except Don laid tlie bag back on ilia being found out. ' table, staring jo^irat it. "Anolber 'drink'.'" .Dirk sug- VAf.ERIA slipped ,oul ol her sestet}. /:''.'.,, ,,,.ni,i,, n ...r« :.....'• ,,:_,.._ "Tli a n ks, uo inure.' I'll be riin- iiff along." "Drop in toinorruw^ night. A ALERIA slipped .out ol her evening wrap aud inio' Uirk's anus. After a long moment she asked, "Where arc the others? 1 ' "They'll be along presently. Wlml do we care:'" "I care. I can't afford -to careless-." "Neither can I. You don't suppose my rcpiilallon would be whitD'.vasbeii by being seen about wilii you." | crowd is coming over after 1'ay liicliter's party." l] C i "Tliauks, but 1 -have anollicr date," Don said,-ilmbst.curtly. Dirk wailed unlil he heard'lli« elevator door ulam,.- and then knocked on Hie guest room duor. (To Uo Qiutlnucd) NE\T WEEK at Rlylheville's Theatres West .Texas, figurc.s out each, step jas slic comes to it,' but all her .moves arc directed toward goal—to gel lier man. How the goes about accomplishing lliis divides the fun "We're nidi Again" with the aiiliMvof the sporting grandmother. , «'»««,> . ,,nu ,.„,", 3. H ;;f; ?"'"'"" I"" if HI I >1 UK VAX l'.i • ! J»»r(mr«i ,inr .Uhl. vi* i" h .',","" r ' IION - "">•"" "M »nlfrl« kliln I,, n hrilrgiim, T«» L 1 !. 1 .*; "i* """"•• ">"• •"'" I'" Kr> tuitt ktis ivkrrr l)oii trill met H. NOW 0» (l.v Wllli ,|-|| ig s'l'llllV CIlAI'l'BIt IX nillK sold. "You look like a ghosl," as i'flloriii'n ivlilto fnci- nPDcared IhroiiBh ihe halt, open door. "Guesa joii need this." hp added us ho envo her (he baud hag "\'ou don'l ililnk Don recognized "1 don't know. Probably not." Valeria wont lo a 'dressing tnW» and heijan repairing ih 9 dnnmgi; doue by nervous excitement. It had hec-n silly, lolling herself go lo uleccs as she had. Sunjiose Don did say something lo 1'eier, There would ho her word against his. "Oil. hello. Valerlal" Peggy Wallers had conin Inio tho room. She threw her evening wrap on the bod. "Saw Don Kendall as wo came up. Was he hero?" "Yes." "Who's afraid of the bis had wolf? Oosh. you're bravo!" Valeria fumed from (he mirror. "II yon imvo nn Idea that I'm going to glva np all iny tun liefora my engagement Is announced you're certainly mistaken." "Just a friendly hint," Pegsy said. She was still smiling, nor voice almost caressing. "Tin Kendalls wouldn't like It. Thny have somo frightfully old-fashioned notions. Even Mllllcent." There was silence for a' moment as the softly-veiled threat sank In. When Valeria spoke, her voice was as soft and friendly. "Just about as old-fashioned, 1 Imasioe, as that husband ot yours. By tbo ivay. Peg, that was an awfully sood-leoklng frock you bad on yesterday when I son- you lunch' . lug with Dirk. Wasn't it tunny wo happened to think ot the earae out-of-the-way place? you and rjirk wero so engrossed you.dldn'l sec mo. I had Ihe advantage ho- causo I saw Dirk's car parked oul- sido ond came, In, thinking we'd have a bila together. But [ left when I saw he had a luncheon date willi you. Considerate, wasn't IJ'' Peggy sild, "I guess we understand each other. You know I dldu't ha« any idea of Interfering In your affairs, darling." "Why, ot coursa not, I'd never thluk you capable ot guch low tricks. And you know I wouldn't tell a jealous Idiot like Marvin aboul your Innocent llltla luncheon date." ' She felt very happy now, Ihe Tic- lory slirring her puls& like wine. One needed only to use one's wlls. • • • CARA1I was wearing a ring. It was a solitaire, set. about with smaller diamonds. Ann was lha first to soa It becaiis* during the day at the library Sarai had /J<m 1/ionfi/tl the diamond was the foodi'ssl tiling lier cljcj l,a,t ever dwell on. ' woru II with tlio scllliiB Inside, loward lier palm. There was n Hiilo hesllmicy In Sarah's manner as nho stretched out lier band for Ann lo sco llio ring. "Sarah 1 ," "It's Mac. Dltlii'l you tucss, Ann 1 !" . "Not for n mlniile! Sarah, Ilu spliyni has nothing en you." "It's hec-n Mae for years, 1 ' Karali salil. "It's taken ma a IOIIR Um< lo make tho old slownoko realize 1 was meant for him." ' Mac and Sarah took Tony am) Ann out thai iil s lit for dinner. More than once, Tony's eyes rCBlcil on tlm diamond on Sarah's loft hand. "Mac innst have foiinit a gold mine," lio said to Ann Jiitor that night. "You can't bent' llio Scolch. When everybody else Is brolit), Mac turns up with diamonds." "Yes," said Ann. "Do you liiiow, honey, If t had all tlio money I'vo spent on loin- foolery or even a half week's tiny from nil llio jobs I'vo been IIred from wo could bo married tomorrow." , ''Yes," Ann said again, In a toll, liushy voice. Something In her loiio slruck Tony. Ho stared at her. "Tell you wbal. We'll run down and took nl a liltle ring I have nry eyes on. II Isn't as bis aa Sarah's, but It's a beauty. I can't get It rlslil away, but—" "Yes," Aim breathed, for tho tliird time. "How would you llko a ring as a Christmas present?" "Touj, do you mean )t7" '•:'- THE KIT7 "Tho Age of Innocence," a peri- (Based cousin who is the lierfcct l when girls were .supposed to Inisl/iil clitiglng vine type of that iiiili at the mention of the wont "age or innocence." Ollicrs in Die " chaperons were necessary noteworthy cast include the five Babbitt," well known book by Sinclair Lc.wis, lias been made inio an Interesting movie of the same name, lo be shown at the Hltz Thursday nnd Friday. • Wharton's famous novel of that csa Maxwell-Conovcr and Leonard name coming lo the Rit 2 Sunday,Carey. and Monday. I Co-slarrmg Irene Dunne and' Studded with ridiculously funny John Doles for the first time since situations, RKO-Radio's breezy the memorable "Uack Street," the comedy, "We're Rich Again," will Etory deals with a love tangle in come to the Rite Tuesday and the cnsle-boimd social circles of Wednesday with a cast of mirth- Kcw York In the Seventies. prorrjkcrs that .includes Edn« Mny Miss Dunne Is seen as a girl who Oliver, Billtc Burke, Marion Nixon tiirns to her blucbloodcd Ameri- licginold Ucnny, Joan Marsh, Bus-' tcr Crabbc, Grant Mitchcl and Gloria Slica. ' It lells Ihe story of a demure country girl whose ambition Is to be of service to others. In helping thewv she also helps herself. Ano! re! can relalive.s after disastrous inoiital venture In Europe. Dreading .scandal worse than the plague, the family op]>oscs the severance of her lies with her dissolute husband. When Boles and she, drawn to- Suggested by, rather than adapted from, the famous "Peck's Bad Boy" stories that .delighted readers a generation ayo, the Fox Film icrccn production of that name, [coming on Saturday 16 the Ritz Theatre, has Jackie-Cooper as its star and Thomas Melshan ' in a story role. "Peck's Bad Boy'Vis in no sense ,a "kids" story., It-., is a rich human document. Jackie, as Hill reck. " b^ileres himself to be Ihe son of Henry Peck, widower, but Is actually Ihe lallcr's adopled son- He Is .happy with his rosier falhcr until the arrival of Aiiiil Lily and her small son, Horace. These two set out to Eclhcr by mutual tastes and how! 'She finds her aristocratic city r.licnalc father: arid son so that Horace may ,isurp Bill's place In the Peck household. • They nearly succeed. • ' • '• An episode adapted from the original book, serves to bring the story to a climax by diverting to Bill the blame for a 'piece of mischief done by Horace. This Is the celebrated "episode of the ants." Bill gets he blame as well as the thrashing. This piece of injustice on his father's part Is llic first exhibition Bill has hart of a fa- Ihcr's unfairness. Suffering from hurt pride, Bill Is alone in his room when Horace comes and lells him Ihe truth of his relationship with Peck. AS a result, Bill runs nway from. home. Before the film Is ended, however, he lias learned that his father could be no . more devoted were he his own flesh and blood. The story is said to reach its climax on a note of profound human uJiderstanclfiig and with high-voltage dramatic effect. A nolablc cast Includes Thomas Mcighan, as the father; Dorothy Peterson, as the designing aunt; C8r ' BIKl "Of course I inosri It. I'm sev. oral hundred up now, Ann. l!y shaving n llllld the next tow weeks, t think i can mnnaso that down lament. And maybe (boro'll bo o littlD left over .to start housekeeping. Soon." They walked to nockworlh'a alter work next day. Ann was soon lost In admiration. Admiration for the diamond which twinkled on -her slender finger for n moment. I'Qosli, n perfect fit" Tony said, while Iho clerk beamed In'gym- I'athy. Tlio diamond was small nni) square,, set chastely In plaiUiiim, Ann thought It wiia the lovellosl thing her eyes had over dwell on, '"I'll bo back botoro Christina!" Tony (old the clerk. "JJy Christmas Evo anyway." , • • • Af\'N was m bajiny sho could scarcely wait to tell Sarah. "I fell terribly when Tony Ural talked about getting a ring. 1 didn't want him lo spend all thai money when t could do. without It. Hut the ring 1ms coino lo he a symbol now—n symbol of Tony's ability to make good hlsmromlses —nud sacrifice If necessary." "Don't worry about Tony spending monoy on your ring," Sarah said grimly. "If ho doesn't spend it that way, ho will somo othor way. Believe me, when Mac and 1 nro married I'll encourage him to think of me.' Men lovo women lots moro ir they're'not too easy oo them." • Ann suspected there was logic behind Sarah'n reasoning.. - But It wns becoming Increasingly dlflicult lo bo lure],'oti Tony, Increasingly easy to forgive tlm for his f«ulU mid ucaknessei. Tony wu IIin- sult, that was all. The days nent by and itiddenly tho shops nere flinging oul^alt' signals everywhere. Ths atrMU' woro as bright at night u ID day-' llGht. Christmas wreaths «n<) gar-'' lands met tbs aye at every tarn.' What to give Tony? Tlio queitlon; wns In Ann's mind and beari'ind' on her lips. "You'll ho 11,9 death or m«," Sarah said. "Glvo him a »cart pia' "•lib tho Kohluoor In it. Buy him' a liouso ntifl lot. Tho way yo.ii carry on, nnyoiio would think Tony, woa Iho I'rlnco ol Wales, Instead ot nn ordinary commercial artlat." Hofora Christmas Eve Sarah wit wmtilotoly worn down, with Uic'a present—hand-rolled lundkerchlefa mnclo by Snrali, suppleineDttc) by a hnndsomo silk «c*rf — attractlraly - uoscd ond wrapped and tied, they wcro still searching for Tony's gilt. Tho whole city was spilling o«r with Christmas presents-yet Aon couldn't find nnytlilug gooil enough for Tony I In Iho end sho dug deeply Into her slender savings and purchased- a liuiirloiJB 'iiiaroon-colorad roue. I'hou came the business 'ot wrap- plug the big box In silver paper, tying It with bright ribbon and inserting bila of holly and mlalletoa In tlm boiv as n flnal insplrstfon. Ann carried the h« Into the bedroom nud placed H on top of the chiffonier. U looked gorgeous. She rcmld plctura Tony's pleasure when ho nnllciMt Christmas Day. • • • CIIH Hew to tho kitchen Ihen to w help Sarah. Tony and Mao wcra mliiK nnd tho girls had spread themselves for tli|a dinner. Rrolled chicken, sweet potatoes with can. illcd sauco ami marslimallona, spaghctttl (o concession lo Mac's lovo ot "hot" dishes), English peas, a delicious fruit salad and plum pudding for dessert. "If Mac eifjocts mo to serve tlifa sort ol food as tegular fare, he'll bo badly disappointed," Sarah said, lifting her Hushed face from th» oven whom the beaten biscuits from Urn cornor grocery ivera heating. ," "Tony won't. Kood doesn't malt* much dllterenco to him. Ho'd Iota rather dash out for a bits at a' restaurant than bother with cooking." • • "Ho doesn't like tiouble," Sarah' said. •-..,• "No. bo doesn't." Ann «ald it quite happily. No slightly disparaging remark ot Sarah's could take the edge oft tho evening for her. Sho flow lo answer the doorbell. ' . Mac was there, promptness Itselt Tony would he tho last one. "Hello." eatil Mac. "Do I smell Christmas!" "Von smell Christmas Evo, which Is belter," Ann replied. "Tho kid still belloves In Santa Cfaus." Sfao was smiling. Hscama over to Sarah and, a llttla awkwardly, put Ills arm about her. Ann Ihonghl, smiling, how ditv fcrent Tony's frank demonstration! , ot affection were from Mtc'a abashed approaches, ',' Sho lolt ilio two atona, deliberately prolonging her lollet becaus* Tony was sllll absent. Shs w»J straining her cars to catch th« . sound ot bis voice. Finally, » th» clock Jmnds pointed to a quatttr of seven, cha returned to tha Uvlnj room. "What could have happened to'* Tonyr Sarah asked. . ,'(To Bo Continued)' ^ Derton Churchill nnd Jolm Ar- ledgc. "Cockeyed Cavaliers," the new comedy lilt coining to the Hoxy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, brings Bert Wheeler nnd Robert Woolscy, Ihe screen cuck- OO.S, in some more of their nonsensical and hilarious goongandcr- ing. This lime Wheeler and Woolscy appear as gnllanU; of the medieval age, aided and abetted by Tiiclma Todd, Dorothy Lee and a bevy of beautiful femininity. The comics are riding when they encounter Mary Tnn eluding Ihe Duke of Weskll. to whom she lias been promised in marriage. They unwittingly wander with Mary Aim .into the Duke's palace. Making the most of R situation, Bert nnd Mnry Ann fall in love, while Bob pursues the alluring Gcncvlcve,. the Duke's niece. Tlic rollicking romance reaches a high pilch when the Duke, Gcncvicvc'.s husband, and a iviW boar limil bring affairs lo an issue. Echoes of New Delhi Cathedral Removed THE ol , |«t household consists of a dumb m!l ls filld lo fcacrh Us bllt llkcablc swimmliiB chamulon ," l '° Vcrs arc fovccd r rhc Proactive lirldcgroora, nnd bctwcc " »'« ir w» l'«l>-! good-looking, aiTlvcs slmullaiic- . a ," d <lie stilted standards otisly with the country cousin and ' flom H« , ° lj) * s w '«'". Haytlon portrays the en-; This girl Ajauella Sykes from Described us n fasl-jiioyliig.i witty and honest story of college 'life —"a college picture wltliout.n-foot- ,ball game"— Fox 1 Film's "Bachelor ',of Arts" will be shown al ; lhe Roxy Sunday and Monday. • America's foremost satirical Im- nipiisl, John Erskinc, author of "The Private Life of Helen of Troy" and olher nolablc . books,. wrote Ihe novel from which this I-'ox production - was filmed. H Is anticipated . then that "Bachelor ol Art*" will uioie (lie Iruest ana most nullieiillc picture of, a university world yd produced —an honest.arid "debunked" pic- .lurc, In which air college life isn't Irah-rali-rali! ; ' Tom Brown and Anita Louise nave the l«-6. chief roles In this gay new production and important parts. are also asshjned lo Henry B. Wallhall, N5ae Marsh, Arllnc Judge and Stcph\: Fefchtt. Oilier members of the iU|>uorl- Ing cast In addition to those named above, are WanS AJberltDii. lOeorge Meeker, • Frank Helton, NEW DELHI, India. (UP) — A mixture that kllis an echo has teen successfully applied to the English cathedral in New Delhi. F'rcachers found that word. 1 ; spoken loudly from anywhere except the organ and the choir gallery in the while slone interior of the bcaiiliful church, echoed and rc-cchoai for eleven seconds. It was almost impossible lo follow the voice of the preacher. Noiv the whole dainsd and curbed ceiling of the callic\lr'al has been sprayed with a preparation of bilu- msn. shredded asbestos and adhesive mixture, which forms a three- inch thick, permanently spongy ; and sound-absorbing coat. Hiram College Moves To Rebuild After Fire f THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEV1LLE, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Charles S. Lemons. Plaintiff. vs. Victor E. Tcdc, Defendants. ' ' WARNING OFIDEH Victor B. Tcdc Is warned to aji- l>car In this Court willn'n thirty days to answer plalnllll's complaint. WITNESS my hand as Clerk ol salrl 'Coiirt nnd tlic seal thereof lhls 0 day of November, I93<. FRANK WHIT WORTH iScal) Ocrk, IO-17-2M2-1 Keatf Courier News Waul Alls. HIRAM. O. IUP)—Hlrnm College's historic administration building, destroyed recently by fire, will bs rebuilt by funds to be obtained from an emergency campaign, President Kcnnelh I. Brown has announced. Hundreds of Iclegrams senl to colleges, friends and alumni brought Immediate contributions from several. The old administration building was only parlly covered by insurance. An organ In the aucli- lorlum. worth 530,000. was ruined. Collon Crop 5tK/r Normal TAYLOR. Tex. IUP) — Cotton crop for lhls year wns aboul 50 per cent normal. It was indicated here. Up to Nov. 1, a lotal of 14,334 bales of cotton hud been Sinned here, whereas last year at Ihe tame time ' 27,324 ' bales had been .gliuiecl.: : , . THIS CURIOUS WORLD S DO NOT AL.WAVS BEFORE THEV' STRtKC/ (N THE SOUTHWEST. USE 'WDOD- PECKEE NESTS FOR HOUSEHOLD CONTAINERS/ WHEN THE BIROS SORE. HOUE.S IM CACTUS, THE WOUND SEAL'S ITSELF V/ITH A , HARD, FIBER. LIMING, WHICH THE INDIANS REMOVE. THE LARGE CIRCLE . ABOVE. FILLS NO MORE OR ITS SCJUARE THAN DO Rattlers usually give a warning bcfoic they strike; but > people, -vfa have liv?U among tlieni'Iur yean., teitif.\ lo Ihe fai.1 thalj (reiiueiUIj <Hi- snake buries its fangs into an luibiibpeilms \itlnn, nftlw\iL n '.i

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