The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1932
Page 6
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KiH From .West Surprised Ring .Fans With Wins Over Unbeatable Fighter BY WEKKEB IAVFEK NEA Service Snorts Writer It is extremely doubtful If ilii> fie far west was sent by a iwby- more startling surprise than it not when Young Corbctt. an nn- t-nown nglUer from Denver, Colo., )iftcd . the- featherwelphl crown fwim the row-licked brow of Terrible Terry McGovern on Thanks- pivins Day, 1901. So great was {lie prestige and plamor of the reckless, two-fisted Terry, and so long; a trail of teat- cn foe's had the mite from Brooklyn left In his woke, that the rill's folk I'elieved him unbeatable. Af 19, he had knocked out Pccl- Inr Palmer, -a in-fat little Englishman. to irin the bantnmwcWit r'lamniortsri^, A few montli- !•>*- f- ti". hatted G"I>-IJC "LI" 1 "' . ffl-rwotefo" Divnn out of his fr-lherweirfjt title. When -Terrv sleoDcrl MO info "ie I'ohtweleht class to beat the ciiv- i<-lnn's champion. Frank Ern». Into insensibility within a few rounds, thn Tirooklv dvnamlter hurt c'ani- ivi-ed to helehts never before or firm attained by the smaller fl'hters. Terry automatically fought hlm- felf out of opponents. .(AUK.) .coumn When Young Corbett Astonished Ringsters bark the pages t,, MaM, 31, UESTMY, Kennett and Blylhoville to .Meet on Local Gridiron Tonight Perhaps some of ths Notre Dame alumni—both the official jjrads and by the local club from Tenn. The lhe adopted variety— have been out only a few days under tile cll- yelllng blue murder since tlis dowr.-i rccllon or Joe Craig, will meet fall of the Rnmb.'ers In Pitt Sta- "•- "'-•— : — --' --- - dlum. can help .Hunk Anderson. Hunk happens to be a man with n tto Mtssourians In an aggregation from • So when n filnt chnl (he fa rwest was sent 'iced bov T'IOSP name wn:-, WH- ll'm Rnthi»»ll. nnd who. und->r ttw name of Y^un* Corbett. lurt wn ft'-.fnw smn'l flvhls on thi> Pacific Coast. Mcnovorn and )i! s imna- p^" acnortted with ftlacrilv. ^ The bout was arranged at H.irt- f"T<i. Conn. McGowm held hii fr,-> IWtlv Fa had snent most of his l<"iinim ««"slons In thi> pav cnf"sontlrn»i1- • F.av, . where he was the toast of problem on Ills hands, and don't think he doesn't know It. T.-.e pro!:km is the Q-3-2 defense. I Where the gosh-darncd thinz originated, nobody scorns to know. Rome say It ivas lorn In the fertile brain of riernie Blerman 'now Minnesota coach) when Bernic was coaching at Tulane/Anyway, Bier. man tried It out on the Georgia i eleven, which was reached by Harry I .Melire strictly along Notre Dam: • lines. Old C-3-2 smearsd Georgia tackle thrusts and .smothered G23r- Bia passers before they could gel . the ball away. a • \ a : Army Has It, Tioo i Last year Army bobbed up with -' the same sort of defense against ; Notre Dame. It worked to jiericc- • '_ - -—-, —— .,--.. fit . ., ^.vtuit: *IFM; nic aiHjvc. 11 snows't; 0 p Even Marchy Schwartz could- h!s fcalhprnrl s lil crown ,vhcn C'orbclt knockfrt him out In the ««md round of ,(heir n'siil -it Hart-'tre Dame parsers were eilhV so ford, (,'cnn., in 1301. After Uils picture was snapjwil Curbed gave Terry ajioihcr IxMlinf, knock-,' '""Tied that they threw wildly, or ins him out In (lie clcvtnlh ruurxl. In renter'or Picture is Kd Grancy. famous old time"' referee i wcrc n!>llwl wlth lhc bali ln t;ielr ' ' hands. that has already annexed one or two victories. Although Ciaig has some likely I material for his eleven the visitors i will probably rule the favoritos ! :'ince they have had more time to ; In shape than the Blythevilie ' bovs. The came Ls to be played for 1 lhe benefit nf the new Haley Field ! lighting equipment Installed this; year. ' I Craig had .'.everul combinations, working out in the backflclt! for Ihe locals last night but the start- Ing line-up tonight Is still - very much in doubt. Among lhe backs nrc Cloar, Warrington, Dillahunty. Featlierstom, Brogdon, Gaaske, Poltcr, Surge and .others. The line stacks up with a number of former B. H. S. stars and i ex-college performers. Included in wilh the local aggregation. Whelli- ci nny of iht? invitations will be accepted depends largely on the outcome financially and in team play tonight. HOME THEATRE Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday •A/alinee and \i{jlit— 10 and 25c 'AYR Duke "Plays the Devil" With Dixie Grid Machines as he SAt In 1)1" drw- in? roorA in Hartfonl, n^n'tinc tlio call-'to the rlnq. Terry's thrmehts were of the T-arlv he would pm- v>Ap for his frl"i"ls ns sonn ns this . trivial .fob hid been attended to. Ri'ddenrt ihe™ was B rude kno n k at-the door. It was flimt men. end there Flood the nlnmi> form! of Yourv? Corbptt, grinning under • . lh« cute b»nes that hung 50 neatly V over his forehead. "Pome on nut and pet vniir CTnrty." taunted Corbett. "Tonight your- are imtag to get the licking of Tcmr life.".. . McGovern answered with a scream .of rare, after it. dawned r>ii him that this fresh brat hurt tw effrontery to kid a world's champion, OnVv stronsc arms kc'nt Terry from starting the ficht before the contestants were even in the ring. "t - • • 'At the bell, Tery leaned Ftralrhl n.cross the ring to overwhelm his foe. Corbett, pinning, stood un quietly in his corner.' McGovern's furious rush was met by a right that nearly tore'his head off. McGovcrn was livid with race. He rained punches at the dcsuiscrt upstart: but Corbett stonoed. reached over with his open glove, clawed Tent's head back unrl then crashed over a right that dropoed the Terror in the corner of the ring. As Corbctt walked calmly away, McGovern crawled np tlw ropes. flung himself into the fl<rtil, and traded blows until the bell. The second round, like the first, saw a pinwheel of action. Mc- Govcrn. gritting his teeth, his eyes blazing like a madman's, drove Corbett to the ropes in a hail of swinging blows. It looked as though the westerner would have to succumb—when suddenly Cor- tett slipped out toward the iiiM- dle of the ring and turned to meet another wild rush. Terry rushed and hooked over his left. Inside of it flashed Corbett's short right to the jaw—n cold knockout. * * • - . McGovern and the boxing fraternity s-erc dated even (o Ihi next day. The following afler- noon Terry came across the grinning Corbett in a restaurant "You can't claim my title; shouted Terry, "you were over lh> weight!" "You can keep your old litlo." laughed Corbett, '-but whenever . I walk down the street they'll say TO TODAYS H A HOLD I R F. II ) CHANGE, famou All-America (ool- bnJl Ii ;i If back, wore 77 on Ills! Jersey. The PAN A.MA CANAI. «-ns Ol'KNUO to navi K ;Uioii in lull T]]» i-'I.O Vf Eli Is the ZINNIA I rAoh« rj,; f.-JJI^ - I. »VC- .UP IM| l^S Vanderbilt Proud of Coach NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—Van- tebllt claims it is building up a reputation for .producing coaches thnl compares favorably to such Echcols as Notre Dame. Eleven head and associate conches claim Vanderbilt as their Alma Mater. This list include: Gus Morrow, at Cumberland; Ray Morrison, nt S. M. U.; Josh Coly, and RUES Cohen, at Vanderbilt; Jimmy ITnygood, nt Southwestern- P Ov- ]crall, at T. P. I.; u. E. Eagle, nt , Lambuth; Zach Curlin, at'Elon; Jess Neely, at Clemson; and Lewis Hnrdngs at Oklahoma. , Three Blue Devils from Duke— .lurk Dunlap, upptr kft, suanl; E. B. Dunlap, lower left, crntfr, anil Nick Ijnejr, triplt-thrrat Ii.ilfli.-irk. Box in Barnyard Aids Calf at Cafeteria OXFORD, Miss. (UP)—A. cow and her midget calf showed intel- igence. or Instinct, when they co- [f the panss «.v N'EA Service DURHAM, N. C.—The Duke Un!- ersity Bhic Devils may r.ol tc inning all of [heir foolb.ill games gainst teams in the Southern Con- but they're making !t l:ot Alabama, has brought nough for lenms they jilay iu-=e Satan liimself lous. to to turn cn- Auburn and Tennessee, two leaders in the conference, bad to hustle to 'trim the Dukes by close scores. Kentucky went clown. Wallace Wade, former coach of , along slowly and 1ms liis team developed such outstanding linemen as the . ! Dunlap brothers, and a backfleld — ] ace in "Crooning" Nick Laney, who's -here goes the guy who knocked I P rcll >' fftlr - ul Terry McOovcrn.' " I AH Nick has done this year is McGorern fretted for n chance '° ' lv ' cr '^ c ilbDut slx ynrsls a Irip o avenge this stinginc defcai It '" five g ' 1mcs - Ilc lla ' 111rictc °W vas given [o him two vears later n Ic;v rllns ot G0 an(I 10 ynr<ls - Allrt n San Frnucisco Dnt Ymmtr Cor slll ff lc - l!! " u!c < 1 '•« has «'on only one ictt proved the victory was no Or hvo iamcs Ior lne oul(it - Isn ' 1 fluke by slopping McC.ovem again, lh " enough? his time in n rounds Ihc Dlllll ap brothers pby along- AfcGovcrn's star had sot \c-\^ cacl > oth « <JJ V' e lin =' Jlick -,,»! j , , ls n B imr(l ' and his ""Other, E. B. LM-pZ,. n" , f"""' 11 "' 1 ftn " «« Is center. The latter Is a sopho lie was washed °U)- 5 ^ 19> j m ? rc y ^ h ' m ? 181 l 10 ""^. Jack I at 21. After nn imim-1 the learn. They hail ircm^ fight or two he retired, i Okla Within a few years he wem to his grave—a broken shell (bat hart contained a great, game, fighting This year PHt came up wilh O1J G-3-2 herself, with modifications by (he good Dr. Sutherland. Again No'.re Dame looked very bad indeed. The line bucks piled up before they could get stavled, and \otre Dame made a sorry spectacle of herself when she started passing. * * • How It Works What is tnis 6-3-2, and how does it function against Notre Dame style? Well, it's very simple when you stop to think about il. Just place six men on the line of scrimmage, pulling one of the linemen back. TliLs lineman and two of the backs ulay behind the defending liiie. Further back are the two other backs. The three men Just, behind the line are ready to go to whichever fide the play goes. The plan gives tl?rc3 men immediately behind the line, where theere were only two before. Usually the faster of the linemen is the one pulled back to work with the secondary. ' In this way there is a halfback flanking each (tickle and a loose player In the middle ready to swing either way with the play. Of course, (here is a short side of Ihe line, caused by pulling one" of Ihe linemen back, there being two men on on side of the center, and three men on the other. - * • Extra Secondary -The Sutherland modification of the 0-3-2, as noted by this writer (lil-Ing the PItt-Notre Dame struggle, places the man who is backing the short side of the line a little farther back than his two fellow secondaries. . ''. The 6-3-2 gives Notre Dame- coached teams the problem of blocking out or getting past an'ex- . the group which will probably be available for service tonight, are: Wallace, Ben Elliott, B'Olis KcoJice, Addison Smith. O.scar Elliott, Ead?s, Rternbcrg, Colston, I Rayder -Kirkendal, Christian, and others. Little is known of the Kennett team except that it has a victory over the Portasjeville town team to its credit and is sponsored by Everett B. Gee, who picks his boys to show the Blythevilie team a fas'. brand of football. Offers for :gnmes liave been re- . an attack in which Notre Dame al- J no nildgci Jersey, weighing j vvnys hns excelled, the value of tills HI, pounds .and measuring uMextra man in the immediate back- inches in height, was too short lo | field is tremendous reach Its mother's udder. So the cow Instinctively stood licside a small box in the barnyard, the calf climbed atop the "box aii'1 gained the needed altitude. Drake Off Irish Sked The seven-year scries of foal- ball games between Notre Dame and Drake, arranged by the late Kiiulc Rocknc and Osslc Solcm. a fellow Norwegian, endod iviili tire game Hie two teams ptayrri thl; Mr. Anderson's problem is to de- vase a plan that will take this extra secondary out of the way of the ball carrier, so Notre Dame can continue those long runs through tackle that marked the Rcckne regime. » » » It's No ripe Mr. Anderson knows he has a tough job on his hands. On returning from Pittsburgh, lie lined «p the frosh with the C-3-2 defense, gave the first-siring players the ball and told them to get going. The frosh did tlic same thlnu with the varsity attack that Pitt had done, and t!:al the Army had done trefore that. They piled np Hie tackle thrusts, and harassed or smolliered the forward p.iss?rs. Mr. Anderson has known for - time about this 6-3-2, au-J last spring began concentrating on some plan to bsat it. It seems to me that one of Ihc test football stories of the year will bs concerned with this defense, which may spell success or failure of Hunk ns i coach at Notre Dam?. As the 'word goes aroi'nd. more and more teams will throw old *-3-2 into thr pith of the Irish Is "it possible that the Notre Dame football dynasly will stumble over something a.s simple as all that. Old SUg« Coach Driver Rides m First Plane INDIANAPOLIS (UP)-Leonard Jrris, Civil War veteran, former _ , s*a«e coach driver and friend of • Jesse James, celebrated his 87th' • ' birthday anniversary here by tak- ins a ride In an airplane. Slim, white-haired and still bearing a soldierly attitude, Ferris enjoyed a ride with Sam Jones, a pilot, whom Ferris has known since babyhood. They \vere accompanied by Ear! Zink', Ferris'! grandson. j Ferris erplaiued that during the I stage coach days he became ac- : riuainted with Jesse James. "He ; stayed at our house sometimes." i Ferris said. "We joked and swap-1 ped stories many times. He was' jolly and kindhearted. not black: like he has been painted." in hit greatest picture since "All Quiet." Wyoming Citizen VotedJ 0r Lincoln KEMMERER, Wyo. (UP)_ Kem . merer has amone IK ciH. only man in WyomirV',^.'" l he wno voted for Abraham Lincoln ' coin county's oldest citizen aud'i!^ only Civil War veteran county. Kverythinp for Your Em er . tainment and Comfort RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25 C Nijjht—10 and With Maurtcn O'Suili»«n and ""V olhtrj. Screen play by Willram Antkony McCuirc. Pro- du«d by C.rl L«ramle, Jr. D.r.cled by Ta, f,c. stnted by Carl laemmlc. A UNIVERSAL P1OURE. low-born,;brutoU« become filled Vrth lhe glory of Sovefoi ft e lady "*" ial oione! GEORGE RAH CONSTANCE CIWMINGS WYNNE GIBSON MAEWESTsnJ AUSOI^IPWOBTH tttOtcture Ne^YS and Comedy | You couldn't make a better buy than THE FAMOUS SAHARA COAL |; — "Hot as the sands of the desert"— THE COAL THAT SELLS ITSELF Distributed ONLY by the SUPERIOR COAL CO. Phone 123 Also other High Grade Coal of all kinds heart. Jo!m Mead and his five sons op- ! crate the "Great Western" railway . -ii in Wales. Dr.MF.McCotchen Dentist STEELE.MO. Phone 85 TRY THIS! Gillette BLUE BLADE • We have told you that the "BLUE BLADE" has edges harder than glass. Take a "BLUE BLADE" and cut a window pane (preferably your neighbor's). Then drop us a lino about your experience and we will send you two new blades with our compliments. Gillette Safety Razor Company, Boston, Massachusetts. Order Your Winter Save yourself Hie inconvenience of having to wait your turn on a cold day when all dealers hre swamped with orders. 'Be prepared ... let us fill vour bin today. "Our Coal is Blnck. but We Treat You While" Buchanan Coal Co, Phone 107 JThe Parker Pen Company Announces: _ ^ Look at these liberal allowances * )5 Duofold or UdyDuoM4 Pen, only O — and an old pen *3.7S P«n«il to match, only «5 — and an old pencil miUdy Duotold Pencil, only £ - and an old pencil $7 Parker Duofold Sr. Pen, only O ~ and an old pen $4.15 Pencil to match, only O - and an old pencil 110 Duofold D» Lira* Pen, only 7 - and an old p«n $5 D* LUM P«ndl to rrulch, only 4 - and an old pencil A Timely Trade-in Sale for the New Term of School and the New Businest Upturn To re<uic« retailers' stocks for l»te ttl\ and Chrutmu shipments, P»rker offtra you t 11.25 to 1260 ctsh allowance tor your old pen on the new stretmlined Parker Duotold Pen, or 76c to $1.00 for an old mechuii- c»l pencil on a fine new •tretmlined Duofold Pencil. The Duofolds offered »rt NOT discontinued models, but Parker's finest »nd I«test—«xclusive jewel-like colors in non-breakable Permanite — S«a Green and Black, Black and Pearl, Blick, Jade, and others— all gold mounted, and all with Parker's Buper-*rnooth. "special-order" Duotold point, ettra ink capacity, and quick-starting, non-clogging.feed. The Pens and Pencils you trade in do not have to b« Parkers. We only require thittht old pen have a Hk gold point. So ransack the home and office for old p*na and pencils. Take them to the nearest pen counter, trade them in, like cash, and walk out with a brand „ —,., — - — a brand new- Parker Duofold Pen or Pencil, or both. But hurry- Parker reserves the right to withdraw this offer at aay „ _. „. time. The Parker Pen Co., Jwiesvilte, Wisconsin. ** W«.!»"»?« ™L»!«n- TO DISCONTINUE THIS SALE AT ANY TIMB^INOT

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