The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 15
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TOBSUAT, APRIL «, 1948 Low-Cost Homes Described by FHA Federal Agency Says Two, Three Bedroom Houses Cost $4,000 By Dean Ultlmcr United Press Staff Correspond™' WASHINGTON, Ajiril 0. (UP/ -1 ''Sound and liable" two and Ihrce bed-room homes can be built ntiit imanccd today for less than $4000 the. Federal Housing Aclministra- tion has reported. Tlie FHA cited as jiroof coiislnic- tion operations in Arizona, Tcnncs- fee una Michigan, in those states. more than 1.000 such homes have been constructed or will be completed by the end of this year. At Jackson, Tern:., a local luin- *JfT T company lias . 50 homes com- T-icted or Hearing completion at prices ranging from $3,00o to S3 603, exclusive of land. The firm expects . to build 2CO before the year's end., Five basic designs have been developed for the houses. Each includes two or three bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen Each house has closets, electric wiring, running water, wash basin shower toilet and kitchen sink, Federal Housing reported. Financed at 4 l-2«- r Financing is handled by local institutions under (lie FHA's Clais Three insurance program which calls lor a maximum loan of S3.000 at 4 1-2 per cent interest. The loans generally mature In 15 years. Average downpaymcnt for the Tennessee houses is J500. Monthly payments are $27 on a 15-year lonn. Housing Commissioner Franklin D. Richards said that while the Jackson, Tenn., low-cost home construction effort may seem comparatively .small, "it is obvious what could be accomplished with even a very small portion of the builders of the country going in for this type of operation." New Duplexes on Chickasawba Avenue Hint Permits tor $37,500 In Building* /itued Here During Month of March Two building permit* were Issued liore from (lie office of city En- Rlncer Jne Carney last week, rnls- IIIR to nine the tolal of residential and business construction authorized dnrliiK Mnrcli. Jleslririitlal coiutrucllon In (he 'slimmed ninount of $;n,500 wns listed In seven pcrmlu Issued last monlh. Ono was for «n addition Two penults for business building cmi.itnicllon and one for lulilHlons and repair were, Issued last month showing an estimated cost of $5000 The permits issued lust week were to: t . Wlllnrd n. Hiifnhinn. for a jtru-- a«e and stunino house nt ni'J Chlekasawba; etlmaled cost, $500 noy Shepherd, torn loin- niirl unu- htilf room frnino residence nl. 408 E. nose; MtltiMtcd cost, 1.000. Home Should Be Designed From Inside "For years and years houses have been traditionally designed from the 'outside in,'" writes Mrj. Max- inc Livingston, Family Home Editor of Parents' Magazine In the recently released book, "Expandable Home for Families with Children." "The design usually began with some exterior .scheme, possibly « central door with windows on either side. Then after the exterior was designed and satisfied the prospective home oK-ner'j aesthetic taste, (he rooms were made to fit Inside the shell of the house. But If houses are to be homes In the luilest sense, they must be planned from the 'Inside our to suit the family's way of living." To meet the challenge of designing homes tailored to suit the fam- , ily, instead of trying to fit the fam- „, . —Courier Neva Photo Shown above are four recently-completed duplexes erected In thi> 1000 bloclc on Chickasawba Avenw by Magnolia Courts, Inc., corporation d year wllh MB>: i - kit , P asted T"' plastered walls and hL apMtmc " U «' u *'» s "ving room, dining d bath ' ^ b '' 1Ck l " 1115 haVB """^ »" e heated by propane floor furnaces SEAL MOISTURE OUTOF X.' CONCRETE BLO Prctett and Decorate at Low Cost with BONDEX You can'r enjoy o concrete home trial's damp. Keep Ihe oufsido walls dry wilh Bondex—and ot Hie fame lime color-style them. tondtx a easy to brujh on. 5 >b. pkg. makti about tJ/)C on* gallon, while rlvS Color Siylingldea, i a the BONOEX Color Chart. Free, from.™ BONDEX iemwtjaint Insulating Board Picked for Use in Engineered Home Insulating board products, widely empJoyed In modem home construction because they serve the dml purpose of building material and insulation, are particularly adaptable to engineered homes, according to •!. B. Blackburn, manager of the Insulation Board Institute, Chicago. He points out. for example thut insulating board sheathing is belns used in three Industry Engineered Homes of frame construction being erected at the University of Illinois. Modular Idea User! "These homes." he explains, "are part of R nation-wide program inaugurated by leaders in the building Industry to reduce the cost of good housing. An Industry Engineered Home is one. which is based ily to the Parents' Magazine made a national survey among thousands of young families with children to determine what kind of homes they need and want. As a result, the six expandable homes featured and illustrated In the Wood Filler Gives Smooth Surface To Floors of Oak Many buyers of newly built lioiise s these days are doing some of tlic finishing work themselves as n means of cutting costs or of speeding occupiuicy in nreas where shortages of labor h nve retarded completion^ of their houses. Builders point out. many of the finished tasks can be performed satisfactorily by non-professionals providing the latter arc diligent jii observing approved practices In finishing oak floors, for instance, it is often is advisable, after the final sanding, to .apply paste wood filler to fill the minute crevices in the wood and provide a smooths Mil-face for the subsequent finish Oak flooring, incidentally. Is an almost universal choice lor well qon- i-tiucted homes because of jjs gleaming natural beauty, its durability and ease of maintenance. Whether to use paste Illler usually depends upon tlie type of final finish to be applied. Certain types of Moor seal, for instance, contn'n tiller. When these are (o be used, 'he paste filler Is unnecessary! BDHBARD HARDWARE 00. 213 W. Mlln St. . ». HOBINSOS LUMBER OO 319 W. Ash ARKANSAS PAINT. OLASI * WALLPAPER 00. 105 K. M«in Si MISSISSIPPI COTJNTT LUMBX1 1601 W. M«in SI. "».\!°cV£X°XX BONDEX HYDRAimC CEMENT . „. „„ u * lu 1IHIJH (ILC[,1 IH LUC - ,-._,. book, were designed by leading arch- ; Otherwise it invariably i s recom- ItecU based upon the wealth of in- \ mended. Directions for application formation revealed by the survey. vary somewhat win, dl fe, " "Much thought was given to ellfii- brands, and it Is important that in , a n- structions be followed closely in order to obtain the smoothest possible surface. If stnin has been ap- inating wnsle Spaces „, ..^^. K them to a minimum."-Ample storage facilities have been provided Including a place for "the baby's plied pVcvionsly "u'shoui'ri be Ihn .^•a.^^.^ s xr to^,s IMS I ss«^ -^^^ »nd economically as conditions or changes In family status require. "But mMt lni|X>rtant of all." add.l Mrs. Livingston In the preface to the book, "the plans were studied and considered from the children's other plied. finishing materials are Paint Bucket Takes on New Significance Today's high cost, and scarcity of building materials plnccs paint on top of (he [1st ns n preserver of wood, nirlal nnd brick surfaces. Applied correctly nnd wllh the proper equipment, pnlnt more than pays for llsclf timing]! the yctii 1 - by protcclliig surfaces o.vposrrt to the element. 1 ;. Since most palnls art drvOgncri for specific purposes, the selection of R jininl Is ol first importance, Unless skilled In the ait of choslni; pnlnt. the average person should rcl v on the advice of n reputable l dealer when purchasing It. I'moiis I familiar with pnlnl ingredients. | however, may realize a considerable i saving by mixing paint, on |h c Job Paint Is n mixture' n f solid nnd liquid components, so It Is Imnor- _ lant to mix IhoroiiKhly the con- i tents of tiny container h'rforc painting. To do this, It is helpful to linvc two galvanized steel palnl bucket*, which nrc extremely sturdy and are equipped with bull handles for ensy carrying, pour hair of the palnl into each bucket, remembering to loosen the setlli-d pigment In the original container, then pour the paint back and forth several limes Irom one container to the other. The Importance of usinj? Rood paint brushes can not be over-estimated. A poorly made paint brush loses bristles and Rlvcs nn uneven distribution of pnint. A good brush holds pnlnt well, permits nn even flow of ptlnt and will not shed Ms bristles. When purchasing brushes. It Is veil worth the few extra cents involved to get those thnt arc set In cement or vulcanized rubber. Finally, remember that, il is better to apply two thin, evenly distributed coats of pain than Just, one coat which Is thick nnd bumpy. f point of view, children are the most impelling reason for a family's desire to build or buy a house, yet far too often the problem of . planning the house for happy fam- i " ily relationships Is overlooked. " COLOR KEYED.. BLOSSOM BRIGHT Wallpapers lh«t harmonize wilh your drapes and upholstery COMPLETE the charm of your home. Our selection included * wide variety of patterns. Our prices are very reasonable. Wallpaper* 25c per roll up. The Aristocrnfs in Wall,,ap cls: York, Birge, United Weaves, White Rose »nd Uniied Wallpapers. ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY 105 East Main Street Phon* 2272 on partial standardization ot design iviUii/i a modular pattern called a 'domino.' A domino is a 16 by £1 fool unit which can be multiplied to fit space requirements of any familv. The unils can be arranged in innumerable patterns providing an almost endless variety a! exterior architectural treatments as well as a wide diversity ol interior arrangements, "We might de-scribe an Industry Engineered Home a-s n compromise between pre/nbrication and orthodox construction. The chief aims and results in construction according to this new concept are reductions in on-site labor, together with curtailment of the cost of production nnd rilsribution of building ms- crials thai go into the house." • FOR : WET WALLS 'stAQUELLA Don'l despair) A«|ucHa hai succetdctl where oilier materials have fnilctl. Internationally known —nationally advertised. Sec -us for. *)QC: cnrr.plrlc details *^ Aqiic'll. ' WP* <bo E. C. Robinson Lumber Company 31i) West Ash St. 1'lione 551 PAINT TOUR HOME NOW! Safepiard your In- mtnwnt. Don't let M v — ^ » Painlinjr is one of the greatest improvcmenfs you can make, Keep your home young and bright looking — prevent premature aging. Today's neglected painting becomes tomorrow's burden Neglect causes decay outside — falling plaster and peeling wallpaper inside. Be ffi^ — Sp^jfr . . . K..J.I....U, VANE-CALVERT PAINTS E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY "Friendly Building Service" 319 Wist Ash St. 551 l*m to •tllo fun Exhibit* will be open from J p.m., until lp:30 p.m. d«y. An annex will display on-the-slt* building equipment, of Interest to hom«- of the Mid-South: Milton J. Brock, national of the Home Builder* t of America, »rUl officially •how at i pjn. April opaa tfa* Real fstof*, Butinttt, Farm and Auto r. H. A. and O, I, l.otnm •n New and Kulslln* Home* L 0 A N $ For buylni, reflnanelnf, halldlnr, - *'«rm r«nd« and Auto Itana, Qafek UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 10« S. i.l-lnirmi, Bld r -0roimd Hoor ^ * A. r. "l»e«" Dlttrlrh, M»n»*« "Complete Insurance 8«Tl«" Mid-South Home Show To Be Held April 11-18 The Memphis nnd Mid-South' Homo Show will be held In ihe Sheluy County Dullrtlng nt (lie' Memphis Fairgrounds April 11-18.' The show will feature exhibits i find demonstrations of products nnd . designs loi- the home. ranging from foundation to mot mul heatln K sys- ' You don'l n«d n I.l«cop» to fat a qood (!« palnl. «lr. ' ]!'« right undtf vow n, can ol SANI FIAT. FLAT loi y.nt.. 1C. a d.ptnd abl«, washabi* oil palnl which !• trul y U al. wJ th a v»l»«ty Uxtuia a nd a colwi an<j» that will ftafetf your fa*l«. ' And, lit colon mm ItnHnq. You'll rail JAHMTAT « r»rf And/ DEAL'S PAINT STORE lltfl K.nt Main St. . I'lume 4 ICO ilODAY. \ WE ARE EQUIPPED TO DO THE JOB! • EXPERIENCED MEN • ELECTRICAL KNOW-HOW • LOW PRICES CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP ' 116 North Fir«r PhoM 2993 YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU TO BIND THE NATION'S WOUNDS Whenever disaster strikes, the Red Cross rushes aid to th« icent. Wherever a veteran needs help, the Red Cross stands ready to assist him. Though disaster relief and veterans' welfar* nre two of its most imiwrlanUervices to the nation, the Red Cross performs many others of great value. Your support makes these vital services possibl*. • . Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manner "Water 7g Your Cheapest Commodity" .

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