The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on April 25, 1961 · Page 15
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 15

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1961
Page 15
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\ Tigers Trip Yanks, 4 to 3, for Eight Straight Lary Scatters Seven Hits to Extend Jinx Bengal's Longest Winning Streak Since 1949 - DETROIT W-~ Yankee killer Frank Lary pitched the Detroit Tigers to their eighth straight victory Monday, beatinj New York 4-3. The winning stteak is Detroit's longest since 1949 when the Tiger.* won 10 in a row. Ite sturdy rifhIJiandar ran hit lifetime murk arftfnrf fte Ysii(«$ to S4-* with a Mat stvtn-hifter. Itookie Steve Boros and Norm Cash presided the punch for Lary's tluro. straight triumph, Boras hitting safely three times Mcrnf/e Lome, Knee Swo/fen And Inflamed DETROIT (AP)-- Tht New York Yank-Mi' woes ai* pfflnff UP Not wily are (hey having frou- We TUimnj in the American! League. but injuries threaten UN make the winning «en mort dif-5 Jicnlt 1 Mickey Mart]*. Uw slugging center fielder, pull*d up lane in the 4-L loss to Baltfaigi* Sunday H* managed to plaj Monday as the Yankees lest to Detroit 43,1 KANSAS CITY (APt-- The MHI-] fcut hu right JIJIM-- fte one pper-jUftsota Twins scored four rwis Jn ated on In 1W3-- is swollen and in- file IMh wniig of an "T Pr J flamed. plagued baseball game ilcndsjj CleLus Bo«r Is another casuaJ-mlghi lor a Ifl-t victory over ty. He did not play ajainst ihe Kansas Cify Athletics Tigtr* because of a bmrsd hand The i-ictny fcejt ilia second- Deron Johnson subbed for him at place Twins wifun wie-TialJ game MANTLE SCORES WHEX DETROIT OUTFIELDER JUGGLED BALL--Outfielder Mickey Mamie, of the New York Yankees, sliding safely into home pJale in first inning Monday against the Detroit Tlgets Detroit catcher Dick Brown puts tht tag on Mantle who scoied from first on a lilt to leU field by yogi Berra. Tiger ouifieldei- Rocky Colavito jugjled the ball befcne tossing to Brown and was charged with an error. (AP WirephotJ. Twins Erupt To Win Over A's in Tenth Keeping Posted RTM in 10th With Bill Reddy Inning Saves J. C. From Rout Play at Jersey City Tonight Chiefs Release Wiesler, Sign Rookie Infielder Th« S y r a c u s e Chipfe began "Operation Shskeup'' yesterday by releasing Pitcher Bob Wiesler. adding PUchet- Bert Cueto la their eligible list, and also adding rookie iotwtder to their rosier. The newcomer is Dick Rollins, a red-headed youngster who has had only hall a season of experience in organized ball but who Is regarded by Ihe parent Minnesota. Twins a s a n o u t s t a n d u i g prospect Rollins graduated from Kent Stale College last June eflerstpr- ring in S4\erat sports there. H? then joined the Griffith organ- nation's {arm club at W i l s o n , «d *1J i r a u n d , tut 341. He 1* capable ol pi l y i n g second or which has principally intrigued Twins' bosses. He is joining the Chiefs now because n« Sut finished a ssx-inontbs' tei-m ol mill- N. C , in Class B. In 02 games the youngs I er. Tuesday, April 25. 1961 Pirates Edge Braves, 7 to 6 PITTSBURGH W-- Pittsburgh pitcher Bob Friend won his third gam. ^fhout. J* Htandv m*t but te , n «d«i! help ftorn reliever Clem Labint m a stormy ninth innmgl jn service, Th« newcomer may see iion in. Lhe lour-$am« aeries which opens in Jersey City W- mghl. Allhongh Frank Verdi did A good job of filling in jt shortstop tor ailing wuiie Mi- third base, but it is hit randa. here Sundaj, Uie second baseman, Gair AJlie, abo has acquired z charJey-tiorSe and if he need* rest Rollins probably will gel Lhe call Uiere Wiesler, a IsJt-handei who had a 4-2 iL'cord v.ith Richmond last yeai pitched Lvo jnmnjs he/e Saturday afajnst Richmond and Manager Gene V e r t 1 e decided thaL he \\oiiid need too much work to r e a c h top Jorai wilh Sjracuse. Weuler, -wh» had been bought from the Ysnkee Orfiitrt- , was 511, en his outright r * lease - third bust. retained Its of Detroit. Ti-hicti A " j "t""' League and Arvrac in t«0 runs, and Cash a R«TM D n ^ defeating Kev Tr,rk i lead Morday pulling the Tigers m front Wltll a fourth inning hunt run. The Yankees pountsd oa for two runs in the frrt wltti tbe Tielp Ol an MTOT by Tiger Ictt fielder HocVx Colavito. Starting piicher Bob Turiey singled to the se«nd, but Lary did not allow another hit until the seventh ir'sum Bill Srlcowron led jH with his sec ond home run of Hie aeaiKt ynt narrowed Petroifs margin it otw run. Turley. lifted in the Gllh inning Reltaie o£ Southpaw Bob Wiesler bv tht Sjiacuse Chiefs eslLtiay doesn't mean that the veterans career over, but Bob must be wondering if he made the rightf choice thii spring A Yankee chattel Ici JERSEY CITY. N J if--A several jears. IViesSer spent last season heavy rainstorm prevented the; wilh Richmond but pitched only 29 mmngs, J«C£M Cily Jereejs from defeat; Hilh a 4-2 reCQitf This spiiiis hcie Monday night jn the series' it became doubtful if Wiesler v.-ould regain sharp control, he offered a icb ^ as a manager in the Yankee chain. The Tie Leafs hsd scored five runs Tantih - 5 Yankees have a high regard for his poten- in the top rf ib* tenth and VPI-R HittHLooi 5 tifll. though his pUchine futuie iray not be «"diii£ 7-2 wilh one out m tefote Ihe Firatts chalked up a 7-6 victory over Milwaukee. Friend had jpwn up only five] hits and was ahead 7-4 gc he ninth But \V« CovinHton'i single, ivfl-base error bj Pirate 1 stop Dick Groat and Charlie Lau's and Verbl* Hunks he will be able 1o perform Oy scored OHF mn John consistently for the Tribe The 6-i riebt-nanded Cuban had a. 6-S Owd ant. hut JoEinisy ^"^ Wl1h Chari ° Ue last ? ear J Logan followed inUi a run-scoruig A placed wwtout by the deuble. Manager Denny Mur^aiieh Chiefs, who had no game sched- of Ihe Pirfitei then S^moned," 1 * 11 jeslerdaj 1 , uas called vtc Labine frtn the bullpen end fiJbecause of the gol Roy McMillan on a grounder ltl e field, but plaers sal m I to end Ihe jame two-tour meeting IP (he club- Earl Battey doubled to nghl center for thrw runs ID ihe 10th after the stage had been set by a- Bob Allison single, sandwiched between Iws Athletics errors mat was sr j]d to Syracuse In two innings here Saturday, put runners on base. Kent. Ber- gavfi up tour ^^ to dK same RiCh mDnd Club for which ho toia ic?fi tli* cake with a double of tfie frame «ame. The umpires INTCRVAHGNAL LtAGUE W L I 1 Columbus 4 L San 'drcve m a pair or mns w i t h one O f ; n tn5 lhal Lefty __,. . , . ,, -PJS rams «ame. Trie umpires Jersey CHy . . . . 1 Anyway. Wiesler decided that he still wslted 49 m i n u t e s b9fgre c ,u ine it-ichesier 1 wanted b3 pitch, that he still could iv.n. Be inc romcsL on acccunt ol rein STRACLSE I turned down the managerial chance^ and and »?i grounds. Because the Buffalo - · and his Bob PwterfidiL. . who have been Pcl MiMauKee jumped off lo B I.Q ar a * prlchftif mainstays. ·*» lead in (he first, 'Ralph Lumetite aid Bob TM The Pirates k£}oed ma 7 b ? pressed into Ktvjce ·"** sLsrler Bob BuW wilh four niii^ HMH«r than planned. Both reed ·*" and Tour hits m Hie fourUi mimg more ^ orfc Mlan lhev -l * tlat] ' ]JP ~* 3 Die): Stuart led tfl mill a triple s PrmE lot it has ben decided '55J and Gjni) Cimoli ^-jidfed ihescenjig to us * lllem ^gainsl Jersey '" when Ihe Tigers fourth run, suffers teat after two Tictoriea, Lary. meanwhile. scored Iheir his nrst «- home Ills third straiettt complete- game success. He -s-Blhed one bai- ter and ftt another but. as he always is against the Yankees he was toughest wilh men on hase. After Skflwrnn's home run. De- roD JohnSfrn and Bobby Richard' son singled But Lary EPt pinch hitter Jesse Gender to hrt into a doubleplay. then rebred Tony Kubek on a fly to nght. Laiy finished wilh B flourish. getting Stowron jind pinch hitter John Blanchard on stnhiJ In Ihe ninth ]mung. Singles by Roger Mans. Starter Jim Kaat held tlae Ath-i'° ]etics hitliss until tlie fifili inning. wJien^wilb twc cut -- he yielded iuctKEive u-alkE to Marv Thrmeherrj' and J*e Pignslano and successive Elrgles b D«n year. JfTM it's up to Bob U find aMOl her lr y to prove la himself that he slill "has U" on Ihuir (hill t tenth I lie fit (· tallied a*d r" 51 *"* relieved Puhl and retired the side. ]l uite be Result Yesterday Toranl* t, J3r.;i GJ^ 1 (called At same At lie Larsen and pair of runs Hwrjer for Larsen. trying to scors benind Plgnatano, was cut _ r --,,--.,, j rr ... -down at the plate for the ihird fa Hi chin-Hid wid looted as^sdsatbca^afield and ai. bat--as cut The Twins ipuddy regained She laad in the sixth when three nsns scored on A tbtoinng error and o ualks bepn aied to Ihff ninlti innina saw the clubs deafl-locksd at 2-2 ft was We second limt In Hit scTirfultrl four game seiiw thai' ram helped Jersey Citj. Last Saturday night the Lenta fteJd a 4-1 lead jn ttis bottom hilf of the fourth inntDg wlicu a hea' ramslorm also washed wul the remainder ol the contest I Jersey City loaft a 1-0 lead in J the fourth but the Leafs cvcntu- jally ueri u up xi'itli singletons in ,, , the ·eiehlh and ninth framw. , Perhaps Kit ctmlidenct of the youjhftfl Vecs is iJlustrated tn,ToioxTO Jcn*irr a T v Hie bases had th e planning of George Haney, rookie righthander -ftiio canie off 1 ,, «" t * 5' ,,,,,, ta1t . ft 1 * 1 !! H T1J1 Ir r t F c rri rrj£i *.i_ ^ i T T r i · f ^lor^n *"* 4 u ] '(I i Jft rrfjn "^1 i u u u , ,, _ , i»" «' £JnJ((e^|^^ 1 e Clemson campus W5t June and seems ID have made the jmi'au ib · 5 « ORi.'.rtt er » n i n and a wajk Reliever Ed Xwikel - radH in Trip le A aJready. t-ok 01 er at that point and rc-lju n e tittle tliit (he Ctti*f:l SWlfhi "Wiesltr, Richan jafielder as part of l^e package The Viukec minor league brass thought that the yocagsiir ftescrrcd ihe chance I* plaj Triple A baseball, but didn't tliinV lltcy nould Imp him OD their Rhbrnond smiad. That offer was tuned down by the ffrracnse -club. So when tedr* GoBzalcs came up with a minor iajary, Tossy Asan) stepped in at ·second base Games Today Syracuse al Jersey Citj. Tgronlo at Colombus. at Richmond a I San Juan., had Gwizales. H was Asaro, nhoni Hie Chiefs didn't care In buy. who helped mightily to beat the Chiefs In tw» of Rich- mod's four games here. side by stnlan E out Hane) is planning to grt jnarncd in and has set the date uilh an eo to tlie Ricnrnond schedule apparentlv for iced j^ ; )gure 7 fl I 4 n t 11 1 I A tier » * 0 1 lh 3 fl n t,ATlONAL LEAGUE W L Los ATlfcJcs 8 San J"T MI Cisco . . . C 3 St. Lonii . . . fl 5 Chi?!tro E ( CinclnnaU S C 1 * . . ^ J Vcrblc of the provided o\cr flf; AIHF-P7 II nKrui.? r OH Vl'« l h p i Lhe game jn the eighth inning, j lm can pilch June T. get marncd on Jutic 8 and be re at I \ tie^ \ 11." Haney computed, note M Ule |X?i\er-]aden Vcre When Cenipr Fielder,^.'p^^" i o " n misiiatidled a single lhat bounced badlv, tiprmilling.b Johii on n J o o **i in t^j^r* -f A 4 filfj-, ^iV AAh W IT.-* H-F^ 1 1 ·· *KJ* t-Lv** ri«^-» D% n. ^ ! w v l r f p p ^ I V Ji , n J S 1 1 3 1 j n i l 3 fl 1 1 i o 1 j) t 0 ft fl 1 fl 7 1 I » o C The Braves tied the game el n, Itie slxUi when the tapped nend for three more runs Edin S lllS die Matheivs knocked in tvio Wl ih' w ' eeJeend a double and scored a run him-siw vas the «orK ol Angel self on Hank Aaron's single Obva. v ' h » PJtcJved mure than n The PiraLes went ]n front again jn '"nss in Sundays twin till in itie sixth on Bill Mazcrosti mA wh mj 5''t t^'t «ad shut- JiBine run of the ^sr The 1 ""' results Etr 10 o£ those m- Pirates adri*d single tallies ir l^e.f 1 ^ 5 "-^ stronger support. Joe seventh and again in the eighth iBomkowsh and Jim Raugh slso Pet Moe Drabo*£kr- ths thjrd of,l«*ed capable. .615 lour Milwaukee pitchers. .its charged with the IMS He is .515 0-1 for the jear, JHf. -an-nnvKEE nnsBracB j.^c , ( . 1 , '·* * fc ffl -"« 1 ^Xin*'£A i M ,. = n i zxwn ib . j i .'If .JG-f t a .rim IT ~ib WCO«L 0 u sm I 1 ) 0 1 M 7-. · n n rn« WiehLi; aai. 'a T, G. Pid-t Colavrto'serror produced the Ice runs in the brst. sot the runs the heUniP hin^ i UALO ---- --- . on two walks and doubles by Boros and Billy BrJtM. Cash socked his home run mU right field i" three Minnesota errors a n d ' a Syracuse runner W take second base, it was the first RIM- TnroneftBrrv s three-run honwr.moiid error m four games. Tlie Vees with y.x games behind produced four runs that gate them now, still haie been ehsrged with just that lone error. Cnam a fi-3 lead I Bui Ihe Turns tied it up in tho » T he bljgest thrill of my career'' Thai's what Boh Dar- ninlli on uncles by Battey and B dl, 30-year^ld riglithander, had to say about his .grand slam Only fame scheduled, Carats Today ' San Francisco A! Lai Anrcles, J!" I D T T n n rriPIH] D 1 D A D Labue D ri fi u n i L i n 3!!8at ] T ? 1 I « 0 i TBUU Jlortfi Trial! n* I! (I i e i I K f l - * Til-is for BUl In Rlh in Sth C--Tlan tor _ ^ ' -- - - -- Ml*»^ «v _J LxBAK - U K I K I I Q I I I I I V I I U ^ I ^ I I D U W D B / 4 U U U b V3 ^1 flUU Z Hertcna, a walk to Billy Gardner j home run that ga*e Syracuse its first International League an 3n[ioW out, an RBI jinele bv Zirro " iroit's fi«sl run with a single that scored KaUne dtiublerf and a throwing error by A's shortstop Houser Versalle* Has caught off second snd nirt dMvn for the final OL; MINNESOTA ,. a k r k b ! V"r =!!=; » B ft j. \ fereen i 4 n 11 * 1 1 ! BHJC- rt * 1 5 a Pmida ii i ? i o Tlubrle ,l» l«oti U :iisn" if Sio ?, a A *LnrT D j i i i 4 n i n .v. ssSilfi 3 0 If "r ftv -- 3 O O C l 'Uo .11 n IPH-J- 4 S l rj bPOire s 1 ft 41 D $ul nin c I n n 1 KKIinch'k . 0 J (I LJu-i»i2 n r M 1 fl i :si i 1 0 1 0 i n » « l l u l l n » o o TirrleT P I Tslals ~-TM%«l« 3» M 4» · ' '" ' a I S D N 5 T i l NOT York DilriMt SfuTon. BBTL. oub 5B--Tem»nd« Tuo-le* IL H "-3 Jams .. .. |w ^ 1 "- lL «,'. I «* lory Sunday. '-I've hit home runs before," added Bob, "bui this Is the first time I eier bad one with the bases loaded. 1 ' Darnell's presence at bat in that dramatic moment stemmed from the' (act Uiat he and Frank Verdi were teammates at Charleston last year. Maoager Gene \crlilc had gotten dono to what seemed liis last availalile pisicli-hillcr and prepared to call on Willie Aluandn ID lhat Ihrcc-Ou situation. Miranda was ·ont of action because of a cliarJej-lioi-se, \iliich noulil ha^e made him vulnerable to a double-play situation, but Ibere seemed little else to do. Thai'? (Then Verdi Inld Vtrble that Darnell itughl he a gtod beL Duraell had joined the club late, so lh* manager hadn't bad a chance to see him pilch or hit jel. Verdi knew thai Darnell bad hit .24R, as a pitcher last scasun, and Vtrble went along wilb. the suggestion. EIED so, Ihe grand slammer thai Darnell uncorked matched his entire home run production for Charleston In 1WQ. He kit just ODe last year. A Cortland conr«pondenl, A H. iVheeler probably voices the ire *£ mSiiy fl^a baseball fans \\hcn he complains lhat ihe usual! league same wasn't shown on TV Saturday because ·nt n| ft Ji^n 1*11--^ 3crw Cllj OKI «M nw--" E-Pfni PD-A Tntor.lo :V-la JP-- wr citi :T--I nr--HO-II innmiiJdi, UpT^n \n[tfr^Dii nnfl WfT^li Obrr**cn UOUE ma B AH am B Ah*r?i »nd ObrproQ LOB -- Toronto S Jerto 1 Miluankee at St. Louis, nirhl. P'II Philadelphia it P i t t s b u r e n , t Chicago. AMERICAN LEAGLE stuar HR~^" bE( i41D Croat ma Outfielder Sandy puttered a broken tone in his left hand Sunder, shoncd up lesterday with his hand in a cast, abl^d )«5i K*']3 be viA at least a month The CJncfs vJl flj- to Jflrwy Xbls morning, with single mg'il gsin^s sl^t^d Llicrc Loniglil Wedr-csdai. Tliursda^ and Frida\ After the PruJpy niglit game they'll tly IminediateJv to Sah Juan Puerto Rtcp. being 31 T u s aye ihoro about 7 a.m. Salurdsv oS "f u£1 Thc h a ^ e ^ Saluida) niglit o roa( po^-- gariw Sunday Double bcpdei', L Gfw'°»w and Monda r n| st« gaine booked 'phi-buj-di I iin San Juaj) Tlien they Hv A l l JLTf J EF-- Tiimnp- HIirulCS*la BB -i , .889 Dnuos W \itnisb FneiM- ir n 121 T 111 fl ? f C--Vf Mm as j Peat Me Takes Bu*fa'o Feature BUFFALO. W--Beat Me a' rank outfitter Slajed b» the cut-, sirje on a rain-co\eretl track Monday night and romped in td Buffalo rsceuai s featured. SlJOft handicap li'ot He paid' Drrvcr Tten Duftort t»k the' 500 .333 BurLhtn T-! JP A-1J ELu Pun Jvorit about 7 a ni. Tue5da Tliej'll fiy to Syracuse early Tuesdai morning ready for the first hoinc night game al the "casmi against Columbus Tties mghl .Kansas ntr . !LOJ Angeles ResulU Detroit 4. New Vorfc 3. Cleveland 5, lUIUmal-e 1. f.ns AiHf I?* 1 at f I) tea EC. rain. 'Minnesota H, Kansas City, 6 10 innings). Only yames scheduled £ame$ Today N't 11 1 urh at Detroit, nt^ht. Clcreland at Baltimore, night. i( K^isa s CM.v, Jt EKBBSOi-Tentfr* T _qSMB*f j3w*Mfflcb * -* -!-i,i!^»rts"^-JE l dS 1B Si55S I · * * D ita feai^x- 2 ^*^ rf TM damage to ue 2|-Pnmil*ttu, V=rs»ll-j If (W. 11) I . . SB---Grcfri Bnaer H R 0 4 0 2 3 0 0 1 And foi the benefit of those \\ho have griped about it. the silua- 5 tiwi isn't ]ifeely to occur again Hits season Though (he Chiefs mlJ playing Sanae james on many Saturdays, they 11 be playing them! hereafter at night, so that the TV games w.on't be conflicting. | Robinson of Albion John ., , ,^ nt I Los Angeles at CJiici^o. 1 ' 3 2J I Brosnan Soys He Hit Batters Under Orders ELOBDE SIGNS FOE MILAN, Italy (fl -^ . v Elorrie, -world junior bjjhlweight ps_Bmei?V ^ Siiit^'a champion irom Mamli. Monday K( - m****- *tm. T signtd to meet, Giordano Campari, ItetiBii lightweight ruler, in a nanliUe lO'founder in Manila May 30. -t ol " 8 1 ! 3 3 1 3 3 D D I ~° -°L*fttD°i coapie cf n thst he expected ta gtt SfiO.fmp for radio *nd TV "' "~ nghls in Puerto Rico. Now thai the transfer nfti been effected. Last December, when Mimi'i BUt Ma«DqiMld was talkuif ·bout bis plan to shift tbe afiami club to San Juan, be told HURRY! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! Sir A--I MI Busso Loses Two Decisions in Sf. Nick's Arena reports in The Sporting News that "We're retting SliT.OH radio and television money, fie couldn't t\vn get · nickel for mdlo nebts In Miami -- and tone People hive the nerve to lull me \ie should never hive left Miami." If you happen to be out on the load about lUnrise and observe Some people driving, stopping and driving on again chances arc you re observing a census without realising u Slate Cortsei-vatjn Departmht offieiftls aic taking, a 'pheasant ol New York lost hnth i lnvetltor y-" in " h6 meUiofl items mleiesline., ss explained o n ri h*J*£ .? S i b fc J"*Ph Dell supervisor of game r«earth "Starting one-half tioui befoirc suniise, our field iren drive designated routes of 20-S5 miles in areas where v e can eji- 1 NEW YORK r«"i _ tight and hu money » t 5t. olas Arena Mondav njght. LOS ANGELES (API - Jim Brosnan. v«t»nui relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, says that on wuafion h* has been ordered to hit n batter deliberately and has Joey Donovan, 139, New Yorfc h won a unaninnous decision over the IKVpound Bu;so in the ha- tare A few minutes later, the Inter- rial Herame Service held up Busso's pursf, l "I thought my tax troubles nere' This stalement by the KaUonel all ironed Kit." he moaned. League twirter WBS carried wt a| There were no knockdowns, but copyright fferflld - Expresi 116rt [Donovan fowed Ihe bwit all Ifto' Monrfsy by John B. Old. waj. Both vsund up with cut' Brosi\an, ashed Lf he had deiib- ej us i «rHtcl hit A bitter, replied- "I 1 A crowd of 1,678 paid $3*53 SB' liavr,." Asked vhy, he Mid: "1 to svatcli tne tocslly tele-iscdi wfls tfild to." .'bout. Donovan's record now sho\v£i Old asked: "Then managers, upon occasion, do order Uieir pitchers to deliberately hit · bat- tw, but not with the ttea of pfnraaenHy Injuring a player?" "TTiat'a n«ht," rwlfd Bro-snin,. and only cne COLLEGE BASEBALL St. Liwrence 8. RPI 4, P«nn Stste 5, Maryland S. Seton Hilt 0, pect to find good pheasant range. They atop every mile and lislenj for crowing cocks for two minutes, and keep a running count." Dell explains. "This is the lime of jear when cock- pbeasarris are setting up their 'territory' and trying to- assemble a har«tf) by crowing loslily each morning to attract the hens. Gam? bfeioglsls hare found lhal rte cocks crow abnut every two mingles, so if we Ihten for Iwg mtnulcs, we shouldn't hear tht same bird twice," While the purpose Is to obtain an hifle\ of sunivol among pheasants, ud to dclcrmtnt There clocking mny be n*pdcd, pheasants may ha?e ftthtr iaiportanl yjcs thfin as gamr hlrdn. During World Wir II, phcaunts gate (taming of air attacks, Ing before the sound* were audible io humane. Pheasants are believed to Alert tht public to Impnidig parUiquakcs in Japan. After an imported trottinjr horse stopped! in the backslrelch. ADDRESS We driver was aaked for the reason Tht dnyfir d£flied that the; YOURS FREE . . . Home Addresses of 500,000 Trout PLUS . . . Special Fishing Report Onondaga Savings * Alain Office -- Silina at Genese* Sts. Coramunilv Office--S. SallM at E. Raynor Ate. 'F*irhn»ant Fair Office--W Genesee SI at Falrmonnt Corners Verabtr F t C ,,,,^,, LSE T( , rg HAVDT OHONDA6A COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Syracuse }, H. Y. Pltatr tend tne x«ur Field and iS6l Fishing Report: horse was tared, itud that the horse had stopped thought the rtce was over. Ii U.M Leonard Cohen Yort Post vho xdded tiu qu#ry; "A flimhutg because she | of Th* New; CfTY ZO\'E STATE. PHILLIES SPORT? SPECIAL 5 for 30* r--" · F the only cigar of choice imported tobaccos at its prictl

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