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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York • Page 74

The Post-Standardi
Syracuse, New York
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THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, K. Sunday, April J3, Typing and Russian Studies TV By LBRor MATAN50N Almost nelhing stops the liardi- band (if studtntf taking courses over cial television station. Finders fly three das wert Mrs. Hannah B. Joseph of Syracuse Central Technical Higli School a beglniuni typ- Ing course.

And the speeches by Khrushchev art understood somewhat by the students in the beginning Russian course taufht by Dr Eugenie Woroiun Bath these teachers will soon be gaming national fame. Their courses hava been so successful that the tapes, made in the of WHEN-TV, will be sent lo Phtwiux, lor showing over KPHO-TV. The programs have created In- Urtst much greater thnn had been anticipated Mrs. Joseph's course Is given to 7 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 7'30 to 8 a m.

Saturday Dr Woronm's course is prc- sanled G'W to 7 a Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a review session from 8 30 10 am Sunday. course! sre presented under the auspices the Syracuse Board of Education and are being taken both for credit and just for the pleasure of learning. WHEN-TV has offered its camera crews, equipment, studios-- valuable television time--to present the courses as public service There are no commercial sponsors and the television station contribution is entirely as a public service The success of this pioneer Denture be seen in the following facts 1- There are 115 students enrolled in the beginning typing siid 64) of them are taking the course for 2. There are ML formally 'in- rolled in the Russian 3. A check of bookstores by the television Station shovs (hat a large number DC persons has purchased Russian language rtrhldi they are using while 5.

summer. Additional courses wJl be Ihey study tn front of the be shown Jjom tube these are people not enrolled In thi course. 4 With sueh uiUresl, Gordon Alderman, program director, and Miss Jean Daugherty, i service director, are planning a in conversational French presented next winter, either advanced Russian and advanced typing, m- entirely new courses The courses iwve been new not only to Che students, but to teachers- as OGQ00000000 TYPING COUBSE IN STATE'S LARGEST "CLASSROOM" Mrs. Hannah B. Joseph has made hundreds of new friends in her bsginning typing course, sponsored by the Syracuse Board of Education, given over WHEN-TV, a commercial television, station.

Mrs, Joseph "There is 9 deal frf preparation for tele via on teaching. First ol all, necessary equipment must tie assembled and pEaced in position for the camera In a regular classroom, all the props an for use at ell tunes. All lessons lor TV must be rehearsed to be sure lhat directions are clear and that there is enough time to complete Uie lesson. "I usually videotape a week's work, which consists of three half-lldm lessons, on the previous Friday. A copy of each script must be ready for the program director and any changes are discussed In the five-minute break between the taping lor each class "I always try to have a Jit tie more on my script than might be covered Uie 30-minule tape.

Even though the lessons are rehearsed In your inind, one has a tendency to speed up before the cameras" Sirs, Joseph, a veteran classroom teacher, said the television teaching was very sLrange "There 15 no immediate response No interruptions from members: at a class In a television itudio there are no hands raised to ask No of miscomprehension She has had lo get used to working in a restricted area And, of course, Mrs Joseph often wonders if anyone is watching and listening or there just the red light on the front ol the television camera Mrs Joseph poL a letter Irom a mother ot eight who is taiong the tvpang course The woman. expecting her ninth child, rented a television for her pilal stay. Mrs Joseph gets week from each the student; enrollet far credit. Those whr leave town for a while usually writ? Mrs. Joseph and mafce up the hctmvrarJt later.

There is one other problem the broken television sel. Students write Mrs. Joseph ol ITJS and ttey. arc ijiven lime lo mat? up the Hrr Hiraian course has sllmu- Sffai. I latcd hundreds of residents ol Up.

Dr. Worcnirl, a native of Hus- sl(t, gRtned her experience in Russian courses she laught at Syracuse University. She is a physician slate New Canada. York and parti of receive; about UP letters week Jrom srudenti md The RUSSIAN LANGUAGE TAUGHT OVER WHEN-TV Di Eugenie Wororun is shown explaining Russian words to her Mass" on WHEJM-TV four mornings a week. Dr Woronin gets a lot of fan mail There are 241 enrolled in her course, tut the actual number of viewers is reckoned in the thousands.

has atlnctal of student) in i a sctadt teacher ot Bus- sun) not Bvailablt The students go to school eaey un Uie day the course is taught, watch the program, then review lesson among themselves. Al) of the students in the beginning Russian course will Invited to i get-together in the latUr part of May Dr Woronla will chert her charges to MB if they are getting the pronunciation correctly. The students will be treated to refreshments, and they wJl get the chance to MOW one another. The students will come from UN- ca, Ficlon, QnU Cansndaijvai Walhins Glen. Ithaca, and ol course Hiroughout the Syracuse area.

The Board ol Education Tele- ichool started under leadership of Dr. Paul A Miller, sujwnn- tendent jI schools In January a beginning Husiian course was started over WNBF- TV in Binghsrnton in cooperation with the Broome Technical Com- mumly College As word gets around of the success at education courses given over commercial television stations, broadening of Uie number and type of subjects can be Kaght non is a heavy demand for a course in beginning Shorthand or some method ot speed writing according to Jeanne-Anne Casson visual cdu cation specialist for the Board ol Education. V. Woolston Will Direct Lighthouse Vernon Woolfton ol 3S Leilch Sfcancateles, will become executive director ot the Syracuse Association for the Blind (The Lighthouse) effectue May 15 Ann (ii in cement nf Woolslon's, Every Monday Night Free Clinic Offered For Glaucoma Tests A fiee Glaucoma Detection Clinic for persons over 40 will be inaugurated Monday -evening. May on the sixth floor of the State Office Building.

333 Washington SI. The dime will operate from 7 to fl every Monday. Detection tests Appointments can be bs made by appointment only made bv phoning the OnondagA was mads ty Robert Weller association president For Llie past five years, T( ston has been chief psychiatric DCisl unrher "Hh the Qnonttega Cnunly Health Clinic He previ pusly clinical instnic- loi i i psvchialry Stale University of Neiv York College Pt Med- icme. anri at the VeLerahs Ad- itiinslratmn Hospital. A native or Victor he aUcnfed the University ol Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Hobart Colleee, from which he ecewed lii-i bachelor's degree in 1949 and Tulane University from irtilch he received his master's, decree in social -work two years' later He also ua field in strut: I or ah Hie Syracuse Universitv SehonI of Social Work i As a Naval otticei-, Wnolston sen-ed aboard Ihe battleships USE Arkansas and USE New Jersey dunR Worid War II Is a Captain in the Medical Serv- Army Reserve County Medical Secret y.

GR 4-3961. Dr Louis AlkofI 5U Professor Wins U. S. Grant Strep Throat, Measles Top Disease List Glaucoma an eve disease which leads meltable blindness jf not diagnosed in time, is prone in affect persons over 40 The disease, which one out of every 50 individuals is insidious in charatlcr inasmuch as it is unnoticeSble si 1Ile oulsol Jn order that early detection may be Hw Glau coma Clinic has teen established by the Glaucoma Committee Onondaga County Jfledical Society and Ihe Medical Society of the Stale of New York in co operation vvjlh ihe Syracuse Health Department. Complete planning tor the program

done by Dr David Btgwood city health Dinner and Dr Louis Alkoll chairman of the Medical Societ Mrs Caroline Simon Mrs. Simon To Address Realtors Sccietary of TV Dental Clinic Here Wednesday from Syracuse and Ihe TTew Yorh area at tend the first national postgraduate closed circuit television clinic from 10 Wednesday. Ihe Hotel Svra- e. Pr by the Umveraty of cnnsykanig I li telecast Smoke Shop To Quit for Two Months Civil War Displays of Patriotism Flare Throughout Area ie from the 1 1 rsily riortal school Dr Philadelphia anrl the of Sojlhcrn California School of Dentislrv in Loc Angeles Famous dental rlinJCjans from these institutions will present irogram of the latest techniques in dentistry Dr. John A Mahoney of Syra CUSP, president of the Fifth Dis- Due sign of the times IE the disappearance of an old-Lime from South Warren Si Manning's, the serious smok- haven for some 44 years, ha? closed its doors, victim of the demolition lor a new parking jwrafie the Grouse BmldiJlfi used lp be For many icsis Syiscufe's only tobacconist dealing M.innmp ai ri a I Manning in 1916 and now by and Smith.

The tiny s'ore handled more a 100 different lines of tobaccos -cigarettesand cigars and a asnrLmerU oi and exotic pipes For Ihe next two downtown Syracuse i without its landmark si-ore, hut a grand reopening it jicheduled in a new location at Wadi- inglofl and 'Warren Sis nv WALTER CARROLL (EUITOB'5 NOTE: The Fost-SlaTuJjrd publishes mother In oT atcaimU ot thf ihal occurred during ihfl Ulvtl aa a cenlury by Thft Syracuse Dall7 blandard Under Lhe slogan, ihat nur National ent in AH Thmps-Neulral injna" insulted AJ1 are agreed Th-e Standard 1BGI is ehmnicluvg lne nrcscnt cmcipcnty parly thc Wilr nanrics should lor go en and jiermrl hen ihoie'oeiy man stand a bold advocate for Ihe Union and dis- men are service ago (it they can in the area Young frr the who shortly they iv-ere outi more work than do making uniforms almost everj can seiv is maKme a llac) SENECA FALLS-The son Guards and the Zouave Cadets of Seneca Falls, each numbering 100 men. will leave' 'm day or two for ths seat at Glaucoma Commiilec 1 Dr AlkofJ uponl 3 i Simon the clinic, stated, Gljutoma oc Lh! nnual Week lunch- curs njlhout marked Tins torn 1 Wednesday at Hotel Strain i Is early stages, although it, does have 5 BS it Members and en or the txcomta more SCnous. jBcal tale Board ol Onondaga "Glaucoma should oe suspected. 1 1 1 Participate Olfine is jJam In the ey. MR! Simon, whose department Measles and strep throat jn- an inability to adjust the eyes to llcenses real eslate brokers anri net Dental Society says that Syracuse is lo bo one o( about June 36 cities in Lhe nRlinn chosen i a blend anri as a silc fpr ttiis educational pro oicn ihf original humidor ill The citizens gram lliu 1 enabling dentists be moved in ihe n-wi lo- i support Ihe 1 during area OPC ne the devplppmcnis cation, ACLDidmg to Smith lections headed lirt com-j darkened rooms; blurred 01 foggy mumeable diseases reported lo'vision, )ws of side vision, ram- jthe Syracuse DistncL colored around liEhls.

A The PiHi-StoniiarJ iHeallh Office last in or nhen Irequent changes oJ INGTON The'Onondaga Counly oubide Syra- glasses do not seem radsfaelorv There were 29 eases ol or all these signs can 'mean glaucoma has alreadj salesmen, will discuss stale regulations pertaining bo the real es late profession See You There! Week at a Glance iaf HIN TJ Atomic Energy Commission announced Saturday that it awarding a grant of JT734 73 o( infec-jstarted Dr John A Meyer, assistant hous nature were Jisted the All detection eiaminatjons of radioisolope re-jweekly report Ibe conducted by th wtio hai-e volunteered sejrch deparlment of forest There weie eight cases ot m- ophthalmologists of the Medical chemistry State TJjiivftrsitj- Col- ec tipus bepatitu. rf chick- 1 Society 3eps ol Forestry ai Syracuse Bn poi, three pf sliigdla dysen ttieir Umveistty tor the purple of.fery. i vo ot encephalitis Drs Louis Alhorr, Paul Bedros- 'stud? ol rates orr on8 nf German and.aan, James Carull, iraction from var- raen ns us DickjnBon, Uri DDolitlle, Joseph Sous SUtslrates by (rte radicals" Frank, GiMIe Jat; Jones School Three Events MONDAY Scottish RUc luncheon She attended Columbia Uni Hiawatha Soom On 3 graduale ol the A TM 1 rr Yorls Schfldl LBU. "Mrs Simon was appointed a ot a by Gov Rockefeller in 19V) William McKiruey, president of Lhe Heal Estate Board ot Onondaga Inc will introduce Mrs Simon J. Oscar Ohcrlandsr, John Sulliuar Icrrero aix Auxiliary' staff elinit will be sup I plied by lh.

LeMoyne to Hear Navy Chaplain pastor ot Fuimen Meth- Church, mil speak. meeting fl pm Fremont Discussion of 1 topics is sched- iiJed "Win the Community Sup- Rev Barber Port a Summer Plajenuind Pro- and 'Support ihe Oun- cil in Prttvidinp EKtension Playground lor Oui All in Fremont dinner meeting pm 5yi3- Press Club. Onondaga Hotel THURSDAY Syracuse Astwinominal Soclcly, Room 206, Si tit Topic SraeD3t Ainor niKting 1 3fl Henrv Moraas HcsiauranL SsMkvill "The Moan Cenesce St Gueau invited I a an Monarch Club, luncheon. II lawmen's Clubs, luncheon, 15 i Parlor Hotel Syracuse 'P-TM East Bconi. Hotel Syracuse.

Herbert TV Wilson will discuss! hii recent i to a a i i and Sllfci Ciub 7 a i Hole 1 Syracuse ahnw slides taken of the Islands ZnnU Club, dinner. n.ra, The ullage d'-cdialrd huudrcds of American Jlags Irom (he jaubLc places maniifselurtK stores and dn 0 0 The Common of u-nanimoiish voted 510000 for ihe relief nf the families of those vho enhst the usr From New York The sword from the citiions of Taurilnm wa? presented to Major Anderson today The Syracuse Zuavrs ej.pcct a large sciditjon new recruits lo numbers who mil take the oath of allegiance this afternoon Patriotic Indies A number of patriotic ladies cf this citv are mshne a beaulj- Ful silk flaji uhich -will be pre- senlod fo Captain Buyers Company ol at lh; wnclusion Palnohc Contert on Wednesday etcttiri City Mail Surveyor KicLriar LUCITE WALL PAINT 19 lovely colors and white Far matching uinoifwDrli -Satin Sheen Enamel maiinf tlenuBStF2tiai 01 TV! DU PONT TONTINE WASHABLE WINDOW SH4DES LEWIS TANNER PAINT GO. bt. FREH jn JO-- Va. ifl The Miudc Department boni Rosd Junior High Sctaal preparing Tor three events the next fen weeks On April ZH.

the annual spring music festival will be prewnted! Ihe school auditorium i On May 12. the schorl chonisl anri band will ctvnrtpele in a sec- tirinal ennlesl at Syr SCUM versiLj. On ilaj 15 Roytwrn pupils will TM in the n0 ndag a in Fcshva) at tullv Hfgn ljmv School I Root Orders 'Spring EducaUon Pr Sy ww Ihe 13 rUESIiiV will be the subiect of a' Club, litncher-tt. at fl 15 rn Tuesday ty! st Cofn Hotel Syracuse Cmdr Joseph P. fCh Speaker i USNR.

LeMoyne College Audi-for the occasion will tie Cluh luncheon, H.tcl the dome nf ihc rht MwCullura oC at ilic home Hool the Ifilti Ward al al the Rob- the S32 Ackerman A fenher Lynch hai. for I summers administered I b. KAtnral Air and for 11 Tlie lecture being Train-in HcRJIWul Diei Shoppc. St Dr Duajncj Cady will diwws 1 The i ic 'leart Disease" The to dome and be surmounted by a hand runs ly ball and eagle Rind vf rrta-fliing: W.E isle me! twith pleasure to llie Bcv Dr. a Clnb.

lnnchtnn. 1mage's third lecture lo ynung It was beautiful, eloquent SATURDAY lard instructive and FREE HOME INSPECTION and Cnfidentiol Report Call HO 8-1631 the to Ihe public.l by the Lo tions Aseociatinr and Lhc tol- $500 Bail Set In License Count WEDXESD4V Agents dinner 7 pm ballroom, Hotel Carp. ii5 E. Genncr St Syncuse. N.

T. Dlrse hvme demon I-j on eltj candidates to try to re Ha fo William Andrews in 195) be terrlay 3 Treflic Court to a ot allowing an unlicensed drive his car set at S3W for his I. Wilson pujlly tn a dirfta cl Sy fl i i Honorary Member Hail n-ill be- BaiE run again Rfral llw St mia tmr 1 S3. Si. WHOA: Frank Fiehwnmi 13ft Fairview Dnw ploadid guoKy vfiSl f.ay in Truffle Cciirt ji chnrgc fined will canvass for Trie ToTDfitu where the Trial Lnvr Room, HMtl 6-45 -Cavalier luncheon.

p.m, Caravan Boom. Holel Syra- CU5B Optimist Club luncheon, 12.15 Parlor Hotel Syracuse. An auction ivill be rorducted Ui raist $400 lor the club's Vomb fund SI Hobo narij. aopreciauve clued viith a most brilliant Plan Luncheon anrt calling blessings Heaven nn ilie jeailanL Zouaves and the military our city and who are Women Volunteers tor Nur-lroarcriing or arc about lo march man for Major will told a the defense of cur country cheon at noon Thursday the and our country's flag Room of thg YaUs Hois! Mxrceliui Vnivn Sixih Wan) Superirnor Henry who seeks Democratic nomination for nr. will speak.

Mrs Ida Bender- chunnan cf ihs he Jwho cpcned and nifihE to til the metUne in 9 pa IIOtlsin ol Ihe HaJI IS AUTO STOLEN Lto Cflvepey, S2. rf Coln Park Drive, UH In I hat his iednn. at SS1B, was stolen. FuHMy Cn Hr a slsndard ts in phase nife Or Hnll live? wiUi his family al 20fi Granger Sd 8:10 SMe rani. SL ISccona Mrs.

Hilda BJC- fuel. Thiri District, John R. Club. flfurpi, ri GBCFBC Slsub: Ennrea Sichard Frenwnt ComamaUy CtimlljMatUn Ban nor fi.peech.fs were tnflrie by cl'7cns BJI IP devotion to mir coimlrj. Rent I men! In The Union ie3inR in uiun.motij jind decided HEAT So fuel to store No dust or nql to clean up COSTS LESS Than Von Think DONOHOE CARYL Electrical fl Fifth Hislnct.

Mrs. Whatever differences iherc In political pin i (HIS, eli are EXPERTS in ELECTRIC HEATING a vaur.

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