The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE-SIX BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS \Success of DiMaggio and * Feller Gets Rooks ^ Greatei Regaicl NEW YORK, (UP) — Since the phenomenal si'ccois of Joe 1)1- ^'vMaggio and the iccord-bretK L feats of Uob Feller, more 'nttcnlloi •? than ever will be'-.focused on the jierformances of Ihc spring ciou • of rookies in ira'iiln^ Hits >rai " Ainiost eierj' club nccdi sticnglli 4' cnlng it one or more ixisitlons ^« Tlic mosU v promising Amerlcii ? league ioungilori ippeir to? In._',-elude PIP following *\ '" DOS I ON' t ^ Outfielder <Doinliilc Dalle^mUo * fr0in SjMciise Stanch only 5 feel 15 b,iU packs a big batting punch -eMade 178 hit 1 !, Including 48 doiib- *le\ 13 -triples aixl seven homer ^lt> 1936 for an a\crape of 321 • , ? Second baseman Bobby Doen .from 8an Diego Voted -the best , rprospect in the Coast Loa<nie Ls - "onlj 19 and led Ills league with 237 - ,Wts last jear Also stole 28 basts ""Wtlsh^ about 110 ~j Pitcher Lee Ro^eis fiom Uttlc "Rock praiUnte of Alabama u Took part In 38 gamesln 1936. von -ll and lost 13 Struck out 111 , Posseiies A B degree 3 CHICAGO 1 Third baseman Steve Mesner from I/is Angeles May make ft .bench-manager of Jlmtnj Dykes At 19, has been a regular for the past two seasons Plays cither shorl or third In 176 games liibi. year, •»as second Ui Die Coisl l/:ngue ^Ith 228 hits, first with m dou blea and third In driving acioss 124 runs Average ^26 Pitcher Charles Wolfe from Hock Island Lasl year, In Prst as a pro, »on 13 and lust 10, strlkln" out 133 In i 216', Inning A' right-hander, weighing 180 and standing sit feet one. j i <. „ . ' CLEVELAND, - Pitcher William .Zubcr Iiom •Zafcsvllle Only' learned to speak English in 1931 as parents belonged to religious sect that p-rmltted no contact with ouslde world Led Mid- Atlantic pitchers v,lth 132 bases on balls but was second with 208 filrlkeoiits Won n and lost eight • -DETROIT "~, Pitcher Clyde Halter from Milwaukee ,He is 28. stands 5 feet 11 Helped Brewers uin pennant by winning 16 and .losing only six Struck out 190 batsmen and liassctl 100. -j . , i Catcher George Tcbbelts from Bf»wAnnt Age 22. red-haired and li^stbwn 'catching since he was 11 While nor a strong batler, there 11 no' eioubt r of"'hls receiving abllily JJas beep_toute"d as one of (he bcu catching prospects in'Kajors V First bEge^f Rudy York from Mll*-aiikc8.JTj]j}jg rB un m Amrrlcan "yeai Batted 334 207 hits In- 21 triples) and Suspended Suspense On The Outside Looking In By "DUKK" Packing |Km In 'There scem.s to'.lie lltllry lull that Mike Meroney's "lady wresttei'S" were responsible for the lacked and Jammed house ul the American Legion arena last night. Presumably 11 was the novelty of lw> ottering Hint''brought them out. Mid . apparently, too, lliey. ;';v,'enl way snllsflcd with Uie cxlilbltlon Itliough we have our doubts Iliui. veil the most ardent grunt aiKl ;roan fans would care for Hie foml- ilnc performers as part of their .•cckly grappling card. j. .i 11 The crowd seemed to act lls'lilg- ; thrill when the giilleji • wohid pi-sake'- Ihclr acrobatic roullne. or oi'ijcl. their wrestling slylosf, and oxjrt lo Ihc "weaker",sex's time- lonorecl method of fHjiilliiif— a'n ol<l Eliioned hair pulling. For . fear . r somp may.,, tako t wrestling ;too .seriously/ we i. idil 'thai 'the 1 girls lakeVup' tonight wlfcre -J'thoy left off Insl -night, jonesboro Is the.scene. And then Ihe next., town'.. Ben Kramer, Long Island University forward, passes \yhile fills ponded • In",tho air as the Blackbirds rcjwlled Manhattan College 41-20 at Madison Sqvmie Garden in the scrap for the New York City basketball championship. A light between players and rooter; covered'tlie-'lixir with; belligerents as the Brooklyn > squad led, 32-10 three inliiulos before the linal whistle. It was broken up by i» 'i ' • - jx*/y», XUKK -Outndqer fertile Koy from Newark Borr/ln'Sealy, Tex Went lo Teta^ y tjypere )ie starred In baseball iind fpoltfell.Picked on several all-America, (leyens *in 1932 Al though hi< viSJghs more than 200 pounds ..hi) 1*- fast' Stole n bases l$,St jumjrlef.pnd drovc'in 105 runs PHcher > Johh,LaRocca from Oak land Sisned-toltU Binghamton In 1933 after being picked as out standing schoolbaj > player Pllchcd a no-h1t game against Reading striking out 13 men Also 1st N Y lour championship of Washington.' Optioned 16 Youngstown, whence lie \scht to Chattanooga. \Vith Atlanta -in 1935 he 'won' 20 games whl)e losing 1G Ijast yeir he won and lost eight, whips; them o\ei *',lth his. right arm, weighs 165 and stands 0 feet Walked ohl> 50 bat tcrs In 371 Innings, striking but 103 In 193C •Pitcher .Edgar Smith from Wll- liamsporl. ..promising left-hander who .von 25. and lost eight last year. Struck out 159 and walked 71. ST. LOUIS First 'Baseman Harry Davis from Toledo Landed with Tigers lii 1932. Fielded better but couldn't lilt as v^ell'^as Hank Greenbcrg Back in Vnlnors, baited 298 labt voson ^Second hiscinan acrard...7jips- conju, .froirt Allnnta Now basket ball mningci and coacli at Rutherford, N. C. ; Besl second sacker In Southern League last year. Nlck- namtd 'Nig" ' ! WASHING! ON Outflolder Bev'crl)* Teirell from TI\o!iias.vUlc. ' Cia. ' Coiisln .of- ''Wes and Rick of the Rid Sox Received medal for -best, nil-round athlete at Ilirsfavc, Military Acndemj and 'was. nil-southern .-scholastic' fool- ball stai In J3 and J3 Tiiincd pro fit age of 19. RigliL-hamled littler who balte<l J29 for lliomis Rookie Catcher Hurls Defiance At Dira Dean vllle mid' Abo stole Ji bases Led his Io9p with .11 triples -was second wKh'u homers. Men Outnumber Women 2 to 1 in Texas Town ALICE, 1c\ Sweetheart ot (Ul>)— Alice. "The the : Southwest," Is P league record by fanning nlpicscncc of olhei induslij ' In a game ahd 200 In a season Last year won n and lost 13 nl- lonlng 241 hits in 260 innings 23 Sears old , \ ' PHIIADELPIHA Pitcher 'Almon Williams from Atlanta Qiant right-hinder standing 6 feet. -'3 and weighing 200 Born in Hartselle, Ala, and was a llig factor for Atlanta In 1936 Won 17 and lost seven Complete pro record shoRs 30 Uclorte-; and 16 defeats Tries to make the rnttei hit the bad ones, no tricky stuff Pitcher Luther "(Bud) Thomas from 'Atlanta Once property of the Senators back In 1932 when he pitched his , team to senior ama- a mail's lown and no mistake. Whether ;lt Is Uio propinquity of large oil* fields, the climate, or Ihe that men I his appeals lo 'he sterner sex dominate the population of small town: C. H. Jackson, who has compiled city directories lor many years, related that he lias oltcn found n lown where (lie.male pop- ulallon has outnumbered the female, .but he has never found a cominviiilly - where the surplus of men has so completely oiilslmil- owed uiic" women. Two lo one Is: the ratio. Jackson also found Dial the 2,191 famines in the'town average 3.6 persons each. ST. LOUIS (UP) — A youni catcher who ilooks as -. though h could tako' care of himself In n lough spot, opened his pre-seasoi employment with the St. Louis Cardinals by hurling a direct dial ledge al Dizzy Dean. The "calchcr Is Arnold (Mickey Owen, 19..-vyli'o came to .Ihe Card Inals after, two years ofybrllllan work In the niinor-'leagiw. ] Said Owen upon arriving In 'S ton Is , 'From what 1. hear, I may hav a little battle on >my hands wit cil/zy. Who started, thai story wonder? I'll, gel along swefr~wlt if he altencls lo his pitch lit iml rioesnt ti> to tell me ho' ioJcatch' Lhc^ gaine. \ I umieisland Dl?zj lias hi some trouble with patcheis H might be Ihe Rieat DeaiV fellow'I himself but hell ne\tr tell m what lo ' do in a ball • gaine, an ,f ho doe- there II be a good old fashioned sciiffiiy match bicJ I the .clubhouse..and.^you. ciin rO> trstHiil III come Out on top 'I've 'learned n:.'lotV about, base DBll,'- and .the .tlrst-'Ihhiu .Is not t let* any. of 1 the. \t\8 shots run ' the. kids. Me and-Dl/zy will ge if he,, inihds his own' business Referring .to 'his size—he .Is 'only 5 feel 0 Indies tall, and weighs. 105 pounds—Mickey said Ihat Frnnklo Frlsch, manager.- of . the Cavds, needn't worry, because he wasn't a. six-foot ;200 pourincr. 'If Frlsch thinks I'm too small to hold a big-league job," he said. ; 'UH him bring but isomc of those big guys and Til'guarantee to put them on their backs In five minutes or walk to California." ' Dizzy's lust Irouble with a calch- er was about a year ago when he announced he would not pitch lo Virgil Davis, then the Cardinals No. 1 catcher. Read Courier News Want Ads HELEN "Happy" On Holduuts "Happy" Foreman. Ihc crslwhll? ix-mnjor league player and former Osceola manager,- now .'serving ,'as ilarry Bailey's baseball 'director' at i the Arkansas-Missouri state' line, arises-to state Ihat young Al Kelley is "ail wet" in demanding a 100 pbr cent'pay increase (according lo news stories) froin the Osccola IiUliaiLs of-the Northeast: Arkansas leajuc. '• - '• • Of conrss Class D ixiy checte'are nothing, to wiite home about (In fact'you're lucky if you can 1 buy postage) but Foreman argues that after all a Class b ball player/hasn't done much to prove his ability. With ho record U) speak of he has little business' "holding" 'out" and Is only Inn-tin; hiniself, so Foreman says, -, ' |! "First you've got to ,: produce— show that you've got the stuff— and 'then when you get higher up the ladder you'may have a salary kick coming but m Class^ D bill the thing to do Is to concentrate on getting-ahead in baseball. 1 'not :auslng salary-'troubles," "Happy' opines. .Tempest Within Hurricane' Right-now dissension wUhin'-the ranks sccms-lo be Uie biggestl'aaV- rler between the -Jonesboro "Hurricane and >a fourth 'district' rjitSkcT- bait title. The Hnn-icane Is easily the outstanding favorite for the title ,and at Its best will make some other team step lively to win the stfil" championship But c\erjthing has not been r.9>y Hi :the Hurricane' camp of late;' In fact two of Coach Lowell .Ma'i nlngs miinslnys ln\t bien openlj acciiscd of breaking .training. loaf- In" and ! genenll> contrlbullnj lo, a brenkdpwn in morale of Ihc llin, Heine squad i Manila Fates Marked Tree, Blytheville Faces / Monctle in Distuct Play Jonesboro's Golden Hurricane, named by some ujiorls experts as Ihe fiivorlalc, for the stale high 'school Imkstball liila, iiixs beeii seeded number one loam In Ihe annual fourth district boys' tourn'aV nicnl, which opens nl 'ivron/a Thm-siay. , The irnmeane will lake oii-l.ux- ora, third place winner in Uia-Mississippi county tournament,. In Its flifit game- of the dhtricl meet ihej inect Thursday night •The . Manila Lions, Mississippi county champions clash vsltli Marked Tree in the opsntng gamft of the 1 .tourney Tnursday ii!ght-at seven o'clock. - The'"Blytheville ChlckasiM'S. second place v>lnneis :lh' tlie MLssi'sippl county tournej meet Monettc in Iheir Initial game on Friday. . • With Jonesboro and jV.-inlla pla=- cil In Ihe same bracket they ai-e favored to mcel In nne of tha senil- flnn! games. .Tile Ulythev.i)lc Chicks are given a fair chance of reachiuK the scinl-nmils althouijli Marma- dukc. Tyroii'zn and Bay arc reported :to have unusually slrong. teams. Winners of county touniamenis held during (.lie past two weeks arc: Poinsett, Tyronza, first; Marked Tree.- secontl;'Trumaiin, third.-•'. Ci-ittenden, Mafioii, first"; liul- Ijert, second; Eai'le, third. 'Greene, Marmaduke, first; Greene county high, second. Mississippi, Manila, first; Blytheville,; second; Luxora. third. Craighead, Jonesboro, first; Hay, second, ,Monettc. third.:'. ' No .tournament was held m Clay county but on-the basis of season play Corning,-was selected as first and Rector as second in the count). The first,, round drawings in the district, tourney arc a's follows- Top • Bracket Manila vs. Marked Tree. M irlon \s Greene county Rector vs Hulbcrt Luxora vs. Jonesboro. Lower Bracket Tyronza vs. Bay Earle vs. Trumann. Blytheville vs. Monettc. Corning vs. Marmaduke. Helen Hull Jacobs, cum-nt all- 'Englainl mid former United States women's tennis i-hain- pion, exhibits her Yollov. 1 Lal;. radoi' nt. -Crnft^ Cornnallon. • < Show in London. hl° EAST HARWICH, Mnss. (UP)When • Selectman. Charles .p. Holmes' family comes to diiiiter, he miist extend -the dining table considerably. At n recent gathering there'wore his own 13 children and 29 other. descendants. • '. •UTIICATION FOR TKltSlITS FOR BUILDINGS Al.TKHA^ TIONS AND REPAIKS. SI«NS Ott STKIKTURFS IN I lib CI1Y O> "BIATHEVIUJi AKK Ditc Moich 1 1037 Street Nuin- bei rorher Dulsion SI and cinck- asawba Avb..'Number of stories. 1 sLo of lol ^0 bv 100 No rooms 1 value :of. 'work.-.$200; building of briok .cr-.frame, frame:' "inaUrr'Ial of rcdf,. composition; material ''of cxler|or;.-walls, wood; material of iistde 1 oartllious, .wood: material of foundations ccncrete piers wilding. on the front or rear, 'lont dlsHncc to property line ft. or -more; distance to- near esf. bulldin? on each side. 30 ft: or more; building lo be occupied Grocery Store and Fndt Stand; building to be 12 by H ft; owner of grounds, A. Nelson and R. A i'.Nelson; owner'of building, J. L, Flake. " I certify Ihat Ihe above statements nre correct to the besl of my knowledge aiid belief. " Application for permit by j. L. Finke. Permit received by: RUTH BLYTllE, ; City Clerk. 4-5-9-l'2-I6-lD-23-26 IN THE PROBATE COURT CHIOKASAWBA' DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY; ARKANSAS IN THE MATTE31 OP -THE ESTATE OF. LEE -DAVIS. Deceased. MRS. A,.P. THAVIS. Ailmiiiistfa i 'NOT.ICP ! Notice l-i hereby given that lit ttis of itjntinlstrndon weie grant ed to the" undersieneil' 'on .the 8th di'j of Jinuarj 1937 bj the Pro Late Ccilit Clncknsawba Distncl MLsrissippi Countj, Alkansas All ptisons ln\in? clums against slid estate arc required lo exhibit them properly aiitJ)entlcalfd 'for allow ance to the. undersigned, as ad miiiLsliatrK of said cslnte btfore (he end of one >eii fioni the date of tho granting- of the Icl lers of ndmlnlstrnllon upon Slid estate, and if such;claims be not so presented they.will be forever barfed. Dated .this March, 1037. Mrs. A Taylor Assured i ' (M:eola To Got Sclcci TUESDAY, MARCH 2, -1937 Defoalt, Bcttv; Lee On Mai Here, 'Mobley Wins Over Wolfe - bcdy slam" and tho third 'with h rolling' 'rocking chair split! , Junior Woodard, Blylheville youngster, guvc John Oliver Ccj>- liccige, Hughes, a pmichiiig lesson to wlii their five round (Ighl. Ccppcdgc-. sccred heavily will! n [•cod ri»ht hand, lakin;; Hie- last four rounds aflcr, an even 'lirst. Bud Farmer, had little troulilii ivllh John Biles In. three "canloii. •They arc..local yqulhs. •• Tina Conner '"News. Want Ads , OSCEOLA. Mureh 2--The Os- teola Indians, one of the ;St. LpiiLs • Browns' eleven l}asebaH farms, were assured of select talent from the American League, team, according to a wire from D. Fred Taylor jr.. secretary- business manager pf the Northeast Arkansas League club. : Taylor is spending a few days In Hot Springs, and has red' with Roners Hornsby, Browns pilot; , : Charley O'Leary, Browns "Cent; '-Walter Halkc, manager Terre Haute. Ind.. of the Three T league, also in the farm system and ' Pat Monahan. St. Louis scout, regarding material for this year's season which stts under way May 6. Taylor also took advantage . of QIC "opportunity to look over the Ray Doan baseball school which is in progress there Hornsby' i member of the faculty. , Eral expects lo return Wednesday! Rail Gate Elastic TOLEDO (UP) — A new lyp'e clasltc -railroad crosslriij gate •vlilch lowers luitomatieully on 'approach of trains to to be installed here by the Wheeling & Lake Frie railviy A \ehlclc which falls to stoj v ill stake; the das Ic cable "alp nnd be t locket ithotil damage I!Y .1. 1'. FR1KND Bllthc\il!c. wrestling fans 'wercj exposed to foinlnlne .stylo of grappling last night "and It 'took. . . Miss Mildred Hurfcii. England, plolmnnt . to : tlic world's 'women wrsthnf^ - chninpion.shlp - .in ihfi 125-pnund r-lnss, and. nnssc.'isor of p ^'Old holi "inblemiitlc: of the. lii'e i cifl frnm' Chits' Jcrdan, Drominent I^irmiiydi^m: promoter, and , Miss. "Rrlt-^' Loo, of Texas, sayo Ihe packWl crowd that lammed Uie /"mriioan' Legion •Arena--lo Ihe rafters, a wrcslJitig ex)iil.ition jind li gootl show. Ccnlrarv lf> the expectations by a'niajority of the fans who .probably -ciimc for the novelty 1 .rather Uie irat arllstrv, tlic (iirls Hove a cood nct'ounl of Ihem- selves. They displayed a 'knowledge • of. the. game, were constantly on the go. and •• threw ill a' few comics for good measure. ' Miss • T.mlrp look the last two fnKs i>ft:r Miss Lee had won ll'/; fi'-.s'. Jlfttty used an nir- rlo'iie' spin "find' a tody'siam to win iii 5 minulf.s-. : : tj . MJU!red. .took, .the scc'-nd';aflcr 10 minutes of fierce milling: with a forearm and bodv : plli. Enraged over the fad that Mis." Burke had oil on her hair, and he actions -of .Refeice^ Roy Welch. s Burke beaan lo get tough She took it out on her. opponent nd the • official as well....-Mike Mcroney, matchmaker-of the circuit, who served as announcer vns the only casualty. He received a kick' oil the nose while attempting to part the- girls 'after hey had fought their way out of the ring. The last was short, and -. sweel Miss Burke came out of her cor- ler, -grabbed Betty by .her ebony :lsck "hair, flipped her lo ,thf door a couple of times; - slammed :icr four limes' : iii a row and then fell' bii her for •> the fall Time: 1.17. < Rex Mobley. Amarlllo. Texas,' flallencd Billy .Wolfe. Kansas City, for the deciding. fall' : to win the preliminary Wolfe substituted foi Frenchv' Lc-nitt camdi Wolfe used ;'a : 'tack body diot and body pm to win "Ihe first n 10 minutes "Moblev toon tlic second vrlH^ an iirphne spin an4 the, '.2nd . day . of P. TRAVIS. Administratrix. 2 9 Read Courier News Wa..c Atls WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 : APPLEBAUSI BROS. COTTON CO. Btrtlg Bldf. BtytheTille, Ark. LADIES! lOc Packages of VIGORO for T*T}T*T* • Flowers, Gardens and Lawns f JuLElU We have 100 regular lOc packages of this Wonder fertilizer to give you if you mil come in and ask for it Remember there are only 100 available, so come early and get yours, Only one lo a customer ami for ladies Only. , No Packages Will Be Given to Children HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. GARDEN TOOLS SEEDS HANNA FUNERAL HOME NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS AT 111 NORTH FIRST ST. ^ Complete Funeral Service . . . ', All Prices 9 Ambulance Service iJ.iy or Night ^ Qualified by years of Irain- ing and experience.. "We Are Here To Serve You" Phone 58 Ben H anna Fred Hanna FOR SALE We hayc a •limited 'supply' of nice Alfalfa . Sc-Cfl. and price' is atliaclive. AN. '.several tot^ of Elonevillo No. 4-A Cotton Seed one year from (he breeder we raised and l: imieii . (hem' and state tested., We have scvi-ral hundred, bushels .of .Beans and '' Will sell. or tiacle for-.riny oilier vaikty of Collnn'Secd or Bean;; ;l.R. Matthews Gin'Co.i Tel/ 1 si I- F:! Yar'brii. Aili. Cutlon',. Cotton Seed ami Cnal M TKRRY ATTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, I.andi & 1.03111 E. M. Ttrry, l«r«. and Mgr. Phone 617 65,000 BASEBALL FACTS*™ FIGURES, ELECTRIC A ACETn.ENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES, i PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 18 1937 CUEBUl DOPE BOOK BIGGER IN SIZE— MANY ' MORE FEATURES Contain* Rofllcn. Ry» and W.l 5 hlotMa|c B PIay«ra, Fork Cap H«lgM anJW,I 5 h! I-*QBU« Play*™, Park Cape iU«* Auth*jitlcOi!glnD|N[ck b oi* Gail Hubb*ll* Majc. Ltagu* Record; Lij«tlrn«i .300 Hilto to CompuU flT»iooei How Hall o[ lam* at ,. Al Year Ktwirfeaftr .'i ', or 5«nd IS Ctnti f» c. e. spiNK; a SON, ST. LOUH, mo. AT DEALER'S EASIEST TERMS EVER OFFERED! New 1937 PHILCO with Automatic Tuning ,*•'": MODEL 18X* H25 LuiAttiil Come in . ; . sec and hear this new 1937 American and Foreign Philco .. . learn how you can own it for only a few dollar5 down and easy monthly or/weekly payments! Enjoy perfect reception made possible by Philco Auto- malic Tuning . . . radio's greatest convenience and the modern, accurate way to tune! Many olher big features, including Philco Foreign Tuning System, Color Dial, Inclined Sounding Board, Concert Grand Speaker, etc. Liberal Trade-in Allowance for Your Old Radra HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. JBITZl . Everything For Your Enlerlaln- m«nf and Comfort TONIGHT IS $200 BANK NIGHT I-ast week Mae Wilson was called for Ihe $175.00—nut she was not present—Making BANK I)K- I'OSIT Tonijhl $2CO.M| ! ! I WARREN WILLIAM KAJttN MOR11Y - UWIS STONE . 'Also .Splccled : Sluir[s ; —Admission— 4 ; Maiiiicc—10' &'2Cr.V - : .':.Night—1C '& 3Uc. "'. Weds, n Thurs. It Will Mean "CO!"'To Your Heart! ERROL FLVNH ANITA LOUISE GREEN LIGHT Sir CIDRIC HMDMIOI % Wllltl»b«|.H<nr t OK<ill efiodn Also Paramount News anil '•March of Tims" —Admission—. • Maiince—10 & 2Cc Night—1C .t'.JOc'' ROXY Adm.—Always IB & 25c—Ic Tax Show Every Night Matinees Friday, Satnrdny, Sunday Friday & Sunday nlallnees—2; 15 Saturday Matinee — Conlinnbn." Showing — 1:00 Tilt'11:00 P. M'. Tue. - Wed, - Thur, PAL NIGHTS! 2'Adulls Ailmillcil for Tried nt 1 All CKildrcn—lOc

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