The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1932
Page 5
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 8, 1932 "( i( gftv> PACE SEVEN CLASSIFIED SECf ION - Clussilicd Advertising Hates Minimum Charge Mc count 5 Average Words to alto .Voiuh into per line, per mouth Me Six dines, per line per day . (Hi: 'tbix'e limes per line i>er day 080 0:ie lime per line 1UC All Ads run irregularly tate ihe one time rate. CALL WIGGINS Eleclric Sliop lor cpaiis aiul estimates. Phone \\'t. IW-K. ll-iu DAIRIES FRESH—A U.ade MilK delivered niglii and morning. O. \V. Ixnvls, Phone 871. 101'-K 11-IU IttiSTAUltANTS GEp. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lunch, Greyhound Bus Station. Plicnc 116. 31p-k 11-31 TAXI WAii'itO—'io overhaul jour elen-j xnc sweeper. Wor<i BUiU'»uiiuiM. hnuier tiectnc service, •-,'<> un- icitd rurn. C'o. Pnojie oiiO, IN' A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 279 18P-K 11-1B COAL AN!) WOOD STORE building, 611 Frunklln. S8 L. t'uwier, i'lionc *50J. STKAYK1) UTRAYEU — 1 blazed laeo 13ay Mure, 1 brown Mau, i bine Icrae Mule, i orov/n in.rat Mule. AUliiy Maek ui 1 K O. .vuaius, jjlyihevme. Vl'-KH ~S1TUA'l'lONS \VANTKU~ " I'O THOSE seeking jobs the Courier News Wunl-Adsi oner n result i>ruduciii|j toil. Phono ami. burvice. ut lux FEMALti 1IKL1' WANTKI) ARE YOU between and -15? If Soap and Water Effective iu Prevention of Infections . «V III!. MIWIHS I'lSllBKlN lu..n>. Knm i,, 1029. but , ( nll of ,, lc Knltm-, Jcinnal ot the Aim-rli-aii j ccmllUon.-i resembling influenza Mcdii-al As!»i-.l;illuii, and of Hjcdj, Ihi' Health Mitg:r/lnt The number ot cases of the »iiv Included, Uie number would bo many millions. '1'tio Itjines for suirh conditions Iphtherjn by the' use of dljili- icrla toxoid or toxIn-KntuoxIn. When there sire epidemics ot ly- liohl or of otlicr Infectious dls- s, physicians should be con- ultcHl as to llic desirability of sing other specific vaccines, ser- ins or antitoxins. Remember tlial most Infectious Lsmsi'3 me spread by contact »-|lh persons wlio have the vnrlous infectious diseases va-' :is measles aro about. 'JWJ.OOO, chick- ilcs from time to lime, us every-! i npox UltJ.ODU, scarlet fever 182,a. There Inive bMii|cou. mumps lOli.OCO, and whoop- onc know: epidemics of Influenza such : in; couijli ID7.0CO. arc relatively «s Ihe epidemic of 1010, In which I nminile slnco the large majoiltj UPHOLSTERING and tnrniture. II. B: Oakes, lib \v. Main 3'.. ip-ka EXPERT Typcwriier ntul adding machine repairing. U. a. li:a:ic- cnslniHi ll-o K Rose. Phone 105W. I PHONE 107 BUCHANAN. "Our coal is black but we treat you white." 21c-kll'Jl COAL - WOOD - CORN COLLINS COAL. COMPANY R. RY. & Chic. PHONE 4V BP-K 12-1! so, you may qualify as District Representative tor national organization. Permanent position and real opportunity for educate;! woman capable of earning $3,400 yoar- ly. Give qitaliflcaltons. u. 11. Schlos- tiKt, Wi Grand, Kansas City, Mo. 7c-klO WANTKI) TO 15UY ic-k 12-1 I KINDLING and WOOD for heatini [CORN WANTED—Marilyn llalch- ery, Blyltievillc. 21c-ktf ARTISTIC SHO-CAitDS Small Signs Sjilc lianners McCALL 303 E. -MAIN 2p-k 12-2 and cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smith, Phone 080 or Gateway Stoic. USED stovcs nll;i R"">scs. licmcndnus numbers ef people were Involved, v.hercns there were minor epide:nlcii In which relatively fc\v iwo;)le nre concerned. Cases of influenza (ire (liillcull to differentiate from the common ccld. The reports of the Unite:! States diuiite Public nbeul, Health Service 700,000 eases of R. J.| UPHOLSTERING and rennishine furniture. H. Main -St. B. Oakes, 115 W. 1P-K. 12-1 GAKAGKS 2U>-k Tranlhain Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. R .Si. Phone 964. 4p-kl2-4 EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Open all night. DAY & NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 555. 3P-K 12-3. DeSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAKER JOE WILLIAM'S PHONE 888 COAL at low prices. Phone -18. Picmpt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad SU. 8C-K 12-8 KOOM & BOARD' WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping roams. Frog Pond Cafe. IDc-tf ROOM & BOARD—Close in. 109 W. •iP-^2-1 Ash. Mis. E. Gay. 2u-kl2-2 B15AUTY I'AULOHS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Plione 92 20C K 11-29 SCALP TREATMENTS OUR. SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 288 23C-K 11-2B HOMECRAFT PRER <lcmonstnillon on latest sew- NICE MEALS, 25 ccill! U1S West Ash Slrett. Dodson Furniture, COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K NOTICE is hereby given that, Ihe undersigned commissioner, in compliance wiih ihe terms of a decree rendered by Uie Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi Counly, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of Fcb- llvc (35) Township (Sixteen (10) Me r Hi, nnntc Eleven (11) F,asl. described us follows: Beginning 1170 feet Routh cf the Northwest corner if said Section Thirty-five (35); run thenco South with the Section 1335 feel; tlieiK-e east parallel with the soiilli line ef snid Lot Five (5) 1:12-1 feet; llicncc North with the East line of said Lots Five (5) and Four (4) 1335 feet; thence West 1320 feet to the point of beginning. SAID sulc will be had lo satisfy with oi such cases arc reported. Everyone knows thai the rmo f Incidence of tuberculosis dropped giwilly and Ihc nunibei of deaths from (Ills disease 1mb dio|i|icil from 215 per hundrct r who way recovering. siippjyliig cities either are entirely dry, or to nietfly' «6 that it was NerilierD Cities Face Water Shortage .Problem lewed there wlll'bo no flow when freezing wcatlier copies.. . . M , ...„. City water and light commii- minn. wi i— a ] ons VCI Q mnltlns efforts to sn^rd against water shortage*}. In Fergus Kails lliq commission .will altsmpt lo obtain water from lakes north- cast of the-town, • FEUCIU8 With tlio cumliiB of winter and tlu altendanl frcenhiif of slreanii, cities In the l(t!<l River Valley today fi'iiri'il that, they would -bo faced wlht i\ water shortage. Many slrcanis Ihut have l>;en Read Courier News W»nt Ad». OUKBOAKWNGIIOUSU By Ahern ruary, 1932, wherein The Western' Fctniaiy, 1932. & Soulhem Life Insurance Co., a corporation, was PlnlntilT, 5082. and W. B. Kaydtr, ot were Defendants, will sell nl pub- j payment, of the purchase money, lie auction to the highest bosl bidder, for cash, on a crcdil of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between hours prescribed by- City ef B'ytheville, Arkansas, on FOR SAI<E SINGER SEWING cheap. Call G72. Phone 807., , 5c-k 12-5 lne "" n " " n y °^ Novembsr, the following real estate, to-wit: Part cf the Fractional West Half of the Northwest Quarter and of Lots Fcur uj and Five (5) in Section Thlrty- MACHINE. AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 29c-kM23 ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Oiil-fcoard motors, ing art. BINGERCRAFT ni!;s. :i sizes. Borne Hall, toys and gifts. SINGER SEWING 50:xl as new. lOp-k 11-10 MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-24 DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING—Coats relincd. al- teraiions a specialty. Ruth Thompson, Goff Hotel. 20c4:11-20 By Small ^ BARN Cured Alfalfa, 57 ton. Dr.] _ T. P. Hudson .Luxora. 3p-klO 1= GOOD pjiiel body truck. Will trade ~/ for good used sedan. J. H. Fisher, 701 W. Walnut. 5p-k9 CLEANERS. TAILORS | '_ ' I BURROUGHS adding machine witii stand, cheap. Phone 1C5-W. IckH NURSERY STOCK DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. We re-line, re-model and repair i SHRUBS—All prices. We s>t them i-oats and suits /or men and wo- I out. Hester's Fruit and Produce. men. Experienced tailor and experienced dressi:::i!:cr. Hudson Tailor Shoo. 12C-K 11-12 HATS CLEANED and ro-shnpcrt, 15c. Hudson Tailor Shop, phone 53. 12C-K11-12 RADIO SKUVICK FARM T,ANDS FOR SALE—S3 acrr-s in cultivalicn. 3 houses, big barn, in 6 miles if THythrvllln. 1 mile of good ii-hool. S25.00 per acre, terms. 'hone 887 or 888. W. T. Barrett. 6C-K-TP RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed. estimates free. R L. DEDMAN, Walpolo Electric Shop. Phone 314. Hp-kll-14 QUICK SERVICE on all types o! radics. Watch for our advertising car. Parkhuist Co. Phone 57. 18p-kll-H 1'LUMUING REDUCRD RATES on plumbinc work done before cold weather A. G. Aitkcn. Call 8DiW. Hc-fcll-M ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags. Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your clec- Iric sweeper, ueffncr Electric Service, % Gillcn Furniture, Gall 080. 13c-kl!13 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fixtures nid wiring. WALPOL-E ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 14p-kll-14 W F, R I 1 HU MAKES 'EM SKK Office Over Joe Isaac's Ktorc GRKKX M5,\F CAFE J6 KISI1IT STAM) Regular T.-Iealj a Hue'Mally. All yon can cat 25c. with drink. Complete line of Fruits it Vegetables. Sec »ie for wholesale prices on apples. I5tCK MEHARG, Vropriclor We Deliver 312 E. .Main !3 East Main. 19p-k 11-19 Mr. Bargain Hunter N'ow Ls Ihe golden opportunity to buy a 40 or 80 or larger farm. Improved lands can be bought at >rices ranging from $15 to 540 icr acrr, cash or terms. If vou >uy a home this fall it will increase in value, pay a good dlvi- Init and help make a living. We can locate you. write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL Box J5S l-llullc 7!>7' 15C-K 11-15 LIVE ti'lOCK HOME GROWN fresh Cows and Springers for sale. S'.anton 'n. Huliman, Ark. 7P-K12 l-'OR bALE—Jersey Milch Cows with young calvi-s. Sec R. M Beck at Harris' Barn. IDp-kll-lD .\IILCU COWS for sale or Irade. Hester's Fruil & PicKlucc. 19p-klll9 FARMERS having livestock lo scl or if Ihcy desire lo buy Ihe; lll find It convenient and ccon omical to use Courier News Warn Ads. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOBILE Glass, new and lu^cd auto parts. Jackson Auto Pails Co. Phone CO. 3c-k 12-^ WATERPROOF Covers fcr trucks ar.d wagons. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St.. Phone C43. 17P-K 11-lli OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Frrcl Rpjiaira "Wivckci" Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-777 NE\V FORD BATTERIES. Rental batteries, recharging and repairing.' 7V7 Tire A; Battery Station. 18C-K 11-IU 1 WASHING 75c - - GREASINO 75= DAY & NIGHT SERVICE PHONG 555 24P-K 11-25 FOR KKNT" ~~~7-~ FOR RKNT—One small furnished SECOND HAND k FURNITURE p See Va First | R. J. Dodsoo I apartment; two 3-room and one 5-room apartinent unfurnished. Rent reasonable to satisfactory tenants. Frank c. Douglas. Phones 323 Uc-ktti 301-303 r,. Fnrniihed home, reason- \ i able, to satisfactory tenants Mrs 'Sisk, Phone 672. jc-kD AFTER <SOINf THE TO INVEST & "DECIDED TH J UtXbMENT VOUT2.E ( MONEY ON NOT &Q WlTl-l States to around 75 or 80 in mosl fV\AN WHO "PUT ON THE MARKET ICE CUBE WITH ALE <=>! VE T-TSOPOSES the fsct Ilia typhoid fever can b« complclelj contiollcd by urojwr ;nc-sii llwre are still muiv tluu, 20.0W asrs of typhcid lever annually li he United StHU-s. Notwithstnnd I lie fact we have in vuc •Inalloi) and In Isolation cerluli ncllicds of controlling! smallpo; here are still a conaiderabl niinljcr of cases and deaths froi tills disease. TO PT5OTECT TME^A G5RAVY If infectious disease Is lo be (ire raited and brought under con- irol, people niusi learn to kno* snhl d:crcc in the sum of $2075.00, the nature -of disease, the method of its spread and the methods of prevention. Tltsy must-, more- THE purchaser at said sale will over, do everything iMMjible to be requred to execute bond with keep themselves In such rill condi- approved security, to not readily, ntlack llipin, Much infection.'! disease cun lie prevented by keeping as clciin ax and it lien will be retai ity for the paymenl of such pur- possible, including frequent uatli- inj wilh plenty of soap and wa- WITNESS my hnml and the- seal on this, the 31st hands with plenty of soap, par- October, 1932. L. GAINES, ticularly before eatlnu. will destroy millions of germs which may Ccinnil;s!on:r in Chancery, bodies. Vaccinallon against smallpox Is important for everybody. Chll- dren should be protected against Frank c. Douglas, Ally, for Plaintiff. SALESMAN SA.M IT'S A !)Hi:SSY PLACE! (M SOUTFSKS teii DIS- Ruues P.M';u- SWS.AK IM «M' UJMftT TH 1 HECK HOWIE. DID: , Howie, WHft uocKeo UP LST?»«y^u »tg.y^'iig^',ir^ p ^^^'.-^fefp^^^-~~^' r '^"'; 3/r— BOOTS AND HER TJUWDIES WASH TUIJHS THK TAUUtt AltE TIJHNi:!)! S WZ*t TRW.'tV. TMRO EHEWI TERRVTORV, SOUJIERS t\RE FKKCKI.KS AND HIS 1'JIIKNDS FFtKCKLKS HAH A I'LAX! DO ABOOT IT? CAN DO PLENT/... YOU FOOTBALL H.AYS .. \NHAT we PO ABOUT THAT C2ISHT HALF COVERS PASSES, is SLOW... i MEAN SLOW" VJE <3SiTA DopE OOT SOME WILL FR/W'E A SPECIAL FOE. A PASS OVER THE LEFT SIDE OF CXR LI Me .... TWAT FbT-' WARNER'S DOUBLE WINGBACK FOBMATIONS NE of "Pop" Wama's pel f«nuti«is fon»6«. . THAT HE HAS FOUND . A W EAK SPOT ON THE KINGSTON TEAM WHICH HAS. JUST SCOOTED, FRECKLES CREATES A TWAT DOWT YOU .. REP? rnc^s llul Ax l« .haSbacks move out lo llanlt both erek TKis formation b one s( Jctcolion, SgrCil !uot« by \Vic- na'i SlanfotJ Itams aixl otbct sthtxJs. k tk fiA diagiira it Wl t> Warm's fmiM- Coo "A." It J^o« tHc two vrnsk-cks in poti- lioB, ic tf I eid swikW ova » At rijjil ak cftKel«,«nill>efii!fc»ek»ipo!i'»iil»'«*«' < * Tk fuHacfc itwaj-s tcim-cd ihe bi5 (rat- dm B , spi.-)nfl»,oociiih;rll>eiroog«i«i!ideoflkt Kno T .irt %-oiVed. In tti! ! in "&," «« lb« qujilo n fuSWk any .- ikt bj iai *ptt dxtplion pb)i

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