The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1937
Page 5
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Exotic Dancer CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily, rate per line for consecu- ' ' ' tlv'p One t'roe per line . ........... lOc 'P$o l/lipe? pqr Urie per .day . . . 08c Tnree Junes per line per day ., 06c Six times per line per day .... 05c Month «te per Uric . ..... ..... 60c Cards of Thorite ...... 50c & 75c Mjnlnium charge 50c ,Ads .ordered' for three or six times and stopped before .expiration will be charged (or the nimY- ,ber of times the 'ad .appeared and adjustment' of bill made. All Onesided Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outride of the city must ,be' a«pm- puniea py cash. Kates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising order^ for Irregular .insertions taKes the one ; time rate, No responsibility uHl be taken for. more" than one .Incorrect insertion of any slassifted ad Bits. Opportunities Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Ijearn this pleasant work which pays 7. ell New clnss opening—stflte supervised Reasonable- Tuition Mr$ William - Berrymnn Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory Built-To-Qrder HOMES Wp Attest To AH Details ' Lets Talk It Over ( Phojie JOO E. ^. Robinson Lumber Co. Sporting Goods of si]'kinds Uniforms & equipment for baseball, '-handball,' softball; .soccer ball lenity track & boxing Besi Pi ices Hubbard Hdw. Co MOST COJJPLBTB STOCK BPBAY M(VTERI\LS and : INSECTICIDES 1 Ip this locality For use on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery amj Vegetables $!ioii«e-.Henry Hdw. Co. J.W,^hqu,se . Wilson Henry TOM LITTLE OFFERS' THKSE liKTi'KK USED CARS AT UNUSUAL LOW PRICES 935 Cl I E V It OLET C 0 A 0 J I. With Radio ............ SMS 934 CHEVROLET ^ S#:i5 Only 93 J CHEVROLET c o A c a. \ Real Buy ..... ....... 835 FORD V-8 .COUI'B. Kadio and Heater ..... W»5 935 FORD- V-8 DE LUXE SEDAN. A-l Condition S5Q5 FORD COUPE. Humlilc Seat. Runs Good ------- 5 15 1936 I'O.NI'JAC TOWN SE' DAN. G I'ly Tires 1935 COAOIII Keal Buy ?3C5 936 CHEVROLET THUCK. Good Tires . ........ ... $100 .934 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Bargain V ............... S300 i'JSS FO11D V-8 I'1OK-U1' TRUCK . ............... $375 1934 FORD V.-8 I'IC'K-OT TRUCK ................ $215 Easy G. M. A. C. I'aymeiit 1'Ian TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PHONE 633 Seeds - Plants FOR SALE-GROSES., $1.69 dozen prepaid^' itarciy, t-yvo-year field grown everbloomlng plants. Fiee descriptive -folder. BOSE'-NURSER- 1ES, 'pay. 029, Tyler, Texas. • ;' ' : 24p-ki ' Batteries BATTERY: SERVICE Call J; Ben Ctone Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Wanted To Buy "MY COAL is BDT I TKEAT YOU WHITE" I also, Pay Best Prices for . & Metals BUCHANAN Phone .107 Coal & Wood A|aba:na, Jljjnojs, Kentucky C M A L Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phqpe 278 Chlckfl^awba & R. R. ir you \va .t Wood, We Have It! Ac{. ft Oak fpntjir-ky Ltimp Coal/ SB 50 tor- Econon'y Coal Co. 221 W Cherry • phone 44> JOA1. COAL COAL \Ve have the beat prices on all kinds of good coal Phone us lor prices. PARRY BAILEY •Shoe Repairing ClTY SHOE SHOP Trj us once Then trj us t«icc Alter thal\i-ou» let us Do >our shop i,yori the ,Resl of .your lite. ""•"IA?« «. J. B HOLT cast Per(lic.v s NEW i)EAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main :' .Slm^n P. Lee in charge * photo? FREE jvtth Each .Order ' for Half Sole Joh SHOE SHOP , verylWng service = aiid jour' shoes mid boots Rubber heels 2Bc up, B r ' 50c up Delivery - Phone 120 B Ca.rrtplicH, Owner Real Estate We Pay Highest Prices OR- SCRAP IRON. METALS PECANS. HIDES & FURS ARIAN ABTO PARTS 128..E Main—Phono 176 WE BUY. Hides & Metals W"sl & Scrap Iron Blytheville iron & Metal Co. Iherry & R. R. ' Phone 44 WE :P AY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd' Hand Furnituri Sfpre Phone 1031 POULTRY WANTED Ve pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & flines at Gnfnes Grocery & Maret, 11 W. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 01 North,' Blytheville "ountf white Plymouth Rock HENS, $1,50 each; rooster tree >vlth och 18 liens or single njos'lers, 1.60. •Abbott-Johnson Poultry Rtrin Bardelcl road.. Personal Farm Loans $500 Up >LSO LOANS ON BUSINESS IOILDINGS, RESIDENCES FILLING STATIONS. Don H, Kascerman' Room 220—Lynch bids. P. O. Box 470 ""REE! if excess acl(l causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pnlns, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free ample doctor's prescription, Udga, it Kirby Bros. Drug Co. NO 'RED TAPE >rro\v money on your cur to pa\ mr licenses i,,id olhcr bills Car need not tie paid for. See u. \\. SU:LUNS Mcibury nitlH. Phone ',D5 Knon. ami Hoard $6 PER WEEK oy comforts of . steam heat, 'lot; and cow water, good food, .all :or.-thls low price. I'eabody Holel 111 E. Wain WALNUT AT ' Ml'TH ST. liU SMART AND SH01> FOR THE BEST 1'UICIO •35 I'D HI> .COUPE, , Locks anil Runs 0, ]C. ., ?3K5 '35 K)H I) 1'O.UDoit. Now Seat Covers. .Motor, Tires 0. K .......... '.,.' ....... . 5305 '31 !•• o ft 1) C O U 1' E. Uuns KCV ...... . . $W5 Good, '33 FORD COIII'E. This Car City Driven SJU5 '33 CHEVROLET SKHAN. A Clean Car. Runs Goad .. §i!8!> 70 FORD TliDOll. Nc«- Sent Covers. Tires O. K. ..'.. ¥ M \Vc Imvc several '23 ami '30 Ford anil Chevrolet cars $35 and up. IVith Small Down rnymcnl am' Balance Small Weekly 1'ayinehjs. Otive 15y - -' We Trade Phillips Used Car Lot "A Safe )>!;ice To f 'Phon« 810 Roy Calvin, MS'-, Used Car Diipt. 24 Hour Wrecker Service WILL KENT FREE 20 ncro.s CUT OVER land, 1 mite north Armo- cl. to p\it In cuHIynllon. City slioo ^liop, ~m \v. Mnlii. Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED liKDROOM, butil. Call 6tJO. i-c-k-3-2 1 room furnished npt., [015 W. Asji Call 415-W. Mrs. Goodwin. (0-tr Furnlshci), stcnmhcnlcd Apartmoiit. Telepliones 107 ami E1J. So fuailslied 5 room house, . 124 ; E. Cliijri'y. All conveulences. Mrs. Mntllc Brycnns, 27-p-k-3 Modern 4 lloom FURNISHED Ap.irlinent. Phone 280, 2ffc ktf 3 l , N. Gth. Mrs. Crowdcr. 25-c-k-lf HENU'—j-^inilshcd' six , room mortem collage, plcplrlc • refrigeration, nenr grnUo nhti lilgli suliools. 009 Holly, cn)l 102. FOH UEST—oiilce (orinerly OCCH- Pled by the Hlghnil Cotton Co., at llio Kills Implement. Co. pliouc 6«- .• • '. I-ck-8 2 furnished rooms.. I'iione 814-J. Mrs. Ted Qrecii, 407 8. prnnklin. ; 3 room (urtilsl'.cd np:\rtmoiii. Mrs, Riimsay .Diurcnn, lip ojilokiisaw- bt >- . ' •' 2-pk-B 3 room furnished npanmcnt, pil- vnte ball], back fi front entrances. Also bedroom. Cull 72-W. 2-ck-e HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Expert ballet dancer, MAle. 12 Paid publicity. 13.Grnnd- coin furnished np'nrlinonl, COO LAUNDRY, rough'dry or finlslied. room furnished r.imrtmcut. 1031 W. Ash. Call %B, ,:27-c-k-H Wli HAVE SECUHED THE SKRVTOKS OF AN EXl'IiRIENOED RADIO MECHANIC who ,vHl guararit<!(! ; ;to rcpnli your radio to first class coudl- tlnn,. -. -:;, : '.J' •.,' A Conj]ilclc l t \i\e of Tulws and Earjs - -; Ikst jfrlcns Iliilibard Tire ^.'Bat; Cp. Phone 476 I f Good work. Mis. Mick, OIQ Lake. 2-jik-D LEFTY'S SERVICE' STATION Arkansas-Missouri Line Shell Products MSeawccd. 15 Nny, 16 Nolhing move than, 17 Constellation. I? Kither, 19Eci) eagle. 20 Street. 21 To peruse, 23 Type standard. 2 5 Tiny. 27 Bulwark. '31 Stir. 32 Musical note, 10 Beer, 45 Form of "he." 40 Short italled animal. 49 Northwest. 51 Stocky horses. « Pries. 56 Mineral fissure. 34 Wonders. 57 Hodgepodge. 35 Jumbled type. 58 To qh.nngc a 36 Head wind. gem sotting 39 Wing. 59 inspired with region. 40 Spheres. reverence. C Worshipers. 42 Small 60 She was 7 Crippled. memorial, by buth. 8 Above, 44 Stanza. * - 61 She .was the 9 Cautioned, ! * famous danci' 22 Preposition. 24 Lichen. 26 Gaelic. 26 Measure' ot area, 29 Ratlte felrd. 30 Roofs oj mouths. 31 Is 111. 33 Snaky fish.' 35 Nominal valut! 37 Gliding. greatest mod- 38 Chest bone. cm fcmnle 40 Wood apple. (pi.). 41 One who vrmTZft i lends. VERTrCAL „ ^^ ( ^ ,1 Striped fabric nut meat. 2 To nullify. 44 Distant view. 3 Close. 4 To marshal, 6 Complete view ot a 45 Acidity. 47 Existed. 48 Imitated. SO Marries; 52 Twice. 53 Cry fo'r help. 5S Varnish ingredient. 66 To fcp Jn debt, Highest .Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. • :• '' 301-303'E/ Main F.or Sale PLUMBING fixtures,'. pipe, fittings, all bathroom accessories, .valves, ..electric water systems for farms. >Vatsr softeners, niters, or any other .item connected with plumbing or heathis. "PETE" THE PLUMBEF, CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR. CHEAP. GOOD CONDITION. Mrs. Carl .Davis, call 636. Pair young draft mares and har- .ncss, reasonable. Guaranteed .to fco sound and good -workers. Wt. 2,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS G. C. Haivks, .300 E. Main New Bargains! Wfc nave some especially good bargains in cars, trucks and pick-ups. See Our'a Before You Buyi 1936 International >,4 Ton Pick-Up 1934 Chevrolet \i Ton Pick-Up 1933 .Che.vrplct. « Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford 1!= Ton Truck 1920 Chevrolet Sodan 1931 Chfcvrolet Roadster IS30 .Oakland .Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. Cotton Seed!!! STONEVILLE — DPL HALF & HALF BEST PRICES iHe^Gin Co. New 4-row plsnlcr for Model John . Deere tractor. BARGAIN. Paul Byrum, Salesmen Wanted FOR SALfc Our home at 1025 W Main, call „ „„ or write Aaron Rosenthal, Ken- help you. Write today • Rjuvletgh's . llc 'V Mo ' 2«p k5 J Dent." AKC-27-SA2, Memphis, UMUI.' if AN WANTED for • Rattle Igh rente; of 800 families. Good profits for hustler. We train and Visit one of tljo niost mocl- ci-n service stations • In Hie •Soulli. A courteous slo.ff ntlcndanls at your service 2-1 hours n day. Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage , OOP-THEM LEMIANS AM' WELL,ILL BE^TxTIOT WHOLE GAXJG Op y^, -,,,- ^%5^r^^WALLW.^F« WHEPE WAS I.' ' Y AW, COME UOW, OdP - VJHY, VOU BIG DUMB-l \ I'LL ADMIT THAT THIS HEAD, IP IT WASM'r 1 WHOLE BUSINESS is A FOO-ME, YOU.PUMKS / MV5TEPV- BUT VOU't L fT AWT TH" HECOIC ALLEY OOP.' HEX, HOW COME. YOU yi)EREN'T ' OH, YEAH? weu, GET A LOAD OF THIS -' WOVE ITf WHAD'VATHJWKA THAT'? WOULD.S1T BE -•HEBE WOW.' ; HAVE A SWEET TIME 1CY1M' 1 PROVE THAT YOU HADAMYTHiMG TDD. WITH.IT' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AVi 01.0 MWO . PROFESbOR' ORoPPtO \N> HOME?VT SEWS WASH TUBRS »OW WOW STOOI'S TO CONQU.KR! ! IT WftS E(\SV WHO BRUN& HOLLY AM' THAT I'P LIKE TE5. l'Ll BUST HIS NECK' HAPPILV MAIZRIEP THIS NVIOOEK-WOM.1\N TOGETHER? VERY MINUTE, HE'S WR.ECKEC ELLKILU'lfA" V[ YOUR HOME, YOUR ,L.SKOW-'IM!' FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '1 • OSSIE'S UI'-TO-DATK &/S, ^w- AMD YOU D SftS;; GSE, IMAGINE A GW LIKE ME; WORKING A JAWITDR.IW A BAHK,GC!S-'3 \VriH A SUCCESSFUL <3IRL AUTHOR ! TT TOOK ME 7\VO DAYS AT HARD LABOR TO GET MOWEY TD BUY HER ^ j GUESS rrs WELL THAT IT EHDED AS rr.Dp! SHE HAD MOMEY TO BURSI/ FROM THE 1 SALE op HER BOOKS .' UUDER STAND LACT ROVAOY CHECk AMD ^vtoii (<MoV/ HAPPEMS WHEW PEOPLE TPY TO MAP-F5Y ROYALTY!/ SAY ^<foU DID rr^f^opj HER MOWEY.' 360 ktf

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