The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1934. JVlexicans Burn Images in War on Churches BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , Grim evidence of the war lo the (loath being waxed In Mexico ;i«ainst the Roman Ciiihollc clmreli Is yiven In this picture, taken in a village in Chiapas-tale, wherj lite campaign h niosl relentless. Twenty Indlens were shot down in front of (heir church in Htiixtla alone and scores of others were vicl'inis in other towns. Here the mob in a paradj to'the execution plcza carries Images, relics and religious _w™"ienl-v, including, a large .crucifix, 'shown at ii a lu, from a niliagcd church to be burned. First Streamline Sleam Locomotive Faces Test AGT! Noilli I'uii, iiriilr /one, ntifiulHi I, I9(< Di.-r Frli-uds In Hlylhcvll I jus! {uutdn'l ri-slsl i yen iilial u Hofider/iil a for everybody. 'Ihk y, , factories liavi? bi'fn mm my Jolly Illtle flu Huff you and Idlins Im 10 I lia\e ill nun d ni) lilic l«j and t,lf( imimiiE 'it full spwd urirt' luivft In en Murklug almost \'tx sir, I tuM Mix. Kundi u f«w days a s o iliu'< o! H,K u,.d ..Ihfr (iru In «« my llfl-. ni'ii, bill of raursc riMlom fours me In iratl niilll (,'hrl\(m i had nour [ten such " ,ms: first stieamlincd high nosur Ucam locomotr^ <oon U ,II be ijlun a sent, of tests by the NSW York c.nlml la.lroad to demonstrate the ,«,! hues faith ,„ steam, despite recent advances in Diesel-powered locomotives In the west. The eni'lm-, named the Commodore VunderWU '-me, tie ..rmmdcr^or the road, is streamlin^J^cul air resistance 35 per cent ; ,t a speed of 10 to 90 miles an hour. TT— ft •==:=.--== WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSOiN==rt== = = The Christian as Witness ^ Text: 1 Thess. 1:1-10 The International Uniform Sunday Sclwol Lesson for Dec. 2. * * * nv WM. K. oiMiov. n. n. Kditnr of Advance ^Christianity—•• 'began ••••ftn-u testimony, or wllne-ss. ILs power- ami Its continuance (ie|)cnd upon the faithfulness of Its disciples in witaiessiiur lo truth mid to salvation. ' Tt was as Jesus witnessed to small groups that the people became attracted to Him, and to His teaching, and cither .desired to follow Him or accepted Hi5 call to disciplrahip, thai, thcv might know more 'of all .He 'hau to tench. As these early disciples imbibed that teaching, Jesus sent them forth, first of all ths twelve —later called apostles—and later ronie seventy evangelists, that going two by two through >the villager they might tall:, of Him and of the things that they had rt- celved. It was through J.his same no\Vi;r of witness that Peter, on the D.iy of Pentecost, aroused the consciences of .men and women to that many were added lo lh- church, and it was this same ivil- nessing urge and spirit that sent Paul and his companions forth throughout the ancient world lo tell the story or what God had done for them throng)! Jcpus Christ and His salvation. * * . * Here in our lesson we have a sample of this witness. Paul is writing on behalf of. himself and hisj companions, Silvamis and Timolhfu.vto the church auThes- salonica. which he had been instrumental in establishing. It is a typical letter of Paul. First of all, lull of the Ihank- fulne.sl3 that seemed uppermost and decpmost in Paul's religious attitude and expression. Beneath everydiing .else In Paul's life was this great outpouring of thankfulness to God for the unspeakable gift of Christ in saving liius li'om bigotry and narrowness, and purpose, and he was never slow expressing seme word ot approval and encouragement to - wcr.; seeking lo know and lo dj the i:;;!.;. He make-:' It quit? • rli.'iir ; u these in the church at ThrreiUonicn - tluit nc- IIKJOI-I.M |],;i r f.iiiJi n'iirt mid their "pniiencc- el iully works hope." Alon commenna- attuning his mind and heart" to the richness and fullness of love. Wilh this thankfulhiess is linked the nraycrfulness which Paul.; was always manifesting r.s his own practice and cnjoinine, i other Christians. Thankfulness and prayer were tsvo great links in his relationship to God and his fellow men. Then we have the readiness ol Paul always (o commend the works of love and righteousness. At times he could be very critical mid could S|)c3fe very plain words in rebuke where he felt they were called for. But lie hntl n keen eye for discerning earnestness and righl • ••~.. n ,,,Lii .-iiii-ii Lummcnna-1 lion, however, Paul usually expressed some subtle word of criticism or soiixj suggestion Hint might keep those to whom he was writing from becoming |no well satisfied with themselves. £o in this ca.Si: lie reminds them of (he largeness and fullness of ihe gospel. He rewinds them Ihat the call that they htve heard is a call of <.<o<! lo the highest and the holiest things, snt: that [o profess Ihe Christian |if c ^d lo seck |Q lMd H means to become examples to others. Ife congratulates these Christian.!, that they have in fact given a good witness and Uial their faith in God has be-n <iir-ri<1 abroad. All this is the more vcmarkabt.- when we note these lo ivlioni Paul was writing had been saved from pirvcrlcd and nliitiidcs. They had, as Paul says, turned idols lo serve M -O S E8J IP ™^§® U C-EA- OiO SO/S AWAY? g£AT5 HIS DAD AT GOLF. :i_i "'"at a picture is Here of the [reality of the Christian life! Why jiannot every professing Chvfeiinn J IK- such a witnc.-s? „ • &eNHStTTM9 A SlLVEft SWAN EM3LEM ON EteH OF H£fi 1 , Oak News Brother J. p. nmtinin s of Man- j "> wil nil his regular appointment here Saturday night and Sunday, December i and 2 Mr. and Mrs. T/- O n ; —> r- —• '7i»r r f lurnc<1 to Clarksdale, Miss,, and Mrs. Joe." Lobley. ' The mother of Mn,;. Qcorgo lields. who has been confined to her fccd for several nioiitns. is t er-! iously ill. i Alary Frances and fla Bell Field* I arc ill with whooping cough. All mothers are cordlallv invited 1 to attend a meeting of the P. T. A. Monday .11 the school hniwe. Kkron A'Vjr.s' Notes i'orler Smilli and family drove to Cavulhersville Sunday "to vlnt relatives. Mr. ana Mrs. Carl Wallace «ppni Sundny witn Mr. and Mrs. Elwy Wallace. Mr. n«cl Mrs. Ifertcri Forsh," have been visiting p. Porshcc at Ucll this n-rck. Among (hose sick this week is (j | C. Bailey, who Is suiroring from }j; pneumonia. Nfick Wade wai takon lo .', Memphis hospital to receive treat- mint for burns suffered when he icil into a scalding vat Saturday. . tn proportion to it.i weight, the ' Van |' S U ' C slro "2 cst 1tvi "S Illln i5- an orchid, the vanilla plantlfolla .Nearly 3090 miles ot canals are in use in England. * for Her * + + SILK HOSE, ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE Especially If It's the new sheer-clear Allfn A. . . 15c to $1.:15. . . 'uho Ladies House Slippers at popular prices. At the New York Store FLOYD A. WHITE * * + LADIES LEATHER JACKETS Zipper style, light or dark brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co. * * + Dear S.-mta: We. know lols of little ijlrls ami Ills ones who want n permanent for Christmas. Hov,' about It? MARUARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOPFE , * '+ * GIFTS SHE'LL ADORE Atomizers. 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WATCHES, DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PUNCH, SETS. . .STKKL f N CI AND PLATED SILVERWARE r;u/imrs JKWKI.HY .STORK .* + + ' N«w I waul (,, Ml you i-iiM»:thlii|f else. A uhu!« lot of Ihlius dlr f <t frum llic fimous •»"« }•"»" . r »<l OTl(1 - », 111 '•e »» '"'I'l'-iy ffcni IHIW until (hrKtmis ^e In ll.t Ugres u! lilj'ilicvllle. Ion MB «,. u ,i«((y K ooil Mra. « wliut a rnlly «ood ClirMnus ne're golnif lo for Auntie! Ifnnd- biigs for Mother! Handbags for Hie Little Woman! Little evening ilriiehls too, in metals mid sequins, and brocades, that will brlig lasting pleasure. Every leminine name on your list can bo checked wllh a .smart H.uidbas. from the .. " s , NEW YORK STORE * * + Walnul-Ccdfir Chests De.iiiliful ivaltuit finish Cedar Chrats, sinyle or double tleck siy)e...A gift iJint' any «'uman will ii|i[>i\'ciale...Air mndcrnts- ly priced. lIUBHAltD FURNITURE CO. •i- * + for Hi im LO^-BOY VCAFFLf MAKER Bakes golden brown waffles exactly to your Inste. 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Is jusl like lliat Rrowii-iips use, only .smaller. Ami 1 nncr sav, .» many l,,te«slJ,u; thing,, for twys. toy t uiw, f<«(ualls, trains, wus-im, (rucks »h> 1 could K '> on n^mhir ihliiKS- ull il/ty. . • . . I can promlw you another (bin*, loo. Sly Chrisliii-iv caa,li«, ar,-- liettitr than ever liM'iiuw) my ixiwrt camly chefs have beta f.«|.ir]niM.)l»V nllh , |,,| nf ^ oa ai fl |, (p| , an(I IliHj vc nuulis the most delicious nuidlis you've hud i n ft | un s lime ' Von ivnn'l ln> dlsajijiolnttd In the frulls, uuls, tie,, either. Our bltf sblu (he S V Salnl Nick," Juit lame In tHiuueh Ihe k« ywUrday from u lol O f Irovlral .nu'nlrl,s where she tnlkclcil .-i farjo of iiraii^ra, nuplt's, r.iliini, ibilei, lljs nuts nnil ol)ic; ilclldous HiliiL-s ft>r (,'hililniav. Our ihl|p|iln f department lias (nit a lot of Ihcv Ililnis slru-lit (« |||j- tfi Nuw I . havcn'l fornolini the »iown follcs thUi yrar. I alu IJT, <ll<l ..iy K r«un-uns nwrr. fun nul of CbrKlmuv than llic yiiunsilfu, and (|,u('s sajlsi^ i lot ]„ Je a r s cnu« by I've milled thut icrowii'ups spent ,i tut ot Hint iilijlng with clulrle triiim sjtrain engines nnil ulhrr . Iny.s ami Die clillilrrji didn't Imu , t cfi inn', <n I figured Jf IM IK- up morn clffs for them tills year II wi.uld lie. Imler all around Will V\e dour that nil rl|hl auJ tf they don't Ifave Iliit toys l« Die ki.lillfs Oik OiiMnu«, l( HDII'I he I'raetleally every Hlytlievilln More IIIIK somftlilnf (hat wniild nuki i nice pri-sml for '.onip. xinwn-up. lluwr.rrr, I woulil.udylw you not In ,• w.ilt too Ulc or Mimcniit eKr ulll have It l)(ii[(.'h(. Yuvrs tfir and Happiness, SANTA 'GLAUS. PARKHUFV5T'S— H for slilrls, ties, sax, liaiuikcr- chicrs, lounelns; robes, scarfs ami oilier masculine fflfls. Fur Him We SneKf,-,! A Pips, cigars, Shaving Set or Sbaeller I'ountain I'cn. HELL'S PHARMACV *.*'*'. 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