The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on July 18, 1907 · Page 2
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1907
Page 2
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THE WASHINGTON POST: THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1907. Special Sale MEN'S OXFORDS Worth $4 and $5 . A successful "sale" is assured the instant the merchant consummates a deal for £oods of the ri^ht sort under their regular price. We bought these £oods far under price. We know them. We know the character of the ^oods this house makes full well and can recommend the bargain. Snappiest styles. Tan Oxfords. Blucher Cut. and Gun Metal; also the Buckle stylet (foraqamg Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh Street "In general our laboratory results confirm the conclusions arrlxed at from an inspection of the dairies and dairy farms that much of the milk sold In the District Is old, warm, and dirty, and 1*5 not handled with intelligent or propei care, and that unless this condition of affairs Is corrected It must remain a menace to the public health, not onlv from the standpoint of typhoid fever but also diphtheria, scarlet fever, summer complaints of children, tuberculosis," c VETERANS IN REUNION Anniversary of Santiago Fight Recalled in Convention. SEND MESSAGE TO PBESEDEHT Comrade Theodore Roosevelt Greeted by Army and Navy Union at Opening of Its Thirteenth Annual Convention--He Returns Thanks--Commissioner Mac- farlaad Welcomes the Delegates. If you permit us to supply you with milk from tuberculin-tested cows, cooled immediately, and handled under genuinely sanitary conditions, you can avoid these risks. Chestnut Farms Sanitary Dairy, GCO. M. OYSTER, Jr. III6 Conn. Avenue. Doing business under- permit of the Health Department. Removal Sale Big Reductions in Prices. "We arp determined to make a clean sweep of this entire stock f before moving to our new store, 1325 G street, and we are offering 1 bargains in Travelers' requisites and Leather Goods, such as have seldom If eier, been equaled j LUTZ f-t CO., 497 Pennsylvania AVe. A N D CHILD! t-VS PARTIES I alb in ic to spend !hf day or evening ilh tho it J tant shad- or the old treei of -al H II l i » n OT Minnesota avenue near Penn ·anla nv-n K, at end of Randje Highlands CUT OUCH !-· At sOLUTElA FREL Special !ate t reach Floral HIM take F and O car going on I T avfr md transfer at Pa \ve Bridge « I.KK WHITE A SOVS, Fl~ al H i l l Lotn and villa Sites Fhons Main 3424 W ishlnijron lain Trust Blilf: 8th and F eta During July and August we close at 5 p m , Sat- daya at 1 p m. Midsummer Reductions We are now offering reduced prices on all small lots and dropped patterns before placing our fall orders \ The special values tnclt all kinds of Furniture, ai many of the pieces were tl best selling patterns of season We shall be glad to hai you come in and look them, and we are alwj ready to arrange accom dating terms of credit. When in Doubt, Buy of HOUSE HERRMANN 7th and I 'Eye) Sb. N. W. m m m $2.95 Cu ironteod two-burner \\ cAlei3 Blue flame Oil f foker Reduced to -A. EBERLY'S SONS, 718 SoYenth Street N. W. EStablKicd Cher Half a Century 'We Will Trust You." The Bowen, New Progress, and Lenox Refrigerators Are Guaranteed Absolutely Perfect or Money Refunded. Priced 96.75 Up. MAYER CO., 409 to 417 7th St. N. W. GET WISE! Genuine Priestley Cravenettes for men iml women; $ i ^ and $18 \a'ues Our prii_e. onh . . GOODYEAR 1115 F STREET, NMr 121(1. Guaranteed-not-t6- fade Russian Blue Serge Suits to order HORN T I,1: r 637 F St. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, If you wish to keep young, strong, ami \lgorous and ha\e on your cheek the glow of perfect health, take DUFFY S. PUKE MM-T WHISKEY REGULARLY* a tea- s.poonful In a half gla«s or water or milk three times a day, and take no other med- Duffj's Fare Malt Whiskey has stood severe tests for fiftj years and hae always been found absolutely pure and to contain great medicinal properties and no fillet oil Sold by all druggists and grocers, or direct. $1 00 a bottle A valuable medical booklet containing symptoms and treatment of each disease any many testimonials will be sent free to any reader of this paper who will write Duffy Malt Whiskey Company, .Rochester. N Y The Army and Navy* Union begn its thirteenth biennial convention yesterday orf tne ninth annKeraary of the battle of Santiago de Cuba. During the day business sessions were held morning and afternoon In G A R. Hall, on Penn- sjlvanla avenue At the morning: session, by unanimous vote of the delegates, a committee was appointed to send a telegram of fraternal greetings to President Roosevelt The, telegram read. Theodore Roosevelt TTi« Army and Navy Union of the United States or Ami rlca. In encampment aanembled Bends frateinal greetings to Comrade Theodore Roosevelt, ANDREW S BURT, JOHN P CHIDWICK, OLIVER J D HtGHES. SAMUEL GAMING. W H OGDEN_ « Committee A few minutes after 4 o'clock In the afternoon, the following telegram was handed to Gen Andrew S Burl. To Gen Andrew 3 Burt, chairman of commlt- tM, Washington, D C Tho President directs me to convny to you his cordial thncKa for your tele gram and hU greetings j and best wishes for the success of i our reunion | WM LOEB, JR . Secretary There was hearty applause In the big hal? wuen. Gen Burt read the telegram The first session of jesterdaj's business meeting was called to order at a few minutes after 10 o'clock by National Commander J Edwin Browne Father Cnldwlck. national chaplain of the union, who was chaplain of the battle ship Maine when It was destroyed In Ha\ana Harbor, opened the session with prayer Commissioner Macfarland Speaks. Commissioner Macfarland tn«n rose to extend to the delegates the greetings of the city of Washington Ho said, In part ' Not yet twenty years old, the Armj and Navy Union has Its f-arrisons allo\ei the tjnited Sta,tes and its representatlve-i In all the American i %mds. from Porto- Rico to the Philippines, and on almost every ship of our navy Evervwfrere, whether still in active service or not. they are maiked men, known for their Intelll gence their pati iotlsm and their Integrity \\ e ha^e many of them in Washington, and know all the rest from them We think of them as men who have done a; much for their country in peace as In war, because they wtie men who went to wai not fo- the Jove of fighting, not with the lust of conquest hut because they loved their country and wanted to defend its flact and advance Its honor From the first soldiers of America, the embattled^ farm ers of Lexington and Concord who fought for freedom and for union before thej had a flag to fight for, to the men who freed Cuba in the war for humanity, and brought the blue and the gray to fight once more under the old flag, all have been men of peace, volunteers, true pa trlots There are no Dressed men Jn our army and n*M to day Every one Is a volunteer And man for man, officers and privtcs alike, in the army, navy and tho Marine Corps, they have not their su per'ors In the world " Commoafler Browne Responds. National Commander Browne responded to this address of welcome, and said "Our charter Is perpetual, and as long as our glorious flag flies In the breeze our organization will exist We are the logical successors of that grand old body of fighting men, the G A R. It rests with us to perpetuate love and respect for our dear flag for all time Had It not been for the men who wore the uniform, our vaunted patriotism would be at a low ebb To the men who bared their breasts to the bullets of the enemy belongs the credl^ of pre serving the dignity and Integrity of the Union and Old Glory ' As Commissioner Macfarland was leaving the hall the delegates arose and. led by Commander Browne, gave him three rousing cheers and a "tiger " After Commander Browne had finished his address, Chaplain Ohidwick repeated a prayer In memory of the late Commander H H Henry. At the afternoon session, which was "allccl to order at 2 o'clock, the reports if the various officers and committees ·ere presented iThe convention will continue to-day aAd theie will be a biff "camp flre" at G VA. R Hall to-night. BATTLE OF SANTIAGO NOT FOUGHT. A l e n a r i a Light Guards Fail to Appear on Scene. Delegates attending the thirteenth biennial convention of the Army and ·Na\y Union were treated to their first disappointment last night, when the bat tie of Santiago, which^was to have-been shown at Luna Park, was postponed because of the nonappearance of the Alexandria troops The Amei lean troops were to have been represented bj the ancient and honorable Alexandria Light Guards. It could not be called a mutiny, nor could K be termed a retreat, but the Alexandra American 1 troops decided to evade the enemj, and fight the battle In absence Whether the transportation facilities were defecthe or the night too hot for combat, did not appear MEN'S AND WOMEN'S Clothing on Credit THE FAMOUS, ca«. Straw 'Hats Sennits, Splits, and Soft Straws, in all the popular .shapes. Regular $2 and $2.50 grad Q OVTrTTTEa ti Mtrt . 1O15_ PA. AVt. THE KEELEY CURE TOR Drink and Drug Addictions THE KEELEY INSTITUTE. Ul North Capitol ttr»et. Washington, D C., ID thi Dtttrlct of Colombia. ARBESTS CHICKEN DEALER. Humane Society Officer Alleges He Handled Fowls Too Roughly. Serious trouble has arisen between the Washington produce dealers and the officers of the Humane Socletj because of the arrest of Harry C Wells, a merchant, b C A Snow. accompanied by two Humane officers, jesterday morning for alleged rough handling of chickens. Under Mr Snow's direction Mr Wells transferred chickens from one coop to another, and then was arrested and im n ecUdtelj taken to the First precinct station house He deposited J10 collateral and was released His case will be called for trial In Police Court to-day, and It Is understood that his attorney Haydcn Johnson, lUll ask for a Jury trial This arrest and that of John B Abel receitlj for alleged Improper confinement and feeding of calves have aroused the merchants of this city to take action against tho society At the next Congress the dealers will present a petition asking that the business of arresting men for crueltj to animals be taken out of the hands of the Humane Societ and placed In those of the police officers of the cit. NEW BATHING BEACH DELAYED. Scarcity of Labor Will Put Off Completion Until Next Month. Commissioner West is* advised that tho new bathing beach at the old fish ponds back of the monument grounds probably will not be completed before the latter part of this or the first of next month. ThV dela in the construction of the bath houses and lockers, the contractor says, Is due to the scarcity of labor The original contract called for the completion of the job by the latter part of June. GRDONAIS COST BILLIONS. Dr. Charles J. BnshneU Discusses Social His at Y. M. C. A* v IB the public in this country bankrupt? This question was discussed, last nigh* by I. Charles J. BitshneJt, of Heidelberg University, in a free lecture on "Progress City" on the roof garden of thfr Young Men's Christian Association building. Dr. Btishnell and his wife arc oon^uctinff the model public playground at" the corner of Nineteenth and E streets rforthwesfc They have made a study of what they call the "social Illness" of this country/ and the lecturer presented a table of Interesting figures. "This country," said Dr. Bushnell, "spends $6,000,000,000 annuallv on the criminal, pauper, and vicious classes, and the annual Increase of wealth Is only $5,900.000,000, Does that not look as if the public were bankrupt?*' · He endeavored to ehovr particularly the need of work to offset the growing evils of social conditions In the large cities. In 1790, he said, only 3 per cent of Amer-' lea's population lived In cities of 8,000 or more Inhabitants, while to-day more than one-third.H\e In cities of this class, and In the East and Northeast the percentage is much higher. OPPOSE PASSENGER LOUT. - Congress Heights Citizens Want More Carried Across Bridge. * Protesting against the regulations which prohibit the transportation of more than fifty passengers on the double truck and forty_on"the single truck cars across the Anacostla Brfdge, the members of the Congress Heights Citizens' Association have appealed to the Commissioners to amend the regulation In a communication to the Commissioners the association says: * "The delay In transit caused by this regulation has been a very serious detriment to the development of this part of the District Our wives and children have been compelled to walk across this bridge at night, on some occasions unprotected, as the men realize that the regulation is unreasonable and refuse to leave the cars Consequently the women and children are the principal sufferers Our population consists principally of working people who must be at their work at a certain hour and this delay has caused them financial loss " The Commissioners have the matter under advisement COMMITTEE NEEDS Wants $2,500 With Which to Entertain Visiting Fire Chiefs. An appeal for assistance In raising $2 500 for Ihe entertainment of the members of the International Association of Fire Engineers has been made by the citizens' committee, having In charge the entertainment of the guests to the mem^- bers of the Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce In a circular letter sent to each member the committee -sajs "The joint committee of citizens ap- pbinted by the presidents of the Washington Board of Trade and the Washington Chamber of Comnierce at the request of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia respectfully solicits your cooperation in creating a fund for the purpose of defraying the expenses of ths convention of flre chiefs to be held in our city October next "The association, which Is International in scope will send at least 400 delegates and these delegates will be accompanied by from 200 to 300 ladles 1 Besides about 200 concerns engagM^ln the manufacture of flre-flghting: apparatus and accessor-its will have a most Interesting and instr-ic live exhibition ol their respectHe products and public tests of the various apparatus have Been arranged for This c\hibition will attract many addltlom.1 visitors to our city "The association has not met in Washington since 1879, and, feeling that it is an honor to have this body come nere and that material benefits will be *-eal- ized by reason of their presence, the committee appeals to you as a public- spirited citizen for a generous contribution to the proposed fund " The committee Is irade up of the following persons W T Galllher, chair man, Cuno H Rudolph, treasurer, »H O C Stiles, secretary, John L Weaver. Thomas P Morgan. W. P Van Wfckle, James P Oyster, E C Graham, R A Chester, and Scott C Bone WANTS STREETS SPRINKLED. Congress Heights Citizens' Association Complains to Commissioners. Complaining that the streets In the vl cinity of Congress Heights have not been sprinkled since Jul£ 2, the Congress Heights f Citizens' Association yesterday filed a complaint with the Commlsslonei s asking that the matter be Investigated Immediately. L R GrabUI, superintendent of roads to nhom the matter was refeired, aajs that heretofore the water for sprinkling the streets In question has been pbtained from a hydrant belonging to the Govern ment. Hospital for the Insane, but that recently the superintendent ot that Instl tution has refused to permit any more water to be taken from the hydrant The haul from the»DIstrict hydrant Is corsidered Impracticable, owing to an interfering hill, and the sprinkling therefore has been discontinued The Commissioners have the matter under advisement. FOOLED BY NEW GOLD BILL. Rosenthal Seeking Man to Whom He Gave Too Much Change. Silas Rosenthal, of 1626 Seventh street northwest, la the latest business man to tell just how much the new $10 gold certificate' resembles a twenty. He reported to the police yesterday that about 9 o'clock Tuesday night a well-dressed colored man entered his store, made a purchase, and tendered him one of the new $10 certificates Mr Rosenthal says he ga\e him change for a twentv thinking the bill to be of that denomination The police are now looking for the man with Mr Rosenthal's $10 CITY BULLETINS. l-Lb. Can* Corn Beef, 9cj Potted Meat or Tongue, 2%c, 15c cans Monk Salmon. 9c, Large New Mackerel lOc, Large Labrador Herring, 3c Pyles' Ele\en--New Method Stores Don't Overlook: the Necessity Of providing good bread tot the family. Schneider's "Malt" Bread builds muscle affd enriches blood naturally. It's light and delicious Trv it Fresh at grocers' 5c Building Report Next Fall. The special commission, appointed by the Commissioners over a year ago, to revise the building regulations, has reported to the Commissioners that they will be unable to complete the work before December next Elk Club Straight Rye, 60c per bottle. D Doody, 13M N Cap Phone 3083 North. Oil Coolc Stovea Ccttace Lamp* 13M G st C. A, Muddlman Co.. 616 12th. Loan on Portsmouth Apartments. In Drlnkinc "Water or Milk put a little RED DRAGON SELTZEK every day. PREVENTS Typhoid, Indigestion, Headache. Will surely keep you well 10 cento. ' We Have Sold H«nrl*'« Beer For twenty years, and are still selling it-- ·Merzen and Senate--brewery bottling. Arlington Bottling Company, same old, place. 'Phone W. 34. On Draught at Bars. Bottled for Home Use. Ask Your Grocer for the Brewery Bottling. No Other Beers Compare With HEURICH'S. H EURICH'S beers are in a class all by themselves. The materials used are carefully selected from THE BEST the world produces. The brewing and aging are conducted on scientific and hygienic principles, supplemented by long experience. In the bottling and barreling it's absolutely impossible for flies, impure air, germs, or foreign matter of any kind to befoul the Heurich product. Hermetically sealed pipes, directly connected with the vats, conduct Heurich's Beers into sterilized bottles and kegs. If you appreciate PURITY, CLEANLINESS, and EXCELLENCE in all that the terms imply, you will drink Heurich's Beers and none but Heurich's. C?"'Maerzen'* and "Ser.ate," 6 to 10 months old, $175 case of 2 doz bottles Heurich's Lager, about 4 months old, $1.50 case of 2 dtfS bottles 50c rebate for empty bottles. Delivered m unlettered wagons if desired Postal or phone W 37 Chr. Heurich Brewing Co., 25th, 26th, D, and Water Streets N. W. BRICKLAYERS GET ANSWER Employers' Association Replies to Request for Conference. "THEN OH THE SPIGOTS!" Master Builders Say They Can Get All Help Needed Without Assistance of Unions. Georg-e W Elliott, secretary of Bricklayers' Union, No 1, of the International Bricklayers and Stone Masons' Union, will receive this morning from the Employers Association an answer lo th' letter which the union addressed about a week ago to that association asking a conference This was to consider and to adjust, If possible, the differences which now exist between the employers and the union because of the sj mpathy which tne bricklayers have shown the .looked-out plumbers The boaid of governors of the Employers' Association held a meeting yester- daj afternoon at 1333 G street northwest to consider and take action on thabilck- layers' communion tlon The board's reply was forwarded to Mr Elliott, who is aibo secietary of the arbitration committee of the Bricklayers' Union, last even- Ing, but it could not be learned whether the Emplojers' Association decided lo accede to the request of the union or not From unofficial Information which was gathered jesterday it Is thought that the Emplojers* Association will not grant the conference whioh was asked for. The einploj ers say that even If the bricklayers decided to go out on a strike, there would be no trouble In carrying on all the building operations which are now in progress with nonunion men Harry \V ardman, one of the largest builders of apartment houses and dwellings in the city, said he Is not employ Ing a. single union man, and that siuXc the members of the Plasterers' Union went out a short \irne ago he has not had the least difficulty in securing 1 all the help that he wants % Thomas A Melton, another builder who is doing: much work in various parts of the city, said he has been employing both union and nonunion men right along, and that he has no fear of being unable to obtain all the men that he needs, even if the bricklayers and stonemasons should decide to go out Employers express the conviction that the bricklayers will not go back opthelr agreement with the Master Builders' Association It was said that members of the bricklayers' union have worked on many Jobs where they knew there were nonunion men by their side, and that they will continue to do so When Mr Elliott receives the reply from the erapolyers' association thia morning, he may call a meeting of the entire union The question Is of sufficient Importance, it la said, to be brought to the attention of the union as a whole, and ^o it is probable that Mr Elliott will fol- 'ow that course In case the employers' association has acceded to the bricklayers' request for a conference. President Bowen. of the International Bricklayers and Stonemasons' Union, will come to Washington to attend John H Brinkman, chairman of the conference committee of the Central Labor Union, stated that every possible peaceful means will be exhausted in the fight of the unions against the open shop policy before further measures are resorted to but that If the demands of the unions cannot be obtained without a fight to the bitter end, that fight will be made CHANGES IN DISTRICT SERVICE. »^ Commissioner Macfarland Approves Fire Department Promotions. District Commissioner Macfarland yesterday approved ^the following promotions and appointments In the fire department Assistant Driver J 8. Trodden, promoted to driver at $1,15D per annum, vice J- J SuHivan, deceased; Private T. Inscae, pro mated to assistant driver at $1,100 per annum. Private J P Corrlgan, promoted" to class 2 at $1080 per annum, W H Nash, appointed a temporary- private of class 1 at {960 per annum 1 The recommendation of Health Office* Woodward that Dr. J. D Rogers be ap- 1 pointed substitute physician to tlte poor, vice Dr. R S Blackburn resigned, was approved by Commissioner Macfarland. James C. Simpson, an Inspector in the electrical department of the District, has been ordered to Norfolk, Va.. to attend the annual convention of the International Association of Municipal Electricians to be held August 7, 8, and 9 Upon recommendation-,of George Otis Smith, director of the United States Geological Survey, the Commissioners appointed E. C Barnard and R. B Marshall delegates from the District of C* lumbla to the National Irrigation Con? gress to be held In Sacramento, Cai, next September Ice Civiun That** Ateolotelr Pore, C. S* Famous Velvet Kind. Druggists. Water Goes with Civilization, Says Cntic of Engineer's Report Editor Pest The other day I read that Washington used too much water That I is the highest praise I have e\er heard of any city Too much water 1 "What Is water for' Doe 1 ? not the estimable "filtration bureau" know that water and civilization run hand in hand, not to mi's, my figures' Then thev put up their fingers (forefingers, to be explicit), and say "You wasto our nfce water " Why, to be sure' We use so much that we waste some, of course Don*t be paltry, I reply Water is salvation. "Clean linens is next to godliness." Turn on the spigots' God defend us from telling the poor people to economize In not only what thev eat and what they wear, but In water, too Next, I suppose the Weather Bureau will say that too much air Is being consumed, that we must take smaller breaths, or perhaps that 68,000,000 cubits is wasted. But, seriously, I should like to say that the Water supply should be increased to ; meet the demand of th,o people, WILLIAM WELLS The fceauty of Electric Light is that while feeing the best IMuminant obtainable, itfcos^ so far as consumers in Washington are concerned, is very reasonable. POTOMAC ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY 213 14th Street N. W. FIFTY GO TO CAMP GOOD WILL. Full Quota of Bathing Suits on Hand for Boys and Girls. The third party for Camp Good Will started at 2 o'clock yesterday from the northeast division of the Associated Charities, the party meeting at Noel House, 1243 H street northeast Fifty children and mothers had been busy for some time making preparations for the two weeks' outing in the country Dr Harry Hurt examined the campers before they started, In order to guard against any contagious disease. All kinds of amusements are provided to keep the campers healthfully occupied, and a full quota of bathing suits have just been added t o - t h e outfit, so that hereafter no boy or grtrl will have to lose the pleasures of the bathing pool for lack of proper attire For the support of all the summer out- Ings work of the Associated Charities, the following contributions, received at 923 H street northwest, are acknowledged by Andrew Parker, treasurer. Cash, 25 cents Amadeo Thomas and wife K the Misses Coyle 15 John J Rothermel $E cash SI. Justice Job Barnard *5 P K R $10 Mrs. F W Bolgiano, $2 Mra M Clark « Philan throplc Association, Friends' meeting J10 Jnter- catJana! Order Good Templars, Ferwversncff Liodga No 2, $2 Mlaa Sarah Baldwin, $1. Mrs Mary C Hu«g, $1. Mies Alice A Kerens, « B B Barn shaw Brother $2 Rev Claud C Jones Jl Z Lewia Dalby. (5. a. friend *6. Ecklngton Presbr tertaa Christian Endeavor Society, $1 uO cash, *1 Foundry Methodist Episcopal Church. 121 20 Misfa Naomi Baker, S2 and Mies Ethel Whitney, *2 BLAZE IN BLISS BUILDING. Explosion of Chemicals in Medicine Room Causes $200 Damage. Flre was discovered in the medicine room of the Bliss Building corner of B street and Arthur place, shortly after 7 o clock last night. It raged fiercely for a time, and damage was occasioned to the amount of 5200, covered by Insurance The room in which the nre started was used as a medicine factory, and was filled with herbs used in manufacture by the A. O Bliss Medicine Company Spontaneous combustion was the cause of the blaze Mackessy Awarded $2,500 Damages. Justice Anderson, of the District Supreme Court, yesterday signed an order confirming tne appraisement of the grade damage commission In fa\or of Jeremiah Mackess}, owner of 29 Massachusetts avenue The commission- awarded Mr Mackessy J2.500 as damages, resulting from the improvements in connection with the change of grade near the new union station ' The "Man's Store.' We'll save you enough money 00 your,vacation wearables To pay part of the expense of your v a c a t i o n trip EVery fancy sni£ In the house honestly seduced. ;' Three big bargain t a b l e s of straw hats and lots of other good things for prompt buyers. O. J. KAUFMAN, 1005.7 Pa- Ave. 631 to 639 Mass. Ave. N. W. Dirty Mattresses Endanger Health. Let us clean and sterilize yours. We can make them just like new Jewelry on Credit. Anything in this vast itock of Diamonds, Waichm, Jewelry, dc. ( can be bought on payments of a dollar or so a week. CASTELBERG'S, Wuhingt6n*s Leading Jewelers and Optician*, 935 PENNAw AVE. i RAMBLE HIGHLANDS CAttTOLOT V.S. Bundle Highlands IB tlte vane Olstanca the Capitol ea Dupont Circle Tb« tl S. Realty Company broke ell records la salllux lots and vtUa sites In 1906 and expects to break its own record In IWT M«ny purcftaj- en mad* 100 per cent profit lait rear--greater opportunities this year--lots (76 to (800--on email monthly paj-m«nta EeaA for plt sad prlcoB and tnt, automobHo to s« propertr Go out and aw city apread U D REALTY COMPANY. · t). 7th 3t - La- Av - * p «- Av. H. W. 1 Vl Fifwmett'« Inturtncm Building. i . 3: Invest in D. of C. Real Estate. The most substantial-- tlte most promising: realty propositions ar to be round on our list* of Home properties. Business properties, and Investment properties. Thos. J. Fisher Co., Inc. 1414 FSt 11 W. Coke 1$ a Satisfactory, Economical Fuel. New fall* to K!T« the beet remits when ua«d for cooking. The big demand for Coke la evidence of the appreciation of ttg ntetita. We'll BUpply yon. 25 Bmheh Large Cok-v deUrared. .. C-60 M Boahflla Larca Cofce. drUverrt . «.TO 60 BnahelD Large Coke, dellvarad . *6 30- K Bnahela Crtwhed Cokfl, dellrered S3 W 40 Boahtta Crushed Coke. dellTered W.BO 60 BusbelB Crashed Coke, dellTarcH W-5o Washington Gslight Co., 413 T«nth Street N. W. LOEB CO/S Semi-annual Half-price Sale. That many people wait for this sale is shown by .the enormous amount of bust- ness we have done during the last two days. We make an actual reduction of One Half off every price on every suit and pair of trousers in the house until our stock is completely cleaned out. All $25 Suits Now $12.50 All $20 Suits Now $10.00 All $18 Suits Now $9.00 All $15 Suits Now $7.50 All? 10 Suits Now $5.00 All $6 Trousers Now $3.00 All $5 Trousers Now $2.50 All $4 Trousers Now $2.00 All $3 Trousers Now $1.50 We have also made special reductions in our Furnishings and Hat Departments. Loeb Cp. 621 Pa. Ave. RETIRING SALE. Read these prices-act quickly! Biggest values ever offered! Men's High-grade Cutaway and Sack Suits; neat effects. Regular prices range from $25 00 to $1250. Retiring A t\t\ Sale Price, ^*». W High-grade Cravenette Raincoats; were $12.50. Retiring Sale Price, jge* Boys' Suits, JJong Pant*. 16 to 19 ears Were 17 50 and S6.0J Now Children's Suits, two and three piece. S h o r t ~ ~ ~~ p a n t s Were HO 00 and f750 . Children's Suits, Ages 6 to 14 were |5 00 and J360 Now . . Ch I 1 d ren 's Suits, 6 to 14. ^jare J3 3S and ng- Pant*. Age* $3.50 , two and three $4.5O s, short panta. $2.50 $1.98 Outlngr Suits Coats and Pants- were $12 BO and 4ffc ^ f± f± CO 03 Retlr 1 n g Sale Price Retiring Pri«e $6.00 Fixtures for sale, building For rent with long lease, apply to VICTOR E, ADLER, Ton-Per-Cent Clothing Houu, 927-929 7ffc St. Large Well-lighted Offices For Rent With Heat, Electric Light, and Janitor Service. Washington Post Building. KXJT COMPANIES. ··^··1 *°* ··M^B I WHEN IN NEED OF ^B M O N E I THE CAPITAL LOAM CO. I I Can Md Will H«lp You. · W« loca money on Pumltura ud Ptano* U * minimum rate el intorat. Loan wttb *%tr «m- pUtlM P"1J OS «nS * l*rw ram adTUM ;ower ra£ tbaa roa *n now paring. 602 F Street N. W. 5TABLISHED 18 WE LOAN MONKV OB PornltMi* Ptaaoa. Orzuo. BOCVML Wagon*. Salaried Employ*. Anything. ** lenr«r «tea of iDtemt than aay tou aom- pan* in tb« city, and witfawt anj- r«* W« an an old-**tabllafe*l company, vttk anllmlted capital and prirata oficci te » fait* afflc* trafldbic. POTOBAC BUARMrm LOU CO, 928 F St. Nw., Atlantic Bid3. JJ, O, M. Saccm* note. Xata W*. on Indorsement To department clerks, school policemen, firemen- Loan* on pianoaVfUx* nttnro. and life bworance At S pereenC CITIZENS' LOAN TRUST CO.

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