The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1932
Page 4
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FOUR dLVTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS COURIER MBWS CO, PUBUSHERS , 0. a BABCOCK. Editor W- BAINES. AdvertUlnt Uantger ' tote National Advertising Represcnlsilvcs: ijkaiiits Diillei, ILK., New York, Chicago, ' fctwit, St. Louis, Dillas, Kansas City, tiule Sock. Published Ever; Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered «« seccma class matter at tlic post office »t BlythevlUe, Arkansas, under act- ot Congress October 9. 1917. Smca Dy Die Dulled Press SUBSCRIPTION RATE3 By carrier in the city of Blythcvlllc, 15c per week or J8.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius ol 60 miles, $3.00 per year, *1£0 for six months, 85o-lor three monlhs; by mail in postal zones two to six, inclusive, *tj.M 'per year, in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. The Birth Control Plan Officials in the Mexican .state of Vera Crux are drafting ;i new law ileul- ing with bii'lh control, ainl jiulging from advance reports they seem tu lie preparing one of the most fantastic invasions of per.-otial privacy ever . tried. Under the tentative draft, parents wishing to have children would have to appear before a state board, which would inquire into the size ol' the family, the health of the prospective parents and their ability to raise and educate their children. A system of penalties would be provided for people who had children in defiance of the state hoard's rulings. This would almost seem to be the reduclio ad absunlimi of the birth control argument. However much one may agree, in theory, with the proposition thai the race has a right to put a definite check on its own rate and 'manner of increase, it is hard to imagine a state supervision of family life- as this proposal involves. 7 he Real Curse of Poverty '• American newspapers have seldom carried a stranger or more pathetic story than the one they drew out of Pottsville, Pa., recently. - This story was a little one-paragraph affair about the life and death of John. Connor. Connor was born 69 years ago in the county poorhouse. He lived there all of his life, of his own choice. When he was little he was sent to school, but ' the other children jeered at him for being a pauper and he refused to continue; when he'became of age he begged poorhouse authorities to let him atay in the fjnly home he had ever known, and he worked the rest of his life on the county farm to pay for his keep. And the other day he "died in the poorhoiise, and now he lias been buried in the potter's field. Things like this, apparently, will happen now and then no matter how prosperous a nation may be or how thoughtfully it tries to take care of its unfortunates. The day when even the most unfortunate of children gets a fair shot at a good life will be the day of the millenium. But the picture which this little OUT OUR WAY story 1 of John Connor creates is enough to UK heartsick. It. tells about a man who had somehow, through the cruel pressure of circumstance, become something less than a man. Life had him beaten before he even knew that he was in a light. Somewhere, in those years of childhood—and how unutterably painful they must have been—something vital was knocked out of him. Those O'J years in the poorhouse were simply the shadow of a life, the thin and distorted reflection of human existence as it ought to be. And there, in the last analysis, is the real tragedy of all poverty. Poverty brings pain and suffering and hunger and deprivation—but those, after all, arc things that, can be endured. They are things some men have even heroically invited. What makes poverty a curse is that it destroys life itself. It reduces its victim to a machine for eating and sleeping. It is a thing that must always stir a thinking man to the profoundest indignation. —liruce Cation. Reorganizing the Railroads It is evident that the Reconstruction Finance Corporation has no intention of carrying fixed railroad charges indefinitely. Appointment-of a receiver for the Frisco road indicates that the government's lending agency is not going to hesitate to demand extensive reorganization of the roads' financial structures' whenever that appears necessary. It had been liopad, in recent \vec-ks, that increases in railroad trafl'ic would make extensive reorganizations of that kind unnecessary; and it is probably quite true that even a' slight continuance of recent industrial gains would take inoit railroads out of the red. Nevertheless, there are cases in which it is (juito evident that a sizable slice of a railroad's business is gone forever; and in such cases, where the financial structure is such that operations can' only be conducted at a loss, some sort uf reorganization seems inevitable. H In Mancliukuo today (here Is a civil government, (he like of which does not exist anywhere in China. • As soon as flint Government overcomes its present disorders, the condition of Manchurian people will be in conspicuous contrast to what prevails throughout China. We cannot throw the new state into the melting iwt. —Ycsnke Matsuoka, Japan's envoy to the lA'ague of Nations. * » * II v. woman can carry around a pearl necklace worth $150.000 she knows where her breakfast Is coming from—and. she knows where she cnn get strawberries and cream on Dec. 10, ev'en II that pearl necklace goes. —Arthur T. Barry, noted jewel thief, recaptured after an escape from Auburn Prison, N. Y. * * +• The presence of the American fleet In the. Pacific unnecessarily irritates the minds of me Japanese public. —Admiral Keisuke Okada, Japan's Minister o[ the Navy. SIDE GLANCES West Coast Girl, 12, - - THIS CURIGUS WORLD Likes Air Stunting ALAMEDA, Cal. (UP)— Bowman would like to ;>i!o: her own plan', 1 sob. pi-jvitliu;; :;h: can ?o all the ituiit llyln; .\,:i: the t'ov^riiiiiei!'. wcn'c l?l h:r. despite the several Ir.mJrad f:i r .;!it hours in .:_,_• \^ boa};. L,:ii:;ic is cnly 12. Tile Ili'p:i:Mr.--Hi j merce .says .'.ho must '.v?.it tint:! siio i.s iu for a pilot's She likes itunt fiyinj an:l flyiiKj is too tiinii 1 . Djiij.i- ter of .\furtiD Kc', cue of tliPacifl: Coast's |j:;(iln_; v.'cmen !li-s. .".mi Lei P, .-.M:ian, vc-l;r,i:i ;iaii:.[/Jrt airmail, I.iii'nii; coiiius by her tlyini; alilily nauirally. Although Mis is Ida yean:; to (malify for a IX'jKirLmMi: cT Coui- lei a thing like 'Jut keep h:-r out ; iiir. She go:s nicft wit'i h:-r parent;, takes iiver the controls and iJlfe down to do s--:nc serious jii- &sr Evidence Qi Asia-U. S, Lii lin.T.IN'CIH. Mom. (UP) Asia ai-l TIIAT IS /-/A/.F LETTUCE AND HALF HERE WS NO SUCH THINS E.VEK/ RAIIXM*/ HAD nS OWI AicRIDl.ATJ E.V WHICH IT (?AN ITj TRAINS, ANDTRAVclFRS OrTEM /,\ISSED 0 1332 DY KM StniKI[. l»a BV KtA SVTMt. INC. RE6.U. i. PAT.OFT. r . ."As 1 often loll Louis, if anything shmdd hup.)e717hi7u! Id open a little (ea shop with his life insurance." j? lined George Sb'j.i, finder ci the: teeth, that similar t3Cth had been by Roy Chspinan Andrews' Gobi desert . Tht co!-ypji~i?u vai the hr_,3it imal of its time, a n-a-::::! >:.r.?:i cr eaiiy horse, siui synt^mocicn. a prehistoric Uoth the tfe of a racinj cic isted. Ti:ree" tons is im average Ia5d| for an adult elephant to carry on! Its back. CHURCH EXCUSES By George \V. Bnrliam '— i u GABRIELLE D FORBUSH i Jim—that's . my husband — says that -even the clnirclies are going to prosper Die nest four years, that nil kinds of prosperity ins been just nround Hie corner for a long time. Prooi^rily is like any- I tiling else, it can't stay hid out | for always. Just like we fmir.:l ] them; they \\erc not exactly lost I it misplaced. I just told Jim—i lat's my husband—that our tro'.i- '• cs arc not over yet. While its j lie we found the loiters and ac- I ually have them in our possession, e must, make some arrangemaiii get them with the church ssc- clur.v nml have our names on the lurch look. Just think what a fix e would be in if something slioul.1 apren of a disastrous nnluro and ic never can tell. You lead of so lany being poisoned. Of course, itr receipt is so simple but now ml then we have to t'^t it from cllows that are not so well k:iown IKK there is no way of telling just •hat they put in it. Well, ivp will 11 leel safer when they get lungs changed so we can buy thu our .per cent kind. By William* COME. -, BE A GOOD Gwe. * TOA&T- Ol4 , COf GOT -Trt 1 DAD BLAME. RA.HUV<APOO! GOT TO GLEAM To VOO , OVl CONN TO RA\SE To RIDE. — SOT NO\N STUFF 3F-/3T "TO FlUV. VORE. To THM V5&t TO us, Bur GOT us •D\TCV\E.<=,,SO Gr\T AT IT AM 1 COT DOT Trt 1 DAMOr •: ft^w ^.^Mm v •. • '/'Z/bK...!',//•;•' :II-:KL: TIIDAX ^ien<t \\-\\h tinirilfr t.nriT n trnln for I.ouj; or llir ' In In IinTi> Iliorc. Tlie tini tit- inurclcrrr \H not . TIip vn-nc KlilflK tn (lie l.nnir H- Ihlii! hunir fit I.IMI.% nnj TOJI AVritM.I.. uutrrk'il Ihrpc r<-"" ami iin:rli In love. I.lnil.t nn-' ;ifi;]:i,'|..> Him Intrrnri of llircp Clii-Mrt OVCT (lir iTccli.rnil (hey art? to II.TVC fvc. Thp uiil-sN W(tl dpi ^'DliXIV A^IOS rnAUOIlV, clilCT- Ij-. illMi,,il rrlnllvc of 1.1inl:i'N IT|II, ^^:lH In XCIT Ynrk nn hnyinr^K nriil lnvllc-,1 lihnirlf m vKtl I In- Avcr- IIHl JTAl-rAIN 1110 \'OS. linndsmtip nd;rt:ni rrprr^rril.-itivc nf n i:nrn- nrlm prrfinnp n,nmif:,(-uiror -<TlUi M!M, in .Ivrrlll linprn <ii lie, Iui>l. ni-v, : nu. STATr.AXnKII. mldillr- \vt>s|prn ninnrircr of fli<* llrni A>rrl!l «(, rlis Tori JIAUV1N I'll \TT. fnrmrr Klillur nt I.lniln'n ^\'[ii, slir Im* nnr »i-rn fur Krvrrnl yi'JTi. mill I.IAV SHAIICIIM^S- SCV. IrKI, iirflir on n liTliirc Innr. I'mii irot"< tn (lie tr^iin tn cel - c:m-»tM. . DRIVES CONTINUE On Nov. 8, 1918," the Aincr!3im army drove German troops out of the last dominating'ijosiiioii cast of the Miiii-. French troop-< con- :lnued their drive, ca|iUiri:v_' y.?i- icres. as the German envoys discussed possible peace tern;.* with allied representatives. Prince Maximilian of Uado-i: resigned as chancellor o[ Gcriinny, [>ut his rnsiynation was not ai.ipt- ed. The Bavarian republic w;is established as revolutionary -j:c,ups seized Hamburg. Bremen. Hivincr- havcn, Cuxhavcn and Scluvi-nn. xnvv no o\ WITH Tin; STOIIY CIIAPTEK U AMOS icorjlrt land here In the live minutes It takes me to wash up!" murmured Linda J >ob.'llioiisly as a loud, rarely-heard front door bell reverberated tbrouRb tlij quiet House. Tlie crunch of gravel outside; had warned her. nut flic bad Imped It nilslit be a helmed ('..•livery to the kilrhcn. "And lie ive.nM rin.L- ibnt lire-sous Instead of walking risht in the open door!" Frantically she mopped her hands and shnol; hack tlio damp hair which demanded combing before she could decently sippear in public. "There goes poor Kusie! Upstairs, of course, and I told her I'd let En the people wi;cn tliry canio. llrat —I've spilled liiat powder all over ihe dresser-—!" lint In the Ekeicby yet cffcriive t. Then, too, Tom of n firm that has connections all over tuo world and lias to entertain people all the time. Instead of scndini; some of them lo hotels we lave them lierc—the linn allows us so much a month. It's plc-asantcr out-of-town (,'uosts and it lidps us swing tlio house." "You—cr—awing—" began Cousin Amos with his hlaad persistence when tlio sound of grave] impetuously ground below a motor's wheels brought a welcome interruption. "There's Tom!" exclaimed Llmla, stifling her relief politely. "Anil has two of the guests with li. You'll excuse me. Cousin ,\mos? When you arc rested loin us downstairs. We'll have lea on the lawn. (!o out the front tinnr. nu tills side thp house—you drove .1111 to wliat really Is the back door. You'll (hid us—" 'I snail rejoin you Inter." answered Consiu Amos, not disposed to hurry. "I do nut drini; stimulants, ns you know—but n glass ol rold water—it refreshes without taking llm appetite." Me consulted tlic little Froncli cluck on the mantel. It pointed exactly !o five. "Dinner will not tie until a quarter ot eight." announced l.lnda firmly. She saw liorriticd disapproval CaEli into the childlike eyca The correct mealtime, for a Tea- body, was never laler than C:30. "I'm Imlng a few outside giicsls lo dinner. Cousin Amos. We'll dress aUcr tea. Conic down when you'ro ready"—and she llcv.- ilo'.vii tho steps, hastily potliny her tialr iato order. As LinJa's eyes (i/fcd lo Itis she mcl a look oj fr<m!{ Linda went abcad. l;cc.:ins up such coavo-s:it!on as w.ia necessary Pecans Caused Texas Girl to Fall in Fain* romfjFil. powdered and only a little! Amos' unswerving trucnCES to form, hroalhlcss hard on .ho heels of (be II0 wol »' 1 "™ move <"° lracc5 of tllc li'.iMim Irish rirl iv!:o admitted Ihe lirsi nf the wcc'_:-e:iil visitors. "Hello. Cousin A inns! (Thank you'. Itcsie!) Coi::e Iu and wul- FORT WORTH, Texas. (Ul'i — Gresn pecans caused Cl.i:; 1 . ada, II, to sulfcr COIICUSMC:' brain. The girl fainted from an or indigestion, [oil and sir.: head on tr.e floor, ; ants reported. Her injury \, serious. Mti- the '. .ick her ndno: "Linda, my liow arc you?" Th? rather idi-ns,'.:!'. 1 .; ; iul:-clice!;ed, nilddlc'-ai;fd ni:i:b who liad walled cnrreclly on tlic doorstep outside l!-.o iiuliv:kfM screen dniir mined nnd p.' tn ll:e ehaufleur iff a ft-cicly tiMpiossivc liiiinuslne. Tlic iiir.n lin>ti.:lit lutn the cnlrcnre liall a handsome. If somewhat unM.;n:it- e.I. snUeiiPe and nnc nf i ri:n. [v-o-b.iiid'cd s-.ift lia.i:.- v.birli fpcm In have l)i-.M> lnve:iifd lo I'.t Hie de scriptive mime of "Hrstou l:a-j." A nod —no more—dismissed the chauffeur and In a moment the tine car slipped silently nway from the- and inwardly entertained by Cousin journey," even though tbe snuinlli hour's run from town bad been achieved in the beautiful enclosed car of a commuting banker- acquaintance. "(iuitc an cMahlfslunent you liavc here, my dear—quite an cslaUlis'.i- Cousin Amo- took possession. "Very pleasant. i::y dear, very pli'asnut. I'll opon tlie wlnrlnws if yrr.i don't mind. Fresh air can hurt—Linda — I always have all 1 c:m k-t into a room, winter or siiniiner." Linda was pulling up blinds left slm lo U<L-P in the cooler ctffly "T!:i:; room rets plenty of sun." s!i2 caul. "It's hjen too hot loilay |lo open up. oil. if you don't mind. '''I. Tom v,-ns cr.llins «P TN s;iile ol his assurance of r.::ysl ci.l vigor. Cousin Amos had'. sto;:;-..! at jl:e top of tlic rounded! . Coils;!:: AMOS— ." (as lie aiiproaclicd a caLf-s-.Kiu wimlow at tlio end ot Hi r^:\:ni "I'd r;U!ier keep that to catch ll,e -U's really a door, you see. p --• ca'eli :it Ihe bottom doesn't vie.v i:iro;:cli the long windows ol a !,.,„,.•; ];,_, r - i; ,\,i .,]„. ollrc . n- 9 0 | ll;n ,-c::ti;:l upper ball. Ho v:ns hrcalli- | :t n.aki.j a horrid noisa It tl:erc's i:-. a li.tlo quickly. ln:l seenicd lo' ;!i e flir.b:c;-t breczo r.::d it's almosl t-a, Hacnt conversation, ,,ro r . • " !! " :!5 ' illls to E " ul " ^ aynln " erly P.-HM!. would conceal the fact. "Now i.; tlial —1 am sure II Sound I sec?" reli-etcd bis diwpproval. Is —tl:e j "Vr.-.i liavc plenty of air." said Linda firiulv. "The t)rcc?'j off tlie "Yes." Tlirongli t.lnda'3 Irrovcr cut liiiiul'tlllleil the ancient clKslniit v.-;iter ceuu-j in lhc;c windows. Vtm ean Ic.ivt! your dnor tip^n at nl^hi if !iro:nl colonial cntiauce ot Wliile Iliivcn. "Just leave your tugs liorc.' I , , .... ,,n ,1 •. yrsed Linda. "Tnm will take them j of - '' 0!; " lsl;ln ' 1 vlllla » c - On 11| ° I isn't riulit opposite yon." upstairs, lie's KOTIC to Hie stalli'ii. 1 other side, you know, you hear tl-.c I . • • tin 1 he'll tie Lack Iu 10 minutes \ ss.i!" : Cousin Amos tn! ' IIM!; out (be windows over II,i-' ; r'.siirs. and hsbclil only Him s'-> ! :.::'\ tlie lips 0' trees boyoad tlio e:i- j ld ij. |( , ;tiancr> gate. "rniir others—all men." his elbow. "Ileic—sorry!" Introductions were over quickly but she needed no explanation ns lo which man was which. At her riEbt, a tall, beautifully erect, slc-n- cler. yet powerful tij;urc suggcf- inescapably tbc ICuroiicau. Hbe coald not have analyzed the Iruprcsiicti but she weald iiavo tinnwn him anywhere tor a Continental. Something a tittle more omirlly In till simple greeting . . . ii( 5 clothes so correct and yet subtly more sophisticated. Vet, us hf : r eyes lifted to his. s'.ic mot a look ot (rank friendliness nbicli' she would havo thought dis'.inelively American. On her loll, a slioricr. stockier (iyiiro . . . i:»t really as sliort r,f I"! d. but his face , sfcmert l.y eniurnst with Turn's lon?t !y-l;nit six feel ainl sutne i:icl:c-i. a:nl the oilier man's rather taciliirn individual ttiis. incx]:ics- -'.ve and jinker-fuccd as UcVos was "N'nasense!" Havi:!:; tn^'.r.v.c.l a: lirtn yet t-inntionl-.-Lis kiss Lin. a ll^ht overcoat over one arm ;i::<! pinned It tln.-rc hy l!-o crook haiidlc of i neatly folded umbrella. picVipil up the liuiloii !,as and prcpar i Inc 10 lift tiie heavier suitcase. "Nn. j child —t need no n?.-tsiance. Von would tind this portmanteau dull : cult, no dniib;. tml to my Flroaser ' arm It Is notblns. I in. keeping myself In tine physical I vljjor. yon kiiuw. and thiingb oblci than your hiisiinr'd 1:1 yei.r.s. I i!.u ; ter myr.clf that fo.v voi:;:-j :i,fi you v. i^li — tlic door across ll'.c tiall j^MKItE will bo other siicsls!" tVi-.itln Amns tiir.ilo no [itom al,out the casrrtr,e:it wliuiu^ ti',il pained look gave way to one ol "Ob. the other side of Ihs island . .1,,,.^, , tn]nt „ ,_, co . lvcn | Cllt —It's a-a sort of sayins." _,, r llle to _, U(lt , scc yoll -_„_) Ir.omas keep up a lar^e establish- Cousin Amos evidently thousi:! ber unsuitably flippant, for tlie slightest Indication of a troni:: i: '<-'"t. cresses! ll.e baby-smontlinnsa ot Ir.s (:iospi u nil tied f^re. He stotipi'd lo the iiandle i'f tlie sullcaso which be luul "•it linwn on Ihe lop step. "T!,:s way—" l.iada II.few e,;.,.;, llo nn!=l be rrosperlus— osperlns tnlRbtlly." l.!::da kept her patience. "\Vc have a good-sized house," i= Lushed. "Tom's uncle left it open and clianning. "Mr. Kutlamler!" She smiled plccliills nl her own oceurate mem- or>v lint l;cr air wsis one of cmr.r-e- tciil l,->sless-slilp. "T<.:n-will jnn la!;e Mr. Slall-iinier and Mr. HoVns ur.ftalrs? \Vi-'!l have. Ion 0:1 Ilic lawn as soon as It's convciili-nt lor overyliody. Mr. Ktall:i:idT la nc.U tn us. yon know, and Mr. DeVos in the end room. Cousin Aiaos said ho would he down sonn." Hy tclepnthtc nialrln'cnlal wireless she flashed her tiuh.u.d tlie Information lhat Consln Aaios had i.rrivcd. was installed and liad already been a little dinkiiH. And i^y return commnutcatioa. as ho staiti ed up the stairs, her husband sig^ nailed b:ick that iic would do ( on IJack Vase) my roliiislnc-ui. If yon will sin.w : rl1 -' i;r --' <li.w;i. n flii.rt- ii ;-2 (In- way, I'll K o upstairs to ru-j" Vou liavo a rnol;1 vv! '°,!' e you liove iracca ot thj loaruey.' 1 ' 3ce the—cr—tbe water.' l.i i;;ia insl winter and as tils ::.,I!!KT lives Hy herself in a lltlle I '' :.. use down ij« road wo niiivcd cut ] a ilroa town to live here until v-e id; 1 best to Help her out. she was ,oo!0ns a'lor;,'s;, t:-\ lhat so as well .To Kc Conitjucd)

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