Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 8
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¥' 't. • Of the Schmitt & Heffley Golden Rule Dry Goods House. Is Now In Full Blast. • The Room's aire Crowded Daily with Men; Womea and Young People who are YOUR SAME IN PKIST. •lirmw-of ii , c. r..iue Lug "Chnract-T' C«n~-' rnuiid Tliclr In tbe'elty .yebierdny: F. K. Palmer of Marion. .. Adum W : ttlUc6.af u . -T- -M €• oaricD: of -Rojai Center. • J E Boer and It C- Wallace of - Juo Taylor 1 Went iq Winamac yes- tern ny. Mrs. Roberts is visiting a daughter ing Ilic Harvest ol a Li -,. As is well known to the people of this section, the Golden Rule carried one of the most se.'ecfc stocks in the county, all of «h ch is goii<g at from Half Price Down •' It is a loss of time to enurmrate bargiin,^ everytli ng goes at a bargain, and all who have been in Jarge Dry Goods fiou=ed tn:>w what is offered at this sale, which is by ; ... Order of the Cass Circuit Court. . . If .you haven't the ready cash, it will handsomely pay you to borrow it ; .even thjongh you mey .paj a high rate of interest. : •'.' 13ONT DELAY! Strike While The Iron Is Hot. W. D. PRATT, Trustee. 'FOQLESONO BROS. .Undertakers and Embalmers. A'cd Retail Dealers in FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROflDWflY. DAI! Y JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. FEB 7 J. C. BRIDGE. I A N B O R G A N S •BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. I hare, started a Ifaefc arid Pare'el Delivery and in tbe future I can ;h"street"a'nd'Broad way. \\-hereI-will be prepared i 9o'oloek in the_morning to 9 in the evening to deliver parcels or '.passengers to and from any part of.tho' city- . .' 13 f\ D6 1 I wfll eadVavoVTo givo the best services possible for the money. If iiavo a parcel TcTdellver or a pMssoQijer to deliver, or aay liirht work i>*a betdone with a street hack, [ will be glad to do it. Wti»t could Jo thi^* oastotaers wo'ald appreciate more than calling the hack for T Spe<d»l rktes will be given yon. {L9«T9'order* at tSch s;reer, Livery Stable or &eo. Harrison''B 617 Broad m Lynas. —.road vork A^' & Hufliej's furniture factory is closed o> WE tpmnorarlly. Tnere are 500 of rhe city's Incan- de^ceat lamps already in uso. Plan to f»t vnur supper at the First Prp&byterlan Churuh tumorroK. The bflst b-ikins ponder ia the wond at Ben insher's drug- store. To Mr and Mrs Frank Stephens of Washingion townsh ! p, a daughter. N** cultprs, good drivers, at the E«l River Livery Stable Telephone 91 Dr. A, G. Miilor Tnu'-s^av and Friday, at bU new ofJBoe, 314 North Sireet Ones tried always used. Ben Fisher's pure Biking Pjwder and extract of Vanilla. Owing to the storm most of the paasenge- trains were late in arriving yesterday. Tne ' Galley S'ave" Co. passec through tne city yesterday en route for Dunkirk. Bids will be received on tbe new St. Vinoeni's school building some time this month. The B F C Club met at the home of Mrs £nr u's on State street, Tuesday evening 1 Tae' best I have ever used," is what they all say of Ben Fisher's Baking Powder Franz Herrmann of this olty will be given a trial la the Rush medical college bate bull i a a tht ooctiog. season. Mrs. Mary E Congdon has pur. chased the grocery store at S*ven- teen'band George streets, of James Gilmore Tne Royal Arcanum Nobles No. 869 ;wlll heiaafcer hold their meeting on ihr fl'St and third Wednesdays of tncb month.' • D>sp>-psia seldom causes death, but permits victims to. live on in misery. Hooo's ;Sar*Hpar!lia -cures dyspepsia and all stumncb troubles . Pan .Handle engine £00 is being fitted up for swit.cbinff purposes to iake>bf) place of No S47 which waa wrecked a day or two ag.i. Toe revival services at the A. M. E. i ^ * church dose.d Tuesday nlgnt after a f I'ccept-fal series'of m-ettn'gd in' which' much latiireat was displaied. S ime.damiee »-vs done yesterday at ibe drug store o'0 A. Msans, Broadway and Tai'teeutn street, by the waier from a bur«t water pi pelf you do cot. fiod mv eitraat of at Mrs. Q ilncy Myers is visiting rel- allves iu ladlanapolls. D W Leiflioger of Galveston, wa D6re jeSterday OQ business. Ol Miller of Elwood is visiting ol friends ia tbe Olty this week. George Cn>.pman of Ltfayette i bare for a visit wnh friends. The Rev. Father Wm J Qnlnlaco Marlon, visited friencs here fuescia; Dr. J. W Chrismond has gone fur i week's business trip through the State Charles Rleglo of Richmond, Ind was ihe guest of Miss Etta Stough jesierday. Fred Webb of Pdru, Wabash operator at that place called on friendi here yesterday. Judge Ruardon of Anderson, wai eotartalnea by tha Ruv. M. E Cam plon yesterday. Miss Manoo Wilson of Cbicizo, who has been ma g-'j-nt of Mis- Gartle Hill returned hotnoyeoterday, Mrs. Hdrrv Bursou has joined ber hurband Ht Caiongo, and at that city tl.ey will in future reside - - 'Louis'Johnson hasponeto Chester- tno. lud. to brinir bnme his "brother Rioharr! whu la dangorously sick. Tne Rev. Father D J Mulcaber of Anderson, was ibe guest »f Rev, Faibtr M E Campion yesterday. Bert Richerson returned yesterday to Kinsman county, Kansas, after visiting for some iltne wich relai'ves here. Mrs. M. D." Miller is at Muncie. where she *ill remain several days before returning to her home at Gin. cionatl. J. B. Stanley was yesterday called from Pdoa', Mtoh .by a telegram telling of the serious sickness of his father, James Sianley. Z i Jbnrlab Fleenor of Silka, Int)., stopped hereyosierdHy as tbe gueet*of B. M. Murray. Mr Fleenor was on his way to Bristol, Vti. Htrry Long will malca a trip to the Pacific const to remain Si. yoar in ibe hope of reg-alniD? bis health. He will go by way of New Oceans. Martin Falls, tbe plumOar, left last night for Oildtti.d, Gil., to locate, wcere the bllzz-trd and eaov blockade elve way to the softest smllea of summer. Mrs. Carrie Wilson returned to Peru last evening- after a few day's visit .with her friend Mrs. John Uossaamer, who is here from Detroit attending tbe Pick bed of her mother, Mrs. John Kessler. AN ALLEHED ATTEMPT 'reduce the price on slowVellers, we are igiving 1 4 off on all" Suits and Overcoats. We offer the choice of'our entire stock. THE PROGRESS. Cor. Market and Fourth Street. Logansport, - - Indiana. SUITSTOORDERS20CASH Extraordinary Values, Equal to What Other Tailors Charge ?>4O OO iV.r. W-- nr« TuriiiiiK' HU* Gr«nt, Qiuintitsvs of Work, and our Customer?- are I'eri'ecU.v S.Ui.-tii-U. Prices are Very Low, Carl W. Keller; Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. Spring Curry Comb Spring Rlnde. 5 Perlcct Comb- mj;n Circnsca. and rum Dcaici 'Oi (t •>•» H Brush, Fttn <-vcrv Cur«t bv C S Armv <no r.y Qiinium LcadlnC HormancD <>' tilt Snmoic- mmi«l ixw pnirt >»»oarniu»iMm UK- nmiai«. 6PKLM1 tUBUl COMB CO., 102LAfkjeu*«.. COUNIT OFFICERS' SALARIES. I'll 11 the C,.«« COIIII'JT omclnlH are Alluived llixler ihe IVovi'lon* or I he Fee uml Salary - ill. Tne fee ana'salary bill Imroduceo i tbo Indiana House ol R-tpreseoia lives vefterday mnl{«6 tbe following Changes in ihe t-alarlos of Citss count\ ,iCf5:la's:- Clerk, increased frum $3, • .000 10 S3 2110; auditor, Increased from §3 400 tn $3 501 ; rfcnrdi^r, Increa-ed from $1 800 to$l 900; trenfurer. salary $2 500 no chan^r; snanil, Increased frum $2600 to $23 0. The oo'y ouuniy officar to whom a fee is allowed is ibe treasurer wbo receives 4 per cent, for the collect-too, of delinquent luxes. All-Stateoffljers ure put on straight salaries at,d DO fees of any kind allowed Although most, of tbe salaries are slightly raised, the fact that tbe fees all go to tbtt S'.ate. H is paid, will CAUK6 a saving ol from $7.'j, • 000 to $100 000 a year should the bill become a law. I11S ARM AMPUTATED- AIIIM IIONAL, I I E.«S. in On t' eP»r r of Urn. Julie* L. Fickle to Take HerOivn Lue, i» Uusucie^si'uJ. Wai m muuiard water as an antidote, promptly administered in big dulses to Mrs. James L Fickle of No 515 Syca* more street on toe West Side, saved tbat lady's life yesterday afternoon Gasoline was taken by lira. Fickle witn alleged suicidal intent, and liie appearance of her husband oa lb6 scene and his quick action ia tbo mailer were ail ihat kept ber on tbls aloe of tbo dark and tempestuous river a= she was very sick at iQe lime he entered ihe hou^e Woeo last hoard from Ia9t bight Mrs. FiCkle'a condition vra* euch as 10 warrant the pbysiciao id elating that she was probably out of danger. • A DASGEBaUS CEOSSlSG. The Council la Response to Many teqneat* Or<ier« a \V»ic'.mmu ml DTurtti Six h Street. Tbe council last oJijO' ordered the clerk 10 noilly the , Vaadalla' railway compiay to place a. watchman, at tne Sixtn street crossing of tbat A vratchmaa at tb.a; crossing is tb'oagat to bei necessary. Almusi evary'day/funerals' are •compelled to cross the track at Sixth street On ',heir way to Me., Hope.. In .the' last three J weeks tbere have been three very narrow tscapes from a horrible death at the crossing and tbe complaints and urgent requests for the" council to * roll I u», a l*-n llAnd'o Brake- niuo, Hi nan A. m Crunliod While M^kn.it" Coupling. Charley Collins, a Pin HLmdle brake, man, who live* at 51-t r*eLf.h street,, had hie right arm badlv mashed while making a couplioir at Aooka Junctluo last Digbt about 11 o'clock. Ha wns brought to the city and Dr. Shuliz ampU'ft'ed hie arm three locaes below tbe elbow. H-) waa taken to St. Juseph'a Hospital. To tbe Ladies of Can you write nn advertisement? We waot your idea on *hces. To the lady composiug the best advertiseuiunt on shoes, either in poetry or prose, I will ipr^eeut an elegant piir of band-made slippers. Tie advertisement r.o be lefc • t uiy store on or before FV b , 14tb, 18^5. ' Thebe-t composed advertisement to be denide'd by three competent judges.^ _"" . ^ I am to have tbe privilege of using any or all compositions, for advertising. 'Tbe.compositioD, mast not exceed 250' words, ilasr. be wrktea oa one side of tbe paper only. Luc \V PrLLis&. 1 '"-- - 412 Brottdwav. Tbero will bo apprentice work Tlpion Lodge tbl6 evenlr(r. Toe larffrst bob sled ia tbe city, Kel River Livery Stuble. Telephone 91 H, B Kennedy has been kept in for ~everal aays by HO aitnck of whmt threaiens to be pneumonta. ^ B ,1 C'Hio bHS given up hie tneio- bersbip ID the EMle M tied olio O'Chea- ira, and Ed K. ibiz bae takei his place. ITU* Roolc *a^ yesterday fined. $10 nnd cos s In tha circuit court, ho uleadlnfr guilty to the CDarge Of eell* ing liquor on Christmas. .Ho p*id. MxJ. B liru h*s beoa--fln«d $10 and coctK in too circuti court fo.- fui-aieh- int! liquor to customers Cn ChrtsimM d ay. C. A Kaepper nnd the Bunker Hill Frees will leave Bunkor H il. Tne Press bas ceased to appear, and Mr. Ktiepper takes a position oa ihs Miami County Record. 0 L. C ine and wl'e entertained lint oi|>ht. at tbelr boooe. N«. 709 North street. Tne gu st* of bodor were Mr. and Mrs. Toler A. Hoc of Indianapolis. Burce*; EUy ol Howard county bkl been charged with forgery a- d i- row under arrest He waa the commissioner of drainage for 'loward cuuaty, and be ba-< been, removed from cfflce by Judg<-Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Elmuod Bucber has received from Court Noble, [ndependonl Order df Foresters, the full aoi»uat of ianuo aace on her late hiiBOHnd'x life ia that order. Tbe amount. $3 000, waa paid to her ye-terday. Til" Fa ii-rnl of Inei Mulune. Tno funeral of little Iu> z M^lone, who was burned to dea'.b Tuerday Gveoin£ will ie beld today at 2 p m., from the A M. E. church. Toe Rev. McDaaiels otH H nvilj F.nod. N^ck Fries, tne saloon man, wag yesterday fiaed $10 aod costs e»cb IB toe Circuit Couct for two alleged violations of the Sunday cloi-tcv ordinance, and was given $2i> nod cotts oo a cairge of selling jiquor to & i minor. . from of the t->ke action, on the .matter have been Vinilla stronger and sweeter i. -i . what you have been uelnH, I will re« numerous. .. • fund : your ajooey^Bea Fisher, the ' . . : • Druggist. . A loafer who was put out of Ray's Ch.irlee Boawell, the ealoonidt. .was Third ttreei saloon early last evening yesterday mornlDgacquitied by'Squire threw » stone through the window at Heve thut it cacue from tbe etter- Hicbtol'ibe charge o/ Belling Liquor j the proprietor. Ttte, TnUcreaot WM prisia/ shoe hoaw of. Pilling'* 4 iS on Vhe Sabbath OBT. . . . . -- arreated and placed in j»il. ~ 1 Broad war. . —-~- i '^'-. .- •- .. . c- ^..'.|.,, . ' ..---. .;„_-.. ; ,. .. , v • A«OUr PERT.- We have seen a treat many essays on feet; but the nestthin^ we have. ever seea on them were Filling's shoes. A gentleman or lady may be "known by thr/ shoes they wear; and When one see a ..fine appeariag, durable shoe th-re is rei«oa to be- Turoivo Fr .ui HIH B take' J jOQsua f*4 t hi» <<le!ga by the upseuing »ehlcle ne\r :he Barneit hotel verter- day.' Tae horee ran a*ay and damaged the conveyance considerably. . • irU t.. Wed. R )b?rt B.s&erM aod Cirrie E, StC» pbencon. ' J bo H. Lynn, and Carrie E. Buff. Rjbart Ternon and E<ale Martin. She U -He (|«ct« Araoop retceuiea fur ooa pliintg peculiar to women, nothing- equ»U ZJl- Poor*. : Soid bf B. S. SMtliug a»d. CouUoa&Co. •• • • - :

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