Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1896
Page 4
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Joto Gray's CORNER. • On the following kern*: AJ1 kinds of warm weather dress foods; all kluds of gauze underwear for ladies, geuts and children; nil kinds of gold, silk and leather belts; all kinds of luces and trimmings and all other kind* of good*. fireatest Discovery or tne-19fli Century. Dr. KKW KKMtDY aimllciihxl Air Jfor the Cure of Cubtrrh, jiuthuiM and all Pulmonary DUeaaea, U biu no equiil tor Sick and Nervous Hc«ul- ftcae, 1,000.000 people die unnunlly from the Above named dlstwsn, Wdy xnffar and dlfl. wh*n Medicated Air la guaranteed to care you. ••dlcateil Air ami Drue Co., Richmond, Ind., U. S. A. It li the best remedy on earth for La £.V.j>pe. It will glre Immediate relief •i will effect a cure where all other •medlee fall. •old by B. P. .DAILY Published every any In the -week (except Monday) by the 'Logansport Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT President A. HARDY Vice President C. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOYER Treasurer Prlco per Annum $4.80 Price per Month 40 Snah accessions, from.aimonjr the peopl ni<?fl.Ji great tihingsMo the IJepiibil party Wills your. "Xyiiere is rtie working man wln> win clia.ijipelils vote next flij from a-ny ''-party'''to • t>Ue Denvocnitlc sla.ml.-ird? ••Tlio ihi'l't is not tlwu wiiy That party lias too often lirovyd Its lack of capiidly. Official Paper of City and County. (Entered us second-clans mall-mutter at the Loganspoi't Poet Office, February S. SS8. SATURDA1*. .UNB 17, ISM. REPUBLICAN TICKET. YTIX.U AM MoKlXDKV Jit. ofUJilo. For Vlfo-rrvHhlenl, GAltKETT A. HO1IAUT of Now .lerney. Look to your looKs and latches today. Make every thing siH'e beJ'ore you leave home, and take JiotMnp of value wlt.li yon. 'Pile ci:owfV lii town will 1 be nn- usually large, mid all will not be,-*> honest us yon are. For the Information of Mil; liftlit-flnjrereO' ones; 'the police pro- tL-eiion is t'srtoinJ-cd, and there Is alwarm welcome a waiting .all ,-tUat the jai.1 will :icconiino<lntc. House free front, mortgagee. This:- j's 'OTO^jliiispijffiilslitflg feature of the'new' Republican lioirnluoe. "Arch .-Traitor" Cleveland is a now c-.i>uipiiilgn uat.eli word of linnnouy Democrats. Great was Grover fom- years (i. .His star Is blurred .this season. Mr. iTJios. .'B. RiH'd is not a pouter, Me will he Ln future an his old slaml. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder Mr. I-Iob.-irt mxxl not Cwl slighted if ts name docs not appear in c:impaii;ii wetry. For Governor, AME.S A. MOU3TT of Montgomery county For LiouteiiHiit Governor, '. .S. I1AGGAIIU tf Xlpjiccunoe County. Fur S««rot4iry ol' Shite, 1VJLLIAM 1>.,O »•>:>' of CHIM County. For AiKlltor or StaU*, AMKHICl'S V. UAlLKVof Itoouo county. For TroHniirer of StJitw, ^ FIIKI) J. XC1IOL/ of Yumlm-berg county. For Atturnuy Genunil, WILLIAM A.KKTCHAM ofMarlon county .For Kt'itorter of Supremo Court, STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAJJSPORT, JJiD. ' CWPITflL, - S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice President H. J. Heltbrtnlc, Cashier. DIRECTORS. • I. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider, Buy and go'l Government bonds. Loan •xraey on personal security and collater- «]•.. Issue gpeclal certificates or deposits b*»rln(t s per cent. Interest when left one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit of deeds. Insurance P*licle8, mortgages and u other valluablei. Muted at from K to >1B per year. ForSuiwrliitenileiitof Public Iimtrilvtlou, 1>. 31'. fiKKTJNC of"H»rrJM>n county For Stntu StiitlHtlcau, S. J. THOSIVSOM of Shelby county, For Judge* of tint Appellate Court; '• First UlKtrltt, IVOOUFORQliOlUNSON of Glbnoii county .^ocontl l>iHtri<:t, W. K.HENLKr of Kulih county. Third JJlutrlct, D. ~W. COMSTOCK of Wayno county .runrtli UlntrJct, JAMKS 13.1JLACK, of Mnrion county. Fifth District, Z, U. WIl.EY oflSvnton county. Eloctoi-N tit Ijiirpe, II G. TIIAYEK, CHAS. F. JONES. FOK COMGKK.SS CEOUG E 'W. SXEELK, r .ns never .Jos* responsible .for .iti'aVlikMis'rrifii! at'preti- i'ut. The Republl-Ciin orfsnilziitlon lias never iKvn^rjaw-ftJSlrniilx.on Its foot tha.n i.t is toO;iy. 'Take yow'.'..choice, but think llr.s(. ,'.. .'•• 'V For AlMrney'ttwH'rdl. Melon OOIIK.-H-. w Jbe's Miat.sound to broad gnagers? ABSOLUTELY PURE PfilNCES IN A HUFF. Sensation at a Banquet to Prince Henry of Prussia at Moscow. .- . Hon.'.''.Tames A. Mount will . fourth of July oratiou. II: fc not siM-prisiiijr tfia.t Cliainpion CorM.t should have pomiptod tho^e bands of brawn lie u.si-d to cxl'iibi.t, in the years he ha* '' wealthy. Mr. CwnplxJ] of Ohio Uic DemocraitJc would accept Prince Ludwig of JU»varla Oblecti to B«- IUK railed n V»m»l of German Empire, and Fttbllcly Reprimand* the Chair- pan—Prince Uenrjr Withdrawn. Hands off, Mr. country's good. Wliitncy, for the PERSONAL Tlio Pi-oliiblttiirxu parly -now TiTis .two ee'ts of nominations, and there Is again enonjrli- 10 go.,roi.iiid. AH oug-lit to, be TJie reception, of Mr. AY. C. Whitney Iwtor was.not really more gracious tha Mint tendered 'tlic remarks of Mr, \V, D ByniHii. ' Tor Joint WILLIAM T. WILSON ofCimx county. For KeiircHentiitlvo-CHAKLES B. LO>'«- YTELL. For I'roseciitor-CHAKLES K. UALK. For Clurk-JOSEI'U G. CRACK, For Trwisurer—HEN J AMIN V.KEKSLIHG For Sherlir—I. A. ADAMS. For Surveyor—A. II, DODI>. For Coronor—BRr J. A. DOWNEY, For AKHoiuior—JOSEPH BARK. For CommlHitloner, Flint UlMtrlvt— JOHJf OF.IE1SAIID. For Coiiiini>.xloncr, Third DlHtrlct— AllltAIIAM SHIWELKR. The olil DeniociM4.ic Wen, of fre speech scenw lo^nS-Osloft that nnrtj 'w.ith cvwy'.ilm'ntr'eOise It^-laPmed to owl ' «v •. •4, ;— ••!*• " Monday Hie- XotMicifi.tio.n cmnmittoi will JoJiii t.he nnny Hint wuuds l» Can 'ton to see rJio gi-oailx'St OTic 'fi-tonite .01! Mr. Cleveland in.- his party would not now make a good, so clablc lislHiiwj club. Mr. Tiiui Grilllii will probably be the picture hanger of t.lio Democratic National convention. To the Ladies. Those who oi-e Interested in dermatology should call on Mrs. StrlngLam, who Is located In the St. Elmo building on . Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is what every woman of Intelligence and rofino.trfent needs. It Is conceded by our host mind* that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; anfl every worthy'hus- band or brother will take interest In mud those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, •tetter,"'freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wlsihJng to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Sti'inghnm's prepare- tloas. Catherine StiiDgim. DERMATOLOGIST. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. ••' • • 'i CIO BROADWAY. " DR. S. H. WARD.. « HOHOEOPATHIST Offic* 309 Fourth Street. Over Tdjlors Jeweliy store, ilntual Telephone No. 200, Residence 018 North Street. n« "TwJn Comet" and "Ijttle Giant' Lawn Sprinklers BEST HADE ,. , Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Wl sprinkle four times greater area than an -.••Chora. Hletest award ' at the Chlcag- E. STEBBINS MFG. CC ManufacurorB, SprlngflelJ, Mass W»T Sale'by alt Hardware and Rubbe •terra In the United StatCB. Are You Out of Employment. Have you a liorsc,' buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots . yon would like to exchange for a business that will girt big returns Cell at 703 flichigan Avenue. WANTED. BV to take orden In every town and cltj; no ; good v»ges; par w«>kly;no capl- OLENBBOS, '. , BocbesWr, N, T. MUCH IX THE WORD. Wlm't a volume of mea.ning there is in filic word American, 'in tlie title is nra<:h to exalt. It. do-es not simply menu that one was boru in tlie liglit of liberty; ilt tells more than Clint one liati been ruiibu-niitized; U signifies more than that one pays taxes and lias a voice in the affairs of the uaitiioa; it suggests inoi'o than free speech ;uid a.u niitr;uuinole;l press. • To IK; nn Ame.ri'coji is to secure b'.i- mail rig-iuts all over the world. Under the flag ol' America, to which all sta-nd- urds on nil mnsit-lieads,. dip wttli pleasure, it? every assunracc erf protection. Americaniifciui, fi-om tilie vary birth of tlio policy, Jiu bloody lanes .ind fields of tlio "Old Tiliiirtecu," can nica-n notli-- ing brat ithc vei-y bost for Americans. AmiTlcsmism is gloriously selfish In its liottiu 1 appli.cat.1oD. Uwiler Ms sway the flttiKCiiis of rJiG republic happily ju-os- ixjretl. Protocition a.nd A-inoi-lcanlsm'ave one. The policy is not selflsli, ho.\vevcr, In its beartug on the destinies.of the x and struggling millions of i.he Prow first to last America iiisui speaks of help for Mic opprn.--st-il; a block to tlie -t.vtviinif-, nht'l a. lesson in fair play to tlie world.. Tlie Monroe doctrine is only one 1'eabure of br-oad patr'.- otU;ni.Aiiii.'.ricaii.Lsin will not sustain a paiity iu power Uuvt does not fearlessly carry out Us decrees. Am-ericn.nl.sin Is of 'I!lie p<x>ple, for flic people, and the (ilDi.ii •»•!«> luilts hi doing Itis Aiiiei-lcan duty ais h;iti been seen hi.-the Cuban Incident, will.bo tin-own,out neck and heels, by tihe peoi'ile. '• • - The M-ifisonrinu remarked that Mo. Iviuley's wife.".Hauua, must be a great one. He was right. The rust, "then the dsincli bug, then the fly, then -the a.rmy worm, then Till- iinau, a.ud n.ow the DemocraUc plat- foftn. The panty t'ha.t holds principle highest, above ina.u aaul above gain, is not always the.wuMrag paii-t.y, but is a great source of pride to members. Mr. Gorman knows wMc.h side of Ills bread's butt.ored. He bntitared tt himself. Ho will not iintofen.' to assist in flic salvation of tilie paity that meats in tlie Chfa]go C Unlike his pO'Uderous predecessor, Major McKiiiilcy will cuter the White •f.'Mijis Maud Y:ui Gundy oC Delphi, is tlw'guest of friends here for a few day-j. Attorney W. L. I?aylioru(» of Wesl I.f-bano'n, was. the guos! of JuOgc.T...T. Tuh'.v Thursday. Mrs. Gob. H. Scliiwr and son Lloyd of .Wkiona, Minn,-, are visiting Mrs, Scliroer's mother, Mrs. W. J. roller. Marlon Chroni-cJe: George Keiser and IT. ;D. Wliitfier will go to I.ogan?port tomorrow io attend a- meeting of die cortiiaditteo of poultry fanciers. Nathan O. Ross and Mrs. Emmet!. JltilljOlland, who are aL Lake Mayj'n- kiK-kee for rhe svmuuor nre tlie gua-?t,s of relatives here for a t'e-xv days. Peri) -Journal: Yesterday noon. Madl- i number,.of-ladies for dinner In liono of Miss Edna SkCn-no.r, of Loga-u.sport. Kjpkonio Tnlbiine: Miss Gertrude Wtaters, o£ Losansport, is Hie guest of •'.Tessa inline Armstrong Mes BlswortJi and Mary Garrit.son vciiit to Loga.nsport Wednesday al'fcr- 0011 to aitteml-the commencement oxer- ises of the Holy Angels academy. !!• Sentinel: Miss Belle Baker fiiiondis, iin LogansporL ... Irs. John McMahan a-nd little son re- i.niod ' from Txigans-port Saturday, fter a week's vteiit Miss Lucy vi-ansc and Mrs. Ban-on, of Logans- poit, are licre for a few day's visit. 1'cni Chronicle: Fred Mill-dock, of Logausport, visited Bob "Parpen today ... .Miiss iUo'ft of Logansport is in. the city the guest of Miss Nellie Sparon- Iwrg.., .Alices Bdiw Mon-ell 'an.l Myrtle Brb wont to Log.-iuspo.rt tills morning to'vfeit friends... .Mrs. Susan GliH>ert and daughter, of Dayton, 0., a ox]- : Miss Frank Landis, of Logausport arrived this cvou.iug Io visit n fesv days att'lio ressUlMicc of tlieir uncle, C. .7. S. Kuiuler., ... ... Half A MILLION IS A'O HYDROriTOBIA. I!epul;iblo pliysicisi-n.-j nre uirited hi the poisiiHvo statianojit tha* tbere Is no Buc-h thinp w* li-ydrophobin. It i,-! cliitniod t.h:U Uie new.spa.per mad do^; Is responsible for inorc-numan rabies tha.n tilie c:i.iune Uui.-t is i>'liof n,iwl bruhilJy •treated when t'he symptoms ore noticed. 'J'lie man «'lio Js blnteo by a dog th: has been suspected, always wronj,'!} of in.i<lnic$s, w,W never show 'the effect oC flic blti; except i'« simu'la.ted h.vdrr pluobf.i, tlic product of Jijs own orort; ten-ar ot .flio atltack. A brooding lea of trouble \rito billing on n good emintei felt of the •tiling' feared. T'he man wh <*t.s calmly a-nd -wiWJiout.fear, or s ibont hi,s biwlnw^ -.Tl'.ter bclng'-'bliin >y a, mad dog, moist have more a'ppar •nt i'liikli 1,11 the inon-of mertldue rlinn he average. To be Given Away In Articles of Real Value ^ ^ , to the Users of MAIL POUCH The incident which occurred at the ban quet of the Deutsche Verein in Mosco\ upon the occasion of the festivities iu connection with the coronation of tb czar, causing prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the emperor, and his majes ty's representative at t-he coronation, to leave the bimquet hall, has juised a, greet particularist (storm throughou ull the southern states of tiie Germnn empire. The origin, of the trouble was in the fact, which, has already been cabled, thqtat the banquet giv»u to Prince Henry and the other visiting- ( princes, the chairman, in toasting- tlie guests, alluded to the minor German princes ns members of Prince Henry's suite, whereupon Prince Ludwig of Bavaria arose in a rage before the chairman's speech was finished and, pounding- tie table with his fist, declared: "We arc not a part of Prince Henry's suite; nor are we vassals of (he German empire. We are the emperor's allies; otherwise I am ;ui independent representative of Bavaria," All southern Germany is exercised over the affair and the Prussian newspapers are filled with articles on the subject, lamenting tlie indiscretion of the chairman or condemning- the hasty actions o£ Princes Henry nnd Ludwig. The incident created no muck public excitement that it naturally led to a demand upon the part of the kaiser that the two princes should explain rhemoA- ter in detail and this, it is understood, has been done. According to the North German Gazette Prince Ludwig anticipated the emperor's request for on ex- plahation, taking the initiative in a communication laying before his majesty the exact words of the president of the banquet, in proposing the toast to Prince Henry in which speech he mentioned the German princes ns having come to Moscow as members of Prince Henry's suite. Against this Prince Ludwig protested to the kaiser, explaining ns he had declared to the chairman of the banquet that he nnd the other princes alluded to were not vassals, but allies of the' kaiser. All Germrais, Prince Ludwig added, be- ; idcs fulfilling- their duty to the father- and, ought not to forget the duties they owed to their own particular counties. Prince Ludwig- is a man of 50 years of ge, :uid npart from the fact that lie is lie future king of Bavaria, he is of a much weightier presence than Prince. Henry. Upon the occasion of his dec laratioii at the banquet he is said to have spoken with great imprcssiveness and in a manner wherein his mending could not* be misconstrued. In con- chiding its article upon the subject the North German Gazette curtly states that "The incident is closed." Other semi-official newspapers, however, hint that the emperor found nothing in Prince Ludwig-'s remarks worth quarreling over and intimated that Prince Henry's resentment of them was childish. These papers also state, that the emperor saw Prince Henry in regard to the matter nnd probably rebuked him for his hasty demonstrations at tlie Moscow banquet, as Prince Henry immediately left Berlin for Kiel for return from Moscow without staying in the capital over night. BICYCLE FOOT THE LATEST. Addition to the Llit of Ailment* Peculiar to Wheelmen. Horror of horrors—here comes the bic\-cle foot! Think of it, juadame, if you persist iu bicycling it will eventually affect your foot.' It veil] swell the muscles, thicken the bones, spread the joints, enlarge the cartilaginous tissues, destroy the contour of your ankle, broaden your heel, t nd—tb is is in strict confidence.mada me —it will makeyou wear a bigger shoe. The important question before wheel- women to-day is: Shall bicycling be abandoned and the diniinutiveness of the foot presej-vcd, or shall the healtlt of the body be improved, even at the expense of the poor foot? This, of course, is a matter that each lady must solve for herself. It lies entirely between her conscience and her foot. Here is how the feet are marred, says the New York Journal. The hinge joint " between the t.ibia and fibula and astra p-nlus is capable of very little motion, t-onsequently the effect of continuous motion is felt most^- in the articula- iiona of the small tarsal bones and the xiiies of the metatarsus. Gradually -he ligaments and muscles uniting these x>nes become elongated and enlargedi he bones spread slightly.and the result s mi abnormnlly developed instep and inkle. Then again, constant pressure pon the sole of the foot hardens the lexor longens ligitorum, or long llcxor f the toes, and. thus destroys that pret- y curve that is supposed to be theindex: o aristocracy. Even the calcis, or heel bone, feels the ffect of this violent exercise. The •endon of Achilles is brought permanently into action, and is greatly strengthened and • enlarged, thereby rounding out a normally slim heel, rnuch to the owner's displeasure. Each of the small bones of the tarsus }jas two or more ligomentous attachments, and there are from 37 to 20 muscles uniting the seven bones of the tarsus with the four metatarsal bones and the 14 phalanges; consequently, when each of these muscles is developed ever so little beyond the Ordinary size it cannot help but make the'owner's feet considerably out of proportion to the rest of the bodv. ADVANTAGE TO FARMERS. American "Chewing and Smoking" /The only ANTLNERVOUS, ANTI-DYSPEPTIC > 1 —ff^f^ andTllCOTIIfE NEUTRALIZED/ Save your COUPONS (or EMPTY BAGS until coupons appear) and get In exchange the following Valuable and useful Articles; VVALMBLE PICTURES .If McK!uJcyl«n won a victory ;it Sc >ftu-is a.s home Democi-atic editors ad m.U, .though they wiJl not own Unit Mc- •MuJoy sliouJd recei,vc credit, is it not as certain that McKlnleylsm will •In just as signal a triumph''in No- ejnber. RopubMcnus nre confident liat lit will. Tiie welcome of. Mr. Martin Higglns, o street maker, Into the ranks of Re- ublicnnlsm, is cordia.1. The change or mnu Vkc -Mr. Higglns Is, only-made om a dolrbe'rare altering In conviction. Hindtome Witer Color F«c.«lmll«,Tan3- * tcapii and Marine, elze 14x23, 12 mibjccls, »'flne Putel Fac-ilml/et, L»nd»cap« sad , Fij?nrei, |1» 20i2i inches, 12 aubjecta. ' Beautiful Venetian Scenes, Works of Ait I tlze so*30 inches, 4 mbjecti. •' ^ f Magnificent Water Color Gravurei. after fa- mons artists, ilze sfcrtS Inches, 4 imbjecia. SO ADVERTISING ON ANY OF THE ABOVE. | SuchEzcellcntWorkl tf Arthanc-nncrliefrire tan offered, Ezctpi.Through Dcalert, at very lughpncta. They are . lurtadfe dt emotion* for I anyhmeflndtobe appreciated iniut be icen. CHOICE BOOKS, Cloth Bound Standard Work., OTor'lGCBS- locted titles; by Eminent Authors. Popular Norali, BOO Utlea byFavuriteAnthors. TOBACCO POUCHES, Rubber, •elf-clatino. Convenientand oveniL French Briftr "^«**-«*'*"-^*^ • • POCKET KNIVES, Jack Knlvei und Pen Knfvgi, flnt quality. American m.innfnaurc. Razor Steel, hand - forgcd,lucJ/tcaipered Blades. SUgliandJa. RAZORS, Hlghwl Grade Steal. Hollow Ground.. POCKET BOOKS, Flout Quality Leather, Lutlet'acd Sent*'. CYCLOMETERS, 1000 Mtb Repiaffng. For my size Bicycle. EXCELLENT WATCHES, The "Mill Pouch" Watchei are made by . a lending. . American Watch Company i and art ffHaranttfii t without qualification, . The"workn" contain all Improvements up to date. They nlll'Wear and perform well ' (or a life time If only ordinarily cared for. I COUPONS EXPLAIN HOW TO SECURE ALL ARTICLES. One ] Coujpon ineacfc&cent (2 ounce) Package. Two Coupons'in eatiKlO cent (& ourwe) fackage. |8 Sfl ^ ^ Aa OEflLERS> pons, U 2oz.' 'Empty Bag as oneCoupon, "lew.? 'JEmpty Sag as twoCoupont. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE mailed en application, giving eomp!ete list and .description of all articles ana Titles of Boots ana Pictures ; also 'tells how to get them. ..,..-.. . . . • The Bloch Bros, Tobacco Co,, Wheeling, W. Va. No coupon* exchanged after July i y 1 897. : THE "METEOR" IS A RUSHER. Kaiser'* New Vaclit Declared to Be More Than a Match for the Defender. AccordJHg' 10 the London Yachtsman, the new cutter Meteor, is a bettei-yacht in every ivny than the Valkyrie III. and is more than a mutch for the Defender. It is understood that the Meteor, after the Kiel races, will take part ia the Clyde races and will probably be one of the contestants in the Cowes reg-atta. Emperor William's warm reception by the English Jiaval architects in Berlin and his telegram to them in wliich he said "blood is thicker than water, 1 points to ainity being restored. The members of the Epyal Yacht squadron nre now eager to haw> the Meteor race in the presence of her owner. REMARKABLY QUICK PASSAGE. Bacord Hade by n Fant-Salllnn Vemol Be- twoon New JTork mid Sydney, Amtrallik The naval hydrographic office at Washington has been informed of a remarkably quick passage made by o sailing vessel—the British bark Belmontr- between New York and Sydney, Austra lia. The Bclmont left New York Feb ruary 8 and arrived nt Sydney April 28 making- the voyage in SO days.- Her run from Xew York to the equator was a remarkably fine one—30 days. While ithus run to the line does not break the irecord made by some of the old clipper jships, it is worthy of note. TheBelmont ^followed closely the outward-bound iroute for Balling vessels as laid down on ithe hydrographic office pilot chart of the North Atlantic for February. Government to Ettabllsh • Biological Surrey. The secretary of agriculture will establish, a. department on July 1 to be called the biological survey. The result is expected to bo a tremendous ieconomlc advantage. Agriculturists, horticulturists and stock raisers are to be given charts showing- the exact- position of each state and territory where certain animals and Teg-etables can be tdvantageously raised. Tfiese will be supplemented by a larg-e cata- iogue containing 1 every land animal and vegetable of the "world, and indicating the areas ia which they may be raised or cultivated by Americans. Millions of dollars are thrown away, each year by farmers and other producers who- plant seed in the wrong- soil or climate, or who undertake to breed animals where the atmosphere and food resource ic Uncongenial. An efficient corps of iiaturalists connects ed with the biolog-ical bureau will make a detailed survey of the whole country, counting and classifying the living species found in each county of each state and terrhory. They will also note the conditions of climate, altitude and soil, and will note how far each condition influences the distribution of the species. The chief of tbo new survey will be Dr. C. Hart Merriam. A survey of the entire country will be ma.de, and chaj-ts will then be published showing the exact location of the various species. Xo other country in the world has ever instituted a survey of this kind. * Telllnc a Uu'roc'H Age. "The popular idea that the age of a horse cnn always be told by looking 1 at his teeth," sakl a veterinary surgeon en Michigan avenue, "is notentirely correct. After the eig-lit-b year the horse has no more new teeth, so that the tooth method is useless for telling the age of n, horse which is more Minn eig-ht3'ears old. As soon as the set of teeth is complete, however, a wrinkle beg-ins toap- "pear on-the upper cdp:c of the lower eyelid, and a new wrinkle is added each year, so that to get the age of ahorso more than eight years old you must figure the teet.h phis the ' rrom Equator to Pnlei. The exact distance from tie equator to either the north or south pole is 0,000 miles, when measured along the surface. ' London'! Population Incntaie. I The population of I,or<3on increaaM •bv 70.000 each yew. WORKS In curing torturing,, disfiguring,. humiliating humors of the Skin^ Scalp, and Blood when at! else fails. J! d tbrougboot the iroTld. Price, CcricrrA, JPc.» P, jsc.i RKWLYJXT, iOe. tnd $L POTTIE Dsoa *JID Coin, Cow., Sole Pwtw., BMIOO. r"flow to Cure Ercry DUBcnrinc Dumar," ftw.

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