The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on March 4, 1907 · Page 22
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 22

Washington, District of Columbia
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Monday, March 4, 1907
Page 22
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HUBBARD HOUSE SOLD Edson Bradley Bays Dupont Circle Residence. ^ PRICE SAID TO BE |166,500 New Yorker Acquires Mansjon in Heart of Fashionable Section--Plans to Remodel and Build Valuable Addition to Present Structure--On Same Block with the British Embassy. On« of the largest sales of improves property that ever has been/made in the Dupont circle section Sias been closed by the sale of the Gardiner Q. Hubbard property-to Edson Bradley, of Yoi-k City and Tuxedo. The sale was made -during the past ftw days, but no Information was given oat as to the price received or the name of the purchaser until last night. It Is understood "that the prfce pet square foot was UO, which makes the consideration $166,600. It Is said to be Mr. Bradley's Intention to remodel and make extensive Improvements on ' the property, besides making a valuable addition on the southern part. The location Is said to .be one of the finest In the fashionable section of Washington. For several years, Mr. Bradley, who Is prominent in financial and* social circles In New York, has been making Washington his winter-home, having occupied apartments at Stonelelgh Court. He Is weH known here, having taken an active part In the social life of the city. In Millionaire Colony. The property faces Dupont Circle at the Juncture of Connecticut avenue and Nineteenth street. It was formerly known (is the Qalt mansion, and consists of an aggregate area of about 16,650 square feet, which la Improved by a large residence. It Is on the same square with the British Embassy, and Is located near the Lelter, Patterson, Wadsworth, Westinghouse, and other residences of financial and social people. Its situation and the value of tHe residence have attracted numerous prospective buyers during the last few years. The sale was made by Frederic May, a real estate agent of thla city and Bar Harbor, through Fitch, Fox Brown, who represented the owners. Mr. May recently sold several- large tracts of land en New Hampshire avenue, lying between S. Swan, and T streets, the presumptive buyers being George W. Vander- nll:. o! New York, and Mrs. Marshall Field, widow of the Chicago merchant, wno died last year. Mr. May also sold to Perry Belmont the large triangular piece of land on New Hampshire avenue, on which Mr. Belmont Is erecting a half- iriJUlon dollar house. TELLS BLIND OF GOOD CHEEB. Mrs. Hubbard, at Congressional Library, Shows Way to Happiness. "By cheerfulness we increase not our tnvn happiness alone, but that of every one about us," said Mrs. Sara A. Hub- larcl. of Chicago, In a reading for the blind at the Library of Congress Saturday afternoon. "The cheerful man rallies to his help all those aids 'of which th« universe is full, and which most of ui. by our despairing attitude, refuse." 3'he case of the Spaniard *who was so fond of cherries that he put on magnifying spectacles when eating them, in order la make them appear larger, waa cited by Mrs, Hubbard as an example of tho correct attitudo toward the p'easures of lift-. INDIAN ASSOCIATION MEETS. Representative Burke Chief Speaker Before Washington Auxiliary. Representative Charles H. Burke, of South Dakota, wafc the chief speaker at the Bieetlngr of the Washington Auxiliary u( the National Indian Association, Friday afternoon, at the -home of Mrs. J. A. Campbell, 1741 N street northwest. Rev. Edward Everett Hale opened the meeting with prayer. The reports of the i etording" secretary and the treasurer were read. Miss May Adele Levers sang two songs. "II Baccio" and "I've Something Sweet to Tell You." Mrs. Harry C. Woodward, of West Virginia, sang Burns' "My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose," set to music by L. Balnbrldge Crist, formerly of this city. Mrs. Bldwell, of California, told briefly of the condition of the California Indians. Mrs B. E. Newton, the president, presided PLANT ANB FLOWKK CONTEST. Rosa Society and Florists' Club Offer Prizes for Spring Exhibition. The pnnuat convention and exhibition of tlie American Rose Society and the s-prlng exhibition of the Florists' Club of Washington will be held at the Washington Light Infantry Hall. Fifteenth and K. streets northwest. March 13 to 15 inclu- st e. Among the plant classes for which pre- ijilums are to be given are^ferns, which ha\e been grown in. a dwelling for at least four months prevlpus to the exhibition; lubber plants, house.grown, ffnd geran~ iurns. The contest in the classes, mentioned are to amateurs only. Army Women to Attend Funeral. ' T'ne funeral of Mrs. Ellen-^ Fountains Sclireiner, wife of Maj. Herman Schrei- rjpr, V. S. A., who died suddenly at Oeorge Washington University Hospital last Saturday morning, will take place to-dav at 2 o'clock from St. Thomas' P. E Church. Mrs. Schrelner was a member of the Woman's Army and Navy I.ea'srue. and Its president, Mrs. George M. ternberg, has requested all resident members to attend the services. The interment will be In the cemetery at the ' Soldiers* Home. Marine Band's Programme To-day. At the concert to be given by the Marine Band orchestra at the navy yard this afternoon at 2 o'clock the following musical programme will be rendered: March. ."Flag of Victory;" overture, "Crown of Diamonds;" "EIn Album- Witt:" waltz. "Life a Dream;" grand fantasia, "Lohengrin;" characteristic fan- tasla. "My Old Kentucky Home;" Slavonic dance. No. , and galop, "Fun in a Skating Rink." Former Washington Woman Dead. Xews has just reached Wasfilngton of tne death of Sarah P. Thomas, widow of Ur\ Alfred Thomas, formerly of this city, on February 25, at Arlington, Mass. The funeral services were held at the home of Mrs. Thomas' sister, Mrs. F. A. Allen, 26S Harvard street, Cambridge, Mags. SOCIAL GOSSIP. CONTINUED ?BOM SEVENTH PAOE. Without Alcohol A Strong Tonic Without Alcohol A Body Builder Without Alcohol A Blood Purser Without Alcohol A Gre»t Alterative Without Alcohol A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol Ayer's Stra»p«rill« Without Alcohol ou preparations. 5,000 miles throueh Central add Southern Europe. I \ It was a matter of general comment tbat Ambassador Charlemagne Tower was. present at the farewell lecture at the University of Berlin, of Prot. Burgass, dean of Columbia University. Thla was the more remarkable since tne Ambassador did not attend the dinner given by Prof. Burgess to the ministers and professors. It la only fair to say tnat Prof. Bur- g»us' utterances on the Monroe Doc- trrae and protection, In his -first lecture In Berlin, were not the only cause for the friction between htm and Mr. Tower. When the professor went to Berlin he neglected to leave cards for the- Ambassador, which the latter resented, even after Prof. Burgess had sent a written apology. It was jraly last week that matters were smoothed over, and this Is said,to have been the result of pressure from Washington, and the mediation of Emperor William. An entente having been established, Mr. and Mrs. Tower calleoV on Prof. Burgess a few days ago and attended hla lecture Saturday, while Mrs. Burgess was a guest at a luncheon given by Mrs. Tower the same afternoon. The Kaiser now writes his letters on the most costly and gorgeous note paper used by any European monarch. It Is a specially made, fine linen _rag paper, quarto in size, two shades--Jvory and dull blue--and each sheet of note paper with Its envelope costs $1.15. His majesty made the manufacturer promise to supply this paper to no one outside the Imperial family. The crest on the Kaiser's note paper is decorated with a gorgeously emblazoned Imperial coat- of-arms in gold and brilliant colors, surrounded by the chain of the Order of the Black Eagle and the blue ribbon of the Garter. At tho back of the shield are two marshals' batons crossed: For correspondence .ag King of Prussia the Kaiser uses the same paper, but with the Prussian royal arms instead of the imperial arms. The envelopes bear on the flap the Imperial or royal arms, as the case may be. Before he ordered this gorgeous stationery the Kaiser used a modest looking white handmade^ paper, octavo slse, w{th a simple "W," surrounded with an arabesque and surmounted by the imperial crown, embossed In, one corner. German courtiers with some'taste deplore the Emperor's new fad as strongly suggesting vulgar ostentation. The Kaiser Is finding that his expenditure is reaching embarrassing dimensions. His fondness for display and traveling run away with a very large part of his Income, and, although things financially are better with him than when Baron Blelchroder, the banker, had to advance him something like $250,000 to put his personal affairs straight, Wilhelm II is not a financial success. His son. Prince August Wllhelm, who Is to marry soon and set up a new household at the tender age of nineteen, will hot, therefore, have a very generous allowance from the civil list. Although much surprise Is expressed that the Kaiser should have the prince marry so young, the reason probably la that as e. married man with responsibilities he will not be led Into the extravagances «f a young guards' officer in Berlin, where opportunities for throwing away money are greater than In any other European city. Prince August^ Wllhelm will marry his cousin. Princess Alexandra Victoria of Schleswlg - Holsteln-Sonderbnrg - Glucks- burg, who Is a nice, domesticated, and charming girl of seventeen. The young couple will settle down to a quiet life In some schloss- far away from Berlin and begin married life economically. The church at Hucknall (Nottlngsham- shire), where Lord Byron and his daughter Ada," Countess of Lovelace, He burled, is in danger from incendiaries. Several churches have been burned In the Immediate neighborhood, and a special watch Is being kept tfay and night The vicaf, the Rev. E. Roberts, received a curious offer from a New Yorker staying in London, named Harvey Piper. Mr. Piper wrote that as there were "mill- Ions In tho States who worship the'mem- ory of the author of 'Don Juan,' if might be deemed a fitting opportunity to make an offer that had been In contemplation. On behalf of himself and his friends he, offered to place six stained glass windows In the building, if permission were accorded him to carrv the remains of the pnet and his only child to America." The vicar replied, pointing out the legal impossibility of accepting the offer, apart altogether .from sentimental reasons. To this Mr. Piper replied with an offer of $10,000, but this was also rejected. I -An amusing story is going the rounds concerning the Duchess of Devonshire, the leader o£ London society and the King's favorite hostess. The old duchess still contrives to look fairly young from a distance, but she is one of the few society women left who believe In playing rhi the faint and iiowder. Her wrinkles are more or less filled up with cosmetics, and In broad daylight she Is not 'altogether attractive. When she was staying at Sandringham with tlia King, the house party was having tea "In the big hall and Prince Henry, one of tho Princess of Wales' sons, was being much petted by the ladles. The duchess, in her sweetest tones, called to the young prince: "Come here,-dear, anjl give me a kiss." Prince Henry, who hss been well brought up, advanced, took a long look at the face of the duchess, and piped dn i shrill voice: "Thank you; some other day." The duchess, fortunately, has a sense of humor, and joined in ^he laugh against, herself. ~~ Since the Earl and Countess of Dunmore, who were among: the first Christian Scientists In England, returned from their visit to Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, they have been actively pushing a Christian Science propaganda throughout England. Lady Victoria Murray, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Dunmore* is also an active Christian Science worker. She has just succeeded' In opening a beautiful Christian Science church In Manchester, after two years' work. Lady Victoria for nine months preached "the science" in a warehouse in Manchester, in the heart of the business district, where merchants and others dropped In at noon. Now, owing to Lady Victoria's energy, Manchester has the first Christian Science church outside of London. It is free of debt. For four years Lady Victoria conducted services in Manchester, aided _now and then by Lord and Lady Dunmore. The Hon. Dr. Ella Scarlett Synge, the plucky daughter of Lady Ablnger (the first American peeress), has settled down at Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada, where she is practicing as a physician and surgeon. She has written enthusiastic letters about Canada to her London friends, and her mother, who Is a leading Christian Scientist, Is proud ol her daughter's enterprise. The Hon., Mrs. Synge has written to several women in London advising them to make their boys engineers and send them out to Canada, where the immense irrigation ' works will give openings to hundreds of engineers later on. When she becomes established in her practice, she will send for her husband, who is now in England without a position.- Lady Grey-Egerton was privately married Saturday afternoon in " London to ·Richard McCreery, of New York, The wedding, which was a quiet one. took place at St. Michael's Church, Offham, Kent. After the ceremony a reception was held at the bride's residence In Hallam street, and the couple subsequently, left for Paris. They have taken Warfleld Park, Bracknell, to which they will return at Easter. Both Lady Egerton and Mr. McC'eeT are well known In American society and In the American colony In England. Both have been divorced. The bride waa May Cuyler, of New York, daughter of Maj. J. Wayne Cuyler, Uv d. A. In 1*83 she wae married to Sir Philip Grey-Egerton. twelfth baronet of his line. The weddmg took place in Nev ""-rfc In the spr'ng of 1904 a separatl-i" · ik pluce. and Intw JVady Eserton si-- "e^ a fllvn-ce, her Bus- band making no contest. There were two children by this marriage. Richard McCreery is a son of Andrew McCreery, of San Francisco, who made a fortune in California. He Is a nephew of the late Justice Fltld. of the United States Supreme Court. In 1894 he married Miss Edith Kip, daughter of the late Col. Lawrence Kip, at Grace Church, In New York. In 1904 his wife sued for divorce, accusing her husband of being too friendly with a woman whose name'waa not given. The divorce wtcs granted to her jrith $3,000 a year alimony, although she was- wealth; In her own right, her mother having "been a daughter of Pierre Lorillard. HEE SKILL WOK SENATOR. As Trained Nurse, Future Mia. Hawley Helped Seasick General. The recent granting of a pension to the widow of Senator Joseph R. Hawlfey, of Connecticut, brings to mind the unique meeting with his second wife and the romance that followed. . Senator Sawley, in 1886, was chairman of a select committee on ordnance and war ships which visited all the large navy yards and gun factories of the world. While crossing the Atlantic on his return from this mission Senator Hawley, then a widower of sixty, Buffered so violently from seasickness that his attendants began to fear for his life. A woman occupying a neighboring state room announced that she was a trained nurae and offered her assistance to the patient. Her efforts were crowned with success. She proved to be Miss Edith Hj/rner, of England, whose appointment as bead of the school for nurses at Blockley Asylum had been announced at Philadelphia. She held her position only a few nlonths, when she resigned to become, the wife of Senator Hawley. During her residence In Washington Mrs. Hawley achieved a. national reputation as an expert In the game of whist. Since her husband's death she has resided almost continuously In England, in order to be near her aged mother, whose chief delight Is the society- of .her two American grandchildren--the young daughters of the late Senator Hawley. MORE PRESIDENTIAL WARE. Candelabras Jackson Got from Tammany Sent to White House. The White House collection of Presidential ware has received two additions. Miss Mary Wllcocx, of Washington, who a month ago sent to the collection six pieces of the Jackson china and glass, inherited by her from her mother, who was a great-niece of President Jackson, and to whom the Jackson mementos are a memorial, has now added to them one of the two silver candelabras . which Tammany-Hall presented to Jackson on the occasion of his visit to that organization. The candelabras are very handsome pieces of silver and are Inscribed with the name of Andrew Jackson and the legend, "The FederajfUnion; It Must Be Preserved." The other addition was the gift of six pieces of china and glass, owned and used by President Folk- In the White House. They were presented by Mrs. George W. Fall, of Nashville, Tenn. FAREWELL TO M'CORMICK. Demonstration at Paris Station When Retiring Ambassador teaves. Paris, Mar, 3.--There was a farewell demonstration at the railway station here this afternoon when Mr. Mc-Cormlck, tlnr retiring American Ambassador, started for London on his' way to the United States. M. Plchon, the minister of foreign affairs, and his diplomatic colleagues and many Americans and other persons prominent in the social life of Paris were present to bid Mr. McCormlck farewell. . AMERICAN WEDS PRINCESS. Prof. LanQfield, of California, Wins Russian Bride in France. Cannes, France, Mar. 3.--Jerome B. Landfield, professor of history at the University of California, and Princess Ltuba LobanoJt^ Rostovsky were married at the Russian "church hers to-day. There was present a distinguished assemblage of Russians and Americans. A. j. M'CALiTna: DEAD. Former Post-office Department Chief Succumbs to Long Illness. Archibald T. McCallum, of this cltv, who had been 111 for several yeara, died last Saturday morning at. the home of his son-in-law. Dr. Hefiry A. Bobbins. Mr. McCallum carrie here shortly after the civil war from Wellington, N. C., to which State his ancestors emigrated from Scotland. For manv years Mr. McCallum waa chief of a-division in the Dead Letter Of- flce of the Post-office Department; and for a lone time represented newspapers of his native State as their Washington correspondpnt. Funeral services will be conducted by Rev"; J. A. Aspinwall, his former pastor, this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, at 1750 M street. Mrs. Chase Gives Musicale. A delightful muslcale was given Friday evening by Mrs. Isabella Baker Chase, recl£atlonist. and ballad singer, at her apartrrtent In the Brunswick. Mrs. Chase gave her musicale recitation, "Song of the Camp." The violin obligate, written for Mrs. Chase by Mrs. Lynch, a violinist of thjs city, was played by Miss Ruble Claire Standfcrd, with Mrs. Robert Hickman at the piano. Mr. Hanna sang tenor solos. Including "For All Eternity." He was accompanied by Mrs. Hickman and Miss Stadford. Edwin Heyden Baker, a nephew of Mrs. 'Chase, from Union City, Pa., also sang RESORTS AND WINTER TRAVEL EXCURSIONS. EXCURSIONS. Gharry Blossoms in Beautiful Japan BLOOM ONLY IN APRIL AND MAI One of th«-magnificent Steamibipi of the "Empreii" fleet of the C A N A D I A N PACIFIC / " -Leaves Vancouuer every month for Yokohoma. Secure, accommodations now. Handsomsly Illustrated descriptive pamphlit* miiltd on application. ' Sailings monthly from Vanceimr lor China. Japan, Hawaiian ft Fill Islands, Australia and Hew Zealand. f WM. LINSON, O. P. r. A., l4tti Strmt and Now Yorlf Avenue, Washington, D- C. ATLANTIC CITY (N. J.f HOTEI' HOTEL DENNIS, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Occupies one-half square of unobstructed beach front. · New fireproof addition of 100 rooms and baths, with . sea and fresh water. Most favorably located andbest- appoinjed hotel "in the North for winter and spring business. , WALTER J. BUZBY. m.w,f J09IAH -WHITE. A 3ON8. WESTMINSTER, mB Elevator; sun parlor; 18 to $15 weelny. / d*3 P. C./BUHRE, Ocean end New Tork. aye Naw management Renovated, refurnished. Bxeluslve buffet. No nd- vance In retw for Bsster. Booklet. E. HELD. Prop.; CHAB. W. BROWN ELL, Manager. iS HOTEL RALEIGH St. Charles and Bench. Atlantic City, N. I. ROmellbe comforts. Reasonable rates Booltlet. 443 H. J.lOYNSB. THE GURENDQN, Virginia Ave. and Beach. II. D. NIEMAN. itA. fVLASKl MODEL EXHIBITED. Masquerade Euchre. The novelty of playing euchre enmasque proved a jolly success Jtt the Trolley Euchre Club's meeting, on Saturday, at the home of Miss Jessie Besselievre, 316 E street northwest. Clowes and Spanish dancing girls won from chaf- "feurs; raffles and dominoes had little difficulty in stealing games from Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Prizes were awarded to Misses Bessie I Steinle and Wilhelmlna Rosendale, and Messrs. Harry Hamilton and -William Kemper. Thrown from Carriage at Biltmore. Special to The Washington Post. Asheville, N. C., Mar. 3r--Mr. Mrs. H. A. Wood, of New Tork, who are here on their bridal tour, were thrown out of their carriage and seriously Injured while driving on the estate of George W. Vanderbllt at Bllt- more. The horses took fright and ran away through Blltmore village. While near the railroad, crossing at Biltmora they collided with a dray. Catarrh* Called an American disease. Is cured by an American 'medicine, orlgnated ami prepared In the most catarrhal of American countries. That medicine Is Hood's Sarsaparllla. It cures radically and permanently, in that it removes the - cause, cleans ng :lio" blood of scrofulous and all otHer Impurities. It overcomes all the effects of catarrh, too, and builds up the whole ' system. __ Critics Comment Favorably on Production at Corcoran Gallery. The revised model of the equestrian statue of Count Eulaalci, one of the Pollsli heroes who fought In the Revolutionary war, has been placed on exhibition in the basement ot the Corcoran Art Gallery, where It Is receiving much favorable criticism by the crowds that view it The statue Is to be placed in the triangular space between the new municipal building and "newspaper row,** bounded by Pennsylvania avenue, Thirteenth and E Streets. It Was originally intended that the statue should be placed on one of the northern corners of Lafayette Square, but the Polish societies preferred an equestrian statue to a stands Ing one. As- It was thought' that the equestrian would not be in harmony .with the others which at present grace Lafayette Square, the Pennsylvania avenue site was ^selected. Caslmlr Chodzlnskl, a Polish-American sculptor, was charged by the/Polish societies to prepare a model, ^fhe original one did not meet the approval of other artists, and Mr. Chodzinskl revised It. TJils one has been Tnost favorably received by the" statue commission," composed of Secretary Taft, Senator Wetmore, of Rhode Island; Representative McCIeary, of Minnesota, and the president of the central committee of tlie Pulaskl Monument Association. It haa not been formally accepted yet, as the commission desires certain artists to inspect it. -Congress has appropriated $50,ODO for the statue. MACCABEES PLAN CONVENTION. Many States to Be Represented at Gathering Here in May. A-meeting of the commanders and record keepers of the District of Columbia hives of the Ladles of the Maccabees of the Worm was called by Mrs, Melva J. Caswell, State commander,* on Tuesday, afternoon fr the purpose of making preliminary arrangements for the coming convention of that organization, wjilch vill convene In this city on. May IB. There were present at the meeting, MelVa J. paswell, Mary A. Van Ness, Mary Tj**Dunn, Etta Degenhart. Grace Bernhard, Anna J. Shepherd, Helen P. Myers, Ida Edmister, and Lula S. Hammond. It was announced that the supreme commander, Mrs. Lillian M. Hol- Iteter, and the supreme record keeper. Miss Blna M. West, would attend the convention. The States of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont,New Jresey, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia will have delegates, present. - Wedded Forty-seven Years. A few relatives of Mr. anO. Mrs. E. Dwight Clapp remembered their forty- seventh wedding anniversary Thursday evening, surprising them at their home, 812 Ninth street northwest. Mr. Clapn, of Massachusetts, and iMIsa Emma Bd- monston of Washington, were married Tuesday. February 28, I860, in this city by Rev J. O. Proctor. Of this union were born Carrie Annette, who died March S, 1889- Arthur Wellington, died May It; 1865, Enoch Spooner, died June 9, 1S70; Edward Eugene, now manager for the American Press Association at Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Clapp were presented with a handsome vase In memory of the event. Refreshments were served. ONLY UUU / In One- pound Airtight Tins. Oriental Coffee You Have to Taste It. It Is Absolutely DeliciogrfT Flame Roasted Ask Your Grocer, Browning Baines, Inc. 316 Pa. Avenue. T ATLANTIC CITY (IT. J.) HOTELS. HOTEL. TRAYMORE N ON THB OCEAN PROMT. A magnificent ten-Btory lire-proof tddltttm tk Juit ing completed, uttking thU famatm hostelry the i4WBt and most pp-to-date of Baton-front Hotels. Bedn?0mfl avenging II feet eauar*. *5a every room with an ocean view, bath attached, sea. and freak wat«r, telephones, and eheral Spactoua eolatium. Qol£ piivilecu. Write for Illustrated widet. TRAYMORB HOTEL co D. s. WHITE pnalftent CHAB. O. MAHQTTETTE. Manager. dftfl THE SHEL8URNE, OP ATLANTIC'CITY, TJnder the same management, but Etrlctly on\tho EUROPEAN PLAN. Beginning March 11 190T. The famoni French Grill, with French service. Commodious apartments. Single and en sult«i with baths. Reservations may now De msd?. its JACOB WEIKEL, Uanager. HADDON HALL ATLANTIC CTTT, N, J. -" Always Open: ^on Ocean Front. f Courteous attention. Homelike surroundings. Every comfort. Booklet and calenlar on application, d LEEDS L1PPINCOTT. HOTEL NEW ENGLAND. South Carolina avSr and the Bflich; near'piers and attractions. Large,, ninny rooms; priyat* oaths: elevator; sun parlor. Capacity, S50. Table anfl eerVlce superior. Special spring terms. A5 - BETAN A WILLIAMS. GALEN HALL HOTEL AND SANATORIUM. ATLANTIC CITY. One of the newest stone, brlos. and steel bulld- inge. with every comfort, always open, always ready, always busy. * IMfcS HOTSI MONTICE110, MODERN XND HI0H CLASS IN EVERT RESPECT. Grand location, Kentucky ave., near beach and all attractions. New throughout. Every comfort. Homelike surroundings. Elegant rooms, with baths attached. Tarlo and service ot highest standard. Stegm-heated sun parlors. Special spring rates. Booklet. A. 0. ECKHOJjM. daS v HOTEL KTOOKF, I Atlantic dlty, N. 0*. Directly on Beach. American and European plans; 400 ocean-view rooms; 106 suites, with private lea-water baths; 'phones In rooms: orchetua -weekly social features; capacity, 1,000; special spring ralei. ftS CHAS. R. MYERS. Owner. RALEIGH, MOT * "I*' Md »«'* !U TM moderate*""' "* ' priced hotel on the beaoh. Accommodations, service, and culsluo excel any In town at similar prices. Capacity, 600. All modern conveniences. Booklet H. J. DYNES. OCEAK STEAMEKS- AMEAIGAK LIME. Plymouth--Cherbourg--Southampton. NEW YORK... Mtr. M, Apr. 13, MIT 11 ST. toma...^. M«r. sa. Apr. 20. Mar is. PHIIADEUHIA Mar. M, Apr. a, May 25 Celtic (80,904 tons) AJJT.IB, May 4 Philadelphia--Qu«n«town--Overporl. Harerfonl........Mar. i FrlMlUid,...7....1I»r. 13 Noordland Mar. UiMeHon Mar. O ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE. Nen York--London Direct. MINNEAPOLIS M4r. S. Apr. 13. May 31 MINNBHABA Mat. 28. Apr. S, May M MESABA ...Mar. 80, Apr. 27, May M MINNETONKA :.....Apr. 6, MajM. Juna 1 RED STAR LINE. York--Dover--Antwerp. KROONLAND Mar. 9, Apr. «, May t VADERL.AND Mar. 16, Apr. 13, Maj 11 FINLAND Mar. 23, Apr. 20, May 1! ZEELAND .....Mar. 30, Apr, 27, May 25 WHITE STAR LINE. New York--Queenstovrn--Liverpool. TEUTONIC Mar. 6, Apr. 3? May 1 EAUIIC , Mar. IS. Apr. 10, Via * MAJESTIC, Mir. 20. Apr. 17, May 15 OEDEIO Mar. 22, Apr. 19, May-lT OCEANIC Mar. 27, Apr. 84 Plymouth--Cherbourg--Southampton CELTIC ,...Apr. 6, noon, Miy 4 "fADRIATIC May 22, June 18. July 17 TEUTONIC May 29, Jnn 21, July 21 OCEANIC June 5, July 3; Jills 31 MAJESTIC .....June 13, July 10. Aui. 7 tNeir, 25,000 Tonai hn» Elevator, inatluro. Tnrklnh Baih«, A Band. ____ tho ARABIC. · ------ ^ ----- ------ -- CVMKlC.j .................. Mar. 26, May S3 ARABIC.: .............................. May »; June e REPUBLIC..../ ....................... May so, jaiy 3 % MEDITERRANEANA^, PROM MEW YORKf Cretic ....... . ..... ...Mar. 30, noon; May 8, June 20 Republic ............ . ............... Apr. 20, 10 a. ra. PROSI BOSTON! Republic .......... Mar.U6, noon: Romanic, Apr. 37 Canoplc ................. Apr. 10, 8:20 a. m. ; May IS Wmhlnirton Office. 130O P Street N. IV. R. H. HICKS, rammtngfi Agent. CONDUCTED From New Yorki Feb. 4, 1OOT. By the Great Flyer Deutschland 8 1JATS TO IT ALT. In eluding all expense* on fchore. 27Days-$300 46 Days $360 Itinerary Includes the famona RI-* VIBRA. RESORTS, GIBRALTAR, NA- PLBJS. (VESUVIUS, POMPEII, CAPRI), ROME, FLORENCE, PISA, VENICE, VERONA, MILAN, GENOA. Other almllar trlpa oa application. Hamburg-American Line 35-37 BROADfVAY, STEW YORK. B. F. DROOP SONS. 925 Pa. Ave. SCANDINAVIAN-AMERICAN LINE |^ 10,000 Ton Twin-Screw Passenger SteanierB =- Direct to -Norway, Sweden and Denmark Sailing from New York at noon. United States....Ap-. 25HelllgOlav ..May 23 ·C. P. Tietgen....Mey, 2United States....June 6 Oscar II May9C. F. Tletcon ..June 12 Saloon, )60 and upward: second cabin,. $SO. After Ma; 1, Saloon, J70 and up, 2d c£bln, !55. A. B. SOHNSON CO., 1 Brondwny, N. Y. /R TO LOCAL AGENTS. H 'H m OLLAND-AMERICA LIN NEWYOBK- SallingB We Ryndam...Mar. 8, 10 AM Potsdam...Mar. 13, G AM N.Am'dam.Mar 20, 10 AM Holland-America I,ine, 39 Or any local agent. _._l,vlaBOl!lOire s as per sailing list Stat'dam..Mar. 27, 10 AM Nocrilnm Apr. 8, 9 AM Ryndam...Apr. 10, 4 AM jr. T. April 20th Tour, via Naples "UNDER ESCORT; INCLUSIVE FARES, toft' OR SITS: ONLY TEN IN PIRTY; a few. vacancies yet. FRANK C. CLARK, 96 fcroaOWay, New Tork; R. M. HICKS, 1306 F st. nw., and D. C. PFBIFFER, 13!3 F Bt.. Washington, D. C. WASHINGTON HOTELS. 11th jnd I a CBTDA'C Central. CSts. LA rtlKA 3, Quiet. EUROPEAN JLAN, »t HP. Attractive Cafe. Low prices. Call and see. THE LINCOLN HOTEL, Tenlh S?v, HSb Running hot and cold water la all rooms. Rooms with bath if desired. European p'gn, H « day and up. American plan, $2 a day and. up. C. S. ft A. B. HYATT. Proprietor*. THE EVERETT Bet. mh Central location. Rich-grade crjlsle. throughout. American plan. 92 A day upward. St. James, .European WA«BmOTON. D. O. NORTH CAROLINA RESORTS. KBNILWORTH INN, · BIltmoK, near Ashevllte, N. 0, Dry, cltmatet ttneiltialfld sceprr, magnlDtently turntahed, culalne nisurpaattd, orcheatra, go't Irreiy, op«ll all -tha rear. Write for fcooKlet. 01 S. B. MOORE. FrurUtor. EXCURSIONS. N orfolk Washington Steamboat Company -- Ernry 3sy in tha rear from fool ot 7th st. -- for Fart Monroe. Norfolk. Newport Nfrws, -- and all point* eoutb by the saaerb powerful -- steal palttc«" ateamarc "Newport Nowa."_~^ "Norfote." and "Washington." LT. WasbinstoD.fl.-sOp mLv. Fortsmt AUCTION SALES, Xrtr. Alexandria. ,7:00 p til Ar. Fort Mooroe.7:00 a m Arrlva Norfolk. .8 :«0 a m Ar. Portsmouth..8:20 n m Portsmouth.:X] p. L.T. Norfolk. 6:00 p m Lr. Foot Monroe. 7:00 p m Ar. Alexandria..8-30 a m Ar. Washington..7:00 i m JtSTThrotigb connections made at Norfolk with ·ttaners of Old Dominion St«anuhio Co. for N«r Tork and Merchants ang Mln- \- era* etoamshlps for- Boston. --* tSTFor fttrtner Information applr at t«n- -- era! ticket office, 705 14th it. Colorado -- Bide, (telephone Main SZM). or Iti «fc -- irharf (telephone M»ln KM». JNO. CALLAHAN, 24 V. ·pros, and Gen. .JSge. V. R. CALLAHAN. OK. Pass. Agt FORT MYER ARLINGTON FALLS CHURCH " iHtcttic Car Balf Bonrly from Aqnetott Bridge EUROPEAN EESOETS. O01NO ABROAD* ITIS FOB LITEHATttRB. TOWN AND COUNTRY BUREAU, 889 4TH A VS.. N. Y. CITY. J RAILROADS) BALTIMORE AMD OHIO RAILROAD. BOTAL BLCS LINE. LEAVE STATION, N/nr Jersey are. and C at., "EVERY OTHBR HOUR ON THS ODD HOUB- TO PHILADELPHIA Ami NEW YORK. NEW TERMINAL J3D BT., NSW T03K. ·7:00 a. m. Diner, Pullman parlor. 193X) a. BU Bullet, Parlor. Five-hour Train* ):00 a. m. Diner and Pullman Parlor Carl' fll:(K a. m. Diner and Pullman Parlor Car. «1:GO n-, m. Diner and Pnllaan Parlor Car. ·3:00 c, m. "Royal Limited." All POllrasu. tl:00p. m. Coaches to Philadelphia. ·5:00 p. m. Diner and Pullman Parlor, ·8:00 p. m. Coaches to Philadelphia. 11:30 p. m. BieepOn. ·a^T a. m. Sleftnerm. ATLANTIC CtTT, t7:W. *t:M. 1]1:00 a. m., n:M. n. - norm on nu KOTO." (Week flayi, t a, m. to* p. m.) 90 BALTIMORE, reek dan. 2:57. COO, «:«. 7:06. »:*, «·». 8:30. »·.», 9:80, IOMW, IltW a. m., li MM?'1:80. B:M. «:s6. 7:00, S:W 120, 30:09, 10:15, 11:80, 11:86 9. m. gnndan. !:G7, 7.00. 7:10. ISO. »:00. 10:0*. 11:01 a. m., 1:00, 1:18, 1:00, S:M. ia», I:M, «:J9. Iron, 'ABO. CfflCAOO AND NORTHWEST, 1M p. m.. «J:H *"cnicmHATi, w. Loms ·'«« LOTASVZUA 1:00 a. m.. ·*·.$». m.. n:M nl*nt PTITSBIJRO, «f:U », m.. ··HO p. «., «Uai BUEht. CLEVELAND. -9:10 p.m.: COLUMBHa.-t:3» p.* WHEBLINO, 8:00 «. OL. «5:SO P. m. WINCHB3TBB. 8:85 a. M.. M:OJ. fEW p. m V ANNAPOLIS, veok Can. »:» a. m..-11:05 noon. 4:« if. m.. S:00'p. m. ScaAayl, 8:80 a. m. uO : !AfL«iBJjwen, «« s. «. FREDERICK; , . . »:15, 0:10. VM. 'HAOERStOWN. t«;.85 a. to. «nd tWO p. ·. BOTD and WIT points. 1S;W, J9:I5 a. m., |l:9e. tB:Ooff|35. lltrttTni** P. m. , , in., tphSO, il:80, t8:80, ^JflP, tfi:SS, tB:59 I7:SS, VABHIjraTON'jtJNOWCttT an* -way punt* MSB. um'«. nf.. 81:!". «:00. 15-1" 5. m. ·Dally, f Except Bundu. ISOTdaytmly. Bewmtlona at Sleeping M .Fw-lor Car «p«*fc ratea o[ fare, So., will rrf actekly fnrnMna B* TBUBPHOOTSTrt all o« th« SHloflna- Ticket O«M»: 1117 O «t n».,Telephone, main ir.91; «9 Penn- arrranla ave.. Telephone,. m»!= S78. Station, New Jerner ate. and C n\-TM«t 0«lce, TelapnoM «ut (BT; iBtunnttHm Bureau, tutm. SOTJTHEKN RAO-WAY. N. B.-- Following sobtdnll lurnret paUUhid only as InfonnAtion and an not' guaranteed. ' ·7:00 A. H.-Danvllle and V,» irtstlons. ·7:35 A. II.-- HarrlsonburK and way stations. ·1:00 A. M.-- Sleepers an! cuadias to Atlanta and Xew Orleans. Dining oar. ·11 -.00 1 A. M.-- Sleepers end ooachM to Colnmhls, Savannah, and Jacksonville. Dinlkg oar. ·2:60 P. M.-- Sleepers and coaches to Atlanta-anJ Oolumbns, Ga. Sunset Roue 'Sonrlst sleeper t» San Francisco trl-weekly. |4:fa P. M.-- arlsonburg an* war stations. «4:BS P. M.-- CnarlottzsTllIe, worrenton, and way i s M--Soufhem's p4lm llmiud. s o . . to Alken, August*. Savannah, Jacksonville, and SI Augustine; sleeper bi-weekly to Charleston. Dining ear. ·9:50 P. M.-- Sleepers ud coadiei to Charlotte. Colombia, and Augusts, SIsspen week days to Ftnehunt. Dining cur. ·10:16 ?. M.-- BleepeM nnd ctachM (via l^ bnrg and Brbtoll to OhatMioon, Memphis, and Jfew Orloans. Dining car. 0 nl:OJ) f. M.-- Sew York nnd Mew Orlwms Llmltsa. solid Pullman to Ashevllle, Atlanta, Blrmlnghim. and New Orleans. Dining: car, club, and ohsam- tlon cars. Note: ·Dally, fweek d«ye. Throneh trains Irom' the SButh «rHTe Wsssing- ton 7:35, »:45. and 9:05 a. rfl., «:% SOS. »: 11:30, and 11:40 p. m. flally, and 10:M a. m., e*- cept Mondays. Local trjlns ttopj Harrlsonbur! 11:51! a. m. week days and 8:20 p. m. dally; from CharTottesvllle 8:16 a. m. dally. Frennent trains to and from Bluemont. Ticket efflc's m 15th IK, Ell Pa. tmi ant V P. ft O. M. w. H. TAYLOB, o. P. A. E. g. BROW, o. A. FLORIDA, ATLAHTIC COAST IIHE. Notice--These departures are given as Jnfonta. tlon as well as connections with other companies, but arrivals and connections are not guaranteed. Effective January 1, 1MI. CM a. m.--Dally--Sleeping Cars New Tork to Jacksonville) Fla. Through Coaches Washington to Jacksonville. -- 8:45 p. m.--Dally--Sleeping Cars tfew Tark ttt Jacksonville, Fla.: New Tork to Port Tirana, Fla., via, Jacksonville: New York to Augusta, Ga.; New York to Charleston, S. C.; Washington, D C., to Jacksonville, Fla.; Washington,!). C., to Winning. N. O. Through Coaohes Washington to JacK- ···. uNsnremLED DININO OAR STOVICE. p In.--Daily (except Sunday)--FLORIDA'S FAMOUS TRAIN. "The New York and Florida flpe- clsl." comnoud entirely of the most Modern Pull man Drawing Room, Sleeping, State Room, Li brary. Dining, ftnd Observation Cars, heated by steam and lighted By electricity: runs solid between Jersey city and St Augustine, Fla. For tickets and all inlorroovfon. apply at the OF- ROAD STATION. District Pawenger Agent. -Waaalngton, 0. a T. C. \VUtTBi, Oeneral Paswnra Agen^/WTImlngton, II. 0. Pamenier Trage Manager. Wilmington. ST. C, CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILWAY^ Schedule In eSsct jjowmber K, 1SOO. 1:00 P. M.--010D DOMINION EXPRESS, W«». oayi--Stops at principal points In Virginia. Vaa- taletraln; Btandard coachea: parlor car to Clifton KSe. Connection for Virginia Hot Spring.. Ml- ma? aleepera Clifton Force to Lonlsvllle, Cincinnati, Indianapolis. St. Ixml», and Chicago. ZMfai raist new Teatlbule train: Btop« only at tiordona. vllle CharlottesTlIle. Staunton. Clifton Forge, and Covlnirton. Va.: Ronoeverte. and Hlnton. W. "Va. Pullman aleeptra to Letlnitton. Louisville, Cincinnati. Indianapolis, at LouU. and Cnlcago. Bluing can, a la carta eervlce. One nljit out. 11 : 10 P. M.--P. F. V LIMITED, -DaIly--Solid vestibule train. Pullman sleepers to Cincinnati, Lexington, end Louisville. Compartment sleeping car to Virginia Hit Sorlnga week aaya. x HDtol«, cars, « la carte service. Sleepers Cincinnati,, to Chicago and St. Lon'a ana Louisville to Werap Nashville, and Bouthweat. Bwenratlomi and tlcketi at Cneaapeaae and Ohio Offices. 518 Pennsylvania avenue; 60S 14th, street, near F. «dSi»» Street Station. Telepbon. mln . . tn for PennsylvanU H. R. Cab Service, and UN lot C. * O. . . Tlcbrt OBtos. NORFOLK AHD WESTERN RAILWAY. SCHEDULE IN EFFECrtW?UART I. 1907. Leaves Washington, P. R. R. Station. Blith and ·B streets. 7-00 a. m. and 9:00 a. m.--Dally--All mints oa Norfolk and Western; also Enoxvllle, Chattanooga. and Memphis. 10 IS p. m.--Dally--Roanoke, Bristol. Winston. Salem. Knoxvllle, Chattanooga, Kaahvflle, Uem- phis. New Orleans. Through Sleeper. Dining Cara. For Norfolk--Leave Washington *:M a. m. ttttr. 10:EO a. m. daily. Arrives Norfolk 11:20 a. m.. "From B. O. Station, 4:05 p. m. dallr. Berrt- ville, X,uray, shenandoah. Tralna from the Southwest arrive Pennsylvania Station B.5 a. m. end 11:80 p. m. An Information, Fourteenth street and New Tone aveiua (Bond Bulialnal. WASHINGTON SOUTHERN RAILWAY. For Richmond, Vs., sod points South, via A'er- andrla and Fredertckshurg--Leave, Station. Bth and B streets, 4-20 a. m. and 3:45 p^ m. dally; and S:1J p. m. wesfc days, for Richmond and points on Atlantlo Coast Line and Florida; 10:50 a. m., fi:Z5 P. Jn., and 7:25 p. m. dally for Richmond and points on Seaboard Air Line and Florida; 10:50; "a. m. train due 10 connect at Richmond with C. ft O. Ry. for Newport News. Old Point, Sc.; 7:65 a. m. week days, K 4:tO p'. m. dally for Richmond only; Fnllman sletHtig or parlor can an all above trains except train leaving at 7:55 a. m. week days. Accommodations to- OaailHco. 7:55 a. m., Sunday only; 4:» p. ra. week days, gas p. m,, except SatnrdaT. 'Time of arrivals snd departuras and conflectlims not guaranteed. W. D. DUKE. C. W. GULP, W. P. TAYLOR. Assist, to Prest OenL Supt. Trat Mgr. Rlehnvrad. -Ta. . J. OWEN SON. AccUoneera. --_-__, SALE OP VAtOABLB IMPROVED REAL, ESTATE. KNOWN AS "THE OAL- F STREET SOTJTHWESTy A ° * T **°' ^ By virtue ol a ctrtaln deed o! treat ^nly r»- corted. In Boer No. ZM7, lollo, 70 et see... o[ On land records ot the District or Columbia, and at the request ot the party secured thereby, the undersigned trustees »ui sell, at public auction, 1n front -ct the premise*, on BATUHDAT, the 8th day ot March, A. D. 1S07, aV4 SO 6'clock p. ra.. the KIlowlng-dcBcrlbea laneTind prtmlses. situate In the city or Washington. District of Columbia, and designated as and being part of original lot numbered twenty-one (21), In sq.uare numbered ave hundred and HUrty-nln« (5SS). contained within the following metes and bounds, viz.: Beginning for the same bn the Una 01 south "F" street at the northeast corner ot said lot, and running thonce west along said street, thirty-four (3« feet: thence south slrtj- (60) leet; thence west sixteen (K) feet: thenca Bouta sixty-two (62) feet two (2) inches to an alley In the rear ot said lot: thence east along said alley Sfty (M) rest; thence north one hundred and. twenty-two UK) teet two QE) Inches, to the line ot said street and tho place ot beginning, together with Ihe Improvements costfetlng of a large brick dwelling. TERMS/ OF SALE--One-third of the purchase money to be paid In cam, balance In two eoual inataUments. payable in one anv two yean, with interest at jive per centum per annum, payable ·eml-annuallr. trom\day ol sale, secured by deed of trust upon the property said, or all cash, at the option ot (he purchaser. A deposit ot Jzeo win be required at time ot sale. All conveyanc- ing, recordlne, fie., at coat of pnrchaaer. Terms et sale to be compiled with within nrteen days (ram day ot sale, etnerwlx the trustee* reserve the right to resell the, property at the risk and coat ot detaultlng ·purchaser, after five days' ao- Tertlaoment of such resale In some newspaper published In Wtahlniton, D. C. JOHN TAYLOR ARMS. -^ SAJTL. A. DRDRT. ^ Trustees. HORSES AND VEHICLES. At Public Sale at the SPEEDWAY STABLES, lilh and D it... Waanbuton, D. C.. on JtONDAT, MARCH . 3807. AT ONE O'CLOCK SHARP Twl cartoaaa ot «rtra too4 borm, on- slitlng ot horses to Bolt all persona. They will ml(n tram LOW to l.wo nonndi. Th» a « hocMa.Mv e been selected with great care for thla market. AI»J one p=nr, handsomo and well broke; governess cut and harnesa. These honea can be aera and Sunday, !d and 3d. The entire lot are acclimated and readr for Barries. Don't forget the date, rain or shine. WILLIAM A- RICH AH D McHEMRT. 4 , TRCSTEES' SALE! OF VALUABLE IMPROVED BUSINBSS PROPBHSY. NOS. MIS AND 1814 SBVHJiTH STREET NORTHWEST, TWO TW(0- BTORY BRICK STOR3S AND DWELLINGS. Under autnorttr contained In a esrtaln deed of truBt recorded in Litter No. 3101, folio 210 et Sfl(t, of the land records of the District ot Columbia, and at the request ot the party secured, -w« will ten. at puhllo auction, on THURSDAY. Much 7, 1907, at 4:SO o'clock p. m.. In front ot the prem- IKS. all of lots No. 19 and 20, In Join Carroll Brent, trustee, of the estate ot Will'am Brent, deceased, subdivision of square no. 420, ai said subdivision Is recorded In the office ot the surveyor of the District of Columbia, In Book W. F., page 65, together with the Improvements thereon. Terms: \One-third of the purchase money to caab and the balance payable In two equal Installments In one and two 7ears,^from date of Bale, with Interest at 5 per cent per annum Until paid, aald Interest payable semi-annualjy and secured br dtod ot trust on property sold; or all cash, at option of purchaser. A deposit ot l» required at the time of sale. Terms to he compiled with within, ten days from day of sale, or trustees reserve the right, to resell the property at-risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing, recording, c., at purchaser's cost SAH'L A. DRtTRT. Trustee. JESSE !*· HSISEL, Trustee. THOB. li OWEN 4 SON, Auctioneers. LEGAL NOTICES, IN THE BUPREME COURT OF THB DISTRICT of Columbia, holding special term aa^ District Court of the United States for the District ot Columbia, No. 679. In the matter of the condemnation of all of original lota 1, S, and 3, the south fortyi-four teet ol original lot 4, th* south twenty feet of original lot , and all on subdivision lot 14, In- square'numbered three hundnd and twenty- four. In the city o£ Washington/District of Columbia, as a portion of the site for the proposed addition to the Post-office building. , Upou consideration of the petition filed herein by the United States of America, through William H. Moody, its Attorney Genera}, seeking tne condemnation, among other property, ot the west thirty-five feet of original lot two (2) and too east half of original lot three (9), In square three hundred and. twenty- four (324), In the city of Washington. District ot Columbia, Improved by premises No. 1107 aud 1109 Little B street (public space) northwest, la said city and District, a a portion ot th* sit* tor the proposed addition to tha Post-omee building. In conformity with the act of Congress approved March 8. MM, entitled "An act to Increara the limit of cost or certain public buildings, to authorize the purchase of sites for puhlle Buildings, to authorize the erection and completion of public buildings, and for other tituruoses" Off Statutes at Large, Pan I, Bags 1111), ft b, by th* court. this 14th day ot February, £ D. 1907, ordered that the unknown helra, devisees, legates*, next of kin, and creditors Of John F. Brodertck, deceased, if any there be. and all other persons own- Ing, occupying, or claiming any title. Interest, or lien of any nature whatsoever In and upon the west thirty-five feet six inches of original lot two (2) and the east halt of original lot three (», before described, and sought to b* condemned herein. he. and they hereby are, required to appear in this court aud answer the exigencies ot the said petition on or before the 16TS DAY OF MARCH. A. D. 1907, at 10 o'clock a. m., at which time the court will proceed with the- matter of the condemnation of the above-aeacrlbed parcels ot property. By the court. JOB BARNARD, justice. A true copy--Test: (Seal) J. B. YOUNG. Clerk. By - B. CUNNINGHAM, Assistant Clerk. SUPREME! COURT OP THE DISTRICT OS* COUM- bla/holdlng a Probate Court No. HE70, Administration.--This Is to Eire notice that the subscriber, of the District of Colombia, has obtained front the Probate Court of the District of Columbia letters of administration on the estate Qt Bills Buckner Clark, late of the. District ot Columbia, deceased. All persons baring claims against the deceased ara hereby warned' to exhibit th* came, with the vouchers thereof, legally authenticated, to the subscriber, on or before the 213T DAY OF FEBRUARY, A. D. IMS; otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefits of said estate. Given under my haad this 21st day of February, 1907. AUQUSTA GRAY, The Baltimore. Blltmore street Attest: -(Seal.) JAMES TANNER, Register of Wills for the District ot Columbia. Cltrfc of the Probate Court O. F. H. BROWN, Attorney. fe3S,mh4,ll PROPOSALS. DEPARTMENT OF THB INTHHIOB, OFB1CE OP the Superintendent IT. S. Capitol Bnlldig and Ground!. WaBhfJogtan, D. C., February 23, UG7. Sealed proposals, in duplicate* wllf bo .rectlVdd end opened at the ntove cfflco at IS O'CLOCK NOON on SATURDAY, MAECH 18, 1907, '{or fur- nlshlag ~dnd delivering at site Wrought Iron Pipe. Pipe Bends; Cost Iron FittineB. and. QU* Valve* for hot-water beating work, HOUM of Kepfttent- atlves Office Building. Specifications-.caff be had on application to the above office. Bid* most be accotopanied by certified check or surety bond ID the sum o£ C per cent of the amount of bid. Contract will requite approved surety bond In the sum ot 50 per cent of the amount ot contract. The right la reserved to reject any or all bids, or to ·waive any technicality or informality ID any, bid. ELLIOTT WOODS, Superintendent U. S. Capitol Building acd Grounds. Approved: S. JL HITCHCOCK, Secretary. . fen,nlO.*.« GENBBAL "DEPOT Of THB QUARTERMASTER'S Department, Washington, D. C., March 1. 1907.-Scaled proposals In trtpIlcatB trill be received at this office until U o'clock a. m., MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1907, and then publicly opened, for furnishing and delivering fuel at Washington Barracks and Washington, D. C., Forts ttyCT- and Hunt, Va., Fort "Washington, Ud., and at tha Arlington 'National Centetery, Vft., Charlotte, N. C., Richmond. Va., and Annapolis. Md,; and mineral oil « Washington Barracks, D C., Fort Myer, Va,, Fort Washington, Ud., end Washington, D. C. Also for removing ashes, refuse- matter, furnishing fee, laundering towels, and -shoeing animals In Washington. D C., during the fiscal year commencing July 1, 1907. Blank forms and Instructions for making proposals, and further Information, will Ira furnished intending bidders upon application te this rtfflce M. GRAY SALIKSKT. Major and Quartermaster, V. S. A., lu Charge of Depot. MONEY TO LOAN, Uoner to loan on real esUU within tlu DUlrtot of Colmnllm at Imrot rates at Intemt. i Geo. W. Linkins, 800 19th st A. B. HOO3f, SUCCBSBOB TO REED. Boom 416, Corcoran Bids., E33 15th St. nw.; loans money to salaried people. Zf IntereBted it will pay you to call. .Money alvara In hand to loan on Real Estate at lovest rctea. Let u^ act on rour appll Prompt replies and no unnecessary charges. A. F. FOX CO., Established 1876. "THE KEAI.TT CORKER," Mth, at He* Torfc J.T.. MONEY TO LOAN. AC -U» Lotrest KatM of Interest on D. C. Seal Estate Secarltr. _ TRANS T. SAWIJNG3, 1505 PA. AVB. ArllKton Fire Xmtafance OUBpanr*s MONET TO LOAN ON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA real Mrtate. GRACE M. . THOMAS. CoRonut building. Irs-trn TO 1OAN ON APPSOVBD Cm BBAt estate at «, 4 1-Z. and C per cent Interest; ipeelal privileges with respect to prior payments; Isrje amonats a spedaltx. TYliBR ft atTTBBRF^iRD, CttcorporattiTlS? f «. aw. -^ SEABOARD AIR LUTE EAILWAY. Ticket Office, 1421 Penna. ave. NOTICE--These arrivals end departures. Oa well as time and connections ~wUn oter eomi «nl«fl, art) given only as Informrtlon, and are nob goaran- For" Petersburg, Raleigh, Wilmington, Colnmbla, SaTUnah. Jacksonville, St. Augustine. Trap*. Atlanta, Blrmlneham. Uemphla. Mobile, Penaacola, and New Orleans. ^~ 10:60 A. M. DAlLY-SeabMrt Mall. Througt eosehei and Pullman eleepers to lactsoavilte, Fla.; also tarouKh parlor car Washlngtoa to Plnehurst, N. C Dining cars. 6:2S P. M- DAIiT--Seaboard Florida Limited. Solid Electric-lighted Enllman train to Camdaa Columbia. Bavannah, Jacksonville, and 8L Augustine. Dining care. 7:25 P. V DATtiY--Seaboard Express. Solid train, with Pullman sleepers, to Jacksonville and Taaoa. Through sleeper to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis. Dallr, except Sunday, through sleeper to Plnehurstr. N. C. Dining ears. B. H. BTANSELL. District Fasaeoxer Agent. LOANS ON STOCKS, BONDS, T.m-B policies, tniKta, hulldln? association shares, syndicate certificates, arid other approved collateral. A. BAKBR. BO-53 Metzerott B13g., 1110 P st 'Phone 17. MONEY TO LOAN AT LOWEST RATES of Interest on'real estate In District of Columbia. WALTER H. ACKER, 1430 F st. nw. MONET TO LOAN ON D. p. REAL JES- tate; lowest rates of Interest: payment* on principal In amounts of $109 or more received at any Interest period. Tha 7. H. SMITH CO.. Bond Bldg.. 1408 N. T. ave. MONET TO iOAN IN ANY SUMS MSSIREO AT LOWEST .RA'f fl3 OF TNTEBBST. THOS. J. FISHER CO.. Incorporate*-1414 F St. nv. , MONET TO M)AH AT t AND. *. In ra ms of H.OOO ty tlOO.KK), on G1U9T, O. real estate; par 0$ 5-per cent aod S per «ent loans ana begin anew U lowest rates oflnterfct: all transactions conducted with economical conslderaUoa (or borrowers. WM. -S. SAUNDERS t'co. MONET TO LOAN ON FIRST TBTT8TS ON D. C. REAL BET ATE SECURITY AT 6%. Everr possible coaddemtloa shown borrenrtra, We hare no VMS, money at present. THE HAKEISON REALTY COMPANY, 907 G st nw. GREAT EACRIFICB IN FINE SECOND-HAND carriages and earness belonging *o Senators and diplomats, who nave left citr; very fine family carriage, seating 4 Inside, with glass sides; (.seat Rociaway, has rubber tin*; ernd extension frcnt Brougbam. latest design, good as new;/ver7 fine 1-horte Victoria; lady's cut-under tr*p;( cut- under runabout; pony basket; governess! cart and harness; Brewcter horse show cart; tandem can; Hackney carts; pneumatic wheel top runabout; H- Ibs. speed wagon, lady's basket spider phaeton. with footman's seat; Mall phaeton, with Rmrble; Imported double barnesft; fine cops harness; £ns llfih runabout; harness Impor/ed; lady's and gent's saddles and bridles; boys' aid army Sid-flies; pair cinnamon bear robes; plush robes; ci!l and examine. WILLARD STORAGE OFFICE: SPEED-WAY STABLES. «S and 410 nth st. nw , 1 block below l«h st, and Pa. ave. Carriages stored and sold, $2 per mcnth. U. S. TRANSFER COMPANY. KMor Power Replaces the Horse. $35 to $85--300 Head of Horses' and 100 HEAD OF TOTJNO. BLOCKT-BUILT MULES to I yMrs old, weighing too to 1,400 pounds, to b. positively sold, on account of oar new moter-wigon system. Will be sold at the rate ot SO head m week. All good, serviceable Stock, right out ci hard work. AUo SO BEAD OF BIO. TOCNO. FAT MARES, pavement sore; will come sound Is the country. See SUPERINTENDENT at COMPANY'S STABLES, \OS. Ho. R7, and 599 WEST PATT- STRET. corner Greene. Baltimore. Md. MULES. MOLES. MULES. IT. S. Transfer Company. 100 Head of Young Males, $75 to $150 A PAIR. See EuptrtnteudentVt CompaWa StaMea, Kl-Sfl-SSi W. Pratt st. cor. Gjeese. Baltimore; Md. FOR SALB--2B SUQHTLY USED DEUVSRY wegons, all newly painted and In perfect condition, ranging In pried from 540 to S8S: also two wagonettes to carry six passengers, $75 each: lit set of buny blrnets, S10 50 s. D. WATERS SON, flO Pa. are. nw. New WAGONS on Mar terms. More 37agons to b* *eett *r* than In all WasMngton. Probey Carriage Co, 1UO ltd st mr. WANTED. WANTED -- HANDSOME MATCHED TEAM,prompt driven; also, light doubl* rehlcle. Aa- dress BOX 463, Charlottesville. Va. mhjeodtt NICE BTJGGT AND HARNESS. ADDRESS BOX 101, this omce. . ~ LOAN BROKERS, BUBNST IKE'S. LOAN OFTICB. , BSTABUS1IBD 1868. _ r S«l PENNSYLVANIA AVB. _ Meaty loaned on gold, silver, wttcna*. diamonds. ~ f , mechanical tools, men's appanl. Oold atf WHBM COOKINO, BURN COKE It is a clean. Inexpensive fuel. Hakes a quick and £00a }« for Cooktal. We'll irapplr TTO Coke. 35 bushels LCTKO Coke. deliTered... 40 buahels Lerge Coke, deliTered... 60 buahels Large Coke, delivered... J5 bulbeU Crushed Coke, deUTered. M bnshelc Cmsned Coke, deliTend. 60 bnshels Crashed Coke, delivered. Washington Gaslight Co., 413 10th St. N.W. GAS K1XTURES. A -rerr ebolee mt- lectlon, «rtl«tlc, and yet Tdusonable IB price. LOAN COMPANIES. 602 WHEN IN NEED M O N E Y THE CAPITAL LOAN Can md Will Help You. _ We roan money on Furniture and Pianos at a i rate et Interest. Loans with other com- i O^^^l Y I IN CO. I 'ou. I . Wiei paid, off «n« « larger mm adnnced at lover rate than you are no» payinc. 602 F Street N SHED I THIS MEANS YOU Think before yoo borrow money. sec us F I R S T We ina on Puraitva, Fltno, *o,, ftnd will pfcy off ftnr IMS coimpaflj yoo 6w«, And *d- vtneft 70^ more money at r*tes ctwaptr tb*n you can. borrow on real Mtate. AIL PRIVATE OFFICES AT The Metropolitan Loan Trust Co. 505 E ST. N. W. Loans on Indorsement TO department clerks, school teachers, policemen, firemen. Ixans on. pianos, furniture, and life Insurance at 3 per cent CITIZENS'LOANTRUSTCO. NO. 409 COkUERdAI, BANE BtnLDtNO. H. W- Corner l«i aa6 O Ma. BLOOD POISON FOR BOM THAI TWHtTTf TIMS ·we nave mwje the care of blood poison · specitlty. Primary,Secorrf»ry orTurttarr M»ad Potion Permanently Cured. Ton nan be treated at bora* under same guarantr. Capital JMO.OOO. We sollct: tte'mow obsS- nateeases. If yoa Save eihaos ted the old methods of treatment, and still have aches and pains. Moans Patches in Month. Sore .Throat, Pimples, downer-Colored Spots. Ulcers on any part of the body. Hair or Eyebrows falllffir out. -write for proofs of onrea, 100-page Book Free. COOK REMEDY CO, IIKUUIK IEWIE. tttatf. B.S.*. CIGARETTES : POWDER llO-Til I I A HAY FEVER A5THMAcATr R RH 3F?RE5SiON. 5SJFFDCATION. NEURALGIA. A SUKB CURE Of the most obstinate caseg of Pri- x'atejDiseases. No OtheTrreat- nicnt MENANWOKtft, , infittnatios, rriUtion* or ulcaratioa* of m u c o a i meabrtaet. and not utrio- or cent In fclftln wr»jrp*«-, br axprMB* prepaid, taf *1.00. aitS bottlej tt.75. ~ ' Mat Oft nut* SPAPFRf NEWSPAPER!

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