The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1934
Page 2
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(AKK.) COUHJE'R NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1 ; i< J3 ,j W t M S MMI MetlwxMil chuicl •Kttins »t church, ,2 30 p m . ' W. M, U, First Baptist Church be tltfs^ieei bt prajer at (.hurch, 2;JO Business and Professional Wo- nxn's club haMng <tuck supper at . 06ft hofel, «.30 pm, Vvbriiaii's auxiliary Hist Presbyterian church having Business meeting at church, i!;au P. M. Christian cliurch missionary slucft yioup ol council nu'cUny with Alii. W. H Stoiall, 3:M I'.AJ. T.he Delphian society will have its regular nweUmr; at S:aQ urn. at the Hotel Noble. Wednesday Bridge club Witft ; Mrs. Clarence Vollmer at coutftry club. , R ihoftoUAVs EVENTS"' " Mrb. O. W. McCutclieii enter- lab£fng Thursday Contract, club. Mrs Byron MOrsc having Tmns- dajr" Luncheon club al country clift. _ Vi.i ; « ! fiance al country ckb,~9' V* m.' ' l t?ttllj/\k o £,V£ui.fti Bed Pepper elUb of city high tcliOcl enwrldinhig Joottei/i ooys wilri dinner party itt country duo. ^ t * j Mh> W. D. Chambiin Ing ,Tucb<Uy Contract club country club. Young Matroivs club mooting wlln Mrs Max B Reid Bride. Jdhn Tyrone, erilcrtalned at her home, 205 h. Hfui at, last evening In comph- m$jt to htr sister, Alls. H. C. BiuiKcnshtp, wiio Was befc-re her marriage Ivilss Artie Eaton. tars, i! M Eilton, tncir mother, assisted tuc n05less in entertaining (116 guests with (fumes an'ii con-. lesjs and later sandwiches iiiid ilo~fc chocolate were served. Little Mary Jo Eaton and Joan ftfa'nKcnBhip' pultcd u wagon'-into tn'e.'room which held the mteresi- Irig,assortment of gilts 'I'lies'e wcre- in*~Olins(nifts packages nnd the- Eaiiie coiortul shades Were used to decorate the wagOT Included in uiosc present were Miss Luclle Kranrium and Bob Rogers, both of PorUgevllle, MO. . 3l)e junchewj, planned by Sirs.'L. O. BJrefley, r president, or the Mls- bisslppi couiiiy Feaerfttloii of Wo- mens clubs, ut litr honio December 6, h»s b*en c«n«)lccl Mrs. Byerley Is Kavin^ for California because of he Seflous illness of her modier. While she. is n\\ay Mrs, s. s. Bttrnbefg, vice-president, wUi' be 'In charge ol the federation. -*•''. Bailotso Wtmen's Club Witt Hue Duck Supper. The Justness and professional Women's dub will have a duck supper at the ooff Motel Monday evening, fi-50 o'clock • 4 » Mississippi Cnatj Weier»tt» Atltni Meet. Baptist chufches of Maittla, Clear Lake, New Liberty nnd Ihc First church herf had representatives at the l»34 scMton ot the Arkansas Baptist Young Peoples Union in Little Roclc which closed last evening Delegates from Hie First church here v,ho attended were: Eslel) Hawks, Bobbie Jenc Blaylock Jess»lyn Elomeyer, Pauline Prultt. A, c. BUylock jr, and the Hey. Al- Ired Carpenter, pastor, v,ho was one of the spemkers More than 1000 delegates registered, in addition to a largo number of visitors. Rough Wool Mostl 'Mrs. liiiiscll * Aiuiifiong and iluuiiUlcr, 1'J.iiiic, late at Ghiugo, arc guests of MIA Annslronc •, Brimcbnolhci, Mis /\ Wpit en- route lo CluksrtaJe MKs, where they will Join Mi AunslroM' and make their homo Bcloic hci jnai- r.iiiec Mrs AnmUong 1 was''Miss Ruth Urortcnck • t f Fred Glllnnn attended IJa Ojuil- uess In Memphis jcslcrdawUi ; Mr. and Mis W L lloriiei^'jud' son are in Whe.itlCy and little Kock for scvcrnl days. •Judge- G c Kca will uo ,io Piinigqiihl Monday foi ,i *|,u 0 weeks term of cimiil comt ' Among those ulio hcaid Grace Moore IILSI eicnlng .it the Memphis iiudltoriiini were: Miss Mary Emma Hood Mis Pat OBiyant Misses Aionta Hughes Amy Bailey' nose Splnk, Ada Dunavant Claiii Ruble, MJss Carolyn Dunnvant, n student al Arkansas slate college Johcsboro, who Is spending the holiday with her sister, Miss Ada Dunavant, George Henry, n. M png, Mrs. Mollic McElwaln, Mr ami Mrs. Ellon w. Klrby, Misses Marguerite and nulU Matthews, Dr. W. M. Owen ami Fred Flco- man. , (..•.-. John Salmon, son of the. Rev md Mrs. Stuurl H.,Salmon, wiio ms been (|iiile III, Is now inticii improved. Miss Hobble Lee King, who Is ill from n stiffened knee, was removed to Memphis today lo Dr Henry a. mil's clinic. She wiis'l her sister, Mrs. Mrs, Lou EC hois nnd Mis. A. K. There's warmth-In the very appearance of this coat dress by Bernard & Cle, of Purls. The rough surfaced wool in a shade of red is, set oil by an ocelot scarf, Squash and Turnips at Best When Served Steaming Hot p»ple (0 L'Mduct Senrltes. TTic joting people of the First Bubtisl church wlib atlcixtcd the B y. p. u. convention at Little Rock mil have charge of the evc- mng service at the church Sunday. They win give reports of their trip and also discuss the problems of nxxJern jouth and the program they have in dealing with th«e problems. Other young people of the cily are cordial.y invited to attend. Former Caruthefsville Gttl Marries at Marion .OARUTHERSVIIiLE, Mo. Friends here have teen Informeo of the marriage of Miss Nellie Wood, formerly of this cily bm now of Memphis, and Mr. J. c. Roach, also o! Memphis, the ceremony taking place at Marlon, Ark., Nov. 16 • The.jbrlde-is' 1 the daughter 'o! Mutt Wood, local contractor She atteiKled the '-local schools, graduating from high school three ytars ago. . She. Uter took a business courtc and then entered the nurses' training school at St. Joseph's hospital at Memphis. Cokman Baby Dies Eupha CoJeman, three months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs j. R. Ooleman, of tti6 Burdettc community, dted at 1 o'clock this mornin; alter a Jew days Illness of pneumonia she Is survived by her parents and;- seven brothers nnd sisters. . ' l ' Services v,cre held at the home j thlg afternoon with the Rev. Eupha i D.,Be»sJ«y officiating. Burial was iiuida_at/;6anciy RMge, 1 cemetery v>»{i ti..a,'Mos8 company iii'charge ' " BV MAItV E. HAGUE NBA Service 8 Ian" Writi-r A,, wommi'j. i know who's just aught,; ii hoiiMjin Ihc country s giving herself', n chrlstmns pres- nt this year of a loot cellar. And rally nnd (rajy, if u were eiu- raltis bestowed, by some ruvisu- ng Priiice cnni-ming, she couldn't e more excited. Yon set;, fine nvc the cellar lo hei'seli early nough lo salvage [rom her own squusnes, onions, ciiobnijc, .utnrps, potulocs, sweet ami irisn, .md nil tile rest. •'•" Luckily she's a good cook and '.'ill serve those rooty vegetables .s lliey should be served lo net, ilia •nost out of them—steaming hoi, A-oll-sciisoncd nnd extravagantly wittered. Squash Last I.OHX Her winter sriiiash, mid yunis. .00, if you were lucky enough tu .also any, will be good nniii MIUT .he first of the year. Squash HIRKCS j good tjhristmas iltsn, mushed. To prepare a fine liiibbnrd Mmnsn. jut in halves nnd bnkc until ten- jer. Scooj) out pulp ut \a put Jivough ricer. Season well wi'.,i Mil, pepper, plenty ol butter nnd .ream. Boat until llgin, USUIB .jrclenibly slotted spoo/i or clei-ui.. jeatcr. Helieiu, Deaung lo prevent jiicKine anil serve lit once. bomctimc.s i inasn my lurnlps .vim ury, mealy polnluis. fjoot ,.oiJ\locs aniy mfnips scparmi-iy -na drain both thoroughly. TtK'ii and 0112 or two potatoes, uepciui- "15 on ihe amount: LI turnip:,, ami .mtsh iiiorougnly. Stiisou well *itn sail, pepper, a uu, 01 SU^HC aim plenty 01 multr. uuniiMi .vitn coin spuis o: p.ipritai inr.i .vitn a regemnlc 01 coiHrnsiin^ -oior. non medium sized ninupr, Jntii lender • and scoop oui (.cnu 1 ..;. iJii) in mcluui uuuer Comunieu XMI icmou jmco ami ml wnn uii'.- .eitd pens, uiceii nccis info me joniKinalions m mind lor CIHIJI.- mns dinner, loo, eccaiisc H is 1111 .ncxpensivc way lo carry cut l:i*- ifiiiu color scncmc. jiolbincaue jauce is good wim th» uect iuicl .iirmp comblnaUon. Sqiiasn ticqucltcs And squash croquettes dcstrvs >o be billed as an cxtia added HI- eruinplcd n«|K'r. These lire vcr, easy to make mid can be prepared lor frying the day beloic wanted lor scrvhiB. •;. .. .. Tomato A'ewa Nolcis . My,5. Aimnbcll Odoiu, of Mem- )>lils, wns the guest of Joe Joiio "Ud fumily lust Sunday. Mi', nnd Mrs. Etui Myrick arc the piirenls of u boy. Mr. and Mrs, Ocorge Henry Hooper lire Ihe pnrciiLs of « S0 n Mrs. Ivan Butler is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. John, carmon iind Mr. iind Mrs. Ocorgo' Cannon were Biiests of Mr. ami Mrs. Jim 0; mon Thiinksgiving day.' Miss Lois Tlilnmu lias been ill the p«sl week but is now greatly Improved. Miss Annie Lee Collins has been 1 :it her liome -thb week Mr. and Mrs., Dill Billy of Iliuk- man wcic (juests o[ Louis Mnlonc nnd family Sunday. Mrs. R. Pugi, im6 | JeL , n nl , 01 "ic past wepk. Wilson Child Dies WILSON. Ark.-Ilcnv'y" Brewer yeur-old snn or Mr. nnd nirs. Ditd- ey Brewer, died Thursday of co- lls. Funeral services were licld nt Ihc home r-liday afternoon by Rev «. M. Lewis, pastor of the Mc(h- oa si church. He [caves his parents, two brothers. George and rjiid- 'cy jr., and a sister, June. Wed al Caruthersville Mo. — The • "- ••• "'if \sui:ii 1'oilllrtcrS Jilc oc Uio CoiiCTid coininiinity, w- <1s "lormccl in u,ls cily this week b> Juslicc W. w. corbctl. Cleveland Exposition to. Pay Tribute to Steel „.,„ W — Cleveland win pay tribute to her basic in ri!?!','"!!' 0 ' 1 " ml 6tc< -''-<""-ing the jCicveland cposllionx, Dec 20 ! through jjin. e. Ho said more slcel wiro <. , " CC English waimiijs, pecans, hick ory nuts unit Urazil im( 5 arc llu , .untvu Here ijv.n i,, ,„.„ -,. _ nTelH !° " 5C - C ° ml) " lc «•"«»• ^ 8.«tei c! y » Cl ^h,S " ,m . I "' ili3 "' I)cp " cr "'"' lle ccnter °' "is world's ^-^1 "its. And egg well oca ten am i (steel and iron area and It is IIH v.tam. Shape into balls or conrs!»«<!• the .nory of lie"rirv-« fllm roll in ilim i-i t-nt-c j mi* Lily S pli M ^uji m 1H\C (ll'lCli UTCfltl • ^^SS OR n/>n<^tnrl li.. *i.- f. umbs ' D1 P «" egg slightly beaten with l teaspoon mils and roll again in crunios. Place In n Jry ~-u — ... ^ t uiuwo, xmcu in n irv- liig basket nnd fry in deep lat lot enough to brown an inch cube of bread tn 40 .seconds or 390 d^- sre6a;K oira lat tlu.Tiii,Wnele|-. i<i,v a golden tronn • and drain \.l SUoiv (UP)-Thc annual .Tap Dances Way To Movie Berth I'Dwell hail to win hi Kimiiic 1 Ijcfinx- Klio coiilil gel rt'cuKiiilloii In her lioiuo land. but Hie brminl lap danchi); cjiici'ii, sliiiwn aljove, ill last will liorfonn tor Aimncricaii au<ll-. ences. (,'coii!!! Wtillc saw li«r act in Hie Jloiile Carlo Casino .•mil immediately BiRncil her for Hie iicxl scrocn edllion of !i[:i "Scandals." Ltixora Society — Personal CHURCHES Slit'ONl) BAiri'lST CHURCH 1. T. Kcnfro, r*stor l'lionc'124-W Bible School, 10 A. M. Preaching by the pastor, n AM c. y. |>. u., « P. M. Preaching by the pastor, 7 P, M -W. M. S, Monday a P. M. with Wednesday Mrs. llunilsh. Mid-week service 7 30 ['. M. FIRST rKlWIlYTKRIAN CHURCH K. U, Salmon, 1'asfor 0:45 A. M.. Sunday Church School. S, E. vnil, Supl. 11:00 A. M., Morning Worship, iermon topic, "Two Years ol Grace," commcmoraliiig thu lirsl anniversary of Ihe present pastorate 6:45 F. M.. Yoimg-People-of-thc- •'htircli Vesper Service. 7:30 P. M., Evening Worship. Sermon topic, "The Redeemer tlio Righteous Kitfg Forever," nflh In i srn"s from the Old Testament prophecies regarding Jesus' birth. KIKSf BAPTIST CHIJRCH Walnut and Kljhlh Alfred Carpenter, 1'aslor Stlnday school, 0:45 a.m. Alvln Uolley; supt. Church, 11 a.m. Topic: "Hcligi- ous Appreciation Expressed." n. Y. p. u.'s, c:i5 p.m. Church, 1:30 p.m. All arc cordially Invited lo all services. CHURCH OF THE NAHARENE Eupha I). Beaslcy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45,, E. L. I'lLGKIM MJTJIKKAN t'HUUClf H. J. KWiidirnst, I'aslor Sunday school, 9 a, m Morning Worship. 10 a. m. Theme of sermon: "The King 0 1 Glory." Bible Class, 6:30 p. m Evening Worship, 7:30 p. in Cooper, of Memphis, spentThimks-i ,Mis. n.. J,. Roticli viUcrtnlncd 23 giving with Mrs. H. B. Brandon!I friends -•••---• -' ..... of her son, lioberl jr., with a party Monday afternoon in cclc- bralion of his sixth birthday. Mrs. J. H. Grain was mil family. Mr. una Mrs. J. II. Elkins had! is their guests yesterday Mr. und Mrs. diaries.Elkins and daughter Snmh, Mrs. J. ' E.- Fwrcll. - Illlti cm.,. ...,.,. i.i.y arm daughter, Ann,,Mr. and Mr?;, Fay | oln. held high score Molt, of Wilson and:- Memphis, . " - • -Mrs. Cecil Shane iind Mrs. Fred Warren, Miss Pally Shnne iind Miss Marjorlc Warren nre in Mem- pnis todtiy. Misses Mary Spain Usrcy and Morning worship, 11 a.m. Sermon subject, "The Wounded chrlsl." N. Y. p. g. U:30 p.m. Evangelistic service, 7:15 p.m. Wednesday niglit the Rev. J. T. Jpchurch, nationally known leclur- cr, will speak on "Modern vice and immorality," and will show slides of his recent trip through the Holy Land. LARK STREET METHODIST V. E. Cluillaiil, 1'iLslnr Sunday Morning Services: Sunday School, 8:45 a. m, Worship. 10:50, Communion Ser- elude the following passage /rom the Christian Science textbook "Science and Health with ey to'the Scriptures," by Mary Baker liddy, 'In a world oi sin anil sensiiaJJlv hastening to a greater development o[ power, U is wise^earneslly to consider whether it Is the humao mind, or (he divine'Mliid'which"is influencing one. Science only can explain the Incredible good and evil elements now coming to the surface. Mortals must find refuge'In IriiUi In order to escape 1113 error of these latter days" (pp. 83, 83). A Christian Science message is broadcast every Wednesday at 10'So a.m. over KLCN. 3.T2, Mowlay Blhle Fuhdiimon- i |. lals Friday 7 p. . (oA , ll T <l ' a - 1 -, Wclcomc ls to all lo wsil our services. . CHURCH • oixih and Main RH', K ' Dul '«»orth, Minister Bible School, 9:45 A M m bvl?' ?. bJ f, Cl less °" '«• '''« e by Mr. BullerWorlh Worship. it A. ' M, Sermon- .'...,. u. <i. viiun w.ib iiubLi't.v wuiMiijj. iu:ou, (jommumon Sor- Ihb week to the Tuesday contracl vice. Sermon'subject, "he Meaning! •"'''>> Mrs. Guy Bryant, of Oscc- of the Lord's Supper." Isabel Braiirtou,' who have' been Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilcticr spenl Thanksgiving with MB, Wilcber's parents, Mr. uml Mis. Lev! Rodgcrs, at Monclte. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Zander linve returned from New Albany, Miss., where Mr. Zander spent several uie Lord's Supper." ents ,,,7rt . "' " le P 1 """ The Young People's Union of school A 1 . pnn "' ml of Ihe ™K ?»"> »'« ™«' *'«' n,H| 0l the A - V oca±? t! ',"'™J |Mke ' al 2:30 p. m. Evening services: Young People, 7:00 o'clock. Church, 7:30, Sermon by .... Presiding Elder, Rev. Sam B. Wig- n BrmlSm' A, , "' 11C °" H M , r '. . 2 »'.«>« <*™* »«".! gli* O,»- First Quartcriv Con in Uhmtnghum, Ahi., lor scvcvnlitluys on business. ciice will be held follnwinir ihn duys. Will'return home today. : Miss Alice George' spent Tlmis-Union. ' B UlL All^. J. A. LCCcll l\nd Mrs. f. W dav With llnr i\ni-nMl« m- ,,,.,i Tjn^in im,.,.u i - ,. . - Mrs: J. A. Leech and Mrs. C. W. Alfllfk will motor to St. Charles, ivto., Sunday accompanying • Miss Peggy McKcel iind her houscguest, Miss Montgomery of Spriiigileld, i«Io., who _n|c. returning to Lhiden- wood college' utter sitoulihg^t'lio holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Leech. •Mr. !Uid Mrs. T. H. Haynes spent Thursday auel Prlduy with relatives in Cairo., III. Russell Farr will K o lo St. Louis tomorrow lo'nltcnd lei business for two days. Mrs. Edward Seeravcs, of Lus- ora, nccompanipd by Mr. Sogfnvos 1 father, Tuylor Segriu'cs, of Liixorn, has gone to Avon Park, Fla. for a visit with Mr. ami Mrs. -Edwin Wablrcc, and then to Cuba,.accompanied by Mrs. -Taylor Segraves, wl:o has been guest of Mr. iiiul Mrs. Cniblrra and who will accompany lem home in iwo weeks. Miss Virginia Hullnuui, niece ol Mr. nnd Mrs. Juke Huffman or this city, who Is attending Bcltict Woman's college ui Hopklnsville, Ky was a member of a party who spcni Tiianfcvjiving in Nashville, Tcnn While there they heard Martini, metropolitan opera tenor, al the War Memorial building. Seek Evidence in Murder Committed 16 Years Ago CLEVELAND. (UP) — Police' are parents, Mr. . .rtadio Devotional, each Monday ' . I"" V*JIM, ill! . liUM 1 'i-nwiu l>\-> UL tUllill, UiiUll IV Mrs. M. n. Gcoi-ge, at Mcinpliis. I at 10:30 a. in., over KLCN Dr. and Mrs. N. B. Ellis and! Mid-Wcofc Fellowship, Wedncs- IPlr v»ini- M rt !.. - . It ~ ..-' * ' II^««H.M ••-••" *•• *j. i^ino miii their sens, N. B. jr., and John Branch, were guests- Wednesday and Thursday of Dr. Ellis mother, Mrs. J, H. Ellis, nt Murray, A. It. Shearon and Waltcr O Curd relumed Wednesday from a business nip to si. Louis. Joe Wilson Nelson returned ..lojitliiy fro,,, „ two weeks visit- wlth his mother, Mrs G. n How- elk, .-it Winlci- Haven Flu ! dny, 7:30 p. in. ; Our •friendly church iuyltcs you to 'our" fellowship:' " ' CHURCH OF CHRIST Courthouse Auditorium N. S. Taylor, Minister Sunday school, 10 a.m. Sermon, 11 a.m. Subject: "Thou Art Weighed in the Balance and. Found Wanting." Communion, 11:45 a.m. Eva Kcrllu, this week. Mrs. M. H. Cicorgc, of. Memphis Dr. John Salibu, of E)i zi ,bclh Cily N. C.. and Alex Thomas, of Sav- iiimah, On., were guests of Mis Alice (jcorec Wednesday ' *'''• J"!! 1 . MK ' Gor[i °»" Lawho,, were called lo Monclte Wcdncs- by the death of Mrs. iion's brother. Mi Luwhoti returned arvin Cannon. Mr. sister. Mrs. Blicsl.s of Mrs. Hudson Wrrnn. •Mr. and Mrs. | !;iy Hllrts . 'liitighlcr. Mis., Virginia, of Uixori M^ArKlSr 1 ' Mr/1 '" ;i Tor cvtS,rS,fS brStj^^^rr^lJ^T' tcd V ', C o yc^'Uo':,' m "' <ler '^-h-L™',' "«-,Thim-p !0 ,. ' Wa| - Tlic man who w ill face trial is Oscar Hawkins, an inmiilc of Iho penitentiary at ForL MndUou, la. who will be released Dec. 23 alter serving a six-year term for rob- Hnwkins was indictc;! by ||,c county grand jury [or first ( |c B rc- mnrclcr in Ihc ratal shooting of \m vvife, Glcmia. While tiwnllln B iri :( ] ic escaped in n Jnllbrcak. uter' he wns arrcslcd in Iowa oil a robbery charge nnd convicted. He will be brought here immediately to stand trial on Ihe .old murrf-r charge. , v . . _ -—•-- .....vti, j.m. •~-uLiiLiiL,uiuii r ii.'ja ;iJii ,.„„ ,'""', Ml ' s - Ei "'l Cross ami Evening service, 7:30 p.m. Sub- son, Joe tnrl, of Memphis, arclfcct: "Thoughts on Life." icsis of Mrs. Cross 1 mother, Mrs. I Come nnd be with us al Ihcsc services. You arc always welcome. ITItST METHODIST VltURClt W. >'. VVumack, I'aslor Church Scliool 9:45 a. in., Earl B. Snydcr. superintendcnl. Morning Church Worship, 10:55 a. in. Pastor's subject, "Christian Sharing." The monthly communion service will, lollow sermon. Young People's League services, IS p. 111. , , [;<;(,| Evening Church Worship, ' T.s'o p. m. Sermon subject, "True Significance of Discipleship." Board of Christian Education meeting, 7:30 o'clock Monduy evening. Business meeting of ,llie W.M.S. Monday nflcrnoon, 8:30 o'clock at the church. Mid-Wcek dcrolipiiKl service Wednesday evening, "7:30 o'clock, CHRISTIAN- SCIENCE SOCIETY Mrs. several Mr. and lr*"nr ^""""^""'Kl ««!>. Ol'iff jr.. of A.iEullh M J5S ., .„.,, (|lc - ™.... 1L1.4J ^ ( HJj| Laivhon will rcm ali, f 01 days with her pavcnls Airs. 11. u. Cannon ----- - '«"JH|J.HJ[|. Mrs. J. N. Jerome, Mrs u M -cwis, Miss Mury Symonds, MKs Horlon Ooodlae. a,, d Miss v Me Grace" M^c""" thC CU " Ceit lj >' Amer Aibill spent Thank'Kiviire with his family at stecle, &io. Relief Meat Stopped as 20 Getjick in Toledo TOLEDO. (UPj_i5snancc of canned meat for relief families ins been stopped here pendi t laboratory Tiny Uabic. Wash Face,' invcstiuation C " y hcnUh by ing a " "" " " vnsh their faces, necks, and ears l •» T•-"•""•' vurj—me annual Cleveland • Automobile Show has t> r eii scheduled ior 'JHII. ia ( 0 10, J. A. oALLljA, iM. I)., A), Iv., I'M. G. '. KYK, KAK, xXuSrj. antl THROAT GLASSES BITTED ' lioom '^10, Ii-ram Hld K . Corner iMnin & First Residence-Phone 410 •• 1. > ; Office I'lionc -IIS "Ancient and Mo<3em Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ Scientist, Sunday morning ;> t n o'clock. The Golden Text is: "Beloved follow not that which Is evil, but that which is good. He that dOEth good i s of Gotl: bill he thai doclh evil hiilh not seen Cod'' UII John Among the citations from the Bible which comprise the Lesson-Sermon Is the following: "Watch ye, stand last in the faith, qrnt j-oii lite men, be slrong" (i Corinthians 10:13). Tile Lesson-Sermon will also in- Mld-week supper/'VBible Bllldy i5 n on .Wednesday, 6:30- Visitors arc always welcome. Father and Son Banquet Held atjlegro School The Blythcville chapter of the few Farmers of America, a negro '^fn,l m , l> °u .*"• "Batumi education, held its first anual and Son banquet early th at the negro liigh school. A short program, arranged officers of [he club, was opL,,. a talk by Walter Watk'ins' president. Three of the par- HTlrf tl»~ __ - J'Hl week by —- vocational n-acner c Plained the purpose of the club Girls of the home economics class served the' dinner. Perm State Students Offered Many Activities STATE COLLEGE, pa. (UP) Pennsylvania state Collc-c stu •Jcnts shouldn't be able to n,,u ara"' tllnc l ° 5t " c '^' bi " cc ther6 i ' rL ' from stamp colleKuig^fooS; available on lh D campus. . ' . ' In announcing the active ovgan- « ions in a recent survey. le college said, "The Penn Slate student has little difficulty in rinding Kindred souls among his fellows" Among the extra-curricular activities arc an aviation club -i [TaliijDamages . • ' Asfce'd by Midget Only 39 indies tall, Annlo Siitton, midget daughter of a Pittsburgh doctor, lias filed suit in New York against 6S-iacli ex-fighter Andrew J. Murphy, Jr., for $100,000 tjain- ages, alleging breach of promisa to marry. Toledo "lias Best'Shipping Year TOLEDO (UP)—Toledo has just ended her last season in years as coal, ore and' grain port. Lynchberg Gets Lights LYNC11BUKG, Tcnn, lUI'j—For [lie first time iii two years, affairs of Lyuchbure are such • Hint tlic ;ity council voted lo turn on. the street lighting system again. Biff l/akc Trout taidcif OUELPH, Ont. «UP)-Tlio largest lake trout caught in Georgian Bay in some seasons was landed a few days ago by a local fisherman. The trout measured 42 inches and weighed 22 pound? 7t put. «p a terrific battle before- being landed. Read Courier News Want. Ads. Announcement Dr. Ciias. Scherer Chiropodist . Will be in Shoo Depal-L- merit of the New York Store Tuesday, Dec. Jth 9 to G O'clock I'liono H(j 1'ot- Appoint- nients TEXA FIRE CHIEF JOYNER^ : J30NMELD TKXACO PRODUCTS'

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