The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1932
Page 3
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NOVEMBER 8, 1932 .HIATHBVILLK. (ARK.) COURIER NUWS 'flontiniieij from Page one) dancers, opera singers, or anybody else an enterprising press agent leads to the White House door. Thj American president has no Prince of Wales to attend to these matters. Of course he doesn't have to write the sps°chcs for filch of these affairs .as require them. But he .has to read them. That ls enough. Distribution of patronage and appointment of thousands of minor officials distract • his mind. Thoughts of re-election or at least of the continuance of his party In power, are always in the background, fences to mend, Insur- fi-rrte to placate, leadership in .an often hostile Congress to be maintained. '. Socially the president is spared much; he needn't accept Invitations. But he must personally receive all foreign envoys and give at least four formal receptions at Aihe White House each year, shak- 'jiig hands through a long, dull evening wlih thousands of people. And Xo Privacy Even in his daily routine he is not spared from this. Every visitor to Washington wants to meet and shake hands witji _the president. So at noon there'is usually a little informal reception when visitors file through .the executivs offices and grasp the president's hand, sometimes as many as 400 o' them. The people furnish the president a. house to live in, but they retain the right to tramp through n great part of it at certain hours. Even when he seeks relaxation he is not alone, for .the Secret Service, charged with' his safety, has always from three to a dozen men at his heels. President Roosevelt chafed at this constant' guard, but the memory of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley keeps the Secret Service vigilant. Roosevelt hirn- Jelf WES shot once by an assassin, following which he never escaped h'ls Secret Service men again, nor hiis any president since. The president gets about as much privacy as a Canary, and about as much relaxation as a clock spring. ' Many plans have been proposed to take some of the strain from the president, for it has been ob- Civll War when reverse .after reverse was striking the northern armies. Touched, the friend said, "I wiah I could relieve you of your burdens, MJ. President. The most discouraging." news from the northern nrmtes is "I am not thinking Just now of the northern armies," replied the president with his sad,,whimsical smile. "I am wondering whom I shall appoint as postmaster at , Shelbyvllle, Kv." ,282 BALES RECEIVED WERE e Continues to Tob State in Cotton Receipts. Cctton recc-ipls at (no local plants of the Federal Compress and Warehouse company fell off slightly last week from the high figures set in the weeks immediately preceding, but were heavy ncvcrllu-lcss. continuing to lop other Arkansas compress points. Receipts here last week were 14.282 baks, brlnafn? the total for Ihe season to 121.555 bales. Shipments for the week were 1,877 bales, and the stock on hand was increased to 97,989 bales,, which is vithin a few thousand bales of the capacity of the local plants. Receipts tor the state last week were 83.753 bales for a season's total of 738,232. compared to 120,051 for the. week and 700,123 for the season at the same date last year. . Following are -receipts lost week and for the season at leading Arkansas compress points as reported by the Arkansas Cotton Trade Association: SPEC! JUDGE Presides At Busv Session of Municipal i Court Yesterday and Today. Ceell Shane, local attorney, acted as spcclil judge In mimiclpnl court yesterday nnd this morning in the absence of C. A. Cinmlng- ham, Juilgp of Hie court. lEhmcl Meyers, originally charged with assault with intent, to kill, was fined $25 yesterday on n charge of assault and batl.?ry. He is'n I/raclivillc resident. Hc-nrv Carpenter wns fined $10 for reckless driving. Abe Powell, negro, was bound over to the Seeks Authority for New Barge-Rail Northeast. Tariff to grand jury on a charge ,of grand larceny and two others, John L. Smith 'and John Dickens, were discharged on .similar charges. Three men arrested In a pok.;r game in the Clear Lnkc community were fined $10 .each on iilca-i o! guilty to charges of gaming. Press Richardson, negro, was fined $100 Saturday on a charge of transporting liquor. Van Perry negro was fined $10 for petit larceny .and John Bell, negro, was discharged on a similar charge. N Hi'ckq Trotter was fined $20 .for disturbing religious worship nnd W. A. Warnklck was fined five dollars for disturbing the pence. Clclls Bailey failed to appear to answer a charge of speeding and a six dollar bond was forfeited. Eight were fined for public drunkenness over the week-end. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 (UP)— The American Barge Line company today asked the interstate commerce commission lo authorize it lo establish through .barge-rail rates en cotton in carload lots shipped Ircm Memphis, Term., and Arkansas i»ints to all points in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jrv- L3y, Miissncluisells, lihode Island and Connecticut. The company seeks a rate of 10 cents per hundred ijoimcts less tlmn rail rales Ircm Memphis and 11 cents to 0 crnts less than railroad rnifs from Arkansas. Blvtheville Little Rock Pin e Bluff West Memphis Helena Walnut Ridge Nev/port Forrest City T.ixarkana Marianna Earle Hope Jonesboro Leachville Marked Tree Rector Trumann Last week 14.282 12.984 7,420 5.898 5,885 5.7G9 3,726 2.954 2.849 2,374 1,151 1.821 1,269 1,299 803 538 845 For the season 121,555 63.03! 68,159 75,487 35,154 44,032 29,391 21,044 30,992 21.962 12.585 37,089 7,300 10,029 11,678 4,507 6,813 /served that it is becoming liter-] Following are receipts last week a .killing job. The first six [and for the season at Missouri PAGE-THREE £V R. 6. MONTGOMERY NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 0. (UP) — Withdrawal c[ new waterway rates that would have seriously affected the movement of cotton through New Orleans lo the New England Mates was announced today by the New Orleans Joint Trntlic bureau which salj t,-c American Barge line liacl acceded lo protests of slilyrKrs | here. The bnrge line was to have Inaugurated the new rate Thursday. They would have diverted much of (lie Ne-,v England cotton through Memphis by carrying it by barge to Pittsburgh, Uien by rail to its destination. The bulk of these shipments have moved through New 'Orleans for the past two years. The movement last season was 153,183 bales. (Continued frnm Paee One) ' Thompson, L. C. Thompson. W. M. Bums. E. B. David, Mrs. E. B. David. O. O. Hardawav, Rink Wet-. tencamp. Charlev Gray, E. S. Krutz, Mellon Bunch, Fred Flce- Adolph -Meyers. S. L. Me-. Mr. Walker. H. A. 'Rimer. presidents averaged 79.6 years of \llfe. the nest 10-68.5, an'dthe most recent 10 61.9 years. Yet the life Span In general is lengthening. Roosevelt, despite his strenuous vitality, died at 61. A Killing Job 1 The presidency undoubtedly killed Wilson and Harding before their times. Coolidge got out unscathed, but "did not choose to run" again. President Hoover, by dtnt of having three secretaries and an 'administrative assistant, has stood- up extraordinarily \v>:ll. AS far back as Roosevelt, proposals were made for a sort .of assistant president, who should take much of this routine off the president's mind, leaving him free for. more thorough consideration - of the real problems of state. • The intrusion of small details into the presidential mind even at the most critical times is illustrated by a story of Lincoln. It is said that a friend came upon him in the White House one day in one of the dark periods of the compresses: Caruthersvllle Hayti Maiden 5.848 2,248 1,097 QOOC 8 ' 986 . VVA^te xJuA Delightful airy rooms with tub or shower and beds like cider down. Beautiful swimming pool, bowling alleys, hind ball courts and even^a Turkish bath. No chance for time to drag when you live here. Enjoy these pleasures us our guest. Rooms from §2.00 Up DEVOY HOTEL Memphis, Term. man, Nair, W. E. Herman, Dr. S. P. Martin. O. F. Tucker, Mrs.,Ed Ball. Fred Fowler, Sclma McKinnon, R. F. Kirshne.r. Mrs. Armstrong. F. C. Seford, "Mrs. F. C. Seforrt, Alice Maude Seford, Mrs. Maude Noon- m. I Number Nine-Albert Mtteh?li; | Mark Welch. Clarence Walton. C, E. Johnson, Jim Wilkirs. Will Mar-tin, Mary McSham. Eddie Thor-, 1 ton. Will Pruden, ,Ami Thompson, I M. C. Lnngston. Mrs. C. C. Lnn?-' i ston, John McLatchey, Dr. E. N! : Hill, Pat Harwell, Paul Lash-. | , brook. Mrs. Pat Hargett, Bob i Stonewall, Lon Bates, Percy Stovall, Eddi.? Kerbrough, Henry Melone, Mecon Smith, Hcnrv Caldwell, Hcnrv Harris. H. M. Hale. Parker Wilbnrn. J. .1. Moore, J. M. Yancey, Ik» Wilson, W..E. Buch- Judge Weds Couple .He Divorced Recently INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Mr. ami Mrs. Gcoi-fic Taylor Davis were married here by Hie same jndire •.vJio six days before had granted them a divorce decree, ending eight years of married life. "The only way lo be imppy Is lo be married," both said after less than n week of "single" life. Judge William A. Plc.kens, who divorced nnd then married the couple in Superior Court, said as he performed the ceremony: "Wfom God lias joined together I have put asunder, and whom I have put. asunder I now join together." Broke Arm Fleeing From Menacing Cat INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Mrs. Elizabeth Flaherty, 60, "hates" cats. As she walked along a street here a few nights ago a large cat approached her in what she took o be a menacing manner. . ,, _ ._. : In her panic to get to the other i anan. Fred Bean. T. F. Jackson, side of the street, Mrs. Flaherty i and Fred Payne. Lllli,? Payne, and Amy Woods, negro residents of Number Nine who joined the Ar- niorel negro branch. CIlAl'TKIl XI.VIH r J 1 lli:KK was no hoMlim Doiui tlic nr\t ilr.y. Sft« Insisted ii|iou hi'lns laki'ii 1 to Sinn Dull 1 ,) ntdc Jual us s:u.n as |Hi«KlliU'. ,\snur mill Ilio ilcrinr ih'liiyi-d us lonu an Iliey il::'.T:| :iiiil Ilimlly gavo In. iiflor •\*|nr carried Dona Into Itio sick ioi ::i ::m\ KP{ Inn' dull 1 1'eslde Slnu'e l:H. Tlio yiiiniR iidventiircr wan as!; i'ii ln:i he silrml ns slm bi'iii tcv.iinl him. llu w;is piiio nnd Ills f:it • l:::il to:il much of Its KtroiiKth. l;ni lii' wna ilu< Kuino Slmi Hall. It E:< Mii-d Ms l!|is WITH roily lo mullo iH 'my momi'iii. . I'll'.' iliiciur Irfl Iho ruum n IK : ';• unit Aii|n;r [iilluwcd. Dunn fi'.l l'!iil:!iit! down m i| 1(l „„,„ s | 10 liu! MI nearly iMIIccl. Her i;n/o uiny lir.v.. rarrleil 11 mcssufi.! or ]io may 1:01 li.ivi" lici'ii us Miuiiilly MKlpcp us liv n-.luwi. At any ruin. Ms (,y t .« oi.'.:i-il i::id h-j Innliril ii|i nl liei. Sh;> .smiled nml .innmm,,,[ Ku u 1} "I raim; in .j;: L . |r UIITC «• a. i::i;. :i:lii:t ymi wiiiitcil." Hiaii surveyed llnj pillows pru|l pul l:c'hlinl her mill a K r|n si, '"'or lib fncf. "Your faihi'r a: HI-l nlliU 1 Wlllll Illmillll hem. 1'r' 1 liu asked .,y tt-.iy u r greeting His V(I|C-L> vvns weak, lint lie ivns u: snri- uf JilmsL'ir ay lio harl ever hecn !><!!is lilushcd. "1 am sure liu vvli 'In n Ioi fur yim." slic »i|i|. "Auil you?" llu wns flllll v |inli!ln lie-! 1 wlili lil:t grave cyts. "I'll ba ulco to yuu, [no. Thai' win 1 1 I ciinit! to sec iilraut. inlKiit want suinollilni; Bin-clal Uiu 1 c'linlil ll.v." Dona suililcnly i! ciileil Unit ulio was getllim Into iliiri^L-i-ouH comer. "Sonii is nil tlie uoc will let me linve. You mlglu tix mo u nienlc mill Biimo baked polntoca nml a plo." His eyi'.s ivoro iwlnklliiK. "You s]i;ill have your Klcalt and liakcil nntaloes nnd pie," Dunn gllK was wondering It lio know about Dudley. "And If wiutor comes?" Stan pnruphraecd tlio tllle el n book ho had seen her ronilliiB OB one of Ills ocret trlp'ii to camp. "Winters," Donu corrcctcfl. "Winters," Hlnn murniiiroil, "Hu'8 K'me." Tlio words ill unhidden nnd Do nil , tilusliti] nluusly, "And lio took Ilia Illllo iMiorlln." uiu wns wntrliliiK hor tutu cloHdy. "Ami Blio look your isli)»P," Dunn mild not >K>l|i but remind him u( lint. "My Klovo?" Sinn WIIH puzjlcd nil Bhowcd It. "Your iltlit liiuid glove," Doun hslsled. Stun IniitiliiNl. "Thnt'o a ipiucr one. l!»lh my ijlovua uvo UVIT h 1ml pllo of nu;3 Unit ymi rulncil." Us eyes inuvi'il lu-ioss Uiu luom to van! a closet 'lour. '1 liiipiiueu Unit Klovo wan Dml's." Julia was u-iiily tu lullilll llinl ihc mil mil a aln^lu llilurj lo liulil iKi:ln»l him ri«'|it the fad Ilial nlu 1 VLI| him mid illd nul \viiut him li ill U mil at once. ' Tliu diii-nir Imstk'd 111. "You mini let mo i-uvry you hack now," la Id with n iirufcssluiiul frown, "Oil, I eau walk," Dona nssiirci lilm, 'mil roso from tlia clinlr. Kin noli i\vo Hlu|ib mill wiibblcd. Tin nt'Xt liiHtanl H|IC wuu'lu Uiu doctor'i amis. "No inaro of that or yon RO rlsli luck to lied," warned Iho doctor n lie stuiicd for tlio door. Dirna BiiillcJ u farewell to Stun llu Krlunc'l at lior nml cnllcd nu(|l nflcr them. "I'll Have Ilium brio me In lo sco you tomorrow." F\ONA Insisted upon bctot orrlc " out to tlio porch. Slio wit tber v,niching tho luisy scene uolow, Asper hnd tho nrllls going amootlily ognln and tlio men who hail Inlcly liecn combing .ilia hills with illles wero moving about at pcnct'ful laskx. Tlio olil Umber king wns hlrldliiK ucriua tlio clearing with Ida liond up. Ho lonkuil her wny nml wnvcil, then cnniu lip to tlio puroli. "Sco your young tiro cater?" lie iiskcil. "Yea, tliank you." Don* smiled *.!»«(«, Vttz thoolc it heavy (Inner. Now look her*, young lady, anno f your woninn'd m innklni; him Unihor trass o( Ihh HI lug. ami 1 don't wiint to have h 1 ' riilm. 1 !!." never lalto U," Dona said. HC'B a L'ntllo mini." "llo'll lake U nnd llko H," Asucr "I waul n cnl' !)nnn Bottled back «nd wiled Into tho nlglit. Mulloj- was » real friend, nno slio rould call on again tar aiiytlilug «lic n ceiled ibat In nilt;lit havo. Her thoughts wer« with Stan a second laler. She had liosii lluio of lilin ulfine, lio liad been on the jiurcli and In the office nf licr fnllier but lha main hlillu- Ing wnu IKIW [i Ir.'chtve of activity ssiiK'd her uniflly. leninn liero an ns in m Sclli Doliy mid Ihey had nut [mil a chance io ml [lint now Jit Blind Illver over! liu alone, heir Innlrnni^." nunii smllcil n conlentcd amlk' 1 llilnk wu-lli;it lu Unit lie will p.irl. Her ra-Ml i^cnly and «ln> turne Iko [tin Joli," ulie aahl swcelly. A HP or Implied outrlglit anil iii'inid avvuy. llu svim very inisy got- ini; Ilin tvnrk slrnlghli'iied uiu ami •(jncly fni- a envoi-mill.'!)! check Hint s'onld iiniinvor all of Swergln'a i:r(iul!i!iliirin. Asptr knowtluit the .. nh HI Tlucc Ilivorii WIIH gnluu in I "Mi:|loy luhl nie nal 111m n inrlly penny but liu w.ih ' -eaily to p:iy 11 and contlnuu Hie f;il!-; ImniiiKil an old tune, a west'- urn liallnd Bhc hnd lea mail jn a n ttoi/pcil tibuiH. • down upon lier puront. Aspcr looked nt her for '|Mli;i;l-: «;m a monu m;ahi nml *• 1'olly iMuiinlulii wuu Iralhcil lu II HOtl. HllVIT llll^O. Tliu II3|I(JIIS niHllcd r.ojuly ami Ilio aprnco innr innrti'l wllli u slsll tluit uililcil foil nuiulc lo tlio bun;; of u million nl|;hl (olka of Iho Insect family. Uiui:i . un n Ion ut ilin uilfio of llic cloni ini; nml wnlclicil ihu lusl pitch uf >>tiudo\v Klip from tlio cIltTa hlsh ill under tlio rim of Folly Momitnin. Malluy Imil licen up lo svo hei mid h ml Jusi left, lie hnd nulil liu wnn Holiic to sco Stan Hull nnd then lio WIIH iK'iuk'il north tu l;iku n ]uli ns ningo IIII'SH. IJonii hud (ell a Illllo ;icho lu licr heart nii eliu bid him Kooilby. Shu Imd irleil lo per- snado 111 in lo stny nnd help sun boss tlio timber wovli bin lio tin imsworc(l, wllli a grin, that ivvi cowyunclicrs would bo Biiro li wreck Urn worku. Mnlloy liail alnyed nt cuinii null Stan was ready-to walk. Tho nox liny hlx (rliiinl wns to bo allowed ti walk nliout a llltlo nnd Malloy hai Kiidilpnly ilcdilcd to tako a job m the north rmigo. lie had been yi to Uona irlilla Stan T.'UB moml and lind tnken her for ninuy ride Into tlio now peaceful lillls. iiiio Iwil tlciipril ii[i lielilnd lier. "Sinn Hull!" shu uricii us lio nidi o lli'j urnns nt liar ftiit. "You are iiriloru!" yun were here. l<> lic!|:i'il me. In v.'HIiln lu fa;t of •lianltd K|nii, ^iliun >[ult me uld." Stnn'ti vu'.L'L 1 was low nnd »f(. "1 Imil 10 come. Uona," lie iiKhcil un, suddenly unalile lo kctp i:icli lila wurilH. "I've r.-r.ifhed you ivrry ilny anil ••niiU-d to lalk lo on nlono Inil Koincbudy was nl- viiyn nriMitiil." Uu suilclenly became, clr ciiiibulons and lieidlnleil. !!una laid n hand on his arm, 'Yen. Klnn. Vim wnnled lo nsk ino 't you Khuuh! acceiil Uail's nlfcr," Skn snnrlcd. Her wuriln BUI]- iouly lii(iii;;li( him hack lo Ma old elf. Khilni; rrum Uio uriiaa lie •niiBlil licr hy Uiu Ehnnldsrs anrl ihnoli her i;enily "I citme out here SUN PliAirUE, Wis. (UP)—Mrs. | DRKKOLINE, Mass. (UP) Norn Noycs Phllpot regularly uses a rolling pin which she .snys Is u tell you I luvo you uud Hint 1 vvnul yoy tu to my wife." Dnna wiinlcil in cry. lusicad she laughed miNlcndlly nml let him draw her to him. Mo showed plain- I) thnt lio was well on tlio way to recovery us his Hlrong arras drew licr'clflHii. Hungrily Ills llpa found hern, lliun all ivns sllenco o«cept for Ihu hnmnilng «r thu crlckelK. Tho moon uwung lilgh over'Folly I'cnk mill rcvenlcd ovury nook and rrunny on Ihu monnluln. It discovered two Dhadowy forma Bitting' clnapud in encli other's arras gating ' rnptly nl the grandeur of the night but *Mlai none of Its beauty. (THR KND) Claims Vll' nifRlnj ST..PAUL, Neb. (UP)—H. I. Llt- Sunday School Conncllnten NORFOLK, Neb. (UP)— Four of Norfolk's city councllmen used to August slew* en's Sunday class. Stcffcri;"Is the new mayor of Ihe city. ''..' ' fell and broke her arm. want Ad." New Color ^akes Old Garments Seem New We have renewed hundreds of garments this year by correct application of dyes. Perhaps you also have a coat, dress or some other garment that can be made serviceable with a new color. Our method of dyeing produces unusually good results. FELT HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED Plionc 171 Unique Cleaning Service "Raises the Standard" TRAVEL BY BUS Lowest Rates - Fastest Time - Ikst Service \ From Klythevilk To Memphis - New Orleans - Dallas St. Louis - Kansas City - Chicago Tickets Sold Everywhere TWO SCHEDULES EACH WAY DAILY Bus Leaves— North Bound— 1:05 A. M. and 1:25 P. M. Soulh Boimd-4:« A. M. and 5:43 P. M. Large Modern Parlor Coaches Look for the Name "Egyptian" FOR TICKETS AND INFORMATION God Rote), PhMte 7U D«t Stnh* SUtkn, Ph«M 555 Egyptian Motor Lines, Inc. •Trill." a canary owned by Oeorgo Bennett of Allstpn, was treated at ton has been digging wells for 46 more than 90 years old and has Angcll Memorial Hospltnl for and claims he's the five generations of broken legit suffered when It tell woll-dlggcr In the stutc, His decp- from a iwrch in its cage. est well was 386 feet. THE PILGRIM'S FIRST WINTER "Nature in the Raw"—as portrayed by Herbert Roese, cc'/c brated pa inter ... inspired by the bitter hardships ertt durcd by America's frst set- tlcrsinthcirconflktwithraw, ilJ nature (1620). "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild" —and raw tobaccos have no t>lace in cigarettes. ..-:-. \ No raw tobaccos in Luckies * —that's why they're so mild "VVTE buy the finest, the very finest »'*' tobaccos in all the world—but that does not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, are then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by" the words—"It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies are such mild cigarettes. It's toasted "

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