The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1937 BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ~i -— Social Calendar 1 -~' i >-",-, WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS »r c-wi»ij^un A tn bV£*4iAO . i Sudbury. P. T. A. meeting, 3 p.'iiers in M,,\'at 'school, following executive w ' (l) M board meeting, 2:30 P. M. winnlnu Mrs. W. J.. Wuuderllch havlnp, Wednesday Bridge club. 'Church of Christ HIM? Etudr. rheetlhg with Mrs. o. D. Grimes. 2:3Q pm. Delphian Society meeting Hotel Hcbie, 9:30 a.m. THURSDAY'S pvcwrs Thursday - Bridpo. club meeting .wl/li Mr.s. Hlrnm Wylle. Mrs. Gutlu'Ie King having Town and' Country club. Ivfrs.., Byron Morse •:'having Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs. Harrv .W. Halnes having Mld-Week Bridge club.— . : W. M. Cf..'First.Baptist^ clmrch, having week of prayer 'jneetlng Ml) p. M. '.-.'.".-•' '•'• V Chapter "N" p. E.'.o. Sisterhood navum bin»o «aiiy. .at. - Catholic 1*11, 7:30 P. M. •'••'( . : _'' , FRTDAV'S RVK>IT^ bemocrnttc WrprioYiVs "rliJK ni"cl- >lliE f at-Hotel Noble: 9:30'nm.. . Golden HitJe Si'.ii'dav Pcli^l eh=s .First Christian chiirch. bavin? bingo torirty, 7:ao nm~ at horn? of Mr and Mrs. w. K. etoynll. ^ SATUHD/WS F.VENTS Children of Confexleracy IIIMIH? luncheon inecUng at home of Mir- -tha Ware RobMns," of steele, 12:3H Daughter -Horn. to have three prc-Eoslei' programs In the week prior to March 28. Mrs. J. D. Smith announced win- in a recent reading is, f. O. .Weslbrook Jr., cut work ulllow sll|vs and Mr.s. Uarliam, callklK cards. liKli'itled In those present was one gne.-fl, Mrs, Llgc Dalton of Jone.sboro. who Is vl'Iting Mr. and Mrs. John C. McIIancy. AltendiDice Award Oivji Cliureh Circle Circle I of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church, of which Mre. W. F. Brewer Is chairman, won the attendance award lor the second time' hv having the largest number present at the business meet- Ing, held at. the clmrch. There were C7 women present from four circles. It was announced that Mi's, J. B. Mnrchnm had presented the group a five gallon electric coffee inn. Hostesses for the program meeting next Monday afternoon were announce!!. They are: Mrs. E. D, "erpuson. Mrs. J. M. Jontz, Mrs. 5. A. Goodrleh. : Mrs A. M. Butt. Mrs. Eugene Dickinson. Mrs. C. W. and M>-=. J. Mell Brooks. ,_ Women f I." ve' Burl nets Meeting. Plans for an officers' training class, tlie election of delegates to the meeting pla ns for a Applies Squeeze'With Tnimp •to Make Redoubled Big Slain «*"6HIH A*UMI. . .j.iinu uj uituiuui^ Ul L:K: WUIUHI1S A daughter was born Sunday Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian to Mr. and Mrs. Boycn Moore at their home oh Cherry street The baby, who- weighs eight pounds, lias been named Jiimnie Lee. Moore. Before, her marriage . Mrs. Moore kemp. , was Miss Westelle Baptist Women Bcsin- 'jWrtk Of Praver Meet ings. Members of;,the Woniart's Missionary Union of (he First Baptist church began, a. scries of special meeting vesterday afternoon which will be held foui time'! thi •week for 'home missioa-;. The 70 present yesterday (list attended the regular monthly business session of the group befoie taking up the study. Mrs Leslie Moore presided In the business session. The theme yesterday was "Sound Forth the Dominant Note" with Uoyd Stlckmon as leader Theodore Logan said die openiifc^nxfr, and the devotioni v,aG tflJen from'cor I Mrs'H Brcoks tojd { ol, plans for the •t and Jtfri .Paul L Tlnton , andp«rs lPa ul L Tipton and Mrs ROssell Farr "in« T duet with Mr- M ,,rnj S mai fit Ih- piano Tin,, v-eie glven by Mis E B Woodson ^f^s Jam Buchnmn Mrs Ahu Iliirfman Mis u w Mullms and the Rev Alfred CarpcnlLr A similar meeting is being held this afternoon the mid-vcel( meetln" Wednesday nigh . lc entlre church will rep'ice thjV-stiid> for that d-u and th corWUding meeting will be held ._ Street Women f|!. Business Meetinf Fts made at the busln-^ „..,.; of th» Womans Missionan ':%Jf feof the Lake'Street MsthoJ- '"•""•"-cji Monday afternoon - a ch, : showed that there was I from the calendar par- .-.-ai-kT -T--= s ! c k calls have .b2en mfile, and other activities carried : past month. . 1 - among the n members f'5>?' A ' ^- Reagan-used John 3 JW._the devotional reading and Mrs Wji.L. Orejn'offered prayer. Mrs Ween vice-president, presided h •the absence of Mrs. George Dv- Elnger, who with-the" Rev. and Mrs M; N. .john.9ton, attended a "mis > Monday. Mrs, Iverson Morris "-,".a the closing prayer. Christian Women !3luily Missionaries in Africa ,,*? embers of the Woman's Mis siogary Society of the PIret Chris tton church took' an 'Iniaginar afternoon, 'at th work of m^i W<IS '" ade Of lhc Mrs. J. o. Smlth was lear ^ whlch..followed a «i- raj by Mrs. J. c. Ellis of he it M. Tern-, Mrs. Georg'e W. Bar ham and Mrs. Gordon Eviard Ms. Hhs, presided tu the business session in which it was voted for stubborn •^s^^ VaW^ 1 "" • ,,,. i>e««" w teffsffZ' I . :«\ittJ- v _i".«rt. J'" lmVW lto^'- CV f wnh< ",t^h'«" l ' wi ',££**-> M8£l PR OVED BY 2 GENERATIONS of Presbyterial and . - "clean no" dny were made by members of the Woman's :hurch in a meeting Monday aft- rnoon, at the church. . Mrs. C. E. nabcock presided. The officers' training school will be held March 22 for tile officers who will assume their duties in April. Mrs. FYed Sandefur and Mrs. Ray Wor- .hington were elected delegates and Mrs. W; A-. Dobvns and Mrs. K. D. Carpenter^ alternates, to Pres- byterial. which meets in Little Rock April 7-8-9. For the "dean up" campaign the -women- \\-ill suaiui Friday, March 19, cleaning up the church. * * * , Altar Society Plans Bingo Party. The Altar Society of the church of the Immaculate Conception made plans for a binge, party In a meeting yesterday afternoon at the rectory. The bingo party will be held /Thursday, March 11, at tha social hall. There were 16 members present. The i dog< fish a species of the shirk family gels It- mmc from the fact that It hunt's In packs the guest of Mrs. j, u. Fisher, nnd Methodist Missionary society lielt II . ~ ~-...i> j. «wv»^tv- JJCJU INI legular business mcctlne In UY WM. K. McKUNNKV SMi-clary, American Jlrlilgc Lrugue'l When, my friend, Jtmes n. Ho'.tcn of New York, looked at the dummy, the North Miami in loclay's article, he was (,iiite hauuy. iris 'contract of .seven diamonds, redoubled, looked to bo 'iist rl»lil. If the spade sell broke three and three'- In tile defending hands. Tills seemed Improbable, how- ''VCT, because East Wd , the range of four and tluu; probably was short In other sulk to # 0 ii 5 V'Q'10. ' * AKQJ'1072 *A . A A 1C Q 2 V A7:i * u a u 5 ; l>j|)li«itc iSoillli Wi'sl .1 1 » N, & S. vul. '• Xorlli Kasl ':; « -i A A Pass V Pass sj Double Op'eninj; lead — 4 'i. 7> 1'i -Kcd'blc !' compensate for his lack of honor strength. /Hie bidding marked him with the club Honors and probably the kinj of hearts. On this assumption, Holton, who ivas playing In a duplicate game at. the Brooklyn Heights Bridge Club, hoped for a spade break, but in the meantime took a precaution to safeguard the hand, because fie still could make his contract, by. a squeeze, If West held four suades and was forced to protect hearts. 'Ilie opening lead of the four of diamonds was won with the ace in Die dummy. Declarer drew a second round of trump, cashed the ace of clubs, and then led the queen of hearts from dummy East covered declarer won with the king and with the nee. had to give up a small-spade, a; Nits of.News' Mostly Personal J. H. Smiirl Is visitliiii In Hot pring for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. curl Hlyllic nnd ur I'liililren. of Los ' Angeles, Onlir,. will arrive nuout Mnrch 15 to vl.sll Mr. myllie's motlier, Mrs. John Hlythe, nnd r . fiiinlly. Mr. Idyllic, who lias been in 'tlio United .Sliiim navy for ('hi! •' past hs years, ;lius reached the highest four Tnriiv'e/>n.t4 in 1.1 i rank possible for a Jion-Aimnuolls 1 Odays Contract Problem e^dimtc. After vlsitinc here he West has lost the first two tricks, on his contract o[ five clubs, doubled. Soulh can lake two more tricks, hut lie Is after a more spectacular set. In reaching for it, he permits Viesl to malic tiis contract What play can South niiike to' fiii't- West his contract? A Q 9 7 r, . V A 3 «.1,81 5.12 '' " . visiting here', he I will be assigned ' to duty In I'nn- nina Mr. and Mrs. Ugn Dalton, of , re uucsts of Mr. ami Mrs; ; John o. Mcllatiey. Mr, and Mr.s, George \V. ham and urnnd (Inughlcr, Shirley June, spent Sunday at Monlllon, Mo., where they were guests of Hruce Diirhnm nnd .son. Hurl Bruce Jr. _ Dr. M. O. Usrey returned today fmm. Memphis Methodist hospital, where lie has been umlergolnit ; treatment for two weeks. He Is much Improved. Mrs. Fred I-'Icoinnn wns In Memphis Saturday. Nell I.awhom was taken to the 81. Joseph's hospital, Memphis family Sunday. Mrs. John n. Long ami family vulted n>ln|)vo.<s In Memphis Suit- Any. Mrs. J. n, 111, Is slowly . Mrs. lluuh llinueii. Mrs. John - , i.'ishci 1 , who Ims heen . U-ntl . . Mrs. .w. II. alovcr woro yesterday. Mr. and None vul. Opener—V A. Solution in lira I issue. z ie'could not discard the jack of learts which would establish the ien in dummy.' Declarer, thus fulfilled his contract. . III Reiser News Mr. and Mrs. c. L. lave spent the major part ol last week In Memphis. Mrs. c. E. D.wson of Jonesboro was the guest of Mrs. F .O; Qwyn last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John T McHaney and family of Blythevlllc were also the guests of Mrs. awyn Miss Helen Moore, guard of the Kelser basketball team, was unable to attend the tournament In Osceola last Friday and Saturday because of illness. • Rev. James T. Randall held his egiilar services nt the Methodist church Sunday. He lea early Monday morning lor the Jonesboro District Conference. From there he will go to Boonevllle to-get Mrs. Itan- datl and they will return 'to Luxora Friday (light. The Methodist Missionary society met In the home of Mrs. H. P Dunavant Monday -afternoon A Bible study was started, led by Mrs Fred Crockett, from the new study member, Mrs. Merrill polk, was added. This wris the monthly social meeting. •-.•••• '. . FasKio"n —r—- Jr't ; v^t r (L.:,\~^- s fleet of fool in VITALITY It's vitality chat counts.for.a smart appearance this spring;' And in the smart good looks of Vitality Shoes you'll'find that your feet feel gay and fleet with the buoyancy of good fit and correct support.' Mrs. Cnrl Davis will move tomorrow to inch- new home at 810 Chlckasawba, which : they recently purchase;!. 'Hie house has bi'cn occupied by Mr. nnd Mrs. W. B. Cade, the former owheiK. Mis. Welch Foster left today tor n week's stay In IJtilc nock and, Memphis, where the will visit I'clallves.- . Mr. and Mrs. w. T. llaraeU and daughter, nlllle Marie, returned yesterday from a visit to Fort Myers,-Miami and other points in Florida, after having been away two-weeks. They were accompanied by Mrs. Banictt's sister, Mrs. Paul Luster, of Osceolli. -, '• .Mrs. s. Joseph Is In Memphis with Mrs. Dave Dlnkctsplcl following' the death of Mr. Dlnkelsnlcl s«vcral dny* ago. Miss Dorlnne Coulter will'leave next week for Memphis, where she Is to attend Mt^s Wylle's School ol Business. The flev. and Mrs. M. N. John-. Eton-and Mrs. George bysingcr attended p "missionary set-tip" meet- . Ing at Jonesboro yesterday. Charles Scruggs, of Memphis, wits . .. In Memphis Prlday, Mr. mm Mrs. n.tii Dimkln arc I" PIHBott today for ||| 0 funeml of Mrs. J. ll. Jones. All's., Joan Tankerslcy hns re'- turned to her home In S:m Antonio, K'x.T ufter H]x-iKllnis-; several weck.1 vlslllng relivtlves In Ijlythcvllle «nd other nearby tbivn.i. ' .• < Murvlii Nunii Jr.. umlOiAvciit im 'liiergciicy uppnUloii for nppoiull- cltls ut i!i e Mwnplils Baptist -'hos- wnt to Meni]ihls lust nielli, ro- liinied thlfi inornliig mul Mr.s, Niinn I'c-mnlncd with her .son Ml-vs Siio WillliiBliam siienl tire weekend In Canithcrsvlllo as llio K«Mt of Mr. nnd Mrs . Maiirlec Jones. . . • Osceola .Society — Personal Mrs. A. Clreles Meet. . nnd Mrs. R. o. . . . ^ were (loslesscs to llielr rc- s|)cellvc circles ol' the nnxlllary nt their homes yesterday' iiflfrnoon. The lilble studies from Genesis were l c( | by Mrs. acorne Btrlnutidii and Mrs. Bryan.- ' Aiinouiiconichl : vvns made, (hut SiinJiiy School ., would begin ., next Sunday In Ihc court, house nf- ter boing dismissed teveral weeks on account of the Hood situation. Have . IV'enty-onc nieinbers of the IMI'KOVE YOUH PROl'KHTY- NOW We'll help you secure n PKA loan. Wn)| Paper Paints - Varnishes Anlo & Window-. Plate Glass . ; •BI;YTHEV1U,E PAINT ,nml WAIJ.l'APER CO. Olcnccxj Bldif. Phone 8*0 g n the iadic>. s parlors yesterday nftcr- nooii The spiritual life le.ison wa K vui uv Mis Susie Kclscr, and tne lime uutne MK4lofr school b> Mis II. 11. JOIIPS . the dmled by i>lrs. o. 11 ncs. proslclcnt, plaij s wire dLsciKswl foi iim tho eliuroh lawn M. A caitei was j visitor, • » » s TlJii Sfsion of IV.ijer. I'luns weiv complcm) nt, 'ii 1( > busliieivs Hireling of Ihe w M u ' eld Monday adeinoon foi 'four pcilnl iirogrunis to be given next etk In obsen sues of the unmial soti of urayer foi- llomu Missions • • i Jiniet Hoiicii, Minll rtmighlci of Mi .mil Mn, Allliui llovoii Is 111 «lt!i v.hooiilug coush •Ja'in Yainell Irt'i accented n i»- ,, • - lilreo of Jolnei \ failed -Jii-r . Mft jjin,, Mlt]l _ S||n(1 , Ultle Jlmmle cnrlnilglK K onite sick ut his home this week Mr and Mrs ( ci. n. 3ei f iave's left loita> for a biislncs.s |i|u or xevtial dn>s_^to 1'Ine niurr MIA J. c S<«ilock Is n iwtlcnl at the Memphis MelliodLst hosplUxl, Plan Special Classes for NYA EnroUees Here Koys of this city, enrolled In the Sweeten it with Domino pure cone-clean full weight KcfmedinU.SA^ N'ntloim) Yoiilh Admlnlstratton'pro- WI.M6 to be ghcn Inslhucllon nt »w BlyllMiUlIf filgh rahool in con- npcllon »Uli tlielr yorfc Pant Cral«, Instructor O f ni Hughes subjects at the'school » be fn cnnnje of the program »hlc)i worked out In n mcetlnir of ih-HughCA tcaehors of north, oil si Aikum at Jonesboio satur- .-,.... classes will be held for the students when they arc not uoiklng, such subject? os carpcn- liy, HgitMiHural uork, spclllnit or whateve, tho students may »Kh to lonrii ulll i,e fought. ln ( type (|cslgnlng~lhe modem lu >i .^en toward htream- almjiltclty, ami m oie w |,i te »r«. Werf & Vert OrtOMCTHISTS Orer Joe Isaacs' Store ."Wl MAKE 'KM 8EK"' Phone S40 Now Open for Burnett Our New Service Statioh 24 Hour Smice 'Tires Repaired • • Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co I'hone 1 633 CASH For Government Loan Cotton A.R.WETENKAMPandCO. 112 South Second , I'hones 89 and 1330-W U* S» Senator Reynolds says: "Luckies are considerate of nt>y throat )? SIZES! la II WIDTHS AAAAAu EEE < ' V "T<vo,Soi(tf)erii 'traditions are oratory — and good : tobacco. ^Lucky. 'Strike shoiys me how t6''iiui«Igc m'bqth 1 . -For,' this light smoke not_ only'pfejises'.rny taste but leaves mj> throat in condit/ort. Last fall 1 in Nortfv Caralind,-^<w}i^t\ I made oner 100 speeches— t Lucky Strike, 'factory,, I believe ^dis* covered, * in* the Lucky Strike 'Trusting' process, the secret 'o/ what maties\tf\is cigarette so considerate : df 'my threat.. I have been more than ever an advocate of a light smoke since. seeing the extra care and expense devoted to making LiicMes easy on the throat." HON. ROB'T R. REYNOLDS U. S. SENATOR FROM NORTH CAROLINA Jin a recent independent survey, an overwhelming majority of lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc., who said they smioked cigarettes, expressed their personal preference for a light smoke. Senator Reynolds' statement verifies' tne wis- radio, stage, screen and opera, whose voices are their fortunes, and who choose Luckies, a light smoke. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies-a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on your throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS"THE CREAM OF THE CROP" A Light Smoke "It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRRITATION-AGAINST COUGH CwtUMlHT.TM

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